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Full text of "A Grammar of the Bulgarian Language: With Exercises and English and Bulgarian Vocabularies."

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'J .« ' 



OF TllK 







(i \ L vTA 


I'lUNTEr) nv i(. ZA.>\ 


The affinity of the Russian and Servian langua* 
ges, and the continuance of the ancient Slavic in the 
Cl'UK'h Ser\ice, ha\e so modified the Bulgarian ian- 
guji^e that there i^^ not a uniformity of usage among 
the best writers. This difference pertains more espe- 
cia ly to the different methods of orthography, v^^hile 
the pronunciation in general remains the same. A 
few years since Mr. Zankoff, an educated Bulgarian 
published in German a Bulgarian Grammar with exer- 
cises, designed to be of the pure language as used by 
the people- From this grammar the materials of the 
following little work have been principally obtained. 
The grammatical part has been rearranged, selections 
only of the original exercises taken, and the English 
Vocabulary added. The whole at tirsl was designed to 
be used m manuscript, but is published till something 
more complete shall be prepared* 

In studying Bulgarian much assistance can be 

obtained from a c Pocket Dictionary of the Russian 
and English l!in<»uages» (f-cipsic Ed.) found in Pera. 

C. F. M. 

Julv 10, 1858- 


AW I) 


§1. The Bulgarian langaage is a dialect of 
the ancient Slavic, and is kindred to the Russian, 
Servian, Bohemian and Polish. The Bulgarski Kni- 
zhitsi (BtjrapcKM KHHacnqH) published semimonthly 
in Galata contains some of the best specimens of the 
language. A new Bulgarian grammar by Mr* Joachim 
Gruev, printed at Belgrade has just appeared. 

§2. The Alphabet is the Cyrilian invented 
by the Missionary Cyril for the Slavic people in the 
ninth century. As now used it consists of 34 letters. 




Anc. Mod. Ilalic Ancient Mqdern 

A A 

A a u4 a i A3t> 



a in father 

B B 

ij 6 E tf B/kh 



6 B 

B B ; jB e \ Bt>4H 



r r 

r r \r « ' Tjar6.ib' Te 

; 1 



A A, 

4 4 \4^ d ' 4o6p6 



e J 

E e\E e EoTb 


e iy] 

1 obey 

aSi 7K 

1 1 


s in 


3 5 

3 3,3 3 j 3ejua 




H M 

II H // 11 i Hwe 


• • 
1 in 


I 1 

I I / » , I 



and i in 

K K 

K K if wJKaKo 




d A 

J .! »if .1 ' JLt6,ntt 



/H M 

M M 

M M ! MiicitTe 



H H 


H n Ha'mi 



1 Oiii 

n n 

11 n 

// n IIoKofl 1 



P f 

P P 

p p 




G c 

C c 

C c 




T T 

T T 

r m 

Tbi-imo Te 


y y 

y u 




* * 

$ * 

* ^ 




^ X 

X X 

X a; 





m ^ ^ 

U u 

n H 




— 3 




Anc. Mod. italic 

3 . Ancient 



H H}q"^ V 




chin church 

m 111 

Ulm lU 





I|l .ji 

mm i^ 






Jn the middle 
\of words u 

i x 

T) ^ X 




jin but, at 

(the end silent 

bl ki 

bl M Z,i 




] in machine 


in the middlt 

of words u 


lin but, at 

b b 

b I. 



ithe end e si- 
\ lent (liquid) 
; softening the 
f preceding. 

t -fe * t 





(e in obey, 

/ and ya iri yacbl 

tJ 6 g le 




ye; in yet 

H) w'iOh) 





u in use 

m u 

a a 





ya in yacht 

/li iKv 

ifl s 



lOci • 


u in but 

II is coUed roiini (great) ii, ond i MaiikKi iarnaiO "5 * rs 
called rtjiMi jfpi<i/rrfk irttiu-* Hfh^ 

' \ 

— 4 ^ 

Beside the above, the ancient alplial)oL exIiiDils 

%e following seven letters; 5, w, w, ^, A|r, .0,. and 

V, making the whole number of letters fortv one. 

rJ (zyalo) z is now obsolete, except as used for 
the number 6. 

WJ (o) was formerly used to distinguish ad- 
^'^rbs from neuter adjectives. 

G) is a simple contraction from orb. and should 
never Have had a place in the alphabet. 

§^ (ksi) X as in axe. 

^^/•, (psi) ps. 

«^5 Cthita) th or t. 

V, uzhitsa) i in machine, but after a or c, it is 
written without the dots Cv) and pronounced v. 

The last four are found only in Greek words. 

O also is a Greek letter and by some is omitted, 
XB being used in the place of it; as, XBRAm I praise, 
instead of 4»ajiH&. 

The ancient le seems first to have been written 

9, then as e, and many still use e with two powers 

for e arjd m. But le should be used in preference to 

e after vowels and sometimes at the begmning of 


a does not appear in Bul^sarian alphabets, bnt it 
is used after vowels with half the power of h, 

blis a double letter from b and i. His equivalent 
to lA, and was anciently so written, and from the 
influence of i in composition it has the power of a 
close vowel upon the syllable preceding. 

— 5 — 

1> and h at tlie end of words are silent, but % 
has the influence of an open i^owel^ and h the influence 
of a close one upon the preceding syllable. 

The open vowels are a, o, y, x, ft. 
9» close ^ 9f e, H, i, u, b, «, le, », HL 

The soft consonants are », h, m and m; m, is 
compounded of ui and t, and has the influence of a 
soft consonant only upon the \owel preceding. 



a) A single consonant with t, is joined in pro^ 
nunciation to the following word; as, bx pafi« in pa. 
radise, is pronounced apaft Cvrai)« ex Hero, with 
him, CHero Csnego). 

bj 6, B. r, 4, Hc, 3, at the end of words are 
generally softened in pronunciation to n, *, K, T, m^ 
c; as po6i>. (slave), is pronounced poni>; KpxBb, (blood), 
Kpx*b; porx, (horns poKx; rpa4i (city), rparx; HOX^ 
(knife), houib; aax^ (1), acL. But when by declension, 
or by receiving the article these letters cease to be 
final, the proper sound is restored; as^ poSi-Tl (p66- 
«iTX), (the slave); rpa^i-r^ (rpa4 »tti), (ihecity)* 

When also 6, b, r, 4, m, 3, come before any 
one of the consonaiil> k, n, c, t, x, u, 4, ui, each 
has the same sound as when final; Cbp6-KHHff, (Ser- 
vian woman), is pronour»ced CbpnKMHa; ApaScKuft, 
(Arabian), ApancKWft; n.m6He, (liule do\e), rxunve; 
KpxBMi'ma. (a lililc biood », Kp^<i>Miina; porne, (hlle horn), 

tinnne; c^ia^Ka (fern.), /sweet), ci«TKa; uotrho, (little knife), 
H-iii4e; etc. ^ 

c) The prepositions H3, (out\ paa (Lat. dis) bx3 
(up V. on), in con^position before K, t^ ii, x, H, lu, m, 
c' an»ie 3 to c; as, HcnHX'b CI drank); pacxo^t, walk; 
Bi'LcnpaBflHi (I make upright, set perpendicular); etc. 

d), Whea two consonants come at the end of 
a word tlie last is often not pronounced, and the 
remaining consonant underfjoes the change of a fi- 
nal consonant; as, npbcxb, (finger), pronounced npbcb; 
4X»4b, (rain), 4%fflb; rpo34b, (grape), rpocb; xy6ocTb, 
(beauty), xy6ocb. Wlien these W(;rds take an addi- 
tional syllable their full sound is given; as, 4'bac4'b-T'b 
'4'bac4-»iT'b); npbcxH, (fingers)^ 

«0 When two consonant? of the same kind occur lo" 
gi'lhrr^ one is colloquially omitted; as, CesaKOuuu'h} 
(a lawless person), instead of eeasaKOHHHK'b; CKSoia, 
fsabbath^, for csfiOoxa. Some write both consonant^, 
but in such cases with few exceptions, they are pro- 
tiornced as one. 

f) T> and b Used with two consonants of which- 
*the last is Ji or p, may be placed either before or 
?)fter I he .! or p; as, BXbK^ (Wolf) or bxjkT): CMpbib. 
'^ ' ^' ) 'ir cMbpTb. T) usually occurs in connection 

.i, ,i I b with p. When two consonants are 
l)fi.u,.i»» hv tins rule at the end of a word, both ar;^ 
pronounced. In the Lexicon % aiid h usually 
are placed after the .! or p. 


^) a, « 0, in nnaccenlefi syllables are pro- 

kiounced nearly as x^ h, y. 

b) ft is used after other vowels', and has the 
sound of y. Thus, 

aJi, like ay (yes); as 4afl, (give); pafl (paradise)* 

eii, like ai in hail; as neil (sing); ceit, (sow). ' 
oft, oy; as, Mofl. (my); TOfl, (he), 
yfl, ooy; as, lyfl, (this), 
tfl, ai in hail; as oM (sing); clsft; (sow). 
H)ft. u in use with a sli^jht sound of fi; as 4H)ft 
(hear); njiiofi, (spit)* 

Sifl, nearly like alt above, but a little shorter; 
as, TSiit. (so). 

c) Of H, i, M. 

I is now generally enrjployed only before a vow- 
el; and except before another h sound, is pro- 
nounced y; as, lA, le, g^, HR. Before another h sound, 
it is pronounced h; as npiflTOjib, [friend]; nlKR, (I drink) 
I is used before fi in the lengthened form of the mas- 
culine adjective, (1) When the short form of the 
adjective ends with b; as CHHb (blue), ciiiifl; (2) when 
the soft consonants at, 4, m, precede; as Boacift, (of 
God); OB^ift (of feheep etc.) 

When iR, q, m, are followed by an open vow- 
el, i is inserted for euphony; 4yiu>A, (soul), instead 
of 4yiua; nHuiKR (I write,) instead of nwuisi. When 
the root of a verb ends with a vowel, i is also 
inserted, as anaKR, (I knowV A few verbs aflfecled 
by this rule are of the first conjugation though 
they end in ift; as niiimfii, nHiueiub; nti%, nl^iemb; 
8HaiSi. auaiemb; niH&» nHieuib. 

bl. In all cases of the lengthened adjective 


— 8 - 

except those mentioned above, in Bulgarian tiil is 
used; as, Bt^rapcKtift, TpbUKtifl, ^odptifl, good; etc. 

It is a rule extensively adopted among Bulga- 
rians to write ti in all cases after r, K. x, *) But 
there are writers of good authority who use h after 
these letters and who also use H 4n all cases of the 
masculine and feminine plurals of both nouns and 
adjectives. This is regarded as more strictly Bulga- 
rian, while the other is Slavonic, and there seems 
to be no more reason for the retention of h than 
of the seven Slavonic cases. **) In the ancient lan- 
guage probably these was a difference of pronuncia- 

*J This rule is Ihe reverse of that given in Slavo- 
nic and Hussian grammars, which is to use h in all 
cases alter r, k, x. 

*'') The following formula taken from a Slavonic 
grammar showing the use of bi and m in the plural, is 
given for those who prefer it. Only the terminations are 
given. The vocative is Hkethe nominative. 



Masc* Fem. 

Masc. Fem. Neut. 

N. I, fl i> a H b 

I, b a a e (le) 



N. H H H, bl H h/ 

H 11/ ^I H, II H, 

A. M II H, M H H, 

bi H, u n, bi 11^ 

The Russian is the same excepting bi is used 
in the Nom. Masc. of nouns and adjectives in 1,. In 
both languages 11 is used after r, k, x and the soft 
consonants /K, % m^ m. 

— 9 — 

tion, which is still retained in some Russian words. 
But in Bulgarian h and u are pronounced the same. 
Mipx, (universe^ is spelled with i to distinguish 
it from Miipi (peace); cuwb^ son is spelled with u to 
distinguish it from chhb, (blue); Amjii, cxMb (I have 
been), to distinguish it from 6hjix cxmb, (I have struck); 
in some other words u is also used; as. o6u4aM'i» 
(Hove); MHCJH5. (I think); pw6a, (pish); and others. 

d) Of the pronunciation of t and h (fl). 

1) t final is usually pronounced as e; as, 4o6p'b, 
(well); sjit, (ill); 4* or r^h (where?) 

2) When the following syllable has in it any 
one of the open vowels a, o, y, Si, t, t is pronoun- 
ced lA.; as, 6tM>. (white), pronounced 6iajix; BH4'b4'b 

(having seen), bh^iAjIx; Miino, (milk), mjiiako; XJit6'b, 
(bread), xAiA&b. 

Exc. When t is folowed by m, % m, it is pro^ 
nounced e though the following syllable has in it an 
open vowel; as, na^ijK^a, (hope) pronounced Ha4e}K- 
4a; MjitiHa, (milky), Mjieraa; rpiuraa, (sinful), rpemiia; 
nim,o^ (something), nemo; etc, 

3) When by declension or otherwise the syl- 
lable which follows has in it any one of the close vowels 
(e, H, b, !>,) 15 is pronounced e; as 6i^H (pi. white) 
pronounced 6em; 6'fejwtHa, (whiteness), 6ej!HHa; MjiHeHX, 
(milky), Mjeqeiix; fitiue, (thou wert, or he was), tfe- 
me, etc 

Exc. The first and second persons plural of the 
Imperfect and Aorist of verbs, are exceptions to this 
rule; as, fitXMH, (we have been); 6ixTe, (you have 
been), pronounced 6iaxmh, 6iAXTe. 

— 10 — 

4) lA (a) is pronounced le when the following 
syllable has in it any one of the close vowels e, w, 
b, t, but when followed by another vowel, it re- 
mains unchanged; as, ami, (I eat), H4eiiii,, (pron. le- 
A^uih) (thou eatest); n^e pron. 1646 (he eats), h4»tx 
(they eat); iakx, (strong;, pi. akh, (pron. mmi); Cto^ 
lAHX, (proper name,) Voc. Ctohhc, pron. Cxoieiie; 

e) Of 1 and b. 

1) In the middle of words % and h are pro- 
nounced as ft; as, KpxBb, [blood], pronounced Kp^iBb; 
^cpbCTi, (cross), Kp&CTx. At the end of words i and h 
are silent; b softens the preceding consonant, giving 
it a liquid sound, and when followed by a vowel is 
changed to i. 

2) Most of the Slavonic books now used were 
printed in Russia, and where Si, i, b. were used in 
the ancient language y, 0, e were inserted; as, Myxcb, 
KpoBb, KpecTX, for M»acb, KpxBb, KpbCTx; MyKa, (tor- 
ment), coHX (sleep), cep^ue, (heart); for mskb, cxhx, 

3) h is used at the end of words after the soft 
consonants, and alt feminine nouns in cib, after de- 
rivatives in ejib, and all feminine nouns which do not 
end with a, and some masculine nouns; as, msi;kl 
(man), ciipe«ib (namely), ^ywauib (you say), yHHxejt 
(teacher), pa40CTb (joy), CMbpxb (death), Focno^b, (Lord;, 
4eHb (day), nsiib (road). 

— 11 — 



The following letters are cognate, and in the va- 
riations of nouns and verbs are frequently interchan-r 

Gutturals r k x 

Sibilants 3 u c 
Palatals » h ui 

1) Before e, t, i, or h, ^viz. before a close \ow^ 
ei) and in some derivative words befor k and h, the 
gutturals aud sibilants are exchanged for the corres- 
ponding palatals; thus 

Borx, (God), Bome^ (0 God), BomiA (divine). 
Morsi, tl can), Moace, (he can). 
^ejOBtKt, (man), HejiOBtne, (Oman). 
IleKS, (I bake), neieuib, (thou bakest). 
4yMaxi, (I said) ^yMaiue, (thou saidst). 
Ka3yBaMi», (I speak), lu^e KaaciA, (I shall speak), 
Oieux, (father), oxie, (O father). 
4Hecb, (to-day), ^Heiuenb, (to-day's). 
Fptxt, (sin), rp'ibiUHHK'B, (sinner). 
aSiiua, (thread), 5Kn4Ka, (little thread). 

2) Conversely, the palatals are changed into 
their corresponding gutturals or sibilants, whenever 
they pass from standing before a close vowel andstapd 
before one of the open ones, a, o, y, a, or t; thus 
JxacKR, (I lie), A'hrax'b. (I lied). 

nmuHii. (1 write), niicax'L, (I wrote), etc. 

3) The gutturals, when they occur in the ter- 
minations of nouns in the sing, are changed in the 
termination of the plur. into their corresponding si- 

— 12 - 

bilanls; thus 

npe^jiorx, (a preposition), PI. npe^ioaii. 

BllKl? (a vvolf), PI. BXJIUH. 

Bjiaxi, u Walbchian), PL BjiacH. 

4) 4 ^"^d T are frequently m derivatives ex- 
changed respectively for mfl, and m,; as from rpa^b, (a 
city), rpa»4amiH'i>, Ca citizen); fron) nJia'Ti*, (to pay), 
lijiaiuaMX, etc. 


1) A single consonant beetween two vowels is 
joined to the latter; as pa-40CTb, (joy). 

2) So are two or more, if they are combina- 
lions which occur at the beginning of words; as cpe- 
dpo, (silver), e-CTe-CTBO, (nalure), na-^He, (it falls), 
Me-Hc^y, (between). Kc and no, representing § and \|j" 
should never be separated. 

3) Compound words are separated into their 
component parts; as 6e3-yMeHX, (foolish). 

4) When two or more consonants not found 
together in the beginning of words occur between 
two vowels, only the last is joined to the following 
vowel; as cbp^-ue, (heart). 


Slavonic books printed in Russia, and Bulgarian 
books printed, in the old ecclesiastical character^ ex- 
hibit the three accents of the Greek, viz. the acute 

- 13 - 

('), grave C') and circunflex (^); ihe grfive boinnf 
placed only on the final vowel of words, as 4o0p'b' 
(well)^ the circumflex being employed to distinguish 
certain forms, as ciapaa fern. sing, cxapaa neut. phir. ^ 
and the acute in all other cases to mark the tone. 
There were also in use ( ) and ( ) as signs 
of abbreviation, the latter implying that c was one 

of the omitted letters} thus cbijfz for bnic^z, [father]^ 

r^i^ for TocnoAb^ [Lord.] 

In books printed with the modern characters 
these marks are not em[)loyed. 

In the present work the acute accent is used to 
mark the tone-svllable of words. 

With the ecclesiastical characters (,;) is employ-' 
ed as an interrogation-point as in Greek, an J (?) is not 
used. But with the modern characters all the pauses^ 
etc. usual in English are employed and with the 
same signification as in Knghsli. They arc deiignated 
as follows in Bulgarian. 

, sanflxaK 

; TOHKB ex aanaxaiA 

: ^BOCTOHie 

. TOHKa 

? BinpOCHTCjIHa 



- cLe^mniK^jiiift aiiaKi. 

— "jpLxa 
.... Miioroxoyie 

( ) BMtCXHXejIHa 

« « BHOCHU KaBiwKu for KyKHqKU] 

— 14 — 


The indefinite arlicle is the numeral c^im^ fern. 
e^Ha, neut. e4H6^ {^^^)>> ^^'hich agrees, hke an adjec- 
tive, with the noun to which it belongs. 

The definite article is a derivalive from the Slav- 
ic demonstrative pronoun* ♦) It is suffixed, either 
with or without a hyphen, to the nouns which it lim* 
its. The following appear to be its most approved 





Norn. Ti ** 



Ace, 9» 



, *) Tofl, laa, Toe, which sometimes appeared in 
the shortened form of the mudern arlicle, tt», xa, to. 
The Slavic, like the Latin, was destitute of an article, 
but employed the demonstrative pronoun for empha- 
sis, placing it after the noun; as HejiOB^KX Tofl, (that 
man), 4yJiia xa, (that soul). Out of this usage grew the 
modern Bulgarian article, as did the Italian il, la, gli, 
le, from the Latin ille, ilia, illi, illae. 

**) The masc. S'mg. Art* is variously written and 
pronounced in different parts of the country. Thus for 
^eJOBtK'B-x'L or MejiOBtKSiX'L, (the man), we meet with 
MCjioBtK-o, qejioBt-*, 4ejiOBl>K-a, HejostK-oxt, lejiOBto- 
^xi, and qeiOBliK-ai'L* 


Nom. TH, [Tt, TC] TH, [Xt, TO] 13 *) 

ACC. TU, 9f w If w W 99 

Remark, (a) The x final of masculine nouns; 
when followed by the article, is united with it in pro- 
fiuncialion. Thus rpajb-rL, (the city), 40jII-T'B, (the 
valley), pronounced rpa4%T'B, 40jI%ti. 

b) In the case of masc. nouns terminating in h 
that letter wilh the article is pronounced hmx, as 
4eHL-TT», (the day), Kxpnaifc-TX, (the cobbler), pron* 
4ein«rB, RipiraqKSiiT'b. 

c) So also is A final of nouns or adjectives; as 
pafl-rB, (the paradise), 466pufl-T'B leJOB'bK'B, (the good 
man), pron. paMTi, 466puiATi. 

In the above ca?es when the hyphen is not used 
the words are written as they are pronounced, rpa4- 
RTX, etc. 

d) Masculine nouns terminating in a when used 
without an adjective, take the feminine article; as Bjia- 
4HKa-Ta, (the bishop), BoflBO^a-ia, (the governor); with 
an adjective, they generally take the mascuHne article; 
as Mofi-Ti 6aii]ta, (my father), 4o6pHft-T'L Bjia4HKa, (the 
good bishop). In some places however such nouns are 
treated altogether as feminine nouns. Thus TbpHOB- 
cKa-xa B0fiB04a, (the governor of Turnova)* 

*) After adjectives, like the fem. xu, t*, or xe, 
and after numerals xt or xtxi; as 4'feua-xa, (the child- 
ren), but 4o6pu-TU 4'ikua, (the good children)^ TpH-T'6 

A^ua, (the three children), etc« 


. — 11B — 

e) With most monosyllabic nouns, and wilTi 
all feminine nouns terminating in i,, the article re- 
ceives the accent; as rpa^x-it, rpa4a^Tib (the city), 
€MbpTb-Ta, (death), pa^ocTb-Ta, (joy). 

f) The plural article receives the tone only after 
numerals; as luecTb-T'b, (the six). 


The use of the arlicle is nearly the same as in 
English. It is however sometimes employed in Bui- 
garian where vte diould omit it, or omitted in cases 
where we should employ it. 

1) Proper names, as with us, generally omit 
iL Thus HeaHi (John). Also the names Borx, (God), 
and rocno4b, (Lord). But diminutives of proper names 
zre neuter and take the article; as HeTpe-xo ^ofl^e, 
{Little Peter has come). 

2) Nouns designating relationship, as father, 
mother, brother, sister, generally omit the arlicle, 
but sometimes take it when qualified by an adjective; 
as fipaTX M, (your brother), but 4o6pbiit-ii> Bn Opaix, 
(your good brother). 

3) Nouns used in their most unlimited sense, 
as man, n a t u re, j u s t i c e, d e a t h^ etc. take the 
at tide; as jiK)6oBb-T^ He cipysa 3io, Love wor- 
keth no ilh 

4) With the names of countrres, cities, villages, 
riven^, the days of the week and holidays, the arlicle 
may be either inserted- or omitted. 

- 17- 

5) In cases where in English one arlicTe woufd 
define two or more nouns connected by a conjunc- 
tion, in Bulgarian it must be repeated. Thus uapL-rii 
R OBTOpt-rB^ the emperor and the shep- 
herd. So also with definile adjectives similarly con- 
nected;, as FOJid^ua-ra n na^Ka-xa K^ma^ the great 
and the small house. 

6) When a noun which requires ihe article takes 
an adjective, the article is attached to the adjective,, 
and not to the noun; as aceiia-ia, the woman, 
ftot Ao6pa-xa iReiia, the good w o m a n.. 

18 — 



Xjitfit-TX le e^Ha 4o6pa 

II6«jeTX-Tx MH le m^h* no 


Fpa^x-Tt le MajuKi. 
CxHB-Tx yie«jMa ^j'xx-tx 


M^ceux-TX saieMHtBa 


Tt^acAt-Ti aaxjia^ii Btxxp'B- 

rpaflHHapHITL-TX p^60TH T 

HChb6tx-tx na ^€JtoBtK-a 

le Kxcx. 
Eon le HcniiTHHKx-T'L Ha 

IIpa\x-Ti cji Hajeni^a na 



DeKx-Ti TpitfyFB 3a pac- 

T^He-TO Ha TpeBM-TlJ. 

C&Aeneix'b^^'b H3pd6TioBa 
(H3pa6pTioBaM'B) aesifi T&. 

Honev is sweet. 
Bread is a good naurish- 

Honor is dearer to me tiiavf 

The ciry is smalf. 

Sleep strengthens the spi- 
rit and the body. 

The moon ecfipses the sun.. 

The rain has cooled t!:e 

The gardener works in the* 

The Hfe of man is shortr 

God IS the searcher of 

Tlie dust cleaves to the 

The snow melts before the 

Heat is needful for the 

growth of plants. 
The peasant cultirales the 


-19 — 


^yHaBx-Tx CH wajHiBa y 


Bpaix-TX Ma 60111. 

3flieK'B-T'B le e^ffO TBpB^li 

njauijiifBO Ao6me, 
Bofl-Tt le e^Ho roAiato sao. 

HepaBHUld-Tl n»Tb TBBp4t 

MH yjttopir (yMoptBaMx) 
HeroBHfi-TTi 6ama wMa to-^ 
KOCB daniaTB kojiko-to 

H MOft-rL. 

TypiJlKHfl-Tt asHK'B le m»- 

PaTafl-TT> Hacene (ceKs) 

CjiaBM-T-B ntm y rpa^WHJR- 

MaJKBifl-Ti cMHi Ha Hfiana 

le 6oAmBi,. 
Ha TH nafl-TX. 
Fjyxufl*-TTi He qyBa. 

On»Hb-TX H ^HMX-TT. paS- 

rpa4HHapb-T'B dnpe «HipemH. 

Bo^eHHH^pb-TX Me^H aKIlTO- 

Hoacb-Tx 4.tT0 ry ityDHXi 

The juice of ihe lemon 1* 

The Danube erapties into 

the Black sea. 
My throat pains me. 
The hare iis a very timid 

War is a great evil. 
The uneven road has tiredi 

my horses much. 

His father has as much 
salary as mine. 

The Turkish language is 

The servant has chopped 

the wood. 
The nightingale sings in the 

Johns little son is sick.. 

Here is your share.. 

The deaf do not hear. 

Fire and smoke are inju- 
rious to the eyes. 

The gardener picks cher- 

The miller grinds the 

The knife wliich I bought 


— 20 

.^B^^pa^ He i€ 4o6i>pT>. 
Bepa%-ri» OTiije (oxxeac- 

^ami) Ha lose. 
Ktpnaib-Ti 3aK7»piHi 6OTy- 

rpouib-Tt HMa TOTHpn- 

^ecexR flapii. 

yesterday is not gooiT.. 
The picker has gone into 

the vineyard. 
The cobHer has mended 

the hoots. 
The piaster is forty paras. 


Rpa.iiiua-Ta le 6o.maBa. 
TjiaBa-ia ura 60j!ii. 
niHua-xa *pxKHa orb rawi^. 
Poca-xa iff6KpH 3eMjW«-x»i. 

KiKiua-xa^ Ha 6pax«- mh le^ 

GxonaHHiJta -xa HaeMnHKi- 

Xl 16 MHjIOCXHBa. 

^xmepiA-xia Ha 6amHHx-xT» 

BH npiflxejUb le xBi^p^t 

Fpa^HHapKa-'Pft oxii4e y 

^Hcxoxa-xa na xijio-xo 

MHoro HONara na a^pa- 

Houixb-xa le i^cna* 
CM^pxb-xa MH rpa6Ha nait 

^pwflx'B npiflxeitt 

The queen is sick. 
My head patns me. 
The bird has flown away. 
The dew moistens the' 

The house^ Of my brother 

is small. 

The wife of the jiidge is 

The daughter of your fa- 
ther s friend is very sick. 

The gardener's wife has- 

gone into the garden. 
The cleanhness of the body 
contributes much ta 
The night is bright. 
Death has robbed me ol 
my best friends 

— 21 — 

CfieTjiHHa-Ta Ha MeceBii-Tt 

16 6jit4Ha» 
Bo^a-ia le nptCHa. 
Tp6cKa-Ta le pitKa no xyfl 


TejiMua-xa le xpoMa* 
Kpasa-ia 4teo k& Kynn 
6aii]ta mi 4aBa MHoro 

Eaiua-Ta ome He le 40- 
luejiTi. (from ii^a) 


YflKa-Ta 4646, 
JBjia4HKa-Ta Tpi»rHSi (Tp»r- 
HyBaMT>) 3a TtpnoBx. 

The maid is in the celiac 

The light of the moon is 

The water is fresh. 
The fever is rare in this 

The heifer is lame. 
The cow which my falhcr 

bought gives much milk. 

Father has not yet come* 

The huntress is at the 

My uncle has come. 
The bishop has gone (de- 
parted) to Turnovo, 


Ilepo-To He niime 4o6p*. | The pen does not write 


Ha Ko^iKo caxaTBi hcthhia 

cjn>nu,e -to? 
Hefie-To le hhcto. 
Cpe6p6-To re tcuiko. 
4eTe-To Ha fipaia mh le 

c^a6o« / 

At what o'clock does the 

sun rise? 
The sky is clear. 
Silver is heavy. 
My brother's child is wca!c. 

— 52 — 

Tj'KaHa 16 ju£(e-TO ua uapb- 


TyKana le M-fecio-TO ^tTO 
CBMb ca po4Ujii». (.pa»(- 

J[iicTe-TO Ha 4bpB6Ta-Ta 

CjxHue TO TonM aenHR-ra. 

MoBive TO Hrpafi cb ^gtc- 

06^1JK^6-TO Ha CeCTpjRTII 

He CTOH ^ofipt. 
MoM^'K&HiJie-TO Ha 6paTa mh 
xopTjBa TBbp^t 4o6pi 

B^aTO-TO le no TemKO oti 


Marape-To le e4H6 Tbpne- 

^HBO 4o6HHe. 
Ky4e-T0 AemA ssla'l K&np. 

Tfejienae-TO le rjia4H0. 

IIb^TC-TO B'&Ke OBixHS* 

Oko-to Hfl 6oiH, 

Here is the picture of ihc 

Here is the place where 

I was borrk 

The leaves of the trees are 

already yellow* 
The sun warms the earth* 
The boy plays with the 

The clothing of your sister 

does not fit well. 
My brothers little boy 
speaks German very 

Gold is heavier than silver. 

Meat is more nourishing 

than herbs. 
The ass is a patient animal. 

The dog lies behind the 

The little calf is hungry. 
The flower is already 

My eye pains me. 

^ 23 — 



1) Bulgarian nouns are of three genders, Mas^. 
culine, Feminine and Neuter. As in Latin, Greek, 
etc. the names of inanimate objects are frequently of 
the masculine or feminine gender^ while the names 
of persons are sometimes neuter. 

2) The more usual terminations of masculine 
nouns are 'b and jb, of feminines a, a and b, and of 
neuters e and o. A few masculine nouns end in a 
or H, and are followed by the feminine article, but 
take masculine adjectves and participles; as B^a4UKa« 
la le 40ui6j'l, (not 4om^a), (The Bishop has come). 
A few masculines also, especially proper names, ter- 
minate in ft, or e, and a few neuter in k, t, or a, 

3) The numbers are two. Singular and Plural. 
The Slavic exhibits also a Dual, but any traces of it 
in the present language would be considered as 
merely expressions borrowed from the ancient tongue* 

4) The Plurals of masculine and feminine nouns 
generally terminate in h or w, (rarely in e or le) and 
those of neuters in a. 

a) Masculine nouns in i> and a and feminines 

in a and h change these final letters to h to form 
the plural; as anocTOJti, (an apostle), PI. anocTOJiH 

c»»4ia, (a judge), ^ csaux 

acMja, (earth, land) ^ aem^H 
pa'^ocTb, (joy), ^ pa'floCTH 


- 24-^ 

Exc. 1. Monosyllabic masculine nouns in t gen- 
erally change that ending to OBe to form the plural; 
as po4i, (nation) PI. p640Be, ^yxx, (soul) PI. 4yxoBe 
Exc. 2. Uentil nouns in iihi> form their plurals 
by dropping ht^; as E^jirapnHii, E^jirapH. 

Remark. Polysyllabic, and sometimes monosyllab- 
ic, masculine nouns ending in fi», itb, and xi change 
r to 3, K to u and x to c before the final h of the 
plural; as np'fe4j6r'B, (a preposition), Pi. nftj^Adsu 
HejiOBtK'b, (a man), ^ nejiovim 

CHpoMaxi, (a poor man), 99 CHpoMacn. 

b) Masculines in h form the plural by chang- 
ing this ending into le; as ywiejib, (teacher), PK 

Exc. Monosyllables in b form their plurals either 
in le or ese; as uapt, (emperor), PI. uapie or napeBe. 

c) Masculines in Hi chnge this ending into e; as 
paiaii, (a servant)^ PI. parae. 

Exc. Monosyllables in ft make the plural in eBe; 
as Kpafi, (end), Pi. KpaeBe. 

dj Nouns in a. whelher masculine or feminine, 
form their plurals in u; as BOflB64a, (governor), PI. 
B0ltB64u, r.iaBa, ("head), PI. rjiaBU. 

e) Neuter nouns terminating in o or e general- 
ly form the plural by changing these letters into a; 
as ccjIO (a village), PI. cfeja, mu,^^ (face) PI. .iHua; but 
sometimes into eca or eia; as Hy40, fa miracle, PL 
My4eca, nojie (a field), PI. noji@Ta* 

f) Those in le change that ending to in; as 
3HaMeHi€, a sijUg, PL SHaMeniA. 

g) Those in ma (written also Me) change that 

— 25 — 

ending to Mena; as Bpena, or Bp^we (time), PI. epeMe- 
Ha, MMfl or Mnie (a name), PI. HMCHa. 

The following form their plurals irregularly. 

OKO (eye) PI. ow 

yxo (ear) ^ yuiii 

pa'Bio (b'hoi^der) 99 pajieaa 

4*16 (chid) ^ 4'feTua 

optXT* (nut) w opibxil 

4bpB0 (tree) „ ^bpBa (wood) 

4bpBeTa' (timber) 
4bpBeca (trees) 

5) The cases of nouns in ordinary use are three, 
the Nominative, Accusative and Vocalive. A Dative is 
sometimes used, especially in the Sing, number of 
masc. nouns. The place of a Genitive, and ordinarily 
of a Dative also, is supplied by the Accusative with 
Ha prefixed. We meet however with occasional tra- 
ces of the ancient Genitive and still more rarely of 
the Instrumental and Prepositive cases; as 33x641 
ciiHua, (the setting of the sun), c^ BoroMX (with [the 
favor of] God), Bii ksiU^h, (in the house). 

6) Formation of the cases. 

a) The Dative is formed by changing the final 
% of the Nom. to y, l and it to 10, and a and a to 
H (or t). 

h) The Accusative, in masculine nouns designa- 
ting inanimate objects, and in all neuter nouns, is like 
the Nominative. In masculine nouns designating: persons 
it is formed from the Nominati>e by changing i to 
a and b and A to a. In feminine nouns (and a few 

— 26 — 

masculines) in a and a it is forinod by changing these 
endings to n, and m^ 

c) The Vocative Singular, in nouns designating 
persons, is formed from the Nona, by changing % and 
fl final into e, b into la, and a into o. Nouns ending 
in and e (including a few Proper names, mascu- 
line, and all neuter nouns) have the Vocative hke 
the Nominative, So do nouns designating inanimate 
objects generally; also all Plural nouns. 

Exc, Feminines in ua and Ka change a into e 
in the Vocative. 

Examples of the above rules will be furnished 
by the Paradigms below. 

Kem. 1. Masculine nouns ending in ri>, K'b, u.'h 
and XX, befor the final e of the Vocative change r 
to HC, K and u to % and x to m; as Eorii, E6»ce; bijIK'l, 
B^A^e; ciapeuTi, CTapie; cwpoMaxt, cHpoMaiue. 

Rem 2. Nou|is with these endmgs sometimes 
exhibit also a form of the Vocative ending in y, and 
before termination the consonants remain unchan- 
ged; as from Bpan»^ Bpaase and epary, from 4yx'b, 
4yme and 4\xy, etc. 

Rem. 3. Nouns which have in their final syllable 
e, », % or b generally drop such vowel in the oblique 
cases of the Singular and in the Plural; as ciapeu'i)^ 
cxapuy, crapua, CTapne, cxa'puH. 


1. Polysyllabic masculine nouns ending in i>^ b 
and ii. 

— 27 — 














nptcTOjia , 


























Note. In llic Accusative and Vocative Singular 
the forms first given are for persons, the others for 

2) Monosyllabic masculine nouns with the same 






N. po4'b 



D. p64y 



A. p64a, t 

Uapfl, b 

Kpa'ff^ ft 

V. p64e, y 






uapie, eae 




uapn w 




Uapre ^ 


— 28 — 

3) Polysyllabic masculine nouns lerminaling in 
TL K'L and XTi. 


K. 64jier'B 

V. fiijiery 

A. fitjiera, x 

V. (?'bjie;Ke (ry) 

K. o't^esH 



Militury Setvant 


BoflnnKa^ i 
BoflHHqe (Ky) 




(or) UM 


Poor /«tf/i 

cMpoNaxa, i 
CHpoMame (xy) 



(or; CM 


4. Monosyllabic masculine nouns with the same 

end ngs. 




Bpara, t 
BpaMce (ry) 




jj&Ka, I 

Plural (N, 





4yxa, T> 
4yme (y) 

and V.) 

Note. Monosyllabic nouns with these endings 
sometimes form their plurals like polysyllabic nouns; 
thus PI. N Bpa3H A. Bparu V. Bpa3H. 

— 29 — 

5. Masculine nouns in a and a (like fomi- 


















Plural. (N. A. and V.) 


6» Masculine Proper names. 

























7- Feminine nouns in a, a and b. 
















A. and V.) 




— 30 — 

Note. Nouns in hch. hh and ma are often written 
aca, qa and iiin, but still follow in declension the anal- 
ogy of nouns in a. 

8. Feminine Proper names. 
























9. Neuler nouns in o, e, le and a. 

Singular (N. A. and V.) 

Silhi^e Miracle Face Sea I nsl ruction Time 

cejo <<y40 jhu6 mope yn^niie Bp^iiii 

Plural. (N. A. and V.) 

r _ • 

cejia Hy^eca m\\^ MOpeia yqenia speMeiia 


The article is affixed only lo the Nominative 
and Accusative cases of nouns. The declension of nouns 
with the article is therefore exceedmgly simple. 

Tlius, masculines 


N. and A. npliciOji'b-T'L ymixejb-T^ paxaft-Tx 
or np'£cT6jis»Ti> yHHTCiiftii paiaKRix 

— 31 

or, as used by some writers, 











or, as used by others N. and A* nptCT^iH-TC, etc. 

Feminine nouns» 


r^aea-ia 4ymH-Ta pa^ocTb-ra 

rjaB»-TiK 4ymi*-Tjf - pafl0CTL-T» 

(or like the Nominative) 

Plural. (N. and A ) 

r^aBH-TM 4yniH-TM pa^ocTH-m 

or with xe, as above. 

Neuter nouns* 

(N. and A.) 

Sing. ccji6-to 4yA0-T0 jihuc-to BpeMa-io 
Plur. ce^a-ia My^eca-Ta Jima-ia BpeMCHar-ia 


— 82 — 

1. Diminutives are formed by the terminations 
'^e, ii'iKa, Jiua, na, iiiua, ue, eux and eime. The most 
usual terminations are, 

For Masculine nouns qe; as 6paTb, (brother^ 6paT- 
«ie, (little brother); 

For Ft?minine nouns n«iKa in place of di^ir final 
vowels; as JKeiia (woman), /KeHiiqKa, (little woman). 

For Neuters u,e or ennc; as wtcxo (place), mIxt- 
i^ (little place), ^eie (childs ^OTenue (little child)* 

2. A species of collective Neuter nouns is 
formed by adding^ to the root; as from rx.isCi (a 
dove). rx.!Si6e-T0 (the doves); from Jiicib (a leaf, jIHctc- 
To (the leaves) [singular]. 

3. Abstract nouns denoting; a quality, function 
or office end in ctbo^ octb? mia etc. Before the first 
of these terminations 4, k and x are frequantly omit- 
ted in pronunciation. Thus, from Focno^b, (Lord), 
comes rocno^cTBO (colloquially rocnociBo), [domini- 
on], from fioraxT), (rich), 6oraxcxBO or fioracxBO, 
("wealth), from CBo664eHb, (free), CBoOo^iiocxb, (liberty), 
from 4o6pi>, (good), ^cJOpima, (goodness), etc. 

4. Nouns ending in iiie or irie are genera'Hy de- 
rived from verbs, and denote action, or the object 
or manner of action. If the ^d p. Sing, of the Aorist 
tense of the verb end in a, the termination of the 
nouns will be aiiie or anie; if in e, t, or h, it will 
be cnie or ciile. Thus from niica, (he wrole)^ comes 
niicame or niictiHie (writting, scripture), from a^, (he 
catse), fl^eme or a^CHie (food), from x6fl,\i^ (he wenlj, 


xo^iiie (going, gait), elc. 

5. The ending jcAh dcnoles an (agenlj; a» 
HsKynuxeib, (Redeemer), from HSKyflyBaMx, (lo re- 
deem), H34aBaTeji> (publisher), from ii34aBaM^, (to pub- 
fishj. The corresponding feminine lerminalion is re^K^r: 

6. Nearly resembling this are the endings apx, 
apniix, epx, Mepx, a^b, eui, and mna, with their fern- 
inines in apica, lepua, a»iKa and iiiina. Nouns with 
those endings frequently designate trades or employ- 
ments. Thus, from rpa^una, (a garden), comes rpa- 
^iiHapi or rpa/nniapiiHir^ (a gardener), fem. Fpa^unapiia; 
from BO^euiiua, (a milJ), B04eiiii4ap'b or BO^eiuwepi, 

(a miller), fem. BO^eH^^pKa; from noMaraaii, (to lielp), 
noMara4X fem.. noMara4Ka, (helper); from ApbBO, (a 
tree), and 4*^.10 (work), 4pbB04'tjieu'i», (a carpenter); from 
nycTMiia (a wilderness), nycTHiiHHK7>, (a hermit), etc.. 

7. A wife is indicated by the termination iiua 
or OBiiua added to the name of the husband; as, llBaHii- 
ita, (John s wife), IleTpoBHua, (Peter's wife). So uapiiua, 
(empress), rpa^nnapHua (gardeners wife), etc. 

For Patronymics, see below under Adjectives. 

8. In compound nouns the hnguage is ricli. 
They may consist, (1) Of two nouns united by as 
a connecting vowel, which, in case the first nouR 
ends with a vowel, takes the place of that vowel, a« 
Kimronpo^aBeiTB, (a book-seller), from Kniira and npo^a'B- 
ditb; (2) Of an adjective and a noun, similarly united^, 
as fijaropaapiie (good sense), from 6.iari and paayMie. 
(3') Of a noun with an adverb or preposition; as ne- 
npaBOcy^ie, (injustice), from iie (not) and npaBOcy^ie 
(just judgement), 6e3yMHHK'B,(a foolish person), from 
Cesx, without, and yM%, (understanding),. 

~ 34 — 


Toil w BnAijUi iiapi».-Ti u 

IIo3HaBaTe nm Rpa.iH)Bs-7% 


4*^ cs^ KajeBpu-Tu Ha ^- 


^tua-xa OTH4ox»i fla ca 

BH/['bXTe jm bIko rpa^iiHSi- 

T» iia yfiKaMH ? 
3a rpa^x-Ti ^h xopTj-Baie? 

lie has seen ibe emperor 

and ihe empress* 
Do you know the king** 

sister ? 
Where are the child's 

shoes ? 

The children have gone to 

Have you yet seen my 

uhcle's garden? 
Do you speak of the city ? 

OTi rpa^x-Ti. 
A3i OtxTi J rpa^HHa-xa 

Ha B^a4HKa-Ta. 
Ofia^exe mi (or Kaac^xemi) 


3amo He le^Gxe ii6t.«tH- 


Bama jh g KHiira-ia? 
KpyuiH-xe cs HaniH, no 

CAHBH-xe c»i Bamn. 
BpaxiA"xa mh xparHSiXiE aa 

Aax. xopxyBaMT* 3a itapb* 

OBi-xi 6paxx. 
KaKBo My e ua 04iixl> ? 

•lexli no ofimaMX. c6jio-xo|ln summer I prefer the 

country to the city. 

I was in the bishop s gar- 

Tell me the truth. 

Why do you not eat the 

Is the book yours ? 

The pears are ours, but 
the prunes are yours. 

My brother s have depar- 
ted to Berlin* 

I speak of the emperor'a 

What is the matter with 
hi3 eyes ? 

— 35- 

A3% ro A^AOXT> iia 6ama ch 

mm mMa ch. 
BapH-Tt iia c4XHue-T0 c» 

BH^ixie ^11 rpa^HHapHHx- 

TX H rpa^HiiapKa-ia ? 

HlOXie JH BliTipi-TT» H 

rxpM^acT* - TT» ? 
Typ^ie 4HpdmH-Te h lAro- 

^H-Tt Ha xajiapb-Tx. 
116 ^H o6iiqaTe cHpene-TO 


YflKa Biy G rpa^HHapiiHX. 
yaKH-Tt My c» rpa^HHapH. 
Tyfi csi uAOAOBe-Tt Ha na- 

UIH-Tt pa6oTH. 

T63H KOHb e Kp6rLKT» KBTO 


Mofl-Te KOHie CS KpOIKH 

Kaio arncTa. 
^roKi-Tt 6 e^HO cxieBO na 


*^H)K0B6-Tt cfii CL^eaa Ha 

6ofiOB^-T'J& AOKapBaTTi MHO- 
ro 3j!0- 

Opejix-Tt le itapL-Ti na 

Bo4eHH4epHHT»-TX & e;?™^ 

A66i>px jiOBa4i». 
Bo/(eHHHapKa-Ta e e^a /(o6- 

I gave it to my father and 

The rays of the sun are 

Did you see the gardener, 

and the gardener s wife? 
Did you hear the wind 

and the thunder? 
Lay the cherries and the 
strawberries on the plate. 
Do you prefer cheese to 

His uncle is a gardener. 
His uncles are gardeners* 
Tliese are the fruits of our 

This horse is mild as a 
, lamb* 
My horses are as mild as 

The hammer is a smith's 

Hammers are smith's 

Wars occasion much evil. 

The eagle is the king of 

The miller is a good hunt* 

The miller 3 i/vife is a good 

— 36 — 

pa jioBaHKa. 
Ha wailKa-xa jiii ro A^^oxie 

lUH Ha 6aii;aTa? 
Ileiene-TO wi ciaBefl-ii e 

IloieTi-Ti e sanJiaTa iia 


O'jii-ilJ cs» orjie^a'jio na ^y- 

K^oiiOBeie na ^bpBeia-Ta 
c» npiirxBSiTX OTx TeacH- 
^Ha-xa Ha nj!040Be-xlv. 

J^-b^KJ^TyT-b pa3Ba'jIA HIRXH- 

Hayua-xa le xpxna-xa na 

Kofi naViHa y Ba'4a-xa? 
Rora CH Bii4t>jix 6ama mh 

xyKa ? 
•leKa HOu^L, Majie, xaxe, 

fipare, yfi40, KpbCHHite, 

4l>ua! Osi^eie noKopemi na 

6au^H-xe cu n ua siafiKH- 

xe CH. 

TptBli-Xt H UBtXHIA-Xa CJ6 

ce yBtXHS^n. 
IlMxaft xe 4'feua-ia 4a jh hg 

HMi J6 rj[a'4H0 (or 4a4H 

He csk rjia'4ini)? 
npicHH Ml c»i PAfina-xa? 
^aflxe xptBa-x» HH jcpaBa- 


Did you give it to mollier 

or lo sister? 
The song of uhe niglilin- 

gak is pleasant. 
Honor is the reward of 

The eyes are the mirror 

of the souK 
The branches of the trees 

bend under the burdea 

of fruits. 
The rain spoils the raads 

Knowledge is the food of 

the soul. [water? 

Who has fallen into the 

When did you see my 
father here? 

Good night, mother, far- 
ther, brother, uncle, 
godmother, friend. 

Children, be obedient to 
your fathers and To 
your mothers. 

The grass and the flowers 
are entirely withered. 

Ask the children, if they 
are not hungry. 

Are the eggs fresh ? 
Give the gras3 to the cow 

•—37 — 

Ta H iia K03a-Ta. 
Vem iia cijTa-Ta in a3i 

CbiMb T)-Ka. 
IIoBiiKaflTe (from BviKa»ni) 


^OHGcexe (from HecJR) mii 


A3T» liiLis /la HGTR Kniirj^-TS. 
4oHeceTe mii CBtiubXR. 

Sanajieie cBembiiR. 

CbCL CBembTR. 

ji,i csi cJLyrH-ie? 
A3T» m»i npoBO^iai napii iia 
^OBiiuH-Tt H Ha ciipauii- 

and llio goat. 
Tell Ihe servant that I am 

Call the servant, his wife 
' and his sister. 

Bring me the book. 

I wish to read t!ie book. 
Bring me the candle (the 
Light the candle. [light\ 
Bring me the candlestick 

with the candle. 
Where are the servants ? 
I will send money to the 
widows and orplians. 


A3T» lAMT) CeKH ^Cllb XAt6'b 

II Meco. 

A3T» lA^OXX KpyUIH. 

TyKTi MMa oueib ii ^ptse- 

110 uacio. 
y njiaHMHH-Te cr HamepiA 

(iiaBiepyBaMi*) meAtdO^ 

Me4b, 3jiaT0, cpefipo. 
4oHecoxTe Jii biii Kiiiir» h 

nepa ? 
Hill iiMaMH r6cTH» 

I eat every day bread and 

I have eaten pears. 
Here is vinegar and oil. 

In the mountans are found 
iron, copper, gold, sil- 

Have you brought me pa- 
per and peas? 
I We have guests* 



Ha 3axap^ h KaB6. 
SaieMH^Te mh napii. 
HoJieTe j[H 4a nuieTe KaB6? 
Hift lA^oxBie lAfiua. 
Hmeie jIh 4a lA^^xe pwfia? 
TyKa HMa qepeiuH, Hmeie 

JIH OTTi xtxi? 

A31 no o6iiHaM'& rpaxx 

orB leI^a• 
MmaTe ^h K&msi? 
Hmb jh MacTHio y Ta3H 

Aai. n6 odiTOMx xjtfix ott> 

rpa4i> Bam 

Aat He BH4S1 B^Ke, 40Hece- 
_ xe MH csfuit. 
Aax HMaMi cMOKHHH H npac- 


Kora me kj'hhmt* (nynj'- 

Banix) 4bpBa? 
He 3a6paBflfixe (satfpaBAMx) 

4a KjnHxe lAfiqa. 
Ta3H Beieps hjih AHusaifb me 

HMaMH H^H CH'br'B. 

Hna ^H coib n nenepB na 
napaiHiA-xa fco*pa-xa)? 

^OHecexe hh jismchuh, ho- 
mne, bmhuh^ (nadoxKn) 
a xajapH* 

I hear a noise. 

Here is sugar and coffee. 

Lend me money. 

Will you drink coffee ? 

We have eaten eggs. 

Will you eat fish? 

Here are cherries; do you 

wish (any) of them? 
I prefer peas to lentils* 

Have you a. house? 
Is there ink in this ink- 
stand ? 
I prefer bread to meat* 

It hailsJ 

I cannot see yel; bring me 

a hght. 
I have figs and peaches. 

When shall we buy wood? 

Do not forget to buy eggs. 

We shall have either rain 
or snow this evening. 

Are salt and pepper on 
the table? 

Bring us spoons, knives, 
forks and plates. 

39 — 

FoTBaiKa-Ta me kj^ah yipt 
6pamJi6, lA^ua, kokouikh, 
r&cKH, naTKH n pu6a. 

TiA MHa Ma^Ko npnine. 
SnaflTe m niin,o hobo? 

Asii H'l^MaHl BeKO MaJiKSi. 
Tofl H^Ha KOHLie. 

HHare xa, Bpeme? 

Tbi lUHafflb e^HH xydasH 

Hifl MHaMe e^Ha 4o6pa 3HMa. 

Hifl HinaMe miKaKBa Ha4e}K- 

H'^MaM'b Aii npaB4iiH&? 
Th ir^Mamb 4necL ozots. 

Hifi ii:I^MaMe AU^ch Bpeiuie ^a 
OTH^eMi (oTxoK.^aMi) 4a 
ca pacx64HM'B (pacx6»- 

He 16 on^e Bpeme 4a ca 
hlicjIH 3a TOBa. 

HiA mane e^iis X}'6aB& 

The cook (maid) will buy 
to-morrow flour, eggs, 
hens, geese, ducks' and 

She has litlle patience. 

Do you know any thing 

I have no longer a mother. 

He has no horses. 

Have you lime? 

You have a fine carriage. 

We have a beautiful win- 
We have no hope at all* 

Am I not right ? 
You have no appetite to- 
We have no time lo*day 
, to go to walk. 

It is not yet time to think 

of it. 
Wc have a fine autumn. 


. .::■-•- 



— 40 ~1 


Adjectives in Bulgarian appear in two fornas, 
full form, definite in signification, and a contracte 
form, indefinite in signification. The former terminate 
in u&, fem. as, neut. oe, or ift, fern, ah, neuter ei 
the latter in %, fem. a, neut. o, or b, fem. a, neut.^ je 


CTapufi (the old), fem. crapan, neut. cTapoe . 
ciiHilt (the blue) ^ cuhah 99 chhcc 


CTap-B (old), 99 CTapa 99 CTapo 

CHHb (blue), „ OHM w CHHO 

The full form belongs to the Ancient language 
and is now rarely used except in the Norn, and Ace 
Masc. Sing. Occasionally a Gen. or Dat. form ap 
pears. Thus, 













In general the place of the definite form is sup 
plied by the indefinite ^vith the article attached ai 
it is to subslantivcs, except that adjectives of whicl 

y, -^Dl 


le indefinite form ends in % lake u, and those in t 
ike i, before the masc. article; thus, instead of ciapHtt 
MMxeib (the old teacher), the more usual form is cia- 
lUfi-TX, (cxapbiRRT'B, OF CTapwft-o) JHlMejlh. 

The indefinite forms for the fem. and neutJ 
mdergo no change on receiving the article. Thus cia- 
pa-ia, ciapo-TO, cwHa-ia, ciine-TO. 

The Gen. and Dat. cases, as in nouns, are ordina- 
rily formed by prefixing na to the Ace. , which is pre- 
cisely hke the Nom. except that the Fern, is frcqjieQtly 
written with & or m for its final letter, instead of the 
A or H of the Nom. although in general both cases 
are pronounced precisely alike. 

The plural for all genders terminates in h. Thus, 
indef* ciapH, chhh, def. cxapn-Te, cHHH-ie, Some write 
the Nom. masc. only with h, the fem. and neut. and all 
the genders of the Ace. for distinction's sake with 
U. The paradigm will then stand thus. 

Singular. Plural. 

Masc. Fem. Neut. Masc. Fem, Neut. 

Nom. crapt ciapa ciapo cxapn cxapu cTapti 
Ace. ciapi cxapsi cxapo cxapu cxapbi cxapiii^ 
Voc. like the Nom. in both numbers. 

Adjectives which in their indefinite form'termi- 
nate in a consonant sound preceded by e, t, or xi drop 
such vowel in the derived forms. Thus from tma^ut^ 
(hungry; comes the masc. def. rjiaflHHfl, fem. TAQAm^ 
neut. TJfUHOy plur. r^a'^Hii; dim in. TJLiABmeK%. 

— 42 — 

2* Comparison. Adjectives are compared by pre- 
fixing no for the comparative degree and naft for the 
superlative; as no 4o6p'L, no 4o6pa, no 4o6po, (belter); 
Hafl 4o6px, Hail Ao6pa, nafl ^ofipo (best). These pre- 
fixes always take the accent. There are no irregular 
comparatives or superlatives in Bulgarian. 

' The name of that with which something else is 
compared is governed in the accusative by the pre- 
position OTt, which, when it follows an adjeclive in 
the comparative degree, must be rendered than; as 
IleTpx le no yMcnx oxt laana, (Peter is more intelligent 
than John). The same preposition after a superlative 
will be rendered of; as Ts»3h ptKa le nafl ^siJiSoKa- 
la OTX cOTKH-xe plJKii, (This river is the deepest of 
all rivers). 

3. Derivation of adjectives. 

a) Diminutives are formed from other adjec- 
tives by adding iweKx, fem. ii^iKa, neut. h4Ko; as qepn'E 
(black), qepHnHeKX (blackish). These also may be com- 
pared like their primitives; as no lepiraieKX, (more 
blackish), nafi HefuneKb^ (most blackish), L e. having 
more (or most) of a blackish appearance. 

b) Adjectives designating the material of whiclt 
any thing is made terminate in eH%ovnni, for the in- 
definite and Hufl for the definite formj as EXjineHii 
(woolly), BtJHenufi (the woolly one). 

c) Possessive, patronymic and gentile adjectives. 
There is a very large class of adjectives derived from 
nouns or pronouns, and employed in Bulgarian as 
the genitive case of those nouns or pronouns would 
be in other language^. They terminate in on^ esi, 

. '^ 

— 43 — 

HHi, CKH, (cKBift) OF em. (nuft). Thus instead cf cun% 
Ha 4aBH4'B, (sob of David), we have Cuni 4aBH40Bi>, 
instead of KXlua Ha cecrpa mh, (Ihe house of my sister), 
cecTpHHa mi Kxma. Those terminaling in obx or cbx 
are generally derived from proper names of men; those 
in nu-L from names of women, or from nouns hav- 
ing a feminine form; as ^paranoBt, (pertafning toDra- 
gan, son of Dragan), Icpan^eBx, (of Israel), Ahhhhx, 
(pertaining to Anna, son of Anna), CanJinHi ffatherV 
from 6ama), etc. Most patronymics are thus formed. 
Those ending in cKwii are either gentile adjectives, as- 
B'LJErapcKwft, (Bulgarian), or signify the possession of 
the qualities or properties of the noun from which- 
Ihey are derived; as uapcKuft, (imperial), HejiOBtnec- 
KHft, (human), BOjiCKBiii (pertaining to oxen). Those 
terminating in hmA (Def.) and ewh or mewh (hid.) are 
derived from pronouns, from nouns of lime, and even^ 
from adverbs; thus, HameHi, (our), sqepauieHX (of 
yeslsrday), [htsternus], shmchx, (winters), TaDUueHX^ 
(which is there). 



EaHH-Ta e xBsp^* T6njia. The bath is very warm;. 
T6311 nsiTb e TBsp^t T»- This road is very dark. 

T»3H jAiina e TB»p4* t»m- This street is dark- 


— 44 

BpeMC-TO e TB»p4l> ciy^^- 


T63H rpofii e TB»p4* ATkA^ 

T&3H HHa e ni^fit 4%^- 


Tt3H lemn csi Tsi&p^'b 4s;j- 

Toft e jrj^uaKi y tosh 

Ti e jij'UKa y tosh rpafli*. 

Tyfi e jtyAKO. 

lisn MOMHHeia cs lyUKH 
_^ y TOSH rpa4x. 
Bxa^yx-L-Tt y tosh rpa/fL 

e IHCTt. 

Bo4a-Ta ua Hamifi-TT. Kja- 

fleHeux e TBJRp^* iHcra. 

Cpe6p6-TO e no jeeKO ot'b 


3.iaT6-TO e no leuiKO otx 

He6e-T0 e iacho h wcto. 

YftKaMH e HacKs^p6eHi. 
JleM MH e HacK£p6eHa. 
4eTe-T0 MH e nacKspfi^no. 
/^x^^cpllT'b MH cs; nacKsip- 

The weather is very cold. 
This grave is very deep. 
This ditch is very deep. 

These ditches are very 

He is a stranger in this 

She is a stranger in this 

That is strange. 
These men, these women 

and these girls are 

strangers in this city. 
The air in this city is purCr 

The water of our well is 

very pure. 
Silver is lighter than gold. 

Gold is heavier than silver. 

The sky is bright and 

My uncle is peevish^ 

My aunt is troublesome. 

My child is vexatious. 

My daughters are trouble- 



-45 — 

Tyfi e e^no Mp»eno n na- 

KOCTHo Ky^e. 
Hifl HMaMH e^Ha rojitMa rpa- 

4MHa H e^HO Tojiimo ao- 
. 30 y T)'fl ce-io» 

K»ma-Ta HH e rojiwa. 
C6k'l-t'l Ha TOSH KopeiTb e 

Tisn uitpoBe csi TBspfllJ 

ToAmi&-T'b My ci'mx e 6oj[- 


To^iMa-Ta My 4»mepH e 

FojitMo-TO My MOM^e e 6oji- 


ToAinn-TB My chhob6 c» 

TboAto 4eTe e TB&p^t mhc- 

TO Ha 4p'fcXH-TeCH. 

Bau^a-TH e toctx. 


^OHecexe mh iHcrifi-ii 

MacTHiO-TO e TB»p4t rsc- 

TO, Hajiej^xe MajKO BO^a 

Bx Hero. 
Tofl e e^HHX ot^ nafl bct- 

XH-xe MH npiixejH. 
Bhho-to TyKana e 4o6p6, 

HO BOfla-ia He e 4o6pa. 
BptMe • TO e TB»p4t MtK6. 

He is a diily and dan- 
gerous dog. 

We have a large garden 
and a large vineyard in 
tiiis village* 

Our house is large. 

The sap of this root i^ bit-" 

These medicines are very 

His eldest son is sick. 

His eldest daughter is sicfc. 

His eldest boy is sick. 

His eldest sons are sick« 

Your child is very cleanly 

in his clothes. 
Your father is cleanly. 
These papers are clean. 
Bring me the clean plate. 

The ink is very thick, pour 
a little water into it* 

He is one of my oldest 

The wine here is good, but 

the water is not good. 
The weather is very mild^ 



— 46 — 


Tyft VLom'ie HMa e^HHi 


He My ca yBepifiafi, Tofl 

T»3H KHHra He e ^ocia 64- 

Tyfi njaiHO e iBspflt 6'fewio. 
Tosh kohb e 6ijn>' 
Hidu arHeia c» 66m. 

Tm. HMa 66^11 KOCMH. 

T6fi HMa e^sa qepB&Ha 

B4t»pt»-tt» e 4Hecx TB»p- 

4* xia^eHi. 
Ad'b Hma 4a nHH& eAHHi 
_ naxapx nptcna BO^a. 
npicHO JCH e lyft bhho ? 
TiA HMa e^Ha cyxa Kani- 

T%3H pHsa e ome MOKpa, 
TiA He e ome ^ocia 

3hm'& Homii-Te cs Aijirn. 

Pa6oTa-Ta He e Bene laft- 
Ha, Tti e BCKe OTKpHxa. 

CeKHft c» Hy4H Ha xy- 

6aBuft-T'B My riacB. 
Bufi HMare c^hhi xy6aBi» 

This girl has a very gentle 

Do not trust him^ be is 

This paper is not white 

That linen is very white. 
This horse is white. 
Thes3 lambs are white. 
She has white hairs. 
He has a red beard. 

The wind is very cool to- 

I will drink a glass of 
fresh water. 

Is this wine fresh? 

She has a dry cough. 

This shirt is still we'^, it 
is not dry enough yet. 

In winter the nights are 


The thing is no longer 
secret, it is already pub- 

Every one admires his 
fine voice. 

You have a fine knife. 


Toft ^ eiim ;^y^« 

sxBTb caxaTb. 

Qfai waTe a^i A^6hn 
up &HK jr. 

Ti3H ^bpB^Ta npasm e4Hs 
Tiaii KpyniH c» tabp^i^ 

Xs'h ^iRaii^ ejUTB . orpiEh- 

X^HX OTroB6pi» 
Tyft 4)^pb6 niBuoQSo. 
Tt3H 4:&6oBe gk . tw^4^ 



Ti3H n&Tnii](a cs JomHBH. 
A3> jorpyBajTB ciKom xy- 
j5aB0 cyKflo. 


Toft ma e4H» xyfiaBS xe- 

He liAs. % hmmitni- gold 

You liave a thick jc^w. 

Where did you buy tb^w 

gr^^t apples? 
I have a new friepd* 

These trees make a beau- 
tiful shade. 
These pears . are very soft 

expQpt a positive answdf ^ 


1 i 

Thj8 tree ^ bight - 
Thpse o^ks ar» v^ry high. 

These two bouses an^ v(^y 

These roads are bad. * 
I always buy .beauliful 


She haa a beautiful house. 
He biui a beautiful wif?. 


BpraiH-Te xopa He c* ci- 


FojrfcKH-Te BtipoBe HCROpe- 
nban uiKoni .^psfi- 

Rich people are not al- 
ways faaj^fiy;' 

The high winds some times 
rout up trees; 


An Hie tan tfuai ajtakHO' 

46 18 IB H6Ba-T8 MacTRI- 

An leni Ei jrapcRB khhth. 
Ty'pi(Kifi-r& ssuRi le bs- 

KaKiBi isuKi 3HafiTe ? 

EurapcKH, CbpCcRn,' Typ- 

CKH, AariiiltiKH, P}^ci(H. 

C£cTpHBO-TO MB Atre TMpi. 

fildi-Ta rpB^^a le rojiiia 

BHTO siroBa-ra. - 
TB*!ifl-Ta BHRTa le ci toj- 
. KOCE rojim e^jkoto h 

^ MOa-IB. 

Tosh xtEnrRi He le TOiKOCb 
Tosiu-h k6jko-to Jipy'rifl- 

ToaH Me^i K Aofiipi, totl 
K no AOfiipi on HoS- 
. Ti,- ana ohbh fito n 
ro QPOB64H (DpoBtixjaai) 
.jifiio le Haft 4o6ip%- 

Tytt cyKHO k 116 i^pao oil 

Epan My KMH^ro no ro- 

Astt ro Biuixi 4Hecb no 

1 will boy me a jie\r dmM>' 

Where is my new nlk- 
read Bulgarian botAs. 

The Turkish language is 

What languages do yon 

Bulgarian, Servian, Tur- 
kish, English, RusBlan. 

My sister s child is dead. 

My gapdeb is. as large » 

Your book is just as terge 

This stoDe is not- so large 

its the other. 

This honey is good, it is 
better than mine; but 
that which uncle - wnt 
us is the best. . 

This cloih is blacker tban 

the other. 
His brother is . much br- 

[ saw bicn today raoie 
I than ten tiaies. , 

— 40 — 

Toft le Moro no-HayieHb 
OTh fipara ch. 
Tjk niaTHO le nhfjfb cu* 


Tyfi uAiTBO m Had CRKno. 
Hafi-6ordTH-T'fe ne cft mfi- 


Tofl Ba.ifiiRi K Haft jen 

OTh cmm-Th,. 
Thu Bo^a le iBbpAft 4hc- 

ra^ TBbp4'fe 6iicTpa. 
HoK-TO KaB6 le 406P69. b^ 

me-TO Kuo 40($p6. 
On 4Bt 3;iHHii f pi(^fia 

Haft HfUKa-Ta 4a ch h3- 

He is f^p mora learned 
than his brother. 
This linen is vary dean 

This linen is* the. dearest. 
The richest, are not the 

This ball is the lightest of 

This \iater b^veiy pttre^ 

y^y clear,. 
My coffee ia good^youn 

ia better. 

Of two -evils, one must 
choose the leasts. 

§. 12. NUMERALS. 


1 E4m&9 64H^, e4H6 
egfiwb'Th (e4nHBft*T'B) 

e4Hd-Ta e4H6*TO. 

2. JIbb {m.\ XB'h (f. n), 4Ba- 

ri (TtX'b)ABt'Tt (ttxi). 

3 TpH, TpH-rfe iTtTB). 

4 ^4TiipH, HeTUpb-Tt (ttxi) 

5 UaXb^ DXTbrTt, Ttxx) 

6 UlecTb rb {it) 

7 Ce4nbTt (itu) 

OttmHALII.^ ' 

DkpBH ' (lopMb}: o&pmsft-n 

BropR, BT6piiift-rE 

Tp^TH, Tp^TUft*Ti. 
QeTBbpTH^ HeTBbpTUft-rL> 

IleTH, n^Tuft-n. . . 


— 50 — 

8 Oiieite*rt (t*xi.) 

9 M^Bfh^Th (ttxi) 

10 4«eA5rB-T* (tftri) 

11 E4HHaflceTB**T* {TXt%) 

14 ^eTHpHafioeTb-tt {ftii%) 

15 HetH^fteetb'-T'fe (ttX'b) 

1 6 IIIecHaftcewTt (I'bX'B) 
IT Ce^MHaflicStB-rt frfeXi) 
18 OceMHaflceA-tft (rtix) 
1^ 4eBW«»ficWB-rt (t*rB) 

20 4BaficeTb-rt (Tft2t*E) 

21 A^BtMn- H eAiftirb'-rB, 
M e^Ha^ta, h fe^fto-to etic. 

30 Tp6flc6Tb-Tt (t*xx) *" 

40 ?eTup6ficeTb-Tfe (itxi) 

50 De^ec^Tb-T* (xtxi) 

60 UleficeTb-Tt (T'fexi) 

70 Ce;^iwte)6ib-Tt (itxi) 

90 4e6^4ec6Tb-7l& (t*xx) 
100 Cto-t* (itxi) 
20O4B£QTlK*^ir^ (itx'b) 
300 TpHCTa-W 

500 n^TCTpTHfii-M (itXlw) 
600 in£CTOTHHl-ift fTtXl) 
700 C£4eHCTbTHHX*tt(Tl^X2i), 

Oeintf -Ti^ 






^eTHpHaficTbiit -T'E. 







^eTHpi^flCTUft T'B. 


4ctBe4etc6Tult-x'E . 

ClOTUft-TTb . 


*) Or eAii94«fe^'#4iMocm, etc. 


800 Oce«ctotHfiir^t*(t*x^> 

900 JleBfK,rotfim^'tt(ftiL%) 

( TNCAiua or 
1000 \ XHJfl4a-Ta 

2000 ^Bt xmnjpit . xstrt 


SOOQ TpH 3Utjlfl4B, TpH- 

Tt ;sAjifiAii ele. 

100^060 CTO xiufl^HjCTO- 

rk IttxT.) x<ijiji4H 
l^C!Off,000 muioH-K 



Instead of ll)^ (Ordinals ffOm ttvo to niite as 
gMeft Inthe above tabid, thd following are eftd- 
plowed with the aames of persons^ and^ as. they 
terminate in a, take the article Ta. 

3 Tpoiiua, TpiiMa^ TpHMMHa 

4 %tB6jteiw, ^6l«pMf, ^etHpMUHa 

5 naTHHa, njrtttfiffa 

6 IHectMHtf, ifiecttttim . , 
*7 Ce4Bfitta, cJi^eMfHim ' " 

8 Octtiba/ dteeib^ka 

\ * , t 

Ithe last is also u^d as a feminine noun lO^ai^* 
ingv rites performed od the ointh. day , 9£ter the 
death of a i^iend.. . > 

From ten upwarcl the cardinal numerals are 
often eonlracted bj dropping the final Tb or^ ^tb^ ^ 
e^HHaflce or e^tiHattcB instead of e^UHnSceTb, .^Baflce, 4^ 
^ficb instead of paiiceTh^ etc. 

-52 — 

The ordinals are declined like other adjectives^ 
The following table exhibits the value of the 
letters of the alphabet when employed as numerals* 













































































Exercise on the Numerals* 


KojHCO 4^Ha MMa TOSH Ht- How many days has this 

cam ? [^ month? 

TpH^ecaib, MH ca cipyBa. Thirty, I believe. 
Fo^MHa-xa Hjia Tpifcra e The year has three hund* 

meftc^Tb H DflTb 46Ha, h red and sixty -five Jay s^ 

m nfl4ecATb h fpt uejikjm. ! or fifty two weeks. 
Chhko-to cxpj'Ba n)i4ecaTb The whole costs fifty flo- 

«jbopifHij. I rins. 

4*ecB ftia HeiMpHHaeceib^ It is fourteen days to-day 

^eua OTi Kaxo cbmh y that I have been in the 



Ha ROJKO r04HHU e co«i How old is your sister? 
ctj^i BH ? I 

^53 — 

Tul le Ha Tpiecm uAen^tn 
ro4HHu: TBk le ii6 roj^ma 
OTi MeHe^ 

Toft cr po4^ (paaKjiaH'B) ea 
XHJfl4a H ce4eiicT0THHX h 
ociueiHiTb H He^i^pTs-TSi 
ro4Hfis . 

Kdffo npdafi . jpH d^th no 

TpH i»TH no nHTb npasH 

IJaiTB noTb n&TH no mecTb ? 
TpneceTB. : 

3be'is thirty four years 
old; she is older than I. 

He was bdrn in the year 

one * thousand seven 


hundred and eighty four. 

How many do three times 

five make? 
Three times five ; make 

Arid five times six ? 

§. 13. PRONOUNS* 
1. Personal Pronouns. 

The genitive case of Personal Pfonouns, like 
that of Nouns^ is supplied/by na with the Accusative. 
TherDalive, (which is rare in thb declension of 
1101111^)9 15 in constant use with pronouns* 

In the following declensions cf pronouns the 
forms inclosed in parentheses are such as, though 
met with in the colloquial language, woiil^I be 
avoided by good writers. 

, . < l»t P#r?eo, ^» ,.1. =; i 

Sinsttiliar. Plural, 

N. Aat, (as'h, «. aci) 

ifH, (^i^Ov nie, aia^siiB) 

4. H^t, 9iH^ (ne^H, uem) 


Tbfi syllables h, rb, mca, Kam, traHaRi are some- 
times colloqtiialiy appended to the pronoun a3>, 
tbufi, a3Eii) Q3HKa, asitaiia^ iMBmKb. 

Singular.. Plural. 

N. Tm 

A. T^6e, Tfl, (le, lefia, t^6x) 

BU, (BUe, Bifl,)=(BlH} 

Bam, BH 
Baci,Biii, (Ba3if, Ba) 

3d Person, Ohtb, or lofl, he. 
Jjp^e^ . Ferp* Neat. 

N. Ob%9 TOft OHa, TH OHO, TO 

D. B*>iy, Hy . He*, fi B#My, My 

A. H&'O, ro5(iy) B*a, 0,&eM,H& H*ro,ro,{ry) 


Masc. Fem. and Neut. the 59m e 

K. Owft, Tin, (Tt) except that theNom. is by 

D* BHM'L, HMi, T'feBTB some witten OHBi, TLiH, for 

A. HHXX, ru, Ttxx the sake of distinction from 

the Masc. form. 

•^ 66 - 

The short forms of the Datives, hh, hi^. ts, bi, 
Hy, H aud iorL are employed as possessive pronouns^ 
Sea below under Possessive Pronouns. 

2. Reflexive Pronoun*] 

This corresponds in use, and almost in sound, 
to the Latin si bi, s e. It is the same for all perr 
Mas and numbers, thus 

D. 066^) CH, to myself, etc. 

A. ci6e, CH, (c66& ch, c&) myself, thyself etc. 

3. Demonstrative Pronouns. 

(i; To«, this. 

Masc. Fem. * Neut. 

N. Tofl, Tofi, (t63h); laa, (lasH, t»3h); tob^ lyft; 

D. ToMyBa, 

A. Tor6Ba, t6ji, (t63h}; tshs; tob^ tyft. 

N. Tifl (xiaif. Tie), tmh {th3h), tm, (tw3h): 

A. TbIH » J » » 9 

No Dative in use. 

<2) Ofla, that. 

I Singular,. 

Fem. Neut; 

ouin (oHa3H) OH0Ba,OByfi (oh6to} 


N. Ohh, onaji, 
OHUfi (ohsb) 


— 5« - 

A. OHOroBa, oHfll like the Nom. 

(OHOr63H, 6u3H) or OHi^Ifi, (O0&3H) 


like the Norn; 

N. OHifl, (oHi3a) 0HUfl» {onizn) ohIbih. (oh^sh) 
A. Ohm « € c c t 

In . the Ace Masc. Sing, of these pronouns, the 
forms ToroBa and 0H0r6Ba are employed in reference 
^0 persons, the other forms in reference to things. 

To both these pronouns the syllables ica^ ^Kana^ 
jcanaKi are sometimes added in conversation. 


K6ft-T0, who, in thus declined* 

Itfasc. Fern* Neut. 

N. KOfi-TO KOfl-TO K06-T0f KOie-TO, 


A. KOrO-TO, K6fl-T0 KOifi-TO K06*T0j KOie-TO^ 


N and A.' in all genders, koh-to. 

mo-T6or%o-T6(and fli-xoDwho, which, are 
used for all genders and both numbers. 

K6fl-T0 without an antecedent may be used in the 
sense of w h o e v e f; as K6flT0 HUia yiUH 4a cjEynia, h^kb 
ejyma, Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. 

^ 57 — 

5. leiTBaROGAxivB Pronouns. 

Kofi, KOfl, KOie or ko6, who? has the same 
{brms with KOfi-TO^ simply dropping the syllable tol 

mfi, Mifl, <u6, Plur. «UH whose? has the Nom. 
and Ace. alike. 

So has RBKiiBi or RaKOB'B, RaRsa^ RaRB6, Plur. 
Krrbh, of what sort? 

UXo, what is indeclinable^ 

6. Indefinite Pronouns. 

Those derived from ROfi are declined like it* 
Such are H'bKofi, some one, BCRKofl, c^Rofi, or cina, 
every one, hhroA, no one, #AH-Rofl, such a one 
(o Sstva), Rofl 4a le, (Koft-roAi), whoe ver; TaRiBi, 
such, RaRXBi Aa le, of whatever kind, like Ra- 
RXBi, etc. 

7. PossRssiTE Adjechyb Pronouns^ 

These have, like other adjectives, definite and 
indefmite forms; thus 

Mofl, fern. MOji, neut. Mo6, plur. xoi^ m^y;^ 
Def. Mofl-Ti, MOfl^ia, mo6-to, iiOH-Te. 

Tfiofi, TBOH, TBo6, TBo6^tby;Def. TboS-ti etc' 
Hanib, Hama, Hame, Hanm, our; Def. Hamb-n, etc. 
BaiuB, Bama, etc. your.. 
H^roBi, H^roBa, neroBO, n^roBH, his; Ded 

H^roB'B-T'F^ H6roBa-Ta, etc. 
H^flH'B^ H^Ha, H^flHO, etc. hers* 
TixcHi, TixHa etc. theirs. 
CboA, cbos^ cbo6, cboh, CBOftrii^ etc^my^ thy^^ 

— 58 — ' 

his, her, our, your» their. It always indicates 
"what belongs to the Subject of the proposition. 

The Dative case of the Personal and Beflexive 
pronouns often supplies the place of the possessive 
pronoun. It stands after the noun to ^hich it belongs 
either with or without the article. Thus, dpai-L mr, 
my brother, cecxpa tb, thy sister, KHMra-ia 
Hy, his book, KsmiH-Te hmi, their houses. Gu is 
preferred to mh, th, etc. whenever the thing posses- 
sed belongs to the subject of the sentence* Thus, 

^31 sexh KH»r2K-T2K CH, I took my book « Tbi o- 
6hh2mh MafiKs en, you love your mother. 

Where emphasis is required the full forms of 
the possessive pronoun are used, sometimes with 
an additional cb; as MafiKa-ia o6uHa. CB0H-Te(or cbo- 

i-re cm n%niy The mother loves her own 


On the IPronouns. 

AarB me s6j^ gR^ch y Baci* 
Tk n^e MH 48^6 RpyniH. 
Tu nHamK egai xy 6aB& Tan 

Kora njie rn nr>m£ TotI ? 
Mfin in MA xoi?^ 

Toil He MH BM4H* 

IIoHiAKafiTe ro. 

Bin My n»meMi» M^ero, aMa 

. TOi M BM OTfOBapi; 

I shaircome to you to-day. 

She will give me pears* 

You have a beautiful car- 

When will be writelo you ? 

Does he see me? 

He does not See me. 

Wait a little for him* 

We write him oft^, but he 
ix>e$ not aaswer us. 

— 59 — 

Toft HH 4aBa iiBeTin. 
TiAifH npama HicTonapfi. 

40H£c0XTe JHMH KflHTH-Tt? 

Ule Bii FBI 40Hec& yrpt. 

TofiM^Ht me ro 4846 Ha- 

saeMx, a He H^aiy. 
A3X H^e ro ^an'B T£6'b 

HJH Ha cecTpa^TH. 
Adi ro 4840X1 H^ft, a ne 

HiH, 4^70 CHU Exjirapn. | 
Bin^4'j^To cTe iojko 6oraTH. 
Toft ro CTopH (cipyBaMx), 

3a Heme. 
Asi HHKoru " Be nsAidj" 

Bam 6631, Hero. 
3a M^ne ail le t&sh ja6ij[- 

HMame jh napii npa c&6e^ 

Toft TBBp4'b M XBaffl. 

Asi ne cBmb an no-cxap'b 
OTX H^ro? 

4aftTe T03H HpLCTeHl Ha 

fipara hh. 
4aftTe MH na zimiL'h qctb 

Hero 3^MafiTe 
Aaflxe HH ro. 

He gives me flowers. 
She often sends me money. 
Have you brought me the 

I will bring them to you 

He will lend it to me^ 

but not to him. 
I will give it to you orto 

your sister. 
I gave it to her, but not to 

We, who are Bulgarians^ 
You, who are so rich* 
He did it for me. 

I never go out without 
Is this apple for me ? 

Have you money with 

He praises you much. 
Am I not older than he ? 

Give this ring to my 
Lend me five florins^ 

Do not take it 
Give it to me* 

— 60 — 



BH4HTe 4H 1030 fifAWhl 

Bh4K& ro;Tofi I6 r&CTiH qepi. 
KHYira-Ta bh TBbp4lb 3a j&- 

ryBa; asi a npoH^ioxx 
40 cera4Ba dsth. 
EpaTX HH H cecTpa m 
OTM40X& HaH^pROBa. 

Jit JB RJH)'^-Tl OTl RS- 

4i»Pb6-to cji no3HaBa no 

M04X-TX CH. 

Orb BamKb-Ts; rpa4HH& ih 
cs t:^3h Ufierii ? 

nOCOM^Te MH (c6<lH&) 

ra-Tt CH. 
Bame-TO n^po nnnie 
^ 4o6p'fe OTi M6ie-T0. 
Adi My na4H£X'L na Rpa- 


KaRi cfl nan'^pa dpaTi-BH? 
A3i HCRaMx ca^* mok-to. 
As-L 3ary6Hxx (ryfirai) h 

TBOHEi-TSi H m6i&-TSi KHHTSi. 
T&3H 4p4xa BH CTOH TBBp- 

4^ 4o6p'6. 

T&3H jiHCHua 1^ cp£6s;pHa. 
BiJma-Ta Ha Tyfl cyRHOie 

TBBp4'b TBHRa. 

IIpHri64afiTe TbonnHS^n 
na xyfinjaTHO. 

Do you see this smoke ? 

I see it; it is thick and blacks 

Your book is very enter- 
taining; I have already 
read it twice. 

My brother and my sister 

are gone to church. 
Where is the key of my 

The tree is known by its 

Are these flowers from 

your garden ? 
Show me your books. 

Your pen writes better 
than mine. 
I fell at his feet* 

How is your brother ? 
I wish only my own. 
I have lost your and my 

This dress fits you very 

This spoon is of silver. 
The ^ool of this cloth is 

very fine. 
Examine the fiaeaess o 

this cloth* 

■-61 — 

•IncTOB^-Tt Ha TtaH 4bp- 

B^Ta noHcejT:§xs. 
Kofi cTOflH (iidnift) Tyfi 

orje^ajo ? 
T63H xi1&6'L le n6-4o6ipi 

OTi BqepafflHHfi-Ti. 
Adx no3Ha6aMi casio to- 

Asi Ka3yBaMi 3a oho- 

Tjfi n^axHO le tbhko, ho 

OHyft le no-TbHKO. 
As'b n(ho6u^UAWh TisE or^ 


KaKB6 ncKa 6h3ii? 
Ti3H BiJHa 16 4o6pa, ana 

oh%3H le no-TLHRa. 
KojKO cTpysa lyfl cyKHO 

H RoaKO onyfl? 

T&3H 4pexa bh cto]^ n6- 

g,06ph OTb 0H&3H. 

On cHHREJ-Tt tisn nepa 
Tyfl le Hafl-4o6po. 

IIpiHTeib-TX, ROMy-TO HH- 

mere, ho le na CBmmdvrb 
K%n^Ta-Ta^ ot-b Atw xoft 


Koft BH o6a'4H Tyfl? 
KaRXBi XAt6% MCRaie. 

The leaves of these tree* 
are already yellow. 

Who has broken tlhis 
mirror ? 

This bread is better than 

I know only this one. 

I speak of that one. 

This linen is fine, but 

. that is finer. 

I prefer these to those. 

What does that one wish? 
This wool is good, but 

that is finer. 
How much doed this cloth 

cost, and how much 

that ? 
This dress fits you better 

than thaf one. 
Of all these pens this la 

the best. 

The friend to whom you 
wrote is not in Sistov. 

The house from which he 
has gone (out)* 

Who told you that? 

What kind of bread do you 

- 15li - 

^LaKBii mjM 40H6ce TOfi on 

XaM^ypri ? 
On Kofi ia6xjkii ch BjRyc* 


€ti Kon rpaAHHR A^ere ? 

Kofi HanpaBH Tosa? 
CecTpa TH. KoH ? 

PftKaBmiH-Tt CH.KOH? 

KoMy OTX <JpaTk-Ta ch 
4a40XTe i6^AKu th? 

Kofi OTi Ti3H nepa le Hafi 

« 4o6p<S ? 

Tofi npaBH COTKO-TO 3a 4py- 

Asi HO mfiSk HHRoro. 

Hl^Kofi He le Aomia* 

KaKB6 npaBH xofi? 

Tt CH noMar&Ti le^HHi aa 
HiH Tpi6yBa 4a ca o5Biq£&- 


TtSH 4Bt cecTpn ca Mp4- 
3»T'L e^Ha cxcB Apyrst. 

Aai He n03saBam hhth 04- 
Hor6*To^ HHTH 4pyrHro-to. 

Ha e4H6 4pyro H^po. 

Aax HMaMx^pyra prfOoJH. 

What kind of needles has 

hebrougtit fromHambarg? 
Of which apples did you 

taste ? 
Out of which garden do 

you come ? 
Who did this? 
Your sister. Which? 
What do you seek? 
My gloves. Which? 
To which of your brothers 

did you give the apples ? 
Which of these pens is 

the best? 
He does all for others. 

I see no one, 

No one has come. 

What does he do? 


They help one another. 

We must love one ano- 

These two^ sisters hate 

each other. 
I know neither the one 

nor the other* 
Here is another pen« 
I have other business^ 

— 63 — 

§ 14. MOODS. 

The only moods m Bulgarian verbs marl^ef^ by. 
distinct fornas^are the Indicative and (qaperative- Tb^i 
place of Subjunctive, Potential and Optative forms is. 
supplied by those of the Indicative witb particles or 
with auxiliary verbs. Thus from niima, 1 write, we, 
may form 

4a nwinw, that I may write, 

Ako nuniKR (or oko 4a nMfflHR), if I write, 

4aH6 nuiuHKi (or 4aH6 4a jiHiuiiR, would that 

.1 may write. , ,: 

Moace 4a numifty I may or can write, 
TpifiyBa^a nimiifi,! must write; 

The Slavic Infinitive, th is obsolete (^ 
Its place is Supplied by a Subjunctive /formed by 
prefixing 4a to the Indicative) which is varied ac- 
cording, to the number and person <)f the verb on 
which it depends; as licKa 4a iej6. He. wishes to 
readfHCKaTe 4a Heieie, You wish to read. Some- 
times aa is (Colloquially) prefued to 4a; as Toft H4e 
aa 4a BH4H, He comes (for) to see. 

*} A single example of it appears in 'lie phrast mu*'c 
61JTH5 It may be. 

■ * * 



-64 - 
§ 15. TENSES. 

Tbese may be reckoned seven; the Present, Im-. 
pttfett^ AoriHt, Perfect, Plupeffecr^ Future and Fu* 
tiirci Perfect. Three of these however, the Imperfect, 
Pluperfect and Future have two forms each, with 
slightly differtot signiGcationd. These being count- 
ed) t^e nutnber would be increased to ten. 

The Present is employed to express l>abitual 
action, or action now going on. EMuitfli^ I write, or am 

tb^ flrsi form al the Imperfect designates an 
action unfmished at a given past time, as mmnxi», I 
was writing* The second or compound form seems 
to designate mi action unflnished in past time indef* 
inite UimEXb chVb, I have been writing. This form is 
act in universat use. 

Tfa^ Aorist is the tense of history and desigates 
In action a^ oonpleted in some past tin^ definite 
or indefifiit^. Il^e^xi, Iwrote or have written. 

the Perfect (Hffers from our English Perfect in not 
"bringing the action related into immediate proximity 
Ho the present time. It seems to designate an action 
completed in past tiiaae^ defined or not, and of 
which traces remain; as nHca.rB cbmb, I have witten, 
(and the writing remains). 

Tli6 first form of the Pluperfect coresponds to 
our Pluperfect of a time more remote and less 
definite and certain. Ilucaxb 6tx^ and ni!ca.iTi cbUb 
6hm^ I had written. 

The first form of the Fature corresponds with^ 
our First Future. II(c nnmHii I shall write, u^e nifine^ 
be will wxit^. 

The seoond form^ designates a future action as 
less certain or less definite in regard to time; as 
Hnca ii^e^ He will (doubtless) write, I am almost sure 
that he will write, (though X do not know when). 

The Future Perfect is not in common use,, but 
nmybe- met with. It has two uses^ one^lij^ that of 
the Second Future in English verbsj)^ to designate an 
action wbioh will h% compleited before or |it some 
specified future time; the other to express a strong 
probability that an action has already been performed.. 
Thus^. nie ci»him micija>j or me 6&4as UHoa^'^ may 
signify I shall have written^ or It must be that I have 


Perfect Tense. 

Singular. Plural. 

t Gixh^ (M«b ar caw) ^u ]{or erne) 

2 en cTe. 

3 le (or e) ^ c» ^or ca); 

Ctx'h, or 6exi» 6ixvie (mu) or 6SxMe 
6iiue, 6*, or fi^me 6ixTe or fiixre 

time^fit^ aD'64ine iSix% av (SSx& 


— 66 — 


6ux% or Sm^ox'l 6wxiie or du^oxme 
6ii * 6un6 fiuxre » fiu^oxxe 
6u » 6bi4e fiuxsi )» 6u46xii( 


<JbI» *) CLMB 
« CH 

^ le (or e) 

6uiii (jiu) CMU (or cue) 
« CTe 

e» (or ca) 


» Ctme 
^ Oiuie 

6bU\\ fitXMC 

» 64xTe 

. i . 

Future (indefmile *) 

me CBMb 
me CH 
me le 



me cMu 
me cxe 
me csi 


(definite ) 1st from. 

me 6£4Si 
me 6%4eiiib 
mc 6^4e 

me 6»4eMi> (or — Me) . 
me fixAexe 
me 6iiXS^T% 

*) For the fera. Bww and for Ihe neul. B4u6. 

—67 - 

Do. 2d form. 

<5iii lus 

6u meMb 

c meiiib 

B lU^ie 

« me 

» lU&Tl 

FiTTURE Perfect 

me cikiib 6u4X*a-6 me cnu 6u4H (ju) 
m© CH « mo CTO « 

mo le « me cs ff 


4^ or B^^a cbMb 4^ or H^Ka cmu 

€ « CH « € CTO 


43 or ti£Ka tfftAexb 
6s^ S&A'^Te 

4a or neKa 6Me A^^ or H^na 6&4%t'& 



Present C&mufl^ c&ma, c&mo^ PI. Cimfi 
Perfect. Eu4i, 6Bi4a, 6u46, PL EuiH 

— 68 — 


1. These are three in number, and are char- 
aclerized by the termination of the 2d 1?. Sing, of 
the present tense Indicative mood. The first (as 
they are usually arranged) has that person ending 
in enib, the ^e^nd in ^»uii>, atid Vtfe iMrd m amby. 
or EUih. 

2. The t^t p. Sing- of the pres. Ind in the 
first and second conjugations is not uniformly written 
or pronouticed. I'^ormerly it was made to terminate 
ior the first conjugation in BKh and for the second in 
HMi, corresponding to tiie awb or hhi of the third 
conjttgatiofi; andthil^ifi still tbieu9»ge in weslern Bul- 
garia ^and In Macedotiia* But that usage wliich at 
presii'it seisms likely to be thie prevarilhig one noakes^ 
the 1st p. Sing, in^ both these conjugations- 
terminate in asi or BK. Instead of these endings some- 
writers employ a and a. 

3 In general the ending » belongs to the 1st 

conj. and m to the 2« But 

Remark (1) That m appears in the 1st. conj. for 

euphony after ropl^ teBdii>g with the soft consonants, 

», *i, aud HI, or with any vowel except o; as mt- 

niHb-etttb, 3Hl[ffli-^in^ Kp^m^trntb^ tJtc. (2) That 

\erbs tn *«*«;, ^^tlft and fliia -ttiay accordingly be 

either of the 1st or of the 2d conj. (3) That verbs 

whose root ends with a vowel are uniformly of the 

1st. conj. except those whose roots terminate in o^ 
whicii helong to the 2d. (see Preface to Vocabularies*) 

4. Tho&ewho make the 1st. p. Sing, in m (of 
d) make the Ist p. Plur, in eMb or HHb; while those 
who make the sing, in evb and iibtl make the corres- 
ponding Plorat in eiie and Hue. Thus in one part of 
the country will be heard h^s 1 eome and, i^en we 
come; while in another part H^eifB will be I ooDae and 
M^eHe we come. 

5« Gmmmarians who adhere to ihh latter 
usage, naturally follow the order of tbelettem i|i the 
alphabet and make the 1st conjugation consist gf 
verbs in axx and sm%y the Second of thosQ in fWk 
and the third of those in PMl. 

The slight differencee between ihe different 
conJQgitions will p3rbap6 be best exhibnted by p\^^ 
ciDg aide by side an example of oagb. 

Three conjugations of ^^gular viRns. 

1st Conj. 2d Conj, 3d Conj, 

niiA, I sing. Ca4ifii, I plant. BuKaMi^ I calL 

Present Tehse. 

H'Ihk for ttiem^) Ca4iiiy (or ca4iiinb) BuKEHm. 
nieiBb Ga^nnib * BbiKamx 

flte Cam BuKa 

nieub (or - no) Ca^uMb (or - Me) Bbu^aiie (or-Mu) 
JIteT(^ C^Hie BuKaxiB 

lifttii Ca/?i»Tx BwKaii 

- 70 — 


Uisxjk (or-xd) 







Ca4ax& (or-xa) BBiKaxa (or-xaj 

The 2d form of the Imperfect (which is heard 
only in certain localities), "will be for the 1st. Conj. 
iriflix cbMb^ and for the 2d CMHAh cbmb. In the 3d 
Conj. it cannot be distinguished from the Perfect. 

For other forms of the Aorist, Perfect, Plu- 
perfect^ and Future' tenses^ designating singleness of 
action, see below, § 21, under unitive Aspect. 




















II*ji * 


Ca4Hii * 

CbMb BuKai'L ^ 














*) Fem, nija, ca4Aia, BUKaJa, nuef. n^io, ca- 
^^0, BMKaib. 

« ••■••c«- « ■ «i ■'* « ■' ■ t* ■'- 

II%A $ixi jda4&rB j^txi . Busies ($t|% 

2d fornix 
Uta euB-dtuft CaAHACBn (ten Bmnn esnlfitti 

€ CB < C CH C t CR '^' c 

c IS « t ' ■ IC- • c ' « 18 c 

nftJH CKU 6ujiii.CaAaiH cvu duiH BuRajK cHti 6uj^ 

c cTe t t cte c t QTO c 

*• . •■ > " - • t"* * .■ 

.^.r,.:u-.r i ...p,^;^ 'ist form'.'' ' •• ' ' , "" * 

•.■•■•; ■■■■■y,! ■■'0) 

mentis*}— 110 eK^ Hkd iuKaihi 

_ ,» 

Hie irie ''^^ * me e^ iq^ iJiiRa* 

(f ) Fern, and neat. ^^-Ai oiv^ih. 
(*) Or me 4a ntHK, etc (or^ declining the anxilf ary^ 
nftoi^ Wfijok Btemb, etc.) 




fit mM 

« we 


^ mem 

m^ BUKaHO. 

vfj^ BURaie 
ms BURan 



4 ItlBTl' 


( ■ 



♦ ... 

1. i 

FoTUBB Perfect 

HOfi thJKh or me 0S4S ntJii, ca4Hii> BUKan 
.vii|»«;ttt; Off : bM^ feiom f € * c 

elCf '•j 




xa irfie 

(or) H^Ka « 
Plur. 1. xani^i^, 
(or) Hixa c 

(or}j , K^xp, « 

/;a ca4H 

Aa BURa 
BCKa « Hena c 

H6Ka « BOKa < 

-W V««* 4a BMifii^ 
H^9 *,. B^jKa * 


.> • ■ ^* 



jpABsvicT (little iiseil). 

Plan -MD-iji-aft -la-U-aii -iii-14^ 

the cbmpduiia tenses].. 
ICfe»-a^ Ca4ibi&-a*o Piman^aro^ 

. Fassivk WAxncitts^ 
(Wiibont distitictioo of tihie). 

iAffE*-a*<> CajiWB^a^ JSHKanii^t-a* 

or it*Tlfc-a-o 

■• I 


Y«fri^k^ ^ aid t»!ij; ibdhig iil itti ^rV« 
4W x «h^gli6iit iftrt^id df 6; as i^iJoM^ t tdtty 
^'jiik,^^ iiUbitiiiiMi^ btHa^ Hik Mlsy iftc; - 


■ \ • ., '"i 

Th^ Present Iii(ficative of verbs; ^termmates^ at^ 
;vire haveseep, in n, ift, aui,. or m. Whatever pre- 
cedes: tbesf endings eonstitfttes tbe fadieal put of thr 
Verbid .■ .lij- .■• 

H Ibat radical paHr.enii in r, r^. or j^ ^hami«Qr 
m.inBection a felose vowel weuki sneered^ f *s ohftnii* 
ged into «, it into ^aod x into m; as cTpHrs, (t^ 
shear), crpniKSmb, BiftK& (todraw), BAtHinn^ 

t>n the other hmd^ if'lfie^tdot termiaate m it^ 
%i OT nL iTvbenever in ioflectioo these letters woald 
be succeeded by ad open vowcf^ x is changed into 
r qr^& v.into & or la^ aDid, in^ into c. See Eimhonic 
changes, Page 11. . 

' Tne terminsi^tion of t;he Icnpei^fect is sxh* except 
in the case'bf'Vie^s''fn ak^, wliicfa make tbo Imp^ 
in ax'b.The accent in this tense faUs uniformly on 
the same 'sylkiMe ^hieli is accented in the'' Present 
Tense. Thtis^ Eieii, nisTflX'B^ BLueain, fiuRaxt. Some 
prefer tX'K or ex'B as the ending of this tense; but 
fOCL appears to be m'afKJ^Ordbncewith the best wage. 
The second f cum of f<ihe Jmperfect (rare and 
provincial) is produced by combining the Present 
tense of ciiai iifith an Imperfect PartFci pie, derived 
from the first form of the Imperfect by cbangioj| x to 
J} as luS^lSsx'h, nHmajB thwb. ' 

^.^,,^T/jp Aorisj^ia Jhe 2^^ ^ cowjugjitians may 
aqoerair^ l^ff formed by addingj^'i; to the 3d p. Sinf^ 
of the Pre3ept,..j^4.4,^c^^SfAg the tone upon, the , la3t 
syllable. * Thus ciUh, ca^fo'B, BURa, BURaxi^ n&My 
wiix%. Iri't&e IM cdt^ tbe^e' with which the 2d 
p. sing. Pres. terminates is,, in the formation of the 
ilbrist, diher'drtppcd, or exchi^^ o, or s. 

- : ! (f) If iife rbfet terminate ma vbwel, the Aorfst 
nay ; tie formed by adding x'B directly to the root; 

as siffi, ntxi; n^Hb, nnxi. But mm^ (to delay) bas 
lBitoK^^jrfH6(to 'bark)'jiaflx%j citft;(to sow) efi&n, and 
milk' (or BHiniij to kMw} SfiorB, amixi, or anaforB. 

©i" 4.*4i.'v?'^ .*.».■. -Mi 1.' '.' ■/ ■ *! . \ - • • 

tmum^mfmma Mi n i w^- t v > " m m y i ■. i ■ 

5) This change of toi]b^MUi(9gIeQted jn jook^ ida<^ 

(3J If t&e foot end hr ^ X, or nr, ifiritb (Be tone 
oki tbe penaltimate, the Aorist temiintrteB in hSxi^ anJ 
theaef letters are exchanged respectively for k or it 
r ora, and x or e. Thus eywa (ta suck} has ejKfiESy 
i^m (to croak) rpau^brB, piaK» (to cot) pftadn^ iv^ 
* 7tA (to lie) XBraJm, ufavm (to write) ractfxiv 

'"^ (3) Verbs whose root terminates- in ep mafee 
ibe AorisI in— &n and drop the radical e;^ as ^t^ 
(to collect) Aor. fipaxi, 4ep& (to tear), j|par&^ nepiC 
(to l^ash), npaxft. So do some yerhs containing a rad-^ 
ical : 0, dropping that letter; as « mxa (to* slaughter)^. 
Aon KJifcn, 80B£(to call)^ aBax^^ n6pift (to» np)< npaxK. 

(4) Verii>s whose final consonant is H^tnake-th^ 
Aorist-in-^iixv as nis. (to sink), Thnix%j ^crittp^ 
BaHi (to remain,) ocTaHSXi. i-:/ 

{b) Most other verbs, especially sticb as^ have* 

tbe^ accent on the last syllable, make the' AoYisC 

ia-(6n, v^ith the 3d and 3d p. Sing, in e; as-naeiC 

4{to knit)/ Aor; lumdxh, uer^ uer^, plur* WLeri»- 

Wbj MtT6xfe^*njim6xm. 

In some places 9t iS: snbstitated- in pronnnciatlett* 
fbr both and e in verbs of this fomh ThQ% me^ 
fffcn, Hjen&i oten, nienane, etc; ^ 

Note» A few verbs not coming und'er any of the 
riliove sjkdfiitiaiioni^ make the Aor* ia -axir, -axi, or 
•*»• Thais * 

Peas, peB&c& JlfhTBxS^ xpKoasscb. BpbT& BpmxB- 
' JlpittEJ^ 4^txan MiBxi^ jrbxixi Ba^si, .Bj^^pxk. 
Rijidft, Kjenaxx Mhxia, MHsixi Abri Jtrfecki 

Th6 Pdffeet Pafticiple^ vrhii^ forms i2ie ba^^ 

P^rfeet and Pliij^feot taues^ » regHlarl^ formeii 
from the Aorist by cbanging its final n^ Into Jii^ » 
Hfeny utMy oa^ii wf^UTkr BiiR^bn^ Buxais.^ 

Bdt if tbe Aorist ta*minate m oas!^ preeededi hj 
X or T the^ letters jo or to^ are dropped inforttltnf' 
tbe partieiple; as 6046x1^ 66a^ vMtomtj UMejm* Pre^ 
Ctoded by any oilier ebnsontot, -ox'» beeomeis ^u&f 
ie oeKox^^ mdvi»^ 

Jbe first forniof tbeFatiireis obtained by pre^ 

fising md or 0(0 /la to tbe peiMfas #f tbe Prei^nt teiise. 

Some ipt^r to deoline botb the auxiliary and the priilk 

dpal terb, thus; opt ntm^ ttiem^ sfeem^ iqe irbe^ wtfiKb^ 

BteUy mere nfeete^ ntsnatiftifv bta tUs^isnotofteli 

.^Tbe Meond form of tbe Future eonsisfes^ of a^ 

ntmA form obtained froift Ibe Pferi Pkrt by drofi^ 

l^ng Ha final n^ wbieb verbal foftn remains uncilian'^ 

ged^ wd tbe auxiliary b|S is dedtned; tb<is from. 

ueji^ webayo ue-ii(«, ue oteiv^ etct» fipom etr 

A^iii^ oaA^HBift^ fi^Mn ttmiA, BHsa-ats^ ete.^ 

TIms fs^m of the ptincipal verb dnding ipi $, 0^ 
or n is in sense an Infinitive^ and is perhaps^ derWdcl 
4voctly froDi die ancient Infinitive. 

The same appears also> in one foriff of l&e n/aga*^ 
tive Imperative, with fbi^ PU /(iftie (da) as 4m aax« 
iliary. Thus, Do not cali, may be expressed &y Ne 
ihb^'bifBe 4tft^B dr A^it6 hmmbj afnd in 
tStf fUit9i by He wm&tey Be ^Stie Euxa^ 6ii J^ i» 

'!EKefdftt tA tfi^ F&siv« Faf ticipfc^ d^ndl^ dn 
that of tbe Aorist, If the 3d p. sing, of tbe Aor^ end 

li^ t or H the Fart; will termhrale ta tm; as lueTa; 
VAteshb ca4A, cSufiWh; if in a the Part ends fa am; 
418 fii^a, BHRa^i; il ifl I the Parl> is in ahi; ifs b^ji^ 
l£an; if in ft it is ftHi; as iftrft^ jirbai; and if in s, 
it is 1(1 Wth; as ^BHTHji, ifiisTBin. Btit vterbli v^hose 
root ^ends veith a vowel tnay form ttie Pass. P^rt. 
by adding n. Thus vU may 'tiiafce nftui (as ^bove) 
<6r ^bn^ 69^ C|ht%, etc. 



' • ■ .' ■ ■ - 


Qn^ inode of forming [tbe passive voice <^l 
verbs is by adfding the reffeiivie pronoun ca (sQiQek 
times written and pronounced ce^ ca, or cs) to a]! 
the forms of thj^ Active voic^; a^ inQne? he writes^ 
n ime 0% hp i& Wf iUep; rasarB,. tji^y oall^ BttKan 
ca, they are called. In compound tenses the ca nat- 
vcaMy '>eoi9e& betw«ea the participle and the- aux-^ 
iliary; as Jfymuo ca 10^ U. has beea spoken. A(l«c 
p»moa!i% advelrhft and coi^notioiis^ and frequentlyr 
after ai^ emphatic wor^d, the ei takes ils plapp ' i|»ii 

fore ^tk f^thi a/i; Kofl^w ca m po^uiiy W/ho hasv 

been born; Tfifi ca le 4yHfUo? Where.has it bgga 
spoken? 4^ ca HcnuHH, That it might be fulfilled. 

This Ibrmof the Passive is however common to 
tbree olbait classes of verb^> via* 

a* Bf^i^ve, (cOrireispondingto the Middle vetee- 
19^ Ofeek}^ as^ Ca cicptt, Be hid himselfy Minn ^ei^' 
They |^ Itiemselves. This is indeed A^ origina^^ 
signifi^lioQ 6£ tbiik" cbmbinatiOQy 

;- 78 — 

Ing.imoDg tfaensdves^ this . is a natural ootgrawth 
t)f the former^ : 

c Beponent; as UdiifiMtib CH, pr JHoia ca, t bo* 
Beecb, Ha^BHit/ca. t hope* When such a verb gqvenis 
a pronoun^ fpUows that pronouii; as HpjaDrb 
laii jcai I beseech theq^ Upacvifbaxa ly cfl> The^ de^.; 
rided him. 

Another form of Passive verbs, (and one be^ 
longing to Ihem «]iclii»ively)) is ^obtained by com- 
bining the {>assiye,4;>fgrticiple with the auxiliary verb 
is&nib* The participle is made to agree with thesuh* 
ject, and the auxiliai^ verb is deiclined throughout 
thus IfiicaHO le, Tt is written. lIwcaBH: pHe GusBj We 
h»d i)een written, 


' CLASSES OF Derivative verbs. 

- ■ . .1 ■ 'i ' . . . • . ■ .-...' 

The . vaHety of derivative verbs in Bulgarian and 
ifae facility with which they are formed constitute 
a strilung pecidiarity of the ianguage. Doubtless most 
laagliages.exhibitoceasional examples of verixs deri« 
Tedi from other verbs* * But in Bulgarian^ and more 

< . 

! ( . 



.Thus in L^tin we have l^requenta^veP) as 
ventito, (to come often}^ from yenioi Desiderativeai 
aa^ ^urio, (tp desire to eat}i from ejo; Inceptives* as 
lajbasco^ (tor: begin toslip)^ from labo; Diminutites^ 
a», ^antiUo^ (tp sioglpw), from canto;: ^nd /ntensives^: 
as capessoi (to take e^^oesUy}^ £:pm.c^piOi 

'§• ■ . • ■ ' r" 

less f^.jtf cic^V^ ^aUffi\f!i4.if,% |Mmikdiaf- 

if A3 cl>99es Q[,deri.yati.fei verbs >b» lie dcngnaceif* 
«<f D!^ny -JLj^ pept^ or fo rois of the primttiTe «ei^, 
ten^'/Of bewjg eaU^c^iw ip ^tiOf jftndc, eta sinH: 

jTUos most ver^s i^ BnlgBrien bave distiocx 
iiV, r^uEining. tiirougb. al| ,ibeir .(eases eioepi the 
^^t «ad Itnperteci, to desigoalo cm the one iMAd'^ 
isteoes^ pr qqmpleteness pf ai^ion, and on 'IIm- 
1^ l\!ff^ coutipnaiice: ur lep^Ution* The ionmr '' 
9 ^de^ig^^te as th? UiiUiv^ aad ;ihe Utter ^n Un 
itative A^pec^ from their pnocipa) uses* Many' 
rbs hayeslso a.Gooditioaat'fajrm, which BOisetimn 
ibcid^s wilh tbe Ite-ative aqd , soiqe^ion^ takw 
additional syllsltlet Tor jt^ farm|i{tk)B $fi9 bfikiw 
id^r IleratiYe^sp^-t, • 

'A' few verl^ especially 8D9fi as, ,c|«9igliatiB ia phj^- 
a1 aciiJD, exhibit t^p^ di^jocjl, forms, .tbe pcimi* 

*) There are also several fonns of verbs com- 
>Dnded wktt prepoiiitioos, which have ~ sometimes 
!ca designated. as as^c^ of tbe prfipi^ye -y^vU^ 
bus, . , 

i. Inceplives,- as frpiij y^Hx.'^,|^f.^;;:{^;3ay^|Kn, 
-began lo learn. ,. .,. .^ ' 

2'. Complelives; as from nupajR^,^ Wpte, JW- 
il^bE;^ I finished wriling. .Witii )fC,..,5>f; if^ tfOfof^n:: 
ie' Creek il as in i5spY^i^i*«S fP yf9^h OWJn*^*''*'^'**" 
j'arin completely. .-t-. '^ ^'''- ■' "" 

8;.'DimmuUves; as aoQHcan, I wrote a UtUe. 


.-• '•'• 

tijw^lenii; bdng' indefi<hiteV'*tvhiIe one of the derivea 
fomnffis tiifllnotWt^y umtiVe'aiid Ihe 6ther It^atVve;' 
TImib ifnMB BjipHFfiMi», ' to' takie *^ op,' * we ha<ne, *Uhftlvl5 
BjottBm (ndltiised in't)ie P(^stol^A6r; fiiinriiiEk^^ Fot. 
me jM^bS It«rativ« ' ^^ 'GoiMtfibtoSI, ^tiHi'ytiBvfb^'SQ 
cniHfan'h^ ck6kh&, cRaqioBaiii, to reap\ ' ciiirdiih^^ ^ i^THr- 
HS/ cTKrHyBBWB/td suffli!^, Iti^jliiHx, tnbri^AHk, rj6- 
XyjBOWh -to see^-^ettf. Btfi'iii^ jgetierdl Verbs of the first; 
aidfiicocid 'c6n}(igaAi6n& Hre (excejpt in ihWPres^rii 
airddmperfect tenses) iH]fitive^^arid'*bavW a 1engtheii(^id 
forsQvfoIr the < iterative; 'whHfe those df * HtIb third are; 
generaliy iti^rative «rnd have' n 'shortened forni for 
tbe''iteilkei>tbii9-^NibitMg ' orify 'twb aspects. Tn 
tbcr latter x^se, although' the sbdrt unitive form, may 
tr«I j* be #eg*nterf aa* the rb6T, and the longer form 
asvdiaiied'fbrtti 'it^^yet since the iterative only js used 
in the Present tense, that is ins^ef'tra in^lhe voc^bu- 
lary^i^lind ib'Obtarhing the stiorter forms from" the 
longePj-jrcileB nilksf be observed the converse of 
those given below for euphonic clianges in-tbe -fep*- 
mation of the Iterative aspect (2. a — e.) 

. '■ .. 1 ~ ■ '■♦■ 

■JO ' 

■ 1 

■. ■ . I . » . ■ 

Cotbpare'-ftiti hi (wro^fltMw, (b *knead a' little, 6':rocpauaxirt,n 
to shine a little. !^ 

: ' 4.: Augd^dntidvcfs, 6t Fntensives; as\.HanHca^T^ ; 
I wrote abundantly, or sufficiently. Conap^rQ. in 
Grdek d^i; a's kW^ite!i''t6 cryilbud^'^iiv^^^^^ 
ionr^ligate thoroughly. But thfese prepositions ^)iiave,^ 
no/t always r this fiame force. Th^ir tise^ in (^na'position , 
will be given^ under each, in the 'Vojcabulary," 


l: Verbs of unity aVe eltfier shortened from the- 
fbrms found in^ tl^ fejtipon, as aboK^; described,; or 
formed by msertiBff^the^ letter. H.,^aflpr. the n^l 
part of tne.,Qnmitive verb, or by. a prefif. 

2. In caseof^t|i(^ K''*f'*^^^'*^|?#'i^ j|J!|a^?^^^ 
% m are cbaug;ec| ^^for^j h into tljeir ;cmi[{spoiiding 
galturals of sibilants; nit also is changed to c, and k 
after c is. dropped. ThuA^ ..pl6si&^ I cut, mte pt3H&, 1 
shall cut once, o(iupum% I love, mtei'^^oteibs;, I shall 
love (fii^a particular, ifist^ncoy-': 

3. The prejfi^es j^^* which ^ tbisr. ifspect quay! be 
formed are i^ierpus., Keside npo tl^e .(oUowing are 
sometines so employed; 

3a, as aacnax'firfroni i^aBaMi, to sleep.. 

no, as nocJiymax'B from caymam^,. to hear. 
Ha, as Hanp^BHL^iCb (frpmijiipcbia!^ (ia*v^ 
Ilpe. as npeMHHaxi from HHHvBaM'i^ to . paas.^ 
Bo3^ as BbailDSitxi from xiootA^ co love. 
y, as ynaaniHX'B from i^ianiHb, to frighten. 
Ci (c), a5 cHiomx'b from momft, to break. 
O^ as onfi%%Jroi(k n^pHi, to vvash; !- 

Ot^ 8t-iQT^JWfe]^>*f^ i^ffla.ta forbid. Z 
Thesa^pnefixes, though el^where used su^i |il*e- 
positions in^GX3pppsitioq;:^re here sio^p^jtUau9iDfents 

forming the U«(^iye/^spett. ^;u ar v)^ * 

4. The Unitive aspect runs through all the jforms 
of the verb except thfe'^lV^ISf^ and Imperfect 
ndicative. Thus fKNtf^'MaraMi, I rjRsS^i^e have 

iDdofinite (Primitive . forpi). Uditive Asp 

Flap. ^ Ctxi c 6txi. 

¥ik: ^EOfi i/^riin. Die B^iiru 

, • I , • .' * « 

B/pSnft > ■ BiffffuH 

att6 t iffio <t i6tiJ. 


^ ...... ■ ■ 

, . > » ..... 

And from KftRm, I ^peak, 

Fr(mltiviQi form. tlhitive Aspect. 

'■■•«.'■ • * 


Aor. MjMirb Bpoxyiitt 

Perf. '4yii^'B <)^ 1^047*^% 6hMk 

FoL m0 j<y«ain» Me vpoufvAwfb 


'■■■■■ ■,:'■•'■ : '■■ 

1. Verbs ^xprtssiire of; t^peated br Mirttnfietft 
ittlion' tonniaale' hi BmKor mni aodvinostt <rf Ihem* 

petition: prevails in the- other tenses. 

:2r T4)^ felldnirifit ' .^re tha priifcipal' ohanges- 
exMbiCi^d': ifi (he foraiQtion.of tlii^« a$pe(*ti^ *) 

a^ If the last letter of the root be x, it is chan^ 
ged to p^ Wit if *i <<> R or af if ia^ it c t>f x; and 
if m, to CK, before ih^ l^uaioation omi^ aair^ or* 
yaaMi: as, 

rBa4H^ nperBatt^itiihb; iiXmm, oujiiimth; : 
fliiia»^ aamcBinti^ ifjMm^ OEpbti^^WL 

b. Ifthe 1(j(^t leifef6f theYbbf bd f, ft is (Hfdti- 
ged^ before ttie iefHdin^ aiil; into ^, M % ihlo h;, 
as cTpnrs^ npecrpifei^Hi; ijftniy yBJdftVaii; ' but ^ be- 
fore the ending Bani or yaem^ ;they remain un- 
changed; as npecrpMrBaHi. 

c. Ilia: 'term illation otk is chaiifaci to JWMNfii^ 
or wfiiWhy and .pk to mMmi>; as ^hc^m KpbiuaBaai; 

■ten, mevdmflwh; aifA^^ b&icas^v 

d. Most verbi which Have in thar penultimate 

^latde *^ % dif o, b^fttl; fbte ^dili|^ aik^, ot tm^ 


t>- • t 

' *) IHM! Ve^ ^^ttlUM With ^<H»fK>^oM)i 
go ia their formatioa the nvae changes' 

change e or t to ^.^d /i;.^af nJCTR^ yn-iWTain'b; 
otKft, npecH4flMb; JOBift, yjasflHi; po^s, pax^aNt; but 
liftfoi^thts ending BliMVtfa%rernttiai»iel)aiiged/ i 
>? fe. Verbs ending in ^^ '{$reoieded bf acoalonanrt/. 
ihMs« lliat 'tehibinatioii into iftpaMX^ as spi y«4pear&v 
npoc¥p&, f^oet^^Hil. tfi likdl manAer tmii niakes m^^ 
nHBaHi. J 

5- «: The (bllo^ing arepthe forms of the= Itera- 
tive verb' as compared with those of the prioMtrve/^ * 

.. Pjiiiutive,vi(re^ .iTERAny a. aspect. . ., -, ,, 

•■' IN WCATIVEJ" •'■■■•''' • '•"■'*'■ 
Pres. nnuuft. • nncyBaM^ or. ii^cBaiii,,eta°. ' 

Imp. jiime^ , , mopi^-^,':^^ ;;;,; 

Aor. wifm7>^ .. ,. ijapyBJOfib.^ .. , 

Perf. DHcaji cbMb nHcysfUii . ci>Vb. 

. ,Pl.Mp. , iU9ca4'^ ,j5tj^, .,nHcyB?jii (3it3f» . .i. ., ,5 

,,Ful, ate^HBiK^.,,,i me^HcyRHHi ., 

-riim&ii) 4a nwf^ / . nHcyBatl, 4& nHe/ia. 

'- ■ . *i SttotJiicfiVRatid Optative 

Like the Indicative, wilti Jd. ato. etc. ' ' ** 

..V -.i4-^ Tl>e ''<>f:^i.Pf tbift ffM?fi\.y>f,,tlw Jferb. ..V^eip. 
used as a Conditional, is nearly that of our Poten- 
tial mood. As remarked above, it may taie'^a"' sylta- 
^ Aa: ^Uio(ia9 the;iisiul Itprative.3,/01^^^^^^ at hh- 


— ZfX) "**-' 

HO l*4!ffhe» fallow «fehe Jorm# ©f regukr >rVerljd mv 

llmi1><i.p. ^iag. and aw <eitberi..i\«ti¥« ia fornfljr^si, 

': 116911^41 >js possijble; ^ ' ^ »' ' 

flFpMH^a, It ;is fjiting.: . : r. . lit 

CiHra, it sulfices. .;.•>. /. •> : ^-.> :'' -i^'^ 

•^Miia, there is. . ^ ,.. . .^ , :^ i- '--^ 

H^iia, there is not, - - 

'TpxMH it thunders. ^: ^ 

or Passive, as '. •• 

Ca^TKa ea, it lightens^ '• > . * • ■' '-' 

Cjy4flBa ofl, it^ppeosi; .::» • ^r.'. '■■■' -^ 

4yifa ca, it is said, etc. . > '- 

2. Those ID e belong to the fifsft- ' €6tijfigrftkSj. 
those ifii.^gle Abervsecojid, and'thdsCF - in k X6i\\e 
third. Thus rigiiiiH^it thunders:- • ' ' • ^^^' —' 
Pres. FipHH, it thunder 5. ^ 

imp. Tii^iitime!^ or rpikelnb', it wasTliundering. 

■ '% 

Aor. Fpiiai, it thundered* * -, ^^y 

t had 

thundered. ., , 

• ■ 

Fut. nie FBpMH, or ripHi nje, il^will. thupd^r. 

3. Tbfe* JMi^S'^^iiSe h\ tKe persdriaV J,jpppvW^|i8 
sometimes appended to Impersonal .yerbV aSjCTjljjpa 
HH CH. It appears to me^CTPyBariHcaJ^ aD^|ajj|^ 

4. In this t^ '^1^6*^0^ 

huShhh f!i^r<$iH,' or^l^rononainar Verbs, which general- 
ly convey the idea of .sv^talnogsr^d perform the action 
designated by the, verb in its , sinapie fo^^^ Thus 
from a46, (eats) ^l^'^i'fe ^i^l tfif ca, I desVe to eat 

— 86 — 

^hsve an appetite fey Vpod); frmn pie . (d^Vs), ^ 
un cfl, (I wish to drHik);so pa66ia iiacfl. (1 ^sh lo 

work) .^jma JH zed, (1 wbii to ^pen^i), X04li4ni €i 
(I ..wUb to ^o^) xfijiit^JiB 08. (I wish to. sit), etp. (Tba 
Verb i:i always of tie 31 p Sing.luit is e&bfblMl 
in combination wth all tbe person^ of ti>e persopti 
pronouns. Thus^ Indicative I^ood, Present T^a^ 

CDH Kfl cfl) I am sleepy 

CDH TH ca, thou art sleepy 

CDH My cfl, he is sleepy 

cnH HH cfl, we are sleepy 

cna Bu ca, ye are sleepy 

cnH Hdii ca, they are sleepy 

Imp. cnime nn ca^ oi cneue '1|h €tf 

A or. cnif hh ca 

rP^»i|t <?aa4(Mrif oa 6 

Plup^ cpijp Mil en 6t, or .oiiBiio MM ca e (hiio 

Fut. me MH ca cnH) 9r cna^^uia mm ca 


The following y^rbs j^r^sent slijjhl irregularities. 
1. aif% b eat.' 


Pfes. svhy a4(JniE, a46; BA^n^ uir^^ tV*^*^ 
In^p. ^4^X1,84^11116, etc. 
' A«r. 840X1, 846, etc. 
Perf. an cbmb, PI^ip. sn Ctr*, ptc, 
^F«. me 8Mi, i4eiiib, eta or a ,}as, a jd 

.J . . 

: lmv^BArvn. 


Act, Wh^ a, 0. Pass, >i4eiix, a, o. ' 

2. 4aNi, lo gi\e (Unitive aspect of flaBajMt which 
is regular). 


Aor 4a40xx, ^a^e, 4^40; 4a40XMe, 4^40X16^ 4a. 

Perf. 4a^x clmx; Pl'up. 4ij.n, Cljxx, etc. 
Fut. me 4aH'fc, me 434<5wb, me 4^46; me 4a4eiix, 
me 4'M«ie, mc A^A^T^. Or, 41 m», etc. 


V 4afl. 4^ 4 'A^; 4afiTe, 4a 4«i4»TX. 

Act 4ajLi a, o. Pass. 4a4eui, a, o. 

In like manner the compounds of 4 »mi, as me 
H34aa'i>, I shall publish (at oue lime)^ me B34aBaH'B, 
1 shall publish (at intervals, or habitually). 

3. EiiSi^ used only in composition with preposi- 
tions, as nj^ieMft. to receive, noeais, to get, etc. has 
in ibe Aor. Ind. jixi, h, h; iixBie, jixie, ixs, and for 
its participhs jli>, and eneiii Tlt^ corresponding Ite- 
rative verbs are derived from imaMX. 

4. II4S, (to come), has in the Aor. HAOX'hy I came^ 
(not here, but to another place], or 1 -went, 408- 
46x1, I came (here) or arrived, Part. 4omeii, for-* 
ming Fer£ and. Plup. lenses, Fut. me H481, 1 shall go? 


me AO^AJi^f me AotLACim^ or ;|0 upK, 40 meiub, I sball 
come, Ibou wilt come; Imper* H4H, moAa^ or collo- 
quially ejia [Gr]. Plur. eiare, come. 

5. OTH41, to gOi has Aon oth^oxi, Part. OTHindi%> 
Fut. mo 01114% or OTH m». 1 (erative or conditional as- 
pect, OTx6aK4aH%. oTHBaM*^^ x6j\Hh^ oTxo^K^aMir, or 0T« 

6, The following Imperatives are irregular. 
BiMHK, to see, BuxAb, BimAJe (Buua, Bviuie) 
JUfbrnuky to hold, 4pi>HCb, 4pk3KTe, {Afbuib, 4pkm^} 
BtraMX, to flee, 6tmb^ Ciscre, also regulirly 6t- 

raft, fi^raftre. 

ExGRorsBs ON Verbs* 

Tu imauib e4HH xy6aBH 


Ilia CMU pOiiu^Ha. 
Tu cii TBLp4'b 6orari. 
II6]u^ He ny m xcit4tao. 
Toft H^Ha B^Ke bhuio rsk-^ 

BO 4a pe46* 



A 3% He CBtfB b£R6 4*1^1*6. 

TddH B04d He le 6ncTpa. 
Tu He CH B§Re eimf^H-fh* 
lid nnoro m «iecri iftiraux 
aax oTi sacx? 

KaRBO p6w TOJl? 

ri^4H6 IH ny i»? 

You have a beautiful car- 

We are related. 

You are very rich. 

He has lio thirst. 

He has nothing n>OFe to 

We have no hope at all; 

I am no more a chitd. 
This "water is not clear. 
You arenomore the same 
Have I more forlane than 

What has he said? 
Is be hungry? 

— S9- 

4^ 6-bine oioh 4iRb? 

B^iepa n ohsh 4eH& (Sftxi 

Ha EaxeHi. 
Ako 4a 6tx% y 40Ma\ Ka- 

ayaaxx cici Hero sa ryfl. 

€nHjn cK aa H^ro. 
H^Ra Amk Tepniaie. 

An He i& BH4ix%. 
KaRBO H0CHTe xyRa?— 

Hociii BAtio mtcmo H4 n6- 

TbI UOCHIUb <l6CT0 RHiiru 

Ha no4Bbp3a4&-rB. 
KaKRO a^^re rym? 
IliH £46X1 aeJi^Hi 6o4i%. 
He pacnri jh onte^ 4eH6Tfi? 

Aa^ ^flRaH^ tfpara m aa 

9aHi6 H8 '"lARare? 
He ro jtH HHmare 4a n4e? 

Where were you day be- 
fore yesterday? 

Yesterday and day before 

yesterday 1 was in Badea 
\i I b^d been at botne I 

should haye spoken yv\th.. 

biin concerning it. 
Have iHorcy on bim» 
Let him ha?e patienoe^ 
1 have not seen her. 
What ^n you OMryiag 

I am carryifig a letter tt>. 

the post. 
You often carry books to 

the book-binder 
What areyoueating there? 
We areeating green beans. 
Do not the day^s still leng*- 

1 expect my brother ^ 


Why do you not <\'ait? 
Do you not hear biiti^ 


3a RalCBo xopTyBaie? of what do you speak? 
KerliTO 6ix«e (Jorftra ho- When we were\icli we 
ctx'Me h xyfiaBH 4P^xm, also wore fine clotbes^ 
Tt^ cm aaryfifl 4it-rt 4*na She' has lost her two chil- 
On Koro K/nitXTd lOBaOfwhoo^ have you bought 

- 90- 


this clalli? 

T63H Bitipi me UH 4CKa- This wind will bring ug 


If he asks you for it, _what 
wiU you answer him? 

Bring me the book toraor- 

pa Ah^A-h, 
Ako bh nooiiia 3a ryfi Ka- 
KBO me My ca oTroBopiiTe? 

4oHeciTe mh Kunrsi-Tai y- 

Tu He me 4a 6;i^4cuib ome 

cBbpmnjx AHCMo-tQ ' 
Aai He B'bpeaMx 4a 6^Ae 


4aiiTe HH niu\o 4a fl4eH'b 
He 4'&flTe hh ociaBa Oeax 

HcnuTaflre TOBa n^po 
HiH cfl pa4yBaiie< 
Afi 4a cH jkiwHem^ 

le KICHO- 

C6ra rpa4't nioT 
Cn'ir'B jIU H4e. 


You will not yet have fi- 

nislied I be letfer. 
I do not believe he has 

finished the letter. 
Give us something to eat* 
Oo not leave us wilhout 

a I'glU. 
Try this pen. 
{We rejoice. 
Come, le us go to bed^ & 

is already late. 
How it hail"='. 
Does it snow.'* 

Asxro HH)xi OTX 6am» ca I heard it from n)y fathei? 

Tu lie me ah 4a iMeuib 
chCb Hacb.^ 
-y Baci JH c& 6pam-Ta bq? 

H^t, Tt 0TH40X* 4ac)ipa3- 

Aai He mR 4a 0T»4« 6e3i 


Will you not go with us? 
Are jour brothers wUii 

No they have gone lo 
walk . 

I shallnot goaivay without 

At KynvBaTC tosh KHHr*?]Where do you bay this 



He WBaxre jth Kawb BiiT)idyou not hear wliat he 
Kasy Banie t^, Kora • to 
cii3yBaxMU 1131 crBJ0s- 

He ro JiH lyxre fla nie? 

Asi fitxii SiiHeCiffjii nil* 
CMO-TO Ha mmjik^Tik Karo 

BH Cpin^HSX'B 

Tu 6f>aie en CBBpmfiJiT> par 
66tk-ts* Kato 3aii4e 4T»- 

HC4X ' TX 

Ako tfixTe ciopnjp iiHaiCB 

said as> we went / down 
the stairs? 

HaAe you net heard hhn 


I had already cariied the 
letter to tlie post office 

wlien 1 nfjet you' 

He had already finished 
his work when it Began 
to rain. 

If you had acted otherwise 

fifasaxTe SjIOh^cthh. 

Kin nie cnGBb^ianwb pa- 

60TS-T)R H T0rH3H ^0 

Ha npOyitTh nie hh sapa^y- 
RRTX miiw-rt cUcb n6- 

lAHie-TO OH 

Hiii m,e bh 6A^^ocseiBUMU 

404*6 muBtesL'b. 
Ctfire H B^e nosKbnere. 
Uponi^aBafire on^3H4'&TOBH 

es CT6piijH naROCTb. 
A3X He uiTk B^Re 4a ro na- 

fvmAM'h Hofl npi&TOjib. 
HcnHTafire t»3H 4p^XK, t6- 

aH 6oTyniif' 

J(' ytfu would have been un- 

We will finish our work 
and then play a little. 

In the sping the birds will 
cheer us with their sons. 


We will bless you as long 

as we live. 
Sow and ye shall reap- 

Forgive those who have 

injured you 
I shall no longer cull him 

my friend. 
Try this dress^ these booU* 

'* kKj >Jl \t J'^%:. «"'' 

^» fni^iilvi 



Tol «dflMTyBa. dmo^TO. 1 Be tries »li. 
HJH AtxdiPb^ Kd4iB(hTV KH We dfvide wiial yon Imve 
4840X16. I giten tis. 

Aai xeT& Ka^uj^i-n. I am sweeping the room. 

Ky^e-te Aito jtA firm The dog which barka sei- 

dotn bites. 

saxanysa- . . 

Tisti KHiirH He cft noASBp- 

5aflu Xo6ft^ 
Ky'ie-TO Jie«H noxb jer^oxo 
fia RaKB6 ct^^Te? 
Ralt]Bi6 crgna; oti cboi&-to 

Ast tie Bl^pyBaiTB ^a le 

These books are fiol irdir 

The dog lies under the bad. 
On what do yoc Mt? 
What hdfs became of your 

I do not believe that hehas- 

transgressed the law. 

K6.IK0 CTOpH wd. KHHTa? ^^^ ^"^^ has this boot 


H^e JH 6u|6 OHtn»? 
Jt^CHO le 4a pe46 HtKOil 

98 le 3Jt Mnpiaeflo, ho 

le tBbp4l^ wimo ^arona- 

npaBH n6-4o6p'fe* 
A^%Ypt6fBiBi 4a iiMaMi 

TBbp4t Mfl6ro it>pnMe. 

Does it snow yet? 

ft is easy to say that it is v 
badly made, but it h tc- 
ry difiknit to do it instter 

He iicRaTe\iM iid*«aflpfe4X 

fofi CH o6hiw6» iiipa4XTi 

Toft cu ' 6taie :itp04fin He. had sold his books 


1 must have very mud^ 

What do yoif wbh? 
I wish nolhijig. 

Did yiou widi to Bp^^k idar- 

Ji?r ^vith me? 
He Joved his nation* 


4a uMaxi napH, /,m»x% tut 


4a or&AS JH UH Ht* 

If 1 had money I vroold 

give you some. 
Shall ! go or not? 

Go to the stove and warm 

yourself. ^^ 

Do not lose your patience* 

He j(Htt0 vtzry6jBaThpni- 

YrdCH orBBi-Ti. jEitinguisb the fire. 

KM* OTHBamfc? Iwhere are you going? 

Aa-fc 0TBa«4an 7 40Ma- |l am going home. 

$ 34. ADVERBS- 

1) Of airirmation 

^ •!», (Aa, Mft) yes* 
faaHCTBHA, truly 
H9BtpH0^ indeed, 

nMmuOy probal>ly* 
MOffie 6uTB, perhjjips* 
Wy n% not, na- 
iuiK«R'&9 in no y\fise. 
2) Of lime. 

cera, hubI^, now. 

tor^, ToraBa^ then. 

cl^RorB, ) , 
cHKora; f '^«y«- 

mtaovrnwh, never« 

HHup'bjfh^ before. 

nocjt, after. 

p^HO, earlyi . 


KicHO, late. 

4HecB, to-day, 

yrp*, to morrow. 

4pyrH 4eHb, day after lo- 

morroTV. ^ 
Bti^p», yesterday- 
3aBqepa, ou3H 46hs^ day 

before j^esterdny- 
Kord, Koraro, when- 
naKi again* 
egnmAh^ (e^auib. Be^H^oib 

e^ifHOb nSTb, once- 

ABa ninf ABa^cb, twice. 

Tpit n&TH, thrice* 

4eTupH niKTB, four limes • 

3. Of place. 
rapt, abo?e» 

4610, balow. 


0K040, around. 
481^46, 49.ieKO, far. 
6a{\30^ 6 Amy near. 

Bflfiipe, BSTpt, vsilliin- 
BUi^, without.^ 
TyKa, Tysa, here. 

TiMo, xaMX, there. 
TAt? (4e?) where? 
r^tTo, where. 
eflKa4'j^, every where. 

4. Of manner* 
4oAp'fe, well. 
d4t, ill. 
KtiKl; iio w 

xaKsi, T&fl. so. 

MHoro,) , 
„.^„ < much* 

MaiKO, little* 

jiecHo, easily 

umno, wuh difficulty. 

TBBp4t, very. 

46cTa, CTiira, sufficiently. 

k6.iko? how much? 

K6.IK0T0, as much as* 

tojIKO, so much« 

cKopo, quickly. 

ncierKa, noji^Ka, gently. 

TyiaKCH, immediately. 

In general, neuter adjectives may be employed 
as adverbs of manner; as yttuo, intelligently, reason- 
ably, npaeo, ^-ightly. So also gentile plurals in ckh, 
as EqbJrapcKii, in Bulgarian, EBpe^cKH, in Hebrew, 
rpbiecKH, in Greek, etc. 

Adverbs, the signification of which admits of 
different degrees are compared like adjectives by pre- 
fixing no for the Comparative and Hafi for the Super-* 
lalive; as.noMHoro^ more^ Haft fijiiiao, nearest* 


6ed%, without. 

Bi (bo), ]n« 

Bi3x> (bo3i>), by, at, upon 

Bipax, Bbpi:y, abo\e. 

40, until. 
3a, for* 

n - 

OROjo, around. 
ocBtnb, Except. 
OT^ ttotn, of, out 

fio, afteir. by, on* 
no4Hpt^ after. 
no4*B, under. 
npt4H, betot-ev 
np1^4l, before, 

presence of 


hi the 

|ipH,^near^ to, before. 
VpotABi, against 
Cjit4i, after 
ci, (co), cic*, {COO%)j 


cnop^4X, according to. 

<^p'fe4i, amv'dst. 

cp^ma, opposite, agaipft. 

y. al, by, in, 

vpesi, 6y, by qieans of. 

npt3^, through, dori*ig. 

Most of the above, beside their use .as separable 
prepositions, appear al o ki composition. The fol* 
lowing are inst^paraible. O or 06, (about, ciroumr }, 
npt or npe, (over, super npo^ (through, forth,) paa, 
(dis-). The force of prepositions in composition will 
be^vw In tli^ yocabiil^fy uhd^readi pr^pr|^ti9n 


The following are the principal conjunctions. 

K^XTd, Raid, i9j3, y^k^n. 
in, wheih^r, {Leifi. ^), 
sign of a questiq,^. 

HO, but. 

a, (ava), but. 

aKo, Sf. 

aRO B 48) although. 

4a, that, (ut). 

H, and. 

HiA ^ther« or. 

sa 4a, 3ap.a4fl 4a, in order nonexce, whereas. 


sam6P why? 

aaisi6T0, because. 

TO, in. that case, (^p^e- 


- 9i - 

ring to dRO in a prece- 
ding clause). 

He^ iha^ (qu6d») 


01 o! jXefll hoi 

6toI BH^M'if Haj lo! be- axi! oxx! ah/ ohl 

hold! i^^aHol oh thai! 

r6pKo! TeacKol Te»KO H^a 6wl would that! 

ropKol alasl wol 1^^ 6u 4a^i Boril 

6ia36t how happyl i grant! 

6jiaroxel fiinel well done! ^a ne 4a46 Bor*l 
jeief wonderfull i forbidl 





Tofi Raayaa KpoTKO 
Bue ere .i^ro o6^64eflH. 
BipB^re nojieRa. 
He A^flre ^npHKasaa tomj 


Bxpfiire 6ip»ce. 
Bue ere ro Kjnmn cRi&no 
Tofl c& H4e oui^e, ho no 
p^ARO. ^ 


Tft, c6 e no Ao6pi otx 

He speaks modestly. 
You are lightly clothed^ 
Go slowly. 
Do not speak so loud. 

Go quickly. 

You have bought it dear* 

He still continues lo come, 

but more rarely* 
He has paid me half, 

which is b**'*«»' th.^n. 



B&iTe^ yxpe no ytttvj. JCome earifer to-morrow. 
CecTpfcixe MH saBHaci me My sisters will come im- 
Aofi/ffikT'b* mediately. 

Toft cfl HaMtpa ly ^oBpli He is sometimes we I, 

ly 3Ji'b- sometimes ill. 

noMOFH'feTe MH, 3RmoT6^ H- Help me, for otherwise 

HaK'b CbMb H3rj*6eHX j I am lost. 

A3X He nu» b^ko Ka*e jl drink no more coffee. 
Tfl e Hafl-MajiKy xpH ro-iShe is at least two year^ 

4HHH no-CTap8( OTi Hero, older than he. 
H aax He ro BtpyBawi. I also do not believe it. 
Hh 4Hecb He ^^6ltt^ 4a Ma-jWe shall not go out to^ 
jilJ3eitf'B« ^^y- 

Tofl H^e saxBane no^Mp^ He will begin after four- 

lei MpHna^eceib ^^Ha. | t^-en days. 
Tyfl Cfl cjiyHH Jiiit. This happened in summer. 

Tofl e Ha jier^o-TO- CH. jH^ >s in his bed. 
Th BAise y racb K*m». j^he is gone into this house- 
A3X ro cp-l&mHaxii m ni- I met him in the street. 


TBbp4t 4o6p'fe. 
Ghmko-to e AoCp*. 
Tofl sKHBte sa ce6^ ch. 

Tofl e y Kmuxn. 

Tofl OTH^e y rp<»4T>T%. 

Tofl TaMi me «46. 

C$4Hiie CH Btab M^HO. 

Very w^ll. 

Ail is well. 

H^ lives for himself. 

He is in the bousb. 

He is gone to the city. 

He will eat there. 

Seat yourself by me. 

R»ma-Ta HH e bx3% qepK- Our house is by 




Kama Ta bh e on Gaul Your house is by the Dan- 
4yHaBX-T*. i ^^^' 


Tofl e ciTora ok6a% 60*1- He is always about th^ 

HaBM-TU. } sick^ 

Se 6 ABA^Ro on rpaAx-Txjit is not far from the 

I city. 
Aai ro cptmnaxi on l -met him outsde of the 

BiHX rpa4x-Ti. 
^yA He HO»ce a'^ 6^46* 
3a mo 4ionRTe xAtQi-n? 



That canhol be. 
Why dt> you break the 
Cut it with a knife. 

CTfyfeapfere ro cxci H6»b- 

lie m6Te JIH 4a CH seMeTe.Will you not lake your 
KBiSrU'Tt Chci c^e cb?I books with you? 
Oil Koro H4eief lErom whom do you come? 

Asx H4& OTI <feXjapb-TX |1 come from the shoe- 

Asi inA^ on 40Ma. 

Hue va,e bu MiKauu oti> 

UieCTh 40 OCMb 4PCa» 

Abx ro ry4HXX ua jIOFjioto- 

4bp3KiTe ro 0041* Muiaui* 

Bo4iTe ro 3a v^Kik 

KmAi 0Tx6»4Bte flo Toa 
4^2R4i, no rOba Jr6iuaBo 
Bp6Ma, no Toa of y4i>, iio 

KaKBOHOennrbnoA'b iitimuai? 
Toft pa66Tii cmc^a sh 60- 
ii;o-To 408p«- 

I come from houic. 

We shall expect you from 

six to eight o' cl ck. 

I laid him on the bed. 

Hold iim by the arm. 
Letd hjm by the hand. 
Wiiere are you going in 

this Tcin, ill IMs bad 

weather, in this cold, ih 

this dust? 
What are you carrying 

under your arm? 
He has always worked 

for the general good. 

Hu«uixo»4a«« npe3il-^««» ""-o^gh Italy to 
TtLda Bi IlapA ;i. 


§ 26. SYNTAX 

!• Irt general the onler of words is similar to 
thtt which pre>iis »o Englbh. The following partial- 
lafs are dcsor\in^ < i rioiu'e. 

a. Adjectivei as in Englijl^h, generally prececle 
Iheii* sub^lantives. They may however be pia<*ed afur, 
in imilation of Slavonic i^ ; > jis Cuhobo Tt Icpaajfe- 
BH) The children of Urae iJspecially is this order 
uRual wit'i Iho Vooalives of possf ssive pronouns; a» 
Spare nofll My iirolheil Orue hoiui/ Our father! 

b. When the shoriened Dative of a oersonal pro- 
noun {% 13. 7.) is empi^ved msteat- ' ji poss^-ssive 
adjective pronoun, it ibin»\v8 its noiin; but when 
anoMier adjeclive pre^oiii -. ils pla(*e is between that 
adjective and the noun; as fi^^iua mh, (my father) 
but 466pufl MM 6/.iua, ( my jjood fjlbiM'). 

c. A quahfyinjj phrase any h*. placed between an 
adjective uud its noun; as 6T.^rapcKa-Ta BiIlapHrpa4% 
H^pRsa, (the Bulj^arim ch'.rc:: i Constantinople); but 
lb»s ii not essential. We inny also sny 6MrapcKa«Ta 

ItbpKBa B% H. 

d. AdjecMvPs generally precede the ^ -S of ex- 
iitence; a^ rja^eab csmb, (I dvn hungry ; lo . if a pro- 
4f)Oun, Jtdverb, oc con'"Ti.jU ^n pret^ede, Uie a Ijectiv e 
folbws; as ;•3^ cbMb raaieji-fc, aKO c« ria4eH'B. etc 

e. Wh*n a verb governs two pronouns, one in the 
Dative and the other in the Accusative case, theDi- 
tive IS put first; as 4aft fiH ro (give it me) Both 

• ptonouns' generally precede the verb, except whe n 
the latter is in the Imperative mood. 

2 V'vlF) numer^ s and with K6jKy (how many) 
ond TOjiuy (so many) masculine nouns may be used 
ether la the plural, as femin'ne anti neuter nouns 
always are or in the Genitive singular; as nexb ne- 
jCTB'fcUM, or neib 4ejoBliKa, (five men; KO.iKy KOiiie? 
or KOJKy Koijfl? ^how many !)OPJ^e^?) I»i Slavonic the 
cardi .»al mumerals froui live upwards lake nouns 
of whatever gender in the Genitive Plural. 

3. Tt>ere is a peculiar use of the Dative case of the 
reflexive pronoun with verbs, in sucl) expressions as 
0TH46x» cm; M»t(. 2: 10, (they dep^irted), 4a CH Jie- 
THOifb, [let us retire). The cm appears however not 
to be entirely pleonastic, hut to unply a reference to 
something belonging to the subject of the verb» They 
departed (to their own country)^ we retire (to our 
beds), etc. 

4. The place of partiriples, present or past, is gen- 
erally supplied by Kaxo or noweace witli ibe cor- 
responding tense of the x^vir, as Khto 4oft4e Kaaa mh 
Having come ' iie told me. Iloneace ca onnea nocpa- 
wyea po4Mre.ia re c»i, DiiiiUinjj to inlox.caiion, be 
dishonors bis parents. 

5, The place of an [nfmitve is supplied by 4a 
w th a finite verb; as HcKiMX 411 H4», 1 wish, to go, 
Yqari ca 40 nnui»YiTi. They learn to write. 

6, MofiR (i can) talces after it that fragmentary 
Infinitive which precedes ms» in the second form, 
of the Future tense; as Mor* hhcs I can wnle^ He 
ii6»eiiib JH OTH? Can you not go? We may also say^ 
llorxi 4a nnuiai, nc. 


^. Would is expressed bj^mtx^ Imperfect teri^a 
'of the defective auxiliary verb m*; as Ako 6*^1116 Tbt 
iia- M-fecto-To MH, mo mlJiiie 4J HynpaBHUib? If yon 
\Vere in my place what would you do? 

8. The Accusjilive case^ of the personal pronouns. 
are used idiomatically, 

a) With eojii, and perhaps a 'few other verbs; 
as rjiaea-Ta ma dojiH, My head aches (Lit. the head 
pains nie) 

b. With CTpaxi, fear, cpami, shnne, rptxi, sin, 
rpfiixa. care, nitB'h, anger, and a fi»w other nouns, 
together with the verb of existence; as Crpaxi Ma e, 
I ana afraid^ rpbi»ca Ta e, You are anxious. 

c With HtMa (though not with iiMa); as NMa ro 
t^-Ka, He is not here. 

9. The interrogative particle jin is used in ques- 
tions which have no pronoun or ad- 
verb. Its usjLial place is imme(Uat*^ly after the \erb, 
though itm«y-be placed directly after any eaiphntic 
word in a direct question; as HcKaiiib ah B04*? Do 
you wivsh for watei? CKOpo jIM me 1146? Will he come 
Boon? - 

10. In the reply to a direct question the verb is 
generally repealed; as HcKamb jn XA'^6%? Do you 
Wisij bread? HcKa»ii>. 1 do- 

H Two negatives do not, as with us, destroy the 
negation Tl>us, Toft He am Kaaa nwiuo hobo. He told 
rae nothing new. 

12. The second person plural of verbs is some- 
times e^mployed (as with us) in addressing a single 
individual, especially by persons familiar with other 
languages in which thai usage prevails; but it can 
hacdly be said to h^ a usage of the Bulgarian tongue. 



1. noadpaeneaHie-mo. 

4o6p6 yxpo [bhI/ 
4o6i[>pi 4^Hb* 

Auxh TH Borb 40(fpQ. 
KaKO ere? 
4o<ip* JiH cte. 
CjiaB* Bory, 4o6pi cbiib. 
[4o6p']^ emu] 

OctaH^6T6 ci 34paBie. 

C^ 34paBie. 
Gi £6roHi 

2. ^d«o nocrbtifeuie (na- 

TBbp4'b ca pa4Ba]iii» ve Bb: 

SHBapHX'b Sa BC4Ha3K4t>. 

KaKi cfl HaHinpai^ Miufi<n>> 

TBbp4'& 4o6p'fe, 6jiarp4api^^ 
BH, H9 6ama HH e otx 
iHiOFo 4aii i;6jrko toxewh 


]. SalutaliouSk 

Good morning. 
Good day. 
Good evening- 
God grant yoa good. 
How are you. 
Are you well? 
Thank God, Lam wefl^ 
Cwe are well.) 

Thanlc you* 
(When leaving) Abi4e 

with heallh. 

(Or) With your leave. , 
[Replv] VVab bealnli. 
■ (if] With God (Adieu). 
vOr) Go wHh (the bless ng 
'Oi; Gnd- 

2. A visit. 

I am very happy to oieet 

vou ajjain. 
H«v\v do you do (find 

yoj sr!() my dear sir? 
Very we!l^ J thank you, 

but my father has for 

many d^ys past 'been 
f^ry sick, 



JfMa HaCTHHRX, TpiCRft, H 

Bpai'b-Ti ro 60411 ZA% 

Tbi»p41& hh e Miiio 3a ryA> 
ana c« Ha^tsaMx cRopti 
4a H36ft4He. 

Tyfi MuciB H 46RTOpi>-rL. 

KaRi cfl HaiiipAn 6pa- 

Tlfl^Ta BH H CeCTpU-Tl> 

CH4RH-T6 c% mmo 34paBO 

M6j» bu OB, pe4iT6 urn 

MHoro 34paBie on h^ho. 

TBbpA'b 4o6pi. I V 
QcTaHire ciox $4paBie. 


3. 3a da cnnodmebp- 

9§cdaeap ^a da en ompuua 

sa da en c/Mon/iea fl4p. 
HcTHira e. 

An ro 3HaHii sa B^^pno. 

Asx BB RasyBBMX ci^mo, 

6^3% niar&. 

3a 4a BH Ra»Hft BCTHH%-TS, 

pa6oTa-Ta e Tana 
A31 1^0 aipyaidi'b 
A311 He ro vifpyB^M%* 
An yTBfcp4BBdHX ne Tyfi 

• iicTHHa. 

Whal ails liitu? 

He has a cold, an ague, 

and bis neck pains him 

I am very sorry for it, but 

1 hope he will be well 

So the doctor also thinks. 
How are your bcpthers 

and sisters? 


TKey are all quite well 
I pray you give (tell) them 

many coniplim^nts from 


Very weH. 

3 To affirm, deny, 
consent, etc. ^ 

It is true. 

I know it certainly^ 

1 tell you truly, without 

To tell you the truth, the 

thing is so. 
I beheve it . 
I do not believe it. 

afifirm that it is true. 



~ loi - 

Kn KadyeaMVi aa tob^ ae^ 
A^^ He ]i6rs » ro Btp* 

KttRi ]i6aKeTe 4a ro BaT- 

IHarysaTe ih ca^ jujlvl ro 
KadyBBTe HaiicTHHB? 

CKsionfaia{f6 M CM Ha Tyft? 
Aaib He CTOW na cpin^L 
Cio^e JiH Ha cpiwkt^ 
Tofi ofp^ve M BH cfl aa 

Tofi Be mime sa xyft 4^ 
HH CA orpev^' 

HoilA BH 6fl He MB 01* 

pAqafiie hfH Mio6fOAti^ 

H KBRX il63Re 4a BH CB 

An BH n> ctpyBBm on 

cft<IK0-T0 CH CI>p4U^. 

4 CexaKeu numaniji, 
K%Kb orABate eera? 

A 3% OTHBaMX y H^pBBI^-- 

y 40MB, 

Ott. OT4'fe H4eTe? 

A 3% H4« OTX 4oafB^ orb 

Aai OTiiBaH% 4a cB nopac- 
X64B. I 

f deny it (say na la ii>, 
I cannol believe it.. 

How can you conGrm il^ 

(Da you je&t^ or dp you 
speak truly? 
Will you c;onsent to il? 
I aB» not opposed* 
Are yoa opposed? 

Has he refused it to ywH 

canMtt vefose it tandem 

Pray " do not refuse to do 
me this favor. 

And how can any one 

refifse yoa? 
/ will do it for you wiWt atf 

my heart. 

4. Various questions. 
Where are you golinft 

/ ant) going to ehurob, 

Whence do you Comef 
/ come item bome^ «^ 

from lliisi cUyi 
I am ^n§i to. walJii, 

_ im — 

4pyr^ companion? 

C%ci ce CEpui^ 3811(6 He? 


C%ci ce chpm^ OTXon- 
4iiffB raci Baei>, ho r^- 
HBHi «p6He. 

Rora m,e fm^n 6iaro4'B- 
HHie naKx 4a BUBn48i? 

1*0X6 RaT6 HH «I CJlyHB 
Ha KOJRO 4^0080 H ROfl 

Yrpt m 46TiipH <iac^. 

With all my iMart^ why 

With great pleasifpe* 

Wilh all my heart I 
woul4 go with yoU| hui 1 
have iioi lime. 

When shaU I h;ave Ahe 
pleasure of seemg yoii 


As soon as I have Mnwe^ 
(free time)* • 

At what o'clock, and coi 

Tomorrow at four o*clock. 

Heo($maTe jm 4a ms no-'^>li y^^ 1^0^ ^o me the 

honor to dine with me? 
1 cannot, farl am incited 

Whenjilid you arrive? (if 
1 may ask). 

^ airived day before yes- 
1 terday very late a I night 

WTdre Ha 06^41? 
He H6rs 3ani6*TO ohVb 
noR&oHi on 4pyro nt- 

Kbrd OR 4ofi46xTe, aR6 

ciiiA 48 BU nonuTaHi? 

AncH 4ot46xi 6h3h Aem 

TBhfMt KicHo npeai ho* 


Ha sot XMU% <Jt4iiTe? r* ^**«^ •^han doyouslay^^ 
Ha aiATO-TO ir«e. ^^^ ^^^^ GoWen Lamb, 


CxiHIi Ali A^ BU MOjIHR 3a 
linfe-TO BH? 

3aaoBi4aftTe, niie-TO mh. 
Kora .me TbprHere 3a 


M6»e noAvipx 4eTupHae- 

CiitHft JH 4a BU HarosapHb 
ci e4H6 3ap&4aHie? 

Aai cbVb roTOBi iia 

ciy»c6ft-Tft Bbi* 
lIpe^H 4a TbprHere. lue ma 

hover^Te 40? 

May I ask you . fpr you 

Here is my address. 

When will you leave f»>r 

Perhaps after fourteen 


Migiit I venture to burden 
you with a commission? 

1 am (ready) at your ser- 

Before you leave, will vqii 
do me the honor (to call)? 

A 31 tis,e BH 6»4]R TBbp4« 

3a4Xj»(^H'b 3a Tosa. 

4o6p6-TO BH TBbpst ro- 

5 3a otmeaniey doxoow- 

danie u dp, 
0x1 Ki4i H4eT0 H iia ki- 

4^ OTHBaxe? 
A 31 i!4» cera oti rpa4M- 

u«-Tft, H OTHBaMi y rpa- 

4'b-Tli 4a CH Ky n& H'^kOJKO 


IIovaKaflTe TyVb, aa'K saa- 
4aci m,9i 40043^* 
J! .laxe J) Ka npH Mene. 

m» 4084*, d3% BH ca 0- * w^" f'O'ne, I promise you. 


I shall be much obliged 

to you for it. 

Your kindness is very 

5. Of going, coming, etc. 

Whence do you come, and 
whither are you going? 

I come niw from the gar- 
den, and am going to 
the city to buy a few 

Wait here a little: I will 
come presently. 

Come here to me 

/ » 

— JOJ— 

3aH(6 Be A0x6aMATe? 

3am6 Be^^THBare? 

H^Ra 4a 0TH4eiii. 

3aiu6 Hmere tdjono exopo 
4a 0TH4eTe? 

Saim^ HCKare tojko paao 

4a 0TH4eTe? 

Why ck> yoH not como? 
Why da you not go?;, 
Let us go. 
Why do you wish to go 

so soon? 
Why do you wish lo go 
so early? 

Hue ocTanaxMe n no mho- We have staid even longer 
ro on r6jro-to Tp66y- than we should . 

Ho 3ai]^6 He 0Tii40XTe no 

Asi HOBtpoBaxi 4a 6&- 

4e TdjiR9ci RxcflO. 

4a n-iqaRBMU ome traiKy^ 

Ba no4iip% 4a 0Tii4eiirB 

CHHua Hae4H6. 

Bp^Bo'e 4a 0Tii4eMX, Foc^ 

np4apH BOH. 
Bue HBaTe npdB4B, 4a 0- 


6 3a epeMcna-ma Ha to*- 

/7poitTb-Ta e Haft pa40c-iJ^pring is the most cje- 
^ TjUiBa OTb CHVRB-TU Bpo* lightful of all the sea* 

Hena sa ro4HH%-TS. sons of Ihe year. 

CH«nca*Ta npHp6^a nacBtfl- Alt nature appears to us 

Ha HH ca BH4H* smiling. 

But why did you not go 

I did not believe that it 

was so late* 

Let us wait a Utile lon- 
ger, and afterwards all 
go gether. 

It is lime for us lo go, 

You are right, let us go. 

6. Of the seasons of 
the year. 

GMRa-Ta npupoAa hu cfl 

c64H Ha 0«li(TU HBRHHeHa 

cicx Haft xy6aBai*Ta^ ch 


All nature presents itself 
to our eyes in its most 
beautiful dress. 

— 10«~ 

^0 TyM ipiM BHTO nyf' 
4t T^njo; vAth iwipxt 
,cTy46HO e. 


Tifxo-TO Bp6iii« ii ep^4Ht- 

' 0Ja4Kff. 
Ro BRH4b, npeitTb-ra b6. 

K6 ' 3aHiifl& H iilO*TO 

^XsaHft 4a CT^Bft Timp4t 

TBBp4t HH6ro e ropemii- 

At this fle95on it ^a nelllier 
very warm 4i<ir f^^fjr 

Every ereaturc. Ui anifM- 
led ^vith new Wet 

The mild weather and the 
temperate air «f6 wy 

Bat behold, spring ia al- 
ready passing away, a«d 
summer approadrihng. 

It begins to le very warm 

The heat is very great. 

As%m tt6nR4atbpnii toS ^^^^ endwe tbialwat. 


rojr6]ia e cyina* 
HfiMX MHoro HH Tp£<$yBa 

Bpiiie TO e Hdft xy6aBo 
aa aio40B4-Te na aeMjift- 

There is great droiigbC 
We need rain very uMich 


The weather is very Jfine 
for the fruits of the 

0B6mi«-Ta me yapti^iTi Pruit will soon be ripe. 


Hue we Ma^iu naoro oe* 
HO, H e4Uft OoraTft xa* 

Tojrtir& I'.nop^ #Ka Ha 0- 

We shall have imucb ibay 
and a rich 4iarve0t. 

« — 

iThcsre i» 9 gr«at aboR^ 
I dance of fruit- 


CfM«-T# |bp«6Ta es tta- 

TpynasB ci ni040B6. 
JIftTO-TO aanfafty 4HH-Te 

xmnixm 4^ ca csaju- 

£ceHB-T^ Bj^se BORi. 
B Iho-to Die cT^He eBTiiHo. 
4itfi-TK craBtfxjr nh^jfh 

B^epH-TH cft A'urn. 
€y Tptm fl B^wpi e eiy* 

AH the ireea are la<dkiii 

with fruiU 
SuDObmer is past, tbe Jays 

begin to sborlaa. 

Xy6aB0-T0 Bp^Ve Cfl kHHft 

3HMa-Ta Ha6jiii»^Ba. 
Tam ^iiia e TBBp^ti 348 

[nJia). J 


An eMiB trryfiim Hard 

Autumahas already begun 

Wine will be cheap; 
The days have becoiM 

very short. 
The evemogs aK*e Wng. 
Mornings and evenings* ii 
f is cold. 

The fine weather is p^sit. 
Wmler is ftpproaehing. 

This wiAiev ia very se/vere . 

It has frozen to-nigfyt 
I am as cold a« ice. 

Cflftn-Ti najia ea roii*iiMJTbesnow is falling in great 
vapMiH^ no TenH ca* l[ fjake^ but it melts. 

fine c£ D[pii6jiH»aaa»i 
TBbp4ft fiipicb KWTO npo* 

JfiTB*fS. . 
4hH-TH H HOmH-TI Cft 

Haft paBiu« 

7 % juMude u KO$amo 

en cmaea om cshs* 

1^4* encHO, i^fiM e 
4a cHJtraeiiB. 

We are approadiing 
spring very fasl. 

The days and the nights 
are almMl eqmU 
7. On retiring and 

It i| very late it is tfmc 
to retire. 


An o6uHBM% jia en At- 
rani n6 pano- 

e4BaMiM0»ft 4a ea 4bp- 
ytii ow-TU OTBopenu- 
no6pdTRiie e jiare ei»ei 

Kofi 4yRa Ha Bpara-ra ? 
Kofi e BiHi? 
Aat cbHB, rocii04HHe moA 
KaiTb BH e MMe-To? 

I bke to go io bed earlier. 

I am very sleepy, 1 can 
scarcely keep my eyes 

Friend, come wilb me. 

Who knocks at the door 

Who is without? 

It is i, sir. 

What is your name? 

Ome iH jiejKHTre na jerw-lAre you still lying in bed. 

TO? I 

^3% CBMb BeKe 6y4effB, 
HO MH CH CTpyBaiue He 6- 
me e TBbp4li paHO 4a cia- 

K Ojiro e vac^n? 

OoMb vacoBHHRx-T'B y4apH 

^Top^re 4o6pi 4a no4a- 
Kaxo H^jRy, 33% aasHacB. 
me iSTaHft. 

Ha ROJKO <iacoBe CTaBare? 

SmHO BpftMe C3HMft] Ha ce* 

4Hb9 HO itTHO BptHe 

f j*T*] Ha netb h noio- 

A3% CTaBaiMi cflKbra npe4ii 
4a HCTeie axiHue-TO^ 

I am already awake^ but 
I thought it was yet too 
early to rise. 

What o' clock is it? 
The clock has struck 

Be so good as to.wak a 

little, I will rise imoie- 

At what o'clock do yon 

In winter at seven, in 

summer at half past five. 

{always get up before 










Printed by A. Minasian. 





It was at first intended to note the genders of nouns, and the second 
ersons of verbs, (indicating the conjugations to which they belong) ; 
ut it was found that these could be so far reduced to rules as to ren- 
er this unnecessary. 


1« Nouns in :b, 8, and xejrb^ are always masculine; as, ipoA'h, Rpafi, 
^H'TejB. A few masculine nouns end in a, as 6aii;a'^ ua4U'Ka; but 
hese always denote males, and need not be marked. A few masculine 
ouns also end in &, as Aoub^ kohb. The great majority of masculine 
ouns end in x. 

2. Feminine nouns end in a^ fl^ and CTb; (*) as, Hcena'^ joo'jtn, xy'- 
ocTb. Feminine nouns in h^ as KpiBb, f. CMbpTb^ f. are followed by f. 
feminine) to distinguish them from masculine nouns of the same ter- 
nination. The majority of feminine nouns end in a. 

3. Neuter nouns end in e and o, as momh6', micame, nepo'. In the 
ncient language a few neuter nouns ended in a^ as H'sta^ Bpe'HH ; these 
re have written with e. 


Verbs of the first conjugation end in m^ as 6o4£'-eim9 nH']ai£'-eiin> ; 
hose of the second in is, as npa'ai^-Hmb, BH'4i£-Hmb ; those of the 
bird conjugation in au!h^ and am. 

Exception. All verbs 'which have a vowel for the last latter of the 
oot have isk in the first person, and are all of the first conjugation 
xcepting those in o, which are of the second; as SHa'UK-enib^ 6im 
^mb; dpolfi-iinib. 

See Spelling No. 5. 


1» Bulgarian words in which occurs the sound of short u, and which 
n Russian, and in the language of the church books, are spelled with 

(*) Nouns in cT:b^ as KpbCTi, are masculine. 


y, 0, e, are spelled severally with s^ i, h^ as piRKa'^ Kp^Bb, ehfJW\ 
instead of pyKa'^ KpOBB^ cep4Ue'. In instances in which there is no au- 
thority the short sound of u has, with few exceptions, been written 
with £. 

2. The prepositions npe^ npe4'B, npesi, cpe4% and qpesi, in the 
ancient language are spelled with % but the Russian and church 
method of writing them with e has been thought preferable; oit^L, is 
uniformly written with t^ cpt'ma, sometimes with e. 

3. Pe4i& and rie'4a]irb^ in the lexicons are spelled pfl4:B and rjuCjifiM^ 
But the pronunciation being uniformly e, this spelling has been adop- 
ted. A few compound words, however, retain their ancient pronunciation 
and consequently spelling, as nopfl'4iirB. 

4. The majority of Bulgarians write a after m^ % m. The ancient 
language by a nice distinction in some instances had a, and in otben 
a. The Russians uniformly write a. This latter method is already adop- 
ted by some and being both more elegant and satisfactory was adopted 
after the first pages of the vocabulary had been sent to the press. 

Rem. For the sake of uniformity we have written a in all cases af- 
ter »^ ^, m; yet it is evident that in most cases of verbs the correct 
spelling is a; we have, accordingly in such cases spelled the first per- 
son of the Aspect with i£. 

5. There is much diversity of usage in spelling the first person of 
rerbs of 4he first and second conjugations. Some write the second conja- 
gation with A in the first person, as, npa'Bs, rac£'. Some also wiite it 
uniformly after »(,H^m, while others as uniformly write sl We have been 
led to spell all verbs which have emb in the second person with & in 
the first, and those which have mnb, with ue, for the following reasons. 

(1) It is natural that verbs which have a difference in the second 
person should have also a difference in the first. 

(2) The Frequentative aspect of compound verbs of the second emh 
jugatien is uniformly in nwh or HsaK^B^ as BcnpabflH:E-Biis, mmft'wm 
-Hi£, yittca'aam^-ciiik', y4o6pH'Bai)i:B-pi£'9 showing conclusively that is 
or a, belongs to the root. 

(3) Grammarians give vrti or arb, in the 8d person plural of the 
2d conjugation, showin^^ that the clipped pronunciation of the lit 
person is restored by aid of a consonant after it. 

(4) In the Slavic Lexicons verbs of the 1st conjugation end in j^ 
and those of the 2d in lo^ as 6o4y'-emi>, pt3K/-emb^ MOJtto'^BSBkf 

To this last remark there are a few apparent exceptions; (a) A Hbw 
verbs in .iio have emb<, as 4p'b'MiK)HHemb, KA'njrio-nenib. . The lo b 
probably owing to the liquid power of a^ so that when tbe Ji drops oat 
the spelling should be 4p'h'jii£-emb, u&'us:^mb; this is also implied 

y the participles 4pt'Mai:B, K£'nan». Some however spell, m-wnh^ 
tbers uR-emb. (b) In these lexicons y is uniformly written after »c, 
y m, ds njia'47-6m&, y'ly-Hiiib. Nearly all these lexicons were edited 
d Russia, where y is uniformly written after ar, h^ m^ in the same 
manner as a. But in Bulgarian there seems to be no reason why these 
erhs should not follow the general rule. The participles lua'Ka;^^ niT- 
BJtB^ etc imply that a or £, belongs to the root of so many of these 
erbs as have enib, in the Sid person, (c) Some Slavic verbs ended 
01 TKJIJ^ as Bn'TKAY'i xo'»c4y- This by some is supposed to require bh'4S, 
loVis^ in the modern language. But the tk, in these cases does not 
lelong to the root, and when it drops out the verb becomes softened 
o BBT^ifi^ xo'4i£^ Besides the practice of the best writers, such instances 
IS no4TBBp4H'BaM:b-4i£'<) oc.ia4fl'BaH'B«-4i£', etc. show that i& belongs to 
.he first person of such verbs, (d) The same is true of the Slavic u^y, 
he m, of which in the modern language is changed to ct or t^ as H3- 
il^CTHl3aiH^Ti£', npocBiTfl'Bai:b-Ti£', etc. show. 


The aspects are not arranged alphabetically, but affixed to the verbs 
from which they are derived; thus n.ia'ii][aBi:B-Ti£', ny'cKaH^-cH£^ show- 
ing that luaTUK' and ny'cHA, are the Unitive aspects of naa'niaM^ and 
Dy^cKaiTE. Those aspects which are formed by prefixing a preposition, 
have the preposition affixed, thus, npa'Bifi Ha-; showing that nanpa'- 
BUB^ (^) is the Unitive aspect of npa'Bis. Some aspects are formed both 
by a preposition and by a change in the termination; these are expres- 
sed thus, rie'4aM:B no-4H£, showing that norie'4H£, is the aspect of 
rje'4aiKB- lo looking for a word in the vocabulary it will be necessary 
ilways to bear in mind to look for the simple verb and not for the 

(^) Ilpa'aifi expresses the English I do, HanpaBH'x^s, I did, nie Ha- 
opa'Bifi^ I shall do. But if I wish to express in the past or future 
tenses that which I did or shall do habitually, I must use npaBH'x^b, 
me npa'Bifi. So njta'u^aMiB^ I pay, luaTH'xi, I paid, nie naaiifi', I shall 
pay, wheras lua'^ax^b and n^e nJianiaM^B, imply that I paid or shall 
My habitually. So in general the usual past and future tenses of the 
EUiglisb are expressed in Bulgarian by the Unitive aspect; whereas to 
express habitual action the simple form of the verb, varied according 
to the several tenses, is used ; hence arises the necessity of giving the 
aspect in connection with every verb. 



Turkish words as used in Bulgariaa are oftea changed in spelling 
and proDunciation. The more common change is the addition of il, to 
nouns which end with a vowel, and hh:b, to nouns terminating in i 
consonant sound (and generally designating trades or professions) ; as 
04a, T. room, B. o^aa', 4H)jre'pi T* carpenter, B. AiOJre'pHffS. Turkish 
words in Bulgarian are frequent; we have admitted but few into the 
second part. 

Typographical errors are unavoidable in any Enghsh work printed 
in the East; the more important are noted at the close of the volume. 

Adrianople, Nov. 15, 1860. 


N. B. The passive signification of verbs with ca has seldom been given. 

A, an, ejsfCffh. 

Abandon, ocTa'BflM^B-Bifi; nany'- 

cKaM:B-cH£; — ed, ocxa'seni, Ha- 

Abase, v. a. yHHSKaBaMi-acisx'; cmh- 

Abate, v. a. cmaia'BaM'B-jiiR'; v. n. 

npicra'HyBaM^B-Hiii ; ynajtuBawL^ 

Abbreviate, v. a. cBKpaTa'BanrB-TKR';- 

— ation, ciKpaineme. 

Abhor, V. a. rayci*' ca ; jupa'aiK Ha-. 

Abide, vanst'm^ CTO'ifi. 

Ability, BMMO'afHOCTb, cifja. 

Able, B:E3iio';Ren:B; to be, Mo'r£-»cemB. 

Abode, KHjHfme. 

Abolish, yHumo^ca'BaM^B-^KiJfi. 

Abominable, rny'ceHi, Mpt'ceHi;- 

— ate, V. a. raycia'ca; — ation, 

Abort, V. a. fflt'TaH:B-TH£. 

Abound, H3o6H'j[OBaM:B. 

About, pr. andad. o'ro^o; round-, 

Above, pr. Ha4:B; ad. oxro'pt, ro- 

pt; noro'pi; a. ro^pemi: — men- 

tioned, roptnoMtn^'TBifl, roptpt- 

Abridge, see abbreviate. 
Absence, OTCfi'iCTBie; — nt, to be, 

Ht'Ma Ma (etr) ; 0Tcx'TCTB0BaM3. 
Absolute, caMOB ja'cTOHi ; — ly, ne- 

Absolve, V. a. paaptraaBaurB-mifi'; 

— lution, paaptme'irie. 
Abstain, v. n. BM4pi>»a'BaiirB-»:i&' 

ca ; — stinence, B:b3ApBaca'Hie. 
Abstract, a. y^CTseffh. 
Abundance, H3o6H'j[ie; — nt, H3o6h'- 

Abuse, nonprama'; 3JoynoTpi6j[e'- 

Hie; V. a. ncy'BaM^B, nonp&'araMi; 

Abyss, 6e'34Ha, npo'nacTt. 
Academy, aKa4e'Mia. 
Accent, yAape'uie. 
Accept, npHH'MaMi-e'MX ; -^ table, 

npia'TeoB, 6^aroyro'4efflB. 
Access, npHd^KKe'Hie, npHcxai'ni. 
Accident, npHRjiOHe'nie; — tally, cjiy- 

Accommodate, v. a, aaw^K^^'^^w^- 




Hci*'; — dation, aa/w'BJKa'Banie. 
Accompany, v. a. cx4py>Ka'BaMi- 
jkkr', npH4py>Kfl'BaM:B-a:iA'; Hcnpo- 

Accomplish, v. a. CBb'pmflM:B-mi£ ; 

cno^y'4aMi-ii« ; iicniAunwB'-nm. 
According , cnopa'Ai& , no ; — ly, 

cnopa'4^ TOBa\ 
Account, OTie'Ti; to give- 

•, 4a- 
BaMi oiqe'Ti, ^a'Baaix otb'J>'t^. 

Accumulate, v. a, cx6H'paM'b-6e- 
pa^'; ipy^naMt. 

Accurate, npaB^B; — ly, t4kmo, [to- 

Accuse, V. a. o6Bmw'BaMTi-HKR'; 
yKpHBa'BaMt-BKR', KjeBeTii&', na- ; 

• yKa6axaTa'BaMt-Tk/^ T. — er, 
o6BHHH'Te4b ; — sat ion , o6BHHe'- 
nie ; — tive, ofiBHim'TejeHX, 

Accustom, V. a, npiy'qaMX-'iia ; a- 
jauiT«p4H'cyBaM:b-caM:B T. v. n. 
Hay'4flJtt:B-qifi ca, npiiBu'KHyBain'B- 
H5i; ajiaiuTH'cyBaM'L-eaMi; — ed, 
Hay'qen^B, npHBM'Kiifi^x, aiamiH'- 

Ache, 6o'^Ka, v. n. 6o^h'. 

Acid, Ku'ceJL'h. 

Acknowledge, v. a. no3Ha'BaMi&-a'Ks; 
npuno3Ha'BaM:B-a'i£, npHSHa'sam^b- 
a'i£; V. n. npH3Ha'BaM:b'a'i£ ca. 

Acorn, trr'jum.'b. 

Acquiesce, v. n. cxrj[aca'BaM:B-ci&' 

Acquire, v, a. npHAo6u'BaMi-M'KR, 
cneHe'ARWh'imy — isition, npn- 


Across, pr. npia^B; ad, Ha'nptKU. 
Act, 4i^a'Hie; aKTi^; v. a. 4^8- 

Action, 4t'ficTBie ; — ive, 4t'aTe- 

leKh ; — (verb) , 4*ficTBH'Tej[eHi ; 

— vhy , 4i'aTe4H0CTb ; — tually, 


Acute, ocTpoy'Mera; — Ongle) o- 

crapi. . 
Add, npHTy'paftTB-pki ; (in Arith.) 

cja'raMi&-o'»u£; c:b6ii'pa]ii:B-6ep£'; 

— dilion, npHT/pKa; c^oace'- 

Adder, a'cnH4a. 

Addicted, npt4a'4eHi; to be-, npt- 

4a'BaMb-4a'Mi& ca. 
Address, pt%; — of a letter, Ha> 

mici&; V. a. Ka'ayBaM'B-aciiR; ew 

nii'ey BaMi& - mix , no4nH'cyBairB- 

Adhere, v. n.'nHyBaM:b*H&; 

npH4pb'HcaMi-»iiR ca. 
Adieu. npoma'Baflie, (ans. ct 34pfr 

Bie), ocTa'BaflTe ci& Bc'roM-B, (ans. 

ii4i'Te CH CL Bo'roMi) 
Adjective, npiuara'Te-iHO H'Me. 
Adjust, V. a. onpa'BaM'B-Bifi, pac- 

Administer, v. a. 4a'Ba]HV4aHx; 

ynpaBflM-B-BKR; — an oath, sa- 

Kw!i'BaMi&-Kb'.iHxR; — the sacr. npH- 

qacTHBaM'b-Tki', KO'MKaBaM:E-KajrB; 

— tration, npaBHiejcTBO, npa- 

Admire, v. a. xape'cy^aM^b-can, 

Admit, V. a. ny'cKaMii-CH«5 ; iipH- 

HMaMX-e'Mfi; 4ony'cKaM'B-CHii", 
Admonish, v. a. yBtma'BaMX-a'ift; 

c'bBi'TyBaMi& ; ra'4ii5 y-, c£'4i£* 
Adopt, V. a. npHM'waM'B-e'Mfi; ycu- 

HOBa'Bajtti-BHR'; — ed son, xpa'ae- 

HHK:b; — daughter, xpa'Hemma; 

— tion, ycuHOBjie'flie. 

Adore, v. a. o6oaa'BaMi-atffi'; no- 
Ma'naM'b-o'HKR ca; — rable, o6o- 
aca'eBTB ; — ration, o6o»eHie, no- 

Adorn, v. a. yKpaca'BaMt-cHR';ni'* 
34ia Ha- ; — with flowers, km'w 





- cd, yKpace'iTB, HaKU'vem. 
Adult, 6i3pacTeiii&. 
Adultery, npij[H)6o4*'flcTBO ; lo 

commit — , npt^io6o4i'HCTByBaMi. 
Advance, v. n. OTH'BaMi^ uanpt'41^; 

Advantage, npiHMy'iuecTBO ; no'jr- 

3a; — geous, noje'aeirB. 
Adventure, v. a. npt4npmi'MaM:B 

-e'M£; v. n. iiaH'j»aMi&-e'H& ch; n. 

Adverb, napt'qie. 
Adversary, npoTH'BHUK'B, cMe'p- 

HHia; — rse, npoin'BeirB. 
Adversity, HeciH'cTie. 
Advertise, HSBtcTa'BaMi-TiiR'; — se- 

ment, nsBt'cTle. 
Advice, CMt*T5; — isc, cMt'iy- 

BaM-B; — er, c'LBi'THiiK:^. 
Afar, 4aj[e'K0, Ha^a^eKO ; from — , 

01% 4a^e'K0. 
Afiair, pa'6oTa^ 44'^o. 
Affect, V. a. 40Ka'4flMi-qi* ; — ing, 

A/Teetion, o'6w«ib, .ih)6obl, f. — ate, 

Affirm, v. a. yTBbp4a'BaM'B-4i*'. 
Afflict, V. a. 0CKi.p6fl'BaM'B«6ii6', 0- 

neqfl'^HM'B-^ifi; — cd, ocKp:B6e'iix, 

oneHfl'^eire ; — tion, neqa'jib, f. 

cirBp6b^ f. 
Affront, o6H'4a, v. a. o6:b'»4aMi 


Afoot, ntnib, n'bmfl'K:B. 
Afraid, to be — , cipax^b mh (etc.) ie, 
60m' Cfl. 

After, pr. no4H'pi, no cjt, 0^*4^; 

ad, no4H'pis^ no'cj[t^ iia'noKOHis. 
Afternoon, no4H'p:B nja'4Hii&. 
Again, naK:B. 

Against, npoTifB^b^ Bpbxi^^ na. 
Age, Bi3pacTi&, (century) BiK^b. 
Aged, cTapi; — man, CTa'peut. 

Agent, ooBt'peHiB^ are'Hrb, iiacTo'fl* 

Agitate, BMiiy'BaMi ; — tion, bm- 

Ago. npt4H'; long — , 0T4a'BHa, ot- 

Agony, M5i'Ka, ro^tMO yrtcne'Hie. 
Agree, v. n. c:brj[acfl'BaMi-ci&' ca; 

cnopa3yMa'BaMi&-'b'iA ca ; — ment, 

ci^r^acie^ cnopaayMt'nie. 
Agreeable, npia'Teui^ fijaroyro- 

Agriculture, 3ejHjie4i>'j[ie. 
Ague, xpe'cKa, to ba ve — , xpece' (ro), 

one wlio has — , Tpe'cKaB:b. 
All, ax:b. 
Abead, iianp'b'4i&. 
Ail, wbat ails you? nio th Com'? 

mo TH ie? 
Air, B0'34yx'B. 
Alarm, CTpax'b; v. a. on^a'miOBaMS 

" mifi; — clock, 6y4H'4HHKi. 
Alas, ropKO', le'acKO. 
Alienate, v. a. pa3BaUaM'B npia'TCJi* 

CTBO ; 0T«iK)»c4a'BaH:b-)K4i£ ; CMpa- 

Alight, V. n. cj[a'3aMi-^t'3fi-i'3Hx. 
Alike, npiUH'qeHi; to be — , npifjiH'- 

Alive, »aiB:b. 
All, chWhuA; (the whole) utA; 

(every one), ca'Koft; ad. ce(Bce), 

ciiWko; we-, cIl'fl^a.:^ 
Allay, V. a. yio^a'aaMii-JiR'; yra- 

Allegiance, Bl)piiono4a'HCTBO. 

Alle\iate, v. a. ojeKqa'Baorb-qiif^'. 

Alliance, ci&K)'3i, c:be4Hfle'Hie ; — ied, 

Allow, V. a. no3BOJa'BaM'B-jiiA', 403- 
BO jaa'aiTB - jrkk' ; 4ony'cKaH:b -cii a 
— able, no3BO'jeHO^ 403B0'j[eH0. 

Allude, V. a. 3ara'Tii}^BaM'b-HiSi. 




Allure, V. a. npHMa'MaMt-BihYi, npH- 

Ally, c'bk)'3hhk:b. 

Almanack, KajieH4a'pb. 

Almighty, BcecH'jeii'B. 

Almond, miuAtxA^^ G. 6a4e'M'&, T. 

Almost, noiTH', KOMa'ft. 

Alms, MH'jOCTWIIff. 

Aloof, Ha4a^e'K0. 

Alone, caMTi, caMH'qaK'B. 

Aloud, BHco'Ko, a'Kara. 

Alphabet, a'sfiyKa, a fie. 

Already, Be'qe^ Be'Ke. 

Also, H. 

Altar, o^ia'pb, Xfb'piBeHHHK'B. 

Alter, V. a. HSMtHa'BaM^L-HhR'; npt- 
npa'Bflw'B-BiiR;lv. n. HSMtna'BaM'B 
-HK&' ca^ npoMtHa'BaM^B-HiiR ca. 

Alternate, nptax 4eiib^ etc ; v. npo- 
HtHa'Bam^b-Hki' ca. 

Although, aKo n 4a. 

Altitude. Buco^HHa'. 

Altogether, ch'iko 3a'e4H0. 

Always, ca'Kora. 

Amaze, v. a. 3a'jio*4aM:b-4hR, y4ii- 
Bia'Bam-li'BHi ; v. n. -ca; — ing 
3aqio'4eHi ; — ment , y4HBje'Hie, 

Ambassador, nocja'HHHKt. 

Ambiguous, 4BoeMbi'cj[eH'b. 

Ambition, Hecio^io'fiie, — tions, ne- 


Ameliorate, v. a. 04o6pa'BaMi-pi*', 
y.iyqffla'BaM-nik/ ; — tion, 040- 

Amen, aMH'Hb. 

Amiable, o'fibiqeHi&^ j!H)6e'3eirB. 

Amicable, npia'Te^icKbifi. 

Amidst, nocp'b'4'b, cp'fe4H'. 

Amity, npia'TejCTBO. 

Among, noMe»4y', Measc4y'. 

Amount, cy'wMa; v. n. ctfin'paM^b 

Ample, mnpo'K'b. 

Amuse, v. a. 3ajiiyBaMi-'j&»ei£-e!iis; 
fia'Bi* 3a-; — one's self, safia'Ban 
-Bi^ ca ; — ment, safiaBJie'Hie, sa- 

Analogy, aaajio'rHfl^ cxo'4ctbo. 

Analyze, v. a. pa3.ia'raM:B-o'ad£; 

— ysis, pa3.i03Ke'Hie. 
Anarchy, fiesHaHa'jrie. 
Anathema, ana'Tena^ npoKiaii'i; 

— atize, npoKbJHa'BaM'B-HiR', iw- 

Ancestor, npa'4l)45^ npa'oxeiii; — 

stry, npa'4'b4H. 
Anchor, KOTBa^ »fejii'3o. 
Ancient, ciap^b^ Bexi-B. 
And, n; a; Ta. 
Anecdote, aHeK4o'T'&. 
Anew, h'3hobo. 

Angel, a'HrejTi, — ic, a'HrejECKuS. 
Anger, ratBi; .iFoxHHa', jHo'toct*; 

V. a. cb'p4i«^ rHtfiix. 
Angle, £rl3iB; v. a. bs^'awi^ 
kiigfyj, cbp4H'T'b, rHt'BeBTb ; to be—. 

Cb'p4i* ca^ FHtBiai' ca^ jHotuk' cs, 

a4o'cyBaM'b-caM'b ca. 
Anguish, Txra'. 
Animal, hchbo'tho (pi. — hm^); 40- 

Animate, a. 04ymeBie'HTi ; v. a.o- 

4yineBja'BaM'b-jiiiR', CbHCHBfl'BairB 

-Bi^i'; o6o4pa'BaMi&-piis' ; — cd, 


Anise, Ko'npi&. 

Annex, v. a. npHCi&e4HHa'BaMi»-HiA'. 

Annihilate, v. a. yHHmo^ra'BaHi 

-aciA' ; — ation. yHnmoafe'Hie. 
Announce, v. a. HSBtcTa'BaMi-m'. 
Annoy, v. a. 6e3noKo'Hi; 4oca'x- 

4aM'L-a4iiR' ; — yance, 40ca2K4e'- 

Annual, ro4H'uieHTi. 
Anoint, v. a. no]tta'30BaMi-a'«ri& 




tt; — ed, noMa'aaiTB; n. no- 

ohhhk'b; — ing, noma'aaHie. 

mous, 6e3H'MeH:B. 

3r, 4pyr'b ; one — , e^Hm 4py'- 

3; — r's, moTKA'h. 

ir, oiroBopi; S. OTBtix; v. a. 

OBa'pflMTi-o'pi* ; — toacall, o- 

K4aMX-a'4i« ca. 

npa'BKa, MpaBy'HKa. 

jdent, a. np44H4y'nu8. 

pate, V. a. np'b4Ba'pflM:B-pKR, 


ithy^ OTBpbme'flie. 

lily, 4peBH0CTb, cxapoBpt'- 

ty, rpH'»a; — xious, sarpM- 

[x; to be. rpu'^Kuii ca. 

[-one,- body), nt'Kofi; Kofi 4a 

a, Hft'Kair&B^ ; — how , hWkbkb ; 

where, Hi'K£4* ; — time, h* - 


, 0T4i'JeH0. 

ment, cTa'a. 

ly, 6e3iK)'BCTBie, 6e3CTpa'cTie. 


gize, V. n. onpa'aaiax-BKR ca^ 

HHa'BaMi-Hiifi' ca. 

asy„ OTCTiB'naHie ot:b Bt'pa;; 

ate, OTCTiTi'mUlKl, H3Bt'pHHK:B; 

atize, OTCTA'naM:B-nifi, H3He- 


le, ano'cTOwi:B. 

lecary, cneua'pb; — *s shop, 


rel, 4pe'xa. 

rent, a'BeH'B, oieBH'4eH'B. 

al, V. a. OTHo'caMi-Hecfi' ca, 

rpa'BaMi&-Bi«i ca. 

ir, V. n. aBa'BaM'B-BiiR' ca; 

K4aM:B-H4i^ ca; — ance, a- 


ise, V. a. yKpoTa'BaMt-m', y- 


Appellation, HasBa'irie. 
Appetite, oxo'ia^ Hma'xx T. 
Applaud, V. a. 3axBa'^aM:b-jiiiE ; o« 

4o6pa'BaMX-pi&'; — use, noxBa- 

ja'^ p£Kon^e'cKaHie. 
Apple, a'6i&jKa. 
Apply, V. a. Haja'raM:B-o'»is; ▼. n. 

OTHo'caM'B-eciSk' ca^ oinpa'aaMi- 

Bm ca; — one s self, saja'raMi-e- 

rH£^ npH^e3Ka'BaMi-}Ki&'; — ' lica- 

tion, npH^esKa'Hie. 
Appoint, V. a. onpt4'b«iH'BairK-ji£'; 

Ha3Haia'Bairb-qH6'; 0Tpa'2K4aMi-H'- 

4i&;— ed, onpi4'b^oH'B, oipaV 

4eHi ; — tment,"^ HasHaqe'me. 
Appreciate, oi](tHa'BaMi&-Hi£'; no* 

SHa'BaMi oTh 4o6po ; — tion, 0- 

Apprehend, v. a. yjia'aaan-OBifi' ; 

pa36H'paMi&-epfi'; 6oi&' ca. 
Apprentice, mariE'pTiiH^b. 
Approach, v. n. npH6j[Ha:a'BaMi- 

milk' npHCT£'naMi&-ni£. 
Approbation, 0406p6'Hie. 
Appropriate, a. npHJH'qeffB; v. a. 

npHCBoa'BaMX-BkR', ocBoa'aanTB-Bia'. 
Approve, v. a. o4o6pa'Ba]jrB-6pi&' ; 

— ed, 04o6pe'H5; — er, 040- 

April, Anpn'jifi. 

Apricot, KaHci'a, T. 3ap3aiia, T. 

Apron, npicTHJKa. 

Apt, cnoco'ficH'B. 

Aqueduct, bo40bo'4^. 

Arc, 4iRra'. 

Arch, cbo'4'b. 

Ardent, pacna'^eHt; — dor, pacna- 

Arduous, M^R'qoH^B, Tpy'4eirB. 
Argue, (prove) 40Ka'3yBaMt-2KHB-eiiu>; 

(discuss) nptnH'paM5-np» ca; 

— ument, 40bo'4'b, 40Ka3a'Te4- 




Arise, v. n. cxa'HyBaMi-Hfi, H34H'- 

raMi&-rHa& en. 
Arithinelic, apHTMe'iHKa, qHCJLH'xe^- 

Ark, KOBie'n. 
Arm, paKa'; — ful, Ha'paiib; — pit, 


Arm, V. a. BOopyaca'BaM^B-JKift'; — 

ed, Boopyace'fli. 
Arms, opy'acie. 
Army, BoiicKa'. 
Around, o'kojo. 
Arouse, v. a. c:B6y'af AaMX-y'^ifi, bi3 - 

Arrange, v. a. Hapfl'>K4aM:B-a4hSi' ; 

pacnoja'raJtt'B-o'»i* ; pacTpe'6y- 

Bm'h''6\& ; pacnpa^BHOfx-Bi^. 
Array, v. a. npeM'bHa'BaMi-H}&', 

ru'3^ Ha-. 
Arrival, 40X0'ac4aHie; — ive, v. n. 

40xo'»c4affl:B-o'A4*^ npHCTH'ram'B- 

Arrogance, na4bi'ranie, BucoKOMt - 

Arrow, ciptja'. 
Art, xy40'»fecTB0, 3aHaa'T:B T. 
Artery, apie'pia, acii'^a. 
Arlful, JiyKa'si, xH'i'Bpi. 
Article, HAewb\ — in a paper, CTa'iia. 
Artificial, HCKy'ceHX. 
Artless, npocT04y'meni. 
As, KaKTO^ Kaio ; — long as, 4or4i', 

— far as. 4opH' 40 ; — soon as , 
moM'B, — much as, many as, ko'^- 


Ascarides, tjiu'ctu. 

Ascend, v. u. and n. Ka'qH)BaM'B-Hi& 
ca, Bi3Ka'qioBaM:&-i}iR ca, Bii3jia'- 
3aM:b-'b'3«, BX3Ho'caMi-ecx' ca; 

— nt, cipbMHHHa'; — nsion, bm- 

Ascribe, v. a. npHtiH'cyBaMX-H'mii& 


Ashamed, to be — , cpaii^B Ma (etc) e, 
cpanyBam^ ca^ 3acpaMa'BaM:B-]iii' 

Ash tree, o'coh^b. 

Ashes, ne'nej'B. 

Aside, HacTpana'. 

Ask, V. a. nu'iaM^B no-; npo'cit 

Aspect, BH4^. 

Ass, Mara'pe, oce'jii>. 

Assault, Hana4e'flie; v. a. nana- 


Assemblage, cdupmtnHa. 
Assemble, v. a. c&Sii'paiirB-eiwi'; 

CBM'Ky^aMi&-KaMt ; v. n. ciW- 

paMi ca. 
Assist, v.a. noMa'raurB-o'rHfi ; V. a 

npt4CT0a'BaM:B-0Hk', iiacToa'Ban- 

Assure, v. a. yB'bpa'Bair&-i'pfi; 

— ranee, yBtpe'me. 
Astonish, v. a. 3aiio'4aM'B-4»; y- 

4nBja'BaMTi-HBia' ; — ed, to be-, 

V. n. iK)'4isk ca 3a-, Ma'iA ca'3a-; 

y4HBj[a'BaM5-HBK&' ca ; — sbmeot, 

y4HBje'iiie, HayMJte'flie. 
Astray, to go — , v. n. 3ary'6flH%4ili 

At , B'B, y, no^ Ha. 
Atheism, 6e36o'acecTBO ; — - eist, 

Atom, qacTH'«iKa^ a'lOM'B. 
Atone, V. a. yMHJocTHBa'Bami-Bi*'; 

3arj[a'af4aMx-a4i& ; aanja'maiv- 

Attach, V. a. 3a6TH'cyBaM:B-caitt T. 
3a4pbaca'BaMi&-3KiiR' ; Bpb'sjnwutt- 
Hcix; — ed, npHBa'aan'B, npHi^ 
nefl-B ; to be — , npH.itnaBaMi-iiiit' 
ca ; — chment, npHBa'saHHOCTB. 

Attack, |[ana4e'flie; v. a. Hana'4Hy- 
BaMTi-Hfi^ (sickness), XBa'a^airB- 

Attain, v. a. and n. 40CTii'raM:B-rH£ : 

















Atfempt, noKyme'Hie; v. n. noKy- 

iiifl'fiajirb-ci& CH, Hcnu'TyBajnis 

-TaiTB en. 
Attend, V. a. BHHMa'BaM^B; cj[y'miiM% 

-nii^; HR'K&si'h. 
Attest, V. a. 3acBH4'b'Te^cTB3^aMi. 
Attract, V. a. npHBjiH'4aM'b-'feK&' 

-MeniB, npHTe'rjiflM'B-jiHBi ; — tion, 

npHBje<ie'Hie ; — live, npHBjieKa'- 

Attribute, cbo'Actbo, npHHa4-ie'- 

»ffl0CTb ; V. a. npHnH'cyBaMi-iiii& 

-eniB, 0T4a BaMi&-4aMi. 
Audience, cjy'mHiewiH. 
Auger, CBp'b^e^t. 
Augment, v. a. jMnomA'Bam>''0'm&; 

yBejHqfl'BaM:B-n'qi& ; v. n. yMHO- 


August, A'srycT-B. 

Aunt, jt'JLfl, (paternal) w'Ha. 

Authentic, 40CT0B'b'peHTi ; — city, 


Author, bhho'bhhk^b ; (of a book) c:b- 

Authority, Bjaexb. 
Autumn, e'cem, f. — nal, ece'neH^B. 
Auxiliary, a. cnoMara'iejieHx. 
Avarice, CKa'nocTb, cpe6pojK)'6ie ; 

— cious, CK&'nx, cpe6pOjiH)6H'Bt. 
Avenge, v. a. oTMbCTa'BaM^B-ThR'. 
Avoid, V. n. oibt'rHyBaM'B-Hfi, y- 

KI0Ha'BaM'5-Hij&' Cfl. 

Await, qa'KaM^B. 

Awake, 6y'4eHi& ; v. a. 6y'4i«^ c^- 

6y'»4aM:B-y'4iai; v. n.-ca; — ke- 

ning, c:B6y3K40'Hie. 
Away, int. HaxHH' ch. 
Awl, niH'jo. 
Axe, 6pa'4Ba^ ctKu'pa ; narrow — , 

Axis, axle, octb. 

— — 


Babe, 6e'6e^ 4tTe'. 
Bachelor, epre'H'B, HeaKe'HCHii. 
Back, n. rip6:B; ad, Ha3a'45; — 

wards, 3a'4HHmK0M:b. 
Bad, ^ouiB. 
Badger. a'30Beut. 
Bag, uJLaimi'Kb; saddle — s, j^^ 

caTH G. 
Baggage, Ka^a6aj£'irb T. 
Bail, nopyiHTejb; nopyra'TacTBO. 
Bait, xpana'. 
Bake, v. a. and n. neK^'-HeniB; 

— er, xaifia'pb. 

Balance, KanoHU'; paBHOBi'cie^ Btcu. 

Bald, uA'bumBTi. 

Ball, TO HKa^ Ba'jiaKB, a4po' ; mapi ; 

gun or cannon — , Kypiny'H:b T. 
Balloon, 6aA0'm». 
Band, Bpb'cKa^ no4Bpb'CKa ; — dage, 


Banish, v. a. 3aT0HH'BaMi-Hi&' ; h- 
cnfi ac4aMi-x'4i& ; — ed, Hcnx'- 
4eH;b ; — ment, 3aToqe'Hie, h- 

Bank, 6p4'r:b ; 6a'HKa ; — er, 6aH- 
Ke pHHi^ cap a' *hh:b, T. — r u pt , 
n. 6aHKpy'T:b ; — tcy, fiaHKpyi- 


Banner, nptnopeu^B^ aHa'na. 
Banquet, v. a. roma BaMi-ocTi&' ; 

n. yrome'Hie, 3a*e'T:B^ T. 
Baptize, v. a. Kpbiua'BaM^b^b'cm ; 

— ism, Kpbme'Hie. 
Bar, AOCT!% ; npe'qKa. 
Barbarian, Ba'pBap:B ; — rity, Ba'p- 

BapcTBO ; — rous, Ba'paapcKuS. 
Barber, 6ep6e'pHHi. 
Bare, roji^; — headed, toaotabl'b'b ; 

— footed, doci. 




Barely, e46a'M:5; ca'MO. 

Bargain, v. a. Tipr/BaMi, naaapa- 

BaMi-pHk' T. n. naaapy'Bame. 
Bark, Kopa'; v. n. Aa'm. 
Barley, nmwLU'Khy (S. a'lMe'HB) 
Barn, xafTinma. 
Barrack, Kasa'pMa^ K^Biiua' T. 
Barrel, 6iHBa* 
Barren, fiecnao'Aeirb^ (anima]) h'- 


Base, 9u wi'c%KB, 40'JieHi^ ; n. ocho- 

Bashful, cpaMtacjH'B^B. 
Basin, Taci; (small) Ta'e4e ; wash — , 


Basis, ocHOBa'me. 
Bask, V. n. npHTH'qaii'B-eKs' ca. 
Basket, Konib^ (small) ko lUHHixa. 
Bastard, nj/sHh T. Hp'bj[io6oAi^'fi'm- 

Bat, npifjln^B. 

Bath, 6a'HH. 

Bathe, v. a. K&'nifi, 6aHflM:B. 

BattlQ, 6ifTBa^ cpa»ee'Hie. 

Bay, sa'jHB^b; (colorj ^opi'acT'B. 

Be, V. a. cbMb (S. e'cMb). 

Beach, KpacMopie. 

Bead, Mana'cTO (rosary) 6poeHH- 
u,u; — ds, CHHUu'. 

Beak, no'maa^ KKiBy'Hb. 

Beam, rpe4a'. 

Bean, 6o6:b. 

Bear, Me'4Ka; v. a. HO'ci*; (endure) 
ib^pui&y Te'rj[ii&; ( — fruit) Aa'Bam^t 
haoab ; ( — children ) pa^^aM'B 

Beard, 6pa4a'; — ed, 6pa4a'TX. 

Beast, MfHBo'THo (Pl.-Hu), 4o6H'qe, 

CKOTi ; (wild — ) BBtpb. 
Beat, 6i'i&; — ing, fiie'Hie. 
Beautiful, xy'6aB:B; — ty, x/fiocib. 
Beaver, 6o6xpi. 
Because,. aaiito'TO. 

Beckon, (with the head) tu'nma 
-MH^; (with the hand) na'xan 


Become, CTa'Hy^aM:B-HA ; fsuit)iipi- 
Aii'HnwL, OMa'aaMi ; — ming, npi- 

Bed, ^o'afe, abtao'^ nocxe'jLKa; — 

bug, ApBBeHH'aa ; — stead, o^pi. 

Bee, nqeja' ; — hive, Ko'mflp^s ; — 's 

wax, BOCBKl. 

Beech, 6yKh. 

Beef, roBe'ac40 Maco'. 

Beer, fia'po, nn'Ba. 

Beet, UBeiuo'. 

Beetle, 6pbM6a'p:B. 

Before, prep, npe'41, npe4H'; adr. 

Beg, npo'ciiR ; — ging, npociU 
Beget, pa'»f4aMX, po4i&'. 
Beggar, npo'caK^B, npocflKu'na. 
Begin, Haqn'HaM^B-qH^' ; 3axBa'man 

-a'Ha^ ; — nning, Haqa'jo, Kpafi. 
Beguile, i/ismMnwh-m^, 
Behave, o6xo'ac4aM:B ca, oTBO'esna 

-HeciB', 40Ka'p3^aMi&-pam (St, 

Bja'4aM:& ca ; — viour, o6xo'w 

Hie, noBe4e'Hie. 
Behead, o6e3r^a'BflM:b-Bi£, nocfl^-* 

Behind, prep. 3a4'B ; adv. Hasa'jp^ 

01334^ ; — hj^nd, Ha3a'4^ ; to be 

— hand, ocTa'HOBaMi Ha3a'4!E. 
Behold, int. e'lo, na; v. a. rie- 

Being, caimeciBo'; 6HTie'. 
Belief, Bt'pa. 
Believe, v. a. Bt'pyBaarB, no-; — 

ver, koHto Btpysa. 
Bell, 3BtHe'i^x, little — ^ ZBWVf^ 

church — , KaM6a'Hi& (Lat.) 
Bellow, V. n. peB&'. 
Bellows, 4yxa,jo, Mtx^B (S.) 
Belly, Kope'Mi; (paunch) la'pfiyxi. 





Belong, V. n. nprnaAiexifi., Ha4ie- 

Alin • 

Beloved, 66u'Hewh^ AK)6e'3en'b. 
Below, prep. noAi ; adv. 40'J[0, ot- 


Belt, no'flc^B, pemn'trb. 

Bend, KpneoJLH'ua^ KpiiseHa' ; v. a. 

npeKpHBA'BaH'b-Bifi' ; v. n. KpHBO- 

jui'qi&, BAa'BaMt-AanTB ca. 
Beneath, noAi^- 
BenedictioD , 6iaroc^OBe'Hie. 
Benefactor, 6jaroAt'Te^b, 6jiaro4a'- 

Benefit, no'^aa; v. a. no'JsyBaMi; 

'-'— ficial, uoie'seiFh. 
Benevolent, 64aroBO'j[eHi, 6iaro4t'- 

reMKh ; — ence, 6iaroBOJ[e'Hie. 
Benumbed, HCTpb'niis^i. 
Bequeath, v. a. saBtma'BaMi-ma'ia. 
Bereave, v. a. j[Hiufl'BaM:b-m]£ ; — 

ved, jasme'ffb ; — ement, ^Hiue'- 

Berry, apb'no; black—, K&nH'Ha; 

rasp—, Majn'fla; straw—, a'ro4a. 
Beseech « mo^juk, y-. 
Beside, npn, 40 ; — des, ocBt'ra. 
Besiege, o6ca'ac4aarB-a4iA'9 o6ce- 

Best, Ha'a4o6p'b; Ha'B 4o6p*'. 
Bet, ofiio'ra ; 6aa'ci (T.) v. n. xaa- 

n^jcb ca Ha 6aa'c:B, o6ja'bau:b ca. 
Betray, v. a. npe4a'BaMi-4a'Mi, h3- 

Betroth, v. a. ro4a'Ba]tti-4i^' c-; 

o6pyHa'BairB-4i&' ; — ed, cro- 

4e'ffb ; n. ro4eHH'K'B, o6py'4HHKi, 

Better, no' 4o6pi ; no' 4o6pt'. 
Between, Me»4y', noMe»4y'- 
Beware, v. n. Ba'p4iA ca, Hio'BaMi 

Beyond, OTOBa'41, OTia'T^bKi, na- 


Bible, 6fi'6ji\n. 

Bid, V. a. 3anoBt'4yBaH:b-4aii'b. 

Bier, Hocn'^o. 

Big, e4i&pi, (con. 4pe'6eHi). 

Bile, 9Rjib'4Ka ; — lious, ^JLb'qKaB'b. 

Bill, aa'nHci, leMecio'irb (T.) ; (of a 
bird), HO'HKa, KbJLBy'flb. 

Billet, 3anH'cKa. 

Bin, aM6ap:b (T.). 

Bind, Bpb'3yBa9rb-»ri£, 3aBpb'3yBai)rb 
-3Ki* ; — a book , no4Bpb'3yBaM'b 
-wifi ; — ing, no4Bpb3i'a. 

Bird, HTH'qKa. 

Birlh, poaf4e'Hle; poac4ecTBO'; by — , 


Biscuit, neKCHMc'rii (T.), cyxa'pi. 
Bisect, npepi'syBanx-^ifi ; — a line, 

Bishop, Bja4u'Ka, eni'cKoni. 
Bissextile, BHcoKO'ceni. 
Bitch, Ky'qKa. 
Bite, V. a. xa'nifR ; n. (of food) xa'n- 

Bitter, rop4ii'B:b ; it is — , ropqn' ; to 

become — , Bropqa'BaM^b-qiA' ca ; 

— ness, ropqiBiiHa'. 
Black, Hepirb ; crow — Bpairb ; v. a. 

4epH&', no-, 046 pHIOBaH^b-HliVi ; to 

become — , noqepna'BaM'L-i'ia. 
Blackings Ba'Kca. 
Blacksmith, K0Ba'4b. 
Bladder, nyBn'pb, MHiop^b (T.). 
Blame, BHHa', Kasaxa'Ti (T.), xy'^a ; 

V. a. oc«ac4aM'B -&'4ifi, yKopa'-« 

BaM'B-piiR', xy'jiiA, no- ; — maole, 

BnHOBa'T:b, Kafiaxawia (T.) ; — less, 

Blaspheme, xy'im Bo'ra ; — my, 

6oroxy'^CTBO ; — mer, 6oroxyji'- 

Blaze, n.ia'M:bK:b : v. n. njamTUE'. 
Bleacli. V. a. C'b'Am H3-. 
Blcjt. 6jit'i&. 





Bleed, v. a. ny'cKaMi KpiBb , v. n. 

Teie' KpMi. 
Blemish, nopo'K^; w'lioiit — , ho- 

Bless, 6jiarocjia'BflM7-3BkR'; — ed, 

6jiarocjOBe'fli, 6jia»( 'hi ; — nd- 

ness, e^aace'HCTBO ; — ing, 6ja- 

Blind, CA^a'b; v. a. ocjtna'BaM'B 

-ni&' ; — ness, Cjiinoia'. 
Blister, npwiub ; v. ncnpu maMX-mi&. 
Bliss, 6j[a>Ke'HCTB0. 
Block, nbHb. 

Blood, KpMb; — y, KpiraB-B. 
Blossom, (of a tree) UBtxx ; (of a 

flower) UBt'Te ; v. n. ulbtia'-bh/^, 

pacm>'BHyBaMx-Hi«i ca. 
Blot, Ka'DKa, naiHO' ; v. a. HaKa'ny- 

BaMi-ni£; — out, HBrja'ac^aM'B, 

-a'4fe, 3aj[H4fl'BaM'B-qi&'. 
Blow, y'4api ; v. n. Bt'i*, 4y'xaMx 

-xha; (blossom) ubBTi&-BH&; — 

the nose, ci'KHiSi y- ca ; — away, 

Blue, cHHb ; to become — , nocnHa - 

Blunt, Tihm. 

Blusi), 3a4epBfl'BaMi-Ei&' ca. 
B'»ar, He'pecx. 

Board, 4TiCKa'; a. A'BUiHan'B. 
Boast, XBa'Jiifi ca ; — ing, XBajie- 

Boat, Ba'pKa, jio iKa, KaH'Ki (T). 
Body, Ti'jo ; — ily Ttjie'ceii:&. 
Bog, 6aTa'K:b (T.). 
Boi!, V. a. Bapfe'; v. n. Bpi*; — 

over mam! hc-. 
Boil, UH'ptfi, UH'pKa, MHpi, MH'pKa. 
Boiler, Ka3a'fl'b(T), 
Bold, CMt.i'B, 4F>p30CTeffB; KaK'Kt (T). 

Bolt, KJBO^Si'AKa. 

Bomb, 6o'M6a, K0M6apa' (T). 
Bombard, v. a. 6oM6apAh'pyBaMx. 

Bond, CBpb'cKa cljo's'B ; bonds, o* 

Bone, KocTb, Ko'Kar& (G); of—, 


Book, KiiH'ra; — binder, no4Bbp3aqi; 

— seller, Kimronpo4a'Beu:B ; — 

store, KHHronpo^a'BHHua. 
Boot, 6oTy nib, Mii'3Ma (T). 
Booty. 4o6Lrqa, nja'qKa. 
Border, Kpaft, rpaHii'ua. 
Bore. npoBbpia'BaMi-TiA', npotii'*' 

BoriJ, po4e"H:b; lobe — , pa'XABD 

(poAHs') ca. 
Burrow, saHMaMi-e'MiR; SH'jiaMffli 

Bosom, na'3yxa. 
Bt)lh, 4BaMH'fla, 4Ba'Ma, 4B0H'aa. 
B(»iile, iiiHnie'(T). 
Bottom, 4iHo; — less, 6e34tHeBi. 

B)Ui(h, KJOHX. 

Bound, npe4'b'^:&: v. a. orpaHH'TO- 
BaM'B-qi* ; v. n. cKa'qki, noA^Ka- 

Bound;jfj, npe4'b'ji'B, rpaHH'aa. 

Bountiful, H3o6H'jieirb ; (generous) 

Bouquet, KM'TKa. 

Bow, [60] ASiWb. 

Bow. [6a'y] v. n. Kjia'HHarB ca,— 
down to, noKja'nanrB-KioHtt' ca; 
n. noKjio'HX. 

Biiwels, qptBa', pi. 

Bowl, 4'bj!6o'Ka nami'ua. 

Box pa'K^a, caH4&'KX (T) ; small—, 
Kyii'a (T) ; — on the ear, lue- 


Boxwood, qeMimrpb(T). 

Boy, MOMMe' (pl.-e'ia). 

Brace, qeia', qH*T'B(T); Bpb'cKa; 

(for trowsers) acKU'a. 
Bracelet, rpii'BHa. 
Brag, V. n. xBa .lisk ca. 


.A -3.' 



Jraid, v. a. rjeiA' ; n. MeieHifua. 

}rain, M03r:B. 

Scan, Tpu'ubi. 

3raucb, Kiom, np^'^KBr Htlle — 

3 rand, rjaeufl'. 
Srandy. paid'a (T). 
Brass, tj^b; — azen. i/qeffB. 
Brave, xpa'fi'BpB, 4bp3H0Be'irB ; — 

very, xpa'fipocTb. 
Bravo, 6pa'B0, a'^epHMi (T). 
Bray, peB&'. 
Bread, XA'b'6%. 
Breadth, imipoqHHa'; — of cloth, 

Break. Mro'Hflk c-; Kpb'mia ; (infringe) 

Hapynifl'fiairb-muEi'; — off, oiqio- 

nam^-nifi; — in two, npeuio'- 

nflM:b-ni£ ; — in pieces, pa36H'- 

BaMii-6i'i£, 4po6i&' Ha-, c-; v. n. 

cqH)'nflHi-ni£ ca; (a cord etc.) 

CK&'cy'BaMX-caM'B ca. 
Bresikfast, aaKy'cKa, no^xa'nKa. 
Breast, rp&An' (pi.); (^^** milk) 

Ha'flKa uK'ua. 
Bre;<lh, Auxa'fiie. 
Breathe, v. a. and n. Au'ma»x ; — 

upon, 4ai'xaM'&-xiifi. 
Breerhes, ra'iAU. 
Breed, nopo'^a; v. a. nKxAi^ 3a-, 

3aBi»r4a3i:B - i4iiR, pa3Bixf4aM:b 

Breeze, BtTpe'm. 

Brethren, 6pa'rlji, 6pa'Tle. 

Bribe, pyniBe'Tii (T) ; v. a. no4Ky- 
ny'aaM'B-niak ; — ery, no'4Kyri'B. 

Brick, (sun -dried) KHpmi'qb; (kiln- 
burned) Ty'xja (T)- 

Bride, fiy'JKa, HeBt'cia — groom, 

Bridge, mocti. 

Bridle, 1034a' 
Brief, Rpa'TOK^b ; 

ly, HaKico, 

Bright, a'ceni; (shining) CBtwH'Bi; 

— en, V. n. H3a'cHyBaMi-ni* ca^ 

OTBa'pHM'B-BO'piiR Cfl. 

Brilliant, cBtrjiH'Bi. 

Brim. ycia'. 

Brimstone, ct'pa. 

Brine, npe'coJCB. 

Bring, v. a. 40Ho'caMi-HecA'; — up, 


Brink, Kpaft. 

Bristle, neiifHa. 

Brittle, Kpe'xxKx, jecHOTpoma'jirB. 

Broad, miipo'K'B. 

Broil, V. a. neKa»' -qe'mb. 

Broken, cqio'neHi. 

Brook, Ba'4a; rain — , nopo'8. 

Broom, Meua'. 

Broth, iop6a' (T). 

Brother, CpaT-B ; — in -law (wife's 

iirother) unopa; (sister's husband) 

Bruvvn, KaBepe'Hru (coffee color) T. 
Bruise, iiaibpiaMb-TiK ; — ed, na- 

Brush, qe'TKa. 
Brule, CKOT'b. 
Bubble, iiy3H'p'b, MHH)'p:B. 
Bucket, Be4po'. 
Buckle, TOKa' (T). 
Bud, n^Ti'nKa; v. n. nfTi'mR na-. 
Buffalo. eH'BOJix; — cow, 6H'B0iH- 

Bug. 6y6yjie'«iKa ; bed — , 4t>pBe- 

Bugle, Tp;R6a'. 
Build, npa'sifi na-, c'brpa4a'BaM'b 

-4i*'; — ing, nanpa'Ba, cirpa'4a; 

— er, c'brpa4H'Tewib. 
Bull, 6uKb. 

Bullet, Kypmy'Erb (T), fl4po'. 
Bump, V. a. xJo'naMi-nHiR, y'4paM'L 




Bunch, (of grapes) rpo34'B; (of 

flowers) Kia'TKa. 
Bur, jit'nKa. 
Burden, TOBapi, dpt'iie (S) ; v. a. 

HaTBa'pflM'b-pifi ; v. n. 40TerHy'- 

Burial, [6e'pia^:B]9 norpe6e'Hie. 
Burn, V. a. and n. ropift'^ na'pijR. 
Burst, V. n. ny'KaMi-Kiuii ca;npb'- 

CKaMi-CHifi en. 
Bury, [6e'pH]^ 3apa'BflMi*po'BUB, 3a- 

Kona'BaMi-na']£ ; ( a person) no- 

rpe'6)iMi-6ii&' ; — ying- ground, 

rpo'6Hiiia pi 
Bush, pacTH'ua, XBpacTi (S). 
Business, [tn'saecbj^ pa'6oTa, sa- 

Busy, [6h'3h], to be — , 3aHHMa'BaMi 


But, HO ; a. 

Butcher, Kaca'nHirB(T) ; mh'chhk'b (S). 

Butler, Kpa'BH Ma'cjo ; — milk, ma- 

BuUerfly, nHnepy'4a. 
Bultoek, 3a'4HHua. 
Button, nere'^Ka; v. a. saneijia'- 

BaMi-jii'i£ ; 3aKo'n4flMi-'k'i£. 
Buy, Kyny'aaMi-y'nHk ; — on trust, 

Kyny^BaMi na Bt'p^; — er, Ky- 

Buzz, V. n. 6pbMMiji^'. 
By, npH, 40; (inslrumentally)ipe3i; 

— and — , no4H'p'b Ma'jKO Bpt'Me, 

CKopo; good — , npoma'Bafiie, 0- 

CTaHOTe CB BoroMib, AeKh n&Tb. 


Cabbage, de'Am. 
Cebin, KOJH'da. 

Cable, o'pxyMa. 

Cage, Ka^e'ci (T), K4e'TKa. 

Cake, Kypa6re(T). 

(]alan)ity, 6t'4CTBie« 

Calculate, v. a. cmt'TairB-THs^ cqif- 

TaMi-qoTA' ; — tion, carh'TKa. 
Calendar, Ka^eH4a'pb^ ntcajiocio'n 
Calf, Teje'. 

Calico, 6acMa' CD- 
Call, buk'b; v. a. BU'KaiTB-KHS, so- I 

BA'; HapH'HaM]&-peK£' ; — out, 

H3BH'KyBaM:b-KaMi ; — togeAer, 

cBu'KyBaM'B-KaM:b ; — ing, SBaMt; 

3aHaaT:b (T). 
Calm, THX'b ; cnoKo'HHi ; n. THnnBof, 

V. a. ynimfl'BaMi, ynoRox'BaD 

ovh' ; yra ja'raMi-^o'sKifi. 
Calumniate, v. a. KJieseTm'^ uM" 

»4aMi&-t'4KR ; — ny, RieBen', 

Camel, KaMHjra (G) ; Bej6 jh)'4S (S) 
Camomile, jiafijiaflK/qKa. 
Camp, cTam; v. a. pacnojnfran 


Camphor, Ka'M*opa. 

Canal, npoKo'n'B. 

Canary- bird . Kanape'flKa. 

Cancer, paK:b. 

Candid, 6e3npHCTpa'cTen'B. 

Candle, CBtiub, f. — slick, CBin'j- 

Cane, loa'ra. 

Cannibal, ieji0B'bK0H'4eu'b. 

('anter, mukb; v. n. Bbpai^' jmras. 

Cannon, Tonx(T). 

Canon, npa'Biijio. 

Canopy, He6e'ceHi cbo4'b. 

Cap, Kane'jra, ma'nKa. 

Capable, cnoco'6eirB ; — bility^ cno- 


Cape, (head-land) Hoci; (of a cloak, 

etc} BpbTHH'K'B. 

Capital, xy'6aB:b^ TBb'p4t 4o6pi; 





— letler, rja'BHa 63r'KBa; n. 

rjia'Bmiifi rpaAi^ CTo'juuiHa ; (mo- 

oey3 jKamrra'jo. 
laptaiQ, RanBTa'Hi. 
!aplive, poei, po6u'HH ; — vily, 

nj['bH:b ; — ture, v. a. 3apo'6fliii 

Haravan, KepBa'iTB. 
Carcass, mpb'nifl. 
^rds, Ka'pTbi, KHH'ru. 
Jare, rpu'Hca, rpu^Ke'me; v. n. — 
for, rpu'»i& ca ; take, — , Ba'p- 

lareful, BHHMa'Tejieirb;'to bo— bhh- 
Ma'BaHi^ Ba'p4i£ ca; — eless, ne- 
tipe'SKCHX, HeBHHMa'TejeHi^ Hepa- 

Caress, raUus^ Min'xyB?M%. 

!?argo, TBopi na reMi'uR. 

Carpenter, ak) jre'pHHi (T), 4pz»B0- 

Carpet. KUHifb (T); (coarse) uicTb. 

Carriage, TaiH'ra. 

Carrot, MO'pKOB'b. 

Carry, 3aH0'cflM'b-uec£' ; (in a car- 

I'ioge), Bo'stifi, saKa'pyBam^-paMi ; 

— in, BHo'cHM:b-Heciiik'. 
Cart, Koja'^ pi. 
Carve, 4u6a'i£ h3- ; (cut) ^ paapt - 

Cascade, ckohi, B04ona'4^. 
Case (box) can4iii'Ki T. (small) Ky- 

Ti'fl; (condiliun) noj[o»ce'uie ; (in 

Grammar) uuAo'^b. 
Cash, napu'. 
Cask, 6y'pe. 
Cast, V. a. XB£'p^flMX-iiiK ; (mc 

tals) Ha^Mf'saMx-jtiA; — out, h- 

off, OTXBb'p.lflM:b-Jli£. 

Castle, daM-LKb. 

Cat, KO'TKa; torn — Koiypa'ia. 

Catalogue, pa'cniiciB. 

Catarrh, pe'Ma. 

Catch, jioBift' y-9 jjm'warh^MBa'. 

Caterpillar, ri&ce'HHua. 

Catgut, Te'THBa. 

Cattle, CKOTB^ 4o6u'TiirB, roBe'40. 

Cause, npn^HHa. 

(laution, ocTopo'acHOCTb ;"] — ous, 

Cavalry, ko'hhhuu. 
Cavern, neiuepa'. 
(^vity, Tpani. 
Cease, v. a. npeKparfl'saMi-TiJii' ; 

v. n. npecTa'HyBajii-uiii; — less, 

Ceiling, Ta3a'Hi (T), no'4epe. 
Celebrate, v. a. npa34Hy'BaMi, rsp- 

HcecTBy'saMi ; — ed, npocjia'- 

BeiTb, npoHio'TB, SHaHeiiH'n. 
Cel i ba cy , 6e3»e'HCTB0. 
Cellar, H'sCa, 3fi'manKB. 
Cement, a4vrfl(T); v. a. saMtifl'- 

Cemetery, rpo'6biiua pi. 
Cent, cnoqa'cTie; interest, so much 

per cent, ♦afl4a'(T), or JiH'xBa 

tojIKo Ha cTo-xe. 
Censer, Ka4H'jiHHua. 
Censure, v. n. ocsh'mA&M^-s^A^^ 


Centre, cpe4a', cpe40T0'4ie; — ral, 

Centurion, co'thiiicb. 
Century. stKi, CTOjt'rie. 
Ceremony, o6pfl'4'B. 
Certain, yBt'peni, HSst'CTeHi; — ly, 

descBMiii'HHo^ HenpeMt'HHO. 
Cerliticaie, CBif4t'TejeTB0^ yBtpe- 

Cessation, npecia'HyBame. 
Chaff, Hwit'Ea. 
Chain, cHH4»H'pi (T), aepH'ra; v. a. 

Bpb'ayBaMl Ch CHH43KH'p:b, OKOBa'- 
BaiH*"Bfi • 




Chair, cTOi:B. 

Cbalk, th6hiiih'p'& (T). 

Chamber, ro'pHHua. 

Chance, wy'iafl. 

Change, iitHi&\ npoMtHfl'BaMi-Hi&'; 
H3MtHfl'BaM'B-Hk6' ; — one's dress, 
iipeo6^H'4aiii-j[tK£' cfl; pa3Ba'- 
j[flM'b-jii£ ; — eable, Eswbnu'ewb^ 


Chaos, xa'oci, 6e3nopfl'4iirB. 
Chapel, napaKJH'c^b (G). 
Chapter, rjiaBa'. 
Character, cbo'8ctbo, xapa'KTep'^; 

— ristic, CBo'BcTBeHX. 
Charcoal, Bir^iiiAa pi. 
Charge, 3ap&'qaMX-q& ;^ 3aiipeTfl'- 

BaMl**"T}& • 

Charity, MifjocTUHfl. 

Cba rm , BJiaqe'nie^ B^a w'to jctbo ; 
npi'JtecTfc ; ypo'KM; v. a. npt- 
ACTfl'BaM:b-m' ; y9ia'iOBaM:b-a'i£ ; 
*— ing, Bwia^H'TCwib ; npt .lecTeHX. 

Chart, Mo'pcKa Ka'pra. 

Chase, jobi ; v. a. ro'uki; — away, 

Chaste, He ctch'b, wct'b, utjioffl&'4p'B. 
Chasten, HaKa'syBaMi. 
Chnstise/nent, HaKasa'iiie. 
Chaslify, qe'cTHOCTb, utjroMiTi'^pie. 
Cheap, OBTe'HX ; — ness, eBTeHi'ii. 
Cheat, V. a. MaMKR H3-, H3ji'BryBaM'B 

Check, 3anH'paHie; (for money) no- 
jiHua ; V. a. 3anHpaM'5-np&' ; (res- 
train) y4pba:fl'BaM'B-»fifii. 

Cheek, 63^38, crpana'. 

Cheer, v. a. Becejifi', pa3Beceia'- 
BaM'B-^i^'^ 3apa'4yBaM:& ; — ful, 

Cheese, cu'peHie. 

Chemistry, xWMiff. 

Cherish, v. a. xpa'Hifi, nrnsTm. 

Cherry, qepe'iua; BHuma. 

Chest, (box) caH4£'iCB (T) ; (breast) 

Chestnut, kc'ctohi. 
Chew, V. a. 4£'B9iA c-. 
Chicken, iiH'je. 

Chide, V. a. Mi&'HpiA ; Ka'paHi c- a 
Chief, r^aBa', Haqa'jiHHirb ; a. rjif- 

Bem; — ly, nb'pBO^ na'M noBev. 
Child, 4*16' (pi. 4tua'), 4a'4o;- 

hood, 4tTH'HCTBo; — like, 4!- 


Chill, V. a. H3CTy4H'Ba]jrB-4Mi; T. 

feel — , HCTu'HyBaM:b-H£, am' 

MH e. 
Chimney, KOHifirB. 
Chin, 6pa4a'. 
China (ware) *ap*y'pi; (the coua- 

try, KwTa'M. 
Chip, Tpt'cKa . 
Chirp, Ubpiia'. 
Chisel, pi3e'u'B. 
Chocolate, ^OKOJa'rB. 
Choice, o'T6op'b, n'36op:B^ H36pa'Hie. 
Choke, V. a. 4yiniA' y-; v. n. 3a- 

4a'Bflflrb-Bi£ Cfl. 
Choose, V. a. H36H'paM'B-6epa'. 
Chop, V. a. ctK&'-qe'iiib na-. 
Choppingf-knife, ctqMBo'. 
Christ, XpicTO'Cb. 
Christen, v. a. Kpbii(a'Ba]irB-B'CTi&. 
Christian, xpiciiaHHH'b ; a. xpicii- 

a'HCKMfl ; — nity, xpicTia'HCTBO. 
Christmas, poHe4ecTBO' XpicTO'BO, 

Chronicle, At'iouuch. 
Chronology, xpoHOjio'ria, liioHJt' 

Church, ub'pKOBa^ qb'pKOBa. 
Churn, v. a. fiy^iaM^b-Ti* ; n. 6y- 

Cinnamon, Tapqn'irb. 
Cipher, uH'*pa; v. cjrb'TaHS-rijB) 









ircle, Rpsra; TBpKaio'. 

ircular, TbpKa^a'cTi; (letter) OKp&'- 

irculate, a. a. p«34a'BaM'B-4a'ii:B ; 
V. n . pa34a'BaM:b-Aa'jirb cfl ; o6pb - 

maMl-6B'pH& Cfl. 

iircumeise, v. a. o6pi'3yBam-»(£; 

— -sion, o6pi'3aHie. 
'ircumfereDce, oko'^hoctb, 0Kp£- 


Circumstance, o6cTOflrTeiCTBO. 

Jitron, Ku'Tpo. 

!Jity, rpa4B; — lizen, rpa^a^HiiH^b. 

jivil, rpa»r4a'HCKufi. 

[Civilize, v. a. npocBiiiia''fiaMi-*tTi&'; 

o6pa3y'BaM'&-3i]Kk'; — zation, npo- 

Claim, V. a. a'cKam^ HBH'cKyBaMB. 
DIam, CKO'fiKa. 
Clap, luicHH'ua; (of thunder) Tpt'- 

cbkb; v. a. nj[tcKam-cH£ ; v. n. 


Clasp, Ko'flHo (T) ; v. a. aaKon^a- 
BaiTb-m'; (hands) cRiH)'4flM'b-Mi£; 
(embrace) npHrpa'maM'B-ra'pHiR. 

(Class, wfiT^ KjacB. 

Clay, Twn'ia. 

Clean, HvtCTh\ v. a. me'ctkr o-. 

Clear, (as water) dn'oTpi; (as the 
cky) fl'c6Hi ; — ness, fincipHHa', 


Cleave, v. a. ut'nifi na-, pc(3-; 

V. n. npaitnfl'BaMB-ni&' ca. 
Clergyman, CBfln^e'imnicb. 
Clever, HCKy'ceHi. 
Cliff, CKa'^a. 
Climate, lutn'Man* 
Climb, V. n. Ka'qioBaiii-qifi ca; Ka- 

Te'pi& CH. 
Clinp, V. n. yBHBaMi-i'i£ ch, aa- 

jia'BaH-JOBi&' ca. 
Cloak, mnne'^b, Bpb'xna ^lira 


Clock, vfaco'BHMiTb, caxa'TB (T) ; a- 

larm — , 6y4H'fflHirB. 
Clog, cDA'HKa^ npHcn£'fiKa; v. a. 

aany'maMB mm ; npHni&'HyBainB 

-H£;v. n. Ha6H'pa][:b-6epiik (Kaji 

H np:). 
Close, qecTB, riRcii; saTBO'peHB ; 

citcHa'H'B; 6iii'3o; v. a. saTaa'- 

paHB-o'p}£; 3aKJH)'4aiirb-Hi£. 
Closet, 40Jia'ni (T), neay'ji'B. 
Cloth, njra'THo; broad — , cy'KHO. 
Clothe, v. a. o6^H'qaM'b-j[iKfi' ; — 

one's self, o6m'^HWB ca; — ing, 

Cloud, &6AaKh; — y, o6jia'qeuB. 
Clove, KapeH*ii'j[i (T). 
Clover, TpH*H'j[i (G). 
Club, co'na. 
Clurk, V. a. kjio'vi^r. 
Cluster, qe'nKa; (of grapes) rpoaAi. 
Coal, BirjHii^a (pi.) ; a — •) BlweBrb. 
Coarse, Ae6e'Ji. 
Coast, KpaeMO'pie. 
Coat, cypTy'ra; great-—, Bpb'xna 

Cobbler, Kxpna'qb. 
Cobweb, na'aiHHa. 
Cochineal, Kft'pwaia'B (T). 
Cock, niie'^i, (of a cistern, etc.) 

Cocoon, naniKy'jib. 
Cod-fish, Mopy'Ha. 
Coffee, Kase'; — pot, KaBenn'qe, 

Coffin, pa'Ka (S), KO'BierB. 
Cold, cTy4e'H:b; n. Hacra'HKa; to take- 

— ,HacTn'HyBaani-HX; to become—^ 
HSCTH'ny^aM'b-HiR ; to be — , ciy-^ 
4e'Ho MH e, 3H3ia' mn e; — nesa,, 
Colic, Ko'wieu'E. 
Collar, BpaiHH^K'B, orlpja. 
Collect, V. a. cBSffpaM-B-iepai' ; — » 




tion, ci6pa'fiie. 

College, Boeym'jmmey yHHBepcH- 

Colonel, [KApHe^i], nojKo'fiHHirb. 

Colony, nocedie'Hie, npece^e'me ; 
— nine. t. a. npecej[fl'BaMi-jij&'. 

Color, 6ofl' (T), UBtxi; v. a. san- 

Colt, Ko'flqe. 

Gotumu, 4HpeKb (T), cTo'AWh. 

domb, rpe'6eiii; V. a. qe'niA. 

Combine, v. a. cie4HHfl'fiaMX-Hi£', 

Come, V. n. h'4& 4o-; 40xo':K4aHi& 
4o'fl4* ; Imp. 4oi!4H', ejia' (G) ; 
— back, Bpb'n^aMi-b'pHiii ca; — 
down, cja'3H&-i'3iik-t'3H£ ; — 
forth, n3ja'3flM'B-t'3£; — in, BJia- 
3aM'B-i'3&-i'3Hi5i ; — near, npH- 
6jinKfl'fia]ii&-»i]Kk; — off, n3Ja'3flirB 
-t'3A; — out, n3J[a'3HM:B^ H36h- 
Bamw'H^ ; — together, ci6H'paM:b 
-6epA' ch; — up, Ka'qwBaMi-qKR 
Cfl ; — to pass, 6s!ASiy cxa'Hy- 


Coming, a. H4y'iii'B; n. 40xo'»4a- 

Hie^ npMme'CTBie. 
Comet, KOMe'Ta, onama'Ta 3Bt34a'. 
Comfort, V. a. yrtma'sau^B-iiiuR ; 

n. yitrae'flie; — ing, yTtuieHi; 

— able, cnoKO'HHi; — er, yii- 

Comma, sanHTa'a. 
Command, v, a. 3anoBt'4airb9 no- 

Beit'BaMi-jiuii', sapA'qaiH'B ; n . 

3a'noBt4b (f.)> noBejt'Hie; — der, 

Commence, nmm'BQjnrHBJh' 3axBa'- 

Commend, npenopy^qflMi-qiik ; aa- 

XBa'^flM:b-jii£ ; — able, noxBa- 

Com men t , TUKy'BaMi,3a6 t.i tHca'BaM:^ 

-»kr; — ary, tuncyiBa'flie ; — 

ator, TUKyBa'TCJb. 
Commit, npenopy'iaM^B— lia ; npe- 

4a'BaMi-4aMi ; npaBi& Ha-. 
Commodious, cro4eHi, cnoRO'eai. 
Common, npocn; (general) o6ii^; 

— ly, o6uKHOBe'flHo, o'6ii^o. 
Commotion, BOJHe'Hie, BiSMyqe- 

Commune, v. n. npn^anpt'san 

-CTH5'; — nion, npinaii^e'flie, npih 

qa'cxie, KO'MKa. 
Communicate, v. a. cxo6ii^i'BaK 

-n;i&'; — lion, c'ho6nie'me. 
Community, o6ii(ecTBo'; o6nuiHa'. 
Compnion, 4pyra'p'B. 
Company, oSu^ecTBO'., o6iQHHa',Gi- 

4py;KecTB0, Komna'aifl; travelliog 

— , 4py5KBffla. 
Compare, v. a. cpaBHa'aam-m'*, 

— rison, cpaBHe'me; — rable, 
cpaBHa'eMi; — red, cpaBHe'ra; 

— rative, cpaBHR'rejeHi ; ratively, 


Compass, Ko'Mnac:b; v. a. o6iKa- 

jiflMi-ii£, o6xo'^4aiiii-6H'4& 
Compasses, nepre'^'B. 
Compassion, cbxcajit'Hie ; — ate, 

V. a. c'b^aifl'BaMi-jrifi'-ilfi. 
Compel, V. a. npHiiy»c4a'BaHi-Hy'- 

4UK, naKa'pysaM'b-paM'B. 
Compensate, v. a. Harpaa:4aMX-a' 

4UKS 3anjia'iiiaHi^-aTij&'. 
Complain, v. a. 0Ma'Kyvaii:b-a'u 

ca ; — nt, »a'^6a. 
Complete, c:BBbpme'irB ; v. a. cBBp- 

Complexion, u^b^ti na xaiie^. 
Compliment, no34paBie'fiie, 34pa'' 

Comply, V. n. (rbriacfl'Ba]rb-ci£ 


Compose, v. a. cMa'BaM:b-iiffi' nh; 






(Torm) cicTaBia'Bairb-a'Bij!i ; — si- 
lion, cbHim^me. 

Compound, cAo'Tmewh^n. cicth^bi; 
V. a. CBCTaBaMX-Bi*. 

yonipreh^ntl, v. a. nocxHTraM'B-rHfli; 
pa36H'pa]ini-6ep&* ; BpaayMa'aaMx 
-Mkf ca; — nsible, nocTHmvC sn». 

Uo m pulsion , HpHHy»4e'Hie. 

[Conceal, v. a. Kpu'lfi c- ; — ed; 


Donceive, v. a. and n. mu'c^ia^ na- 
Hu'cJK)BaH:B-jiiji^ ; (imagine) bio- 
6pada'BaM:b-3Kii&' ca; (become preg- 
nant) 3aqi!'HajjrB-TOi&' ; — cep- 
lion, saHfl'Tie. 

DoDcero, rpbi'aca; — ones self, v. 
ref. qibi'xflM:B ch. 

Doncerning, aa, pa'4if-) 3apa4H'. 

[yoneiliaCe, v. a. c'Brj[aca'BaM:b-ci£'; 
npHiiHpfl'BaM'B-pii&^ yMeK^a'saHi 

Donclude, v. a. aaKJio'qHM'E-qiiii ; 
p'bmfl'BaM:b<*>mi£ ; — usion, aa- 
lufoqeme; — usive, y6t4H'Te- 

Concord, cir^a'cie. 
Doncubine, Ha^o'^HHua. 
Concur, v. n, ctrja'cflM'B-ciiR ca. 
Condemn, v. a. oc<R'af4aM:B-&'4ii& ; — 

nation, c&Ah^ oc£HC4e'Hie. 
Condense, v. a. crfiutaBaMi-CTift' ; 

Condescend, v. n. cHHcxo'»e4aM:b ; 

— ing, CHHCX04H'TejeHTi; — nsion, 


Condition, cicToa'Hie, nojosKe'Hie ; 

ycjio'Bie; — al, ycjoBeiTB. 
Condole, v. n. cbmaAHBan'b-Am csl 
Conduct, 40Ka'pyBaHie^ noBe4e'Hie ; 

V. a. 3aB0'3K4aittx-Be4£' ; v. n. 

o6xo'»4a]i'B ca^ OTHo'caMi-Hec£' 

Coofer> ▼. D. 4onia'TyBaM:&-TaM:i^ co* 

Confess, v. a. ncnoBt'4y6aM'&-4airb ; 

— ion, ifcnoB'b4fc f. — or, hciio-* 

B'b'4H{IK'B, 4yX0'BHHKl. 

Confide, v. a. npe4a'BairB-4d'irB ; 
V. n. ynoBa'BaMX^ yBtpflTBaHi-pidk' 
i^n ; — dent, yafrpeni ; — dence, 
yBtpe'Hie, 40Bi'peHH0CTb. 

Confine, v. a. aaTBtTpaBrB-^BOfpifi^ 
3anH"paHi-np£'; saKJLfOHa'Bawb^HSi 


Confirm^ v. a. no4TBbp4^Baiirb-4u&'. 

Confiscate, v. a. ormi'Maoii-^Heiuii. 

Conflagration, nosKrt'p'B. 

Conform, v. n. cio6pa3a'BaH-*m&' 
ca ; — able, cio6pa'3eirB. 

Confound, v. a. cMt'ciOBaH-ciA ; 

Confuse, v. a. CMyTa^BaMi-xx'— hiiib ; 
no6)/pKyBajH^*KaH'B, pasiiiB'TioBaH'b 
-THR ; — ed, cM&re'ffh ; pasMt'- 
ccHi ; — sion, 6bpK0Tra. 

Congratulate, v. a. no34paB4a'BaMi 

-bhT, 4eCTH'Ti&. 

Congregate, v. n. c'B6ifpa]rE-e'piK 

Congress, KOHrpe'ci. 
Conjecture, 4ora'TKa; v. n. 4ora- 

}R4a]i%-4i£ ca, cTpy'aa us («tc.) 
Conjugate, v. a. cnpa'ram-errHfi ; 

— tion, cnpa^Ke'iiie. 
Conjunction, fbio's^^ CBpb'cKa. 
Connect, v. a. CBpb'3yBaMi-»x, 

cxe4HHa'BaM'B-HiiR' ; — tion, cxe- 

4HHe^flle ; cbodiue'flie. 
Conquer, v. a. no6tHe4a'Ba9ii-e4&'' 

-HHib ; npHBSM'MaM'b-e'Mfli ; — or, 

no644H'Tewib, aaBoeBa'rcib. 
Conscience, ciBtcTb ; — entious, 


Conscious, to be, yci'maMX-fiiiR 

ca ; — ness, c:B3Ha'Hie. 
Consecrate, v. a. ocaaTa'BaMl^Tkk'; 



(devote) nocBflTfl'BaBrB-Tiak'. 
Consent, v. n. cxrj[a'cflMX-ci&' ca; 

n. cxFwia'cie. 
Consequence. cjt'4CTBie, no4H'fHH- 

Ha ; — ntly, cj[t'40BaTe4H0. 
Consider, v. a. and n. iiu'cjii&^ pas- 

Consist, V. n. cxctoia'. 

Console, v. a. yTtiiia'BaM:B-mH&' ; 

— lalion, yTime'Hie. 
Consonant, cxrja'CHa 6y'KBa. 
Conspire, V. n. croBa'paMX-o'pi& ca, 

C4y'ittyBaM:B-MaMi ca ; — racy, 

croBO*pi, aaroBO'pi. 
Constant, nocToato ; — ncy, no- 

CToa'HCTBO^ nocToa'Hie. 
Constipation, TBi>p40Mpe'Bie, aano'pi. 
Constitute, v. n. cicTaBja'BaMt-a- 

Bi&; — tion, ci4HHe'Hie ; (of man) 

Ti^ocjoace'Hie ; — al, npHpo'4eHX. 
Constrain, v. a. npHHyaf4a'BaM'B-y- 

4te; — nt, HCBO'^a, npHHyaf4e- 

Consul, KD'HcyjU. 
Consult, V. n. CMt'iyBaM'B ca ; — 

alion, cxBi'TyBairie. 
Consume, v. a. HCTp4'6aM'B-6iiR ; 

]«K4HBa'BaMiBi&'; ii3ropfl'BaH:b-pii&'; 

— mption, (disease) Bepe'Mt, T. 

Contagious, npn^'bnwin'B'B. 

Contain, v. a. c:B4i>p»:a'BaH'B-2Ri&' ; 

( he Id) , cTi6H*paM:B-6epiiR'. 
Contaminate, v. a. ocKBepHa'BaM'b 

Contemn, npesH'paM'B-spiR'. 
Contemplate, v. a. pa3MbiCwia'BaM:b 

Contemporary, a. pa3rj[a'4yBaMi 
-4aM'B ; ciBpi'MeHBHi ; n. cxapi- 


Contempt, npeapt'flie; — tible, npe- 


Contend, onH'paM:b-npii&' ca; (dis- 
cuss), npenH'paMi-np&' ca ; (strug- 
gle), 6o'piA ca ; (quarrel), Ka- 
paMt ca C-; (strive), no4BH3a'- 
BaJMCB ca; — nlion, 6op6a'; no> 

Contented, 40B0'j[era; — tment, 40- 


Contention, npenHpa'aie. 
Contents, c'B4pB3Ka'flie. 
Continent, cyiua. 
Continual, Hcnpecra'HeHX ; — ly, 

Continue, v. a. npo4^:b3Rfl'BaH%-xk', 

V. n. c^'fc'4yBaMi^ Tpa'ifs. 
Contract, KOHxpa'KT^B, 4oroBO'pi, v.d. 

KOHTpaTi^' ca ; CK^Bca'Baini-ck' 

ca, CBH'BaM'B-i'ifi ca. 
Contradict, npoTHBopt'qiR-eiift;— 

tory, npoTHBopt'qHBi. 
Contrary, npoTH'BeHt ; on the,— 

HanpoTH'BX, Hao'naKu. 
Contrast, v. a. npoTHBonoja'ran 


Contribute^ v. a. cnoMal^ajn-flO- 

Contrite, crpome'H'B, cxKpymelai^S. 

Control, v. a. y4pi>2Ka'BaMi-xi£'; 

Controversy, npinnpna*. 

Convenient, je'ceni, cro'AeffB. 

Convent, MOHacTU'pb. 

Converse, v. n. pa^roBa'pairE-BO- 
pi& ca ; — sation, pa3roBO'pi. 

Convert, v. a. o6pb'maMX-6i>'pM ; 
npeBo6pi>'maM'B-b'pH«; — ed, o6b'p- 
HaT:E ; — rsion, o6pbme'Hie. 

Convey, v. a. Ho'ci&; saKa'pyBwa 
-paM'bj 40Ka'pyBaMi-paM:B ; (com- 
municate) c'bo6ii]ia'Basi:B-iiii£'. 

Convict, v. a. o6jHHa'BaM'b-qiiik'; — 
ed , o6jHqe'H:b, - o6^Hqe'Hie. 

Convince, v. a., (persuade/ y6*aK4a- 






BaM^<^t4Uik'; (convict) o6^Ha'BaM:5 


invoke, v. a. CBU'KyBaHi-Kanx. 
^ook, V. a. BapMk' c-, (lo prepare 

food) ro'TBi* Ha-, c-: n. no'Bap:B, 

uool, xiaVteHX, npoxjia^eHi, v. a. 

npoxia4a'BaMTir4iA'; H3CTy4»"BaMi 

-4Hi'; — ness, xab^at*^ Xjia4HHHa'. 
Cooperate, v. a. ci4i'flcTB0BaH:B ; — 

tion, cwb'ficTBie. 
Copper, M'b4b. 
Copperas, CHHb Ka'M'BKi; (from iron) 

Copy, KO'niff, nptnH'ci; v. a. npt- 

Cord, BpbBb, f. 
Cordial, a. cbp4e'ieHTi. 
Cork, aaTyJKa. 
Corn, nany'pt, ua'peBHua. 
Corner, KH>me' (T), afmi, kxti. 
Corporation, o6mecTBO'. 
Corporeal, TeAt'cewb. 

Corpse, MpbTBa'aX, CMpb'THHlTB. 

Corpulent, 4e6e'^x, cHa'aceHX, inHm- 
HaH^b, T. 

Correct, a. npaBi ; v. a. Hcnpa'BaMi 
-BiA, onpa'BflM'B-Bi* : — ed, h- 

Correspond, v. n. cbOTBi'xcTByBaM'b; 
(by leller) nn'mfi na-; — ing, 
ciOTBt'TCTBeH:b ; — ent, (news-pa- 
per) 4onHca'TeJib ; — ence, cho- 
me'Hie ; nptnn'CKa, 4onH'cKa. 

Corrupt, TBXiA'h^ paasa^eto, pasBpa- 
JHewb ; V. a. pasBa.iaM'B-jiiiR, pas- 
BpaTfl'^sNirB-Tijii' ; v. a. rm'iiR; — 
lion, rHH'jocTb. 

Cost, CTpy'Bami-CTO'piiR, mi'mak. 

Costive, 3a4iHeH:B; — ness, aano'p'b. 

Coiemporary, c:bBpt'Meirb ; n. ci- 


CoUage, K0Jflr6a. 

Cotton, naaiy'Ri, T. 

Couch, nocTe.iKa. 

Cougl), Ka'm^Mua ; v. n. Ka'uufliii, 

hooping — , Jo'ma-Ta Ka'uuima. 
Council, cMt'fi, ci6o'pi. 
Counsel, CBBt'ra; v. a. cMt'iy- 

Count, V. a. hbts! npe-, 6poi&'« 
Countenance, MU,e\ 
Counterfeit , Ka-inaai, (from T. 

Ka'Jin'b), ^"b^CjIh'b^b ; «aiuiH'Bi. 
Country, crpaiia'; (native) oie'^ie- 

ctbo; — man, ce'JiHUiiH^b. 
Courage, 4b'p30CTb ; -— eous, 4bp3-' 

Hoae'Hi, 4b'p3ocTeHi, cb'pqoHi. 
Course, leqe'iiie; (of study) icypcyb. 
Court, 4Bopx. 
Courteous, Bt'aciHB'b. 
Cousin, 6paTo^a'4iB, w'qesx cub:b^ 

By'tilCOBl^ CblH'b. 

Covenant, saBt'T^b; v. a. sa B'bnia'-' 

Cover, nox^y'HKa, Kana'icb, T. (of a 
book) Kopa'; v. a. 3axiy'nflii'b-ni&; 
(with earth) 3aKona'Basi:b-na'i£ ; 

— up, saKpu'Bam^b-u'is ; — over, 
noKpu'Baani-M'iiR,* — a hole, aa- 
nyluflMi-miA ; — ing, noKpu'BKa; 

— ed, noKpu'T-b. 
(]overlid,. noKpu'BKa. 

Covet, v. a. no»reja^BaMii-jal£ ; 

— ous, ria'4eH'b, cpe6pojiH)6u'B:b ; 

— ness, cpe6pojuo'6ie. 
Cow, Kpa'adr 

Coward, cipauuH'Kb (neAOBtKh). 
Crab, paKi; — apple, Ku'ceiHua* 
Crack, u'b'nKa, v. a. ny'KaMi-faifi, 
v. n. npamiiR',- ny'KBM'L''Kii& ca^- 

Cradle, aio'ak^ 

Crafty, jryKa'B-b . 

Crasi}, v. n. Tptii](i&'-CH£. 

Crater, ycrie. 



Cravat, spaTOBe'SKa. 

Crawl, V. n. nx^suk', jia'3i£, BJia'qifi 


Crazy, xyA'h; v. n. to be-, jry44'i*, 
jy4y'BaMi,* (lo become) nOwiyAa- 
6aMi-t'i£ ; 

Creak, v. u. cKpHni^'. 

Cream, cmeTa'Ha. 

Create, v. a. npa'Bi& na-, ci34a- 
BaMi-^a'Mx; — lion, cx34a'Hie, 
HanpalBa, TBope'Hie,- — lor, tbo- 
pe'i^B, c'BSAa'fe^b^ — ture, TBapb, 

Credible, Btpofl'TOHii, HMOBt'peHi, 
40CT0Bt'peH:B ; - — bilily, 40CTO- 


Credit, on — Hafit'pa. 

Credulous, jeKOBt'peir&. 

Creed^ chmbo'j^b, Bt'pa. 

Creep, v. n. ja'3i£, nuLdm'. 

Crib, fl'cja. 

Cricket, mype'u'B. 

Crime, Bima', npecT£njie'flie. 

Criminal, a. BHHOBa'T:b; n. bhho'- 


Crimson, pyMalai, wpae'ifB. 
Cripple, a. xpoMi; v. a. OKyoa'BaMii 

Crisis, KpH'3Hcx. 

Criterion, npa'BH^o, npo'6a. 

Crockery, cji40Be' pi. 

Crook, KpHBHHaT; v. 9. DpeKpHBfl'baM:b 

BUk'; npeBH'BaM'B-ii&; — ed. KpuB'b. 
Crop, MaRcy'j'B (T), npoH3BO»4eHic ; 

(bird's) ry'ma. 
Cross, n. KpbCTZ; a. ci>p4h't'b; v. a. 

RpbCTO'cyBaOTb-CaM^b ; CKpb'CXH)- 

Bam^E-Tkb; — one's self, Kpb'CTii& 
ca; — oul^ 3ajiHqfl'BaM'B-'!iai'. 
Crouch, V. n. HaB0'»4a9i:b-Be4i£' ch, 

Croup, rtp^ua 

Crow, Bpaaa, \\ n. uVm no-« 

[ Crowd, Kaiadai^'iTB (T), HHo'iro is* 

po'4'b,- HaBa'JHua; v. a. Tinnifi; 

HaTH'cKamx-cHA; v. n. HaBa'ifl» 

-^iiR' ca. 
Crown, BtHe'u'B, Kopo'Ha; (of tlie 

head) li'Me,- v. a. Btfiqa'BaM'b-Hi'iL 
Crucify, v. a. pacn£'iiyBaii:B-HA; 

— fix, Kpb'cTi; — fl}uoD^ pacBi^ 

Cruel, jHotx, 3'hA'L. 

Crumh, Tpoxa'; v. a. Tpomi^'ia-. 

Crumble, v. a. xpouikk', pa3^!qM)6a- 

BaMi-SiA',- V. n. Tpoiui&' ca, pa3- 

4po6a'BaM'b ca. 
r.rusade, KpbCTOBW'a noxo'4'B. 
Crush, V. a. cMa'syaaMib-^KA. 
Crust, Kopa'. 
Crutch, naiepifua. 
Cry, Bu'Kb; v. n. Bbi'KaiH'B-KH£; nja'tt* 
Crystal, KpacxaJi, 6HJia'p*, T. 
Cube, hy6'b; — root, Ky6n'qecKiiA 


Cubit, jiatoTi. 
Cuckoo, KyKyanua. 
Cucumber, Kpa'cxaBHua. 
Coll, V. a. oiCH'paMi-epiR'. 
Cultviare, v. a. (the soil) o6pa6o- 

TH)BaMi-Ti& ; (the* mind) ofipasj'* 

BaMii ,• — lion, oCpadoTxioBaHie; 0- 

Cunning', a. zHxp-B, JijUB^B'h. 
Cup, qa'ma T. 

('uphoard, 40Ja'n'B (T^, nesy'jk 
Curable, mji'bw'n%. 
Cure, V. a. utpi&' 113-, Ha^tqa'BaK 

Curious, jiH)6onu'TeH'B,* — -osily,dno- 

Curl, cKO.iy'B'B; v. a. K&'ApiL; v. a. 

K&'4p£ ca. 
Current, 6pb3'bfl. 
Curse, icia'xBa,' v. a. KbUH£ npo^; 

— ed, npoKia'xii. 




Curtain^ nep^e' (T), saBfrca, 

Curve, KpHsaiH'ua; — line, Kpirta 
jH'Hifl; V. a. npeKpHBfl'Ba3i:B«Bi& ; 
V. n, sacy'KyBaMi-KaM'B ca. 

Cushion, Bi3rjia BHHua. 

Custom^ o6i>i"-!afl; (trade) 3niiaHie 

Custom-house, riOMpy'irfc (T), mh'thh- 

Cuf, wh'um ; (wound) pa'Ha ; (shape) 
Rpoe'»b ; V. a. pt'aciA c-, ciK*' 
-He'mb Ha- ; — down, otcu'hbmi 
-^dum' ; — off, OTCH'qaM'B, oipi - 
3jBawhHK& ; — in two, npecii- 
Hanrs-ciKib' ; — our, Kpoifk' c- ; 
H3pt'3yBaM'b-»fiR ; — up, napt- 
ayBairB-aci&, Hacir4aii:b-ctK£'. 

Cypress, Kunapa'ci. 



Daily, 6xe4He'BeH'B, noBce4He'BeH'b. 
Dagger, Kaiira' (T), xaH4»ca'p^ (T). 
Dam, 6eHT7^ (T), asi; (molherj 

Damage, Bpe4'B, Tn^eTa' ; v. a. Bpe- 

4i&' no-. 
Damask, 4aHa'cKa. 
Damn, oc&'»?4aMi^iKr4i& ; -« ation, 

^ Damp, Bja';KeHi ; to grow — , OBii- 

rHyBaMX-HA : — ne^s, BJa'xcHOCTb. 
t Danro, arpa', xopo' (G); v. n. h- 

Danger, 6t4a', ona'cHOCTb ; ~ ous, 

I Dare, v. n. CMi'kB. 
Dark, Tb'HesB; — ness, TbMHUHa^- 

— en, V. a. 3aThmiffBQWhrm&: ; to 

grow — , 3aTMiHa'Ba-HH ca. 
Darn, v. «• aa]ipt'»yBa]n&-»dffi« 

Dart, CTp*^a*. 

Dash, V. a. y'4pflMi-4a'pi«; npb'CRaaii 

-CH* ; paaCH'BaM'B-i'iA. 
Date, tiHCJo' na nnt'cnm; ^ntHOKb. 
Dauh, V. a. yn^e'cKyBairb-«'ii^& ; 

Daughter, 4iuepfl'. 
Dawn, 3opa'; v. n. aaaopa'Ba-^pH' 

ca, pa3Cifi'fiHyBa-He ea. 
Day, 4eHb; — time, by — , 4eHa'; 

— before yesterday, aa'sqepa ; 

— afier tomorrow, 4py'riit 4eHb. 
Dazzic, V. a. ocjtnfl'fiairB-niA% 

noMpaqa'BaM:b-q£'-niiii» ; — hng, 
Dead, npbT^B ; (deceased) noKO'fnfB ; 

— ly, CVpbTOHO'ceiTB, 

Deaf, fjyx'b; to become—, orjiy- 

ma'fiarb-ni'b'i& ; — en, v. a. sa^ 

Dealer, Tipro'seui. 
Dear, CKir«n:b; (in affection) 4pari, 

j[K)6e'3eH]& ; — ness, CKiSini'a, cka— 

Dea r t h , cKAni'a, r jaA^B. 
Death, cxbpTb, f* 
Debate, v. n. ]ipenH'pa]rb-iip£' ca ; 

n. npeniipHA', npt'Hie. 
Debilitate, v. a. H3HeM0iiia'Bairb-iU£', 

ocja6a'fiani-6t l£ ; — ity, cia'— 

6ocTb, He'Mom^. 
Debt, Awr*; — or, M'hTKsst'Kb; to 

get into — , 3a4i'B»£rfl'BaM'b-irki£. 
Decapitate, v. a. odeaoa'aflMX-Bift'^ 

Decay, v. n. pa3Ba'iaM'B-jii& ca, 

Hcna'4airB-4HA ; (roi) Tm'a-^ (gfow^ 

old) OBexTa'BaMi-Tt'iiR. 
Decease, v. n. npecTa'aaMS-BiA ca; 

— ed, noRo'HHi. 

Deceit » jbcib , — ful, Abcn'irh. 
Deceive, v. a. Ka'Hk H3-, HSJiry— 
Ban-^auR,^ npejibCTa'0a»s-Ti&; 



— eel, H3Ma'MeirB ; — er, jRCie'u'B. 
December, 46Ke'MBpiii. 
Decent, 4o6pojH'qeH'B, 6jiaronpH- 

CTOHHi ; — cy, 4o6po^ii qnocTb, 

Deception, HSMa'Ma. 
Decide, v. a. p'bma'fia]f'B-m£'-Mmb, 

0TCiik'x:4aH'B-i&'4i& ; — is ion, pt- 

me'Hie ; — isive. pinni'Tejiemi. 
Decimal, a. 4ecflT}r4eirB. 
Deck, na'jy6a; v. a. npeMtHa'aanfB 

-Hiifi, ru'34ifi' 
Declare, v a. o6aBa'BaM'B-BliR ; Ka- 

ayBaM'b-acii; — ration, odflBje'Hie. 
Decline, v. a. Henpm'MaMB- e'M« ; 

0TKa'3yBaiii«»£ en , oipHqaMi 

-peKA* ca; (in grammar) ckjIO- 

nfl'BaMi-Hi!&' ; v. n. Hcna'4axii'B 

-4Hi«i; — lension, CKjioue'Hie. 
Declivity, y'pBa. 
Decompose, v. a. paaja'rami-o'^ifi ; 

H3rH0fl'BaMx-oki'; v. n. H3rHH'BaNi 

Decorate, v. a. yKpaca'BaMi-ci&'. 
Decrease, r. n. cMaja'aaMX-ji*' ; 

yMajia'BaM'&-j'bi& ca, cMajia'aaMi 

Decree, v. a. onpe4'hj!a'BaM'B-jiiA' ; 

n. onpe4i^e'Hie ; 3a'noBt4bi f. 
Dedicate, v. a. ocBaTa'BaM:^-™'; — 

tion, ocBame'Hie. 
Deduct, V. a. H3Ba'»?4a]H['&-a'4Hf^. 
Deed, pa'6oTa, a'^ao. 
Deem, v. a. noiHTaMi-qeiA'; v. n. 

CTpy'Ba MH ca. 
Deep, 4w6o'k'b; n. 6e'34Ha. 
Deer, pora'qb ; (di)e) Koiuy'ia. 
Defeat, v. a. pasBa'.iaM'b-^i*'; no- 

Defect, He40CTa'T'BK'B ; — tive, ho- 


Defend, v. a. 6pa'Hi£ 3a-; 3amH- 
iua'BaMi-HT)&'9 8aKpH'4aHi-iifi ; 


— er, seanu'rmiKB. 

Defer, v. a. OTjia'raM''»ci£. 
Deference, yBaace'nie ; noHxeme. 
Defile, V, a. yMpbca'BaMi-ciA', o- 

Define, v. a. onpe4tj[a'BaM'B-iifi'; 

— nite, onpe4'bjie'Hi ; — nilioD, 

Deformed, rpo'3eirB, 6e3o6pa'3eHi. 
Degrade, v. a. yHH»?a'BaM:b-xis'. 
Degree, rpa^ocb, cxe'neHb, ctms. 
Deity, BoaceciBO'. 
Delay, v. a. 3aMa'i0BaM:B-a'ii!i, la'is; 

6a'Bi£ 3a-; v. n. mn!i& ca^ 6a'Bi£ 

ca; n. Maa'Hie, 3a6a'Ba. 
Deleterious, Bpe'4effB. 
Deliberate, v. n. CMuaua'BaKS-ii'- 

Delicate, 4e^HKa'TeHi, He'sesr^ i- 

Delicious, c.ia'4'bK'b ; to be — , y- 

Cj!a'»4a"a4H' mh (th, etc.) ca. 
Deli^bt, V. a. Hacjia)K4a'Ba]ii'B-a4i£', 

Becejiift'; v. n. h. ch, b. ca; n. 

nacjia»f4e'Hie, ycwiaHC4e nie ; — ful, 

Delirious. nojy4i'J'b; to be— , jy- 

4t'i£, aaCpa'aaMi-BiiR ca. 
Deliver, r. a. n36a'BaM:b— bi£, ot- 

Tb'pBaM'B-Bi&; — ance. H36aBie- 

Hie; — er, Hsda'aHTe^ib. 
Delude, v. a. H3^iroBaMB-»cs ; h3- 

Deluge, noTO'D-B. 

Demand, v. a. H3H'cKyBa]in&-Ka]n; 

HCKaM:b; nu'TaMi. 
Deuutlish, V. a. pasBa'jHirb-jiiii) 

Demon, 4e'M0HX. 
Demonstrate, v. a. 40Ka'3yBaH:b^x£; 

— tion, 40Ka3a'TejcTB0. 
Den, ipanx; 4y'nKa. 
Denote, oaHa^a'Bairb-q&'-Haib. 






)ense, racrB, Hecvh. 

)eny, v. a. OTpH'qaMX-piKai' cfl ; 

— nial. orpH'qaHie. 

)ep9rt, V. n. H3j!a'3flM'B-j[t'3iR ; 
TptrnyBaM'b-HSk ; 0TH'BaM'b-H4iR ; 

— ure, OTxo'»4aHie. 

Depend, v. n. saBH'caM'B-cfcR ; — 
ence, saBHCHMOcib; — ent, aaBH - 


Deplore, v. a. onj[a'KyBaM'B-a'H&. 
Depose, v. a. cBa'jflM%-j£. 
Deprave, v. a. pa3BpaTii'BaM'B-Ti&' ; 

— ed, pasBpaTe'Hi ; — viiy, pa3- 

Depress, v. a. oneMS jflMi-^iiA ; — 

sion, nenn'Jih f. 
Deprive, v. a. JHinfl'BaM'b-muE ; ot^- 

Depth, 4Sj6o4HHa'. 

Derive, v. a. npoH3Bo'5K4aMX-o'4K& ; 

— alien, npoH3Be4e'Hie. 
Descend, v. n. CAa'snn'b'-A'b'sm or 

"b'SHfi; (originate) HpoHcxo'»?4aMi, 


Descendant, noTO'MaK:b. 

Descent, y'pBa; (origin) npoHCxo- 

Describe, v. a. onH'cjBaM'B-H'fflA ; 

— iption, onHca'Hie. 
Di'scrt, nycTt; n. nycTu'Hff. 
Desert, v. n. no64'rHyBaM:B-Hfi. 

V. a. ocxa'BflM'B-BifR; — er, 6t»ca- 
He'u^b ; — tion, 6t'raHie ; ocxa- 
Deserve, v. n. 3acj!y'3KK)BaM'B-5Ki& ; 

— ing, 3ac^y'Hawi, 40rcTo'HH:&. 
Design, HaMt'peHie ; v. n. ji'mawh 

Designate, v. a. Ha3ua4fl'BaMX-qi&'; 

— tion. Ha3Haie'Hie. 

Desire, v. a. »e.ia'iiik; n. afejia'Hie. 
Desolate, nycii; v. a. 3anycTfl'Bam 
-ria'; — tion, aanycTi^'flie. 

Despair, v. n. OTqA'iOBaHi-H'te cs; 

n. oiqa'HHie. 
Desperate, OTqa'aiii; — ly, oiHa'a- 


Despise, v. a. nptsH'paMX-dpiik'. 
Despotism, 4ecnoTH'«ieTBo; — ic, 4e- 

Destroy, v. a. pa3Ba'j[flMi-*jiiR, no- 

ry'6flM:&-6iA, pa3opa'BaMi-piflk'; h- 

Deslnietion, nory6je'Hie^ noru'6ejb« 
Detain, v. a. 3a4pi>:Ka'Basi:b-»nA'. 
Detect, v. a. yjia'BflM:B-o'Bisi. 
Determination, ptine'uie. 
Develop, v. a. pa3BH'BaMW'i£ ; — 

ment, pa3BK'Tie. 
Devil, 4iaB0J'B. 
Devote, v. a. nocBaTa'BaMX-riiR' ; 

— one's self, ch ; — ed, npt4a'Hi; 
to be — , npt4a'BaMi-4a'Mi ca; 

— edness, np'b4a'HH0CTb. 
Devour, v. a. H3a'4aMi-fl'jtti. 
Dew, poca'. 

Dialed, Hapt'qle. 

Dialogue, pa3roBO'p:E. 

Diameter, 4iaMe'T!Bp'B^ nonepe'qmiKXw 

Diamond, 6e3U'bHHidfl KaMiirb^ 4ia- 

Diarrhea, 4pii'c:bK:B^ ciopriOHJio'KS 
T. noHo'ci; to have the — , 4pH'- 


Dictionary, pt'qHHK'B, cJOBa'pb^ 

Die, v. n. yMH'paMi-Mpa'. 

Diet, 4ie'Ta; v. n. B:B34pk';KflMs 

-4bp»&' Cfl. 
Differ, v. n pa3jiH'qaMi-qi*; — ence^ 

pa3jiH'Ka, pa3Jiu'4ie ; — ent, pus— 

Difficult, ms^HCKh^ Tpy'4eHs; — ty. 

Diffuse, V. a. pacnpocTpaHfl'BaM'& 

Dig, V. a. (wHh spade, etc.) ko- 




nafe; (with feet, claws elc.)po'- 
6i&; — up, HCKona'BaMi-a'i£, 

Digest, CBapH'BaH'B-pUE', CM'h'AlOBdM'h 

Dignity, aocto'hhctbo. 

Deligence, npHj4»fl'Hie ; — nf, npn- 

jii'xewbf pa4H'B'B; (to be) npM'b- 

3Kfl'BaBii*si£', Ba^flYaMi-je'rHiK. 
Dimitiish, v. a. yMajfl'fiaM:B-ji&'^ 

cnajLffBBOiLTr'Jky^* ; — nution , yna- 

Dimple, TpanHifuKa. 
Dine, v. n. iua4Hy'BaHi; (forenoon 

meal) o6t'4yBaMX. 
Dinner, nj[a'4Ha, o6*'4'B. 
Dip, V. a. HaTona'BaM'B-niiR'. 
Direct, a. npaa^B; v. a. onpa'BflH'B 

-'Bi* ; (order) sapx'qHM'B-qfe ; — 

tion, HanpaBjre'nie^ Ha'4nHC'& ; — 

tly, npa'Bo; cerw^Ka. 
Din, MpbcOTfii'; — ty, KtipjifBi T. 

Hequ'cTx; v. a. yBa.iH)BaM:B-Jii&; 

Ma'uawi Ha-. 
Disagree, v. n. Hec*Brja'cHM'b-cii& 

ca; Hecnopa3yMi'BaM:fi-t1iii; — able, 

a, HenpwrTeKi; — inent, Hecirjia'- 

cie, HecnopaayMi'Hie. 
Disappear, v. n. mHe'sKyBBWh-usi, 
Disapprove, v* a. Heo4o6prf'BaM:B 

Disarm, v. a. o6e3opy/Ka'BaM'B-»ifi'. 
Discern, v. a. no3Ha'Ba9i'B-ak& ; paa- 

©ischarge, n. no3BOje'Hie; OTcxa- 

BKa ; V. a. pacny'cBaMt-cnai, 4a- 

Basf'B^ OTcia'BKa; (a debt) Hcn^a- 

maM-B-a'Tia; (a duly) ncuidUHWh 
— Hi*; (a cargo) pacTBa'paM'B-piiR; 

^a gun) XBi>'pjaMi-ji«, rpi'MHy- 
"Bami-Hfi; v. n. tcka'. 
Dtsciple, yqeHH'K'B. 
Diaclaioit y^ «• OTpaWairb*-eKA\ | 

Disclose, V. a. GmphtB^wb^uTA 
Disconsolate, 6e3yTt'meHi. 
Discontented, He40Bo'jieHi. 
Discontinue, v. a. npeK&'cflyBan 


Discord, necxwa'cie. 
Discourage, v. a. san^a'niHirbHBi. 
Discourse, npo'noBt4b (f.), cjo'sa 
Discover, v. a. H3HaMH'paH:b-Hl'p2, 

H3MU'cjioBaM:b-Jti& ; OTicpii'mi 

-u'ifi ; — y, o6pt'TeHie. 
Discreet, y'weHB, pasy'MCffB, 6m9f^ 

paay 'HeHi ; — ret ion , 6 jaropaqf*- 

Mie, pa3c&5K4e'Hie. 
Discrimiiiate, v. a. pa3diH4aL'Ban*tt 

-Hnib, pa3C£xc4a'BaM'B— £'4iA. 
Discuss, V. a. npenH'paM:&-4ipft*ci; 

— ion, npenHpna'. 
Disease. 6o'wiecTb. 
Disentangle, v. a. pacnpa'sanHiib 
Disgrace, 6e3qe'cTi€; v. a, tientf- 

cTi*; — ful, 6e3qe'CTemB. 
Disguise, V. a« npenpa'sjun-iiK; 

KpH'i& C-. 

Disgust, V. a. ovpb'SHyBaiTE-HA. 
Disinclined, neciuo'HeHx; — nu\Mt 


Disinterested, 6ecKopu'CTeH:K; — DM. 

Dish, c£4%^ 6jh)'40. 
Dishonest, neqe'cTeni. 
Dishonor, v. a. o6e3qen](a'BaviB«q^ 

CTi*'; n. 6e3qe'CTie ; — able, 6e3- 


Dishke, v. a. ho o6bi'qaH'b^ upa'ais. 
Dislocate, v. a. ucKSi'AHfm'hrHi&. 
Dismiss, v. a. ny'CKaM'b-CHii^ pac-* 

ny'cKaM'B-cH£, 0Tny'cKaiiii-<2B£. 
Dismount, v. n. Cjia'3aM'b-:b'3i£. 
Disoi)edience, HenoKO'pHOCTb; — ent, 

Henocj/ineH^b, HenoKo'pem. 
Disobey, v. a. Hecjy'uiaM^b^ ho ci 





Disorder, desHH'Bie^ 6ecnopii'Ai&irB ; 

Dispatch, 6i>p30Ti'H ; ^ene'ma ; v. a. 

iipoBo^aM:&-o'4i£ ; cKo'po cBb'p- 

Dispel, V. a. pacn£'H4aMi-fi4i£) 

Disperse, ?• a. pa3Ho'cHirB-Hec&', 

paciipB'cH]rBaH!b-H£ ; v. n. paa- 

Display, V. a« noKa'3yBanx-)R&. 

Dbpieaae, v. a. Hero4y'Bav:5. 

Dispose, V. a. pacnojia'ra]i!&-j[0'»i£ 
€UomtBmiih^ms! ; — of, iipo4a'- 
BaM:^4a'fl:B ; — • sition, pacnojio- 
se'Hie; HpaBi; cbo'Sctbo. 

Disprove, v. a. onpoBepra'saK^rHs; 

Disqualified, Hecnoco'6eH^ 

Disquiet, v. a. 6ecn0K0'ifi, cMynia'^ 

Disregard, v. a. npeHe6pe2Ka'baM!B 
xi&'; He sfl'Maoii-e'MiiL 

Dissatisfied, He40B0'jeirb. 

Dissect, V. a. pa3CH'<iaHis<-ceKiK^ 

IKssemble^ v. n. npHTBOpa^BaHirf iji^ 


Dissension, pa340'pi, pa'cnpfl. 
Dissolute, 6jy'4eH:5 ; — person, Kyp- 

Distant, 4aje'<!eHs; — nee, pascio- 

Distinct, 0T4tjieirB ;^ to be — , jh- 

H«' — ly, OT4t'jnio. 
Distinction, pa3Jif4ie. 
Distinguish, v. a. pasjiir{fl'BaMis-«d& ; 

pacn03Ha'BaH:&-ai& ; — one* s self, 

OTjraTO'BaKb-Hi& cfl; — ed, ot- 

Distress, npnrbcHe'me, 6'b'4CTBie ; 

V. a. npiirbcHfl'BaH:5-Hi&'; v. n. 

Distribute, v. a. pa34a'Baic&-'4a'jrB. 

District, o'6jacTb; oKpA'ade 
Distrust, He40B'b'pie; v. a« ne cfl 

Disturi), T. a. 6ecnoKOl£, ciiyniar- 

BaM:6-yTi»' ; — ance, cHyn^e'Hie. 
Ditch, Tpani; (trench) ORo'ns. 
Dire, v. n. i^pKairb^KHiii ch, lynf- 

Diverge, v. n. pacnpb'i^yBajrb-BS 

ca; pa34'bUflHi-jii&' ca« 
Diverse, pa3JB'4eH:&^ — sity, pas- 

Divert, v. a. OTBJH'qfl]r&-tK&' ; or-* 

tffTBaiTB-H'ifi ; 3a6a'Bfl]r&-Bi&; -— 

rsion, 8a6a'Ba. 
Divide, v. a. 4'b'ji£ pa3-; — ision, 

Divine, 6o»e'CTBeH:B; •— nity, 60- 

Divorce, v. a« Hany'cKani&F-cHfi ; 

Divulge, V. a. H34a'Ba]rB-4a'irB, 0- 

Dizzy, (I am) bbio hh ca cBtrB. 
Do, V. a. npa'Bis na-, crpy'san 

Doctor, 40'KT0pi»9 jitKa'pb. 

Doctrine, yqe'nie. 

Document, 40KyHe'HrB. 

Doe, Komy'TaL 

Dog, Ky'qe^ Dbc^B. 

Dollar, Ta'jiepb. 

Dome, CB041. 

Domestic, 40Ma'meHiL 

Dominion, BJ[a4U'4ecTB0 ; (God's) 

Donkey, Mara'pe. 
Door, Bpaia', pl« .^-^ JLeepeTi vgt^ 

Dot, TO'mca» 
Double, 4B0-ii&!B« 
Doubt, V. n. c^BnHft'BairB ca; il 

c:bMHi'iiie ; — f ul, c^bUHH'Teiera ; 





— lessly, HeCAMHt'HHO. 

Dough, xecTO'. 
Dove, rhJL&6'b. 
Down, 40.10. 
Doze, V. n. 4pi'Mi&-eniB. 
Drag, Y* a. RitK&'-qe'iub aa-, 4a-^ 
or, Bia'4i&; — to, saBJH'iaMi 

-jtK&'; — out, H3BJ[H'HaM:b-tK&V 

— in, yBJii'4aM:B-tKfi', 

Dragoman, 4paroMa'HHHi&, wjma'Hb. 

Dragon, jia'Mfl. . 

Drain, noAKO'ni. 

Draw, V. a. le'rAm; (wine etc.) to- 
Hm HC-, (stove) CMy'ifi; (paint) 
Ha4bpTa'BaMi-a'i&, pe'cynaMi ; — 
out, ustti>KHyBBWb-'Us,; (extract) 
H3Ba »C4aMi-a'4i* . 

Drawer, «e'KMe4Mce, T. 

Drawing, pe'cHMi&, T. 

Dread, yacaci,' — ful, CTpa'meBrB. 

Dream, cihi&, v. a. ciHy'BaMi. 

D^ess, 4pe'xa, o6A'bKJio'; v. a. o- 
6.jH'4aMi-ji'bKi&' ( — the feet) o- 
6y'BaM:B - y'J& ; change one's — , 

Drift, HaMtpenie,' snow — , npt'cna; 
V. a. HaBt'BaJtt:&-t'i&, HaHO'cflMO^- 

Drink, v. a. ni'i*; n. nHiie'. 

Drip, V. a. Ka'ni&-eim>. 

Drive, v. a. Ka'paM-B,- — in, BKa'py- 
BaMi-paMi; — here, 40Ka'pyBaMi, 
npHKa'pyijaMX ; — to a place, sa- 
Ka'pyBaMi; — out, HCKa'pyBaMi ; 

^ — away, oiKa'pyBaMx; -— to be- 
gin to — away, noKa'pyBaM:t ; — 
ver, uptKa'pyBaMx, 

Droop, V. n, i|QBi'xHyBaMVH£ ; 


Drop, Y, n. Ka'nifi, qa-^.y-; n. 

Dropsy, H4po'nHKa, B0'4Ha 6o'j[£cTb. 
Drought, cy'ma. 

Drown, v. a. 4a'Bi& y-. 

Drowse, v. n. 4pi^'Mi&-ei]ib ; n. 

Drug, 6H.iKa; — gist, cneua'pb. 

Drum, xpfiMne'ia, T. (large), rf- 
naiTB; v. n. Tyna'Mi. 

Drunk, nia'H:B^ v. n. (to be) canf- 
BaM:b-fi£Cfl; to get — , nwBtBm 
im cfl ; to make — , ynH'saiii-iiL 
— ard, nia'HHi^a; — euness. mist' 


Dry, cyxi; v. n. c^'xhs;— oji, 
ii3C£'xHyBaM:b-H£ ; v. a. npky** 
nia'BaM:B*iiii£' ; to become-— ,j||i' 

Dubious, cxMHH'TeieHB. 

Duck, M&'HHua^ na'TKa^ iop4e'<iEa. 

Due, a. 4.ii^eirb. 

Duel, 4ye'j[i>, caMo6o'pcTBO. 

Dull, T&nx; — boy, T£iioylKi&; 
v. a. Bcxa6fl'BaM:b-6i£. 

Dumb, H'bm'h. 

Dung, jiaiiHo'. 

Dungeon, Tbrnsntm. 

Durable, hkb; to be — , Tpa'is. 

During, npia^b. 

Dusk, a. 4pa'4KM5. 

Dust, npaxi; — y, npa'meErb. 

Dutiful, noc4yiiijiH'B:t. 

Duly, 4w!iafH0CTi>. 

Dwarf, 4a:K)42Ke' (T), K£c:b wio- 

Dwell, v. n. acHBt'ifi; — in, Bce- 
AR'BBM'h-AiSi' ca; — ing, nsBJUitfBfi. 

Dye, V. a. Ba'ncyBaMi-caMi, G. 

Dysentery, HanH'H:b, Kp:bB04pH'c!U& 



Each, ca'Kofi; — otber» e4H'HS Aff" 




Eager, ycB'pAem. 

Eagle, ope'jii. 

Ear, yxo' (ynra', pi.); (of grain) 

Early, pa'no. 
Earn, v. a. neHe'jiu& c-. 
Earnest, a. ycb'p4eirB; n. neft^ T. 

o6po'irb, 3a4a'T5Ki; — ness, y- 

Earth, seiuH', aeMtf; npbCTb; — ly, 

Earthenware, FHH'ieirB 0x41. 
fiartbqaake, seBueTpece'me. 
Ease, cnoKo'ficTBO, jiecHUHa'; v. a. 

ojreKHfl'BaiTB-Hifi' ; ycnoKo'iOBaM^B 


East, H'cTOKi, BBCTOto; — ern, h- 


Easter, Ila'cxa, BejrH'Ki-4eHb. 
Easy, jie'ceH:B; — ily, jre'CHO. 
Eat, HWh (a4e'inb) ao. r'aoxb^ part. 

Eaves, cxpt'xa, Kanqio'Ki. 
Ecclesiastical, ubpKOBeRi. 
Echo, e'xo, e'KOTb. 
Eclipse, V, a. 3aTbMHa'BaM:Br-riKR' ; n . 

Economy, mcoHo'inia, 40MonpaBH- 

tcjIctbo; — mical person, hko- 


Ecstasy, BicxHme'nie. 

Edgfo, Kpafi; (of a knife, etc.) ocipH- 

Ha', ocTpoxa'. 
Edit, V. a . H34a'Ba]rB-4a'Mi ; — ion, 

H34a'Hie; — or, H34a*Te^b. 
Educate, v. a. BicnHTa'BaMi-a'ia^ 

BicnH'TyBaMi-TaMi ; OTxpa'AflM-B 

hkr; — tion, BicnHTa'nie; — ed, 

^'Bctm'T&H!h^ OTxpa'neHi. 
Sfface, V. a. H3rj[a'»r4aMi&-a'4u&. 
Sffect, 4t'ficTBie; v. a. npa'BiiR Ha-; 

npoH3B0'»e4aMi-e4«t' ; npHqHHa- 

BajirbHai£'; — ive, a. 4t'flTeien:b. 

Efficient, 4'b'HTeieBnB. 
Effort, ycH'jLie; ciapa'aie. 
Egg, siii^e'. 

Egotism, eroH'cM:B; caMOXBa'ilCTBO. 
Either, KOfi 4a e, nuan' Toa EAit to'a; 
— or, mh-HjIh'. 

Elbow, ja'lTBTb (pi. ja'KTH). 

Eight, o'ceMx; — teen, oceiiHa'S- 

caib — th, o'emuli; -^ ty, ocesi**- 

4eca'Tb ; — tieth , oceM4eca'Tuifc 
Elapse, V. n. HCTH'qaMi&-eKflk'. 
Elastic, np^'raBi, ynpy'n ; — ^ ity, 

npfitraBHHa', ynpy'rocib. 
Elder, a. TOA^'wb^ nc'roitarb ; n. 

cia'pem; — tree, 6i3:b; - — est, 

Ha'ft rodrtmi. 
Elect, V. a. H36H'paM^-6epiR' ; a. 

H36pa'Hi ,• n. H36pa'HHHKTi ; — tion, 

Electricity, ejeKTpEfqecxBO. is 
Elegant, xy'6aBi&, H3pa'4eHi^ H3a'- 

meni; — nee, xy'Socrb, H3pfl'4- 

CTBO, H3a'mH0CTb. 

Element, ciHxi'a ; — tary, Hana- 

Elephant, cjiohi, *hhi, /T. 
Elevate, v. a. H34H'raMi-rH2R; — ^^ed, 


Eleven , e4HHa'ftcaTb ; — nth , e4H- 


Elm, 6ptd!B. 

Eloquent, KpacHoptw'B:b ; — uence, 

Else, a. 4pyr:B; ad, 4py'ro-fl'qe, 

H'naKi; conj. aKO jih ne; — where, 

Ha4py'ro Mt'cTO. 
Emancipate, v. a. 0CB06Q4a'BaM!B 

-4i&'. ' . . - 

Embark, Ka'qiOBaMii ca Ha remi'ifi. 
Embarrass, v/a. c6b'pK3n3aHis-Ka]rE; 

3a6b'pKyBaMi&-KaMX ; 3aTpy4Ha'- 

BaMi-nifR'; v. n. -ca; — ment, 





jBmb&ss&dor, iiocja'taHHir& ; — $sy, 


ftnbellish, v. a. 3rKpacfl'BaH:b-ci&^ 
Emblem, dt'itrb. 3HaKi« 
Embrace, v. a. npHrp^'maHi-r^'p- 

Embroider, milfi mHse'; — - ry, 

Embryo, sapo'AUTh. 
Emerald, cHapa'r4i. 
Emetic, jitiTE 3a6hXBO'n. 
•-Emigrate, v. n. npeceM'Bata^jm' 


Eminent, buco'kb^ 3HafleHB'T:b. 

Emissary, cisrj[e4a'Tafi. 

Emperor, iiapb;sonof — ^uapW; — 

pire, ua'pcTBO. 
Employ, V. a. ynOTp'b6ia'Ba]i^b-6i£'; 

XBa'iita]irb-a'Hi& ; to be — ed, sa- 

BHHa'BaiTB CH ; — menl, pa'6oTa^ 

Empress, uapn'ua. 
Empty, npa'34eirB; v, a. Hcnpa'a- 

Hflffl!L-Hiiik; V. n. BiH'BaM:b-i'i£ 

Enable, v. a. ^a'aani bismo'xchoct^ 

Epact, V. a. y3aK0Ha'BaM:^Hi£'. 
"^ lamored, Bjao6Ae'B%. 

tcbant, V. a. 0Ma'H)Ba]irB-a'i£; to 

be — ed, BicxHn^a'Baii^b ca. 
Encompass, v. a. oCiiiKa'jmis-KO- 

Encoupter, v. a. cipt'in&iii'Br-mpm. 
Encourage, o6o4pa'Ba]rb-pij&', na- 


iSnd, R^afi; cBB^pmame; KOHem; 

— I|$ss, 6ecKpa'HH:b; v. a. CBb'p- 


Endanger, v. ^4. Ty'pairB wb ona- 


Endeavour, n. corapa'me; ?. n* cra^ 
pa'ifixfl, Tpy'4ifi ca« 

Endow, f. ^. Ha4apfl'BaKEi-piflk'. 
Endure, v. a. Ti»pni£' npe-; v. n. 

Tpa'iiii, npe6i>iBa'BaH:b. 
Enemy, Henpia'Tejb^ Bpen^ 
Energy, 4'b'ficTBie^ cifjia; — getii, 

4'fa'HTejieir^ cBtAeivh. 
Enforce, v. a. Ty'pairb vb ^kt- 

CTBie saKo'iTB; yTBbp4H'BaHV-4ii^. 
Engage, v. a.lrj[aBfl'BaM%-Bi£\XBif- 

n;aH:b-a'H&; — ed, to be-, ?• a. 

3aHHMa'Baji:b ca; 4a'BaM:b ^fu, 

Engrave, v. a. 4u6al& iia-; i^ 

syBaHi-SKs; (impress) VBsmh 

Enigma, ra'TaHKa. 
Enjoy, V. n. HacjaaRAa'saior-ajii' 

ca; — ment, Hacjiax4e'Hie. 
Enlarge, v. a. yBejtHqa'samHDS'; 

Enlighten, v. a. npocBiTa'BaHS^; 

— ed, npocBim^e'iTb ; — meot, 

Enlist, T. a. nH'm£ bo'Shu. 
Enliven, v. a. cisKHBa'sairs-Bift*. 
Enmity, Bpa3K4a'. 
Enormous, 6e3Mt'pHiiifi, npeami^ 

Enough, CTifra. 
Enquire, v. a. nu'TaMS no-. 
Enrich, v. a. o6oraTfl'BaH:b-Ti£'. 
Enroll, v. a. s^na'cyBannb— ma. 
Ensign, 3Ha'Mfl^ npt'nopem; — 

bearer, aHaMOHOHO'cem. 
Enslave, v. a. 3apo'6flirb-6i£. 
Entangle, v. a. aaoin'Tainb-^iezjif) 

Enter, v. n. BjiH'3aH!E-jrib'3& 
Enterprise, npe4npifl'Tie. 
Entertain, v. a. aaHHMa'Baia; (to 

feast) yrocTfl'BaHi-Ti£ ; — ing, 

aaHHMa'Teieffb; — ment, yroufd'" 





ESntkiif»ia$iDi eHrycia'on^ Hcryiue- 

me, B:BcxHme'Hie« 
Notice. V. a. uoMiTjBmnrTRi^y no4*- 

Sntire, ubn^ ciSBpbme'ffB. 
Bntrails, qpbBa'. 
Entrance, bxoais. 
Entreatt v. a. xo'iift, iipo'ci&; — ty, 

Envelop, v. a. odBifBaiii-i'ift ; 06- 

Envelope, o6BH'BKa. 
Envy, sa'BHCTb; v. a. 8aBfl'»4aM:B 

. "Vtj^Ai — vioUS, SaBHCTlH'Bl. 

Epitaph, Ha4rpo'6ie. 
Epistle, nooia'me. 
Equal, pa'BeH:B, e4Ha'iaB'B; to make 
— ^ ypaBHfl'BaMi-Hi&'; — ity, pa- 


Equation, ypaBHe'me. 
Equilateral , paBHOcipa'HeHS. 
Equinox, paBH04e'HCTBie. 
Equip, V. a. B:Bopy»fl'BaMis-si£'; 

Equity, npaBOxa', cnpaBe4JH'B0CTB. 
Era, e'pa. 

Eradicate, v. a. HCKopeHfl'BaM:&-Hi£\ 
Erase, v, a.'Hkk^ sa- 

Erect, a. npasi; v. a. noBAn'rancs 


Err, V. n. 3a6j[y3K4a'BaMi&-y4i£' ca, 
dary'6fl]rb-6ifi caj — or, da6^a^- 
4e'me; (mistake) norpt'imca; — 
oneous, norptmn'TejieffB. 

Eruption, naBepsKe'eie, HSXBbpjie'- 

Escape, v. n. y6tTHyBaHii-H«, .8- 
6i'rffyBaH!B-H£ ; OTTb'pBam - BSk' 

E8a)rt, flcaKA»d'fl, T.; v. a. Hcnpo- 

• B0'X4aM!b-0'4iiK. 

Especially, oco'deHHo^ ea'A ntfne^e. 

Espouse, V. a. cro4a'BaKBf-Aift'; (a 

cause) npie'MaMi-e'M£« 
Espy, V. a. canmca'cyBaicb-can^ 

Essence, c&'iuHOCTb^ cAniecTBC'. 
Establish, v. a. ly^pflirb-piff ; y- 

TBi>p4fl'BaMi*4uii'; (found) ocho- 


Estate, ciCTOfl'Hie ; HHt'flie. 
Esteem, v. a^ no«iB'TaHis~MeT£\ 
Estimate, v. a. outHa'aaiTB-HiA'. 
Estrange, v. a. npa'Bifi hjtra'b, ot- 

Etc. (et cetera) h npo'qee^ h ^y'ra. 
Eternal, Bi'qeH:b ; — ity, Bi'HHOCTb. 
Euphony, Ojarorjia'cie. 
Evade, v. n. H36t'niyBaH:b-H£« 
Evangelical, eBa'HrejicKufi. 
Evaporate, v. n. B3BtTpA'Bairb-p'b'i&, 

Even, ad. 4a'»re, 4opn'; a. pa'aera; 

n. Bo'qepi. 
Evening, Be'qepi; to be-, Mpb'KHy- 

Event, ci6iii'Tie, npoB3me'CTBie. 
Ever, cfl'Kora; for — , b^'wo, vb 

BtKx;for — and — , B:bBt'KBi Bt- 

ko'bi; — since, orB Tora'aa. 
Everlasting, Bcer4a'ineiiis. 
Every, ca'Kofi; — one, ca'Kofi; a. 

ca'KairbBi&; — where, aaciM^'; — 

how, Cfl'KBITB. 

Evidence, CBn4t'TejiCTB0. 
Evident, 0ieBH'4effB, fl'BeH:&; — ly. 

0«ieBB'4H0^ fl'BHO. 

Evil, 3 JO, 3J[HHa'; a. sui; — eye, 

Exact, a. To'wuit; ad. tIkho; v. a. 

B3u'cKyBa]irb-KaM:b, a'CKan no-; 

to make — , HaTo^KMa'BaH^b-iii&V 

Exaggerate, v. a. npeyBOJiHqa'BaKB 




Exalt, V. a. mBm'rmhrmmt, b^bs- 

BBima'Baicb-iiiifi'; — > ed, VEZBht- 

Examine, v. a. Hcnu'TyBaHi-TaM^b; 

iiperje'4yBaMi-4aM:b ; paarjie'^y- 

BaM^b-'AaiTB; — nation, HcnuTa'me. 
Example, npHMfpi; o'6pa3i; for — ^ 

Ha npHMi'pi. 
Exasperate, v. a. pa3jiH)Tfl'BairK-Ti&'. 
Exceed, v. a. Ha4Mii'HyBafli:B-ii'H£, 

3a4HH'HyBairK-flrH£; — ingly, TBb'p- 

4^ MHO'ro, ^eaBBiHa'fiHO. 
Excel, V. a. Ha4Mi3Hy'Bam - fl*^^ 

. iipeB:Bcxo'2R4aM:b. 
Excellent, ii3pfl'4eH:b TBi>'p4t 4o6tp'b; 

— ncy, iipeB:Bcxo'4CTBO. 
Except, pr. ocBtlab; conj, aRO ne^ 

ocBt'Hb 4a ; V. a . BCRiio'qflM&^ifi; 
. — ion, HCKJiOHe'Hie, H3fl'Tie. 
Excessive, Hpe3Mt'pHHft. 
Exchange, v, a. npoMtHa'Ba»:b~Hiai'; 

n. BaMt'na^ npoMt'Ha Tpa'ena^ T* 
Excite, V. a. no46y^>K4aMi-y'4i&, 

Exclaim, v. n. HSBBi'KyBajHX-KajH'B. 
Exclude, V. a. HCKjiFo'HaMi-HiiR ; ot- 

Ji&'^nM:B-^i&; — usion, KiioTO'Hie; 

— sive, HCKnoTO'TejeiTB. 
Excommunicate, v. a. a^ope'cyBaurb 

caiTB^ G.; OTjfi'qaMi-HKR, 0x4*'- 

Excuse, V. a. npou^a'aaHi-CTiii'-iimb; 

onpa'BHDrb-BijK ; H3BHHfl'BaMi&-Hi£'; 

n. npo'uiKa, BSBHHe'Hie^ npe4jio'r:b. 
Execute, v. a. npa'BiA na-, CBb'p- 

mflM!b-iiiifi ; HcnliHaM:b-Hi£ ; o6e' 

Exempt, cbo6o'46h:b; v. a. ocbo- 

Exercise, v. a. ofiyna'BaM'B-qiak'; — 

one's self, -ca; n. ofiyne'Hie. 
Exert, V. a. ynoTpe6j[fl'BaMi-6ii&' ; 

— one's self, cH'iki ca, nanpa'- 

rairB-e'rH£ ca ; — tion, ycTiie. I 




[Exhaust, V. a. CBb'pmflM^B-mifi ; V. n. 1) 
cBi>'piiifl]ir&-ini£ ca, OTiia'4aHib-4ii. 

Exhibit, V. a. noKa'ay^aKfiHKs; - 
tion, B3jio)Ke'Hie. 

Exile, V. a. saxoHaliairB-vdfi'. 

Exist, V. n. a'Ma^ csn^ecBylBaii; 

— ence, 6HTie'. 
Expect, V. a. nfi'Kasvh ; — tatkn, 

ynoBa'nie, Ha4e'»C4a. 
Expedient, no^e'seni. 
Expedite, v. a. ycKopfl'Ba]r&^; 

— tious, 6pb3i ; — tioDt itH 


Expel, V. a. Hcn£'»r4a]ir&-iEr4te; » 

Expend, v. a. nmmBftnnKMii] 

— nse, H»c4HBe'Hie, pasHoTm;— 
sive, H»f4HBH'Te4eH:B. 

Experience, o'nuTHOCTb ; — ed,tf- 


Experiment, o'iiiiIt^b. 

Expert, BTCK/ceHi. 

Expife, V. n. H34&'xHyBaMi-m; 

(fire) racHt'i& m-y y— ; — ration 

(of time), HCTene'Hie. 
Explain, v. a. H3flCHa'Ba]ffb-Hit'; 

pacKa'syBBMi - »» , rbJEicy'Ban ; 

— nation, BaacHe'Hie. 
Explode, V. n. Tpi>'cKaMiB-cH£ d 
Explore, v. a. B34H'paMi&-epi&', 19- 

Export, V. a. H3Ho'cflM:B-HecA'. 
Expose, V. a. npe4a'BaM'b*4a'Kb;i3- 

Express, v. a. Hspa^KflTBaflV^) 

HsroBa'pflBTb-o'piK^ H3jia'ra]r&-0^ 
Extend, v. a. iv^OM'Bmsi'BwiaHS^'] 

npocTifpaiffB-TpiB' ; pa3iiiHpo<iflC- 

Baiirb-^i&'; pacnpocTpana'Baic&HBii^; 

v. n. iipocTH'paMi-Tp&' €«• 
Extensive , mnpo'K^B ; o6naff&^ * 

— nt, npocTpa'HCTBO. 




Sxterminate, v. a. HCTpe'6fl]i:iH}i£' ; 


Sxternal , BiHKameH:B^ lAumewb ; Ha- 

Sxtinguisb, v. a. rac&'-Hmb hs-^ 

y- ; V. D. racHt1& H3-, y-. 
Sxtirpate^ v. a. HCKopenfl'fiaMiB-Hifi^ 
Bxtol, T. a. iipeB!L3H0'cjiM:b-Hec&'; 

(praise) XBa'jiifi. 
Extract, v. a. H3Ba'»c4aM:b-a'4fi-HiiiB; 

Elxtraordinary, H3B'BHpe'4eH:B ; Heo- 

6wfmBe'u%; «ipe3Buqfl'MHiiifi. 
Extra vagaDt, pacTOHii'TejieH:b, bqr4Ii- 

Extreme, a. Kpa'HiTB; HpeBBuqfl'it- 

Hufi; n. Kpa'MHOCTb' 
Exult, V. D. cKa'qaM:B on pa'40CTB^ 

pa'^ysaiTb ca; TxpjKecTByBairB. 
Eye, OKO'loqiT^ pi.)— brow, b*'»- 

4a; — Iisb, Kie'nKa; — lid, we- 

na'%; — sight, TAe'^wie; — wit- 
ness, OWBHtAeUh. 


Fable, 6a'cHfl; — bulous, 6acH0Cio- 


Face, n. jmu,e'; — to — ^ MU,e' c% 
jhub'p y'cTHo, jh'hho; v. a. rjie- 
4aKB B'h jiHue'; cwisi! Ha cpi'ma; 
(resist), iipoTH'BflM'B-Bi£ cfl ; (line) 

Facilitate^ v. a. yj[ecHfl'Bai[:b-Hi£'^ 
oieKu'Bascb-m'; — lity, ^ecHo- 
Ta'^ jiecHHHa'. 

Fact, .^9XTh^ c:b6Bi'Tie; 4McTBH'Teji- 


Fade, v, n. b^'xhs; — away, H3- 


Fail, V. n. npe(rra'HyBa]r&-^£ ; (in. 

business) ncna'4aM'b-4H£ ; witb- 

out — , HenpeMt'HHO : — ure, h- 

Failings (in duty) He40CTa'rbirB« 
Faint, v. n. npeHH'paH:b-Hpi&' ; to 

be — , npinia'4a-4H& mh ; a* npe- 

Fair, npHufqeiTB, nane'rb ; — wea-> 

tber, fl'ceH:b; n. naeaH'pi, a'pHap^ 

Ka; to become — , v. n. HaacHa'-* 

Baiia>-Hi&' CH« 
Faith , Bt'pa ; — ful , Bt'pera ; — less, 

Falcon, coko'jii. 
Fall, n. na4e'Hie; v. n. na'4aM!&-4H2rx; 

— asleep, 3acnifBaMi-n&'-Hiin» ; 
— away, 0Tna'4aM:b-4HS ; H3Mpi.- 
maBt'Basrb-Bt'i£ ; — back, OTie- 
rjaMi-jiia ca, 0TCTiii'nHHt-iri£; 

— down, na'4affl:b ; ci6a'pflM:b 
-o'pift ca; — in with, cpt'n;aM:b 
-mHiR. cjiy'qH ca; — off, na'4aM!B 
OTi ; (fruit) Ka'n)£ ; — out, na - 
4aMi m'h; (quarrel) cKa'pyBaHi 
-paMi ca. 

False, nuRintwL; — hood, A'b'xa'. 
Fame, c^a'fia; — mous, cia'aen^B^ 

3HaMeHH'Ti, npoqio'rb ; TBb'p4t 

Familiar^ anaKO^jirb, no3Ha'eirb; xu 

HBpbCTi npiH'iejib ; to be-, npia'- 

Te^CTByaaMi ; — ity , tA'cho npia- 


Family, ^ma/fjia^ ceue'iicTBO^ 40H0- 

po'4ie, 40M04a'4ie. 
Famine, rjia4:B^ rja4i'fl. 
Famish, v. n. rja4y'Bai[i&. 
Fan, Bt'rpHJfO; v. a. (grain) hVm. 
Fanatic, ^aHa'THirb; — cism, ^aea- 


Fancy, Meiia'^-a'Hie ; v. n. Mevra'ifi; 
(like) ape'cyBai[:b-caH:b. 




Far, a. 4aje'irb; ad, aub'ko^ m^ 

Fare* ifcTie, a'Aeme ; Kupi'fl T. he- 
Bjnl^H:B T.; v. n. noMHHy'Ba]ir&-«'H£ 


Farewell, npoma'BagTo^ c^ EoI^odtb. 
Farm, o. m^m'KB (from T. hh^t- 

jus^Kb); V. a« o6pa6o'TyBa]irb-Ti£; 

SB^'mjaacb ch Kufim^ m'BMib ch 

Kopi'm ; 3aR}r'iiyBaM:&-iii£ ; — er, 

Farther, no'4aieK:b; ad. no'4aieKO, 

no' Haia'TXiTB ; — est, ad. Ha'ii 4a- 

Fascinated, to be — , v. n. ocia- 

HjTBarB ow'-TBi MH (etc.)« npejb- 

CTH'BaiiiHrifi' ca. 
Fashion, M0'4a^ odbf^flfi. 
Fast, a. (tight) cre'raxn; (quick) 

HeBb'pcTi, 6pb3:E. 
Fast, n. nocT:5; v« n. ni/cTiR-Hmi^ 

Fasten, v. a. aaTfl^ram^-e'rHiK, aaa- 

HftBdMir^m' ; (tie) saBpb'ayBaMiB 

Fat, MacTB, TA'hCT^; (person) 4^- 
6e'4i; V, a. rokk' 0-; — tened, 

Fatal, cMpBTOHo'cefiTB. 

Fate, c£46a\ 

Father, tfan^a'^ oie'm ; — in - law, 
(wife's — ) TecTR, 4^'40; (bus- 
band's — ) cBt'irbpi ; step — ^ ox- 
Hyai; — 's, da'iuHBTB. 

Fathom, pa'cxerB^ ca'^em; v. a. 

Fatigue, v. a. yMopfl'sanrb-pifi' ; 
T. n. -ca ; — ed, 3rMope'ffiB. 

Fault, BHHa'^ norpt'mKa ; to find — , 
HaHH'pam Haxana' (T), 04y'My- 
BaM:b-HaM!bi, yKopa'BaM^b-pifi'. 

Favor, 6jaroBOj[e'Hie, mi'^ocTb ; 
V. a. npa'Bi£HH'j[OCTb^6.iaronpifl'T- 

CTByBan; — rable, 6jiaroiipii^- 


Fawn, pora'qe, eie'wie ; v. 0. a- 

cKa £& ca« 
Fear, crpars; — ful, CTpdnLnTn; 

V. n. 6oiA' ca, cTpax!b ha (etc.] 

e, cTpaxylBauPb ca. 
Feasible, Biamo'sKeirB. 
Feast, yrome'Hie^ (religious) npifu* 

Hiurb, V. a. yroma'aaKb-cTA-nii 
Feather, nepo'^ nepomH'Hflin^ 
February, Oespya'pift. 
Feeble, cia6'hy 6ojHa'Ba&, nermoafiaB^ 

to become — , v. n. oejia^aMB 

-tl£, HdHOMOn^fl'BaMXr-il'iA. 

Feed, v. a« xpa'Hifi; nac&'. 

Feel, V. a. yct'iuaM:b-<b'TA-ai^ 
^lOBCTByBaH^ ; (with the baa^ 
nifnaiirb ; — iug, n. HK/Borm; a, 


Feign, v. n. npnTBopa'saKfip-pk' ci; 
npHCTpy'BaHa^-o'pifi ca, npanpir- 
BHM:b-Bi£ CH ; — ed, npHTso^pcns. 

Fellow, 4pyra'pb; — countrymaa, 
cisoTe'HecTBeHHHirB ; — feelio^ 
c:bqH)'BCTBie ; — laborer, ciBTpy> 
HHiTb; —pupil, CBBicnH^TaHHm; 
— ship, ci4py'»ecTB0 ; — sto- 
dent, ciyieHH'K:^. 

Felon, 3J[04*'eit'B. 

Female, xena'; a. xe'HciTB. 

Feminine, xe'HCKufl. 

Fence, luer^B^ orpa'4a; v. a, rpif* 

4£-'HIIIB, 0-. 

Ferment, v. n. mi^'nifi-aHA ; (wine) 

Bpi£^ KBinisk' npe-. 
Ferry, npexo'4%, reiH'41 T. 
Fertile, iu040H0'cei£B, iu040po'- 

Fervent, ycb'p4effB, ropt'iqs. 
Fester, v. n. 6ep&'. 
Fetch, v. a. 40H0'caKB-eCi&' ; jfih 





Fetter, v. a. OROBa'BaHS-0Bi&'— rs, 

OKO'BBi; 6yKaH' T, 
Fever, xpe'cKa, oYhb; typhus — , 

TCfmsB 60'Mcrb; rpe'cm; to have 

the — and ague, xpece' ma (etc.); 

one who has — and ague, xpe- 


Pew; Ma'jKO; (in numher), mb'- 
KOJKO; n. murn'mf HtROjiUH'Ha. 

Fibre, jias^Am. 

Fickle, HenocTOfl'iTB. 

Fictitious, mmhtcMWb^ npHTBO'pera. 

Fiddte, ujBryjim^ r£4y^iKa. 

Fideh'ty, Bt'pHOCTB. 

Field, (cultivated) HH'Ba; (meadow) 
iiBa'4a; (uncultivated) noiflTHa; 
(plain) nojie\ 

Pierce, JiiorE, cBHpt'nis. 

Fiery, Kaio o'raii. 

Filr, to. -CBifpKa v. n. cBBTpifi. 

Fifteen, naTHa'4ecflTi> ; — nth. mt- 
Ha'4ecflTufi ; — ftli , na'Tufi ; — fry, 
iiflT/ieiBii'Tb; — tieth, nHTAecH'Tufi. 

Fig, eHdku'Hfl. 

Fight, 6o'fi, 6H'TBa; 6op6a'; v. n. 
6tm oh; (cats and dogs) 4a- 

Figure, ♦Hiy'pa, n3o6pa2Ke'Hie, — 

ative, HHOdHa^iHfTe^effB. 
Filbert, jtt'niHHieb. 
File, n. niua' ; v. a. mnAm'. 
Filial, cuHo'eeHb. 
Pill, V. a. nijHifi Ha-; — up, 4onM- 

?ilm, iiH'na. 

filter, V. a. H36ifcTpi§BaMi-pi£, 

Hlib, HbpcoTi'H; — y, Mpb'cero, ray - 

^in, Kpujo' orB ptt'6£. 
^inal, noait'4eHb9 no4H'peH'b ; — ly, 

Ha'ft no4H'p%^ Ha'fi no'cjit. 
^ind, V. a. Haif]Bfpa»-i'pi£; saaa- 


Fine, n. rjro'6a; v. a. rjo6]£'; a. 

TiB!hKh ; — ness, Thwnma'. 
Finger, npBCTi. 
Finish, v. a. CBb'piiiflM:b-iiii£. 
Finite, orpanH'^effb. 
Fir, ejixa'. 
Fire, o'rnb; no2Kfl'piB; to make a — , 

Kia4£' Ha-. V. n, (a gun), XBb'p- 

jLawLr-jim^ rbpHi£-pb'nH£. 
Firm, gKi, TBbp4i; n. ci4P5^2Ke- 

CTBO, Tipro'BCKufl 40111; — ntss, 

fl'KOCTb, TBbp40CTb; HOCTOfl'HCTBO. 

Firmament, TBbp4b^ f. 

First, a. nbpB:b; ad. nb'pao, na- 
npe'4iB, HbpBeHb, no'Hanpe4^; — 
born, nbpBopo'4eH:b; — fruits, nbp 
BH ai040Be' ; Haqa'i^bKi ; from 
the — , HCDb'pBo, OTno'Hanpe4%. 

Fish, pu'6a; — er. pufia'pb; pu6o- 

Fist, H)Mp/Ki, T. necHH'ua. 

Fit, a. npHjiH'ieHb; v. n. npHxfc'- 
raM:b-rH£ ; (a dress) 4o6pt'cTOH*; 
V. a. yB4yp4H'cyBaiii - caM5, T. 
npHcnoco6 jfl'BaMi-o'fii* ; — ness, 
npaiH'4H0CTb; — ting, npniB'^ieHX. 

Five, naxb; n. naxH'Ha. 

Fix, v. a. yxBbp4a'BaMi-4iR'; (re- 
pair) npenpa'BflM:b-Bi£ ; (designate; 

Flag, np'b'nopeu:b, SHa'Mfl. 

Flambeau, HJia'MeHHHRi. 

Flame, nja'M!bK:b; to burst into a — , 
nja'MHyaaMi - H& ; — ing, n^a- 


Flannel, ^jane'jia. 

Flash, 6AtcKb; v. n. cBt^xBa-xHe 

ca, 6iit'cKa-cHe ca. 

Flask, (water-) 6'h}UL&; (wine—) 

Flat, a. pa'aeffb, njo'c:bKi; n. 
paBHHHa'; — ten, v. a. HspaBHa'-* 




BaH:B «- Tm\ cnit'cKyBan - Kanis 


Flatter, v. a* A'cm; — er, jbCKa- 
TCJLb ; — ery, jiecTb, jbCKa'iej- 


Flavor, cia'40CTB. 

Flaw, ii;pB6HHa'; norpt'imca. 

Flax, jeffb. 

Flay, V. a, 4ep&' o-. 

Flea, 6Mxa'. 

Flee, V. n. 6t'raMi-rH£ no-. 

Fleece, pyno'. 

Fleet, n. woTi; a. 6pi3'b; tober— , 
cKopo xo'AiSk^ H'Ma 4o6i'pi xoa'b; 
— ing, cKopoTe'HeH:B. 

Flesh, n^OTB. 

Flight, 6t'raHie, 6ir:B. 

Fling, V. a. XBb'pjHMO^iifi. 

Flint, KpeirbK:B. 

Float, V. n. Hja'BaHi-BH£. 

Flock, n. CTa'40; V. n, naBa'iaKE 
"Ahb, ch; ci6H^aMi^epiik' cfl« 

Flog, V, a. 6i'iR. 

Flood, HaB04He'fide^ noTo'ra. 

Floor, 4H)meMe' T, noju', pL; thre- 
shing — , lyjffHo', apManoi. T. 

Flour, 6pamHo'. 

Flourish, v. n. ip»BTk-H£'; v. a. 
Ma'xak^b-XHfi; — ing, ^B'bTy'^^l. 

Flow, V. n. TeKiK-qeniB hc-, — into, 

Flower, ii^Bt'Te ; — pot, caKci'a^ T. 
Fly, Myxa'; v. n. XBb'pKaMi-KHiB, 

jeT£-Hmb ; — for refuge, v. n. 

npH6'b'rHyBaMai-H£ ; — in pieces, 

T. n. paCK<li'ciI}rBaMl-H£ CH ; — 

into a passion, v. n. XBb'pBHy- 
BaM:B-Hi&^ 3aira'.iflM!L-^i£ ch; — 
open, pacTBa'pflH:b-BO'pi& ch. 

Foal, V. n. ko'h^ ch. 

Foam, n. ni'na; v. n. nt'ni&cH. 

Focus, «o'Kyc:5, da»Hra'TeiHa to- 


Fodder, xpana'; v. a. s^'Hift mH| 


Foe, Henpia'Teibk 
Foetus, 4tT6' Bi 3nrpo'6& 

Fog, ULNJiB!; — gy, UMJOtVB. 

Fold. V. a. cri&'0yBainBr-H& ; (-—tin 
arms) cr&'pHyBanrB-HA ; n. TMlf 
KH^ cr&'HKa; sheep — , KO'm^t | 
(flock) CTa'40. 

Folk, Hapo'41, cBt'ra. 

Follow, V. a. H'4& cAtAP^ nottk^ 
AjBasfb^ cj'b'4yBaH'B ; v. d. eiV« 
4yBaMi; — er, nocj:b'40Bam% 


Folly, fiesy'Mie. 

Foment,'pis; (trouble) BM- 

Fond, npncTpa'cTeffB; .v« a« tolt 

— of, o6u'HaMi. 
Fondle, v. a. ra'.ii£ pas-^ wiMt 

Food, xpaHa'9 fl'cTie, ro'36a. 
Fool, 6e3y'Mera; — ish, rjy'Aani 
Foot, KpaK^b (pi. KpaKa) ; Honi' ijjL 

HO'ai); of a hill, dojbi'; op-*. 

ntmb; — path, n&Te'Ka; — SM 

nimfl'iTb ; — stool, no4HO'3Kie. 
For, conj. aan^o'To; prep« 3a;(— 

the sake of) aapa^n'. 
Forbid, v. a. 3a6paHH'Baiiv-Ha'; «H 

npeTH'BairL-Ti&' ; — deii^ aafipft* 


Force, cif^a; v* a. ch'jus^ hbch'jub 
^ji£; npHHy3K4a'BaMi^y'4ii[i. 

Ford. 6po4i&; v. a. ra'3i&. 

Fore. pr. npi4H'; — father,. iip<(H 
Tei^x; — finger, noKa3a'T6iieis 
npBcn ; — most, na'tt iqpiu». 

Forehead, hbao'. 

Foreign, qioa^i; HHOcrpaTHeia ; -* 
er, npHnue'm* 

Foreknow, v. a. npe/Qraaa'aatt 
-a'i&; — led^e, npeAjan'me., 




FV)resee, v. a. npe4BH'2K4a]ii-H'4UR ; 

— sight, npe4Bfl4i'Hie. 
Forest, ropa'. 

[t*oretell, t. a. npopH'^fln-ptKfi'. 
Forge* n. KOBa'^nam^a; v. n. KOBi&' ; 

npafeift xbxih'bis 3a'nHc:B. 
Forget, V. a. 3a6pa'BHirb-Bift. 
Forgive, v. a. npoma'san^-ocTifi' ; 

— oess, nponie'Hie ;**-<• en, flpo- 

Porki Bta<k/4Ra^ 6o'4Ra^ BH'JKia; 

Form, n. o'6pa3:B^ bihjxb; v. a. npa'- 

BhSk Ha-^ cN4a'BaM!B*4a'irb ' c:^ 
Former, npeamifi; — ly, ot* na- 

Fornication, 6jiy4'B, KypBa'pcTBo; 

*^ cator, 6jr)r4nH'irb, KypBa'pHffB. 
Formidable, cTpa'meirb. 
Forsake, v. a. ocTa'BflHi-Biiii; na-* 

Fort, rsft^notih^ kbib'. T. 
Fortify, V. a. yKpinH'Ba]ffb-^ni&' ; — 

fieif, yKpi'neffB ; — fication, y- 

PorHtude, a'KOCTb. 
Fortnight, 4Bt ueAb'joi, 
Fortress, ipt'nocib. 
Fbrtnae, wcTb^ cna'cTie. 
Forty, qeTBi'pecflTb ; — tieth, qeru- 

Forward, a. pa'miifi; cKopo3pt'j%; 

ad. Haiipe'4i&; v. 9. nposa'aMaiTB 

-o'4]ft; iio]ia'raMi-K)'rH£. 
Poster, V. a. xpa'Hi&; Rlpmuik. 
Fool, He4Hcr&, yBa'jieffb; mpb'ceoh; 

(weather) pasaaie'HtE; v. a. yBa'- 

jaoBWb'-jaatib , v. n. yBa'jiioBam 

-imrb cfl; pa3Ba'jflBrb<-jiA ch. 
Toond, V. a. ocHOBa'BairB^Bfi'; ~ 

atioo, ocHOBa'Hie. 
FouotaiD, iSBO'ps; Bmo'vasKh. 

Four, He'T&ipH ; — th, HOTBb'pTEiB ; 

— cornered, qersepoiKrlieHS ; — 

footed, qeTBepoHO'raM ; — leen, 

HeTBipiiHa*4ecflTE; — nth, qoTBipih- 

Fowl, HTiTi^a, 40Ma'iiiHu nni'iiBi. 
Fox, JoicWm. 
Fraction. 4po'6b^ f. — tore, v. a. qio- 

nifi c-, cTpomfl'BaM:B-iiii&'. 
Fragment, kacb^ 4po'6i>; KOHa'Tb. 
Fragrant, djiaroBO'Heffb ; to be — , 

xy'daso MHpH'iue; 6jiaroyxaifi« 
Frail, ilffbK^B^ (ua6i; — ty, cia- 

Frame, v. a. tfpa'Bis Ha-; crjiotfa'- 

Frankincense, iHBa'ffB. 
Fraud, xuie' T.., H3Ma'Ma« 
Freckle, xfrnsna; — ed, xynii'VB. 
Free, CBo6o'4effB; — dom, CBOfio- 

4a'; — man, CBO0o'4HHia; v. a. 


Freeze, v. n. saMpb'SByBaHii - HS, 

CMpB'8HyBaH'b-H£ Cfl. 

Freight, TOsap^B; KEipffl T., HaBitffB, 
T.; V. a. TOBaTpiA Ha-. 

Frequent, v, a. qe'cTO 40X0'k4aKS; 

— ly, qe'CTO to'cto. 

Fresh, npt'ceffs. 

Fret, V. a. cb'p4ijB, 4pa'3Hi£ ; v. n. 
pacKpHBfl'BaH:b - Bi& c« ; 6ecno-* 
Ko'i& Cfl; CB'p4i£ Cfl; -— ful, 


Friction, Tpu'enie. 

Friday, ne'xi&Ki, na'iMa. 

Friend. npiflrejiB ; — ly, npifl'Teji- 

cKufi; — ship, npifl'TOjiCTBO. 
Fright, crpaxi ; -* en, v. a. nJia'- 

mi£ y-^ ynja'miOBam-niifi. 
Fringe, ptcna'^ v, a. ly'paHi pln 


Fro, to and — , Haca'JTB HaTa'nKB. 
Frog, »a'6a. 




From, OTi. 

FroDt^ xauid\ 

FroDtier, q>aHH'i(a. 

Frost, <MaHa'; (hoar) cKpeaKb, f.;-^ 

ty, cTjAe'sh. 
Froth, nt'Ha ; v. n. nt'flisi cfl. 
Frown, v. n. HaMpi»'iiiflM%-iiU£ ch. 
Frozen, HSMpb'sffibJi^b, saMpb'dffbj:^. 
Fruit, IU0A1&; OBo'uiKa; po'2R6a; — 

ful, nAOAOBii'T%^ nj[04opo'40H:b. 
Frustrate^ v. a. pasBa'^Hoi'B-m. 
Fry, V. a. iipb'9Ki&; — ing pan, th- 

ra'H:B, G. 
Fugitive, 6t»aHe'j[(ii. 
Fulfil, V. a. HcnliHflii:b-Hi£; — ment, 

Full, nixffh ; v. a. Te'naM:5 ; — - ness, 

Fun, iiwra';-^ny, cifA'meim>^ hh)- 

Functionary, ^hho'bhhk^b. 
Fundamental, 0CH0Ba'TejeH!S« 
Funeral, jiorpe6e'Hie. 
Fur, KoasFoxapi'fl ; — coat, ko2kiox%, 

Kiopieb T.; — dealer, KOSRioxa'pb. 
Furious, CBHpt'ni, j[iOT:b. 
Furnace, nen^b^ f. 
Furnish, v. a. nocTH'jiaJirb - e'^£ ; 

CHa64fl'BaM:b-4U&' ; 40CTa'BHJii:b-Bi£. 
Furniture, noK&'imuiHa. 
Furrow, 6pa34a'; v. a. Ha6pa34a~ 


Further^ see farther. 

Fury, cBHpt'nocTb ; JHO'xocTb, a- 

Future, 6i!i'4smifi ; n. 6£'4£nie Bpt- 

Me; — rity, 6£'4£iipocTb. 
Fuse, V. 0. Toniok' ca; v. a. cto- 

iifl'Ba]i:b-ni]&', cjm'Bajirb-t is. 


Gain^ ne<ia'j6a ; npH4o6£i'rBirb ; n4 
neqeUifi c-; npH4o6bi'BaM%-^l1i. 

Gall, 2KJb'qKa. ^ 

Gallows, 6ecH'jo. 

Game, Hrpa ; (hunting) jiobs. 

Gangrene, sKnseHH'ita. 

Gape, V. n. nposH'BaH^b-dt'kk a, 
3fl'naMi-nH»; — open, zVuk. 

Garden, rpa4ii'Ha ; — er, rpa4iin(|pi^ 

Garlic, qe'c:BH:b, %cHo'Ba& jqm. 

Garment^ 4pe'xa. 

Garter, no4Bpb'CKa. 

Gasp, V. n. 3H'nai[:b'-iiHi&, CefMlgj" 

Gate, BpaTa', pi (hut someiiflMs 

Gather, v. a. c'b6H'paM:B--ep&', (ie« 

p&' Ha-5 0-. 
Gem, 4paroi]i'b'HeH:b Ka'irbKE. 
Gender, po4i- 
Genealogy, po40Cjio'Bie. 
General, roHepa'jii ; a. o6iii:b ; — Ij, 

o'6mo; in—, bs o'6mjo. 
Generation, po4i^* 
Generous, m.e'Al^'B, BejasKOAfMea; 

— osiry, Beju!K04y'mie, me'/mfoea. 
Genteel, 6jiaropo'4^3%* 
Gentle, thxi, Kpo'iiKB ; •— ly, no- 

je'Ka; very — , H'3jieKa. 
Gentleman, 6jiaropo'4eH!B. 
Geography, seiueonHca'Hie. 
Geometry, reoMt'Tpin. 
Germ, 8apo'4uiiib. i 

Get, V. a» npH406u'BaH%p-6ii'ift. 
Ghost, iipBBH4t'Hie ; Holy-^^ Otf- 

Tu'ft 4yxi. 
(iiant, HcnoiB'ffB. 
Gift, 4&p:B; (intellectual) Aa'p6a;-^ 

ed, 4apoBfirTii, KOfiro H»a JVlf6M^ 






i' ; — ed , n08 jaTo'in. 


V. a. ona'cyBaM:b-ni£ ; — on, 
, no'HC'b. 

V. a. 4a'BaaiiB-4a]r&-4a4e'nib^ 
, AaJii; V n. (bend) B4a'- 
h ca, yB0'»4a[Mi - e4&' ca; 
rt) etc.) OTny'cRaBrB-cH£ ch; 
\ guess, no3Ha'Ba]irb-a1&. — 
Y^ 4a'Ba]rB; — back, 4a'BaM'b 
i'4*^ Bpb'm^aMX-b'pHS ,' — bat- 

Haw'HaH'B 6o'a-rE; — ear, 
mflirb; — forth, H94a'Bairb 
B ; -r^ leave. nosBOjra'BaiTb-o- 
, 403B0Jfl'BaM:b-cijiiii'; — les- 
i, iipeno4a'BaM:B-4a'M:B ; — no- 
HaBtcTfl'BaMi-m'^ o6a'x(- 
b-a'4^; — out, V. a. H34a'- 
b; V. n. yMopa'BaM:b-pi£' ca^ 
i^pairb-npA' ; (cease) npecxa'- 
iM^Bs; — over, v. a. npe- 
m^ 0CTa'BflM!b-Bifi ; (cease) 
rra'HyBajM^b - HiR ; — thanks, 
'QAapifi'; — up, iipe4a'Baoi'b ; 
ip tne ghost, H34s'XHyBa]inB 
; — warning, naBtcTa'BaHib 

> o6a'»f4aM'b-a'4)fi ; — way, 
fli[]rb-nu& ca ; ci6a'pa]irb-^'pi£ 

V. n. (to be) pa'4yBairb ca; 
nake — , v. a. seceji^';^ — 
, Becej6a\ 
CTbKiO'; drinking — , Ha'ma^ 

, V; n. jibQiK-Hnib, CH& ca; 

mapb, Tio"6yB%. 

cjia'Ba ; — rious, cjia^Bom^ ; 
fy, T. a. npooia'baiitbHBiiu 

Glovk, psRaBH'iia. 

Gfue, Tynca'j^ T. v. a. saitmi'-' 

Glutton, .la'KOM'b. 

Gnash, v. a. cRb'pitaiTB-ivss. 

Gnaw, T. a. rpu32' y-. 

Go, V. n. 0Tll'Ba]ffb*B'4£, BbpBIfi', 

(walk) xo'4Hik; Imper, H4H'^ Subj. 
4a H'4£; — about, 3a6BiKaUafl:b 
--ojift'; (begin) aaxBa'iiia]irb-a'H& 
ca ; — abroad, H3Jii'3aM:b B!bHi ; 
(be reported) pacnpb'cHyBaHfr-flfli 
ca; — against, npoTH'Bifi ca; — 
ashore, H3ia*3an na cy'xo; — 
astray, c6b'pK3rBaMi-KaHi ; sary'--' 
6airb-6i£ ca; — away, onfBaHii; 

— back, Bpb'n^aMiHb'pHs ca, oth- 
BaiTb Ha3£f4i; — backwards, 3a'- 
4HH4ifi; — backwards and for- 
wards, BbpBte' Ha3a'4'B Hanpe'4%; 

— before, Miiiiy'BaM:b npe4'B; npe/e 
me'cTByBaMi ; — down, oia'saMis 
-'b3s-t'3H£ ; (sun) 3aj[a'8aM:b-t'3£, 
3axo'»r4aM:b-a'fi4i&; (water> etc.) 
cna'4aM'b-4HiR ; — off, oTB'BaKb ; 
4o6pt' cxa'HyBaMiHax,* (gun) ot- 
ns^HyBaMX-HiK ca; ^— on, oth*- 
BaH'b; (continue) npo4J%aM'baMs 
-»iR'; (garment) cTa'iiyBaMi-HA'; 
— out, H3J[a'3aMi*t'3£; (fire, etc.; 
H3racHa'Ba]irbHfit'i£ ; ^ — over, npe- 
Mii'HyBai[!b-B'H£; — through, oth- 
BaHi npe3i, Hmy'BaH^b npe3i; 

— up, Bl3Jia'3aHl-4'3£^ Ka'W)- 

Basi-qub ca. 
Goat, Kosa"; he — , npbHb, Koae'XB; 

— 's, K0'3ifi. 

God, Sorb; — father, Rpb'cTHinrb ; 

— head , 6o»ecTBO' ; — ly , 6jia- 
ro^ecTH'Bi,' — linesiB, fijiaroHe'-* 
CTie; — *s, Eo'»dif. 

Gold, sjaTO'; a. aja'Teirb; — smith, 




Good, 4o6ip!B; — bye» nponta'safr* 

r% ocraHt'TO e% Bo'roiTB^ H4t'Te 

c!S Bo'roirb; — ness, 4o6praa', 

Goods, cTO'Ba; mu6fust'Kh T. Tosap^B. 
Goose, na'TKa; ra'cxa. 
Gospel, EBa'arediie^ EjaroBt'ctie. 
Govern, v. a. yiipaiuirimini.Bi*, 

yn^fiflKB-Bifi; or, 3nipa'BHTej[b ; 

-«» meat, npaBH'TejicTBO^ npasje- 

Gown, po'Kur, ♦jcTa'Hi G. 
Grace, 6j[aro4a'Ti»^ f. — ciaus, 6iia- 

ro4a'TeHi^ MH'iocTiiBl. 
Grade, mem. 
Graft, V. a. npHca'»4ai['&4Ui&^ npH- 

Grain, xpana"; (for horses) 306:5; 

a single — of any kind, spb'HO. 
Grammar, rpaua'THKa* 
Grand, roit'lrb^ BejHKOit'neflrB ; — - 

— eur, BejH'vie. 
Grand^father , 4i'4o ; — mother. 

6a'6a;-— son, BHyKi; — daughter^ 


Gradual, nocreii^HeHs; — ly, no- 

Granite, rpann'TK* 
Grant, v. a. no4a'Bairb-4a'jirb; 4a- 

Grapes, rpo'34ie ; cluster of — , 


Grasp, V. a. yjia'BHMi-jiOBiK'; npH- 
rp&'n;a]rB-^r£'pH£; rpaHJiik; (the 
mind) o6rp£'ii^aMi-r£'pH£. 

Grass, TpeBf^. 

Grate, pame'TKa; v. a. CT^'pacfi, 
TpuTift; V. a. CKb'puaHi^-*^pb'i(n£; 
— -er, CTApra'jiO. 

Grateful, npHSHa'teiema, 6jiaro4a['- 

Gratify, v. a. yT04a'Bairb-4Uk'; y- 
4oaieTBopa^aKB-*pi£'; — fication, 

yra'4a. ' 

Gratis, decua'THO^ 4a'poir&, 
Gratitude, npH3Ha'Te4H0cn« -> 
Grave, a. Te'acBirb; aam'GipiBf 

(affair) Ba'aKem; v. a. jfuM^ 

H3pt'3yBairB-aKi& ; n. rpote; ^ 

yard, rpo'dHima; — sfooe, MJ^ 

rpo'6eHb Ka'ji'BKB. 
Gray, cm%. 
Graze, v. a. saKa'HaMS*-w; MB'; 

V. n. naCiS'. 
Grease, HacTB. 
Great, TOjt'm^ BCAUfKB^ S. -^wi) 

rojitHHHa', BejHUHa'. 
Green, 3eiie'H:&;(wood^ etc.) fijtwms, 

to become—, 3a3e4eKirBinMi1i 

ca; — s, sejOHqio'icb. 
Greet, v. a. no34paBa'BaM%Hdif* 
Grief, nena'^B^ f., cirBp6b, f. 
Grieve, v. a. oropqa^aaKfr^'; 

ocirBp6fl'BajrB-6i£'; oneHaCjuui^Jii; 


Grin, v. n. xu'jikik ca. 
Grind, v. a. (grain) xi'jis &-; 
(knife) xo'qi*, ho-; (celora) ft 


Groan, v. n. n£'niKaH:b« 

Grocer, 6aKa'.iHffB, T. — ij alMi 

Groins, CAa6nBu\ 
Grope, V. n. 6a'pam. 
Ground, aeiufl'; npBCTB; oeBoMrie; 

npHHH'Ha; v. a. ocHOBa'saKBHU^t 

V. n. (ship) ct4i&-4HaL 
Grow, v. n. pacTi&' no-; **•«- olC, 


im\ — out of, npoHCQoi'aMM 

"^SAd 3£« 

Growl, V. n. p:BH»:ki' hs-. 
Guard, CTpa'aaa, Bap4a-»; v. a. iif^ 

3i& y-, Ba'p4ifi y-, mmm'jBk;'^ 

house, Ba'p4a. 
Guardian, nooe^ifl'TeiB. 





V. a. no8Ha'tain-«1s; ra-* 



n&TeB04H'Taii> ; v. a. nxte^ 


.Bvaa'; — y, Bmosa'rB, no* 
duib; — less, HenoBH'neHi. 
%9{jam^ (abyss) 6e'd4Ha, npo- 

^ ... 

, jrpbuuyHb. 

ut'S, 3afliirB, T. — mastic, 

iea; — Arabic, Apa6i'McKuM 

ft; (of the eyes) ry'peib. 

lyvuea; — powder, 6«pyn, T. 

:V. D. 6illl'Ka]r&-KH£, HCTH'- 
I-HG9C&'; H3BH'pai[l-Bp&'. 





ible, o6i3Ta'eHis; — ation, o- 

ial, o6uKHOBe'ffb ; — ly, 0611- 

ittte, V, a. npiy'<uiMi*qi&. 
y< a. KliuaMi* 

'pa4:B; T. D. rpa4% Ban'; v» a. 
caxb; no34paBfl'Ba]iv-Bi&'. 
Rdca'^ (a single-^,) Ko'cU:b; 
animals) Ko'dnna; — y, kd- 
■rj^ Biaca'rs. 
r, V. , a. nocBflia'BWb-TUK'; 

D. CBaTlfi" Cfl. 

• • • • 

1. xpon; V. Of xpo'Hki, Ky'- 
iibv-nH£; (to stpp) sann'pan 

flalter« orjaBrals. 

Halve, ▼. a. npenMDBii'bam-Bk&\ 

Ham, K&UKa on csnift^ 

Hamper, v. a. saBpi»'qrBaM^b-«s; 
cn£'^aK&-ra[i; yBpE'dyaain^sii^ 

Hammer* ixokb; (small) motrae'; 
V. a* ino'KaM!B-ras* 

Hand, fsMy (pi. pftut'); nKht*— , 
4A'cHa piRKa'^ 4icHii'iia; left^--, 
it'Ba p&Ra'; v. a* Bpy^ir&-<-llft ; 
— down,— over, irpeAa'Bax%-4am. 

Handful, apoHBar^^ Kpnui'na; dou- 
ble — , me'na. 

Handkerchief, Kb'pna. 

Handle, 4Pb'xk% cam^ T. (axe-*^ 
«fc.) Tonopn'niKa; (badodt— , etc.) 
npBBH3J[0'; V. a. nH'naHx; xBa'« 

Hands[Mke, jocrs. 

Handsome, xy'6aBi^ mnuat^eoB. 

Handy, a. HCKycoffB; (a thing) na'^ 
p&KU; to be — , H'4e mh (etc.) o'lv 

Hang, ?. n. Bici&; v. a. (a man) 
6e'cia 0^; — about, o6uRBi'jjan 
-ojii*'; — back, teYJifi cfl ga- 
uetA'bf CfMt'BjBnWhrBik ca; — down, 
V. a. noie'caanb-eki; v. n. obh'- 
cHyBam-HA ; — out. . v. a. 
(clothes) npocTH'paa'&-Tpi&';--^ up, 
V. a. oRa'^HM!!-^; saKa'^unnt-qiA; 
— together, ▼. r. 3aia'BflMi-*Bifi' 
ca: 4pB»iK!«iiiii&^ Cfl. 

Hanker, (after) v. a. nonvT n (etc.) 
cfl^ nopi'BpyBa][:b-B£ MH ifetc.) ch; 
-^ tng, noute'na, nopt'BRa. 

Happep^ V. n. ciy'ra ca. 

Happiness, fijuMelseTBo; ---• pyv ftia- 
jc^ra, wcTtfra;^^pily, rtiaro- 

Harass, v. a. yMpiteHS-^' ; 6eo^ 




Harbor, npHCTa'amne ; v. n. ci4i&' 
Vh npHcra'HHme; v. a. cKpu'sam 
-ulfi, nHra'uL 

Hard, Kopa'B:^; TBbp4i^ Mi&'qeH!B; 
-r-en, V. a. npa'aifi, Kopa'ao; — 
iron, Ka'^; to become — , ko- 
paai'ifi ; OKaHeHfl'BaM^B-Hi'ufk ; — - 
ness, KopaBHHa' ; — ly, e4Ba'jirB ; 
— -shipi Tpy4i, npnricHe'flie. 

Hare, 3a'im%. 

Haftm, xape'M^b. 

Hark, int. (xiy'maS. 

Harlot. KypBa^ 6jy4HH'ua. 

Harm, Bpe4^, na'KOCTb; v. a. spe- 
As! no-; — less, 6e3Bpe'4effb. 

Har4nony, c:bri[a'cie, rapxo'HiH. 

Harness, Komy'M'B T. t. a. Bnpa'raHiB 

Harrow, BjaiTB; v. a. Bja'qifi BjaKi; 

— one's feelings, Hapana'aanft 

Harsh, jiioTb^ ceprB, T. 

Harvest, SKfl'TBa; t. a. and n. xcb'Hib; 

— lime, »(a'TBa. 
Hash, V. a. Ki^uami. 

Haste, fib'paocTb; — tily, fipb'ao; — 

ty, 6pb3:b^ npenpt'Hi; — en, v. a. 

ycRopa'BaM^b^pifi'^ no4Ka'toflM%-H»; 

V. n. 6b'p3aM%, npH6pb'3yBaH:b 

Hat, Kane'iia^ ma'uKa. 

Hatch, V. a. H3M£T10BaH1^-7kR. 

Hatchet, daiiia^ T. Tono'pHe. 
Hate, V. a. Mpa'3ifi na-^^ HeHaBH- 
X4aH:b-H'4ii& ; — f u I , oxpa'aeHii ; 

— tred, ompa'aa, Bpa»r4a'« 
Haughty, rop4ejH'B:b, BucoKoy- 

MeH:b; to be — , v. n. rop4!tA' ca, 
rojiHiA' cfl^ Ha4H'ra]ii-*rHS ca; 

— ttness, rop4<ejm'B0CTb^ buco- 

Haul, T&rjDA^ BiisiK'. 
Have, V. 4. vfueM'b. 






Havoc, paaope'me. 

Hazard, ona'cHOCTb, v. a. Tfpn 
Bi ona'cHOCTbj — ous, ona'oeMb* 

Haze, TbMa'. 

Hazel, j[*CKa'; — nut, jA'mBoaik 

He, T0% owh. 

Head, a. rja'aeHij n. rjiana';— rf 
a cask, 4iHo; — ache, visaM' 
jiie; — land, Hoc^b; — long, a 
r^aB£' Ha 40'jo; — quarters, fJi'- 
BHa KBapiH'pa ; — strong, nw- 

Heal, V. a. utpfaik' ho-^ jAKfwm 


Health, 34pa'Bie; — y, 34paBib. 
Heap, KyMf V. a. Tpy'najKB.* 
Heari V. a. Mio'BaiiiM^lfi, (ao/«qnii^ 

ing, cjty'maHie; sense oS^^ISftt;' 

— say, Cjiyxi, 
Hearken, v. n. c^maMi&. 
Heart, cbp4Ue',- — ty, cbp4e'qeBi; 

34paBi, cno'peHi; — less, 6e9- 

eb'p4ue;ly — , Hajr'cTi, Hay'cn. 
Hearth, OFHH'me. 

Heat, FOptupiHa'; v. a. todju' On 
Heathen, asu'^HHirb. 
Heaven, He6e', He'6o, S. ^-Iy» »■ 

Heavy, Te'»fbirb; to be — ^ TesKis'. 
Hedge, TLABTh; — hog, Ta^puefmk 
Heed, BHHMa'Hie; v. a. BHHMa'aaiS. 
Heel, Heia', naia', S. 
Heifer, rejm'ua. 
Height, Bfaico<iHHa'; pocra^ 6o%T 
Heinous, rHy'cen^b. 
Heir, Hacji'4HHKi; — eas, Haeil^ 

Hell, Bt'^Ha nsh'm; 84%^ S. ^ 
Helm, 4H)Me'Hi, T. KopMH'jio. 
Helmet, nuem. 
Help, no'iiLomf>^ f. v. a. noMeim 

-o'rHfi; — er, noMO'miHiiRK, noitf'- 




mHHKa; — less, fiecnoMO'meHi. 
Siesn, ^sJi'h; v. a. f&'6m. 
Jfemispbere, noj[yma'pie. 
Hemorrhoids, mancij'h^ T. 
Hemp, KwqH'ma ;— plant, koho- 

Hen* KOKo'mKa. 
Hence, ad, oiiy'Ka; — forth, on 

lyKB HaTa'TiKi. 
Her, (A.) ne'ia^ m; (D.) He'fi h*; 

a. ne'ESh* 
Herald, npoB:B3rjacH'Tejb. 
Herb, Tpesa'; (for medicine) 6h'j[- 

Ka, ey'peHi. 
Herd, CTa'40, nep^af*; — -'s man, 

Here, Ty'Ka; int. e'To, m'; — and 

there, Haca'Mi HaTa'raK:^; (sparse) 

caM^b TaMi; — a bouts, TjA'h'Ba ; 

— after, oti cera' Haia'T^BK^B; — 

by, TOeai xoBa*; — in, B:b lOBa; 

— tofore, 40cera'; — with, ci 
TOBa', Hpea^B Tosa'. 

Hereditary, Hacjii'4CTBeirB. 
Seresy, e'pec^B^ epeiH'qecxBO; — tic, 

lermit, nycTtfHHHKi. 
Beritage, nacjit'cTBO. 
Hero, lOHa'K^B ; — ic, uoi'acecTBeHi ; 

— ism, lOHa'^ecTBO; Mak'McecTBO. 
Hers, ne'jnm». 

Herself, ce'6e, caMa', caMa ce'6e ch. 
Hesitate, v, n. 4BoyMiiR' ca : (in 

speaking) 3an&'HyBaM:B ca; — tion^ 

Hew, y. a. A'bU^wh-xai^. 
Hexagon, mecTO£r:EjiHHK:B. 
Hickup, n. x:bJua'BHi;a; v. n. xi^- 

Hid, cKpLiT:b. 

Hide,v n. K0'3Ka ; v. a, Kprfifii c-. 

Hideous, CTpa^men^B. 

High, Buco'icb; Most — , Bu'wrnA^ 

BceBU'mHiii ; on — , ora ro'pi ; — 

ness, BMCOMHHa'; Buco'^iecTBO ; 

— way, FOji'jHt. nxTb, 4pyMi,G. 
Hill. xw»i:b, 6pb'40 ; — lock, mo- 
, FH'^a ; — )y , ropu'cra. 
Him, He'ro, ro. 
Hind, Koray'ia. 
Hinder, v. a. npena'TCTByBajni ; 

(prevent) 3a4a'BaMi-Bifi ; — ance, 

npena'TCTBie ; cno&'HKa. 
Hinge, peae', T, 
Hint, V. a. 3ara'THyBaMi-HiK. 
Hire, n. nae'Mi^ Kbipi'a, T. san^ia'Ta; 

V. a. HaH'maM^B-e'MiS; ; XBa'iuaM^b ch 

Kbipi'fl (a person) rj[aBa'BaittQ&-Bii&';, 

Hip, K^'wiKa. 

His, ne'roBi; My, ch. 

Hiss. V, a. and n. cx'CKaMG& na-, 

History, HCTO'pia^ 6biTonHca'Hie, no - 
BicTi) ; — ical, HCTopn'qecKHfi ; — 

riiin, HCTO'pHKl, 

Hit. V. a. y'4pHMi-4a'pifi ; jJ[fHBWh 

Hither, Haca'M:b; — and thither, na- 

ca'M^B Haia'T^Ki. 
Hitherto, 4ocera'. 
Hive, Ko'mep'B. 
Hoar-frost, cKpesKb, f. 
Hoarse, npecifniiaij^b; to be-, v. n. 

Hoe, MOTH'Ka. 

Hog, CBHHfl'* 

Hoist, V. a. B4H'raMi-rHiK;. 

Hold, V. a. 4pb5Ki&'; (contain) stf- 
MaM^B, ci6H'paMi-epiK;'; — r back, 
V. n. ctoifi' Hasa'i^s; y. «• 4pb - 
acifi, y4pb3Ka'BaMi-»dx'; — forth, 
V. n. np6noBt'4yBaMi ; v. a. npo- 
CTH'paMi-*Tp&' ; — in, y4pba:a'BaMi 
-»fifi'; — on, V. a. y4pb»fa'BaM:b 
-Mfia^'; V. n. ne ca octa'BaMi; 




— one s peace, wum^ npeiiu- 
qa'BHinB-qufk'; — one's tongue, 
MUHffi'^ 8aTBa'pflM:B ycTa'-ra ch; 

— out, V. n. Tpa'HEk; v. a. npo- 
Tfl^raKb-FHiK^ iipocTH'pairB-Tp&' ; 
— up, V. a. B4srraH:b-rHiE ; no4- 

Hole, 4y'iiKa. 
Holiday, npa'SAHinrB. 
Holiness, cBa'TOCTb^ cBaTifH^. 
Hollow, a. Ky^i^, nnoiuifBi^; n. TpaiTB, 
4y'iiKa; V. a. Kona'i^; 4u6a'i£. 
Holy, cBflTB ; — Ghost, Cbhtu'S 

Homage, 6jaroroBi'Hie. 

Home, y 40Ma' ch. 

Homely, rpo'soH^b. 

Hone, ri[a4H'qb^ rja4ir'J0. 

Honest, le'cieirB ; — ty, le'CTHOCTB. 

Honey, jneA'h ; — comb, nfl'TU. 

Honor, no'iera, lecTb ; v, a. hohh - 

TaKB-OTA'; — able, — ary, no- 


Hoof, TfipHa'lTB (T), KOHBI'TO. 

Hook, (nsh — ,) Bi&'4Hua; (wooden 
or iron] Ky'Ka ; y. a. 3aneTj[fl'BaM:B 
-i'i£; 3aK0inifl'BaH:b-qil£ ; v. n. 
saKa'qHiTB-qifi ca. 

Hoop, o'6pb%. 

Hope, V. a. and n. Ha4'b'BaH:b ch ; n. 
Ha4e'ac4a; — ful, Ha4e'3KeH'b; — 
less, 6e3Ha4e'3Keirb. 

Horizon, He6ocRio'Hii^ ropHso'irr^b; 

— tal, ropH30HTa'j[eH!B. 
Horn, pora; — ed, pora'xi. 
Hornet, cTh'fmeji'h. 

Horrible, yaca'cero^ CTpa'meHi; — 

.. ror, y'xcaci. 

Horse, KOHb ; — man, ko^hhhkb ; — 

radish, xpiffs; — shoe, no4Ko'Ba. 
Hospitable, rocTOjiio6H'B!B; — ality, 

Host, rocTonpieHHHKb ; bo'hhctbo^ 


Hostile, Henpia'tejrcREifi ; — fiy; le- 

npurTejicTBO ;— ties, Henpb^iei- 

CKU 4'b'iicTBUt. 
Hot, ropi'ui^b. 

Hotel, rocTH'HHHita^ JiORa'Hra. 
Hound, piTKa. 
Hour, qaci^ caxa^, T. — gliM, 

nico'qeH!B qaco'BHRirB. 
House, K£'iiia, 40m:b; v. a. tt||IIi 

no4i cy'xo^BKa'pyBaHir-paJaiMi 

cy 'xo ; — hold , 40KB, cem&lhaiii^ 

He'jifl4i^; — keeper, KSiaoioBivt 
Hovel, K0j[H'6a. 
How, KaKB; — much?, ro^jM?-- 

long, 40Kora'^ ko'joco Bpette;-- 

often, KO'jiKO d&'th. 
However, ofia'TC. 
Howl, V. n. BuUk'. 
Hug, V. a. ^p^^p&'^lal[^^ai)8^ 


Huge, TBb'p4i rojit'irB. 

Hull, qepy'oKa; — of a ship, Ibd- 


Hum, V. n. 6pbirvi£', XByHosk. 
Human, ^ejEOEfnecKufl ; — iQr, ^ 


Humane, qejiOBiKOJ[io6HiBiB; — lAj, 

Humble, cimpe'H^b; v. a. cmipfl''- 

BBM^b-pusk' ; — one*s self, cMHpif- 

BaM^-p]£' ca. 
Humidity, Bja'»HOCTb, ttORpoia'. 
Humility, cHHpe'me. 
Humor, MOKpoia'; HpaaiB^ padiOJO- 

ace'me; (wit) ocxpoy'Mie. 
Hump, Tif6wfi; — blacked; njf- 

Hundred, cro; cwtttast; titt^i j 

jni'k'AT'k* ffiFAA-M. 'Tfiii'AMo n«iii^u 


4Bt'cTi; three — , Tpji'cta; ifoorn 

He'TupectOTHHib ; five—, njoftert- 

: THHl. 

Hunger, TJinjiB; v. h. i4i(i(ylMDis; 




gry, rja'4eirB; to be—, wa- 
n chMb] to become—, orjia* 

, jiOBi ; V. a. jiOBUK' y- ; — er, 
smain, lOBe^uh. 
icane, xbl'm. 

jT, 6p£30CTb, 6p:B3HHa'; v. n. 
isaiTb: V. a. no4Ka'Hfl][:b-Hi£. 
Bpe4i; y, a. Bpe4ii&' no-; 
Wve) oropna'aaiTb-Hift' ; (strike) 
ltaKb-i'i£; — ful, Bpe'Aora. 

lOd, MSXb» 

indman, s&nueA'b'MUh. 

, IICTO', Kopa'; V. a. 6Vjd& 


)j)fapbia, to have the — , no6:b- 

u Eoxe'cTBeHHa n^b'ceHB. 
rboie, npeyBejne'me, rune'p- 

eO; cie4iiHn'Tei[effB snaKS. 
thenuse, runoie'Hysa. 
thesis, npe4noi[oxe'Hie. 
urisy, juaueMi'pie ; — ile, jh- 
KJb'pem ; — itical , jamemh^ 


lejfb ; — cy , jie'4eH!E« 

noHfl'Tie, ii4e'fl. 

fy. V. a. nosiia'BaHS-a'ifi. 

, cBo'fictBO Ha asu'nb. 
iipa'34efiaii, v.a. npevimy'BaMi 
>eHe} Ha iipa'84Qo; — ness, 

Idol, h'40ji:b; — ater, H40ionouo'»- 
HHKb; — atry, H40ionouo'HCTBO. 

If, aRO. 

Ignite, V. n. san'HaHi-e'Mai ca, sa^ 
na'jHM!b-iuE ca; v. a. sana'juois 

Ignominy, 6e3TO'CTie; — nious, 

Ignorant, ney'Heffb, npocn; — ance, 

HesHa'ame; HeBi'acecTBO. 
Ill, n. 3 JO) 6t4a'; ad. zjA\ a. 60'^- 

jieiTB ; lo be — , fiojOAy'BaKB ; — 

ness, 60'jecTb; — will, BpaH4a'; 

Illegal, He3aKo'HeHi, 6e3ni&'TeffB. 
Illegitimate , HesuKOHHopoaUera ; 

Illiterate, 6e3KHH'»eHi. 
Illumine, v. a. ocBiTa^BaKK-Tfaik' ; 

— nation, ocBtoie'Hie; — nated, 

Illustrate, v. a. noacra'BaMii-Hifi') 

H3HCHa'BaHi-Hi&'; — ation, H3fl- 

Illustrious, BHaHeHHfrB) cjia'BeH!B. 
Imsige, o'6pa3:b; (in church) hko'eb, 

6. graven—, HciyKa'BCB. 
Imagine, v. n. B:Bo6pa»a'BaBrEg^n&'; 

HeHialfi; — nation, B^Eofi^l^e'- 

me. ^ 

Imbibe, v. a. noiiH'BaMii-fifi, cny- 

Imbue, v. a. Hanoa'Bajtti&-oi£'. 
Imitate, v. a. no4pB3Ka'BaMii-»i£; 

— ation, HOjq^bxa'me; — tator, 

Immaterial, Heaenie'CTBeffb; neaa- 

Immediate, ^enocpe'4CTBeffb; — ly, 
sasWc^B, TyxaKCH, to'«[ hhci; 
H3Be'4H!bXb ; cent'^fca. 

Immense, HeofioapHto, tieBHt'peHS, 





Immerse, v. a. noTona'BaM^B-nfeR'. 
•mmoderale, HeyMt'peHffi. 
mmortal, 6e3CMb'pTeH:B; — ity, 6e3- 

mmovable/ HenoKOJ[e6H'M:B; Heno4'- 
BH'aeeH:b; ne/i:Bu'7mwb. 
iimutable, uemm'bnn'yi'b. 
npair, v. a. pa3Ba.iflM:B-^KR'. 
npart, v. a. ^a'saMi-ziate^B; paa- 
4a'BaMi-4a'M:B; cio6ina'BaM:b-mifi'. 
ip^rtial, 6ecnpHCTpa'cTeir&5- — ity, 
) passable, Henpoxo4H'M:B. 
I patient, Heibpntjuato; — tience, 

pede, V. a. npena'TCTfijBaM'B; 6i>'p- 
KaM^b; — diment, npena'TCTBie, 

oenitent, HenoKa'aHi&. 
)erative, nOBejm'iejieH'B. 
)erial , i^a'pcKbiii , HMnejpaTop- 

jerceptible, HeaaMi'ieirb. 
erfeet, HecMbpuie'H'b; — tion, 
ersonal, 6e3An'HeH%. 
ertinent, 6e3Mt'CTeni&; rpydi. 
3tus, CTpeMjie'Hie ; — tnous, 


ely, Heie'CTie. 


ant, ?. a. Haca'ar4aM:b-a'4ifi ; 

sment, ciraBo', opy'4ie. 
cate, V. a. ynJifTaM^b-eTs', sa- 
cit, c^bBpbme'H^b; CAtivh. 
•re, V. a. m&Am. 
% V. a. no4pa3yMi'BaMii-4'HS. 
*t, (meaning) MU'Cjib, anaie- 
,; V. a. BHO'cHMX-eca'; 3Ha'- 
tant, Ba'3KeH:B; — ance, Ba'- 


mpose, V. a. Haj[a'raM:b-j[o'aM;Da- 
Ty'piOBaMt-pflMi; (cheat) H3ia'- 

MflMl-Mlfi, H3JiryBa]jrb-3Ki2R. 

mpossible, HOBMMO'jKeirb, — bilitj, 


mpostor, jxace'm, jLbCTe'jui. 

m press, v. a. BncMaTjia'Baiirb-jillft; 

— ion, Bneiaut'Hie. 
mprispn, v. a. saxBa'psirbHi^; 

mprobable, neBtpofl'TeiTB. 
mproper, nenpnjH'HeHi.j 6e3iE^'* 

TeH'b; (incorrect) Henpa^Buefls; 
mprove, v. a. nonpa'sflMX-^Biai; y- 

4o6pfl'BaM'b-pi&'; yjiyima'saKHiaf; 

V. n. no4o6pa'BaM:b-pffi'. 
m prudent, nefijraropasy'MeH^ fo- 

mpudent, 6e3cpa'MeffB. 
mpulse, CTpeMJ[e'Hie. 
mpure, neHH'cT'b, Mpb'cem&. 
mpute, v: a. ciK'TaMi-exfi'; npi- 

n, b:b, bo, y. 
nabilily, HeBMMO'afHOCTb, 
[jaccurate, Henpa'B:b, HeHcnpa*- 


nadequate, He40CTa'T0Heirb. 
nanimate, 6e34y'nieni, Heo4ynie- 


naitentive, HeBHHMa'TejieH:b. 
nborn, Bpo3K4e'nx, npHpo'4e£CB- 
ncapable, Hecnoco'6eHi ; — acity. 

ncarnate, B^bMOie'irb. 
ncendiary, 3a3KHra'TejLb, BT&SMyrir 


ncense, Ka4H'j6, TOMa'irb, G; 

ncentive, no6yac4e'Hie. 

ncessant, 6eciipecTa'HeHi. 

nch, npbcra. 

ncite, V. a. no6y'»r4a»rb-y'4ifi, mjfr 











nt, HeHHJOce'p^eHs; siJts^ 



V. a. CKJlOHfl'BaMli-Hifi'j — 

V. a. BKjUO'iaM'B-qiifi. 
V. a. 3aKJH)'qaMi-m. 

jtent, Hecnoco'6effB. 
eie, HenlieH^B, HecMpbme'Hii. 
rehensible, nenocxHJKH'Mi. 
tent, Hec:Bo6pa'3eBrB, hgcxb- 

int, HenocToa'Ht. 

)Hable, Hey4i>p5Kn'M:B. 

Qient, Hecro'4eHi. 

rate, v. a. npHCMOKyna- 


real, fieaitje'ceffB. , 

xt, HeHcnpa^BOHi, nenpa'BH- 

5, V* a. yMHOJKa'BaMi-o'acia, 
)4H'cyBafflii-caMi Ti v. n , pa- 


>Ie, HCHMOBfrpeiTB. 

e, V. a. y^i&^ Ha-, Biie- 


. a. EaBjiii'qaMii-iKx' Ha ce'- 


le, HeHSjtqH'Mi, necutjH'M^B. 

1, 4JiiaKeH:B. 

1, HenpHJH'qeffiB. 


jable, HeyuopH'jtti. 

te, Heonpe4'bje'HX. 

fy» V- a. y40BJeTB0pH'BaBl 

. Bii3Harpaaf4a'BaMi-a4te'. 
dent, He^aBifcHMi, caMOBO- 
— ence, neaaBH'cHMOCtB. 
'tiaB^e'Hie, yKasa'Tejtb. 

V . a . noKa'3yBaMG&-HC» ; 
BanTB-Bfe'; osHaia'BaMt-m'; 

— tive, HSflBn'TOjieH^. 
Indifference, , paBH04rmie; - ent, 

Indigeslible, necMiJiH'TeieH^B. 
Indignant, cBp4H'T;b; pa3Cb'p4eH:b ; 

— at ion, Her640Ba'Hie, rH^B^B. 
Indigo, chhh'jIO. 
Indispensable, Heo6xo4H'M:b, hohs- 

Indisposed, HepacnoJO'iKeBnB, 6ojI- 

Individual, anue'; a. e4HlrE; 0T4t- 

Indolent, Mbp3e^'Bi; — lence, mt'p- 

sejB, jit'nocTB. 
Induce, v. a, no6y'»4a»rB-y'4te ; 

y6'b»f4fl'BaMi-t4i&' ; — ment, no- 

Indulge, V. a. 5T04fl'BaMi-04KR' ; 

ra'Am pa3-; — gence, yro»4e- 

Hie; — ent, yro4«H'Bi, chhcxo4H- 

Industrious, Tpy40J[H)6H'Bi, pa60T- 

Inestimable, HeoutHe'H'B. 
Inevitable, HeH36i'aeeHi. 
Inexcusable, HenpocTH'TejreffB. 
Inexperienced, Heo'nuTeHi, neHCKy- 

Infallible, HenorptniH'Te^em. 
Infamous, 6e3'ie'cTeH:b, jlouib; — 

tny. 6e3^e'cTie. 
Infant, 4*16' (pi.. 4*ua*) ; — ncy, 


Infantry, nixo'Ta. 

Infect, V. a. yjantap4H'cyBaMXM5aMi, 

T. V. n. yjanoi'ejrBaM^B-cairB; — 

tious, sapasH'TeJoffiB. 
Infer, v. a. aaKiio'^aMi-^KR; — ence, 

Inferior/ 4o'.ieHb, no^a^K^B. 
Infernal, a'4CKbifl. 
Infidel, 6e3B'b'pHHKB;-*-ity,6e3B*'pie. 




Infinite, Heorpapii'qera^ 6eciipe4i(- 

Infirm, Cjia6!b^ 6e3cii'jieffb;*-ity, 

cja'6pcTb^ He'Moimt* 
Inflame, v. a. pa3iia'jH>Ba]rB-ji&, 

pa3Cb'p4iiK^Ai&; V. n. ropHik'. 
Inflate, v. a. Ha4y'Bairb-yl£. 
Inflict, V. a. Haia'raMi, HaKasa^me; 

Influence, ^jua'we; v* a. no6y»ABXh 

-yjm; iipeKa'pyBaicB-4y'jiA,' — 
ntial, KCfi-To u'mn Bjna'Hie; ro- 
MyVro HHHy'Ba 4y^a-Ta. 

Influenza, pe'Ma. 

Inform, v. a. HSBtcTfl'BairB-Tlfi' ; 
q69^emr9!/iii^; — ation, H3Bi'- 

Infringe, v. a. Hap]ana'BaH:B - mifi'. 

Ingenious, 4apoBH'T:b; — nuity, h- 
CKy'^TBO, QCTpoy'mie. 

Ingralitifde, HenpHSHa'iejraocTb. 

Inhabit, v. a. aoiBt'ifi ; — ant, mC^ 

Inhale, v. a. 4Bi'p!ca]irb-XH£. 
Inherit, f. a« Hacj|t'4yBaiii:b; — ance, 

Inhuman, fieanojiOBi'Hescs; — ity, 

Iniquity, 6e33aKo'Hie. 
Initiate, y. a. Hacxa'BA]i:b-BHEk; y'qk 

Injudicious, 6e3pa3C£'4effB. 
Injunction, 3a'noB!b4b, f. sap&'na- 

Injure, v. a. noBpe'a^aH:b-e4ii&'^ Bpe- 

A^i — ry^ .Bpe4:b; — rious, Bpe- 

Injustice, HenpaB0ca^4ie; HenpaB4H- 
00^ Hf9apa'ji4a ; )B(eciipaBe44H'^ 

Ink, MfK^B^^OJ-T-^tWdi MaCTH'^QH-- 


Inner, Bfi'TpemeER^ ; rrxnosti 

Innocence, HeBBTHHOCTb; — cent, 

nOBH'Hem, HOBBHOpa'Tlb. 

Innumerable, 6e3iH'cjiem^ 6e 

Inoculate, y. a. npHca's4aKir 
Inquire, v. a. QEi'Tan; — ry, 

Inquisitive, Jio6onBi'TeH^ i 

wi'fl T. 
Inroad, Hame'ciBie. 
Insane, noxy^b'A, Jtyxh; rr: 

Insatiable, HeHacLi'TeH:E* 
Inscribe, v. a. nwaatcywifik 

Bnn'cy^aiii^;-— iption, Ha'yiBi 
Insect. HactKO'MO. 
Insecure, ona'ceH^b^^ HecsTnq 

Insensible, HeHioBCTEH'TeJiefli. 
Inseparable, Hepa34iAe'ffb. 
Insert, v. a. BHtcTH'sairb-Tiii^. 
Inside, Bi&'TpemfliocTb. 
Insinuate, v. a. sara'THyBan 

BHjma'aaM^b; —one's self, 

paM:b-Bp£' cfl. 
Insipid, 6jiy'TKaB:b. 
Insist, HacTOfl'Bai[:b-oi&'. 
Insolent, 6e3cpa'jveH:b, rop4eiH 
Inspect, V. a. iiperie'4yBia]icb-; 
Inspire, v. a. M^'xaymm 

BHyma'aaiTb; — qd, 6oroB4ii 

Be'iTb;— ation, B4i&xHQBe'Hi< 

Instance, npHini'p^; cjy^qa^ 
Instantly, ii3Be4HtaKb^ Ty'Ta^ 
Instead of't ^M^'ero^ Ha xjb'cro 
Instigate, v. a/no46y*a^iqt!^ 

Instinct,.iipHpo'4Ho ycipeKJie'jBd 
I cTH'^Ririb. 
'institute, n. daBe4e'Hie; ?.a* 




{BBHOrejOSi'; OCHOBa'Ba]I!firOB£'; 

ition« 3aBe4e'flie. 
ct, V. a. HacTa'BiiirE-BUfk^ noy- 
(a]rb-aiu&; — ion^ HacTaBj[e'Hie, 
'^elfldef; — or, nojWieja. 
tneni, chnmo^ oifYAie. 
icient, HecTifraTejiefinB, He40- 


, V. d. ykopfl'BaK&-puEk' ; 40- 
varh My HecTb-THL 
portable, HecHo'ceKb. 
"ectioD, B^bcia'Hie. 
ity, «ie'cTH0CTJb^ tie3M'6a-6ie. 
«t, yittj — tiial, y'MCTBeHi. 
gent, y'neH^b. 

perate, HeyHi'p^ir^ HeB:b34pb - 
a ; — ance, AeyHi'peHHoeTB) 

\, V. D. H'saimi HaMipeme; 
IS cfl no-. 

\e. TBb'p4'b rojEtto, cH'jeHi. 
Ibfaiiii, flapo'qeHi. 
V. a; iiorpe'6yBaH:B-62E', aa- 


tde, V. b. xo4a'TdficTByBa]rB ; 
eessioh, xo4^'TaltcTBO ; — - ces- 

iburso, cHome'Hie, ciofiuie- 


lict, V. a. 3a6pa'HflH!S-iii£, aa*- 


ist, BHTepe'c^B, no'jiaa; JH'xBa; 

td', to be — , HHTepec/BaKb 

» saHHHa'BaiTE ca. 

Bre, V. n. Mi'ci£ ca, cmfircaHi 

;!ft^ di; — enee, CMH'came. 

or, a. Bi^'TpemoHi; n. B&'rpe- 


6ciKoii, ]rineik40i[e'tie. 

ial« jfr^'TpemeffS. 

K>8e, V. 1^. Ty'plTH^b nocpe'4£, 

pEKh iijM^TkJ^; v;n. nocpe'4^ 

Interpret, v. a. iipeBo^air&-e4&' ; 

( explain ) T:b,^BaMS ; -^ ation, 

rbJKyBa'aie; — er, tuKosatexb ; 

(of a language) 4paroMa'HHHS> toi- 

Interrbgate» v; a. niiTTaiirb;— ^tion^ 

nu'iame; — iion pdod, B^bnpo- 

cH'TejieKb snaieb. 
Interrupt, v. a;. npeK^'cHyBairb-na^ 

lipectir^iarfr^ftKA'; lipeKpaTii'baMi^ 

Intersect, v. a. iipeicH'9aH:b^tR&' ca. 

Intervene, v. n. iipeHaHy'Bairb--«'ii£; 

cjyiffl ea; — Qtion, nocpe'4HH- 


Interview, BUtTRAvaie. 

Intestines, ^ipbaa'. 

Intimate. H^CKpeneRb, cbp4e'HeHb; 

V. a. 3ara'THyBaMi-H£. 
Intimidate,, v. a. ynja1aiairb--mis. 
Into, vb^ BO^ y. 

Intolerable, arecTbpim'iii, necHo'cera. 
Intoxicate, v, a. onn'BaHi-fifi. 
Intrepid, fief^ctpaniH'irb. 
Intricate, 3a6b'picdH!b. 
Intrigue, HHTpa'ra; v. n. 3a6b'pKy- 

BaiTb-Kairb; — er, HHTpnra'Hrb^ 

*lrtwe', T. 
Introduce, v/a. 3ana3fla'BaM!b-'a'i£^ 

ono3Ha'BaM^-a !£ ; yBO'3K4iBUH:fi*-4£'; 

— uction, aanosHia'Hie ; — to a 

book; BBe46'Hie. 
Intrude, v. n. HaTy^pioBaM^-piak ca; 

yBH'paii!b~Bp2b'; — er, Hary'pHHKi. 
Intrust, v. a. Bsipa'Bairb-pifi'^ no- 

Btpa'aajTb-^Bft'; npe4a'Ba»b. 
Inundation, HaB04^'^. 
Inure, v^ a. npi}r'qfl]rb->Hi&. 
Invade, v. a. Hana'4a]rb-H£. 
Invalid, 6ojmtKB. 
Invalidate, v. a. ofiescB'jaicb-'Jiau 
Invaluable, 6e3ut'Hera. 




Invasion, Hame'CTBie, Hana4e'Hie. 
Invent, v. 9. H3HaMH'paKi&-Mt'pi& ; 

H3Mu'cjiOBaH:b-^i£; — - tion^ H3Ha- 

Mtpe'eie^ H3Q6pi'TeHie. 
Invest^ v. a. BJa'raM:b-JO'm£^ 0- 

Investigate, v. a. B3AH'pHM^-pi£; 

Invisible, HeBii'4HM:b. 
Invite, V, a. Ka'Hi^ no-; npiirja- 

cH'saK^cifi'^ npH30Ba'BaM:b-0B£\ 

BH'KaMi no-; — ted, npift'SBaH^B, 

npHTjace'H^b^ noBu'Kan; — tation, 

Involve, V. a. da6i>'pRyBaH^b^RaMs; 

BanjEH'TaM^B-eiai; v. n. (in debt) 

Involuntary, neBO^jeKB* 
Iron, »ej[t'3o; a. Tuesifdemk. 
Irregular, Henpa'BueH!B; nepe^o'- 

bobkb; 6ecni&'TeHB. 
Irreparable, HeB'B3BpaTirtra. 
Irresistible, Henpeo40iH'jn. 
Irresolute, HepiniH'TejLeHi. 
Irritate, v.. a. pa3Cb'p4fliiB - 4i£, 

Island, Isle, o'CTpoB%. 
Issue, n. Teqe'Hie; hsCao; po'acfia; 

v. a. H34a'BaM:b; v. n. H3jia'3flM:B 

-t'3£, npoHcxo'^4aMiB - H3 ji'dA ; 


Isthmus, npo'BjiairB. 

It, to; — 's, He'roBO; — self, ca- 


Itch, Kpa'cTa^ ipio'ra, Cb'pdaji; it 

itches, chf6jii mh (etc.). 
Ivory, cjLo'HOBa KOCTb. 
Ivy, 6p:biiLia'H:b. 






Jackass, mara'pe. 

Jacket, mBAe'Tna; cajiiaHa^Ka. 

Jail, TbMHH'ua, saTBO'pi ; — fli^ 

January, laHHya'pifi. 
Jar, 4e'^a; v. a. Kia'TUK n(K | 
Jasper, a'cnnci. ' 

Jaundice, TKbATeEsCna. 
Jaw, ve'jiocTb. 

Jealous, 3aBHCTj£rB:B^ peBHflte, S. 
to be — , 3aBH'»c4aM:b-H'4ifi; — sj, 


Jehovah, leoBa'. 

Jeopardy, ona'cHOCTb. 

Jerk, V. a. 4pB»'naMX-nHiK. 

Jest, luflra"; v. n. maiy^BajrE a 

Jesuit, lecyn'Ti. 

Jesus, tacy'c^B. 

Jewel, 4paroi]it'HHOCTb; 6e3U,t'fM 
Ka'MiKL — ry, Ha'HH3i; — kii 
sjaia'pb, 4HfeBaHp4ad'a T. 

Jog, Joggle, V. a. 6y'TaaKB, Ria'Tifc 

Join, V. a. c:Be4BHfl'Ba]!rB-Hi£'9 ci- 
B!BKynjifl'BaM:b-y'niifc; c:B6ii'paKVl)e' 
p£%- V n. c:be4HHa'BaKb cfl,8r 
jftna'BaM'B-ni&' ca. 

Joint, 'uen^B, cia'Bi ; put out of-S 
VLCKiAmwh-Hmi — ly, sa'eAWij 


Joke, mara'; v> n. mflry'BaKb CL 
Jolly, Be'cejii. 

Joit, v. a. and n. 4py'cairB. 
Journal, Huopna'ji^ 4He'BHHRS. 
Journey, v.r n, n&iy'BajH; n, i» 

Joy, pa'40CTb; — ful, pa'40Cieir» 

— ous, Be'cejLi, pa'40CTeBS. 
Judge, n. cs!jm^KB ; v.. a. esl'' 

4i&; V. n. cipy'sa xHi (q(c.) c^ 






— ment , ciM* ; — nient - seat, 

Ug, CTO'MHa, G. 

bice, cokb; — -cy, co'newh. 

lily, ly^jifi. 

liiiip, V. n. cka''WMii-o'qix-o'KH& ; 

— over, iipecKa'qflM:b-o'<ii£. 
[une, ly'Hift. 

[unior, nd' Mai'bK:B^ no'BuaA^B. 

[tist, Bpa'BOAeH^b; npas^B; cnpaBe4- 
xnthi^ — ice, npaBocy'4ie; npa'B- 
M^ iipaB4HHa'; cnpaBe4diH'B0CTb. 

Justify, V. a. onpaBAa'Bajni-alx, o- 
npa'BflM:b-Bi£; — fication, onpaB- 



Keeb^ o'crispi^ 

Keep, V. a. 4pB»ffi' y-; (lay up) 
Kpu'uEi C-; (preserve) Ba'pAHL y-, 
(TbxpaHfl'BaM^B - Hi£' ; (observe, 
watch) Ba'p4i& y-, Hio'BawB y- ; 
— er, c^ExpaHHToab. 

Kerfael, Bpb'uo; fl'TKa. 

Kettle, small copper; — ^ wb'UHe^ 
Kowe'; large — , Mi'4HHKi, ko- 

Key, KJDDHb. 

kick, V. a. and n. pEfTaM^-THfi. 

Kid, iTpe. 

Kiciney, fiy'fipeK^B T. 

Kill, V. a. ySa'aaMi-i'iR; ymopa- 

BaKb-*pi£', aaxpBi'BaM^B-u'ifi. 
Kiad, 0. BH4£; a. 4o6p:B^ cAa'A'BKb^ 

(God) 6i[arb; — ness, 4o6pMHH', 

Kindle, v. a. 3ana'j[flM:b-j[i£. 
Kindred, pOAHifna. 

King, uapb, Kpajb; — dom^ iia'pr- 


Kinsman, po4HH'Ha. 

Kiss, n. i^bjy'BKa; v. a. ij^bxy'sams 


Kitchen, noBa'pHHqa^ rOTBa'pni^iia. 

Kite, xBbpHH'jio. 

Kitten, KO'xe. 

Knapsack, la'HTa, T. 

Knave, qanK&'Hnn^b^ T. 

Knead, v. a. mt'ciffi. 

Knee, koj^'ho. 

Kneel, v. n. KOjiHH'qifi. 

Knife, HO»cb, no'wie. 

Knit, V. a. uabtSl' y-, (ao. — toxi, 

part, UAeji%). 
Knock, V. a. qio'KaM^b^ ipo'naM^b; 

— against, y4a'pa]!rB-'pifi ca ; — 
down, c:b6a'pflMi-o'pffi; — off, 
6y'TaM:B-TH£; CBa'jM[Mi-Ji£ ; ot- 
cn'nawEHbKs: ; — er, TOKHa'K^oi^b 

Knot, (tie,) Biaejoi; (of a tree) toitb. 
Know, V. a. 3Ha'i£, no3Ha'BaM:b-a'usk; 

— how, ywb'm; — ledge, sna'a- 
Hie, noBHa'Hie ; — n , saa'HHb, H3- 
Bt'cTeH:b, no3Ha'T:B. 

— — 


Label, Ha'4nHcii. 

Labor, pa'6oTa; Tpy4*; v. a. pa- 

6om; — er, pafio'THHicb; — 

ious, Tpy40jH)6ii'Bi; Te'3KbirB. 
Lace, n. iniipH'T:b T., rafiia'ai T ; 

gold or silver — , c&'pjia T. ; v. a. 

o6Ta'KaM:&-o'qix ; CTa'raiPB-e'rHfi. 
Lack, n. He40CTa'TM:B, iiy'ac4a; v. a. 

HecTH'raM:5; irb'MaH^; jHma'Basrb 



-fflifi' CH,* — ing, a. eKCHK^b (T), 

I.dd, Momqe'. 
Ladder, CTiji6a. 
iMe, V. a. TOBa'pix na-; (to dip) 

qe'pnffi hc-; — en, HaTOBa'peirs. 
I^dy, rocnoaea'. 
I^ke, e'aepo. 

F^mb, a'rne, — of God, A'rHeui. 
L'^me, xpOMi, Kyu^B, G; v. a. oKy- 

Ufl'BaMi-ui&'; V. n. to become — , 

Lament, v. n. OMa'KyBaMi-qfi ; — 

ation, njia^B, OMa'KyBame. 

f.amp, CBtTH'jHIIK1&^ KaH4H'j[0. 

L;mce, n. Konie'; v. a. npopi'ay- 

BaMi c:b Hen^e'pb. 
Lancet, Heme'pb, T. 
I.,and, n. cy'ma, cy'xa seir^a'; v. n. 

ESASi'dnwh Ha cyxo; v. a. H3Ba»e- 

4a'Mi Ha cy'xo; — ing, cKe'jLO 

T.; by — , no cyxo. 
f^andlord, cTOna'HHH:B Ha k^'h^k. 
J,ane, Tt'cna /jHi^a. 
Language, flsu'K^b. 
f^nguid, oxny'cHarB, npeMpi'jL^B. 
Languish, v. n. jasabiA^ b^'xha 


Lantern, ^eHe'pb, T. 

I^p, cKy'Ti; V. a. and n. AO'Hih. 

Lapse. HCTene'Hie, xe'ie'Hie. 

I^rd, Macb. 

Large, TOjLb'M'h; e'4ip:B. 

f^ash, 6Hqb. 

Last, n. (shoemaker's) Ka^x'n^B, T; 
V. n. Tpa'i£; a. no^H'peH^B, (week 
etc.)npeMH'HXJ:b; — ly, Ha'ft no- 
4Hpi, Ha'fi nocAb; at — , Ha'ft 


Latch, n. Ha'HAd^o^ T. 

tatc, ad, KtcHo; — ly, cKO'po, aa 


(vatbe, cxpyrb. 


Latitude. mnpo^HHa', nnrpHHa'. 

Latter, no4ii'peHi^ nocjit'AHiS. 

Lattice, penie'TKa. 

Laugh [^a«:b], n. CMixx; v.n. cwHk 
CH 3a-: — at, npHci[H'BaK&-'bl£ es; 
to make one — ^ pascim'Bairb-tU 

Launch, v. a. cny'CKaHi Ha BOfiji. 

Laurel, ja'B:Bpi&. 

Lavish, a. pacTora'TejeffB; v. a. 

Law, 3aK0'H:B; — ful, aaKO'H^n; — 
less, 6e33aK0'HeH^ ; — suit, Jo*" 
6a'; — yer, saKO'HHHiTB. 

Lax, pacny'cHai'B, CAa6:b. 

Lay, V. n. (eggs) cno'cHKb-eeif ; 
V. a. (place) lyjpaM'B-piflk; — a»<ie, 
0CTa'BflM:b-Bi£ ; CKpLi'sairb-uTx ; 
— before, npe4^a'raM:b-o'xift ; — 
by, Ty'pflMG& Ha CTpaH£'; — down, 
V. a. cja'raM^b-o'afifi ; (life) uo- 
jia'raMi-o'afiK ; (one*s self) jt- 
raM^B-rHfi ; — hands on, lypau 
p£Ut' Ha; — hold on, xBa'n^us 
-a'H&; — on, Ha^a'rairb-o'xiiv 

out, H3K4HBfl'BaMl-BiiR' ; — up, 

c:B6H'paMi-epifi' ; Kpvtm c- • - 
waste, onycxa'BaM^b-TiiR ; — «r, 
c^o'fi, Kara, T, 

Lazy, MpbsejH'Bi; — -ziness, ipi- 

Lead [jieA'b] . n. KopniioirB, T. o'xm^ 
CBHHe'it^b; — penciL MOJffl'BO, G* 

Lead [jh4:b], v. a. B0'4ifi ; (in coifi^ 
Be4i&'); — away, OTBo'»4aiii-e4iiS 
H3 jtryBaMG&-aCiS ; — into, yso'i- 
4aMi-e4&'; — out, H3BO'»4aii 
-6431'; — to, 3aB0'3R4airB-e4i&';— 
er, B04H'Tejib. 

Leaf, jLHCTi; v. n. — out, HCKa'jpf- 
Bau:B jHcTfl', pa33ejeHfl'BaM!&-ft1i 


League, n. c'bio'3:b; v. a. npa'Bis 









-.eak, n. 47'HKa; v. n. leKiSL-Heinb. 

^an^ a. xpbina'B^B; v. n. HaBo'^r- 
A&M^^BeAS! cfl; — over, nojLftrearb 
— e'rHft; — upon, v. ». Haja'raMB- 
-e'rHfi; v. n. onH'paM:B~iip£'. 

!>eap, V. n. cRa'?flM:B-KO'9i£-o'KH2E ; 
V. a. — over, iipecKa'qgM:5-o'KH£ ; 
— year, BHcoKO'cHa roAitHa. 

Learn^ v. a. yqi& na-; v. n. yqifi 
CBy Ha-; — by hear!, y'qx na/cTb 
-HaHsy'cTb ; — ed, y'qeni ; — er, 
jwhsi'ke; — ing, yie'nie. 

Leasts Ha'8 Ha'j^sKi ; at — , nafi ua'j- 


Leather, Memfirffs^T. Ko'aca; sole — ^ 

iw/ffb, T. 
Leave, d. 403B0je'flie^ no3BOj[e'Hie ; 

V. a. ocTa'Bairb-Bi£ ; — off, v. a. 

ocra'BfliTb-BiSL^ Hany'cKajrB-CHfi ; 

V. n. npecTa'HyBaM^b-HiSi ; — out, 

y« a. ocTa'Buiii^b-BiiK, npecKa'HHM^b 

Leaven, RBac:b. 

Lecture, n. ypo'Ki ; v. n. iipeno4a- 

BaKB ypo'Ki^. 
Leech, ma'BHiia. 
Leek, npa'cb. 
Left, jta^b ; on the — , na jit'BO^ ot:b 

Leg, KpaicB^ Hora'. 
Legacy, saBtii^a'Hie. 
Legal, aaKo'Hen^b. 
Legation, noco'jcTBO. 
Legion, jereo'ffB; nojOKii; nmo'isae^ 


Legislate, v. n. npa'B£ saKO'irb; — 

ator, 3aK0H04a'Tejb. 
X^itimate, saKO'aeffB; npaa^b; sa- 


I^eisure, iipa'34H0 spe'MO. 
Lemon, jhko'hb. 

C«end, V. a. 3aH'JiiaH!b-e'Mfi, Aa'fiairb 
Ha za'ewB. 

Length, 4'BXKHHa'; — en, v, a. npo- 
4i:b»fl'BaH:b-»ei£'; — wise, Ha M'hTKh. 

Lens, o66i040KOpy'6ecTO CTbKJo'. 

Lentiie, m'uubl 

Leopard, j[eona'p4^, Kanjta'Hi^ T. 

Leper, npaKa»e'H:b. 

Leprosy, npoKa'3a. 

Less, no' naiiKi ; — en, v. a. yMa- 

Lesson, ypo'Kt. 

Lest, 4a He, 3a 4a ae. 

Let, v. a. — go, — in, — off, — 
out, n/cKaM^b-cHA^ (or, ny'ntaMi 
-y'cTHiflk) ; — down, cny'cKairb 
-CH& ; (suffer) ocxa'aaMi-BiiR, B4a'- 
BaMb-4aMi& ch; (rent) 4a'BaKb ex 

Letter, hhcmo' ; a small — , HHcaM- 

Lettuce, 6px40'KBa. 

Level, a. pa'Benx ; n. paBHHHa' ; pa- 
BeHCTBo; v. a.|ypaBHfl'BaHX-Hij&'. 

Lever, jloctx. 

Levity, je'rKocTb; jiencoHU'ejie. 

Levy, n. cbdH'pame na BO'fiHu; 
V. a. cb6H'paMb-6epa'. 

Lexicon, cjioBa'pb, pi'raHKi. 

Liable, Mo'ace; Attacero, otb4't- 

Liar, jib»ce'ux. 

Liberal, ^^e'4lp^^ BeJHK04y'flieHb. 

Liberate, v. a. ocBo6o4fl'BaMX-o'4i£- 

Liberty, cBo6o4a', bo'jh. 

Library, 6H6jio'THKa, G. KHHTOxpa- 

Lick, V. a. JH'aC£-3H£, 6jDB'2K£-3U£. 

Lid, sai/oKa, nojry'HKa. 

Lie, (falsehood) jEXHcaT; v. n. xbsR^ 

H3, C-, (ao. Xbra'xx^ (be situated 

V. n. ABTRVk'; — aown, je'raMi 

Lieutenant, HaMt'cTHHKB ; — coIo - 

net, n04n0j|K0'BHHKi. 




Life, »CHBO'rb; mmie\ 

Lift, V. a. BAH'raM^B-rHfi. 

Lights a. AeKh; (not dark) Bii'4iJ'B; 
(lumiiious) CBtTjUffii; n. CBtT- 
JHHB'; (candle) CBinp», f.; v. n. 
CBi'THEi; V. a. (a candle) na'^ifi 
3a-; (a room) ocBiTa'saMi-Tia' ; 

— up, 0CBi^^a'Bal[l-iTte' ; — on, 

— upon, c^qa ca, Hcna'^aM^ 

Lighten, v. n. CBi'TKa ca ; v. a. o- 
CBtTfl'Banrb - xi*', npocBiia'BaMi 
-THR'; o^erna'BaMi-qift'; yjLecHa'- 

• BaH:5-Hi£' ; — ing, cBtiKa'aHiia. 

Like, ad. Kaio; a. npajrn'qeH^B, no- 
4o'6effB ; V. n. to be — , npHjm- 
qaiTB, OMa'aanTb; v. a. o6u'qaM:5; 
ape'cyBaM:B-caMi, G.; — en, v. a. 
ynpHJHqa'BaMi-qtK' ; yno40'6a]»rB 
-6k&; — ly^ Btpoa'TCH^B ; — ness, 
n04o'6ie, npMH'qie ; — wise, la- 
Ka', no4p'6HO. 

Lilac, jiio'jaKa ; a. MO'poBX. 

Lily, KpHH'B, KpeM^B. 

Limb,^y4i, qJie'ro ; (of a tree) riobtb. 
Lime, Bapi ; — tree, jrana'. 
Limit, rpaHH'ua, npe4i'Ji ; v. a. o- 
rpaHn'qaM:b-qi£ ; — ed, orpanH'- 

Limp, V. n. xpo'Mi*, Ky'i^aMt, Kpa- 


Linden-tree, JHna'. 

Line, n. pe^B, (S. pa4:B), qepia'; 
(cord) B&5Ke' ; v. a. no4njaTa'BaM:B 
im ; — ning, no4Ma'Ta, acxa'pb, 

Linen, jie'HeHO nj[aTHO'. 

Linger, v. n. ma'iiR ca ; safia'BasTB 

BIm ca* 

Link, ajiKa' ovh ciiii4»^ii'pb. 
Linseed, jie'neHO cfe'Me. 

Lint, THOTH'K^b. 

Lion, MB'h^ acjia'Hi T ; — ess, jie- 

Lip, ycTHa'. ij| 

Liquid, a. Bo'4eHi; nja'BeHE; & i^i 


Liquidate, v. a. saiua'niaiirB-am'. i 
Liquor, nHTie'; in—, niaiffb. li 
List, pa'cmic:b ; (of cloth) H'Bfflp, | ' 
Kena'pb, T. k 

Listen, v. n. cjry'niHirB. li 

Literal, 6yicBa'jeH:b ; — ly, ^ynefj- 


Literary, KHiDKe'Beirb, y'TCHj, y»'- 
fioH^b; — ature, KWsKHH^a, n'- 


Litter,; cM^^xb, f. nieiBf- 
xa pi. 

Little, Ma'jWTb 4pe'6eH!b. 

Liturgy, 6oroc4y»e'Hie. 

Live, a. moBTt; v. n. SKOBfifi: C!MliC; I 
noMHHy'saM^E-H'Hfi ca; — on, - 
upon, xpa'Hifi ca ; — lihpod,no- 


Lively, trvlb^b ; (in mind) Be'cait. 

Living, a. muB'h; n. noMB'flyBaflie. 

Liver, 4po6i. 

Lizzard, rymepi. 

Load, n. xoBap:b ; v. a. xoBa'pifi flhi 

Loadstone, MarHH'x:b. 
Loaf, Xjit6t. 

Loan, n. aa'eM^b ; on — r. Hasa'ea 
Loathe, v. n. ray'cKR ca ; — soa||| 

Lobster, MopcKu'g pairb. 
Local, Mt'cxeBTb — ity, irb'cxo. 
Lock, 6pa'Ba ; (of hair) CROiy^i 

v. a. aaKJiio'qajirb-qiS^ 
Locust, cKaKajie'm. 
Lodge, n. ysmjiis^m,e ; v. p. jreapji': 

cni^'; ci4&' naro'cxH; saRa'^ntt i 

-qiiR ca ; v. a. xy'paBKb ; nptf" 

^awb B:b }{s!msr'TSi ch; — giif) 




y^iifs^a ; — 3I, 4orii|['' 

. n. m'i& c^ sa-^ 0a'ia£ 

, • 


M'hT'h ; — iqg, nomo'Bija ; 
, V. a. i|Qp£'BHyBaii2t-0A 
c,) Q^, nomea' mh (etc.) ca; 

;|«|, A^^rZi K04K0rT0^ KQJKO 

I'hT'h TQ'4K0Ba; aid. 40 kq- 
4or4*'; — ago, — siqc^, 

•er, no-^ Be'TO; ^ little — 
lie va'4((o. 
e, 45*^pHa'. 

. TJOAT*^ no'TJLejp^; v. a. 
I. rje'4aM:b-4S46, no - ; — r 
orj[e'4yBaM:B-4a]«i ca; ipt.- 
- after, Harj[e',^aMi-4aMij| 
5'^Ba]i|[t-4a]tti ; xpt'cffi; —: 
a'KaM^B; xpb'ci*; — ipto, 
>'4yBaM:B-4aMt; BHp'KHyBaMi* 
-rron, —upon, rj[e'4a]n:B, 
whr-Jii'jm; —out, rj[e'4aMi 
'; — qveri npejrje'4yB?(Jtt^ 

rglass^ ooQ4a'40. 


tKhy T. uexe'jiKa. 

pa3Bpb'3aE(:b^ paao^a^c^Kb^ 

rjBiaTi, pacny'cBiaTi ; v. a. 

/syBSWb'-m^ ; — em, y- ^ 

3^6.aMi-6w&; to let—, pa- 


s, (of bowels) ^h'c:bkb; (qf 

i) pacny'dBO. 

Vcno4^^ (yoc. ro'cno4H},: 

ita'pb; — 's, rocno'4eflb. 

a. ry6ii& 3a-, H3-; 3ary- 

5ke; HsrydHMi^ia; — oae's 

way, aaiyfifliTB n;^'Tb-Ti ; — st, 

Loss, 3ary'6a, Hary'fia. 
Lot, 2Kpe'6ie; 'lecxb; to cast — , 

xB:b'piaM:b »pe:6iq,; to dfaWTrr^ 

xeYjrufk 3Kpe'6ie. 
Lottery, nifl'HKO, JOT^pi'fl. 

Loiifd) W<^Q'K1^^ TOAh'WB^ cstAev^^ 

Louse, BimKa. 

Love, n. o'6Biib, hq^'j^, f. ; Vt a. 

o6H'TOM^,Jup'6iiR; T—jy, ofiu'qeBrbj 

— er, j[io6o'BHHK'b-wu^ 
Low, a. HH'c:birb^ Ao'Affi^. 
hctyf^ V. p. wy'i^. 

L^wer, a. no' hhc:bk:b^ no' 40J[e£rb ; 

V. a. (fj^'j^pfb'jh^y CHe;iiaj|[:b-^']|A; 

(let down) cny'c«a]JiiT-i?H&; (o^e*s 

self) yHH»a'BaM'b-»a^ ch; y. ii, 

(subside) cna'4aM^-4Hiii. 
Loyal, Bi'pcHB, BtpHQno'4(^iaHit. 
Luclu^ TO'CT*^ CTadie ; — y, w-r 

cth'x^, cnacx-iH'Bi. 
Ludicrous, cMtiiUH'B:^ cqt'nieH^* 
Lukewtarm, xja'4^Eii; cxy4p'B'B. 
Lump, 6y'ua ; (of bfg^d) KOJna'xb. 
L^unacy, ^'4QCTb; — uatic, Jy4** 
Lungs, 6i'j[i 4po'6:b. 
L.iist, no'xoxb, f,; B:Bar4ej[4'Hie ; t-t 

^t^, no^ejia-ifi. 
Lustre, jibCKaBHna'. 
Luxuriar^ci?, npeH3o6H'jie ; rr- ri^pt, 

xfiib'p4^ H3o6Bi'4eH:b, xBb'p4i ixjlo- 


Luxury, pa'cKom, f.; paofco'niHpcxb; 
rTTTurious, paqKQ'peq^, (^acio^. 

Ljfe -syra', peu^4H'Ba Bp4aS JPB'a. 

— 0— 





Macaroni, MaKapo'HU. 

Machine, Ma'mHHa, Ma'KHHa. 

Mackerel. cKyMpi'a. 

Mad, (crazy) 1741^; (dog) 6*'ceBrB ; 

(angry) cbp4H'TS. 
Madder, 6poiiib. 
Magazine, marasa', Maa3a^ 
Maggot. qe'pBeii. 
Magic, Maru'H. 
Magistrate, rpa4onpaBH'Tejb; (judge) 

Magnanimous, BewiHK64y'meffb ; — 

imily, BeMK04y'iirie. 
Magnet, HarHifT^B. 
Magnificent, nejosKOJib'ueu'h; — > cence, 

BeiHKOjit'nie. ' 

Magnify, v. a. yBejma'BaMG&-MKR', 

B:B3Bej[iraa'BaMi-iiai ; — ing-glass, 

yBejHqiftejHO ctbrjo'. 
Magnitude, rojtMHHa'; Bexmsmo:. 
Magpie. cBpa'Ra. 
Mahomedan, HoxaMeTa'HCKufi ; n. 


Maid, maiden, MOma'; — (servant), 
(free) c^yrbi'Ha; (bond) po6M'Ha. 

Mail, no'n^a. 

Maintain, v. a. ci4pb»ca'Ba]irB-)id£'; 
n04pi)»a'BaMi-afiK' ; — tenance, 

Majesty, BejH'qecTBO. 

Majority, no'rojtMO-TO MHO'srecTBO. 

Make, v, a. npa'si^ na- ; — a mis- 
take, c6b'pKyBaMi-KaMii; — good, 
3an^a'iuaM:b-aTi]K'^ naT^BKMfl'Bairb 
-Mi& : — haste, 6pb'3aM:b; — one's 
escape, fiiYaMX^ 0TTb'pBaM:B-B2E' 
Cfl ; — out, pa36H'paMi-ep&'; — 
over, npera'cyBaBTB-mis ; — up, 
c:b6ii'pa9rb-ep£'^ (a difference) npe- 

roBa'pHM!b-o'pi£ ch ; npmoipi'* 
BaM:b-pi£' ch; (a deficiency) Hani- 
MH'BaH^b; (to compose) dcraBUf- 
Banx-a'BiSL ; — one's mind, pi- 
ma'saM^B-mifi' ca ; — use of, y- 

Maker, c:B34a'Tejib, cirpaAH'Tea. 

Male, jiL&'myKh. 

Malefactor, 3ji04^'eux. 

Malevolence, a^OHce^a'TejiCTBO. 

Malice, 3J[o'6a ; — cious, 3M6jtfn. 

Mallow, dwarf — , KaMH'junrB; marsh 
— ^ qepBfe'na pyjKa. 

Man, qeJOB^K^b ; married -— , ub; 
unmarried — ^, epre'Hii ; t. a. n- 
opyjKa'BaM^B-Mfa' ; — of war, jmA- 
Ha rem'a; — ly, iis!n:ecTBem. 

Manage v. a. ynpa'sairE. 

Mane, rpH'aa. 

Mange, Kpa'cia. 

Manger, a'c^a. 

Mangle, v. a. KiK'caiTB Ha-. 

Manhood, Mi£;'»;ecTBo, Hemvi'^ 


Maniac, jija'b. 

Manifest, v. a. asa'BairB-Biai'; a-l'- 

BCHt; — ation, HB^e'nie. 
Mankind, qe^iOBt'qecTBo. 
Manna, Ma'Hna. 

Manner, Ha'qmii; — s, npa'BEL 
Mansion, mmvtm.e. 
Manufacture, Maiiy^aKTy'pa ; ?. 1. 

npa'Bifii Ha-, pa'6oTiak, 
Manure, Top:5; (dung) xaMo'. 
Manuscript, p^Konn'oB, f. 
Many, mho'fo; n. MHOSH'Ha. 
Map, Ka'pTa. | 

Maple, KiOHi. 
Marble, Mpa'Mopi. 
March, v. n. BBpBifi'; — (month) 

Mare, K06(i'.ia. 
Margin, Kpafi. 






tfOpCKKTS; n. MOpCRBffi COjI- 
le. npHHO'pCKBlfi. 

Ha'pKa ; qeokl ; book — , 6t- 
Ka; V. a. Typa'Mi Ma'pK£^ 
'»£ 3a-^ Ha3Haqfl'BaMi-Mi£'. 
;e, 6paK:B; CBa'46a. 

\ nO'3'bT'h. 

V. a. me'ntik o-; (to perfopin 
ceremony) B'bHqa'Ba]rb-M'b'i£ ; 
ed, o^e'Heffb. 

I, Hay'mHHi ; Ma'pmaji^B ; v. a. 

, Boe'HeH^B. 

. V. II. qio'4ifi cfl; — ou«, 

Ine, ms!jKKa&. 

jHiypru'fl; (of things) rpa- 

re, H36ie'Hie; v. a. h36h'- 



, xa'flcTopi ; (of a bouse) ro- 

la'pB; (teacher) yiHiejib ; v. a. 

k2K4a'BaM:B--4£'; BjaA^lsi. 

, 6t'jia 4£'BKa, MacTH'Ka. 


KH6pH'Tx; emi; T. v. n. npH- 

U[:b-rH£; v. a. yfl4yp4H'cy- 

^-cajH^B^ T. 

4pyra'pb; cinpyTB. 

d, a. Beme'cTBeffB; n. Bome- 


al, Ma'iivHBCb. 

natics, MaxeMa'THKa; — cal, 


lony, cMpy'acecTBO. 

, BeniecTBO; putrid — , rHO'fi; 

dy — , chKfiBwa; no — ^ ne 

Matting, poro'cKa. 
Mature. y3p'b'ji, Bia'caJEi G. v. n. 

y3pt'BaM:B-t'ifi; v. a. yciapb- 

Maxim, npa'BHJEO. 
May, Mafi; v. n. HO'rfi-o'xenib. 
Me, (D) MB'at mh ; QA) MO'He, hh. 
Mead, He40BH'Ha. 
Meadow, jHBa'4a, jtyra. 
Meal, 6painHo'. 
Mean, cpe'4eHB ; hh'31KI, Aomb ; 

V. a. 3Ha'qi£; H'fflaii^B HaMipe'Hie; 

— time, — while, Mew4y' lOBa'; 

— ing, 3Haqe'Hie^ cMhtc'BA'b. 
Means, cpe'4CTB0, cnoco'6i; opy'- 


Measles, dpycHifi^a. 

Measure, Mt'pKa, Mt'pa; v. a. Mi- 

Meat, Meco', (S. Ma'co). 

Mechanic, xy40'MCHHKi; — s, Moxa'- 


Medal, Me4a'j:B, HHma'Hi, T. 
Meddle, v. n. Mt'ci£ca; — with, 

3aKa'qflMi-ii&' ca. 
Mediate, r. n. nocpe'4CTByBaM:& ; 

— tor, nocpe'4HHKi; — ation, 

Medical, ffle4HUH'HCKufi9 Bpave'6eHi^ 
Medicine, utpi, AtKb; — nal, i;*- 


Meditate, v. n. fadnu'cAHWh-'jaA ; — 
ation, pa3Mb[iiue'Hie. 

Mediterranean , cpe403e'neirB. 

Medium, a. cpe'4eHb ; n. cpe'4CTB0. 

Meek, Kpo'TXK^B; — ness, Kpo'TOcxB, 

Meet, a. npiuH'qeirb ; t. n. c:&6h'- 
panTb-epA' ca; v. a. cft'mjaarb 
-mna; (to goto — ) nocpi'ioairB 
-nj^Hifi; — ing, cpt'iuia; (assem- 
bly) ci6pa'Hie. 

Melancholy. uepnoHCjb'qie, Hejan- 





Melon, (water — ) ^m^ Ao6^iik\ 

(musk ^) iiiiiHim. 
Mell. V. a. Tonia' c>-, croittfteaii^B 

-nifi'; (metals) pactonfl'B^^ii!^ ', 

Memtier, 74*5 ^jie'Hi. 

Memorandum, noMeHi^ir&. 
Memorial, na'^iHHKS^ difsyxA'Jci^T. 
Memory, na'MflTJb, f. 
Mend, v. t. Kfi'pMia; (repJiir) iijie- 
itpa'isfoii^-Bifi ; (seW) 3amn'BaMii 


Menses^ Isih'c^HRm. 
M^ntisii, yVCTselffb. 
Mention, v. a. HanoMHHy^BaMS-H£'^ 

ynoMflHy'BaMi-HlR'; ifhdke — of, 

Merchandize, iiproBi'a ; — nt, w]p- 

ro'Bem; — eanlile, Txpro'BCKMB. 
Mercui-y, JKHaa'feB. 
Mercy, mh'-ioctb; MM0ce'p4ie; v. a. 

to have — , MifjiyBaMTi no-; — 

ciful, HH'jocTHBi; to he — , 6x- 


Merdy, ia'nio. 

Merit, n. 40cto'i!itt!tB6 ; v. al. sa- 

Mferry, tte'eejib / to be — , Becfeiia' 


Message, HaBt'crie; — senger, Bi^ex- 

wskb^ fi3B'bciii'Tejti>. 
Messiah, Mecei'a. 
Metal, mera'-iii ; (ore) py^a'. 
Metaphysics, HeTa4>n'3Hka. 
Meteor, Bxsay'niHO, HBie'ffle. 
Method, THeto'A^. 
Mew, V. h. Me'm. 
Microscope, intKpocRO'niB. 
Middfe, cpfe^a'; in the — , Ha cpeA^b. 
Midnight, cpe4i Homt^ f. itOjTy'- 

Honu», f. 

iidist, fcp64i^ nocpe'4i. 
Midwife, 6a'6a; to offici)itJ6 ai 

6a6y 'aam^B. 
Might, en id, v. ^ux:ii. jtoft^ 

— y, cii'jieHib; Al — y, ^6( 

Mild, Metci; Kpo'ttKi. 
Mildew, 6aj[capa' T. 
Mile, miA%y f. 
Military, Boe'eera. 
Milk, Mjt'KO; V. a. 4'oa' fe-. 
Mill, B64enHl^a; saw — , ctpyl 

— er, B04eHH*ia'^b. 
Millet, npocb'. 
Mimic, t. a. nojfphikA'n&atJM 

n. no4pBxcd'Tejn>. 
Mince, ksMsl; v. a. irLtUsufb. 
Mind, yM:B;v. a. iBlSflMia'BaM^; (o 

cjy'niaMt ; to bear in — :, ntti 

He3a6pa'BflM:B-a'Bi& ; — fill, ti 

Mine, a. Hoii-T:B ; il. {iy^ 

military — , n04K0'n:b. 
Mineral, msmpa'At; a. HCRDn&'i 
Mingle, v. a. Mt'ci^ 0-. 
Minister, MKHtfciepi; (pHel^i) 

jtie'imaKhy noiii; (setrvant) ci 

V. a. cJi^iyBaMi-^liR; — try, d 

6a, Mtora'ctlBpcTBo. 
Minor, MaiOJEt'Tete, ia^4bpa'eli 

ity, no'-MajKO-TO MfetO'^ectitC 
Minute, [METWira] MHHy^Tii, 4Kiftfti 
Minute, a. no4po'66mi; — - tes's, i 


Miracle, 'flo'40^ (pi. 4iD4eca').; 
Mire, irfHa. 
Mirror, otaba^'ao. 
Mirth, Bece'-iie, B6fcei6&'. 
Miiscarry, v. n. M'Tam^tHi^ 
Mischief, 3jio, na'kofeti. 
Miser, cK£niB. 
Misery, 6'b'4CTBie, 6*4a'. 
Miserable, oRaa'aen^. 




Misfortune, Hecna'cTie; 6t4a'. 
Mislead, v. a. 0T6H'BaM:B-i'i£ ; iia- 

jiiryBawB''}K&^ H3Jiia'JH[flj)ii-Mi£. 
Mis3, n. MOMa' ; v. a. He yay'^ro- 

BaMi-Hi£ ; He cBa'pflM:b-pi£. 
Missionary, 9UiccioHe'p:B. 
Mist, h'ltaq!. 
Mistake, norpt'niKa; v. n. c6b'pKy- 

BaiTb-KaM^b ca; v. a. npHcipy- 

Mistiess, Focno^a', Focno^a'pKa. 
Mistrust. c£aiHa'BaM:B-Hi£' ca; no- 

Uiligale, v. a. csieKMa'BaMl-MUEi'^ 

Mix, V. a. pa3Mt'cyBajtt:B-ciA, pas- 

fiB'pKyBaiiii-KaM^b, (bread) Mt'cuh ; 

(stir up) 6h'fKBWb\ — ture, CJtttc^B. 
Mob, cKyumnua. 
Vlock, V. a. npHCMn'BaM:b-t'i£ ca^ 

no4Mrpa'Bajtt:^-a'i& ca ; — ery, Ha- 

Mode, M0'4a, o6u'4afi. 
Model, o'6pa3:b^ npHMt'p^b^ iopne'R^b^T. 
Moder;aite, v. n. cna'4aM:B-4Hfi, CMa- 
: jfl'saM^b-JiA' ca; v. a. yKpoia'- 

BaHi-Tisi'; a. yMt'pen^B; — ation, 

Ifodern, cera'nieHi^ HOB:b. 
Modest, CMHpe'H^b^ M£'4:bp:B. 
Ifoist, Bia'sKOH^B; — lure, B^a'^uioCTB; 

(of land) Bja'ra. 
liolasses^ . neTMe'a^B. 
Hole, (aoiinal) irbpxH'i^a. 
Ifolest, V. a. 6ecnoKo1j&. 
Slojnept, MH'rHOBaHie; in a — , ce- 

Monarcb^ caM04pb'aKejoix; — y, ca- 

Monastery, H:bHacTLi'pi». 
Monday, noHe4e'JHHK:b. 
Money, jnoHexa. 
Monk, Kaiy'r9p:^ Hop!^^ 

Monkey, MaflMyna^ T. o6e3a'Ha. 

Monih, Mt'cem. 

Monument, na'MaTHiiKi, 

Mood, HaKJOHOHie. 

Moon, Mt'ceu^B, (S. M*'caiti) ; — 

light, Mt'ceHHHa. 
Moral, HpaBoy«m'TeaeffiB ; — ily, 

More. no'MHoro, no'BOVie; — over, 


Morninjr,Morn, cy'rpHHa, aa'panb, f.; 
good — , 4o6po' y'Tpo ; — star, 
3opHH'ua, to bc' — , c4BHyBa ca. 

Morocco, caxiia'Hj T. 

Morose, HaBb'cenx. 

Morrow, y'lpt. 

Morsel, xa'nKa;(of meat) jHpiBKa. 

Mortal, CMb'pTeH^B ; — ity, ]tiop!b. 

Mortar, Ky'ieji ; xopaca'Hi, T. 
(military; xaBa'n^b xom, T. 

Moil gage, stao'n; v. a daJLarawB 


MortKy, v. a. yMbpTBaBaMi-Bifi'. 
Mosque, 45Kajfli'a, T. 

Moss, M^bXl. 

Most, Ha'ii MHoro; na'fi noEew 
Mole, my'uiKa^ Kie'iHiia. 
Moth, MO^e'ut. 

Mother, Ma'^; jua'Ma; — in-law, 
(wife's mother) 6a'6a; (husband's) 


Motion, 4BH»ce'Hie. 

Motive, npHHH'na^ no6y2R4e'ffle. 

Mould, My'xM^b, G. lut'cenb^ f-. 

V. n. Myxia'cyBajttii-cxuK:b ; nat- 

cena'cyBaM^b-caMi ; — y, Myxja'- 

Mound, iiorbi'ja; (^)iUtary) Bai:b. 
Mount^ ropa ., uanHHa'; v. a. Ka'- 

4H)BaM:b-Hi£ ,ca ; (a horse) bz3- 

Mountain, lu&ffJf^^'; -r-ous. nia- 





Mourn, v. n. »arbl£; (weep for) 

House, Mu'mKa. 
Mouth, ycTa', pi. (of 9 river etc.) 

y'CTie; — ful, sa'^ar^B. 
Move, V. a. Ria'T]£ no-; H'b'CT]& 

no-; V. n. HSHO'camx-ecx' ch; 

iipeHO'cfl]in&-ec£' ca; 4BH'xci£ ch; 

(stir) ma'Bairb ; — meot, 4BH»e- 

Mow, V. a. Kocifi' 0-; ( — ing time) 

Much, MHO'ro. 
Mud, Kail; — dy, Ka'jeirb ; to make 

— ^ Ka'^am^B y-, yKa'aroBami-JKR. 
Mulatto, Me'je3:B, T. 
Mulberry, 6:Bp6o'HKa ; — tree, Hbp- 

Mule, My'jre, KaT£'p:B^ T. 
Multiply, V. a, pasMHOMca'saMi-o'- 

ack; (in arithmetic) yMHOaca- 

Ba»rB-o'»i&; — plication, yiiHO- 

Multitude, iiHO'^ecTBO. 
Mummy, my'iiia. 
Munificent, meVqpi. 
Murder, y6i'ficTBo; v. a. y6H'BaMi 

-i'iiR ; — er, y6i'eui. 
Murmur, v. a. Mi&'Hpi&. 
Muscle, piii'6Hua. 
Music, My'3HKa, cBHpna'. 
Musket, ny'imca. 
Muslin, TiOjde'HTB^ T. 
Musquito, KOMa'pb. 
Mussulman. Hycioiaa'HHH^B. 
Must, Tpi'dyBa. 
Mustaches, HycTa'KU. 
Mustard, cEHa'ni; (G), ropTO'ua. 
Mute, hAbtb, (letter) eesr-ia'cero. 
Mutiny, 6yHrB^ Hflxe'xrb. 
Mutter, v. n. 6fli'6p«, MapMOpia. 
Mutton, o'BHe Meco'. 
Mutual, Baan'MHufi ; — lyi BsaBftao. 

My, Moft. iroi 

Myrrh, [Hxpi] CMBTpHa^ cn'pBO. 
Myrtle, iiepcii'irb^ T. 
Mystery, la'iracBTO ; — rious, Ta'M- 

cTBeHi^ xa'HHi^ cKpBi'ineHiB. 
Mythology, 6acHOCjio'Bie. 


Nail, rB0'34eit, mipo'HB, G.; fioger-, 

HO'Kfln and He'KorB^ (pi. lotte) 

v. a. 3aK0Ba'BaMi-OB&\ 
Naked . voxh ; to become — , 01^ 

xfiBdWhr-Ym. ; — ness, rojoo'. 
Name, h'mc^ (S. h'hh); v. a. afir- 

HaH^B-ptKA', HHeny'sairb Ha-;k 

call names^ ncy'aaiTb. 
Namely, cH'ptib. 
Nap, Kici cwtb; — on clotb, xan, 

T. WhX!h. 

Nape of the neck, BparB. I 

Napkin, Kb'pna; (long — ') npespjA* 


Narrate, v. a. pacKa'ayBaMS-is; 

npHKa'3yBaHi-xc£ ; — tion, npi'- 

Narrow, Ti'ceHi. 
Nation, Hapo'4^^ Ha'ioa; — al, «- 

po'^eHi; — ality, Hapo'4HOCTB. 
Native, po'^OHi; — country, wrf- 


Nature, eciecTBO', iipHpo'4a ; — 
ural, ecTe'cTBeHi^ iipHpo'4e«b. 

Naval, MOpcKu'8^ RopaSe'JHuM. 

Navel, nsn^B. 

Navy, HOpcKU' ch'ju. 

Near, 6jai'3o; to draw — , v. a. 
and a. npH6j[fl»a'Ba]ir^xi£'« 

Neat, HRCTh\ xf6m'b\ — eattle) 







Necessary, a. noTpi'deffE, Hy'HC4eirB; 

n. noTpt'6HOCTB ; lo be — , ipi- 

6yBa; — sitate, v. a. npa'sis 


— sity, nOTp'b'6a^ Hy'»r4a. 
Neck, iiii'fl, (back of — ) Bpaii; — 

lace, orb'fAiim^ rep4a'Hi^ T. 
Need, Hy'»e4a; v. a. n'MBM^B Hy'ac- 

4a; Hy'4i£ Cfl; — ful, noxpi'- 

Needle, nr-ia*; pack — , ry6e'pKa. 
Neglect, Hepa4e'Hie ; v. a, npe- 

He6peaRa'Ba]irB - TRVh' ; — ligent . 

»6peaUH'Bi, Hepa4H'Bi; — gence, 

Negotiate, v. a. T^BpryBam^B; 4oro- 

Ba'pflM:B-o'pi£ cH. 
Negn», apa'nHH^B; — gress, apa'nKa. 
Neigb. V, D. nptxaM'b-XHiii'^ u,BUJim\ 
Neighbor, chct'Ah^ Kommi'H^ T. — 

ing, ci^c'b'4eH!b; OKO'jeH's; — hood, 


Neither- nor, hhto'-hhto'; hh-hh. 

Nephew, 6paToqe'4^. 

Nerve, «>'BCTBeiiHa ^ifjia; — ous, 

HopBfl'qecKbifi ; (vigorous) xch'- 

Nest. rHft340'; hen's — , no'jorB. 
Net, xpe*^. 

Nettle, KOnpH'Ba; v. a. na'pi&. 
Neuter, cpe'4eHB ; — tral, neyrpa- 

jieffB^ nocpe'4eHB. 
Never, mrRora. 
Nevertbeleds, o6a'v[e^ ho. 
New, BOVB. 
News, HOBHHBi'; — paper, rase'xa^ 


Next, pr. 40; a. luy'iiiifi. 
Nibble. V. a. rpu3&' o-. 
Nice, 4o6pi9 xy'6m%. 
^fiece, 6pno4er4Ka. 
Migb, 6jat€mA; ad. 6jui30. 

Night, HOiiu>^ f. ly — , HOnia'; last 
— ^ HOn^e'ci^ npoHHH&'ja hoiub, or 
(in the morning} ta'sh hoiub; 
to — . (in the afternoon) xak'sH 


Nightingale, c^a'Befi. 

Nightmare, nopa'. 

Nimble, qoBpB'CTi. 

Nine, 40'BflTB; — nth, 4eBfl'Tu8. 

Nineteen, 4eBflTHa'ficflTB ; — th, 4©- 


Ninety , 4eBflT4ecfl'TB : — tieth, 40- 


Nip, V. a. mms!. 

Nippers, pi. lo^HnuH'. 

Nipple, Hfl'HKa, UH'ua^ 6o'cKa. 

Nit. rHH'4a. 

No, Ht; a. HH'KaKiB^B; — body, — 

one, — man, — person, hh'koB ; 

— way , hh'kbki ; —^ where , hh- 


Noble, 6aaropo'4eirB ; — bility, 6-ia- 

Nod, V. n. RuTMaMX-HHiB ; Ku'MaHii 


Noise, miOH^B^ rj[iqKa; maHata^T. 
Nominate, v. a. HaHneHy'BaMrB. 
None, HH'Koii; hh'h^o. 
Nonsense, npa'34Ha 4y^Ma. 
Noon, iua'4Hfl, no'J4eHB. 
Noose, Riyni. 

Nor, HHT0\ HH. 

North, cbaepi; a. ci'BepeffB; — 
east, ctBepoBiCTO'KB; — west, ct- 
Bepo3a'na4i& ; — -ern, cfBepeerB. 

Nose, Hoci. 

Nostril, Ho'34pa. 

Not, He. 

Notch, pi'cRa; mpB6HHa': v. a. pi'- 
»&; }rn(pB6fl'BairB-6i£'. 

Note, 3a'nHc:B; HO'Ta; (billet) 3a- 
HH'cKa; (remark) saHtna'Hle^ aa- 
6txb'aKeHie; v. a. 1— dowo, aar 

68 O^lfi 

Nolhing, Htfmo. 

Noiire, HSBi'CTie; v- a. 3a6tat'waHi 

Notify, V H. B3BicTfl'BaiHl-TiK', 0- 

Notion, noHfl'Tie, Bje'a. 
Nnlorioiis, H3Bt'cTeiii. 
Nolwidistan ufi, o6a'io, bo. 
Noughl, HH'mo; ny'Ja. 
Noun, H'ne. 
Nwirrsh, V. ,1. xpa'HHi; OTxpa'Ha«i 

-HI*, npexpaiitiMi.-Hi»; — nieul, 

xpaea, npexpa'sa. 

NovellJ, HOBOCTt. 

Novcralier Hoe'HBpiH. 

Now. cera'. 

Null, uHiTo'steni. 

Niimli, cjpbBe'B'B, oqtneuli'j'B. 

Number micjo" 6pnH — less. 6e3- 

6po'HHi, fleaiHcjeiiL. 
Numerous. MHOromi'cjenx. 
Nun. Kaj/repKa, G. MOHaxu'Ha,G. 
Nurse, KbpxB'iHvma; v. a. Kipni*. 
Nut. (Iiszf! — )jt'iuHHKi; (walniir) 

Nutmej,', BBmcrttm, jateBHSH', T, 


01 O!oxi! 

Obk, 4sfi:t. 

Oar, jona'Ta, Becjo'. 

Oath, KiH'TBa fKit'TBaJ; to put 

iioder^, 3aiut'BaHi-«WHa'. 
Oats, oBe'ci. 
Obdurate. OKopa'Biaji. 
Obedience, noc4yma'Hie; — nl, no- 

ciymeoh; noRo'peH:^. 


Obey, V. a. cJy'maH:b, □oKopii'BUi 
pHR' cii. 

Ofijerl. n. npedMe'Ti; v. a. BMjrth 
wn'EBMi, OTXBb'pjflMi-ji*; — tioii, 

Ohii^b, V. .1. ojuxca'BaiTB-zii'. 
.■ja/tJiatauaMi-atis;'; — ed, to !^, 
AiT>7«em> cbMb; — ijnlidn. sjuhp 
we'Hie, 4JtacHocTb, oOn'samiociL; 

— Ring. sadJ'BWH'Te.ieHt. 
OhlrtcM'iile. v. ;i. H3rja'%4aifl-t[j^ 
Obliviiin, 3a6pa'Baiiie. 

Oblong, MivsecTh. 

Olisciipe, Tb'MeHi. 

Oli'^ervr. V. a. nperie'47Bavs-4aii, 

— vairon. aafitjiaca'Bame. 
Oiisolfto. HeyniiTpeSn'TejeHS. 
Ohsia<:le npena'TCTBie, npeiiaW. 
Olistiniile, ynopent; — acy, yno'f- 


Obstniri. V. a, 3anyionrB-iid*i 
(^ — ^tiglil) saTy'jaiTB-^riifi; (hinder) 

OlitMiii. V. A. 4o6hrBami-u'Hsi, no- 
jy'4aMi-ii», npH/ioftij'EaM'&-bi'i*. 

Ohitise, TAni; Tff.iioyiiieH'B. 

Obviate, v, ;i. npedBa'paMi-pk. 

Obvious. oieBB'^eira, a'sent. 

Ot-c;i5i(iri. noBO'41,- cjy'qafi; (nerf) 
Hy'acAa; v, a. ^a'aaira nOBO'aiifr 
Ea'pyBann-paMt; — al, cJjm'BK. 

— ally, Ht'Kora, cera'cx tofh'o 
Occupation^ aana'Tie, pa'6oTa,- )'V 

V. a saunMa'Bam , ooxBtfuian 

-Ba'HB, ^bpwiifi 3anpa'3HaMi-His. 
Occur, V. II. (uy'ia ca, npaKOO* 

ca; — ence, npiiKJioqe'rie, irpois- 

Ocean, OKca'H'L. 
Octagon, ocHnsrkiHHKK. 
October, OKTO'BpiH. 
Ocular, iWeBH'4Mii;-^fi«, xtXlf^ 




Ha oqH'. 
"^•Irf. TeKTB, T. Heqe'Tem; qH)'4eH'B. 
Mioiis, oiipa'3eH!B, HeHasH-creHi ; 

3dor, 3a'naxi, MHpnsMa', G. — ous, 

MHpH3JlfBl^ 6jarOBO'HeffB, 
I3f . OTB, Ha. 

Off, »a; 0T-, H3-^ 4a^e'Ko; to 
he — , HB^a'sflM^B-i'sifi, ipirHy- 
BanrE-Hx; to be well — , n'maMt 
Ao6po' ciCTOH'Hie. 

Offeiul, V. a. o6H'5K4aM'ii-ii'4iK, o- 
CKip6fl'BaM'B-6iiR'; (oaiise to sin) 
ci6ja3Ha'BaM'B-Hia'; — fence, o- 
6H'4a, ocirbp6je'Hie; ci6aa3He- 

. irie; — er, BiraoBa'Ti, npecTA'- 
dhhitb; — nsive, o6H'4eH:B; to- 
aRbiTB^ jonib; ( — nsive war) Ha- 

Offer, V. a. (a price) npeJEa'raMi 
-o'Hcfe; (a fiiayer) npHHO'cflM:b 
-HeciR'; n. npe4Jio»ce'Hie; — ing, 

Offire, 4«faKH0CTb; cjy'w6a; KaHTO- 

pa; — er, muno'BUUKh. 
Offspring, p04i. 
Oft, Often, Oftentimes, qe'CTO (S. 

^a'cTO) HHo'ro ha'th. 
Oh! ox*! axil 
0\\. Ha'ciO^ olive — , 4pb'BeH0 ma'Cjio; 

holy — , Mifpo; v. a Ma'acs na-. 
Dintmeni, Maab^ f. 
IJW, (thing's) BexTi; (animate 

beings) ciap^b, 4fipT:b; to t»ecome 

— , V. n. OBexTfrBaMi-tliR ; o- 

Olive, MacjEifHa ; -— tree, macAvtBa. 
Otnen, npe43HaMeH0Ba'Hie. 
Omit, V. a. ocTa'Bfffln&-Bi£ ; oiny'- 

O-^jr- ujent, poeirory'iit'B. 
Omnipresent, boj^ •^''"»i. 
Omniscient, BceB'it'4yii]pb. 

On. Ha^ Bp:B3i;-> foot, ntmb;— high, 
HdBUCo'KO ; — • horseback , c% ROHb; 
— purpose, Hapo'qno. 

Onco, e4Hi5Kb, e4Hni niBib; nt'KO- 
ra; — more, naK:b, o'me Be4HtsRb; 
at — ^ n3Be4Hi';Kb. 

One, e4H'irb;aDy — , Koft 4a e;H*'- 
KoB; every - , ca'ROM; no — , hh - 
Kofl; some — , Ht'Kofi; - "s self. 

Onion, AyKh. 

Only. ca'Mo; a. caiix, e4H'Hi; e4ii'n- 
CTBeH:B; not — hut a^so, neca'MO 
-HO h; — hegotten, e4HHOpo'4effB. 

Ooze, V. n. cbJsijEk', Ta'ia; TeK£'. 

Opake, Henpo3pa'q6H:b. 

Open, V. a. OTBa'pflMi^-o'pifi; pa- 
CTBa'pawcb - o'pifi ; padrp^'n^airb 
-r&'pHiR; (a school) OTKpu'BaH^b 
-m'kr; a. oTBO'peHx, OTKpu'ra; — 
ing, 4y'nKa, oTBa'pciie; — ly, a - 


Operate, v. n. 4'b'BcTByBa]tt% no-; 

Opinion, MHt'Hie. 
Opium, a<i»io'H:b, T. 
Oppoiicnt. npOTH'BHHKl^. 
Opportune, 6jiaroBpe'MeH:b; — nity, 

6ab!to Bpt'jue, c.ay'qafl. 
Oppose. V. a. npotH'Bij!i ca ; — 

si I ion, npoTHBjie'Hie. 
Opposite, a. npoTH'Ben^b; fir. cpt- 

mo, Hacpt'ma ; over — ^ OTcpt'^^a. 
Oppress, V a. npHTtcHfl'BaiTB-HiA", 

yT'bcHfl'BaM'b-Hiak'; — or, npfirfc- 

CHHTO j[eHb ; — ion, npHTtcHe'Hie ; 

— sive, npHT'bcHH'TejieBrB. 
Opulence, fiora'TCxBo; — nt, hmo- 

TCHi, fiora'rb. 
Or, HJH'; either — , iuh'-mh'. 
Oracle, opa'Kyji. 
Or.} I, y'cTOffB. 
Oran^*^, npoTOKaUi. 



Orbit, o'p6HTa^ Kp£rb. 
Ordain, v. a. p£KonOia'raM:b-j[o'»i£i, 
3ano'nflirb - nm ; onpeAiia'sanii 

""Jinn • 

Order, pe4i, (S. pH4i), nopH'4iKi; 
hvocb; Ba'nOBtA'h; good — , 6-ia- 
roqfl'Hie; v. a. satlOBt'AaM^B ; (ar- 
range) Hape'»4aMi^-e4£'; (goods) 
sapiii'qaM^B ; in — that, 3a 4a; — 
ly, a. 6j[aro4H'HeirB. 

Orainanoe. noBeji'me; o6pfl'4%. 

Ordinary, o6uKHOBe'Hii ; npocrb; 
— rily, o6uKHOBe'HHo. 

Ordnance, rojt'MH TonoBe. 

Ore, py4a'. 

Organ, opra'H!B^ opy'4ie; — ize. v. a. 
ycTpofl'BaHi-oifi'., cicTa'BHH:b-Bifi. 

Oriental, B:bCTO'qeH:B. 

Orifice, 4y'nKa^ OTBepciie. 

Origin, Haqa'jo^ npoHcxoHC4e'Hie ; 
— al (sin) nBpBopo'4eHii; (thought) 
nbpBOo6pa'3eH:b; — ate, v. a. npo- 
H3Bo'aK4aM:B-e4£'; v. n. npoH3- 

Ornament, v. a. yKpacfl'Ba»rB-ci£'; 
n. yicpame'Hie. 

Orphan, cHpa'iTb, CHpa'qe. 

Orthodox, npaBOcaa'BeiTB. 

Orthography. npaBonHca'aie. 

Ostrich, KaiiH'jcKO nTH'qe^ CTpo'yci. 

Other, 4pyri,* — wise, 4pyroa'4e, 

Otter, Bu'4pa. 

Ottoman, OTOMa'aCRbifi. 

Oughtr Mi!S^ewh, cbHb. 

Our, Hamb; ours, Ha'iiib--T:B. 

Out, pr. m%; ad. bih^b; a. Bi'mca- 

Outcast, Hcn£'4eHii veiOBt'irB, hs- 


Outcry, BUKi. 

Outer, BiHKa'meH'B^ Hapy^eos. 

Outfit, np^Ka(6): CHa6»e'Hie. 


Outlet « (of a: river) y^crie.^ 
OutHve, V. a. upesKHBfl'BaKb-Bt'ift. 
Outside, BtHKaiiiHOCTb, Hapy'XHOcn. 
Outweigh, V. a. Ha4Te'riiyiiaKb-u 
Oval, flfiu6o6pa'3eHi, AMituecTh, 
Oven, 'neiiu>, f. 
Over, Ha4:B, npes^B ; ad. no^Bene;- 

against, Hacpt'ii^a^ OTcpt'ip;to 

run-, V. n. npejH'Bairb-i'i£; 

go-, pass-, tipeHimy'BaM^BHfiu; 

give-, npe4a'BaMi-4a'Mi; ocw:- 


Overboard, Bi Mope'-TO. 
Overcome, v. a. Ha4BH'Baiib-i'ijK. 
Overflow, V. n. npeiH'BaHlHdllft; 
T. a. odjifBaMrb-i'ifi^ sajofBan 

Overhang, v. n. OBH'cHyBaKbHa 
Overhear, v. a. cjy^qa cfl 4a vil^ 
Overjoyed, to he-, v. n. irao'roct 

Overlook, v. a. rj[e'4aH'b ; (auperio- 

tend) Harje'4yBaM:b-4am ; hmt 

3H'paM:b; (excuse) npesH'pan; 0- 

CTa'BHHi no norpt'iuKa. 
Overpower, v. a. Ha4BH'BaKb-]% 
Overrule, v. a. 0'6pBii(aM:b-b'pH£. 
Oversleep, v. n. ycnii'Bain^-iiift d. 
Oversee, v. a. Harj[e'4y^aKb-4ani 

Ha43H'paH!b ; — ster, Ha43HpaTeii; 

— sight. Ha43HpaTeJCTBO ; oo- 

Overtake, v. a. CTH'ran^bHrnfi^ lipfr- 

Overthrow, v. .a. ci6a'p}iirb-o'pift) 

pasopa'Bam - pi&' ; cbcu'iiyBaii 

-nia; n. pa3ope'Hie. 
Overturn, v. a. npeKaTy'pflWb-pii) 

iOverwhelin, v. a. noKpLfBaKBp-irii; 

V. n. noTiHyBairb-H£. 
Owe, V. a. 4A»ceirb Cbiib. 
Owl, KyKyME'BKa; cat-, A/zaA. 




Own, a. cam; CBOit; v. a. (a fault) 
HcnoBt'4an; npHSHa'Bairb^a'uK cai 
.(property) BJ[a4'b'i&; — cr, Bia- 

3x, BOXb. 

5yster, cTpa'Aa, 


^aee, Rpa'wa; v. n. Kpa'qs. 
Picify, V. a. ymipfl'Baii^B-pHikV y- 
inpoTfl'BaM^E-Tifi'; cniipfl'BaM'b-pifi'. 

P^CK, Bpb'3aHHI<a^ CBhDSO'KB; (of 

goods) AeuKh^ T ; (of cards) le- 
cre'; v. a. xjr'paMi-piiR, cxdH*- 
paKb-ep&' ; — needle, ry6e'pKa ; 
— saddle, CBMa'pb. 

Package, 6oxqa'^ T. 

Packet, njH'Ko^ naKe'rB. 

Paddle, jona'xa; v. n. Te'rjiai jo- 

Padlock, KO^a'pb. 

Pagan, flsu'qHHirb. 

Page, crpaHH'ua^ KaTaeem. 

Pail, Be/ipo'. 

Pain, 6o'jKa; v. a. 60^11'; — ful, 
new'jieHrb^ wa'aeH^b. 

Paint, n. 60a', T. (for the face) 
red — , qepBfl'io; while — , 6t- 
jxfM ; y. a. Ba'ncoaairb-caH'b, G. 
(a picture) nn'ms^ HcmrcyBaM^b 
-ma; — er, acHBOns'ceurb ; — 
ing, acHBOnHca'Hie. 

Pair, HH^n, T. lera'. 

Palace^ naja'Ta^ 4B0pe'it:b. 

Palate, He6o na ycTa. 

Pale, 6jA'aw^ ; — ness^ 6j'b'4H0CTb; 
to become — , no6j['b4Ha'BaMi-Hi'iA. 

Palm, AiaHb, f. — Sunday, |^Bpb'6ioi- 


ua ; — tree, M'mncb. 
Palpi tafe, v. n. Tpene'pi^. 
Palsy, pascjafije'ide. 
Pamphlet, 6poiiiH)'pKa^ RHsTxRa. 
Pan, ruae'qb^ T, 
Pane, crbKio\ 43RairB, T. 
Pang, nena'jb^ rpuae'me. 
Pant, V. n. niE'xairb-XHS. 
Pantaloons , laHTajo'HH ; 


Panther, 6apci&^ nanre'pii. 
Papa, Ta'xe (voc.) 6ania'. 
Papal, Ila'ncKuif. 

Paper, KHH'ra; rase'Ta, Bt'CTHRRi^ 
Papist, IlaiiHCTa'HHirb^ KaxoA^b. 
Parable, npH'na. 
Paradise, pad. 

Paragraph, cTa'Tia^ naparpa«i. 
Parallel, napaJLie'ji; a. napaje'jen^b; 

pa'BeETb; — ogram, napaxiejo- 

Paralysis, pa3Cja6j[e'Hie. 
Parasol, yii6pe'ja. 
Parch, V. a. neK£'; v. n. ropi£' 

H3 -: Ci&'XH& H3 -. 

Parchment, nepra'Meffb. 

Pardon, npon^e^nie: v. a. npon^a'- 


Pare, v. a. di'Jifi. 

Parent, po4H'Tejn>; — al, po/pi'Tej- 


Parenthesis, cKO'nKa, BxtcTBrejraa. 

Park, CBA'h^ SB^'pinnrb. 

Parliament, napjEaiie'Hrb. 

Parlour, 04afl' 3a ro'cra. 

Parrot, nanara'xb. 

Parsley, Hafi4aH0'c%^ T. 

Parson, caaiste'HHHKb^ noni. 

Part, HacTb^ (share) 4^bxb; for my 
— , orb MO'ifi-TS CTpaHft'; t. a. 
0T4'b'JH]rb-jn]S; to take — , y- 
w'cTByBairb ; — ly, otto'cth. 

Partake, v. a. yna'CTByBan ; (com- 




mune) npHqa'cTByBaMi; — er, y- 


Partial, npHCTpa'CTeiTB ; — ity , npH- 

Participate, v. a. yna'cTByBaMi. 

Participle. npma'oTie. 

Particle, qaoni'ijta. 

Particular, la'cxeiTB, oco'6eHi ; (ex- 
press) Hapo'qeHii; o. no4po'6HOCTb. 

Partition, iiperpa'4a , pa3 A'bA&me ; 

V. a. iiperpa'»4a|[:^a4&'; pa34t- 

Partner, 4pyra'pfc5 cMpy'xtHHKx; — 
ship, 4py'»ecTB0. 

Partridge, e'pefiHica. 

Party, na'pTia^ cTpana^ Tapa'4>i, T. 

Pass, npoxo'4i&; KiHcypa;nacno'prB, 
xecKepe', T; v. n . MHHy'Ba]ii:b-ii'H£, 
3aMHHy'BaM!b-ii'Hiii, npeMHHy'BaH:b 
h'h&; t. a. saMHHy'Baii^b-ii'Hifi, 
npeMHHy'BaM:B-H'H&; npeKa'pyBaMi; 
no4a'BaM:B-4aM% , —away, npe- 
MHHy'BaM^B; — by, v. n. aaMHHy- 
Bawb, MHHy'BaM'b no Kpaii, mh- 
ny'BaM^B ot:b Tajti^B; v. a. aainHHy- 
BaMi; npesH'paM'b ; — for, MHHy- 
Basii, BbpfiiA'; — over, npeMH- 
Hy'BaM^B ; npesH'paMi ; — through, 
BaMHHy'BaM^B npe3i, npeMHHy'BaH:b; 
— sentence, ocy'«4aii*-y'4* ; to 
conoe to — , CTaHy'BaM:b-Hfi ; — 
able, npox04ii'jtt%« 

Passage, npe;£0'4^; nsTb; h^'cto, 


Passenger, nacca2KH'pi&, n^'THEK^B. 
Passion, CTpacTb; rstivB; — ate, 

Bcnu'A^asB'h^ joovb. 
Passive, CTpa4a'Tej[eH^. 
Passport, nacno'pny TeeK^e', T. 
Past, upeuA'Kbja. 
Paste, tA'cto; wprni^ T, v. a, 


Pastime, M6sk'99L. 



Pastor, 4yxo'BHuii na'crupb. 

Pasture, na'ma; v. a. and n. nacif. 

Pat, v. a. Ty'naMi. 

Patch, flMa'^ T; v. a. K^'pniii. 

Patent, ^epMato, T. nara'an. 

Paternal, OTe'iecKufl. 

Path, Pathway, n&TO'Ka. 

Patient, 6oAni/(Kb; a. TbpiriuH'n; ^^ 

v. n. to be — , Tbpniflk': — ieooe, 

Patriarch, (ancient) npa'OTem;IIft- 1' 

Patriot, naxpio'T^B: — ic, jiofiopo- 

4eH:B, Hapo'4eH:b; -^ ism, naT|ii- 

TlfQHl, Hap0'4H0CTb, 

Patron, noKpoBH'xejb, 

Pattern, npHMt'p'B, o'6pa3S, iopse^ 

T. TepK:B, maASi'wh^ T. 
Paunch, Ti&'p6yx:b. 
Pause, V. n. 3anii'paM'b-*iip£' cs. 
Paw, KpaK^b. 

Pawn, 3aJio'n»\ v.a. sema'TaxsrWi. 
Pay, 3anj[a'Ta; v. a. naa'uiairb-^iif; 

3aiua'BnaM:b-aTi*', 4a'BaM:b; r-a 

visit, noctma'BaMTi-tTifit' ; -r-oul 

(a rope) OTny'cKam-cHfi ; — il. 

pacnjia'iuaM%-aTi£' ca ; — meat, 

Pea, rpax:b. 
Peace, MHpi ; — able, impaiiofiifm 

MH'peH:b; — ful, mfpeH^b; nm; 


Peach, npa'cKBa. 

Peacock, nay'Hi. 

Peak, Bpbx:b. 

Pear, Kpy'iua. 

Pearl, 6Hce'p:B^ Ma'prap^Tib. 

Peasant, ce'iflHHffb. 

Peculiar, oc</6eGrB; Ha-cxeffb. 

Pedestal, n04H0'aKie. 

Peel, Kopa'; v. a. 6t'jiviSi. 

Peep. V. Q. DOHa'syBaiisHU a. 

P^g, Kie'wa. 




^elican, 6a'6a, (caKa' Kymy', T.) 

^ell, KO'aea; v. a. y4a'pHMi c% Ka'M^Bra. 

^en, nepoV nHca.«Ka; v. 3. nvi'm&; 

( — u|)) 3anH'paM:B-npA' ; pig — , 

Ko'miHa; sheep — , Koma'pa; hen 

— . Ky'pHHKX. 

^enalty, rjo'6a, 45KepeMe', T. 

^ence, mho». Ha penny. 

^encil, (lead) moAiiho; (painter s) 

^endulum, Ma'HTHHK^b. 
^enelraio, v. a. npeMHHy'aaM^B npesi, 


^en insula, no-iyo'cxpoBi. 
^enitenl, noKa'an^B; — ence, no- 

^enny, 1/12 ot:b Art a. maiH'Hr:^ 

(20 mHjH'Hra npaeii^T^s e4Ha' Aeta. 

tension, xca'aoBanie^ aanja'ra. 
Pentagon, naioyrijiHHKx. 
^eopie [nnnj^b], Hapo'4i, Jio'^ie; v. a. 

\'pper, HHne'p^B; v. a. ly'paM^B nH- 

ne'pi; — box, niine'pHHi^a; — 

mint, TJO'syM'h^ 43K043KaH:B. 
^er, aa^ Ha; — annum, aa ro4H- 

Ha; — cent, na cxo-ifx^B. 
^erceive, v. a. y ct'maMi-t'xift ; pa- 

3yM'b'BaMi-t'ii& ; no3Ha'BaM:B-a'ifi. 
Perchance, cayia'flHO. 
Perdition, nory6^e'Hie, noru'6ejib. 
Perfect. ciBbpme'H^b ; v. a. yc^BBbp- 

uie'HCTByBaM^b ; — tion, c:bBbp- 

Perfidious, BtpojOMen^b ; — ly, fii- 


Perforate, v. a. npOBbpia'BaM^B-Tiai'; 

Perform, v. a. npa'Bi& na-, CBb'p- 

uiflH^b-mifi; (fulfil) HcnliHfl]ii'B-H]&. 
Perfume, 6jaroBo'Hie; v. a. HaMH- 

Perhaps, no'TKe ; ne'raH. 
Peril, 6t4a'j, ona'cHOCTb. 
Period, nepio'4T&; — ical, nepio4H'- 

qecKuB, noBpe'MeHeHi. 
Perish, v. n. noru'HyBaMi-H£, aa- 

Perjure, v. a npecTA'naMi Kaa'T- 

Bis ; — ry, KjiaTBOnpecT&nje'flie. 
Permanent, nocToa'Hi, 4wroBpe'- 

MeneHx; — ncy . nocToa'HCTBo. 
Perm it, v, a. 403BOjia'BaMi-o'akR, 

no3B(ua'BaMX - o'Ai& ; 4ony'cK«M:b 

-CH« ; — ission, nosBCit'Hie^ 

Pernicious, Bpe4H'Te,ieH!b. 
Perpendicular, oxBt'ceHii, nepnen- 

Perpeiual, ca'KorauieH^b^ Bcer4a- 

Perplex, v. a. 3anjH'xaH:B-n,iex]£'^ 

3a6b'pKyBaM'b - KaM:b, CMyuj^a'aaM^b 

Persecute, v. a. ro'Hia; — tion, ro- 

He'nie; — tor, roHHxe,ib. 
Persevere, v. n. nocxoa'HCXByBaMi, 

npo4^:b3Ka'BaM:b-2Kii&,- — ranee, no- 


Persist, V. n. yno'pcxByBaMX, HHa- 

xi*' ca, T. 
Person, jiHi^e'; — al, wiH'qen^b. 
Perspire, v. n, noxtei' ca; —ration, 

Persuade, v. a. y64af4a'BaMX-t4i*', 

npe4y'MyBaMi-MaMi, yatpa'saMi 

Perlaih, v. n. npHHa4Je»i&'; otho- 

caM'B-ec&' ca. 
Peruse, v. a. npoqH'TaMi-ieT&'. 
Pervade, v. a. npeMHHy'BaMi-H'H£^ 


Pervert, v. a. npeBpb'maMi-Bb'pna; 

Pestilence, qio'Ma. 




Pet, V. a. ra'jHR. 

Petition, npome'me; aca'J!6a; v. a. 

npo'cu^; no^a'BaMi aKa'j6i&; — er, 

Petrify, v. n. OKaMeMa'BaMi-t'i*. 
Petty, Ma'aiKx. 
Pewter, Ka^a'fi. 
Phantom, npnBH4'b'Hie^ npHspa'Ki, 

Phenomenon, HBJie'Hie* 
Philanthropy, HOJiOB'bKOJio'fiie ; — 

pic, qej[OB*Ko^io6H'Bi ; — pist, 

Philosophy, ^i/iJioco%m; jiH)6oMy'- 

4pie: — pher, otjoco'^i, j!H)6o- 

Phlegm [*jeM:5], xpa'HKa. 
Phosphoros, *o'c<i»opi. 
Phrase, *pa3a^ piqb. 
Physic. pa3cja6H'Te.iHO jtKa'pcTBO, 

KLia'qb, T. 
Piaster, rponib. 
Pick, ( — axe) xbpiTBKO'ra, MOTu'Ka; 

(choice) o'T6op:b ; v. a. (fruit) 

6epA' 0-; (pull off) Kfi'caM^BOT- 

CMi; (peck) KbJBfi'^ (dig) KOna'fe; 

( — out) OT6H'paM:B-6eps', h36h'- 

paMi - 6e)fhk' ; ncKbJBa'BaM:b-B£' ; 

— up, 3H'MaM :b- e'Mi& ; KbjiB*'; 

( — a bone) tjo'tka^vl'l; { — a bird) 

cKyfiiR'; (a sore etc.) H0'njij&; 

(the teeth) TO'ciiji' o-; (wool) 

Pickle, xypmi'a, T. 
Picture, KapTH'Ba; (of a person) o'- 

6pa3'B, nopipe'Ti. 
Pie, 6iof e'Kh^ T. 
Piece, napqe', T. K&cb ; lacib ; v. a. 

Pierce, v, a. iipo6a'»4ani-04i£' ; 

npeKa'pyBaiTb-pairb, ycTpija'BaM'b 

Piety, 6j[aroMe'CTie. 


Pig, npace'. 

Pigeon, rbAi^6'h. 

Pike, my'Ka. 

Pile, rpaMa'4a5 Kyni ; (of wood) 

4pbBHH'K:b; V. a. ipy'naMi. 
Pilfer, V. 3. mfnaJHi, Rpa4&'. 
Pilgrim, noRio'HHHKi, 6oroMO'jem; 

— age, noKjioHe'Hie. 
Pill, xan:b, T. 

Pillage^, rpa6e'»b; v. a. rpa'6]i. 
Pillar, CTOjini. 
Pillow, BMoa'BHHua. 
Pilot, Ko'pMqifi. 
Pimple, npu'mKa, niik'nKa. 
Pin, Hr^t'BKa, 6yja'BKa. 
Pinch, V. a. in,nn&'; — ers, iie- 

Pine, 6op:B, qam, T. v. n. tonii' 
cfl ; cixHih ; — apple, aflaaafei. 

Pink, KapaH*H'ji, T. 

Pint, Mt'pKa OTi 160 4pa'Ha. 

Pious, fijiaroiecTH'B'b, 6oroyro'4CTi. 

Pipe, nu'na; TioTio'Eesa npA'm; 
(sf«ve) dypi'fl Tp£6a\ 

Pistol, nnii^o'B^B. 

Pit, a'Ma, Tpani. 

Pitch, cMO^a'; CTe'nenb;v, a. cK^ 
AiSi' ; XBb'pjflM'b-j£ ; (a camp) pft- 
cnoja'raMi-jo'»(i& ; (tent) pacaul'- 

Pitcher, mio'ae; H6pH'irb, T. 

Piteous, ^a'jocTeffb. 

Pith, My'maKi. 

Pitted, (with small pox) cH^aiffl- 

Pity, »ca'J0CTb ; v. a. CBmsistmi 
-Ai&\ cmvuui'Bawb-jia'; to fed- 
for, yffln^ocTH'Bfliirb-Bifi ch; — ifiili 

Pivot, BbpTe'HO. 

Place, Mt'cTO ; T. a . Ty'pahiK-fiA. 
Plague, qy'JHa ; v. a. Hfi^q£, 40ca^ 
4airB-4i£S 3aKa'qflirB-«ifaE. 




Plain^ a. pa'seHs; ria'A'BKh; npocTi^ 

iipocT04y'ineH:B; a'seH'b; n. paBHH- 

Ha', noAe\ 
Plail, r£'HKa; pe4Hua; njieTe'raiiia; 

V. a. r£'Hi& C-, Mexa'. 
Plan, luam^ Kpoe'»a>; HaHepia'me; 

V. a. Kpo'isi C-, ^epTa'ifi Ha-. 
Plane^ a. d^o'ctk^b ; n. mo'ckoctb ; 

peH4e', T. ; v. a. pen40'cyBaMi 

Planet^ njaHe'ia. 
Pl»nk. Ta'jna. 

Plant, pacieme; v. a. ca4i£' na-. 
Plaster, v. a. Ma'»& 3a-; Bapo'cy- 

Pkte, naHH'ua; laie'pKa; sjia'THu 

HJH cpe'6bpHM c&40Be'; v. a. no- 

Play, Hrpa'; v. n. Hrpa'i& ; (on a 

musical mstrument) CBH'pi^ ; — 

thing, Hrpa'qKa. 
Plea, 3aI^HTH'TeJHa pt^b. 
Pleasant, npia'TeH^b. 
Please, V. a. yr04fl'BaM:5-04i&'; v. n. 

to be — ed, CjiaroBO jfl'BaM:b-j[i£' ; 

— ing, yro'4eHi; — sure, y40- 

BO'JCTBie ; 6j[aro4ape'Hie. 
Pledge, 3940^1; v. a. saaa'raMi-Jio - 

Pleiades, KOKO'iima. 
Plenipotentiary, frhAnomo'manKE. 
Plenty, H3o6H,iie; — teous, — tiful, 

Pleurisy, n^espH'T^B (G), 6o4e'fflb. 
Pliable, Pliant, MeKi. 
Plot, 3arOBO'p:b; v. n. crOBa'paM^b 

-O'piiR Cfl. 

Plough^ opa'jo, (large) njyrb ; v. a. 

opA'; — man, opa'qb. 
Plucky v.. a. K&'caM'B ot-cii&, cKy- 

6ih' ; —up, H3Ky'6flMX-6HBi. 

['lug, sanyma'JKa; v. a, sany'maMi 

Plum, oiH'Ba. 

Plummet, Kypmy'irb, rjtyfloMt'pi. 

Plump, nllOH^b, TAT^CTh. 

Plunder, rpa6e'»b, n-iaWKa; v. a. 

rpa'fiifi ; — er, rpafin'Tejb. 
Plunge, V. a. noTona'BaMi-nliR' ; 

6pb'Ka]ii:b-KH£ ; p^'raMi-rHfi; v.n. 

XBb'pjflM:b-ji£ ca. 
Plural, MHo'^KecTBeHHO qncJEO'. 
Pocket, 43Ke6:b, T. 
Pod, qio'iuKa. 
Poem, noe'Ma, nA'cem> ; — et, cth- 

xoTBO'peu^b ; — etry, cxHxOTBO'p- 


Point, TO'iKa, nymcra; (of a knife) 

Bpbx:b; V. n. co'w no-. Ha-; 

noKa'3yBaM:b c:b upbcxi: (sharpen) 

Poison, oipo'aa ; v. a. Tpo'Bifi o-. 
Poke, V. J4. 6b'pKaM:b pas-; v. n. 

Pole, Bbp^HHa np£T:b, cap^'Ki, T. 
Police, 3a6Tie', T, naH4y'pHHTi, no- 

Policy, p04H'THKa; 6jaropa3y'Mie ; 


Polish, jry'cipo; v. a. jycxpo'cy- 

Polite, yqiH'B^b, Bt'acjHBi; — ness, 

yiTH'BOCTb, nOJ[H'THKa. 

Pollute, V, a. yjHpbca'BaMX-CKR, o- 
cKBepHa'BaM:b-Hi*' ; — tion, ock- 

Polygamy, MHoroa:e'HCTBO. 

Polytheism, MHOro66'ade. 

Pomegranate, nap^b, T. 

Pomp, cjia'aa, T:bp;KecTBO'. 

Pond, 64a'T0; mill — , npy4i. 

Ponderous, Te'^bKi. 

Pontiif, nepBOCBflH^e'HHmcb ; Ila'na. 

Pony, MH4ii'4b, T. 

Pool, 40'KBa, Kja'AGuen'h. 

Poor, cHpoMa'x'B (pi. — a'CH), fii'ACHx; 




to become — , ocHpoMama'BaM'B 

Pop, V. a. and n. r/KaM:5-KH&; CKa- 

Poplar, Tono'jia. 
Poppy, HaiTB. 
Populace^ npocra Hapo'A:5. 
Popular, Hapo'4eirB; Hap040^H)6H'Mi. 
Population, Hace^e'nie ; — ulous, 

Porcupine, Tapa^ie'iub. 
Pore, CKBa'JKHHa, npoxo4^. 
Pork, cjaHH'Ha. 

Porphyry, nop^ifpa, 6arpflHifaa. 
Porpoise, 4ej[*H'H:5. 
Port, npHcxa'Hiime ; Ilo'pia. 
Porter, xaoia'jiiH^b ; 4Be'pHHK:B, Bpa- 

Portion^ 4tj!'B ; no'pi^ia. 
Portrait, nopipe'ra, o'6pa3:B. 
Portray, v. a. H3o6pa»a'BaM:B-»ci&', 

Position, nojo»ee'Hie; noaa'uia. 
Positive, Bt'peHi; uoAOTKn'TeAewh. 
Possess, V. a. H'MaM:b; BAaA'^'i^', o- 

6jia4a'BaM:b-a'i£ ; — sion, HManie', 

Possible, B^dVLO'TKewb ; — biy, mo- 

Post, KOJis; (mail) no'iua; — master, 

noma43Kifl; — office, no'ma, no- 

mana', T. 
Posterity, pOTO'Mi^bi, noTO'MCTBO. 
Postpone, OTjia'raMi-j[0'»k&. 
Postscript, npH4a'BKa. 
Pot, rxpHe'; flower — , caKci'H, T; 

— ter, rpiHHa'pi. 
Potatoes, 6apa6o'8. 
Poultice, npHna'pKa; v. a. na'puik 

Poultry, KOKO'mKu. 
Poujad, revAWMSi ot:b 142 4pa'Ma; 

(sterling) 4H'pa; v. a. 6il£; 

(salt etc.) HH)'KaM:5-KHX ; (dolbes) 
Pour, V. a. HajiH'BaM^B-i'A ; HSiHf- 
BaufB-ii*; CH'nyBanfB Ha-; v. d. 
leK*'; — in, v. a. HaiH'BairB-t'ii; 
V . n . B^H'BaM^b-t'HBi ; — off, v. a. 
OT^iHBaM^B-t'ifi ; — out, HdiH'Ban 

Poverty, CHpoMainia, fii'AHOCTK. 

Powder, fiapy'xi, T. 

Power, cH'^a, Bjia'cxb; — ful, cf- 


Pox, Majia*pa'H3a ; small — , ci'iM- 
HHUia, ma'pKa. 

Practicable^ B'bSMO'aeeHi. 

Practice, ynpaaene'Hie ; npa'KTHB; 
o'nbiT^b,- Ha'BUK^b; v. n. ynpaiHi'- 
BaM:b-Hii&' ch; — cal, o'nureffi; 

— person, npa'KXHKX. 

Praise, xBa^a', noxBaja'; cia'Ba; 

V. a. xBa'jiii&; Cjia'Bi£ ; — worthy, 

Prance, v. n. H'pqia, pasurpa'fian 

—a hsiu 
Pray, v. a. M0'^i&; v, n. MO'ik ci, 

— er, MOjiHXBa. 

Preaili, V. a. and n. nponoBt'4aB; 

— er, nponoB'b'4HHirb. 
Preamble, npe4HCJio'Bie. 
Precaution, npe40cxopo'aaB[OCTb. 
Precede, v. a. oxH'fiaMi Hanpe'4i; 

npeBa'pHM^b - pkBt ; npe4ine'cTBy- 
BaMX ; — ding, npe4H4y'nii. 

Precedent, npHMt'p'B. 

Precept, nacxaBjie'Hie ; 3a'noBft4h 

Precious, 4parou'b'HeHi&. 

Precipice, cxpbMHHHa', npo'nacn. 

Precipitate, a. cxpeHH'T&ieffB, f 
cKopH'xe^eHi ; v^ a. xBb'pjuunci 
r^a'BA 40jy; npH6pb'3yBa]ran3a0j 
ycKOpfl'BaMi-puEk'; v. n. XEb'^JM 
ca 40'jy. 

Precise^ xo'qeffb ; onpe4tie'B!i^ 





Predecessor^ npe4me'cTBeHHHirB. 
Predestinate, v. a. npe40npe4'bJia'- 

^redicate^ cKaay'emo. 
^redict^ v. a. npe4CKa'3yBaai:B-»r£, 

npe4pii'4fl]H:B-p'bK£' ; — lion, npe4- 

Predispose, v, a. npe4pacnoja'raMi 

Predominate, v. n. BAM^'is.^ npeH- 

Preeminence, npeB:5cxo4CTBO ; npb- 

BeflCTBO; — ent, npeBTicxo'4eH'B. 
Vefare, npe4HC^o'Bie, npe4roBo'pi. 
Prefer, v. a. no o6M'qaM:B, npe4no- 

qH'TaMi-eT&'; — ence, npe4no- 

Pregnant, Te'acKbi, Tpy'4eHTi, He- 

Prejudice, npe4paciK»c40'Hie. 
[Premeditate, v. a. npe4pa3ME>i'ciflMi 

Premier, npbBi MHHH'cipi. 
Premises, pi. hocm'jIKm; npHHa4Jie'3K- 


Premium, Harpa'4a. 

Prepare, v. a. npHfo'TBflM'B-Bi* ; — 

ration, npnroTOBJ[e'Hie. 
Prepay, v. a. npe4njta'iuaM:b->aTi£'. 
Preposition, npe4jio'ri. 
Prerogative, npcHM/mecTBO. 
Preen be, v. a. npe4nH'cyBaM]i-fflX. 
Presence, npHCfi'iCTBie ; in llie — 

of, npe4i. 
Present, fiaKniH'iu'b, T, 4ap'B; a. ce- 

ra'meHi, HacTOH'niiH : to be — , 

V. n. npHCiSk'TCTByBaM'B ; v. a. 

(place before) npe4CTa'BflH^b-Bifi ; 

to make a — , 4api«, no-; at — , 

cera'; — ly, no4H'p:B Ha'jiKO Bpe- 

[Presentiment, npe4Hio'BCTBie. 
•^reserve, n, cja'4K0, 6-ia'ro; v. a, I 

yBa'p4flMi-4i* ; yna'3flMx-3ifi^ — 

er, CBxpaHH'Te^b. 
Preside, v. n. npe4ct4a'TejCTBy- 

BBMi ; — dent, npe4C'b4a'Tej[B. 
Press, CTHCKa'pHHua ; Me'Hreme, T; 

(crowd) Ha BajHaa; v. a. CTifeKaMi 

-CHS, HaTH'cKaffl:b-CHS, Hajifl'raMii 

-e'FHfi; — upon, HaBa'BaM'b*-jiu&. 
Pretend, v. n. npHTBopfl'Bax^B-pis' 

ca, npHcxpy'BaMi-po'pi* ca, npe- 

npa'BflM:b-Bki ca ; — ed, mhhm:b ; 

— nee, — ext, npe4J0'rx, no4- 

Pretty, nane'xi, xy'daai; — well, 

4o6p'b, HH 3Ji hh 4o6pt'. 
Prevail, v. n. rocno'4CTByBaM:B, Bja- 

4*1*; — on, — upon, y6'bac4a- 

BaM:B-t4i£'; (overcome) Ha4BH'- 

Prevent, v. a. 3a6pa'HaMii-HKR', npe- 

na'TCTByBaM^b ; npe4Ba'pflM:B-pii&. 
Previous, Hanpe'?KeHi; fyear etc.) 

npeMHHiji ; — ly, 0THanpe'4:b, Ha- 

Prey, 4o6u'qa; — upon, v. a. H3fl'- 

4aM:b-fl'M'b ; beast of — , xu'^Huti 

Price, uina' ; — less, 6e3ut'HeH'B. 
Prick, v. a. 6o4fi-Hfi, y-. 
Prickle, xpbffE, 6o4H'ab. 
Pride, ro'p40CTb; — one's self, rop- 

41*' ca. 
Priest, noni, caame'HHHKi; (ancient) 

»peui; — iiood, CBan^e'HCTBO ; 


Prime, a. npbBi, naM 4o6p:B, Ha'8 
xy6aBi; n. — of youth, ^B'bT'b 
Ha Mjia'40CTb; v. a. lypaMi a3- 


Primer, 6yKBa'pb. 

Pri nee, KHa3b ; — cipality, KHa'JKe- 


Principal, Haqa'iHffiCb, rjasa'; (money 



at interest) Ma'iiKa ; a. rja'Ben'B. 
Principle, naqajo, npa'BHjo. 
Print, V. a. neqa'xaM^B ; — er, ne- 

qa'THHB'B; — ing office^ neia'THH- 

ua, RHHroneqa'THHua. 
Prison, iBMHifua; — er, saxBo'pHHK^B^ 

(captive) poSi. 
Private^ xa'HHi, CKpH'meH'B; co'6- 

cTBentb, qa'creH'B. 
Prize, Harpa'4a, 4ap'B; v. a. ou*- 


Privilege, npHBMe'rifl; HCRiFOTO'xe-i- 

Ha npaB4HHa'; npeHMy'meciBo. 
Privy, Ta'AHi; n. a'^e, hj'jkhhk'B. 
Probable, BtpoflxeH^b; — bility, b*- 


Probe, MH«, T. 
Problem, 3a4a'qa, npo6j[e'Ma. 
Proboscis, iioci c-io'hobi, xo'6ot'b. 
Proceed, v. n. npoHcxo'»c4aMi-H3- 

jcb'aiB; nocT£'nflMib-ni£; npo4i^^- 

TRa^Bawb'-ms!; — ing, nocT£'nKa ; 

— s, npoH3Be4e'Hie. 
Procession, aj[afi, T. Jtmin; G. 
Proclaim, v. a. npoBisrjiacfl'BaM^b 

-ck&'; — ation, npoBisrjEanie'Hie. 
Procrastinate, v. a. OTjiaraMX-JEO- 

ada; — tion, OT^o»ce'Hie. 
Procure, v. a. HaMii'pa»i-'k'pi£; npH- 

4o6bi'BaM:b-bii£; 40CTa'BflHT>-Bi£. 
Prodigal, paoT04H'TejeH:b ; — son, 

6^y'4Hbifi cbiHb. 
Produce, v. a. npoH3BO'»4aH'B-Be4£^ 

npoH3HO'cflH'B-ec£', pa'»c4aM%-04£V 

n, — uct, npoH3Be4e'Hie. 
Profane, upB'ceH^b; cfii'TCKufl; v. a. 

Profess, V. a. HcnoBt-4aM!b; — ion, 

HcnoB'k'4aHie ; SBa'nie; 3aHafl'T!b, T. 
Profit, no'-isa; v. a. :no'j[3yBaM:b,* — 

able, no^e'BbH^b. 
Profligate, pasBpaie'irB, pacn/cHaTi. 
Profound, 4u6o'irb; 4u6oKoy'4eBrb. 


Profuse, HBodifjeffb; BDK4HBii'Tei6Ri; |tpi 
— ly, me'4po. « 

Progress, ycni'xi, Haiipe'4yB«nej |iii|>< 
V. n. Hanpe'4yBa]i[:b^ ycnt'Baislio 

"""d !£• I|ijn 

Prohibit, v. a. sanpera'BajiiHuvl - 
3a6pa'Ha]jrB-Hi&' ; — ion, aanpe- \^ 

Project, npoe'KT'B; HaMtpe'Hie; v. a. 
H3Mbi'cj[flM:b-^]£, Haqepra'BaiEHtii; {pro 



V. n. H34aBaM:b-4aM:b ca. 



Prolific, nj040Bii'Ti, njiOAOfo'iim. 
Prolix, M'hT'h^ npocTpa'neffii. 
Prolong, V. a. npo4it%»(a'Ban^'; 

Promenade, pacxo'4Ka; v. o. pa- 

cxo'»c4aMi& cfl. 
Promise, odin^a'nie; v. a. and o. 

odtn^a'BaM^b-a'ifi, o6tiua'Baiira'i& | 

ca, BprfiaMi-eKfi' ca. j) 

Promontory, hoci. f 

Promote, v. a. npoH3BO'»e4aMi^-eM' 

Prompt, a. qeBpb'cTi ; v. a. no4i 

Promulgate, v. a. o6Hapo'4yBan. 
Prone, ciuoneKb. 
Pronoun, MtcTOiuie'Hie. 
Pronounce, v. a. npoH3HO'caiii-ec5; j 

— nunciation, npoHSHome'Hie. 
Proof, 40B0'4i, 4OKa3a'Tej[CTB0; no- • 

Bt'pKa. j 

Prop, no4no'pKa; v. a. no4nHpfunj 

Propagate, v. a. 3aBi9K4airb-MiJ^'; 

Proper, npuH'qeH:b; (noun) co'6- 

CTBee^b; — ly, co'6cTBerao. 
Property, iuio''rB; (persooal) co'6- 


Prophet, npopo'Ki; — esy, v. d. 
npopo'HecTByBai[:b ; — cy, npopo- 




te, V. d. yMaiocTHBfl'BaM'b 

— tiation^ yMaiocTHBe'ine. 
on, npono'pijliff, CEpasMi'p- 
; — ally^ cxpaSMt'pHO. 

, V. a. u^eM^Tawb-'O'TKH^ ; 
I, — siiii>D, iipe4^oxre'me. 
or, rocno4a'pb, Maj-caii6fH, 

[y, npoiH'HHOCTb. 


te, V. a. ro'Hfi; npo4U»a'- 

^i£; npa'suK ABhim. 

e, HOBOBi'pX, 4K)HMe', T. 

[, BUA'h; HaAe'»4a. 

, V. n. 4^iro4e'HCTByBaM'B, 

^4yBaiH'B, ycnt'BaMi-tlfi; — 

6jiaronoji/4eHi, qecxETTi ; 
^, 6j[aro4e'HCTBie^ S^arono- 

le, Ky'psa. 

e^ V. a. CBa'jiflMX-jki' ; ci- 
CB-opi*; noBa'jiflH'b-j[i£' ; — 

self, npHna'4aHx-4H£; to 
, V. n. lipoTfl'raMx-e'rHiR cfl. 

V. a. saiuHma'BaM'E-H'Tkii, 
iBH'TeJCTByBamii ; noKpuBaM'B 
; 3aKpu.iflM:b-^i£; — or, aa- 
HKi, nOKpoBHTOjib, aacxyn- 
; — ion, noKpOBHTOJCTBO ; 
ra npe4CTa'Tej[CTB0. 

npoxe'cTi; v. a. npoxe- 
iMi; — ant, npoxecTa'HTHH'E. 
, V. a. npoB ja'qanx-iKiB' ; 

rop4ejH'Bi: v. n. to be— , 
&' cff, ro^iMifi' cfl, Ha4ii'- 
-rnx ca. 
npyBi] V. a. 40Ka'3yBairB 

— ibe <][i]dlity of, Hcna'Ty- 
-raxi^; (verify/ nOBtpH'BaMX 


ler, Ki;ptfa', xpaina'. 
^ npii'THa, noc^o'BHua. 

Provide, v. a. npoMu'cjflM'B-jjjK ; 

cHa64fl'BaMi-4i*V (prepare) npH*- 
rOTBaMi-Bia ; — deoce, npo- 
Hucj'b, npoBiui'me. 

Province, o'6jacTi», npoBH'Huifl. 

Provision, npHrOTOBjeide, npHna'ci. 

Proviso, ycjOBie. 

Provoke, v. a. pa3Cb'p4aH%-4i&. 

Proximity, 6jH'30CTb. 

Prudent, 6-iaropa3y MeHi, paa/MOH^E; 

— nee, fi^aropasy'Mie. 

Prune, n. cy'meHa c^H'fia; v. a. 

Ka'cxpuKi, n04Ka'cTpaM'B-pi£. 
Psalm, [caMx] ncajom,(pl. — jual.) 
Puberty, B:b3Hy;Ka.iocTB. 
Public, Hapo'4ii, ny'd.iHKa; a. o6iiti, 

Hapo'4eHi, n/S-iHieai : — 'y^^ny'- 

6Amno^ BceHapo'4HO, abho. 
Publish, V. a. o6Hapo'4yBai[:b ; — 

(a book) H34a'BaM:b-4a'Mi ; — er, 

Puddle, jiOKBa, rio'ji, T. 
Puerile, 4'i^TifHCKufl. 
Pull, V. a. xe'r-iKR; — back, Te'rj[i& 

Ha3a'4:b, on&'HyBaMi-H& ; — down, 

pa3Ba'jiaM'b-Ji£ ; ci&6a'pflH:B-o'pi£ ; 

off, K£'caM:b OX-CHX; CBa'lflHX 

-jhe', CHe'jHaM^b-e'MA ; — out^ h3- 
Ba'iK4aM:b-a'4H&; Hcxe'ruoBaii^b-JiUfi; 

— up, HCK/fiyBaM^b-fi a' ; hcko- 

Pulley, MaKapa', cKpime'u:^. 
Pulpit, a'MBOH^b, G. 
Pulse, 3Riuoy4ape'Hie; co'wbo. 
Pulverize, v. e. cxpu'eaMi-uiK. 
Pump, xyjy'M6a, T. v. a. xeYjua 

Pumpkin, xiii'KBa. 
Punch, T. «• MymKwai>'y — out. My - 

mift, H^. 
Punctually, xIkho. 
Pungent, Jiioxi, ocxp'b. 
Punish, V. a. HaRa'syBausHKis^, ns!" 




to; — ment, HaKasa'me. 
Punk^ npa'xaHb^ f. 
Pupil, ywHH'K'E; — of the c^ye, 10- 

Bi'qe, at'HHua. 
Puppy, K/ienue. 
Purchase, nOKy'nKa; v. a. Kyn/BaMi 

Pure, HECT'h; — -rify, v. a. oto- 

CTflM'E-TkR, npeqifcTflMi-Tift ; — 

rification, oqHme'me; — rily^ ih- 

Purgatory, o^HCTH'jHii^e. 
Purge, V. a. om/tcTRWh-iiih. 
Purloin, v. a. Kpa4«'. 
Purple, a. darpa^Hi, HO'paB^b^ T, n. 

nop<^ii'pa, 6arpflHH'ua. 
Purport, ci4pi>3Ka'Hie ; 3Ha«ie'Hie. 
Purpose, n. HaMtpe'me; npoii3BO- 

jie'Hie; v. n. H'maM's HaMtpe'me ; 

on — , HapoHHO. 

Purse, Kecifl, T. 
Pursue, V. a- noc^'b'4yBaM'E ,• cje*- 
4yBaM:B; rOHKR. 

Pus, FHOfl. 

Push, V. a. Tja'cKaJH'b-CHifi, 6jk'cKaH:b 
-CHffi; — in, yBii'paM:b-Bp£', na- 
BufpaHX-BpSi' ; — on, no4Ka'HflM:b 
-HKK, Ka'paM'E; — out, Hci^a'cKy- 


Put, V. a. T/pflMi-pi*; — away, 
ocTa'BflM^B-Bifi ; Hany'cKaMi-CHiR ; 
OTXBb'p jfl8rb-ji£; — by, cKpu saM'b 
-uffi; — down, cja'raMi-o'3Ri£ ; 
npHTifcKanrb-cHiK ; CBa'jflM:B-j}£ ; 
— forth, npocTH'paMi-Tp&', npo- 
•ra'raM'E-Te'rHiR ; (propose) npe4- 
j[a'raM'B-o'»ifi ; (leaves) HCKa'py- 
BaM'b-paM'B; fa book; H34a'Baiirb 
-48111; — off, H3Ba'»4a]irB-a'4iA ; 
c'E6jH'iaMi-'bK3&'; oija'rairB-o'HCKB, 
ocTa'aaMi-BKR; — on, otM'Hawh 
-iKfi'; Ha4a'raiirfr-o'3Ki*„ — out, hc- 
raca'aaiTE-cijii'; npocTBrpaMi-Tpflk'; 

HcniR'»4aM'B-n£'4i£; CMynti 
-yxiiR',- H34a'BaMi-4a'M:B; (al 
terest) 4a'BaMi& cb Ain'xBik 
eyes) ocj'bnaBaM'B-nK&'; - 
V. a. lypaMi Ha Micio my; 
Bawh-u'm; — up with, tb 
— upon, 3aKa'qflMi-4ii&; m 

Putrid, rHH,!^,- — refy, v. n. 


Puzzle, V. a. 3a6b'pKyBaMi- 

V. n. MK)'4i* Cfl, 38-, Xfl 

Pyramid, nHpaMH'40. 

— — 


Quack, map jaiaHHiTB : v. a 

Quadrangle, HeTBepOsrijiHHKi 
Quadrant, KBa4pa'HTi. 
Quadrilateral, qexBepope'dpeH 

Quadruped, qeTBepOHO'jKHO ai 


Quadruple, leTBO'peffB; v. a. 

Qualf, V. a. and n. nils. 
Quagmire, Tpb'ceft. 
Quail, nepene'jKa, Kpa'crejib. 

Quaittt, qK)'4eH^» 

Quake, v. n. xpena'pifR, ipb' 

Qualify, v. a. npa'Bi& cnoco 

— one's self, CHa64a'BaMi-/! 
Quality, Ka'qecTBO, KaKBHka'; 


Quantity, KdHMecTBO. 
Quarantine, KapaHTH'Ha. 




il^ Ka'pam^, ciiyTHa'; v. n. 
m cfl C-. 

Kt'pKa ot:b 320 4pa'Ma. 
r, lexBepxH'Ha; v. a. pac- 
^H'aaMi - piflk' ; KBapiiqiy-- 

V. a. npHTii'cKaMi&-CHiii. 

iJiapH'ua^ Kpaiu'iiia. 
), V. a. racifi' H3-; fthirat) 
&' no-, jTOAdBavib^jim'. 

Binpoci; nbi'iaiue; v. a. 

6pb3'B ; HeB^h'CTh ; »(HB'b ; 
CKO'po ; -- ly, CKO'pO, 6pi>'30, 
Kb; — ness, 6pb3HHa'; — 

n, V. a. o^cHBOTfiopa'BaH^b-pifi', 
iBfl'BaMi - bkr' ; ycKopfl'BaM'b 

'; V. II. O/KHBflBaMli-'b'UK. 

MH'peHi, cnoKO'HH:B, Tflxi; n. 


CAiiipfl Ban's 

• / 

:o'flcTBie ; v. 

, npHMHpa'BaMTi-pi* ; ycno- 
BaM:b-o'i£ ; yTBM'vawb^OTRm; 
e — , V. n. MHpy'BajfB ; to 
me — , MHpa'cyBaMi - caMi ; 
ess, cnoKC/ficTfiie. 
HTH'iecKO nepo\ 
iopraH^b, T. noKpu'BKa. 

) 4i0'lfl. 

4ecTe', T. 

. a. ocTa'Bflitti&-BU&. 

cTiBcbwh^ c^bBpbuie'HO ; 40 - 


Ko.iHa'H'B, lyji; v. n. xpe- 
V. a. npHB0'»4aii:b-e4£. 

It, Ha'CTHO HllCJO'. 


Rabhin^ PaBBH'Hi. 

Rabbi r, 6tj'B 3a'flU'B; Kpo'JHK^ 

Rabble, CKjr'niiuiHa, npocri Hapo'4S. 

Race, nje'ne, (S. n^t'na), p04%; ko- 
uii'fl, T. npHiiy cKanie. 

Radiant, 4y4e3a'peHi, CBirjH'Bi. 

Radi(*al, nbpBOo6pa'3eH:b, KO'peHen. 

Radisb, pi'na. 

Radius, pa'4H0c:b, cnifua. 

Raft, caJii, T. WHTi. 

Rage, fl'pocTb, CBHpt'nocTb, Tttbn; 
V. n. fl40'cyBaMi-caii'E ; (of pesti- 
lence, etc.) CBHpt'ncTByBaiTB. 

Rags, 4pH'nu, naHa'Bpa,T. — gged, 
4pH'nMi, ci4pa'fli. 

Rail, napMa'Ki, T. v, n. xfim ca; 

— at, xy'^ffi ; — ing, napmaK- 
j&'Ki, T; — road, meAt'sewb 

Raiment^ 4pe'xa^ 064*1^0'. 

Rain, 4'b}K4b; v. 0. 41&''K4b BaiH'; 

— y, 4'B»c40'BeH'B ; Kbimo'Beirb. 
Rainbow, 4&ra', aona. 

Raise, V. a. B4ii'raH:b-rH& ; nOB4H'- 
raM:b-rH£ ; H34H'raM:B-rH£ ; (ibe 
dead) Bi&cKpbCfl'Ba])rb-CH&'. 

Rake, rpe6jo'^ TbpMfi'Kx; v. a, rpe- 
6s!; aia^qi^ rbpin^'icb. 

Ram, Heno4Bbi'eH:b 0Be'H:b9 K04b, T. 

Ramble, v. n. o6biKa^jaiii^-OJ[iii', 

CKbl'TaHl^ Cfl. 

Range, pe4:b; v. 9. Hape'X4aMi^ 
-64^'; V. n. o6biKa'j[flHi^-oiU8»'. 

Rank, a. (growth) dy'eHi; (smell) 
rpaHfl'caj^B; n. pe4:b; msffs; v. a. 

Ransom, HCKyuie'flie; o'TKyni; v. a. 
HCKyn/BaMx - nifi ; oiKyny'BairB 





Rapid, 6pi3!b; — ity, SpMoiaV 

Rapture, BicxHme'me, BicTo'prB. 
Rare, p'b'4'BKib; — ly, pt'AKO. 
Rascal. qanici&'HHirB, sjOHpa'aeHi. 
Raspberry, Hani'Ha. 
Rat, unxh. 

Hatify, V. a. n04TBbp4fl'BaMi-4H&'. 
Rational, paayHeHi. 
Rave, r. n. 6ajHy'BaHi, iy4*'i* no-. 
Raven, ra'pBani. 
Ravine, AOA'b. 
Ravish, v. a. rpa'6ij!i-6Hib ; HacH'- 

MWb'-jim ; BicxHu^a'Bami. 
Raw, cy'pMi. 
Ray, jyna', aapa'. 
Raze, v. a. c'bCij'iiyBaHi^-ni£. 
Raz4)r, 6pbCHa'qb, 6pbCHH'qB. 
Reach, v. a. and n. cTH'raM'B-rH&, 

40CTH'ra]irB-rHx, npHcxH raMi-rna; 

(give) no4aBaM'B-4aMi; (with the 

fiand) 40ca'raM'B-e'rfl& ; — out, 

React, V. n. npoTii604'b'ficTByBaMi. 
Read [pH4x], v. a. qexai'; — er, 

Ready [pt'4H], roro'Bi; to make—, 

V. a. npHro'TBflHi-Bi£ ; v. n. ca. 
Real, H'cTbifi, camwA; — esfate, 

He4BH'aeHM0 HMa'me ; — ly, 4*fi- 


Realm, Kpa^e'BCTBO, ua'pcTBO. 

Ream, toitb, T. 

Res^p, v. n. 7Kb'n&; — e^, HfaxBa'pb. 

Rear, 3a'4HHHa; a. 3a'4eHi; v. a. 
B^B'raiirb-rHfi, noB4H'ra])i:b-rH£ ; 
OTxpa'RflH:b«-Hij& ; (breed) sanim" 
4ai[:bHt4i&; v. n. ncnpa'Bfliirb-Bij& 


Reason, pa'syMi ; (cause) npBWia'Ha; 

v. n. pa3C£'k4aKb-<iii'4ifi; — able, 

Rebaptize, v. a. opeicpb'cTiOBainM'ifi. 


Rebel, 6yHT0'BHHirB^ Hxre'smRi; f 
V. n. 6yHTy^BaMi ca; — lion, 6ym, 

MaTe;»b; — lious, HATe'aRiWB, 6yif- -j 


Reboundi) v. n. 0TCKa'9aKi&H)'w. k 
Rebuke, n. o6.iH4e'Hie; v. a. oOa- 

qaaaH^b-Hift', yKopanairb-pift'; » 

Recall, V. a. BUfKaM'b Ha3a4%; (to 

mind) npHno'MHaH!b-iiii&. 
Recapitulate, v. a. Ha Kh'cmwh I 

Recede, v, n. OTCTi&'nHJrb-niA; «p- 

Te'rjaii'B-^i& ca. 
Receipt, no.iy4e'Hie; sa'nflci; pe- 

Receive, V. a. nplH'MBH'b-e'MS : no- 

Recent, cKopomeHi ; hobi ; — Ij, 

cKO'po, He4a'BHa. 
Reception, npin'maHie ; nojy^e'me. 
Recess, pa'cnyci^; 3aKpu'4iHiqe. 
Reciprocal, BsaHMHuil. . 
Recite, v. ». Ka^yBaMi-jifiR; pacm- 

Reckless, HemapjtH'Bi. 
Reckon, v. a. C4HTa9rb-eT£', c* 

c.ia'fiaM'b-,iii&' ,' CMt'Tancb tha. 
Recline, v. n. noje'rHyBani-e'ria, 

^e^id& • I 

Recognize, v. a. no3Ha'BaHi-iiafi; 

Recoil, v. n. Bpb'iiia]irB-b'pH& cfl, 

OTBpb'utaMX-b'pHiR ca. 
Recollect, v. a. npHno'MHmnHEu; 

Recommend, v a. peK0MeH4y'iMi; 

npenopy'4aMx-4i& ; — ation, pe* 

K0MeH4a'iJiia, npenopyHe'Hie. 
Recompense, BS3Harpa9R4e'Hie^ y- 

40B,ieTBope'Hie ; v. a. sanja'atajn 

-axiiK', y40B4eTB0pa'BaMi - pi&'; 





le, V. a. npHMHpa'Baii^firHptt^ 

>9a'pflH%--o'piA ; C4o6pH'BaM'B 

; cinacii'BaMi-cifi; — liation, 


:>itre, V. a. nperje'AJBan 


npoTOKo'j'B (Lat); v. a. 
cyEeLWir-mm; to bear — ,xbh- 

t, V. a. pacKa'3yBaH'b-ȣ. 
;e, to have — to, v. o. npH- 

\ V. a. no jy'qaMX-Hi& ; othh- 

^mst; V. n. 034paBfl'BaMi 


b, V. Q . Batfa'BHMi&'-Bijii CH ; 

ion, 0T4iBXHy3e'Hie, 3a6a'Ba. 

nate, v. a. emwh Apyrwo 

Hfl BaiH""Hl£ • 

, peiCpy'Tl, HOBl^ BO'HH!b; 

. cbdH'paHGB bo'Shu; nonpa- 
HBi&; V. n. nonpa'BflH:b-Bi£ 

)npa'BflM%-Bi£ €H. 

, V. a. Hcnpa'BflMi-Bift. 
le, npaBOTa'. 

pBOH^b; — 4en, v. a. Hepaifi 
V. n. HepBiJii' cfl aa-. 
, V. a. HCKyny'BaMi-y'ni& ; 
\ HCKynH'Tejb. 
)tion, HCKyMe'nie. 
, V. n. npHBo'jK4am*e4A', 40- 
(aM'b-e4£; npeBpb'iuaai:b*-b'p- 
(subdiiej noKOpfl'fia]ii'b-pi£ ; 
^, ex peQses , etc.; cjiiawifl'BaH:^ 
, cBa'^M:b-jii&'; — ction, npH- 

aot^ H3^H'meH:b. 
rpi|CTi>, f. 
^, D. Ahom! Cfl. 
iOTOBH'jKa; V. a. HOTa'ki; 
. .aaiH'Taii^, no^H'TaHtb. 
V. n. OTHo'cHK^b'i-eciii' ca; ot- 
SfKbr-Bysk w; — ence^ otho^ 

me Hie; in — to, oTHocH'Tej^o. 
Retine, v. a. npe«ii'Ha][:bHai&, npe* 
4ii'cTflH:b-Ti£ ; HCTi&Hva'Baiii*-'^ ; 

— d, HCT:bH4erffb^ o6pa3o'BaHi. 
Reflect, V. a. OTpaxa'aaMXHRUia" ; 

V. n. paanunufl'Bairb-jifi ; paa- 
cA'»4aM:b-£'4i£ ; — tion, orpa^ 
»e'Hie ; pasHUHue'nie, pascfix* 

Reform, pe^o'pMib; v. a. iipeo6pa- 
3fl'Bai[%-3i&' : V. n. Hcnpa'BHHi 
B'm ca; — iition, npeofipaaoBa'flie, 
pe^opHauifl ; — er, npeolipaao- 

Refrain, v. n. (one's self) y4bp9Ka* 
Bam^-aKiak ca. 

Refresh, v. a. ynoKO'iOBaM-o'iK ; 

— one's self, now'HyBaM^b-fliii, 
npoxia'»c4aM:b-a4Ui' ca; — roant, 
fl'CTie, npoxia'4a. 

Refuge, npHfit'^cHu^e ; to flee for — , 

npadi'THy aaMi-HiiL 
Refugee, 6toaHe'Mib. 
Refund, v. a. ^muai'niwb-Tm, Bpb* 

Retuse, v. a. 0TXBb'pjHHi-4i£ ; ot- 

pH'4aM%-tK£' ; V. n. oxpii'Hairb 

-tKA' Cfl, 0TKa'3yBa][tb-XC£ Cfl. 

Refute, V. a. oiipoBepra'Ba]rb-rH&; 


Regain, v. a. naK'b cneHe'janrEr-iifi, 
naKi iipii4Q6fai'BaHB-6iiiifiu 

Regal, u,a'ipcKu% Kpaje'BCKiii8. 

Regale, v. a. HftrocTfl'BaMi TUb'. 

Regard, BHHiia'Hie ; no'neTb, f. yaa- 
jKe'Hie ; v. a. npHrj[e'4yBaHS-4a][i; 
BHHMa'aaM'b; noMH'iapi:br^i&V yaa- 

3Ka Ban A"*iKlJb • 

Regency, pere'HCTBQ, npaaje'^ie. 

Regeoarales v. a. Bi^;xi4airb-H04i&'; 
ii04HQBafBa]iSnBBi!&' ; -r-ed^ Bia^po- 
4e'Hi ; — tion, Bi3po»4e'ffle. 

R^imeot, noiffb. 




Region^ cTpana'. 

Register^ Ae^xe'p'B (T); v. a. 3a- 

Regret, n. ci»aj*'Hie; v. a. CBaea- 

\iH'BaM:E-'6'i£ ; pacKa'iOBaM'b - a'i£ 

Regtiiar^ npa'sMeHi: pe40'BeH'B. 

Regulate, v. a. Hape'»4aM'B-e4iai' ; 
onpa'BHM'b - BUK ; onpe4tjffl'BaMX 
-Ji«; (a watdi) npa'BKK aA'pi; — 
lation. Hnpe'46a; npa'BHjio. 

Reign [pMni], uapcTBOsa'Hie ; v. n. 

Rein [ptitH^B], noBO'4HHK'B. 

Reinforce^ v. a. n04Kp'fena'BaMV-nH5t'. 

Reiterate, v. a. noBia'paM'B-o'pkR. 

Reject, V. a. ()TXBb'pjiflMib-j[i£ ; ot- 
pif«iaiirB-tKft' cfl OTi. 

Rejoive, v. a. 3apa'4yBaMi ; pasBe- 
ce^a'BaMi-jiiR' ; v. n. pa'4yBaMi 


Relapse, nOBpbn^e'nie; v. n. noBpb'n^a 
ro 60-iecTb-Ta'; 0Tna'4aM'b-4Hfli. 

Relate, v. a. pacRa'3yBa]H'&-a'ȣ ; 
npiiKa'3yBaHi-»c£ ; v. n. otho- 
CHM'6-Heca' ca; — tion, po4HH'fia; 
OTHome'Hie; — tive, n. p04Hii'Ra; 
a. • OTHOCif TejeHi. 

Relax, V. a. pascja'SaufB-fii^ ; ot- 
ny cKaMi-cHx ; ymoKqa'BairB^-qkiV 
V. n. OTny'CKami-cHfi oa; 0T4fi- 
XHyBaiTB ; — ation, 0T4ifiXH0Be'- 

Release, v, a. ny'cKaira-cHa; ocbo* 

604fl'BaMl-4HK'; OCTa'BaMl-BKR. 

Relent, v. n. yMe'KHyBaM*-H« ; ci- 

TRUttBBSFB-^Jn&r-t'^ Ca. 

Reliance, ynOBa'me. 

Relics, ocra'HKu^ Mo'n^. 

Relieve [pfiuifB^B], v. a. ojeR^a'aawB 
-]&'; yjecHa'Bam^HiA'; noHa'raBTb 
-o'rMi ; — ief, OAeme^me. 

Religion, 6iaroHe'cTie ; Bt-'pa; Bi- 


poncnoBi)'4aHie ; — ions, Ha6o- i* 

JKeHi, e^aroTOcm'Bi ; peiHrio- '- 

sewb ; B'bpoHcnOB'b'4eH'B. 
Relinquish, v. a. ocxa'aaHV^ift. 
Relish, BKyci, cJia'40CTi>; v. a. y- 

cja»4a'Ba-4H* mh (etc.) ca; ajwT- 

Reluctant, Heoxo'TeHi ; — ly, ae- 


Reiy, V. n. ofija'raMx-e'rHai ; jnth 


Remain, v. a. ocTa'HyBaira-M; 

MaifR ca ; apTHcyBaM^b-H'iiiHfi, T; 

— der, ocxa'TiKi ; — s, ocra'a- 

Kbi : mort«l — , MpbTBe'm. 
Reniprk^ sadt^it'^CBaHie ; saHt^a*^ 

V. a. 3a6'bA'bma'EfiWh'-7Km] -*- a We, 

Remedy, cpe'4CTBo; ^'fcKa'pcTBO. 
Refnember, v. a. no'MHkR^ cm(/cjkh 

BaMi-ji£ ; noMOHy'BaM'b-Hifi'. 
Remind, v. a. nanoHHiOBairB-Hifi, 

Remiss^ HeepejKJH'B'b, pasBje'neirB. 
Remission, npome'nie, ocTaBje'ffle. 
Remit, V. a. npOBO'3K4aHrb--o'4ift ; 

ocTa'BaM'B-Bii6, npoiua'BaiTL-ocTk'. 
Remnant, ocxa'T'BK'b. 
Remorse, rpuse'me Ha cd'stcTb. 
Remonstrate, v. a. npe4CTa'BHn 

-Bis; o6jfH4a'BaiirB-quik'. 
Remote, 0T4aj[eHe'ii:b. 
Remove, v. a. npeBfb'crairb-Tifi, 

npeHo'caMi-eCiR'; npece'^ani-jifi; 

(take away) B4H'raMi-rH& ; —far 

from, 0T4aje4a'BaMi-qi& ; v. 11. 

npeMi'cTaMT&-Tte ca ; B4H'raKfip-rmK 

ca, npeno'caM'b-ecx' ca. 
Remunerate v. a. sanja'^aii^b^-a'Tifi; 

Rend, v. a. pa34H'paH^b-ep&'^ pac- 


Render, V. a. npa'Bifi ea-; 0T4a'- 




r-4a'MS ; npeBo'9K4aM'B - e^a' ; 
ccouni, 4a'Bairb CHt'TKft. 
f V. d. no4HOBfl'BaH:&-Bifi'. 
ice, V. a. OTpii'qa]ti-ptKi&' 
m&; OTXBi»'pj[fl]r&-juB. 
D, cja'Ba ; — ed, snanenn^rh. 
sae'M'b, Kupi'fl; v. a. naH'- 
t-e'Mx; — our, 4a'BaMi ci 

[punt'ap^B], V a . npenpa - 
Hii£^ no4HOBfl'BaH'B-Bi&' ; y- 
feriopfl'BaHi-pui' ; v. n. oth- 

V. a. OTnja'ii]taii'b-*aTi£', 3a- 

V. a. jnHm,07K9i'BawT^nAi6!. 
, V. a. noBTa'pflMi-o'pifi ; — 

, nOBTOpH'TejHO. 

V. a. OTT^a'cKaM:b-CH£ ; ot- 

, V. a. Ka'i£ cfl no-; paa- 
mH^b-a'kii ca ; — ^ a nee, no- 

orrOBo'pi, OTBt'rs; B'Bspa- 
e; V. a. OTroBa'pflMi-o'piiSk ; 
ipmy noBTOpe'nie. 
, V. a. Ms'iipis, ponTa'i£. 
ciyxi; pano'pTi, 40Home- 
V. a. pa3H0'cflMi^-ecfi'; na- 

HTBaHl-Tifi', 40H0'CflH:B-eC£'. 

) noHH'BKa ; 0T4£'xH0BeHie, 
o'ficTBie; v. n. no<iii'BaBr& 
t; OT4»'xHyBaM:B-H2ii; — con- 
ice^ ynOBa'BaHi-a'kL. 
3Dl, V. ;*. npe4CTa'BflM:B-BiiR; 
paam'BairB - »!£ ; onn'cyaaM'B 
; — atioo, npe4CTaBje'Hie ; 
paxe'ide; — ative, npe4CTa- 

IB, HaCT0'8HHieB« 

), V. a. y4bp»a'Bair&*»&V 


and, V. a. eRa'pyBaM:&-pan 

ca; cMft'MpK)BaH:E-pifi. 
Reproach, yKop:E; v. a. yK0p}i'Baii:B 

-p]£'; — with, y'4pffWB no hoci^4^. 
Reprove, v. a. o6jHw'BaHi-qiA' ; 

— oof, o6jHie'Hie. 
Reptile, ra4H'Ha. 

Republic, pecny'fijiHKa ; — can, a. 

Repulse, v. a. OTT^a'cicaiiiH^Hfi. 
Reputation. no'qerB. 
Request, mo^Sa'; npomenie; v. a. 

npo'cifi, MO'JiJii. 
Require, v, a. nsHfcKyBam-Kaiii ; 

■H'cKaM'B no-. 
Requisite, norpt'deffE. 
Hesi'ue, v. a. OTTbpBa'BaM:b-BA'; Ot- 


Research. H3cjt'40BaHie, Hcra'pcy- 

Resemblance, npn^iH'qie; cxo'4Ctbo; 

— hie. V. n. npiUH'qaH^B^ OMa'saifB; 
V. a. yno4o'6aMi-o'6iiR^ ynpH,i&* 

Resent, v. a. Hero4y'BaKB; — ment, 

Hero4yBa'Rie, cbp4HTUH\ 
Reserve, v. a. Ba'4i& y-- 
Reservoir, u^a'pna. 
Reside, v. u. sKHBt'^, c*4ift';-*-dence, 

TRUAfi'me ; — dent, aRsTTajB, pe* 


Residue, ocTa'T'EK'B, 

Resign [pusaiiHi], v. a> ycTs'naicb 

-ni&; ocTa'BflMi-BK&; v. n. 4a'- 

BaMi OTcra'BKA; — ed, to be, 

npe4a'BaM:b-4aM:b ch. 
Resin, cMOja'. 
Resist, V. a. npoTH'BflHl^Bift ca ; 

onH'paM!b-np£' en; — tnce, npo- 

Resolute, ptmn'Tejefli, CMtJi;«— 

tioh, ptme'iiie; fiaxftpe'Hie; pin- 

Resolve, ptme'nie, HaMipe'flie; ?..a. 





ptnia'BaM'bHiiiiii ca; pacTBopa^BaMi 
-^fttft'; V, n. ptmaBaafB-mifi ca; 

Resort, c:b6pa'flie^ cxeie'nie; last—, 
nocjt'4He cpe'4CTBo; v. n. ci- 
fiifpaMi-epx' ca; xo'^; npH- 

Resound, v. n. 0T3u'BaM'b'-30B£' ca, 

OTrOBa'pSMIb^-O'pHli Cfl. 

Resource^ cpe'4CTB0, cnoco'61. 

Respect^ noqTe'me; v. a. no^H'Tam 
-eT&'^ jBa^ca'aaMi^, Ta'iiiii; — able, 
noHTe'Hi; — live, oxHOCH'Te-ieHi, 

BSaH'MHHfi; in — to, OTHOCH'TeJHO. 

Resplendent, jyqe3a'peH:b, dJiHCTa- 

Respond, v. n. OTroBa'pflM:fr-o'pi£ ; 
(TbOTBt'TCTfiyBaiii ; — nse, OTro- 
BO'pi; 0T3u'B'b; — sible, OTBi'T- 
CTBeiTb ,• — byiiy , oxBi'TCTBeH- 


Rest, no4H'BHa, cnoKO'ficTBie ; v. n. 

-ha; — on, — upon, v. a. n04nH'- 

paMi- npA'; \\ n. — ca; — less, 

Restore, v. a. apb'mairb-BB'pHiEk; ot- 

Restrain, v. a. y4pi»3Ra'BaH%r«kii' ; 

— one's self, wbdAphTR^'Bavir'Tism' 

Restrict, v. a. orpaiiH4a-BaHi-<iifiV 
R esu 1 1 , HOC ^t '4CTBie, no4H'pHBHa ; 

V. n. npoH3dia'3aM:b-t'3£; nocjit'- 

Resume, v. a. naK'B 3axBa'mai[:B-aH&; 

naicb Haw'HaMi-HH£'. 
Resurrection, B^bCKpbce'iiie. 
Resuscitate, v. a. ci»cHBa'fiS»i%-Bi&; 

Retail, v. a. np04a'BairB aa 4p6'dH0. 
Retain, v. a. 3a4pbaca'BaMiHnfaii'; 



Retaliate, v. a. OTBpb'iii(an-Bb']^|p^^*^ 

3anja'ma]f%-*axi&'. ^' 

Retard, v. a. 3a4pb»»'BaMMni'; V^ 

3a6a|BaM:b-Bi£. Vk^ 

Retinue, CBH'xa, nocii^Ba'Teiciiii V' 
Retire, v. n. 0TTe'rj[flM^b-jn& ci;ii< lip 

4ajeqfl'BaM:b-'m' ca. jVi- 

Retreat. OTCTAneiiie; y6ii!vm; I ^ 

V. n. OTxe'r-iaMi-jiKt ca; m/ti- 1 - 

Retrench, v. a. c^bKpaTa'Ban^; itti 

cMBjia'BaH'b-Jiuii'; — ment, cuph- IV 

ii^e'Hie; (niilitary) Hexepi'si T. 
Retribution, Bi3Me'34ie, saoia'Ti. 
Retrieve, v. a. npH4o6u'Ban B- 

ry'tfeHo, cxH'raHi Hary'fieHO. 
Retrograde, v. n. Bpb'uiaM!b-Bb'ptf 

Cfl; oxH'Ba»:b Ha3a'4'B. 
Return^ v. a. Bpb'o^airL-BilpB; j 

V. n. Bpb'n^aH^b ca, saBpi'mun 

Bpb'H& ca. 
Reveal, v. a. oxKpu'BaiCBHU'is;'- 

ation, oxKpoBe'Hie. 
Revenge^ Mbcxb; Kape'8:b, T. v. a. 

OTMbcia'fiaMX - xifi' , oTBpb'man 


Revenue, 40x0^4^, ufvoio'jsb. 

Revere, v. a. ooHH'xaM'b-ieTA', iJOr 
roroBt'ki; — rence, no'^ierb, dia- 
roroBi'Hie; v. a. nowEi'TaM:b-^ieTA'. 

Reverend, npeno40'6eHx, EUaroro- 


Reverse, Hecqe'cxie; v. a. o6pb'nKaii 
Ha3a'4x, o6pb'QiaH!b na o'naKii. 

Revert, v. n. o6pb'iKaMi-Jb'pHai Cfl. 

Review [puBH)'], npe'rj[e4i^, Kpii'it* 
Ka; V. a. nperje'4yBai[S^4aii) 
paaraeUyBaiH'B - 40^1^ ; upmrni^* 

Revile, v. a. yKOpa'aawb-pift'; (to 
call^iaiBea) iicy'BaH:b, nonpL&'xaai. 

Revise, v. a. Hciqpa'Baif&-Bifi, npe- 




V. a. csxRBfl'Ban-BfaK' ; 
(rbxanH'saHS-Bis' en, oskh- 

fiyHTi; V. n. 6yflTy'BaH'fi on. 
y, ▼. n. o6pb'maM%-b'pHft Ofi; 
«' eg; — I u lion, npespa'Tb. 
I, saua'Ta^ Harpa'4a; v. a. 
fllitaM^B-aTifi'^ Harpax4a'BaM!b 

IC, pHTO'pHKa. 

mism, Bt'TBpi^ peBMaTR'CHl. 

eros, Hocopo'rE. 

tlr peBe'HTi. 

. pHTHa. 


• BfflpH'rb, T. je'irra. 


lora'rB;— es, 6ora'TCBTO. 

IT. a. (a horse) €r34i&^ t'SAi&; 

carriaj^e) B&sbh ca. 
rp!b6Ha'K:b; BpbX'b^ cispT'b, T. 
e, npHCMH'BKa ; v. a. npncMif- 
Hb'ifi CH^ no4Hrpa'BaM'b-a1ii 

DBRmaHe'^ T. v. a. c^ja'qaM^ 
i',' o6H'pai['b-ep£'. 
[pa'Axi], a. npaBi^; 4*'ceffB,- 
[pa'B4a^ npaB4HHa' ; — band , 
la psiKa'^ 4'bcHH*ua,' on the 

Ha4t'CH0^ 0T4t'CH0. 

)us[paflqfic'B], npa'Be4eirB; — 
DO, npa'Be4iiHKB; — ness, 

(54bpBe'H'B; 3wi, ^FOTi; cipon. 
CTpo'rocTb ; — ous, cipori. 
[epaas-B, T. Kpaft. 
sopa', Ko'»a. 

xajiKa'; T. finger — , npb- 
b; ear*—, o6ei](a'^ MHHr/nib; 
. and a. 4pi>'HKaH:b^ dVhnm; 
fader^ BotiBO'4a' 
V. a. ]ua'KH£ o^i 

Rip, V. a. no'pki^ (ao. npaxs) pac-; 

— ped^ pacnpa'Hi. 

Ripe, ysft' jthy BTacan^ 6;-^ en, 

V. n. yspt'Bawb-ftls. 
Rise. V. n. cTa'ayBaM^**!!!!, era'BaM^b 

-^'niky B4H'ran^*HiK «h; (the sun) 

Harpt'BaBrs-i'iiK^ HCTifqan^-MiB' ; 

(a river) ucTHtnam; (from the 

dead) BMRpb'ciiyBaii'b^^fi. 
Risk, crpllX'B^ ona'cHOOTb; v, a.iy- 

pam M ona'CHOCTb, XBbpjunn 

B:b ona'cHOCTb. 
R te [pafiT'b], o6pfl'4iB. 
Rival, cmepHHiTB; v. n. cbne^pmi*- 

qecTByBaBTB; — ry, ci^ne'pHne* 


River, ptKa'; — vulet, Ba'4a. 
Rivet, nep^e'Hi; v. a. nepwMte'. 
Road, n£Tb (pi. nft'THma). 
Roam, v. a cKUTaM^b ca. 
Roar, peB'b; v. n. peB&'; pmi&'; 

(wind) 6yqiR'. 
Roast, V. a. neRfi'-qemb. 
Rob, V. a. o6H'paHi-«p£' ; Kpa'4£; 

— ber^ xafl4y'THirB, T. posUo'it- 


Robe, Ma'HTW. 

Robust^ ffK'B ; nijieiTB, 34paBS. 

Rock, CKaja; Ka'MtBKb; y. a. jHOit'is; 
V. n. —— ca. 

Rod, np&WKa; (large) TOa'ra; S. 
»ee'3:Bj:B; mt'pKa oil mecTb «• nd- 
jaBH'Hfi apniH'Ha. 

Roe, cbpHa; H'Kpa. 

Rogue, qanKfi'HHHi. 

Roil, oBifTBirb; Ba'jioirb; v. a. *rfip- 
KH'ARWb'-Jiis!'; Ba'.iaM'B; (l>read) to- 
quB HC-; V n. TbpKa'iHHi^fiii' 
ca; — away, v. a. OTBa'jiairb^-aifi, 
otTbpRa'jiaM!b~ji£' ; — to, npmBt'- 
jHiM^^jifi' ; — u p^ mmn^Bmts^'m^ 
cBH'BaMw'ifi ; — er, Ban ; — ing- 
pin, foiHfjRai. 





Roof, noKpii'Bi^. 
Room, 04afl'^ T. cxa'a. 
Root, KO'peHb; v. a. po'sifi; to take 
— ^ BKopeiM'BaHi-HU&' ca; — out, 

up, HCKOpeHH'BaJi:b-Hi£^ 

Rope, BSi'me ; — (lancer, 4VaH6a'- 


Rosary^ 6poeHH'ua. 
Rose, po'aa, TpaH4a>ai!b, G. otto of 
— , po'30BO Ma'cjo; — sy , HepBe'Hi. 
Rot, V. n. rHi'ifi; H36/THyBaHiH»iR; 

V. a. H3rH0a'B'BM'b-0U8k'. 

Rough [p£4»'B], Hepa'BeH:b, Berja'4'BRi. 

Round, TbpKa^'cn; Ba'^^ecrb; to 

go — , to come — , aadbuca'jHM'B 

Rouse,. V. a. (rB6y'»CAaiirb-/4HB, paa- 

63<»4air&-y'4iA; noB4H'raM:&-rH&. 

Rcut. V. 'A. pa3Ba'jflM!b-4i£., pasda- 

Route, usTh. 

Rove, V. n. CKu'iaMi ca. 

Row, pe4'B (S. pa4^); v. n. (a boat) 
Te'r^UK jiona'Tbi. 

Royal, ua'pcKJbifi. 

Rub, V. a. Tpul£; — against, v. n. 
Tpu'ifi ca; — in, — on, HaTpu- 
BaH'B-u'iA; — off, HCTpu'aaM'B; — 
out^ HCTpbi'Ban^b-biljii ; (erase) 3a- 
Tpu'Bam^b; - up, HCTpu'fiaH:b-ul£; 
— bers, eja'cTHKa. 

Rubbish, 6oiuj'Kh^ T. 

Rudder, KopHH'40, m^e'sh^ T. 

Ruddy, qepBe'H:^. 

Rude, 4e6e'j[i^. 

Rudiment, cTHxi'a, G. — a, nb'pBH 

Rug, ry'6ep:b. 

Rugged, Hepa'aeni^. 

Ruin, paaope'me, pasBaie'Hie; v. a. 
paaB^'jiHii^iriiifi', paaopa'aaMir-pifi'; 

-r— S, pa3Ba'4HHIiI. . 

Rule, npa'Buo; (governmmt) npa- 

Bje'Hie: v. a. ynpa'aaMi- 
Bia4t'i&; (paper) «iepTa'i&; 

Rum, pOMi. 

Run, V. n. TH'qairb, npHincaif 
(water) toka'; v. a. npi 
-OHs, npHny'cKaM'Br-cHai; —a 
6jib'cKaii'B-CH£ ca, y^4paMir 
ca; — away, di'mwh OT>-n 
SfrrnyBaMTi-HiR;! — with, 
npHCTa'HyBam'B-Hx,- v. a. 
HaMi-eK*', 6t'raMi c:b (nei 
over, V. n. npejHBaMi-i'w 
Hy'BaH:b npe3'B; v. a. npei 
BaM'B-4aBi'B,- — through, ¥• 
Ks! lUH HHHy'BaM'B npea% 
npo6o'5K4aM'B-04ift ; (an est 
3fl'4air&-a'M:B, pacnphCKaw 
— to, I npH6t'rHyBaM'b-H&, 


Runaway, 6t»caHe'm, nodt'i 

Run net. cu'pHme. 

Rural, ce'^cKbiH. 

Rush, v, n. cny'cKaM^B ca, 

Mfl'Bam'b-Miiii' cfl. 
Rust, piw4a'; v. n. pi^3K4a' 

-caMi; -y, pi»:4aB:b. 
Rustle, V. u. unoMifi'. 
Rye, f^TKiby f. 

— — 


Sabbath, He4t.iH. 

Sabre, ca'6jifl. 

Sack [caKi], lOBa'jii (T), Bp 

V, a, rpa'6ijik y-: — clotli 

oeHH'ua, Bpe'THQj^e. 
Sacrament^ tb^hhctbo; (comn 





>acre^]^ CBflme'ffb. 

Sacriti<'e, SRb'pTBa: v. a. SKb'pTBy- 

Baifi no-. 
>ad^ uena^MWb^ sarpu'^eHb, xca'40- 

^ddle^ ct/iuo'; v. a. ocbMB^Bawb 

-»a'i£; pack — ^ caiia'pb; — bags, 

Safe, 6e3ona'ceH!B; 34paBi; — ly. 

Saffi*oD^ qa^pa'Hii) T. 
Sagacious, ocipoyMeHi; — city^, 0- 

^gc* ^- y'MeHi; D. M£'4peu:b; (plant) 

rpa4u'H€Kufi Hafi. 
Sail, ejKo'H'b, T. n^aiHo'; v. u. njy- 

BaMi; H8J[a'3aMi-i'3&; — from, 

njy'Bawh oti-; — or, reMHAari'ff, 

T, Mopenia'Baxejb. 
Saiiil, CBflT'b; CBHTe'n.^. 
Sake, (for the — of) 3apa4H'9 3a. 
Salad, ca'jiaTa. 
S*«:le, npo4a'2K6a. 
Saliva, jH'ra. 
Saloon, sa'jia. 
Saii^ a. cojte'wb'^ u. co^b, f. v. a. 

co'wiifi no-, na-: to become — , 

ocoifl'BaM:b-j]£ ca; — cellar, coji- 

HH'aa; — petre, ruBHp43Knje, T. 

Salubrious, 34paB!b. 
Salutary, cnacn'TejieH'b ; no^a'aen^b. 
^alute, V. a. no3/Q)aBfl'BaH!b-B}£', 

34paBH'cyBaM:b - caM'b ; — tation, 

Salvation, cnace'Hie. 
Salve, Hexie'ffb, T. n^a'cTupb. 
Same, cairb, n'CTBifi, csm.'h; e- 

Sample, Mo'crpa, lopHe'irb, T. 

Sanctify, v. a. cBa'THk 0-, ocBaia- 
Bairb-TUSk': — tied, ocBflTO'ffb; — 
ticatioD, ocBau^e'Hie; — ctily, cba- 




Sanction , no4TBbp»40'krie ; ][ v. a. 

Sanctuary, CBHXn'jiHU^e. 
Sand . nt'ohKh ; — y, niciRiH'Bi. | 
Sandal, uapsy'^ib. 
Sane, 34paBi. 
Sanji^uinary, Kp!BBonpojH'TeH:b-;|icp:fi-* 

Sanguine,. ^oKpiBe'sTb; rope'miB; jiy- 

Bt'peHi. I J 

Sap, coiTb; HjiEiSra'. 
(Sapphire [ca'<^4^a8px], ca^^n'ps, - 
Sash, noa'cb; (window) ^epqiiBe', 

Salon, caTaiia'. 
Satellite. cnir/THHK'b. 
Satiate, v. a. Hacu'TflM'b-Tifi. 
Satin, ai^a'cb. 
Satire, caiH'pa. 
Salisfied, cuTi ; AOBO'Aewb ; — fy, 

V. a. Hacu'niaH'b; y40BjeTBopa'- 

BaMi-pift'; — faction, Hacunie'- 

Hie ; y40BjieTB0pe'Hie ; y40B0'j[- 

Saturday, cir/66oTa. 
Sauce, no4npaBa; oma'B^b T. 
Saucer, naim'qKa. 
Saucy, deacpa'Meffb. 
Sausage, cy4>Ky'Ki, T. Ba4'bHiraa. 
Savage, aui; jidtx; 4Hb%; n. m^ 

Save, V. a. cnaca'BaM:b-ciR% H36a- 

BflMi-Bi£; — iour, cnadfTaJtb, 

Savor, c-ia'40CTb, BKyci. 
Saw, xpio'H'b; v. a. nperpNfBaffB 

-bTifi, cTpi&'an£ npe-; — mill, 


Say, V. n. Ra'^yBaKB-XJfi, ffY'msm^ 
plBL'^iaM^b (obsolete in the pres. ao. 
piKox-b, fut. ptK*'; — ing, C5J0- 





Scab, Kopa'; v. n, XBa'maH'b ko- 

Scald, V. a. na'pis iro-; — ^out, 3a- 

Scale, JTjr'ena; v. a. Ka'qyaaM'B ch 

ci CTSi'ji6&; (a fish) crp£'»n[j&;. 

— s, K^noHM', xepeai'H, T. 
Scandal, na6i'A^^ KieaeTa'; y'Kop'B, 

Scant, He40CTa'T0ieffB, ocKfAewh^ 
Scar, 6*'^*^. 
Scarce, ocKy'4eirB; — ly,, ad, e4- 

aa'Hi; — Ity, ocRy'4ie, ocKy4- 


Scare, v. a. nj[a'iiii£ y-, sanja'niaMi^ 

Scarf, majx. 

Scarlet, aie'ffE, qepae'HX. 

Scatter, v. a. npb'cKam'B-cHiK^ pa- 

cnpb'ciiyisaHi-HiB, pasHo'cfiMX-eciB'; 

nEit'ifi pa3-. 
Scent, MHpHSMa'^ sa'nax^b; v. a. o- 

MHpH'cyisaM'b-mH& : 4y'inK& no-. 
Scene, cuena'; — ry, BH41. 
Sceptic [cKe'niHKi], cKe'nxHK'B, ee- 

Bt'pnsiK'b ; — cism, c'bMH'b'Hie. 
Sceptre, 7if/^'3%Ji%^ cKhi'nTp'B. 
Scheme, Kpoe'SRb, njaH:b, npoe'KTi^. 
.Schibm, pa'cKo.i'B^ pa34tJe'Hie. 
Scholar, ynemCKh. 
School, yqifjinme. 
Science [ca'aHCi]. Hay lea. 
Scissors, Ho'»cH<iKU. 
Scoff, V. n. npflCHH'BaM:b-Mt'i£ cn^ 

H04Birpa'BaM:E-a'i& ch, KaiiiHe'pi& 


Scold, V. a. Ka'paM:b ca (ha etc.), 

Scorch, V. a. and n. npnropa'Baiiii 

•^pi&'^ npHKii'jiajnt-t'ift. 
Scorn, npespt'Hie : v.. a. npesH- 

pQM%«'3p£'; — er, npe3iipa'TeA. 
Scorpion, CKopni'a. 


Scoundrel, wnK^'HiiHS. 
Scour, V. a, Tpu'i& hc-. 
Scourge, 6mh: HaKa3a'Hie; 6ft4af; 

V. a. 6i']ft. 
Scowl, V. n. HaBb'ciOBaKb-ciii en, 

HaHpb'maMX-ii]li& ca. 
Scrap^ Ma'^a ^acTb; -— s, npsnt- 


Scrape, v. a. cTpA'xifi. 

Scratch, npt'cKa; v. a. 4pa'iim (ao. 
04pa'cK0xi), ve'm£; v. n. jqi- 
m£; n£'npi£; — out, aajHqa'Ban 
-lift; HSCTp&'ryBaM'b-arifi. 

Scream, iq^t'ChKhj buitb; v. n. Kpi- 
iui&-'kcHi& HC-; Bu'Ka]nb-KB&. 

Screen, sacjo'Hi; nep4e% T; y. a. 
3acj[0Hfl'BaHi^-Hi&'; santHiiia'Ban 


Screw, 6ypMa', T. bhtjo*; v. a. 

Scribble, v. n. nje'muKi. 
Scribe, nnca'pb. 
Scripture, nHca'irie; Holy — , CbiT- 

To IlHca'Hie. 
Scrub, V. a. xpu'ifi, Tb'pKaM^. 
Scruple, cKp/ny^'b (xer^JKa}; ctr 

NHtaie ; co'BtcTHOCTb ; v. n. ci- 

MHfl'BaM'b-Hi&' Cfl; OTTe'rjaHt-ii£ 

Cfl; — pulous, co'BicTeH'b. 
Scrutinize, v. a. H34H'pflH:b-pis; 

Sculptor, Bafl'TOJib; — ture, Baa'aie; 

V. a. A'^6B!hSk. 
Scum, nt'Ha. 
Scurf, npb'xOT'b. 
Scythe, Koca'. 
Sea [ch], Mope ; — coast, — sliore, 

KpaeMO'pie; — man , re][i4[aKi'fl (T); 

— port, npHMo'pcKbifi rpaAi; — 

sick, to be-^, xBa'oia xfl.{etc) 

Seal, ae^a'Tb^ f.; (animal) Tio'jeHb; 

V. a. aaneqa'iyBaicfr-yrax:^. 





Seam, mevh. 

Sear, v. a. ropuE'; HSc&'xHyBaMi^ 

Search [cApHb], v. a. Tpb'ckik; hc- 
iui'T3rBaH:b-Ta]rE ; — for, Tb'pciiii; 

— into, H34H'pHH:Er-p]£^ Hcnu'iy- 

Season^ Bpe'ne; Bpe'MO na ro/if^ESi; 

V. a. no4iipa'B>m-fii&. 
Seat, gtoxb; chABiJome; (of go* 

vernment) eTOiH'ua; (in church) 


Secede, v. q. 0T4'b'JHM:b-Jifi ca. 
Sedude, v. a. saKHo'^aMi^-Hiak; ye- 

A^avtBawbrWh; — one's self, 3a- 

Kiioiiaiis-^ij& ca, OTre'riaxi-^ifi 

Second, a. sTopufi; n. ceKy'HAa; 

V. a. noMa'raM^b-o'FHA; — hand, 

Secret, a. Ta'HHi; CKpu'meifB; no 

Ta'fina; — crecy, la'daocTb; — ly, 

Secrete, v. a. Kpu'ifi c-. 
Secretary, naca'p^ ceKpeTa'pb. 
Sect, pa'cKOJiii, ceirrb. 
Section, 0T4tie'flie, no4pa34t.Ae- 

Secular, CBi'TCKuS. 
Secure, 6e3ona'ceH:b ; CHry'peH'B ; 

34paBi^; V. a. 034paBa'Bai[i-Bi£V 

— riiy, o6e3ne<ie'ffle. 

Sedate, Te';irBirb ; mt'feKb^ cno- 


Sediment, OTa'fiHKa. 
Sedition, mn.Te'mh^ 6yHrh. 
Seduce, v. a. npej[bCTa'Bai[:b-Ti&'; 


See [ch]^ enapxi'a; v. a. BH'X4aMi& 
-M'4ifi ; rje'4aH:E ; — into, pa3- 
6ii'paM'b-6ep£' ; — lo, npHrj[e'4y- 

Seed, cine (S. cb'isH); (in fruit) 

cb'MKa; — lime, cifi'4da. 
Seek, V. a. Tpb'cifi, 4H'pifi. 
Seem, v. n. BH'aK4ai[^b-fl'4ifi eg. 
Seemly, npuH'HOHX. 
Seize [caa^b] v. a. xBa'maaab-a'oft ; 

mb\s! y-. 
Seldom, p'b'4K0. 
Select, a. 0T6pa'ffb, B36pa'Hi» ; v. :a« 

OT6H'pai[:b-6epiii' ; H36H'paM:b-6e- 

pa'; — lion, o'T6opi>. 
Self, cBMi; ce'6e; — ish, caHOJio-' 

6h'bi^; — ishneas, caMOjU0'6ie. 
Sell, V. a. npo4a'BaM:b-4aiii^.; n-at 

auction, npo4a'Bajii Ha J[e3a'4i; 

— er, npo4aBa'4b. 
Semblance^ npaiH'qie, cxo'4ctbo. 
Semi-, nojOBH'aa, nOdiy'*. 
Seminary. ceiUHa'pia. 
Senate, ce'aarb. 
Send, V. a. npOBO'x4airb-o'4i& ; 

npa'ii]iaM:b-a'Ti)£ ; — word, npo- 

B0'»4aii'b H3Bt'cTie. 
Senior, a. no' ciapi ; n. ciape'ii- 

Sense, (of feeling) qio'BCTBo; (mind) 

jm.'h; (meaning) cHU'cui; — 

sation, yctme'me; BnewTjt'me ; 

— sible, y'Meai; — less, 6e3CMiii'- 

cieffib ; — sitive. mo'BCTBeffb, 40- 

Sentiment, hio'bctbo, Hafaie. 
Sensual, ciacTOiH)<ia'Bi^. 
Sentence, 0Tc&'ac4eHie; (in Gram.) 

npe4i03Re'Bie; v. a. 0TC&'X4aHi^ 

Sentinel, aapay'ib. , 

Separate, v. a. OTAt^'jL«is!bHm\'p«^ 
A'kjmiib-jm'; (animals) i&'w, 
0T4&'<iaiii^-Hifi ; — tion, 014* Je- 
Bie, pa34t^e'ffle. 

Septemoer, Genre'MBpifi. 

Sepulchre, rpo'6HBiia^ rpo6i. 

Sequel, iipo4Uxe'Hie, Gyit'4CiBie. 




Seraglio, cdiTa'HCKuit capa'fi. 

Serene> ^cohi; (in mind) cnoKo'flu:b. 

Sergeant, ^asy'imiirB. 

Series [cHpHS'B], pe4'B. 

Serious, saioi'cieHi, cepio'3eH'&. 

Sermi>n, cjo'bo, nponoB'b4b, f. 

Serpent, ama'. 

Servant^ cjyra', (female — ) ciyru- 
Hfl; (iBeld — ) pa'Ta8; — of God, 
pa6:b Eo'mSi. 

Serve, v. a. cjyry'aaM^B-y'aciiKi; (in 
the liouse) ma'TfMH:b; — vice, cjy'ae- 
6a; — vices, aaoiy'ru, yc^y'rw. 

Session, 3acft4a'iiie. 

Set, 0. TaKA'M'B, T. (planis) pa'3- 
OCB41; (sun) 3axo3if4e'Hie; a. xy'- 
peirb ; Haana'^en'b ; nocTo'airb; 
TBbp4:b; V. a. TypaMi-pi*^ noja- 
TBM'h'-o'mm; (appoint) Haana'qaH'B 
-tor; nocTa'BHMi-BijKi; (bon(\s) npa - 
BHfi Ha*-, Hcnpa'BiiR^ (a diamond; 
Ty'pflMi-pu&; (a hen) Haca'^4aM'b 
-a'4K6j (a table) cjia'raM'B-o'arix; 
trap, etr.) aaja'raM^t-o'sKliR; v. n. 
(the sun) 3aja'ra]ii:b-ji'3£, sa- 
xo'aK4a]rB-a'g4£ ; — about, 3a- 
XBa'utaiTb-a'flfi, fiaqii'Haiirb-qH<&' ; 

— a going, ny'CKaM'E-CH£ ; — 
aside, Ty'pairB Ha CTpan^' ; ocra - 
Bflic&-BiiR; OTXBB'p^flM:&-ji£ ; — at, 
naught, He n'Maurb 3a hhu^o; y- 
Kopa'sajo^-f ]&'; — before, c-ia- 
raMx npe4K, Ty'pam npe4i; npe4- 
jia'ra]r&-o'ȣ; -by, Ty'pairb na 
CTpaH£'; noHH'TaM'B-eT&'; — down, 
(xia'raHi-o'»d£; 3anflf cyBaM:b-ni£ ; 

: — forth, V. a. HsaBa^BaKB-Bifi', 
QOKa'ayBaKEHKiB; v. n. Tptray- 
Bavb-Hs; — off, V. a. yKpaca- 
BaH:&-cifi', xBa'jDfi; 0T4ft'iaMi-i]£; 

— on, V. a. no46y'aK4aH!B-'y'4i£; 
(a dog) c&'cRaK&-HSH£; v. n. Ha- 
na'4aH!B-4H&; — out, v. n. rpt* 

niyaaM^t-Hx; v. a. (trees, etc.) '^^^ 
cfe'HR no-, ca4ifi' no-; — u|i, v. 1. '^ 
no6H'BaM'E - i'lA, H34H'raH'i» - re*'/, J 
(one in business) Ty'pairb Ha ptf- 3 
6ot;&; (a mark) Ty^pavB-piji; 
V. n^ 3aja'BaHi ca 3a pa'6oTS; 
— up for, ooKa'ayBaMt ca 3a. i 

Settle, V. a. 3ace'jflH'b-.ii£: ymp- 
4a'BaM:b-4i£' ; onpe4ibja'BaHi-ii2 ; 
pacpa'Bflirb - Bi£ ; (money aponj 
aaBpb'ayBaMi - »« ; — accounts, 
BH'»(4aHi cMt'TKfi; HarbRM'Bm 
-Mi&; V. n. aace'jiflH'b-iuK a; 
(fluids; Ta'kR ca y-; — roads, y- 
ja'raMi-e'FHA; (wall) qiORn'cj- 
BaM'b-caiTb, T.; c'fe'4aMii^4H»j y- 
j[a'raM'b-e'rH& ca; (^weather) 0- 
npa'BaM:b-Bi£ ca. 

Sevmi, ce'4eMb,* — th, ce'4Mul. 

Sevenleeri. ce4eMHa'iicaTi> ; — ih.ce- 

SveiUy, ce4eM40Cfl'Ti> ; — lieth, 


Sever, v. a. 0T4'b'-iaM'b— jibii; OTCil'- 

Severn I. a. paajH'qeni; hA'kojro; 

0T4t'lH0, e4H'lI'b HO e4H'ffb. 

Severe, JiiOT^b; cxporb; — rity, crpo- 

Sew [co], V. «. mi'im y-. 
Sex, no^:b. 
Sexton, rpo6a'p:b. 

Shabby, 4pii'naB'b, OK&'caH'b;nH'e!bKi. 
Shade, Shadow, cb'HKa; v. a. npa- 

Bi£ ctHKiK. 

Shaggy, po'maBi. 

Shake, v. a. Tpb'ci£ no-; Ria'in, 
Tpb'KaKb-CHiB; 4py'caH'b-CHiR; v. a. 
Tpb'cifi ca; Kia'Tis ca; Tpene- 
pi* ; — off, OTpb'cHKB - cm ; — 

out, HCTpb'caMi-cifi; 
Shall, m^ 

to pieces, 




Hfl'BaH:b-Hi]&' cfl ; npeo6^a'<iaM:B 

-tK£'; Mt'CTUlk Cfl. 

Shine, v. n. CB*'m; (glisten) ^b- 

Shingle, mH'H^pa. 

Shining, ci'HHifl^ CBt'Teme; a. CBtr- 
JB'BO^ 6jiHCTa'Te^eirb. 

Ship, Kopa'6b; rem'fl, T.; v. a. xy'- 
pflM^b Ha reHi'&; npoBO'»e4AHi ch 
reHi'ij&; (men) xBa'u^ani Tewj/iA" 
ad' ; — wreck , Kopa6oRp3rnio'Hie. 

Shirt, pn'sa, Komio'jifl. 

Shiver, v. a. Tpomifi' c-; v. n. ipe- 
ne'pKB OTi CTy4i. 

Shoe [my], K0H4y'pa, T., Kaje'Bpa, 
(horstj — ) n04K0'fia; v. a. (a horse, 

etc.) KOBiSk'. 

Shock, Tpb'ceme; y'4api; (of sheaves) 
Kpbcxe'ui; V. a. noTpb'cfl mh (elc.) 


Slioot, oxpa'cub, f. v. a. y'4pflMi 
ci ny'fflKa; y6H'BaBi cb ny'in- 
K£; (a bow) cxpt'^flirb; (a gun) 
XBb'p.iflM'B ny'iflKX ; v. n. ( a 
plant.; KjID'hia pas-; pacxx'; — 
forth, — out, (leaves; HCKa'pyBaM:B 

Shop, 4H)Ke'HB, T., Btnienpo4a'BHH- 

Shore, dptn^ KpaeHO'pie. 

Short, KbCb; — ly, CRO'po, no4H'p* 
jna'JKO Bpe'MO ; — en, v. a. CKi- 
ca'BaMi-ciiSk' ; — sighted, kbco- 

Shot, caqwa', T. 4po6b, f. 

Should [uijA'h], mtxi. 

Shoulder [ino'.i4£pi] pa'MO, (pi. -He- 
Ha'j; v. a. Hapa'uflirb-MUik; — blade, 
— bone, nie'niKa. 

Shout, BUK^b; V. n. Bu'KaM:b-KHfi. 

Shove, V. a. xiii'RaH:b-KH£. 

Shovel, ^ona'xa ; v. a. pu'H& no-j 

\ UJOtThKb. 

a. ^iKiB'B^b; n. Kaina3a'H- 

cpaHi; v. a. sacpaHA'aaHi 
'; it is a — , cpaMOxa' e; — 
xpoe'xb, BE4K; V. a. Kpo'i£ 

zrhix, 4'b'^6a ; yqa'cxie ; v. a. 
ik', pa34l)'^flM:b-jiij&%- V. n 

BKKyjLa (pu'6a). 

o'crbpx; — en, v. a. T&nm; 

It) o'cxpiA H3-. 

V V. a. cxpoma'Ba]ii-mi£; 

i'BaH:b-i'i£ ; npb'cKaM:b-CH£. 

v. a. 6pb'CH^i ; — one's 

6pb'CH£ ca; — iiigs, xa- 

b, T. 

I, OHa'. 

(pi. sheaves) CHon:b. 

V. a. cxpii»(£'. 

. HO'»^HLiH. 

^rpt'xa, cyiuypwa', T.; v. a. 
id) npajraBara-t'iA ; ( I ears) 
t!; (leaves) Ka'pnifi ; (feathers) 


OBi^a' (pi. obi;*'). 
JHCX!b;( — for bed; qapma'B^b 


iepy'flKa; v. a. xpomiib' Ha-, 

ffi', (nuts, etc.) xy'm,i&*y v. n. 

r' Cfl. 

, noKpu'Bi; v. a. Ba'p4i£ y-^ 


rd, OB<ia'pb, na'cxupb. 

nnLi4%], Hinxib; jv. a. aanpi- 


iH'sa; cpe'4CXBo; v. a. npo- 

'B2JS!hrm&; npeo6^a'qairb-iK£; 

i'cTflMi-xifi; v. n. npoMt-| Hapiif HyBaHiBHOA ; — out, HSpuV 





Show, V. a. noKa'3}rBaiiii-»iii; (point 
out) conis! no-, naco'^iaH^b-m. 
Shower, ns'h o'6xaKh A'h'XA'h. 
Shrewd, xti'Tipi; ocTpoy'Meffb. 
Shriek, [mpHKi^], vptchKb^ Bioirb ; 

V. n. Kptll]li&'^ BU'KaH1&-KH£. 

Shrill, TkffhKh^ npoHH3H'TejeHi. 
Shrivel, v. a. r^'prn c-, CBn'B&n'h 

-i'te; V. n. — ca. 
Shrink, v. n. CBH'BaHi&-^ri£ ch; cb" 

6H'paMi&-6ep&' gh; (wood) paa- 

c£'xH7BaM:b-H£ ; — from, oxxe- 

TAfLWh-AiSk cfl; 6o'i£ ca. 
Shroud, no'KpuBi^ caea'a^b; v. a. 

Shrub, xpacTH'ua. 

Shrug, V. a. noB^u'ran^b (paMena'}- 
Shudder, v. n. xpena'pifi^ paaxpene- 

panHb-pifi Cfl; y^caca'BaMic a. 
Shuffle, V. a. 6h'pKawb pas-. 
Shun, V. a. 0T6triiyBa]rb-H£; y- 

KIOHfl'BaH'B-Htiei Cfl. 

Shut, a. 3aTB0'peH:b; v. a. BaxBa'- 
pflH^b-BO'pifi ; — in, — up, sax- 
Ba'pan^ 3anH'paHi&-np£'. 

Shutter, KaHa'x^b, T. 

shuttle, coaa'^Ka. 

Shy, cxpanuH^Bib, njiamjH'B'b. 

Sick, 6oUeH:b, (a liiilt* — ,) 6o^Ha'B:b; 
— -ness, 6o'j!ecxb; (to beeome — ,) 
pa36ojifl'BaH:b-,ii&' ca. 

Sickle, cpbn:b. 

Side, cxpaaa'; v. n. 4bpHci£ expa- 

Siege, o6ca'4a. 

Sieve, CH*!© ; (hair — ,) cxpy'HKa ; 
( — for grain} penie'xo; 4bpH0'Hb. 

Sift, V. a. ctfaik' 0X-*. 

Sjgfa^ BiBAU'fflKa; V. n. B:B34Bi'maKi& 
-'4£'XH&, Bi34&'xaicb-XHiK; ox- 


Sight [caSrb], ^ipt'me^ Bom; no- 

rjifl'4i; (spectacle) 3p*'iHme 

a gun) Koaib. 
Sign [caiiHi], 3Hairb, dt'xhri; 

ve'Hie ; ( sympton ) npa'a 

V. a. no4nH'cyBa]irb-DMi ; — i 

Signal, cbirna'Ji, 3Hairb; a. a 

HlfX^b, C^a'BCHl. 

Signify, v. a. 3Haqi£^ osaan 
-Mia; — fication, Buane'm. 

Silent, a. ^'bjneAn'vh ; (*-4 
desna'ceffb ; to be — , n 
to heeoirid — , cwbAHa'Ban^ 
to keep — , npeH^b^qa'Ban 
— ly , 6e3Ho'^BHO, urbjran 
— lence, urbiqa'aie ; v.m. 

Hdi'Bamr-Hhh, yWhAHai'BBWb^ 

Silk, Konpa'aa; a. Konpm'BBi 
worms, nxHU^e; rearing 

Sill, (door — ) npar:b. 

Silly, Tjiy'naBi. 

Silver, cpe6po'; a. cpe'6bpffb; 

— y TRVLBdiKh. 

Similar, no40'6eHi, npanf^e 
ity, cxo'4exBO. 

Simile, Similitude, n040'6ie. 

Simple, npocT:b; — licity, n] 

Sin, rptxi^; v. n. rp'biiii&' c 
ner, rpt'inHiiK:b ; — ful, rpt 
— less, 6e3rp'b'ffleirB. 

Since, tonj. none'afe; pr. or 
OTb Kaicb, 0X1 Kora'-xo; o 
camib, oxKO'it; — then, oi 
ra'aa; long — , ox4a'BHa; dc 
— , He4a'BH0. 

Sincere, HCRpe'Hb; — rity, H< 


Sinew, xcH'^ia, pu'6Hi(a. 
Sing, V. a. and n. nfa;- 

nt'fiie ; — er, nlBe'm* 
Single, ( alone ) ematnua ; 




ne^jlfiO'SwB , (unmarried) 


VBfwh no ejua'wB] caira'- 

e4H'HCTBeH:B ; <iio'4eirB. 
. nOTonfl'BaH:B-4iiik'; 3a4U- 
-<ii&; V. n. norbayBm 

iaVhi, rocno4a'pb. 
tcrpa' ; — r' s, ce'crpmrb ; 
, Ka'Ka; wife's — , nmp- 

husband s—^.KajHHa. 
, V. n. ct4UK'; (fowls) 
la no'jorB ; — down, c* - 
offi; — in council, aact- 
ML; — up, c'b4KR' npa'BO; 
ite, c'b4i&' KicHo. 
b], MtcTonojioae'Hio. 
pacnojo')Re£rb ; to be — , 

Haxo'»C4aHi cfl ; — lion, 
uoare'flie: (condition) no- 
>, c:BCToa'Hie. 
f»; — th, me'cTu8. 
necTHa'ticflTb ; — ih, rae- 

ica'Tb ; — lieth , fflecT4e- 

iHHa'; Be^HiHHa'; (height) 
Jofi, T.^ 

lepia'Hie, HepTe'xtb ; v. a. 
Ha-, pHcy'BaM^b. 
''CTBo; — ful, HCKy'ceHi. 
K o6H'paii:B CMeTa'H£-Tfi 

a; V. a. 4epfi' o-^. 

). CKa'<iaMi-olKH£ ; 


r, CKyrs. 

n. Rpu'ifi cfl C-. 

n%; rjiaea. 

V. a. 

Sky, He66'. 

Slab, KpafiuiHHicB. 

Slack, Slacken, v. a. pacn/cKaH^s 

-CH£, pa3Cja'6fl»is-6ifi; (lime) 

Slander, RieaeTa', Ha6t'4a; v. a. 

Haiu[eB6Tfl'Ba]ii*Ti£', ua6'h'mjvBM% 

-t'4HR ; — - er, ueBe'TBHKh. 
Slanting, no^era'Ti. 
Slap, n^ecmi'iia; v. a. ue'iiufi-e'- 


Slate, n^a'Ka, n^o'qa. 
Slaughter, v. a. ko'ii& 3a«-. 
Slave, po6i, poSti'Hfl; to be a — ., 

pod/BaMi ; — ery , po'6cTBO. 
Slay, V. a. y6H'BaM:B-rki ; Ko'^dfi aa-. 
Sled, luefiHi'fl. 
Sleek, rjia'4iirb, ^tcKaB!&. 
Sleep, cbwb; v. n. cnuii (ao. cnaxi); 

to put to — , npHcnH'BaMwuk' ; 

— py, to Le, coH mh (th, etc.) 

Cfl; —less, 6e3clHeH!b. 
Sleet, jiana'Biiiia. 
Sleeve, p^Ka'a^B. 
Sleigh [cjie'ii], meiiHi'H. 
Slender, rbffbKB. 
Slice, pt'aeHi, oopi'saHHua ; v. a. 

Slide, V. D. iipa3a'j[fli[i-^i£' oa. 

Slight, a. cjiafi^b, leirb; n. npeHe6pe- 
»(e'Hie, npespfnie: v. a. npeHe- 
6pera'BaHi-e2Ki&'; npe3H'paHi^3p£'. 

Slim, T^H^Ki, Cjia6i. 

Slime, jH'ra. 

Sling, npa'mKa; v. a. xBb'pjflKB c% 

Slip, V. n. n^t3raHi-3H£ ca, Ais^ 
raMi^-3Hi& ca ; — in, v. a. yBH*- 
paM:b-Bp£'; v. n. yHiiCHyBaM:b-H£ 
ca, BKpa'x4aHi^a4A' ca; — off, 
v. a. H3Jiy'3aH:b«-3is ; v. n. h3- 
njiSHyaavB «- &£ ca ; Hajia'aaMi 
-t'SiSi ; — on, V. a. Haa/jairb^sifi; 





— out, V. n. HCM43Hy3aMi-ffiR 
cfl, Hcny^cKaHa^-cHifi ; H3^H'3aH:b 
-t'sa ; — pery, n^israB^b. 

Slipper, Tep^H'iCb^ ne'xbjrb. 

Slop, (over) v. n. nxa'cKawb-CBSh ch; 

Slope, V. n. HaBo'»(4airb-e4£' cfl. 
Sloth, Mb'pdaib; (animal) ^tmi'- 

Beuh; -'ful, Mbp3ejiH'B:b. 
Slovenly. Mpb'coH^b. 
Slow, He6pb3ii; Te'»iKi; (watch) 

Ha3a'4i&; — ly, no^e'Ka. 
Sluggard^ n. MJbp3ejH'Bi, A'bim'B'b. 
Slumber, v. n. 4pe'Miiik 3a-, cni£; 

n. 4pe'MKa. 
Sly, .lyica'Bi. 

Smack, v. n. iu'fe'cKaH'B-cH£. 
Small, Ma'i^biTb, 4pe'6effb, ch'tchi ; 

to make — , yMa^ifl'BaM^b-^ifi', cjna- 

Small pox, CH'naHHiia, ma'pKa. 
Smart, a. (capable) cnoco'6eH:b; 

V. n. cm:b4h'. 
Smash, v. a. qio'niiik c-; cHa'syBan^b 


Smear, v. a. Ha'»(fi; ue'nqfi y-. 
Smell, n. MnpH'SMa; (sense of — ") 

o6oHfl'iiie; v. a. Mnpn'muik no-, 

4y^ni]£ no-; v. !). wspn'mm 3a-. 
Smelt, V. a. pacTonfl'BaH:b-ni£', oih- 

Smiie, yju'fiKa; v. o. ycMH'xHyBaMi 

-Hi£ ch; no4CMH'BaM:b-]it'i£ ca. 
Smite, V. a. y'4paMi-a'pK&; nopa3fl'-< 

Smith, KOBa'% ; gold — , s^aTa'pjb. 
Smoke, 4biM:b, ny'maKb; Ka4e'nib; 

V. n. AHm&'; (a pipe) ny'mifi fla-; 

V. a. Ka4i&'. 
Smooth, Txa'A'BKh; v. a. vASLjm y-; 

Smother, v. a. 3a4yina'BaMi-mi£. 
Smuggle, V. a. la'fiHO npeKa'pysaHib 

OTl rH>HpH)'irb-Tb. 

Snail, oxJioBib, njiy'^Kairb. -^ 

Snake, bhIh', safiiHH'. ;^,| 

Snap, V. a. Hfo'um c-; K&'canoT 
-CH&; (one's fingers) luio'aw.: 
-CH&; (with ones fingers) mft-.j^, 
KaH:b-KH£; (a pistol) lupa'jian 
-khiK; (a whip) njionpfi'-CHA;- ^ 
at, cny'cKasrb ca 4a xa'Dk;- - 
at a hook, 4pb'najtt:b-nH£. « 

Snare, npH'MKa ; v. a. yja'sm ck 

Snarl, v. n. p:bMi:tiE'; 3St'6m ci; 

V. a. UAiMKWffL C-. 

Snatch, v. a. rpa'6ifi. 

Snipe, c^/Ka. 

Sneeze, v. n. ku xajiTb-XHi^. 

Snore, v. n. xi^mem'h. 

Snot, c:bno.ib. 

Snout, HOc:b, aypjia'. 

Snow, cH'br'B; v. n. najst catn; 

— storm, Bte'wiHiia ; -y, cat- 

Snuff, eH<^ie', T. v. n. cKb'pKan 
-pb'KH£ ; v. a. (a candle) ct'KU 
y-; — box, T06aKe'pKa. 

Snuffers, h^houh. 

So, TBKa', T&fl; — much, TO'jROsa; 

— that, TaKa' mo'TO, tojko mo- 


Soak, V. a. Tonu& na-, Mo'icpiii; y. n. 

Ku'cH£ Ha-; Hann'BaH:b-i'i£ oil 
Soap, cany'Hb. 
Soar, V. n. xBbpqi£' bhco'ko; BUfifi 


Sob, V. q. xliuaM^b-i^HiK. 

Sober, BaMbidesb; (not drunk) 

Sock, Khc^ wpa'n^b. 
Sociable, pa3roBO'peH:B. 
Social [co'maj:b], pasroBO'peffB, fo- 


Society, o6mecTBo'; (eoinpaoy) ci- 





Sofw, co'oa, Kanane*. 
5(ift, Heici; — en. v. a. OMeK^a'saHi^ 
-qte'; to bet'ooae^— , v. II. oMe- 

* KHyBa]IIl-H£. 

SihI. 3eHjiH'; umno'^ xeKe\ T.; v. ;a. 

Ka'jiflM^B y-. 
Sojiuirn, V. n. srhbI'ia Karo qioxe- 

4^6'^^ npiime'.icTByBaiii&. 
Sulder, Jexe'M'b (T); v. a* ^exen- 

jiejgacyBSiM'h^ 3U0B9!BBWh c% jie- 

Soltiier [co'^i4%£pi] , bo'hhis, co^- 

Solace^ yTtme'Hie; v. a. yTtina- 

Solar, co^HH'qeHli. 
Sole, a. cawby caMH'HaiTB,* e4ii'HCT- 

Bem; n. (of the fool) xo4h'- 

40^ Ta6a'Ht^ T.; (of a stioe} xa- 

Solemn [ca'^eMi], rspace'cTBevE; 

Ba'»eH!&; — ize, v. a. Tipaceci- 

SoHdt, V. a. npo'cifi; — ous, no- 

new'TejOHi; -r-itude, rpfii'»a, no- 

Solid, TBBP4I9 Kopa'Bi&9 Ha6ii'Ti, akii. 
Solitary, ye4HHe'ni, nycrB; — ilude, 

caKOTi'fl, ye4iiHe'Hie. 
Solstice, cnHuecTOfl'nie. 
Solve, V. a. ptmaBaM-miA' pa3-; 

pacTonfl'BaH:fr-nMiV — iution, pt*- 

uie'flie; pacTBope'ide. 
Some, a. nt'KOJKO; nVKaKhB^; — , 

others, e4HH' - 4py'rM ; —one, — 

body, ut'Koit; — times, nt'Kora, 

ulk'RoM UATb; — bow, nt'KaKi; 

— wbere, Ht'K£4i; — thing, at'- 

Son, cuHi;— «in law« ans. 
Song, nt'cenb, f. 

Sootl^ WCBO'pOf CKC^po; 89>~a8, 

niOHi; — er, no'cKopo^ — or later, 
kaVho IMH pa'no. 

Soot, ca'»4U. 

Soothe, V. a. yTtnia'BaHr*uifaK', y- 

Sore, pa'Ha, 60'jiKa; v. n. to be—. 

Sorcerer, Mare'cnnin^, buxbi; — 

eery, Marlfl, BUXBOBa'iiie. 
Sorrel, KU'ceiem. 
Sorrow, cKipdb, f. nen^'-ib, f. ; — 

ful, nena'jieHx; 10 be — , v. n. 

Sorry, naa'Aen'b; to be — , ma'mo 

MH (etc.) e; cRpi6i& ca. 
Sort, BH41; po4'B; eopn, Kaiecrao; 

of what — , KBiciBiB; v. a. 014*'- 

Soul [coji], 4yina'. 

Sound, a. 34paBi; ( — sleep) 4au- 
6o'Kb; n. riacb; (((ulf) npo'JHB'b; 
V. n. B34a'Bairb niaci; 3B£HTi&V 
CBH'pifi; V. a. CBH'pu; Mt'pi£4ftJ"^ 


Soup, qop6a', T. 

Sour [ca'Api], Ku'ceii; a*, d. ku- 

ceil UK ; to become — , BKw'cny- 

Source, hctoWhbre. 
South, lora; — east, iofob'Scto'icb; — 

wesli ioro3a'na4i; — ern, m'xem. 
Sovereign [cA'BiBpiiHi]^ a. Bbpxo'- 

Bern; cano4Bp»(a'BeHi> ; ' n. ca- 

M04i»'pxem ; (coi n) in'pa ; — ty , 

Sow, V. a. cb'iSk no^, na-. 
Space, MtcTo; npocTpa'flnnrBo; pas-* 

Spacious, ' mnpo'in. 
Span, ne'4eii, (of thumb and fbre- 
. finger) wne'pHirb; v. a. Mt'piAOS 

Spaniib Qy,. Hena'aesa ayxa*; * 





S|>ank^ V. a. n^e'mifi-CHA. 

Spare, a (t'Xlra) BAfiK'h^ T.; (snper- 

abiindani) H3JiH'nieH'B^ apTA'irb^ T; 

npa34eiis; (Ifari)Mpb'iuaBi; (cli t| 

cyxt; V. a. »fa'jii£ no-) v. n. ap- 

TH'cyBaHi-caMi, T. 
Spark, H'cKpa. 
Sparkle, v. a. ny'cKaii'b [^H'CKpu; 

Sparrow, Bpa6e'u'b<) apaS^e'. 
Spatter, v. a. njni'cKaiii-*cH£^ npb- 

Spawn, afiee'pb T., HKpa; v. n. 

XBb'pjflH'b aiiBe'ph. 
Speak, V. n. ^y'Maii^b^ roBo'puik; — 

er, roBopa'Tejib. 
Spear« KO'nie; (for fisti) canK^'irB^ 

T.; V. a. p£'raM:b-rHfi, YAfowb 

Special [cne'uiai'B], Ha'CTOHi, oco- 

6eH:E; — t ly, Hapo'4HO. 
Spfcie, MOHe'ia; — es, po4i. 
Specify, v. a. HaaoaHa'BaiHib-m. 
Specimen, HO'CTpa, lopHe'ia, T. 
S|)eck, naTHO', jene', T; my'siKa. 
Spectator. 3pH'Tejib^ rji64a'Tejb. 
Spectacle, Bpt'JHnie^ noao'pHme; — 

cles, OHHJa' (pi.). 
Speech, cjIo'bo, pt^ib, f. 
Speed, CKO'pocTb. 

Spell, V. a. and n. cpn'qaiii-'bKiii'. 
Spend, v. a. H»e4HBa'£aM!b-HBij&' ; h- 

3a'4aMi&r-HM!b ; i time) npemHHy'Baaii 

-ha; (-TT^the n=j;lit), Homy'BaH'b 

npe-*; v. n. pacnpicHyBaHi-cKaM'b; 

— thrill, pacTOHH'TB^b. 
Sperm, ct'mi^ 3apo'4Uiiib. 
Spermaceii, cnepjiraue'ra. 
Sphere [c«upij, caepa'^ mapi. 
Spice, apoMaiiB^ 6axapi^ T. 
Spidrr, na'aiTb; — 'a web, na'a<iHHa. 
Sp ke, ro^t'M'b ro'34b. 
Spill, V. a. HajH'nn^ite; npojoi^ 

BaMi-i'ifi; (dry things) rocu- 
Spm, V. a. npe4£'; v. n. iipe4A'; 
(top) BbpmiA' cfl; — - ning wheel, 

MAKp^Kl T. 

Spindle, Bbpre'RO. 
Spine, rp'bSna'K'b. 
Spire, Sypiia,, T. 
Spirit, 4yx!b,- Holy — , CaHTbi'fi 47^; 

— u;d, 4yxo'BeH'b, 4ynie'BeRi. 
^pirt, V. a. npb'cKa]ii%-*CH£^ aib'p- 

KaBix-KH£; V. n. uBbpTifi', imop- 


Spit, n. pi^e'ffb, lunmb^ T. nJDH- 

Ka; V. a. and n, njK>l£; — uot, 

Hcniio'Baiii'E-iG i&. 
Spite, Bpa*.K4a'^ 3jio'6a. 
Spiitie, Hjiio'HKa. 
Spit nd d, BOjiHKOii'neirB ; diien- 

Te^eiTb; -*- nduur, eejBROjitfme; 

Splice, V. a. Ha44a'Bair&--4aH'B; mtisji. 
Split, V. a. u.t'amk pas-; v. n. ny*- 

Kaaii>H£ Cfl. 
Spoil. 4o6u'qa, njia'^Ka; v. a. pas- 

Ba'j[flHi-Ji£; o6H'paMi^epA' ; (a 

child) ra'jift. 
Spoke, cna'ua. 
Sponge, rSk'6H^ cKwre'pb, T. 
Sp(mianeous, ca]iiopo'4eHi^ 4o6po- 


Spoon, A'hTKiifn.B. 

Sport, Hrpa'; 3a6a'Ba; mara'; jobi; 

V. n. HFpa ifi ; f iTH'BaH'b Ha JoBi. 
Spot, .leKe', T, naiHO'; — led, ma- 

Spouse, CiRopyn, cisnpy^ra. 
Spont, n. yxeH; v. a. Djp&'6i»ii 

-CHi&; V. n. HHOpTlA', UBbTlft'. 

Sfiram, v. a. HaBtxHyBaH^B-Hli. 

Sfiray, n^'na Ha buha'. 

spread, n. noKpu'BKa; v. a. pao- 

npbcTpaaa'Baa^-Bift'; pMnpocnf- 


paMi-Tpjk'; paciipb'cKaMi<-cHft ; (a 
bed) nocTB'^ajfb-Te'jA ; (hulter) 
pa3iia'3yBam-a'ari&; v. d. pasia- 
BaM9^t'i& cfl; — out, npocTH'pajii 

Sprightly, msB%^ Be'ceji^b. 

Spring, n, npo'^tTb^ f. («f water) 

B'SBOpi^ HCT0'4HHirb ; V. D. cKa'- 

Han-p'KHiK; xBb;pjiflM'b-jii]& ca; 

(originate; npoHCXO'»4aHi*-H8jit- 

3£; V. a. (a tr;ip) oTnflk'HyBam 

-H&; (a kak; npoTiTqaHi-eKib' ; 

— up^ (|iUnis) ii3iiii'KuyBaM:b-H£; 

Sprinkle, v. a. piciA no«; nocu- 

SpnMit,.n. iua4o'KBa^ «iUii'3i; v. n. 

HH'KH£ no-, H3HH'KHyBaill-H£ / 

HCKa'pyBaMi ♦HiH's'b. 

Spry, npA'raB'b. 

Spur4 MaxMy'3:B^ T. (of mountains) 
HSAa'uKa^ piKT^B; (inrentive) no4- 
6y»Ae'Hie; v. a. 6o4£'; no^Ka'- 

Spurious, jUHCjIH'bi. 

ipiirn, V. a. npe3H'paM!E-3piii ; ot- 

>py:[coaii] mnio'H'B, qeuiH'THH'B, T.; 

c%rje4aTafi: v. a. nperie^yBam^B 

•*Aaiii, npa'BiA lunioH^iikKi. 
SquHflnm [cKBa'4p£H'b]i, ecKapoHi. 
Squall [cKyo^i], 6o'pa^ caxHa'Ki^T. 

V. n. Kpa'KaHii, KptniA'. 
Squander, v. a. pacT04a'6an-o'4ii&, 

Square, qerfibpTHTi, qeTB!ipo£rt«* 

lenib^ .iq)bCTa'Ti. 
Squash, tu'kbb^ 
Squeak., v. n. cKpanui'; cKb'puan 

Squeal, v. n. kbh^'. 
Squeeze, v* a. cTH'cKaiii«-CH£. 
Squint^ V. n. M^^Mn. Ha KpH'M; 

— eyed, KpHBor4e'4i. 
Squirrel, cfi'ce^i^; (li/ack) Ka'repH- 

ua; (ground) jaiy'repb. . 
Squirt, V. a. UBb'pKaiiii«-KHiR^ uiBbp- 

Ti&'; V. n. UBb'pKBjirb-KHA. 
Stab« V. a. p£'raM:b-rH£; npo6o')K- 


St;)hle, 4aMi5 ax£'piB, T. o6o'p^; a. 
nocTOfl'm; TBbp4i; ■— bility, no^- 


Stack, Kona'; (of grain) Kone'ffb. 

Staff. Toa'ra. 

Stag, pora'qb, ejie'Hb. 

Sta<i:e, Tea'Tpi^; nomoBUKOM'; CTa's- 

uia^ CTe'neHib. 
StH$4ger, V. n. aa^ui'TaiEi^ nojH'- 

^^lagnant, 3anp'b'Hi&, ctoh'iu'b; (hiisi- 
nt ss) Keca'4'b ; — naie, v. u. aa- 

nHpanv-npii^' ca. 
Sta'xi, ^cKe', T. naxHo'; v. a. ywe - 

cKyBaH:b-e'iu£, yKa'ayBajifb-nifi. 
Stair, cTibnaUo; — r^, cTi46a. 
Stake, KO^i^, (w^ger) 6aa'c:B, T. v. a. 

XBa'majH'b ca na 6aa'cib. 
Stale, BexTi; (Lread) Henpt'ceffB, 

6aa'Ti, T. 
Sialk, (of grain) ciedJO'; uboa'B. 
Stall, nperpa'4a; MtcTo; v. a. rcifi 

Stallion, afirs'pi, T. an, T. 
Sfaminer, v. u. ne4Te'm; aaoiii'^ 

HyeaMi-Hak; — er, nuTe'R'h^ T. 

Stamp, 4aMra', T. ne^ia'Ts; v. a.. 

y'4pHMTi 4atfr£'; — upon, v. a.. 

TioqA, cT^!naMvnl&<. . . 
Stand, Q, aaoa'paHie; 0X041; Jit - 

CTo; V. n. CToifi'; ct4i&'; Haxo'»- 

4aiiv-a84& ca; v. a, (bear) Tpa'i^ 

lepnkb'; — by, CTOkb' xaMit, CToisk' 

npH;^ npe4CToa'Baiii^-H>iA'; qpiH* 




— before r cTOi* npeA^i, npe4- 
CTO}|'BaHVK>iA',; — for, cxoiiEk' 3a; 
shb'W:;. — off, OTTe'rjflMS-^ite 
cfl; T< oul, Hcn£'KiiyBaM'b - Hi& ; 
npoTH'Bift ch; — still, 3anH'paM'B 
^npSk' ca ; — to, ctouk' na ; 4kp- 
;Kijik' Cfl; — up, V. a Hcnpa'BflH'b 
-bia; V. a. cTa'ayBaiiv-Hfi. 

Standard , aHa'ufl^ np'bnopem ; — 
bearer, BHaiiflHO'ceii^ xopyrfiOHO - 

Standing, a. sanpt'H'b^ CTOfl'm'B; n. 

Star, 3Bft34a'. 

Slarcb, HHuiecre', T. v. a. Ko^apy- 
cOBaMi-caH, G. 

Stare, v. n. Br,iH'»4aH'B-r,ie'4a]»b-cfl, 
nyxhL Cfl 0-. 

Starling, cKOpe'm. 

Start, V. a. CTpa'CKaH'&^'cHfi; (game) 
HCD&'»4aHi-A4Ui ; V. n. crpfl- 
cKaHV-ecHS ca; (set out) rpi- 
rayBamFxHA, B3,ia'3flHv4'3A. 

Startle^ v. a. CTpfl'cKani^^'CHA. 

Starve, v. a. 4Bp)KiA' ro VABi'Aewh; 
yjfOpfl'Baii^E iyh riBAb; v. n. r^a- 
4y'BajnB, yMH'paji^b ors Tja4i. 

State, (condition; c:bCT0fl'Hie, noio- 
»e'ide; (government) 4pBHca'Ba; 
V. n. Ka'ayBBMib-flCA, npe4^a'raMi 


Station^ Mi'CTo; v. a. ry'pflirb-puK ; 

— ary, Heno4BH'flceirB. 
Statue, CTaiy'fl. 
Stature, pocn, 6oii, T. 
Statute, saRO'ffB^ ycra'ai. 

Stay, V. n. SKHBt'ia^ ct'4ifi; If remain) 
ocTa'flyBaHi^ii£; (atop) aanH'pan 
-npis ca. 

Stead [cTe4i»]^ (in — of) Mt'cTo, 

. HaMt'CTO. 

Steadfast, Bl»'pem,nocToa'ffB,TBBp4'B. 
SlM^ {Mtfji}, uocunOski'^ a.^ 


Kpinifi'; saicpt'iiflMi-nift'. 
Steak [creKi], Ki0ji6a6Ti'fl, T. 
Steal, V. a. Kpa4&' aT-4H£; o6h'- 

paMi-ep£V V* ^' Kpa4&'; — away, 
0TKpa'4HyBaHi*H£ ; -r-~ in , BKpa'i- 
4aM:b-a4&' ca; — thiiy, ad. cxpu- 

Steam, na'pa; v. a. na'pi&; v. n.— 
ca; — er, — boat, napaxo'Ai. 
Bano'pi, T. 

Steed, KOHB. 

Steel, CTO'MeHa; ffor striking firt^ 
orHH'jio; — yard, KSHTa'pb, T, 

Steep^ a. CTpb^Meai^; n. CTpbumt'; 
V. a. Toni£' Ha-. 

Steeple, KaMfianapi'a, G. 

Steer, lone'm; v. a. ynpa'aaxi^-iii; 
V. n — ca. 

Stem, qenKa; (of a sliip)HOCi;ta. 
oTH'BaM'B cpt'mo. 

Step. cTiii'nKa; (of a ladder) ctir 
na'jo; (course of c:>ndiiet) no- 
CT£'nKa; v. n. cx&'naMi&'Hiift; — 
aside, oTCTifinaMi Ha crpaHS';— 
back, OTCT&'naM'b na 384%; — 
down, c^H'saMi 4010; — off, 01^ 
CT^'naHi-nkii ; - out, HSja'^an 
-t'sA ; — upon, HacT&'oavB-nte; 
— father, o'lqa, nacTpoirb ; — 
mother, Ha'oiexa; — son, (wife's 
son) npHBe'4eHHiiK:b ; (husband's 
son) ^aBa'pHHiTb; — daughter, npa- 
Be'4eHHHua; saaa'pHHua* 

Stern, jiOTi, BaBbceaiB; n. 3a'4Hi- 

Stick [cTHKb], np&'qKa; (of wood) 
4bpB0'; V. a. p£'raHi c% utmh: 
jitnki', aajt'oaHi-niA' ; v. n aa- 
jt'nHyBaH:B-H£ ; — by, npfi4b'p- 
»aHi-»(ki ca; — in, yBH'panr^pl^ 
3a6o'»(4fiK:B-04£;-— out, .B34t!i* 
Ba]iii^4aMX ca: — y^ jit'mcam, to 




Stiff. Kopate^ CAh^hifm; ( fluids ) 
r&CTb; (oUsimMe) yno'peai; — 
en, V. a. .npa'EiA Kopa'ei; cr£- 
cTa'BaH'b-TU&' ; v. n.. BApbBfl'BairB 
-Bifi cfl, outneHfl'Batfib^nijik ca; 
cr&CTfl'BaM'b-Ti&' ca. 

Stifle, V. a. 3a4yuia'BaMi-*nii£'^ 3a- 

4a'BflMl-Bi&' ; npHTH'CKaMTi-CHiR. 

Stifffna; ^cko^ T. jk&^t^; — lizi*, 

V. a. deaqecTijfi^ yKopfl'BaMib-pkii'. 
Still. II. jtaMda'iTb^ T. a. HH'pea'b^ 

TVXhi ad. c/ii^e; v. ». yTHioa'BaH'b 

-mijii'., CMHpa'fiaM:&-pi£'. 
Stiinuiate^ v. a. no46y'»4aHi-y'4UB. 
Sting* acH'jo; v. a. vn'jtiSk y-. 
Stingy » CKAWh. 
Stink, 40jua Boaa'; v. n. BOHuik' ; — 

ing, BOHe'im. 
Stintv V. a. orpaHH'4a]ii'B-*MkR. 
>iipend, aanjia'Ta. 
Stipulate V. a. npa'BiA ycio'fiie^ y- 

cao'BUk ca; — at ion, ycjo'sie. 
^lir, n. 4BHX(e'Hie; BiJHe'Hie; ha- 

Te'xb; V. a. uia'BaM'b-BH& ; 6i>'p-* 

KBMh pas-; V. n. uia'BaHi, 4bh- 

Stirrup;^ CTpe'MHo; aenru'H^ T. 

Slitcli, 6041; V. a. mii& y*. 

Stock, (of a flowe**, etc.) CTe6jio' ; 
(race) po4l& ; (cattle) 4o6u'tik:&; 
(fur the neck) apaTOBe'aKa; (in 
trade) CTO'Ka, Kaum^'A^; (of a gun) 
KyH4a'irb, T. — s, Kja'4a, tom- 
py'KB, T. (for ships) uie&ii'a. 

Stocking, qopam, T. 

Stomachy »e4y'4:BK:B, cTOHa'rB, G. 

Stone. KaMiKi, Ka'HeHb (pi. KaMe- 
hh); (of fruits) KOKU'HKa; v. a. 
y6fl'BaKE ch Ka'jieHH; 6i'i& c;b Ka- 


Stool, CTorb; to go to — .. H3ja'- 

zzu% no h'hu'h. 
Stoop4 v« n. iiaeo;at49in&-e4ft' JQS* 

Stop, V. a. sana'paMi^-nps'; BicnH'- 
paiii-np£'; v. n. aafla'paHii ca; 
«-*up, aany'maM^E'-uia^ sny'Mii'B 
-Jifi; — pie, 3aiiyuir4im, aaiyU* 

Store, npo4a'BHHua. 

Stork, ntb'pKH^^b. 

Storm, 6y'pa, «£pTy'Ha (T); »- 
pw'inb (T); Hana4e'iiie, npifcTAni; 
snow — , Bia'BHita; v^ a. 3i!'iiaii:s 
ch lopio'uib; Hana'4ajf:B-4H£ ; to 
take by — ^ npeaaH'HaHib ci opn'- 


Story, npa'KacKa; (of a house) CTa'vb, 

KBTl, T. 

Stout, HK'b, CH'^eHi; 4e6e'4'B. 
Stove. co'6a, T, KK>u6e\ 
Straddle, v. n. Kpa'^iuk ci. 
Straight [cTpe'flTi], npaBi; — en, 

V. a. Hcpa'BaM'b-BiA. 
Strain, v. a. iianpa'raMX-e'rHiii; na- 

HiR'HyBaH'b-Hafi: (with strainer) ut- 

4I&' npe-; — er, ut4H'4Ka. 
St'-ait [cipe'flT'b], npo'jHB:b. 
Strange, Hio'4eH%; — er, qio»4e- 

He'm, npHnue'm. 
Strangle, v. a. 4a'Bifi y-, 4yuiU!^ 


Strap, peMH'Ki. 

Stratagem, boo'hhb xu'TpocTb. 

Stratum, c^oft. 

Straw, Cdia'jHa, (a single — ) cjb'h- 

Strawberry, A'ro4a. 
Stray, v. n. 0T4t'jaHx-*4kk' ca; sa*- 

ry6nwb'-'6m ca; 3a6jyx4a'BaMi& 


Stream, noTO'n; (brook) Ba'4a 

V. n. miopTUE'. 
Street, y'4Rita; —door. Bpa'THa. 
Strength. a'KOCTb, ca'ja; — en, v. a. 

yar4a'Ban-*<iA', yKptna'aani^-nifi'. 
Streti;b [cxpe^J, ,v. a. .oR^iqamra 




•*H2^ pacTfl'raiTB-Js'rHs; v. n. pa- 
cny^cKaxVK^Hfi en; (one-it self) 
npoTa'raM-e'rHa CHi^r- oul, v. a. 

Slrew, V. a. H3CU'nyBaii'B-ni£^ pas- 
cu'ny Bam-nkk ; — upon, nocu'-* 

Slrirl, export; — ^Kess, crpo'rocTb. 

Strife. trpt'Hie^ pa'cnpfl^ pa340'pi; 

Strike, v. a. y'4pflMi-4a'pi£; (j*mile) 
nopa3a'Ba]iii-*3i£' ; v. n. y'4paMi& 
ca; — agaifisr. y-4paM:b ca j; — 
a bar^'ain. c!brjiacfl'fiaH:b-cLii' ca; 
— blind, oc^ jbna'fiaMtB - nm! ; — 
down , crpoMOjia'cyBaMi^ - cam ; 
CBaUaMi 40.10 ; — fire, ctRHS 
o'riHb; - off, OTCH'qaarB-tKiK' ; 
(print) iianeHa'TyBajH^b-Taii^B ; (de- 
duct) ocTa'BaMib-BiA; - — out, v. a. 
3ajiH4a'Baiii:b-4ijfi' ; H3aa'»c4a]irb'-a - 


Strip, lUHpMa'^ 4epMa'; v. a. cxfijn- 
HeiWb^tK&' ; o6H'paNi&-epii» . 

Strive, v. n. Tpy'4i& ca<, us^'Hrn ca; 
3a jaraMi - e'rH£ ; bTapa'i& ca : 
no4Bii3a'BaM:b ca; (quarrel) Ka'- 
pawbCH; — ^^irith. na4Ba'pan*-pi£ 

Stn»ke, y'4ap'B. 

Stroll, V. n CH0B&\ ^u'ram^ ca. 

Strong, aia, ch^jchi; TBbp4i; to 
be<?( me — , HaaiCHyBaKb-H*. 

Strut, V. n. ne'pijK ca. 

Stubborn, yno'peifb, aKor^a'Bi. 

Student [oTiO'4eHT!b], CTy4eHT!B, y- 


Study [cTi6'4H], n. ypoKi, Haylca; 

V. a. HCDu'TyBaHi--T8ai'b ; v. n. 

ywh ca, pa3HU'cjaiii-*ji£. 
Stuff, Maxe'pia; (woolen) co«^, T. 

CT0*i, (bread—) xpima'; (bouse- 

bold --r-) nOKS'iiifiWia; v. a. nil- 

ifc^P^JW ^Sp*1^«»# 


Stumble, v. n. ii£'h& oA, cnft'ay- 

Banirii^ ca, npeDA'HyBaiTB ck; 

— against, . npeBf&'u]rBaM:b-H£ ch. 
Stump, OBHb. 
Stun, V. a. aana'ioBan ch y'4api; 

Stupid, rjiynaai; — ity, rjy'nocn. 
Sturgeon, nopy'na. 
Stutter. V. n. t^'th*; aan&'iiyBan 

<-H& ca. 
Style [cra'fiji'B], cion; cthj;&; New 

— , HoBx cTHj'b; Old—*, aexTb 


Subdivide, v. a. no4pa34t'jiaiii^JiS'. 
Subdue, V. a. noKopa'aaMi^^pifi'; y- 

KpoTa'aaHib-Tiifi'; CMapa'Baiiv*pi£. 
Su bjeet , no44a'HHHirB ; npe4Me'Ti,'r:B; (m Grammar) noAie- 

acaiue; v» a. noKopa'saMi-^^ 

no4<iiiHa'BaHi^-Hi£' ; — iion , noKO- 

pe'aie; n044a'HCTB0. 
Suiijugate, V. v. noKopa'saMS'i^i^ft'. 
Sublime, buco'k'B. 
Submission, noKo'pHocTi> ; — r -siv^. 

noKO -peai ; to be — , npe4aftan 

-4aM'B ca. 
Subniit, V. a. npe4a'Bax'&-»4aiis;no4- 

4HHa'Ba2!:b-Hi&' ; v. n. noKopa'aan 

-pte* ca. 
Subordinate, no4*niHe'Hx; 4o'jieBi. 
Subscribe, V. a. no4nH'cyBaMi-*iiia[i ; 

oh'uiib; — er, cnoxouie'cTBOBa- 

Tejib ; — cription, cAotfoiite'CTBo- 

Subsequent, cj'b4yH)'iiufi. 
Subside, v. n. yTMa'ranx-io'xift 

ca; cna'4aKi-4R£. 
Subsist, V. n. xpa'aifi ca; cyme- 

cTBy'Baiti; — - tence, ei^^autlne. 
Substance, cyu^ecTBO'; BeiQMTBo'; 

HMa'Hie; -— ntial, cgriiie'cTBeBi; 

(ft»od) DHTa'TejieHX; (cluih, etc.) 




Siibstarttve,. cyniecTBH'TejiFO w'Bie. 
Substitute, daDfb'Ha; HaMt'cTmna ; 

V. a. saitHfl'BaHi-HHb', dait'CTio- 

Suhirart^ v. a. n3Ba'»4aii'B-a-4i£, 

npa'Bus H3fl'Tie; — ion, mntie. 
Suluirii, npe4Mt'CTie. 
Succeed, v. a. Hacji'h'4yBaH'B: v. n. 

cJiii''Ajnm ; cnojy'MaM'B - sift ; 

(projiper) ycnt'BaHB*<b'i&, Hanpe- 

Surcess, ycnt'x'B. 
Succe}»si<»n, Hacj'h'4CTB0; pe4'B. 
Surces4»«r, ii ac^t'4HnK:B ; npee'MRHiCB. 
Soeb, TaKtBi (pi. laKu'fia) : — a 

one, e'4B Koit. 
Siirk, ,Vw «. and n. 0^41*, 6o3aifi 

Ha*-; to jrive — , KipMfaK. 
Su' kl«», V >. Kip]iiii&; (animals) n04- 


Sudden. BHesa'neHi; Heqa'flHi; — ly, 

H3Be4Ha''iKi», Ty'TaKCH^ BHeaa'nno. 
Puffei, V. ;i, Tbpnift'; (allow) 40- 

ny^cmm «- cha ; ocTa'BflM'b - sm ; 

v.ff. cTpa4a'ift no-, le'rjiiRjTbp- 

nift'; - er, CTpa4a'Tej[b; — fering, 

CTpa4a-Hie^ ler^io'. 
SnflBce, V. n. CTH'ra. 
Suffiiiifnt [c£4»WfflenrB], it' is — , 

V. n, CTH'ra. 
S«.ffocaie, V. a. y4yina'Ba»'B-niiA' ; 

V. II. 3a4yuia BaMS-uiiA' ca. 
Sn{<ar [my'fapi], aa'xapb^ f. 
Su^geirt,. V. «. 4aBaMi ywi; Biry- 

me'Baxi ; — -lion, BHyme'Hie. 
Su.cide [cy'flcaB4i], caiioyfirflcTBO, 

( person) caiioydi'eiiCB. 
Suit [CJOn],. (r< quest) K0ji6a'; (of 

rioihes) Kar*, T. v. a. yB4yp4H'- 

cyaan; (bee«)me) npiUH'qa (mh, 

eir.); (pie»!<e) yro4fl'Baiii-4i&'; 

V. n. e%OTBi'TCTByBaHi, c&rja'- 

Suite [ciOTi], CBH'Ta. •: 
Sulpbur [CiKJKiffip'B]^ ct'pa. 
>ultnD, Cyjua'Ht; — a, Cy4Ta'HKa. 
Sultry, rope'iui, 3a4yni6'Hi. 
Sum, cy'MBia^ KOjofHecTBO ; — • up, 

V. a. ci^6n'pa]i!X-ep&'; npa'aub 0- 

Summary. or.iaBjie'Hie. 
Suumier, jt'ro; a. it'ieHi; in — , 

jt'Tfl; last — , ai'TOCb. 
Summit. Bpbxx. 
Summon, v. 0. BU'KaM'b-KHib ; npH- 

Sumptuous^ nan^iii. 
Sun, cjiiHue. 
Sunday, He4t'jfl. 
Sunder, v. a. pa84t'j[aiiv*jii£; K£'- 

CaMl OT-CHiR. 

SuinVy, paSjiH'qcH'b. 

Sup, V. n. Beqe'pfliTB. 

Superb, Be.iHKOjt'neH'Bv *i3pfl'4eifB. 

Superfic iai [cynifip^H'iuaii^]^ noapb'- 


SuperBne, Ha'ii rbHiiTb. 
Superfluous, HS.iH'uieiix^ iB'aiCH'b. 
Superintend, v. «. Ha43Hpa'BaH'b; — 

en I, Ha43iipaTe.ib. 
Superior^ n. no'ropeHi^ HaHa'iHHirb; 

a. npeB'bcxo'4eBi, (power) Bps- 

xo'sea-B ; — r*ty^ npeBicxo'4CTBO^ 

Su|>ersede, v. tn. Bavilufi'Bnwhrw&\ 
Superstitious [cyn£pciii'uiaici], cy- 

eat'peHi ; ♦*- 1 i lion , cyeB*'pie. 
Supper, BoWpa; to take — , v. n. 

Su pplemeDt, npHTy'pRa, npHfiaaie'- 
-Hie,-" .•• ■ 
Supplicaie, v» a.kio'jiift j-^^ npo'ci&; 

— lion, Mojeaie. 
Supply, V. a;, hocia; 40CTa'BflMS-«Ui; 





Support, no4no'pKa; ci4pBx?a'irie; 
V. a. no4nii'paM%^npfi'; ci4pb3Ra'- 
BaMiB-xriA'; (uphold) no44pb3Ka'- 
Baxi-xciA'; — able, CHO'ceu'b^ 


Supp<»se, V. a. uoM'Tawb^'ma^ npe4- 

no^aVaxv-o'aRijii ; think, Mu'cjikb, 

crpy'Ba nn (eto.) ca; — silion, 

Supremacy, Bepxo'BHOCTb^ nb'pBen- 

CTBO ; — me, Ha'ii bucoki, Bpbxo- 

Beni: BceBu'uieHi. 
Suppress, v. a. npHTH'cKaifB-cHA ; 

y4bp»(a'BaM'b - »cu&' ; BicnH'paHi^ 

-npi&'; sanpeTM'BaHib-TMi'. 
Sure. yafpeHi, 34paB'b; — ly, ne- 

npeMt'HHO, h'cthhho, Hae'cTHHa. 
Surety, nopyqif TejCTBO ; (man) no- 

Suri'ace, jiHue'. 
Surgeon, panouJUH'te^b. 
Surmise, 4Dra'4Ka^ v. n. 40ra'x4aM'b 

-a'4HK ca. 
Surmount, v. a. HaABV^BBWhA'm^ 


Surname, npi'Kopi, nposaa'aie. 
Surpass, v. a. Ha4MHHy'Bajfi&-B'HiE, 


Surplu^s, ocTa'TiiTb. 
Surprise, v. a. 6acTii'cyBaH'b-*caii'B, 
T. 3ama'4Hiii-4i& ; — ed, to lie — , 

HH)'4i& Cfl. 

Surrender, v. a. npe4a'BaM:b<-4aHi ; 

V. n. —^ Cfl. 
Surround, v. a. o6uKa'jiflHi--Ojiu&' ; 

(inclose) sarpa'sMairb - a4i*' ; -^ 

ing, D'HO^eHi. 
Survey, pa3r^e4'B) o6o3pi'Hie; v. a. 

pa3rie'4y BaHi-4aM'B ; nperjie'4y- 

BaM:b-4air& ; Mt'pi& 3ejui&' ; — 

ing, seiueMt'pie. 
Survive^ v. a. and n. npexHBt'BaHX 

Susceptilile, cnoco'deHi, w)BCTBfl'- 

Suspect, V. a. no403pfl'BaM!b-pii^; 

cyMHfl'BaifB-Huik ca; — (iicitius. 

no403pH'Tejeiii, cyHHHTejeH'B;— 

cion, no403pt'Hie^ cyMHt'me. 
Suspend, v. a. (hang up) yica'qaMi 

-m; (from ofii<'e. BicnH'paii 

-np£'; (action; OT^aVaM'b-O^^Rifi ; 

3a4pbXca'BaNi - xcia'; ( host ilitiei; ) 

npeKpara'aaH^b - TixS^ , sanfl'pan 

Suspense, He4oyMt'flie. 
Sustain, V. a, D044bp;Ka'Ba]ii-«ift', 

4b'pHckb; npeTbpDt'fiaH!b*-ni£': — 

teuance^ ci&4pb9Ka'Hie ; xpaua'. 
Swaddle, v. a. noBH'Ban-ilA. 
Swallow, n. rji'TKa; (bird; jiacTO- 

BB'ua ; V. a. n'jTaMX-41'THiS. 
Swamp, MOHyp^a'K'B. 
Swan, je'6e4i. 

Swarm, poa'Kb^ po'ii; v. n. pokk'cji. 
Sway, ynpaB^eHie^ &ia4t'Hie; Biifl'- 

Hie; V. a. ynpaBJa'aawb-Bift; 

(sceptre) 4b'p2iufi'> v. n. UfUhk , 


Swear [cye'apx], v. a. aaRit'Bair^ 
KbJ[H£'; V. n. KbAU&, ca. ^ 

Sweat [cye'Tb], noTi; v. a. no'Tk; 
V. n. — ca. 

Sweep. V, a. MexA' no-, — out, B3- 
MH'TaM:b-eT&' ; — together, cmh- 
xaMi-exA'; — ujgs, cmoti. 

Sweet, cja'4iirb; it is—, Cdia4H'; 
— ness, cja'40CTb; — en, no4- 

Sweetmeat, c4a'4K0, 6ia'ro. 
SwelK V. a. (inflate; Ha4y^BaH%-y'is; 
V. D. oia'^aiTb-eKA'; (a alreain; 
flpeTH'«iaM:b-^K&'; (in cooking, e*c.) \ 
HaBH'paMib-BpiSk'; — up, 00411/- 
xHyBaMi^HH& ; — r ing, oto'ki. 
ISwift» 6^^ ; — ^ beta, ^fiffh'9oen. 




Swim, V. II. nji/fiams-BHA; njia'sawh 

Swine^ cbhhh'; — herd, CBHHfl'pb. 
Swing, Aio'AKn; v. a. jno^iti^; (the 

»rrr,s. k-tc.) na'xaM'B-XHA ; v. n. 

Ji0.ii'ki cfl. 
Switfh, mH6a'^Ka; v. a. uiH'6aoi:b 

Swoon, 6afljMa'^ T. v. n. npHna'4a 
-4HH MH (etc.); 6aflji4H'cyBaMi 
— caiTB, 

SwoH, MBHh: (sftbre), ca'6j!fl. 

Syrafiiori*, qepHfi'ua. 

Sy<M>phanf, jacKa'TCjiB. 

>yllahle. Cjiori. 

Syllogism. ciu^orbi'3'BM'B. 

Sytnbol, snnKh^ Ct'jiri ; (of failh) 


Symmelry. cxpasM'b'pKocTb. 
Sympjifhize, v. n. ciqfo'BCTByBaw'B ; 

— thy. ciiio'BCTBie. 
Symplom, npii'3HaK:b. 
Syn;igogue [cH'Haror'B], a Bpa, T. ch- 

Synod, chho'4'b, ci6o'p'b. 
Synonymous, e4H03Ha(ia'iu'B. 
Syntax, c^Hime'me. 
Syrup, mypoto. 
Syslen), CHcxe'Ma. 

o — 


Tabernacle, CKU'Hifl. 
Table, co^paT, T. Tpane'3a Ta'6jiima. 
Tablet, Ta'6jHqa, nia'Ka. 
Tacit, MU^a^iifB^. 
Tack , nHpo'Hqe, rB0'34iMiie ; v. a. aa- 
KOBa'BaM:b-OB£V npKmii'BainB-i- i£ ; 

(ship) o6pb'£^a]ir6-b'pHiR. 
Tart, HCKy'cTBO. 
Tactics, xa'KTHKa. 
Tail [Te'fl,!^], ona'uiKa. 
Tailor [xe'Mjiopi], lepsi'H, T. rae- 

Taint, 3apa'3a; v. a. pa8Ba^iflM:b 

Take [leifffB], v. a. dHrMaDfB-e'Mfi 
(jio. 3ex:b); npin'MaHX-e'iiiii ; XBa- 
maMi-a'HX, y,ia'BflMi-OBkR'; (cap- 
1 re) npeBsn'MaMX - e'M» ; v. a. 
XBa'maM'b-a'Hfi; — after, v. n. npa- 
jinqaMx; — away, v. a. (deprive 
o() o>T3H'MaMi-e'MA,* (remove) aii'- 
MaMX-e'Ma, B4H'raM'b-rHiR ; (sud- 
denly; 4pb'naoi'b-nH£; — back, 
3H'MaMi Ha3a4iB ; — care, Ba'p4ij& 
ca y-; rpa'aefcR ca; — of, Ba'p4iifi 
y-, Har,ie'4y^aMi-4aMi ; — cold, 
HacTH'HyBaM'b-HA ; — down, chh- 
MaMi-e'M«, CBa'j!airb-,iii!i' ; OTKa- 
<iaiM['B-4ii& ; pa3Ba'j[aMi-jiij&' ; 3a- 
nHcyBawii-iniR ; — from, OTmf- 
MaMB-e'M« ; H3Ba'5K4aM'b-a'4i* ; — 
heed, Ba'p4iiik ca; BHHMa'BaM'B; — 
hold, 4bp»ift'; — of. yja'BHMi 
-OBiiR',XBa'maMi-a'H&; — in hand, 
3axBa'maM'b - a'HiR, aajia'BflM^b; — 
notice, 3a6'bA'b'mawb'-Kish; — oath, 
3aKji'b'BaM'b-Kb.iH»' ca; — off, cflBr- 
MaMi-e'Mfi, cBa'jraBrb-,iKR'; ciOBa'- 
psM'b-pki; (in price) ocTa'BflM'b 
-BK&,- — ( n, V. n. ne^a'jiki ca; — 
out, H3Ba'3K4aM:b-a'4i£& ; — part, 
yia'cTByBaM'b; — place, v. n. cjiy- 
la'Ba ca, cia'nyBa; — possession, 
o6j[a4a'BaM:b-a'uB, yc6oa'BaM^b-oi£', 
3aBj[a4'b'Ba]irb - *'& ; — to, npH- 
I'b'nfiyBaMi-HA, aaia'saHX - obuk'; 
— to pieces, pa3rj[o6a'Ba]irb-6i£', 
pa3Ba'j[aHi-,ii&' ; — up, aflTHaMi 
^mm ; i34H'raicb-rH£ ; (an offen- 





der) yjia'BflirE - 0Bij&', xBa'iuaH^b 

-a'Hfi; (room) 3axBa'ii]iaH'b-a'H& ; 

(arms) B4H'raMX-rH£. 
Tale, npH'KacKa; — bearer, pa3Ka- 

sa'Te^B, paarjiacH'Tejib. 
Talent, xa^a'HTi; (of mind) 4a'p6a; 

— ed, 4apoBH'Ti&. 
Talisman, mycKaV Maru'H^ nanpa'Ba. 
Talk [iD'aKi], pa3roBo'p:b; 4y'Ma; 

cjyxx; V. n. rOBO'pi£; pasroBa'- 

pflMX-o'puEi ca; — alive, roBop- 

Tall, Buco'K'B, 4^:brb. 

Tallow, lofi. 

Tame, mi'TOMeHi ; v. a. onHTOMa'- 


Tan, V. a. Ba'^ifi ; ii^a'Buik; (face, 

efc.) Hsropa'aaH^b-pufk'. 
Tangent, Kaca'xejHa An'uia. 
Tangle, v. a. c6b'pKyBaMB - KaM'b ; 

Tanner, Tada'icB, T. ycMa'px. 
Tantalize, v. a. 4pa'3Hki. 
T^p, V. a. Ty'naH'b-H£ ; Mio'KaM:b-KH£; 
(a cask, etc.) npo6H'BaM:b - i'is, 

Tar, KaTpa'fiTb, T. CHO^ia'. 

Tare [xe'api], K^'RiHua ; f — in 

weight) 4a'pa, T. 
Tariff, rapH'o^b. 
Tarnish, v. a. no4e'pHHHi-Bi£ ; v. o. 

Tarry, v. n. (delay) safia'BHHi-BUR 

ca; (abide) ct4i£' no-; (wail) 

Tart, a. Ku'ceji^b, o'citpi; n. 610- 

pe'Ki, T. 
Task, (lesson) ypoKi; (duly) onpe- 

4t^e'Ha pa'fiOTa; v. a. 4a'fiaHi 

ypoKi ; tfA'quE ci xe'acKAi pa'6o- 

Tassel, nncKJO'x'by T. 

Taste, BKyciB; v. a. BKyca'BairB-y- 

cii&, BKy'cHyBaMi-HZBi ; — of, na- 

Tavern, KptqMa; xani^T. 
lax, 4a'BaHie, 6Hpi; v. a. ly'pan 

4a'BaHie; pacxBb'piHMi 4aBa'Hie: 

— gatherer, 6HpHH'K:b. 
Tea, ijiif) qafi. 
Teach, v. a. y'qii&Ha-; (give lessons) 

npen04a'BaM:B-4a'M'B; — er. yro*- 

Tear [li'api], n. cb^iaa'. 
Tear [le'apB], v. a. 4ep£' ci-, (ao. 

cMpa'xt); pa34H'paM:b-4ep£',' ckj'- 

6ifi ; — off, 0T4H'paM:B-4epA'^ oi- 

Kfi'CHyBaMi-Hfi ; — out, 0T4H'pan 

-4ep«'; H3Ba'af4aM'B-a'4i&. 
Teat, Hfl'HKB, uOCKa, UH'ua. 
Tease, v. a. Mo'jiii& 4Oca4H'TediH0. 
Technical, lexHH'qecKift. 
Tedious, Tpy'4eH:B, 40ca4H'Tejeffb. 
Teem, v. n. nliHUb ca, H3o6H'iO- 

Bami; rbMmm!. 
Telescope, TejecKO'DX. 
Tell, V. n. Ka'3yBaM:B-3K£, npHKa- 

syBaMi-aca; o6a')R4aM:B-a'4i£. 
Temper, npaaib; cbo'Sctbo. 
Tern pera nee , BB34pk»a'Hie ; yMt- 

peHHOCTi; — ate, B:b34pi»'»ceHi ; 

(weather) yM'b'peH:B. 
Temperature, leMnepaiy'pa. 
Tempest, dy'pa; — uous, 6yp- 

Temple, xpami; (of the face) cit- 

no OKO'. 
Temporal, CBiTo'seHi, cat'TCKufi. 
Temporary, Bpe'jueHeHi ; — rily, 

Tempt [to'mt'b], v. a. HCKyca'san 

-ci£'; c'B6jia3Hfl'Baii:b-iikEi'; — tati«»D^ 

HCKyme'Hie, c:b6ja3He'Hie ; — er, 

HCKyCH'Te^b, C'B6jia3HH'TejU>. 

Ten, 4e'caTb; n. 4ecaTH'Ha. 
Tenant, Kupa43Kffl, T. 




Tend, v. a TJie'A^n'hy Harje'4yBaiii; 

ajyiyBam ; v. n. KiOBi£' ca ; — 

ency, KioHe'me. 
Tender, H'b'xceH^b; HeKi: (meat) 

Tenor, ci4pi>»a'Hie ; (in music) xe- 

Tense, Bpe'Me. 
Tent, ma'ipa, maxe'pi. 
Tenth, a. 4ecfl'Tufi ; n. 4ecH'TiR'B. 
Tepid, Xjia'4eHi. 
Terra, cpoKi; rpann'ua; (price) ut- 

ea'; (stipulation) ycjio'eie. 
Terrestrial, ae'Meni. 
Terrible, cTpa'meHt, y»a'ceHi. 
Terrify, v. a. ynjra'niaHi^-mi£. 
Territory, Bja4'b'Hie. 
Terror, crpax^b, y'»acx. 
Test, HcnuTa'Hie; v. a. onu'TyBaMt, 

Testicle, Mfi40'. 
Testament, daet'Ti. 
Testify, v. n. cBH4'b'TejcTByBai!ii ; 

— imony, — i menial, cBH4t'Teji- 


Text, Te'RCTi. 
Texture, TiKa'Hb. 

Than [ aiTB], on (with the com- 
parative degree); ue'mejoi. 
Thank [eaHKi], v, a. 6j[aro4api&' ; 

— ks, 6^aro4ape'Hie ; to give — , 
6jiaro4api£'; — ful , 6jiaro4a'peHB; 

— fulness, 6jaro4a'pHOCTb. 
That [Hen] a. o'hh, o'h3h; conj. 

H$ : mo'TO; 3a 4a. 
Thaw, V. a. xoni*' paa-; pa3Mpa- 

3fl'BaHi-3i£'; V. n. — ca. 
The ['^h], Ti, la, to, th. 
Theatre, xea'npi. 
Thee [iin], (D.) xe'6t, xh; (A.) xe - 

6e, xa. 
Theft, Kpa'»6a. 
Their [je'api] xt'xbHX, hbtb. 

Them [^em], xt'xi, rw. 

Themselves, ce'6e, ca'MH. 

Then [•ieni], xora'Ba. 

Thence, oxxa'm ; — forth, oxxa'iTB 

Theologian, 6orocjio'B'B ; — o^y 60- 

Theorem, xeo'peMa. 
Theory, xeo'pia; — retical, xeopexH- 

There ['^'eapi], xami; int. Hal 
Therefore, saxoBa', npo'iee. 
Thermometer, xepHOHe'xipi, xo- 


They ['ie'fi], xt. 

Thick [eHK:B], 4666'.!%; (close) r£cx:B, 
4ecxi; to be<'ome — , cr&'cxny- 
Bamx-HiK ca; — en, v. a. criR- 
cxfl'BaH'B-xifi ; — el, r&cxa'Ki; — 
ness, 4e6ejHHa'. 

Thief [eH*i], Kpa4e'ui; — eve, v. n. 
Kpa4fi'; — evish, Kpa4^H'B'fi. 

Thigh [eafl], Ka'jiKa, 6e4po', 6yrb, 

Thimhie, Hanpb'cxHairb. 

Thin, TiivbKb; (sparse) pt'4'BirB. 

Thine [Saftni], XBOft-xt. 

Thing, Ht'mo, pa'6oxa. 

Think [okhki], v. n. MU'c^ifi; cxp/- 
Ba-xo'pH HH (xH, Ptc ) ca: pas- 
MU'cjrH)BaMi-,ii£ ; — of, HaHu'ciio- 
BaMi-^uK, cnhtcjttOBawb^Am. 

Third, a. xpe'xiM; n. xpexu'na. 

Thirst, »(a'4H0cxb; v. n. TRaay'BawB'^ 
— y, 9Ka'4eHiB; to become — , 0- 
»(a4Ha'BaM'b-H'b i£. 

Thirteen, xpnHa'ficaxb ; — tb, xpn- 

Thirty, xpn'iicHTb; — tieth, TpH'4e- 


Thistle, 6o4h'jIX, BU^e'ub (S). 
Thither [^H'^tftpi], xaicb; hither and 
— , Haca'Hii Haxa'TibiTB. 




Thorn, rptKB ; — y, TptHiHfB'B. 
Thorough [e£'po]; ciBpbme'HX. 
Thou [«a'y], th. 
Though [^o]^ aKO h 4a; xoth'. 
Thought [eooTi], mu'cwb, f. -^fii!, 

Thousand, xbUfl'40 (pi. xw'j[a4H)« 
Thrash, V, a. Bbpm£' 0-. 
Thready KOHe'ui; (for weaving) hhui- 

Ka; V. a. B4t'BaM'B. 
Threaten^ v. a. 3anja'iuaM'B-mk& ; 

— ing, Djaiua'Hie. 
Three [epa], ipH; — persons, xpo- 

H'ua, ipH'jtta. 
Tlireshold, npari. 
Thrice, ipH d&'th, TpH'HCb. 
Thrift, ycnt'xx, 6jaro4e'HCTBie. 
Thrive, v. n. onpa'BflMx-Bk& ca; y- 

cnt'BaMi - ■b'ii& ; 6aaro4e'HCTBy- 


Throat, ripjo, 
Throb, Tpene'piiR. 
Throne, nptcTO'Jiij TpoH-B; to ascend 
the — , V. n. Bmapa'Bajtti-piiR' 


Throng, Kaj[a6aj£'Ki, T. MHa'»ee- 

CTBO; V. n. liWBi'AHWb-JUt& Cfl. 

Through [epy], npeai, ipeax ; — 

out, no eH'4KMfi-T5. 

Throw [epo], v. a. xBb'fMm»-A^; 
(an antagonist) 3aBaUflM:b - Ju&', 
CBajfljix-jikSi'; — away, XBt'pjflMX 
-M& ; pacnpi>'cHyBa]ii:b-CH£, 4a'- 

. Bam Ha Bt'T^bp:^ ; OTXBb'pjiaiirb 
-jifi; — by, 3axBb'pjWMi-Ji&; — 
down, c%6a'pflM:b-o;p^^ cBSiJiHWb 
-iift', cxcbi'nyBaiN[;b-nu& ; — up, 
no4XBb'pjiflM:b - a\& ; noapbOQ^ami 

^b'pH£; OTXBb'p^M:b-m* 

Thrust, V. a. Tja'cKaMi-CHfi ; 64b'- 
CKaMOi; p&'rani - rHiR ; — away, 
OTMa'XHyQanT^-HiSi ; OTTJa'cHyfiairb 
-CHiR ; OTgcBb'p^flii^ - «* ; — in* 

Ty'pflM:b; 6pi&'Kw:b-KH£; p&'raMi 

-FHSi; — off, OTMa'xHyBam-Hfi, 

Thumb, na'^euiB. 
Thunder, rpbMOie'BHHua ; rpbue'acb; 

it — s, rpbMH'; — bolt, mo'jhw. 
Thursday, MeiBb'pT'bKT*. 
Thus [i^iBCi], xaKa', taS; — far, 40- 

Thy [Sail], tboB ; — self, tw caii. 
Thyme, MHpo4i'fl5 MH'Opmta. 
Tick, (insert) Kipjeiub; *n\ — , Ha 

Bi'pa; V. n. TiKaMx-KHiR, niuam 


Ticket, 6me'i'h. 

Tickie, n. ri&'4aiB, cKo'KOTb; v. a. 

Tide (flow) npH.iH'B'b; (ebb) ot- 


Tidy, qHCTX. 

Tie [xafl], n. Bpfa'aojH; v. a. Bpt'- 

ayBaMTi - bJKfi ; — ed. 3pb'3aHi; 

neck — , BpaioBe'aKa. 
Tier [xiapx], pe4'b, Kaxi, T. 
Tiger, XHr^px. 
Tight [xaflxi], cxe'rH&x'b ; ( — rope 

ooiR'HfiX'b; — en, v. a. cxa'raH 

-e'rflifi, 3axfl'raM:b-^'rH«. 
Tile [xaflwn]^ KepaMH'4a, G. qepe- 

Till, pr. 40, 40py'40; ronj. 40r4t', 

(404*'}; V. a. pa'6oxiK, o(xpa6o- 

Timber, Kepecxe', T. 
Time [xaflMx], Bpe'Me; — as, ad. 

ilr'xh; many —, mhq'fo ha'xh; five 

— , nflXb n&'xH; some — =!t^ Ht'KO- 

ra, Hi'Kofi n;^xb. 
Timid, cxpaiiun'BiB. 
Tin, mjia% T. (in sheets) TeHeid'ff, 

T. V. a. KajiaH'cyBaH^b-cajii^b. 
Tincture, xiraxy'pa; v. ^. Ba'jHcy^ 





rinder, q[»a'xaHii, f. 

ringe, V. a. Bancy^amiiH^aMi. 

Fip^Bpbx^b, Kpa8; v, d. Bmo'xmwh 

-e4»' ca: — off, ey^Tamx-XH* ; 

— over, V. a. 6y'TaMi-TH& ; (iar- 

riaga) npei/paiix-pi*. 
ri|)|)Ie^ V. Ik uipemBawb-^'m. 
Tithe [Ta'fiiiji, Aecaia lacxb, 4e- 

Title, TH'Tja; (of « l)(>ok) aarjia'Bie; 

(name) HasBanie; — page, aariia'- 

BeH!b JIHCT^b. 

Tire, D. mexb^BHTi o'6pb4i> Ha ko- 
jieAO' ; V. a. yMopa'BaMX-pki'; 
( pat ien^e) c^b'pmasi^b . Tbpni'Hie ; 
(c'Ause 4isgu>ft) 0Npb'3»yBaM:b-H£ 
C^y); 40Te'rHyBaMi-H& (wy); — 

of, 0][pb3fl& MH (etc.); — ^<>ll)e, 

le'TBThKb^ OTCKIHTeJI^H^b, 40Ca4H'- 

Vo [xyj, Kbwh: npji; 40. 
road, md'ipBA ^a'6a. 
toast^ ne'ieiTb xaMt* ; nienie 3a 

34pa'Bie; v. a. neK£'; nilfi aa 

robacco^ xiOTio'Hb^ xafia'Ki. 
Do-day^ 4Hecb, 4He'cKa. 
roe [xo], nb'pcxi ox:b uor&'. 
rogether, 3a'e4H0. 
roil [xofij!^], xpy4i; v. n. xpy'4HR 


Tolter), 3Ha'jieHie. 

Tolerable^ cHO'ceHi, cxbpnH'jni ; — 

biy, 40B0,iH0. 
Tolerance, xbpnHMOcxb. 
Tolerate, v. a« xbpni&'; — alien, 

Toll, 6aHb, T. V. a. ^pb'i^aiirb no- 

Tomb.! i:po'6HHi](a. 
To-morrow, y'xpt; y'xpemHiS 4eHb. 
Tone^ rjiac:b. 
To-Digbt,.xo'jBi.Be'^:i&^x4i'« se'vepi; 


Tongs, 4Hja'B:b, u^nnuif. 

Tongue [xfinri], asbiKX. 

Tor) [xy], 4a'5Ke ; mhofo. 

Tool, 0*4630', caqHBo ; opy'4ie. 

Toolli, 3&61 ; double — , ka'xhhk'B. 

Top, a. ro'peiTb; n. Bpbx:b, (play- 
thing) BbpaJ£'Kl. 

Topaz, xona'3ib. 
To|)ogr.iphy5 MiexoonHca'Hie. 
Topsy, — turvy,^ pa36bpKaH:b, npe- 

Torch, Mamajia', (T.)^ nja'HeHHiiKi. 
Torment, M«i'Ka; v. a. Mfi'm; — 

or, M^qn'xejib. 
Torpid, c4bp6e'H%, ouineirb'Ji^b; 6e3- 

qiOBcxBeni ; — slate, jMxaprti'qe- 

CKia c5Hb : to be — , ie »(ifi na 


Torrent, noxOKiB; to rain in — nis, 
aaiiH' 4%%4b Kaxo H3Bfe4po'. 

Torrid, rOpe'mi&. 

Tortoise, Ko'cxeHa »a'6a, Kocxe- 

Torture, MfiKa; v. a. m£'4UIi. 

Toss, V. a. no4XBb'p jflMi-jiifli ; ho- 
B4H'rasrB'-rH£; v. n. XBb'pjiflM^b^jiA 

Total, uiji:b, CH'HKufi. 

Totter, V. n, Kia'xifi ca; ::ajiif'xaH'B. 

Touch [xfiHb], (fiense of — ) oca- 
aa'Hie; v. a. onH'paM:b-npiii'; dh'* 
naMi-HBA; (affect) 40K 'qasKB^^Ifi; 
(meddle with) r aKa'^amib-iifi; ( — 
slightly) 40Kfli'XHyBaMi-H» ; 40- 
ini'paHi&Tnp£'; v. n. onn'paMi-^ipfi' 
ca, 4onn'paii:b*-np2L' ca; — stone, 
Mexe'ffiTB, T. — wood, npaxanb. 

Tough [x&^i], xifjaBib. 

Tow[xo]^ TOflab, T.; V. a. xe^JtiA 
ch e4e'K!b. 

Toward, Towards, irbM^b;^ (©early) 




Towel [Ta'yeiii], Kb'pna^ aBjii'a, T- 

Tower, cTOjini, Ky'Jia, T. 

Town, rpaA^B. 

Toy, nrpa'HKa. 

Trace, 4H'pfl, cxb4i&; (of harness) ko- 

my'M'B, T. V. a, H3AH'pflM:6-pk6 ; 

(on paper) nepTaliik Ha-, pa'cy- 

Track, AH'pH; CTflk'nKa; v. a. 4H'pi* 


Trad, KHn'»Ka; Heonpe^ije'HHO npo- 

CTpa'HCTBO OTb 3e'Mjk&. 

Trade, 3HMa Hie-4aBa'Hie ; TxproBi'fl; 
V. a. Tipry'BaMx; — er, Tipro- 

Tradition [Tpe4H'niiRH:b], npe4a'Hie. 

TralBc, 3HMa'Hie-4aBa'Hie, TiproBi'a; 
V. n. TiBprjr'BaMi . 

Tragedy, Tpare4i'a. 

Train, pe4i: (suite) cBH'ia; (proces- 
sion) a^a'a, T. V. a. y'4i*, (f6y- 

Traitor, npe4a'Tej[b 

Tranr^ple, v. a. T'bm& c-. 

Tranquil, cnoKO'eHX; — lity, cno- 

Transact, v. n. Bb'pmifi, npa'BUK Ha-; 

— tion, pa6oTa, 4*.«o. 
Transcribe, v. a. npenH'cyBaMiB-ffl«. 
Transfer, v. a. npeHO'caMi-ecfli' ; 

Transfigure, v. a. npeo6pa3fl'BaBi'b 
-31*'; — ration, npeo6pa»re'Hie. 

Transform, v. a. npeo6pa3fl'BaM!b 

• f 

"■31m • 

Transgress, v. a. npecT£'naii:b-ni£ ; 

— or, npecTA'nHHiTb; — ion, npe- 

Transient, npexo'4nHi. 

Translate, v. a. npeB0'2ff4aH:b-Be4&'; 

— tion, npeB0'4:B; — or, npeso- 

Transmigration, npece^e'me. 

Transmit, v. a. np060'»:4aHi&-o'Ai£; 

Transparent, npo3pa'qeH:b. 
Transplant, pa3ca'4ai; v. a. pa3ca- 

Transport, npeHOCH'TOjiHa reiiffl;B^ 

cxume'Hie; v. a. npeHOCHHi-ec£'; 

(a criminal) saTOHa'fiaBi^b - ow' ; 

(with joy) BicxHniaBaMB; — alion, 

Trap, KJO'HKa; KananiB, T. — door, 

Travel. V. n. n&xy'BaMi; — cr, 

Traverse, v. a. HCXO'»e4aH%-o'4Ui. 
Tray, KOna'Hfl ; n04H0'cHHieB. 
Treachernus [ipe'qepfici], npe^a- 

lejcKiii, HSMtHH'HecKlH ; — ery, la- j 

Mi'Ha, npe4a'TejCTBo. \ 

Tread [Tpe4iB], v. n. rinm^. 
Treason [ipa'sfiHi], opeAa'TejiCTBO. 
Treasure, HManie, CBKpo'BHiiie^v.a. 

— up, KpH'i& C-; — rer^ xasea- 

la'pb, T. 
Treat, yromenie; v. a. o6xo'»4aii 

cfl ; (usej ynoTpe6ja'Baiiii - 6ii'; 1 

(fe^sij yroma'BaMi-ocxi*'; (give \ 

drink) qe'pnisi no-. 
Treatise, c:B4HHe'Hie. 
Treatment, nocT&'nKa; o6xoxAe'- ] 

Hie; (medical; jiiqe'nie. 
Treaty, ipaKTa'Ti ; 4orOBO'p:b. ] 
Tree, 4pb'B0, (pi. 4pi>Be'Ta). 
Trellis, pame'iKa. 
Tremble, v. n. Tpene'pifik; — bliog, 

Tpenepa'nie, ipa'aeii. 
Tremendous, cTpa'meffb; roatxE. 
Trench, OKo'n:b, xeH4e'Ki, T. 
Trespass, v. n. npecT&'naiCB-nift) i 

ciBrptma'BaM^b-mifi'; n. csrpime* 

Trial, HcnuTanie ; o'nuTi; Terio'; 

HaKasa'me;— by jury, cmxB chCh 





rribe, KOii'HO^ Me'Me. 

Tribulation, CKp:B6b^ f. 

Iribun^l, cyAv(Mm,e. 

Tribute, Aa'sanie. 

Irick, Hrpa'; H3iiia'Ma; v. a. H3Hrpa- 
BaM:b-a'i£; H3Bia m»h% - mu& ; to 
play a — , Hrpanik nrpa'. 

Trickle, v. o. leK*'. 

Trifle, hh^o^ ma^iKO Ht'mo; v. n. 
Hrpa UK, luaiyBaoiiB ch; — away, 
ry'difi Hanpa'34H0, upemnnyBHWh 
Hanpa'34H0 5 — with, noAHrpa- 

Ban o'~a !£• 

Trim, a. y'pcAeHx; v. a. yKpaca- 
BaHi-ciiK'; pacTpe'6flMi-(Jte; npH- 
ro'TBflMi-BiiEi ; (trees) qu'cTift 0-; 

— ming, yKpame'Hie. 
rHnity, Tpo'Hua. 

trip, KpaKi; nxTy'same; (mistake) 
norpt'iuKa^ xaia'; (excursion) paa- 
xo'4Ka^ n/RTeme'cTBie ; v. ji. cn*- 
HyBaH:b-H£, npenx'HyBaMx - h* ; 
V. n. cn&'(iyBaMX-H& ca; c6b'p- 

rripe, mKeM6e', T. T4p6yxiB. 

triple, Tpo'HHTb. 

Friumph [ipa a«M*iB], Tip»cecTBo' ; 
V. n. no6i'»AaMiB-'b4kR'. iipsKe- 

Froop, CTa'40; 6h)jih)'kx, T. — s, 


Fro pic. Tpo'nHKiB^ noBpa'TeHiB KpakriB; 

— of cancer, Tpo'nHKi pana ; — 
of Capricorn, TpoDHKiB Ko'sHpora. 

Trot. MUKh^ T.; v. n. Bbpsifi jhhki. 

Trouble [Tips!6&A'b]^ Tpy4x, CMyme- 
Hie; V. a. ciiyma'Baii^b-yTifi' ; — 
one's self, Tpy'AHR ca; — some, 

trough [Tpo'a^x], KoptfTO. 

rroul, necTb'pBa; salmon — , mpa- 


Trowscrs, naniajio'Hbi^ ra'iuu. 

Truce, npHMH'pie. 

True, H'cTHHeH:b; (faithful) Bi'poffb; 

— ly, HaH'cTHHa. 
Trumpet, Tp&6a'; to sound the — , 

Trunk, caii4A'K:b^ T. pa'Ria, kob- 

le'fi; (of a tree) nbHb, KJia'4a. 
Trust, ynoBa'Hie, Ha4e'2K4a; ai'pa, 

V. a. noBipa'BaMi-piiR' ; npo4a'- 

B^wb Ha Bi'pA; V. n. ynoBa'BaHi 

-ai*, Ha4t'BaMi-i'iiR ca; on — , 

Ha Bi'p£. 
Truth, HCTHHa. 
Try [ipait], v, n. Tpy'4KR ca; v. a. 

Hcnu'TyBa9i:b - TaM:b , onbi'TyBaM^b 

-TaMi; (annoy) 40ce'rHyBaM:b-HiB; 

(iall(Av, etc.) ToniA '; — on, npe- 

Tub, rep4e.ix, T. 
Tube, TpakOa'. 

Tuesday [Tio'34e], BTO'pHHKi. 
Tug. e4eKi Bano'pi, T. 
Tuition [iioHfflfiHx], noneHeme; y- 

le'flie; saniia'Ta. 
Tulip, ^ajie'. 
lumbln, V. n. TbpKa'jaii'b-o'jiijK ca; 

na'4aMiB-4Hak; — down, v. a. cTbp- 

KojflBaM^b-^ifi; V. n. na'4aH%-4H£^ 

ci6a'pflM:b-o'pi£ ca; cTbpKOJia'BaH^b 

"~j[i£ ca* 
Tumbler, nauia. 
Tumor, OTH'qaHie^ oto'kx. 
Tumult, fjiiiKa, cMyme'me; ma- 

Te'5Kb ; — tuous, cM£n:(e'H:b. 
Tun, 800 OKU. 
Tune, Fjiaci, Hantai; v. a. Harja- 

Tunnel, ^ynia: no43e'MHbifl n^xb. 
Turban, rfi'sRBa; Hama^ 
Turbid, M^'Teni; to make — , v. a. 

m&'Tm paa-. 
Turbulent, MaieHceffb^ HejiH'peHi. 




Turf, no4no'ji:b. 

Turkey (fowl) MHCHfpRa, 6ji(6n. 

Turmoil, TAiHrn^ CMyme'me. 

Turn, V. a. BbpxHi'; o6pt'maM'B-i>'pHx; 
(change) npeBphfuam^b-bpHA; v, n. 
BbpiHR' ca; o6pt'maM:6-b'pH« ca: 
(deviate) 0T6ii'BaM'B-i'KR ch; (change) 
npefipb'manrb-'k'pHfi ca; become 
sour) npecH'qaBii-'bK£' ca: — a- 
bout, V. n. Bpb'maMiB-B'pHa ca, 
o6pb'iitaHi - k'pH£ ca; — s^way, 
V. a. pacn*'Mf4aMi-4fcR ; oiBpt- 
mam-b'pHiSi ; (eyes, etc.) o6pb'- 
maMx-b'pH&; V. n. oi6i/(Ban'b"i'i& 
ca ; o6pb u^am-b'pHs ca ; — back, 
V a. o6pb'iuaMi-b'pHiR ; v. n. 
Bpb'iQaMi^b'pH£ ca ; -- clown, v. a. 
^a leaf) nperiB'HyBaMX-Hfi ; — into, 
V. a. npeBpb'iua9i:b-b'pH£ ; — off, 
V. a. pacna'»AaMx-ifc'4HR; OTBpb- 
iua9i:b-b'pH£ ; v. n. OTfiHBaM'b-i'iiR 
ca; —out, V. a. (»>f doors, etc.) 
H3Ba')K4aMi-a'4i£ ; (to pasi u re ) 
ny^cKaMi-CHiR ; v. n 0T6B'BaMiB 
-i'i* ca; (prove) HRjiil'3aMi-t';iii; 
— over, V. a. ofipb'maMiB-b'pHiii ; 
(upset) npeMftTy'paM'b-pK&; v. n. 
o6pb'iuaM:b - b'pna ca ; — pale, 
npeacbJiTa'BaNi - it'*, no6 jt4Ha'- 

Turn, n. (revolution) o6pbiue'Hie ; 
(bend) sa'Boit; (changtf) HSMtHe- 
Hie, npoMiHe'Hie; (rolalronj pe4i; 
to lake — s, npoM*Ha'BaMi ca Ha 

Turnip, rojiia. 

Turpentine, TopneHTHH^b^ ne^PTb aa 

Turtle, Ko'cTena »a'6a ; mopcKa' ko- 
CTeHy'pKa ; — dove, rxpjioBH'ua, 

Tusk, AA'bT'h 3£6:b orb nj[0T0fl'4H0 

Tutor, yiH'Tejb, Hacra'BHHRS. 
Twelve [Tye.iBx], 4BaHa'flcaTb ; — 

Iftb, 4BaHa'4ecaTHa . 
Twenty [lye'HTH), 4Ba'flcaTb: — tietb, 

Twice [Tyafici^]^ 4Ba ns'Tfl, 4Ba». 
Twi^', Rio'H«ie. 
Twilight, 4pa'iKaB0CTb. 
Twin, 6jH3Ha'Ki. 
Twine, BpbBqn'ua, BpbBb, f. v. 9. y- 

BH'BaMX-i'kR ; v . n. — ca. 
Twinkle, v. n. rpenTHR'; Tpene'pk 
Twist, V. a. ocy'KyBarti&-«iiA, yiffl'- 

Twitch, v. a. 4pb'naMi-iiHA. 
Two [ry], 48*, 4Ba, n. 4Baiir'fla, 

Type, H. o6pa»e'Hie, o'6pa3i; (J/k- 

Bu sa neia'Tame. 
Typlius, Te'»Ka 6o'ji'hcTb, Tif^oci. 
Tyrant, THpa'HiB, M&Hu'rejth] — nny. 

THpa'HCTBo, M&qH'xe^eTBO. 




Ugly, jiouib; (n^t handsDme) rpo- 

Ulcer, pa'na. 
Ultimate , no4H'peHi, nocxt'jA 


Uo.»brella, ywt6pe'ja. 
Umpire, nocpe'4«Hb ciL'ABBKh. 
Unable, HeBi3n[o'9KeHX. 
Uni^ccustomed, HenpHBUi'KHiKXB. 
Unaided. 6e3no'MOn:(eH:B. 
Unallowable, HcnosBOJiH'TeieHS. 
Unanimity, e4HH04y'iiiie ^ — ninioitf, ^ 

Unanswerable, 6e30TjA'teBl^> 
Unapproachable, HenpHCTi&'nefirB. 




UnarmecL HeBOopyace'H^b. 
Unattainable, HenooTinKii'M:^. 
Uoavoidahle, Henadi-xreH^b. 
Unbearable, HecHO'ceni. 
Unbecoming, HenpiMH'qeHi. 
Unbelief, HOB^'pie; — liever. ne- 


Unbend, v. a. (a bow) oxnAHy- 
BaMi-H£; nomiBaii'b-H'Hifi. 

Unbind, v. a. pa3Bpk'3yBaHi-3i:i&^ 

Unbutton, V. a. pacKonqa'BaM^b 

Unceasing, OednpecTa'Heui^ Henpe-j 


Uncertain, HeMaBt exeHt, HOBt'- 

Unebangeable, nemwhiiWrn*. 
Uncivil, neht^iSM'HT,^ 4e6eU:b. 
Uncivilized, HonpocBtu^e'irB. 
Uncle, ( paternal ) mma\ cxpHKa' ; 

(maternal) ByHKa'. 
Unclea n , neHii'ct'h ; — ness , ne^H- 

Un(oinfortable, 6e3noKO'iiu'E. 
Un<*()nimon, Heo6uKHOB6m. 
Un(*oncerncd, paBH04y'iueiix. 
Unconditional, 6e3yci[o'BeHi. 
Unconscious, HeiiaBi'cTeHi ; to be 

— , He ca yct'maMi-tTHk'. 
Uncontrolabie, fley4i>p2KH'H:b. 
Uncover, v. a. oTjiy'naBrB-nlai ; ox- 

Kpu'BaArb-u'ifi, oxBH^Bau^b-i'ift; pac- 

Uncultivated, Heo6pa6o'xaH:b ; neo- 

Undecided, Heptme'Hib. 
Undeniable, HeoxpHi]ia'eM:B. 
Under, pr. hoab; ad. ot40'40« 
Undergo, v« a. npeiBpna'aaHi-nki'. 
Underhanded, CRpu'meH:B. 
Undermine, v. a. noAKona'aaH^b 

na'ift, no4pa'BflKb-o'BiA. 

Underneatli, ad. oxao'jio; pr. 0041^. 

Understand, v. a. pa86ii'pa»ix-ep£' 
(ao. -epaxi), paayBi'Bajrb-i'kk ; 
no4pa3yHi'BaH'B-t'ifi ; to cause to 
— , BpaayMaBajTB-MHR'; — ing, 

./ • 

paayni, noHHxie. 
Undertake, v. a. npe4npiH'MaiirB-8'M*; 

3axBa'iuan:B - a'a* ca ; — king, 

Undesignedly, HeHapo'4HO. 
Undivided^ Hepa34'bjie'irb, ufbi's. 
Undo [s,iiAy% V. a. pasBa'^aflTb-JikKi'; 

pa3Bpb'3yBaM:b-^iri ; H3ry'6njichr6m; 

— done, pasBaje'irB; pasBpb'aaHT * 

Undoubtedly,^ HecAHHi'HHO* 
Un<lress, v. a. cTAjLu'nawh - A'bKih'; 

— the feet, Hsy'Bam-jr'ijR ; — 
one's self, cbSjii'^iaMX-iKiR' cfl. 

Undulation, u'Ljaeaie. 

Uiulyinji, 6e3CMpb'xeHi. 

Uneasy, 6ecnoKo'HHTi; — siness, 6ec- 

Unemployed. HoxBa'H&xi, npa'34eHi; 

Unenligbtened , uenpocBiiuem. 
Unequal, Hopa'aeHi, He40cxa'xo'!exrb . 
Unerring, Henorp'kuiH'xaieH:b; npaa^b. 
Uneven, nepa'aeHX. 
Unexampled, fiecnpHJttt'peirb. 
Unexpected ,Heua4e')K4eirb, Hesra'aai^ 

Unfair [£H^e'Hpi}, Heie'cxeHi, He- 

Untaithful, Hefil'peirb. 
Unfathomable, HeHSM'bpH'M^b. 
Unfavorable, He&iaronpia'xeii'b. 
Unfeeling, iieHWBCTBH'Tejieffb. 
Unfeigned [i&H«e'fiH4%]^ HejiHu^emt- 

Unfinished, HecBblpineH!b. 
Unfit, Hecnoco'6eH!b; HenpHjni'Heflrb. 
Unfold, v. a. (clothes) paariK'Hy- 





Ba]irb-H£; (a subject) pasBii'BaH^b 
•i'kk; (reveal) OTKpu'BaMi-u'ijii. 

Unforgi ven , HenpocTe'Hi. 

Uoforgotten, He3a6pa'BeHi. 

Unforeseen, Henpe4BH'4tHi. 

Unfortunate, Hecia'cTem, bjiow'- 


Unfriendly, nenpia'Tejib; to be — , 

Unfruitful, 6e3njio'4eH7^ , Hen4040- 

Ungodly, neqecTH'B^b, 6e36o'»ceHi. 
Ungrateful, He6j[aro4a'peH%, nenpn- 

Ungrounded, neocHOBa'A^b. 
^ In happy, HeiecTii'T^b. 
Unhoped for, HeHa4e'»r4eHx. 
Unharuess, v. a. Hcnpa'raM^b-e'rHfi, 

pacnpfl TaM:b-e'rH£. 
Unhealthy, He34pa'BX. 
Unheard of, neqio'eH'B. 
Unhurt, HenoBpe4e'H:b. 
Uniform, n. MyH4H'p'B; a. e4HHoo- 

6pa'3eHis; — ity, e4HHOo6pa'3ie. 
Unimaginable, HeBOo6pa3H'iitE. 
Uninhabited, — table, Heo6HTa'eM:b. 
Unintelligible, HeBpa3yMH'Te4eiiai, 

Uninterrupted, nenpeKpaTe'H'B^ ho- 

Union [lo'HboHx], cie4HHe'Hie; — 

niie, V. a. c'Be4HHfl'BaM:b-Hi£'; — 

nited, cise4HHe'H!b. 
Unit, e4HHH'i^a; — ity, e4H'HCTB0. 
Universe, Bceje'HHa^ iripi; — sal, 

BceMfpeH!b, Bceo'6n:(i; o'dn^i. 
University, yHHBopcHTe'n. 
Unjust, Henpa'Be4eH:&. 
Uniusfifiable^ HeonpaB4a'eHx. 
Unkind, He4o6:B'pis^ nedJiarocRio'- 

newh^ sxoMhtcjiewh. 
Unknown, HOBHa'eirb, HeH3Bt'cTeBi. 
Unlade, v. a. pacTOBa'pflM!b-pi£. 

Unlawful, He3aK0'HeHi&. 

Unlearned, ueynewb. 

Unleavened, 6ecKBa'ceHi&; — bread, 

npi'ceiTb xaMj^. 
Unless, aKO ne. 
Unlikely, HeBtpofl'Ten^b. 
Unlimited, HeorpaHii'<ieHi&, 6ecnpe- 

Unload, v. a. CTOBa'pflsi:b-pi£, pa- 

Unlock, V. a. oiKjUO^Ham^b-qifi. 
Unlooked for, Heqa'KaH:B, Heqa'flHi. 
Unloose, v. a. paaBpb'ayBaHi-xJL 
Unlucky, nesrecTH'T^b, HecqacTiB'fii. 
Unmanageable, Hey4i>p3Kii'Mi&, Hey- 

Unmanly, HeqejoBtWecKufi, neju- 

Unmarried, He»ee'HeHi. 
Unmer(*ifuL eeniH'wioeTiiB^b. 
Unmindful, Hepa4H'B:b, HeBHHua'Te- 

Unmingled, Unmixed, newb'cem. 
Unmoveable, He4BH'»CHMi, HenoKO- 

UniKilural, HeecTe'cTBOH^b. 
Unnecessary, HenoTp'b'6eH:b^ HOHy'- 


Unnumbered, 6e36po'eHi. 
Unoccupied, npa'346HiB, HesaiiH'Ti. 
Unoffending, Heo6H'4^HBi; HenOBR- 

HeiTb; HeBpe4H'Tej[eH:b. 
Unpack, V. a. pacTOBa'pflM:b-pi£. 
Unpaid, HenjaTOHi. 
Unparalleled, HecpaBue'Hi. 
Unpardonable, HenpocTH'Tai^Kb^ ae- 

Unpleasant, Henpifl'Teffb. 
Unprecedented, deanpHHt'pesb. 
Unprejudiced, Henpe4y6e»4e'H!b« 
Unpremeditated, Henpe4yMu'(xm:k 
Unprepared, neroTo'Bx. 
Unpretending, cHiipe'ffb. 




rinci|iled, crponTH'B^b^ 6e3co'- 
}CTeH!b^ padBpan^e'JBTB. 
rofi table, Heno^e'seflTB. 
ucstionable,HecauiHH'Te4eH!&^ Heo- 
lopH'M'B; — biy, Henpeiiit^HHO. 
3asonable, Hepad/meffb, 6ecpa3- 

emitting, HenpecTa'neirb^ nenpe- 

3quitecl, neOTUAB^tewb^ Hesaua- 

igbteous, Henpa'Be4eirb. 

ipe, Hey3pt'ji:b. 

ivaled, HecpaBHe'Hx, 6e3no40'- 

Illy, HenoKO'peHi. 

ife, He6e3ona'ceH!b^ ona'ceai. 

crew, V. a. pasBbpiaBaMi-THR'. 

cri plural, nec^brjia'ceHi Ch Cbh- 

;eHHO Ilnca'Hie. 

earcbabie, HenocTe»eH'ju[!b^ HeH- 

easonable, 6e3Bpe'MeHiB. 

eemly, HenpaiH'Heni. 

een, ueBiiiAem,. 

heat he, v. a. H3Ba'HC4aH:b (Hoxcb) 


ightly, rpo'senx. 

kiilfui, HeHCKy'ceHx. 

ound, rimjii^ He34pa'B:b. 

peakable, HeHCKa'3aH:b, Henspt- 


table^ HenocTOHH'fi. 

teady, HenocTOfl'H:b. 

uccessful, 6e3ycni'meirb. 

uitable, nempnuntwKb. 

U3ceptible, HeHiOBCTBH^ejieH:b. 

aught [£HTO'OTi]^ HeHay'qesrb. 

hankful , He6jaro4a'peH:b. 

hinking, 6e3pa3C£'4eHi&. 

ie, V. a. 0TBpb'dyBaH'B-3Kft. 

II, pr. 40, 4opH 40 ; ad. 40r4t' 


Untiinely, 6e3Bpe'iiieHeH:b. 
Unto [fiHiy], 4opH' 40. 
Untold. HeiicKa'3airb, Heqe'TeH:B. 
Untried, HeHcnu'ieirb. 
Untrodden, uejT'b'imawb. 
Untrue, Hen'oTimeirb^ HeBt'peflTB. 
Unusual, Heo6uKHOBe'H:b. 
Unutterable, HeH3ptHe'ffb. 
Unveil, v. a. 0T6j'Xfiwh"my ot- 

Unwarrantable, Heno3BOiii'Te46B:b. 
Unwell, 6ojHa'B:b. 
Unwholesome, He34pa'B:B. 
Unwilling, (to be — ) He m&', ho 

paWifi; — ly, hobo'jiho. 
Unworthy, He40CT0'HHi. 
Up, ad. ro'pt; — and down, ro'- 

pi 40' jy; — to, 40; int. CTaHH 

-e'le; to be — , cTa'HyBaHi-H£ ; 

( sun ) H3rpt'BainB-t'i]Ei ; (water . 

etc.) npoTH'qaMX-eKfi' ; to go — . 

BM4a'3flMT>-*'3fi; tO lift , B4H'- 

raMi-rna, noB4H'ra]ii!b - rH£ ; !» 

get — , cTa'HyBaMi-HiB ; to grow 

— , nopa'cHyBaMi-H&. 
Upbraid, v. a. yKopa'BaMi-piak'. 
Uphold, V. a. no44pb»?a'fiaH'b-2Kiir/, 

H04nH'paHi-np£', n04Kptnfl'Bai)i^ 

Upon, Ha; b'B3; ho; npH, 40. 
Upper, ro'pOHi; — most, naft ro'~ 

peH'B; wa'BeHiB. 
Upright, npas^b, npa'Be46H'B. 
Uproar, rjis'4Ka, CMyme'me. 
Upset, V. a. opexy'pfljrB-pkii; npe- 

Upside down, pacxBb'p^effB^ npo- 


Upward^ naro'pt. 

Urge^ V. a. no4Ka'Ha]ii:b^Hi£; npn- 
jqr'2R4aH:b-y'4Ui^; (persuade) npe- 
4y'MyBaBii-MaMi; — gency, Kpa'fl- 
Ha Hy'x4a; — gent, BfiRAem^ 




Orinc, nHKo^b, f.; 

nate, v, a. nH- 


Us, (D.) nawii, jhm; (A.) nacB, hm. 

Usafje, ynoxpWie'Hie ; (ti^eaiment) 
o6xo2K4e'Hie; (custom) o6M'«iaft. 

Use [H)ciB],ynoTpi6je'Hie; v. j^. [looi], 
ynoTpi6j[H'BaM'B-6kfi'; — ed , yno- 
Tpt6H'TejieHi ; (o be — to, Hay- 
laMl-HKR Cff^ iiaBH KHyBam-Hif.. 

Useful, noJie'seii'B. 

Useless, 6ecnoje'3eHX. 

Usual [H)'»?iOaJ['B]^ 06UKH0Be'H'B. 

Usurp, V. a. sasjia^'b'Baiii'B-'b'iiii; — 

er, 3aBja4i'TeJb|: nocBOMTejib. 
Usury. jiHxoifMCTBO. 
Utensil, c£4'b; chmmo', 
Ulil'Ky, no'j3a. 

Utmost, a, Kpa'eflx, no4H'pcH'&. 
Utter, V. a. HCKa'ayBawi-JKiK ; npo- 


— 0- 



Vacamiy, npa'34H0 wt'cTo; — ant, 
npa'34effB^ nycxi; — calc, v. a. 
Hcnpa'34HflBrB-ui^^ Hsja'sflirb-t'- 


Vacation, pa'cnyc^. 

Vaccine [BaKCHHi], cE'naHHua ; — 

nate, v. a. npeca'xrjia]H'b-a4i£', | -Ha. 

Vacuum, npa34H0Ta'. 
Vague, Heonpe4*Jie'ir6, HeHSBt'CTeffb. 
Vain, npa'34eirB, cyereHx; in — , 

Haiipa'84H0, aany'cTO. 
Valiant [Ba'jMHTi], xpa'ftBpi, iiA'«e- 


Valley, 40jiH'Ha. 

Va'or, xpa'6pocTb. 

Valuable, 4paroutlBeHis. 

Value, uMal; x. a. yutHfl'saiii^Hift': 

Valve, Kja'na: 
Van, npe4CTpa'5Kie ; KOJa'. 
Vane, BtrponoKasa'Tejib. 
Vanisli, v. n. Hcie'siiyiBaKB-Ha. 
Vanity, cyexa'. 

Vanquish, v. a. nor>tH?4H'BaHiB--t4ii&'- 
Vapor, na'pa. 

Variable, HSMftHaejcx, Henocrofl'm. 
Variance, HecBrjia'cie. 
Variation,ii3iM['kHe'Hie; (of the magnetic 

needle) yiaoHe'Hie. 
Varie^^ated, Hcm>'cTpeH:b, ma'pefli. 
Variety. pa3Ho6pa'3ie; paaiH'qie; — 

rious, pasjm'iieHiB^ pa'sen'B; ca- 


Varnish, jaiTB, jycipa; v. a. ji)'- 
cxpo'cyBaM'B, y'4paMii jiy'CTpx. 

Vary, v. a. MBMiHa'aaMt-HHi'; v. n. 
iisH'biifl'BaM'B-Hifri' ca, pasjniqa'Bani 
Hish' Off; yKjioHR'EawLrmh' ca. 

Vase, cmA'B. 

Vast, TOA'b'ni'h; umpo'Ki; qpesBM- 


Vat, AJ/iHTt^ roji'Ma 6'h*vBa: tan—, 


Vault, cbo4'b; neiuepa'. 
Veal, Toie'mKO Meco'. 
Vegetable, pacTe'aie; a. pacni'Te- 
- tate, V. n. HdHH'KiiyBaKB 

Vehenr.enee, nu'^iROCTs^ pasnaie'aie; 
Cflf^a; — ment, nu'^Kutf^ pasnfl'- 
Mnj,; rope'iu'B; 6y'eBrB^ es^xem. 

Vehicle, Tajta'ra; cpe4CTB0. 

Veil [Be'tt^i], noKpBiBa'ao^ tfy'jo; 

Valid» 34paM, 3m(fBfftt^ 

V. a. sa6y'jflir&-viifi ; saKpi/Ban 

Vein, TsxtJLa; anfiRa. 




Velocity, cKo'pocTh, leBpbCTOTa'. 
Velvet, Ra^e^e'., T. 
Venerable, novre'ni, 6jarorOB'b'eH'B; 
— rate, noqH'TaHi-eTi&'^ 64aro- 

Vengeance, mbctb. 
Venison, meco' ora poraWb. 
Venom, oxpo'Ba; — ous, OTpo'BeHiB, 

Veniilate, v. a. ny'cKaN'b mhct'b bo'3- 

4yxTi Bl. 
Venture, v. a. Ty'pflMi B:b ona- 

CHOCTbr V. n. HaH'Masix-e'MjR ch, 

yCMt'lIOBaM'B-jkR ch. 

Veracity, npaB4H'B0CTB. 

Verb, rjaro'jiB; — al, y'CTeHi;6yK- 

Ba'jeH%;rjaro',ieH!b; —aiim, cjio'- 

Bo no cjo'bo. 
Vcrdij^ris, ROTjia'caiiHua. 
Verdict, ptrae'nie, OTCAac^e'Hie. 
Verdure, sejeimHa'. 
Verge, Kpafl; v. n. HaKjioHa'BaM:b-Hifi' 

CH, Ha64H»ca'Ba]ii'b-»?ijR' en. 
Verify, v, a. noBipfl'Bancb-pMi. 
Verily, HaH'CTHna 
Vermin, tba'B. 
Vernacular, oxeWecTBeirB. 
Verse, cthxi. 

Versed, o'eutohi, HCK3r'ceHi. 
Very, a. H'CTufi^ csii^'b; ad. MHO'ro, 

Vessel, (utensil) c<K4'b; (sbip) reni'fl; 

(blood — )acH'ja. 
Vest, aie'iTB, T. sKiue'xRa. 
Vestige, ca^m'^ 4H'pfl. 
Veteran; sacjy'aceirb; n. aacjy'acera 


Vex, V. a. 40ca'9K4airb-a4ift' ; — 
aiion. 40ca»4e'Hie; — ing, 40- 

Vral, mtime', T. 

Vibrate, v. n. mn'xawB^XBi^ ca. 

Vice, a. BHite-; n. nopo'Ki; smiths 

— , MeHreMe'3, T. cth'cru; — cious, 
nopo'sreni; — consul, BOTe-Ro'n- 
Vicissitude, HSMiHOHie, npeapa'T- 


Victim, HCb'pTBa. 

Victor, no6'b4H'Tejb ; 1 — rious, no- 

6'b4H'TejieH'b ; — ry, no61i'4a. 
Victuals, a'cTie, fl'4eHie. 
Vie [BafiJ, V. n. cine'pHH4ecTByBaMi^. 
View [bh)], rje4i&^ BH4'b!; no'rj[e4'b; 

HaMipe'flie ; v. a. rj[e'4aji[%, paa- 

Vigilance, 6o'4pocTb; — lant, 6o'4ip:b, 

^yUeni; to be — , v. n. 6o'4p- 

Vigor, a'RocTb, CH'^a ; — ous, hkb, 


Vile [ BafijiB ], ( person ) HH'a'bK'b ; 

(filthy) FHy'ceHi^ Mpb'ceHi. 
Village [BH'jjia4>K:b], cejo; — ger, 


Villam, 3ji04*'eu'b, HatnciE'Hinrb. 
Vindicate, v. a. onpa'BflHi-Bki;3a- 


Vme, joaa'; — yard, jo'sie. 

Vinegar, oue'TiB 

Vintage, rpo34o6e'p:b. 

Violate, v. a. pa3Ba'j[flM'b-j[ij&', na- 
pyma'BaMx-ffliiR ; (chastity) nacif- 
jflMi-JiKR,- — law, npecT&'naMi 
-nifR; — lence, Hacifiie; — ent, 
HacifjeHiB, cH'^em, jiiotib. 

Violet, *ia.iKa, TeMHa'Hyra, MeneRnie', 
T. a. MO'paBiB. 

Violin, UHPy'jiKa, ry4y'jiKa. 

Viper, exH'4Ha. 

Virgin, MOMa'; 4iBH'aa^ 4'b'Ba; — 
ity, mo'mhhctbo, 4'b'BCTBO. 

Virtue [biR'phio], 4Q<Jp04'fc'Tejib, 40- 
6pHHa'; — uous, 4o6po4*'Te4effib. 

Visible, BH'4BM:b. 

Vision, BH4'i^'Hie. ^ 




Visit, nociiae'Hie ; v. a. nawe'^y- 

— or, rocTi. 
Vital, TRVL'sneKh : Heo6xo4H'M:b. 
Vitriol, BHTpio'Jiis, ca4HK£6p£'3:B, T. 
Vocabulary, pt'HHHKii, cjOBa'pb. 
Vocation, 3Ba'Hie. 
Voice [Bo'itciB], rjac^b. 
Void, a. npa'34eH'B;iipocT:B: n. iipa3- 

4H0Ta', nycTOTa'; to make — , v. a. 

Volcano, BOJKa'irb. 
Volition, xoTi'Hie (S). 
Volume, Toirb; rOiiiMiiHa'; (of smoke) 


Voluntary, 4o6poBO'jeHi, caniOBO- 
AOWb; — teer, BOjeHTii'piB. 

Voluptuous, CTpaCT0jlI06H'Bl. 

Vomit, V. n. hh'iBawh-Ab'BHih m-; 

Vortex, BHp^b, Mi'cTO asji6o'ko r4i- 

To OH Bie B04a'-Ta. 
Votary, ofit'THHRi, Mo6i/tTeAh, 
Vote, rjiac:B, 3Kpe6ie; v. n. 4a'Bajii'b 

rjiac^b, xBb'pjflM^b 3Kpe6ie. 
Vouch, V. n. cBH4i'TejcTByBaM%; 

V. a. no4Bb'p4flBi:B-4Ui^. 
Vow, o6'bmfi'me'j v. a. o6iiaa'BaM:b 


Vowel. rjia'cHa 6y'KBa. 
Vulgar, npocTi, hh'cik^b. 
Vulture, opejonH'jiflirb- 


Wad, BaiMo'; (for a gun) naia'Bpa; 

— ding, naMy'K^b. 
Wade, V. a. and n. ra'3i£. 
Wafer, BOxn'aa. 
Waft, V. a. Ho'ciiii; v. n. Ho'cifiOfl; 

Wage, (war) v. a. nOB4H'raMi Boft- u 

us,'; npa'Bifi boAha'. i 

Wager, 6aa'c:b, T. o6jo'rB; v. o. h 

XBaiuaii^b Cfl Ha 6aa'ci&9 o6ji'- h 

raMi-o'2Kii6 Cfl. 
Wages, 3anja'Ta. 
Wagon, TaJiH'ra. 
Wail, V. n. onja'KyBaii^b-a'u; - 


— mg, njaHb. 




Waist 5^e'ficTi], KpbCT:B; — band, 
KCMO'pi, T. — coat, CLie'iTb, T* 

Wait [ye'flxi], — for, — on, v. a. 
la'KaMi; — on, — upon, cjyiy- 
Bam; noc'biua'BaM:b-Ti£ ; lie in — 
for, Ba'p4i* 3a- ; — er, ciynC- 
xe^b; (tray) 4H'cK0c:b, Tencia. 

Wake, V. a. c:b6y'»:4aM:&-3r'4i£; v. n. 
ci6y'5K4aMi - y'4i& ca, 63r^ero 
cbMb; — ful, 6e3ci'HeHi; 6o'A!&pi, 

Walk [yoKis], xo4e'Hie, BbpBe'n; 
pa3xo'4Ka; v. n. xo'4i&^ Bbpak'; 
(for pleasure) pa3xo'H?4airb-o'4i& 
Cfl; V. a. pa3B0'»c4aM:b-e4&'; — I 
about, V. n. paaxo'^^airb ca; o-l 
6biKa'j[flM:b-0jii&' ca ; v. a. pasBO's- ) 
4aM:b-e4*'; — in, BjiH'saMi^-i'ds; 

— off, 0THBaMai-H'4£; — out, 113- 

j[a'3fl]t[:b-t'3£ ; pa3xo'3K4aM^-o'4iA 
cflj to go to — , OTH'BaH^b 4a a 
pa3xo'4U&; OTH'aaHii na pa3xo> 

Wall, 4yBa'pi, T. 31141; (of a bouse) 

Wallet, T0p6H>iKa; 3K034a'ffi^ T. 
Wallow., V. n. TbpKaUfljii:B-oji&' cf. 
Walnut, — tree, o'ptxi; a. o'ptxoia. 
Wander, v. n. CKu'TaHi ca; 3a6tt- 

KaUflMi-oji£'; — from, OTAaiew'- 

Bawb-His! Cfl, 3Bry6fm'Er^m ct. 
Wane, v. n. yiiu»'p6flM!B-6i]ik ca, e aa 

pacu'ni; (decline) Hcna'4ajn-4H& 




( deficiency ) HeAOCia'TiSKB ; 
) Hy'sK^a; (poverty) 6i'4H0CTi>; 

I, pacny'cHfiTi, dj/Aeni. 
oHua^ 608; V. D. 6¥Uh cr] 

OVy BO'HH^b. 

cTpa'»ea; MO'xia, T.; — off, 

OTTjia'CKyBaMl-H», OTMa'X- 

►be, 4pe'xu; 40J[a'ni 3a 4pe- 

(earthen) npfe'CTOHU cfi'40- 
China — , qHHi'a ; — house, 
a', T. 
e^ Boe'HHa cjiy'2K6a, BOioBa'me. 

e, BO'HHCTBeiTb. 

To'nijii ; V. a. To'njii£ c-; 
iSk y-, Harpt'Bani - tl* ; — 
I self, rpi'm ch y-; — mth, 

V. a. H3BicTfl'Ba]ii:B-Tijii'; noy- 
iMi-4i*, ciBt'TyBaMX, yBt- 
aMX - n^a'ifi ; — i ng , HSBt- 

npe4yBe40HjEe Hie . 
ocHO'Ba; V. a. HSMt'THyBaH^s 
; V. n. — ca. 

at. n. 3a'noB'b4^ ^epMa'fl'fi, 
BJHOHOUilie ; v. a. nopy^ia'BaM^b 

CH 3a-; noBBOJUfBaM^b-o'JiiA; 

iWb BJaCTk. 

)r [yo'pbopi], Bo'mrb. 
St'iue, H'Hajio. 

4pe'xiii 3a npa'Hie; v. a. 

besj nep&' 0-; (face) mu'hk 

(bathe) KiSi'niiBi; — basin, 0- 

ft'iHHua; — trough, Kopu'To; 

^oman, nepa'<iKa. 


, a. HenoTpt'6effb; ny'CTi; n. 
^6a; (desert), nycTu'HH; v. a. 
ipb'cHyBaHi - H£, pacT04a'- 
b-o'4ift; (exhaust) HSHypa'aaHiE 


-pia'; lay — , onycTfl'BairB - tia, 
pa3Cu'iiyBaHX-nuK, pasBa'jflKb-Jift'. 

Watch, qaco'BHHiCB; (guard) Bap- 
^\ 4a 4b; V. a. Bap4i& y-, qiOBaaii; 
V. n. 6o'4pcTByBaM'B ; — ful, 60- 
4ipii 6y'4eHi; — house, Ky«y'KB, 
T. Ba'p4a; — man, Kapay'i^b, Bap- 

Water, B04aV v. a. (horse, etc.) 
noifi'J^Ha-; (phnis) nojm'BaH'B-i'Ui; 
V. n. (eyes) na^H'BaT^b ca OHHt-jn 
MH c:b cb'Ji3u; (mouth) nomnaTb 
jH'rH-TH ; fresh — , cjia'4Ka B04a'; 
hard — , rop^HBa, Kopa'Ba B04a'; 
high — , 4fiji6o'Ka — , soft — . Me- 
Ka — , — course, cyiojy, T. — 
fall, B04ana'4'b; —melon, 4H'Hfl; 
— mill, B04eHH'iJia; — spout, bo- 
4eH'B CTOiin^b; to make — , nHKa'i£. 

Wave, BMHa'; v. a. ma'xam-XHiK 
V. u. Hrpa'tiK, BMHy'BaMi ca; (tree) 
AiOAt'iA; (^^g^ pa3B'fc'BaH:b-t'ifi 

Waver, v. n. KOJieOaifi ca; 4BoyMiai 

Wax, BO'c^bicb. 

Way, ufliTb, f. (pi. n^'THn^a); (man- 
ner) Ha'4HHX, cno'co6x; (custom) 

We, Hwe. 

Weak, cjiaCi; to become — , owa- 
6a'BaM:b-t'kR; — en^ v a. ocjia- 
6aM%-6i£; o6e3CH'iaM:b-j[ijK ; npa- 
BJ« pi^KO, ly'paMi BOA&'; — ness, 

Wean, v. a. OTdH'Banw'ift, OT4oa'- 

Wealth, HHo'Tis, 6ora'TCTBO; — thy, 
HMO'TeHiB, 6ora'Ti. 

Weapon, opy'aicie. 

Wear [ye'ap:b], v, a. (clothes) ho - 
cift; — away, — off, Hcrpii'Baicb 
-uuk ; Bsa'AaiTE - aairb ; — out, 




(clothes) onexTfl'BaHx-TUEk'; paa- 
M'ltm'b-jLm'i (patieace) cBb'pmairfi 
^fliii&; V. n, (well) Tpa'ifi; (out) 
OBexTfl'BairEyb'iA; pa3Ba'j[flM'B-j[i&' 
CR] ( — off) Hcipu'Ban^B-Bi'HSi; npe- 

Weary [yn'pH], ymope'Hi; v. a. y- 
MopH'BaM'b-pifi'; V. n. — ctt. 

Weasel, HeBtciy'jKa, nona4i1iKa. 

Weather [ye'^api], Bpeme ; bad — , 
JOiuo — ; fine — , xy'fiaBO — ; 
mild — , Me'KO — ,• rough — , 3J0 
— ; — cock, BtiponoKasa'TeJEb 

Weave, v. a. and u. tik*' hc-,* — 

cr, TiKaHb. 

Web, Toni; spider's — , na'aqHHa; 
— fooled, KpaKa' Kaio na na'iKa. 
Wedding, CBa'A^a. 
Wedlock, cMpy'»ecTB0. 
Wedge, rihh:5. 

Wednesday [ye'H34e], cp4'4a. 
Weed, 6y'pflHi, nje'aejik, f. v. a. 

nJOBKR' 0-. 

Week, He4i'ja, ce4Mii'ua; — ly, He- 

Weep, V. n, njia'qifi, npocwikda'aani^b 

-3ia'; V. a. OMa'KyBajtti-a'HAi. 
Weevil, TRM'ven'b le'pBefl. 
We fjh [ye'ii], v. a. Te'rjia; v. n. 

Te'rHfYi, TeacHBi'; — ght, lerjo'; xer- 

jiH.iKa; Ba'xcHOCTb; — ty, Ba'}KeH:b. 
Weld, V. a. 3aBapa'BaM'B-pfa6'. 
Welcome, 4o6pi 40Uie'ji:b. 
Well, a* 34paB!b*; ad. 4o6pt'; n. Kia'- 

40HeuiB, rupa'Hb; to become—, 

Wei I -beloved, BMJUo'fijeHi. 
Welfare, d^aroc^bCToa'ine^ 6jiarono- 

Wen, ry nia. 
West, aana/i^B; North — , ctBepo- 

M'na4eirb; South — ^ ioro3a'na- 

AeHi; — ern, da'fla4effb. 

Wet, MO'K^bpi; V. a. MO'Kp£ H3-; 

Wether, OBe'nb. 

Whale, KBin. | 

What [xyaii], luo? KaRBO? i. | 

KaKi'BiB? — ever, mo 4a 6, KaR- | 

Bo' 4a G. 
Wheat [xyn'Ti], »h'to; a. KH'ieHi. j 
Wheel K0jiej[0', ibpRa^io'; v. a. ii- 

KaM^b KOjia; BbpTliK'; V. n. BBpTk' 

ca ; o6b'pmaM:b-b'pH« ; spinning—, ^ 

<i£Kp£'irb, T. — barrow, fsm j 

Koja'. n 

When[xye'Hi], Kora'?Kora,Kora-!n^ I 

— ever, — soever, Kora' 4a «. j 
Whence, 0Tr4*'? (0x4*); 0Tr4t'w. ^ 
Where r4*? (4*?); r4'b-*T0; —a- ^ 

bout, HaKiM'b'; — as, noae'xe; 

— ever, r4t 4a e. -^ 
Wherefoie, 3apa4H' TOBa'. 
Whether, jih; — or, mh — mh'. j^ 
Whet, V. a. TO'qiiR na-; — stone, j 

6pycs. I 

Whey, cypoBa'xKa. 
Whieh [xyH«ib], koH? mo? — ever,; 

— soever, Kofl-xo 4a e. 
Whinny, v. n. ubh'^hk. 
While, n. Bpe'Me ; ad. Kaxo'; wortl \ 

the — , cxpy'aa; not worth ll»c 

— , He cxpy'Ba. 
Whip, 6Hqb; v. a 6ikR cici 6m. 
Whirl, V. a. BpbXHSk' 3a-; v* n.— 

ca ; — pool, BMp:b ; — windj, biI- 

Whiskers, 6aKefl6a'p:b. 
Whisky, paKu'a. 
Whisper, v. n. lue'flHft; n. mtffl- 

Whistle [xyii'c,i:b], v. 11. cra'pift. 
White [xyafixi], 6iji; to appear—^ 
61ut'i£ ca; ^— of an egg, btxn'MXi 

— lead, iicTK>6e'qb7 T. — len, 
V. a. 6t'j[i& y-; — ness, 6ijiiia'. 




WhifewasI), 6a'4dHa^ T. v. a. 6*'- 
.iHK no-; Bapo'cyBaMis-caiTB. 

Whither, KiM*'? HaKfiA*'? 
Whittle, V. a. and n. 4i'jiaBf%. 
Whiz, V. n. XByqi*'. 
NUolxy]^ Koft? Kofi-To; —ever, 

Koft-TO 4a e- 
Whole [xojii], i^tjTB, ch'4Km8; — 

sale, hy - , na u*'M; — some 

Wholly, c/bBci'm»^ crBBpbme'HHO. 
Whore, 6jiy4HH'ua. 
Whose [xyai], qui? 
Whoso, — ever, koB-to 4a e. 
Why [xyaS], aamo ? 

Wick, *HTH'j[t, T. 

Wicked, eeqecTH'Bx; S'BJ'B^ jonib; 

— ness, 3jI0, iomasHHa'. 

Wide, nnipo'irb; — dlh, mifpoHHHa', 

Widow, B40BH'ua; — er, B40Be'mB. 
Wield [yu'WBJ, v. a. BJia4t'KK, y- 

Wife [yaB*i], Hcena'. 

Wild, 4HB'B. 

Wilderness, nycTW'HH. 

Wile, xfcTTpocTb. 

Will, BO'jia; v. a. ncKaMiB, m», H3- 
BOJH'BaMi-o'Jifi ; (bequeath) 3a- 
B'buia'BaHi-a'i£; — ing, 4o6po- 

Willful, cBoenpa'aeH^b. 

Willow, Bbp6a'. 

Win, V. a. cneiie'jflM^b-m ; H3Hrpa'- 
Ban^b, ufEBAVf^Hawb-eKSi'. 

Wind [yHH4:b], Btxpi; -y, Biiip- 
HifqaBi; — mill, Bi'xpeHa B04e- 
HH'ua; — pipe, rpiUjy'Hb. 

Wind [ya'iiHH4'B], v. a. yaHBamx 
-i'la, flaBH'BaH^b-i'HK ; v. n. yan'- 
BaM:b-ri£ CH; 3a6iiKa'jflMiB-oji£'; 

— round, — about, yBH'BaMi-i'i* 
cfl^ 3a6uKa'4fltt^-Oiifi'; -- up, Hft^ 

BHBaMi-i'kR ; Kyp4if'cyBaM'B-caM'b, 

Windin*: -sheet, caBaHi, noRpbrBKa. 
Window [yH'H4o], npoao'pem. 
Wine, bh'ho; — shop, Kp'B'qjria; — 

seller, KpMMa'pb; — press, »cj[e6i&, 

Win{2f, Kpbij[0'. 

Wink, V. n. MH'raMiB-rHfli ; n. mun. 
Winter, 3ii'Ma; v. n. awM/Bairb npe-; 

in — , sunt; a. 3H'HeH'B; last — ^ 

npeMH'Ha.«a 3H'Ma, 3HMad: — try, 


Wipe, V. a. 6pb'aikii 0-, oipHBaMi 
-H'iK ; — off, OTpuBaH'B-u'ifi ; — 

oill, HCTpMBaMX-M'liR; H3rja»- 

Wisdom, My'4pocTb. npeMy4pocTb ; 

Wise, Mff;4p'b, y'Meni, 
Wish. arejia'Hie, HCKa'Hie; v. a. h'c- 

KaMi no-, ifmiR; — joy, lecTH- 

T'm pa'40CTb; — a happy new 

yOcU', leCTH'TliR HOB^R r04H'Hfi. 

Wit, ocTpoy^Mie; — iy, ocipoy'- 

Meni; to — , cw'piib. 
Wiicli, Mare'CHHua, '!apo4i'8Ka; — 

craft, qapo4'b'BcTBO. 
With [yH'iiB], ex, cbCb; y. 
Withdraw, v. a. BH'MaBTb Ha 3a4x; 

B4H'raMx - THiB ; OTierjiflMiB - Ai& : 

V. n. OTTe'TMWb-'Am ca. 
Wither, v. n. Bt'xHS^ nOBi'xHyBaNi 

-Ha; (dry) c*'xh». 
Withhold, V. a. 3a4pb»ra'Baiirb-»di&'. 
Within, Ba'Tpt; from — , h3b&'- 

Without. 6e3i; (with verb) 6e3i 

4a; ad. BIHI&. 
Withstand, v. a. xpa'iiii; (resist) 

npoTH'Bifi cfl, ycTOR'aaitti-offi'. 
Witness, CBH4i'Tejib; 3pH'Tejtt>; eye 

— , oqeBH'4ei^:b; v. a. cB04i'Te4- 





cTByBOM^B; 3H'3K4aMi-H'4i& ; V. n. 

Wo, ro'pKO. 
Wonted, a^an^H'caJ^B, T. npHBUK- 

Wolf, BXhKb. 

Woman [yy'MaHt], aceHa'. 

Womb, Ma'TKa, yTpo'6a. 

Wonder, «IH)'40: v. n. mio'^hr cm; 

— ful, mo'Aeffh. 

Wood, 4bpB0'; (for fuel)4bpBa'; fuel 

— en, 4i>'pBeHiB; — cock, KyjHta; 

— pecker, KWBaHTpH'qb. 

Woof, B'B'TIKI. 

Wool, B'h'jma; — en, b^'jIhohx; — 
ly, B'h'iuecT'h. 

Word, 4y'Ma, pi'qb, f. cjo'bo. 

Work, pa'fioTa; v. n. pa'60Tki; 
Tpy'4ifi ch; 4'b'flcTByBaM'B no-; 
(ferment) Bpi*, khtkIi' ope-; v. a. 
npa'Bksi 4a pa'6oTH ; npa'Bjift na-; 
( produce ) npoH3Bo'»f4aMX-e4a' : 
(en)broider) mi'k& ; — out, H3- 
pa6o'TH)BaMi-Tifi ; (m pn)blen))pi- 
lua'ijaMX - uiki' ; — mjin^ pa'6oT- 
hhk'b; — shop. 4K)Ke'iib, T. 

World. cBtTi, Mip:b; — d's, cBt- 
to'boh'l ; — ly, cBt'TCKbifl, Mi'p- 


Worm, qe'pBefi; -y, qepBii'BX. 

Wormwood, nejw'Hb. 

Worry, v. a. SeanoKOl*; Maqi*; 

(as a dog) yMOpa'BaM'b-pii&. 
Worse, no' jomb; — st, nafl jomb. 
Worship, nOKjiOHe'Hie ; v. a. andn. 

noKja'HflM'B-jOHi&' ca; — er, no- 


Worsted, B^b'jHena npe'5K4a. 
Worth, uina', 40cto'hhctbo; to be — , 

CTpy'BaMIB-TO'piiR, IHHifi. 

Worthy, 40CTO'HHi5. 

Wound, pa'na; v. a. pana'BaM'b-HKR', 

VVrap [pant], v. a. oSBH'Baww'*, 

BaBHTBaM^b-iuK; — round, o6B!r'- 

BaMw'HK; — up, yBH'BaiTb-i'k. 
W npe4H p-TO Ht'Ha riacb hh- 

Wrath, raiB^b. 
Wreak, v. a. OTMbCTfl'Bain&"-Ti£';— 

one's anger, mxB^Bvairb rutwh. 
Wreath, B'bHe'u:B; — the, v. a. 

Wreck, Kopa6jeKpyffle'Hie ; v. a. 

Wren, opi'iuHe. 
Wrench, v. a. H3Bii'BaHi&-il£. 
Wrest, V. a. srn'm^mi'B Cb CH'jtt; 

(meaning) npeBpb'n^aMib-b'pBJi. 
Wrestle, v. n. 6o'pKR ca. 
Wretched, OKafl'HeH:b; — ness, oifr 


Wring, V. a. (clothes) HSBH'Ban 
-i'iiR; ^the hands, etc.) ocy'KyBaiii 

Wrinkle, 6pbWKa; v. a. 6pb'4ii, 
TiR'pqiiR C-. 

Wrist, 6iue3H'KX T. 

Write, V. a. ohiux; — bask, ora- 
cyBaMx-m& ; — down, aana'cy- 
BaBii-m£; — er (author) cnHca- 
TGJb; (penman) nnce'u^b: (clerk) 
nHca'pi, ceKpeTa'px, 

Writhe, v. n. ycyXYBaMX-y'itK cfl, 
yBH'BaMx-i'i& ca. 

Wronu, a. He npaBii, KpHBi; n. 
o6ii'4a; V. a. o6e3npaB4a'Ban 
-4aliR, noBpe'af4aMi-e4K&', o6h'x- 

Wrot.h, cbp4H'Ti. 

Wrought, Hanpa'aeHib*, HCKoaa'Ai. 

Wry, KpHB'b. 







irarci^4B0p:b; Hp4:B, 1 3/8 apniHHa. 

ifarn, B^b'^ena npe'»c4a. 

ITawa, V. d. npoat'BaMS-t'ifi ch. 

ife [bH], Bue. 

Vea, 4a, 68 (S). 

year, ro4H'Ha —ling, ro4HHa'irb; 
a, e4Horo4ii'nieirb; — ly, eacero- 
411'nieHi; last — , sbler. 

Yeast, KBac!b. 

Yell, cTpa'meHi& buki; v. n. bu'ue. 

Yellow, SKbjrb; to become — , jkbj- 
Ti'm no-. 

Yelp, V. D. 43Ka'BKaH!b, KBH'qifi. 

Yes, TaKaV H'cTHHa^ 48, eii (S). 

Yesterday, BHe'pa; day before — , 
aa'BHepa; — evening, cn&mfi; — 
night, npeMHH£'ja-Ta hoiiu»; — 
y's, B<ie'pamei£b. 

Yet, HO, o6a'<ie; ad. o'lue. 

Yield [bH'j4^], V. a. 4a'BaH:b nj04%; 
iipiiHo'cHirb-ec£' ; (give up) npe- 
4a'Ba]rb-4aKb ; v. n. iipe4a'BaH:b 
-4aH:B cfl, B4a'Bax:E-4aM!b ch. 

Yoke, xoHO'TB, flpe'x:E; v. a. Bnpa- 

Yolk, »rbjiT:b'K:b. 
Yon, Yonder, lo'a; ad. xaiii. 
You [h)], Bu'e. 
Young, HAaAh; — man, mOm'b'kt&; — 

woman, MOMa'; — er, no' Bua4t; 

— est, Ha'fl M^a4i. 
Your, Bamb ; — rs, Bamb-ra. 
Yourself, tu caMi ; — Ives, BU'e 

Youth, jiua'40CTb, HjaAnna'. 

— — 


Zeal, pe'BHOCTb, ycb'p4ie. 

Zealous, pe'BHOCTeffb, ycb'p4eH!b. 

Zebra, 4H'bo nara'pe, ona'rp^b. 

Zenith, senn'Ti^. 

Zephyr, 3e*H'p!B. 

Zero, ny'ja. 

Zinc, i^HHKX. 

Zodiac, 304ia'K!b. 

Zone, no'HC!b. 

Zoology^ aoowiorili. 






Ai)vssinia. A6Hcn'Hifl. 
AdrianQpte, E4iipHe\ 
Africa, A'^pHKa; — can, n. KaHeux, 

- a'HKa ; a. — Ka'HCKbiii. 
Albania, Aj6a'Hia, inK0'4pa; — ian^ 

n. — a'Aeux, ApHay'TiiHi. 
Alj^iers. A^5KH'p:B. 
Alps, AjLUhiUcKu njaHHHbf. 
Aiiierica, AiielpHKa; — ^ can, n. — 

Ka'HOui, ^ a'HKa ; %. — Ka'HCKwft, 
Antiocb, ABTi&xifi, 
Apenines, AneHH'HCKJbi niiaHiiHu'. 
Arabia, Apa'fiia ; —inn, — bh- 

khh-b: a. — Bi'flcKMft. 
Armenia, ApHe'Hifl; — iiiti, n. — 

Me'HHHi, -Me'HKa,-» ia. ^^ encKwit. 
Asia, AsiH; — atic, n. -^Hireu'B, 

-a'HKa; a. — R'acKt&ii. 
Athens, AiH'na; — itian, n. - h- 

Heux, - H'mca ; a. — KHCKwii. 
Anstralia, AfiCTpa^iia. 
Austria, ABCxpiH; — ian, n. -pi'eu'B, 

Ei'meu.'h; a. — ABcipiltcKHfl. 
Balkan, EajKa'Hi ; cTa'pa njiaHHHa'. 
Babylon, BaBUAO'wb. 
Baltic sea, BajiTilicKO Mope. 
Bari)ary, BapBa'pia. 
Bavaria, Eaaa'pia. 
Belgium, Eejiia. 
Bengal^ EeHra'^ia. 
Bethlehem^ Bmiee'n'h. 
Black Sea, %'pHO Mope. 
Bohemia, Bore'ma; — ian, n. — re- 

Mem, -e'MKa; a. — e'MCKufi. 

Hukarcst, ByKype'iUb. 
Cairo, Kan'p'b. 

Canary isles, KaHa'peKH o'tftfota. 
(Caspian Sea, Kacni'ficKO Mo'pe. 
(;au«asijs, KaBKa'cia. 
Gbina, KuTa'ii, K^fHa; • — these^ a 
— la em, - He'3HirB ; a. — laB- 

Circassia, ^epKe-sia; — siaa, n — 
e'3HHT&, - e'acKa -, a. — e'semt. 

Coiisrantinopie, I(a'pHrpa4i:, 'Gth'h- 

Corinth, Kopn'HTi; -— fhi^ri, ii. — 
TflHHH'B ; a. -^ €Kuii, 

Crimea, Kpi>l'iii:b. 

(Cyprus, Ku-up^. 

Croat iii, Kpoa'iUa. 

Dane, n. ^^^aatacb; -a'fiicat/a 

Danube, 4y'HaBi&. 
Denmark, 4^'Hia. 
Dutch, n. 0^a'H4em, -H4Ka; a. - 


East Indies, B^bCTO'wa H'HAifl. 

£dinhnrgh, E4HH6/pr:E. 

Kgypt, Eru'nera; — tian, — H'nTfl- 

HHHi-HKa; a. — H'neTCKufi. 
Ephesus, Eoe'ci. 
Ethiopia, ETio'nifl. 
Euphrates, EB4»pa'T:b. 
Europe, Eapona; — pean, — ne- 

eiti, -lie'fiKa; a. — ne'ficKBifi. 
France, <E>pa'Hua. 
.Freiicli, n. OpaHuy'aiiffB, -ysKu'flfl; 






a. — y'3CKufi, 
Ganges, TsLurech. 
Geneva, JKcHe'Ba. 
(ienova, Te^HOBa. 
Georgia, Fpy'aia; — gian n. — sia- 

HCm, - 3ia'HK?l ; a, SHHCKHfi. 

Gerniany, r^pMa'iiiH; — man, o. — 
aneu,!,^ -a'HKa; a. — a'HCKufi. 

Great Britain, BcjIIIKO — BpHxa'aia. 

(jreece, Tpbitia; Greek, n. FpbK^B, 
FpbKu'Ha: a. Tpb^iu^hiii. 

Greenland, rpHHjia'H4ia. 

Hamburg, A'Mfiypre. 

Hanover. AnOBeps^. 

Hebrew, n^ Itope'ii«t,.-^'fiKa; a, 

— e'ficKMfi. 

Helena (St.) O'cipoBi CaaTa' Ejena. 

Holland, 0jja'H4ia. 

Iceland, Hcja'H4ia. 

India, II'H4ia ; — dian, n. — 4ia- 

Heit^E - a'HKa ; a. — 4i'ftcKuit. 
Ireland, IIpjia'H4ia. 
Irisb, n. IIp^a'H4eu:b-H4Ka: a. — 

Italy, HTa'jia ; — lian, n. — jia- 

Heu^E, - a'HKa ; a. — ancKtiii. 
Japan, flno'Hia; — ese, — o'Heui; 

a. — O'HCKUfl. 

Jerusalem, lepycajiH'Hi. 

Jordan, Iop4a'H:b. 

Lapland, .lanja'HAifl; — er, — a'n- 

4ej^i; a. — H4CKHit. 
Lisbon, «lHca6o'H:b. 
Lombardy, •IoM6a'p4iH. 
London, «Io'H40H:b. 
Macedonia, MaKe40'Hia; — nian, n. 

— o'Hei^^E. 
Malacca^ Ma^a'KKa. 
Malta, Ma'jTa. 
Maritza, MapH'i^a. 

Mediterrenean, Cpe403e'MH0 Mo'pe. 
Mexico, Me'KCHKO. 

Moldavia, Mo^4a'Bia. 

Monaslir, En'TOjia. 

Montenegro, ^e'pna Fopa'. 

Morocco, Mopo'Kib. 

Nile, Hh'^^b. 

Nineveh, HnHCBi'a. 

Normandy, HQpiia-H4k. 

Norway, HopBc'ria. 

Narwegian , Hopaa'aem; a. — acKuii. 

Paris, Ilap0'e%; — Stiao, n. — - pn'c- 


Parma, Ha'pua* 

Persia, Ha'pcia: — atan, ti — ci- 
ea:b, - chhtb, — ia'HKa, - cifiKa; a, 

— cificKbifi. 

Petersburgh (St.), Herepd/pr*. 
Philippopolis, njo'B4iiB%, <^H'jii6e. 
Poland, IIojo'Hia; JLeid'a; I'ole, IIo- 

Portugal, nopiyra'^^ia. 
Prussia, Hpycia; — sian, n. — 

cia'Hei^^b ; — y'ccKwfi. 
Red Sea, ^epBe'HO Mope. 
R hijie, Pe'fliTb. 
Roman, n. Fn'MaHBH^s ; a. — h'm- 


Salonica, CejaHH'Ki, Co'jyHTB. 
Sardinia, Cap4H'Hia; — nian, n. — 

Hei^i; a. — HCKuii. 

Saxony, CaKco'ma. 
Sclavonia,, CjafiO'Hia ; — nian, n. 

— o'Hejo^i; a. — HCKbifi; (language) 

Scotch, n. IUoTja'H4eu:b: a. — a'H4- 


Scotland, niOT^a'H4iH. 

Selimnia, C.iH'BeHi. 

Seryia, Cbp6i'a,* — vian. n. — 

6HH!b, - 6Ku'Ha ; a. — dcKufi. 
Shumla, lUy'HeHi. 
Siberia, CH6H'p:b. 
Sicily, Cnioi'.da. 
Sistova, Cbhii^o'b^e. 
Smyrna, CiiH'pHa^ HcHH'pi. 




Spain, Hcna'Hifl. 

Spaniard, Hcna'neu'B, -a'mca; — 

nish, — a'HCKEiii. 
Sweden, UlBe'ii^iH. 
Swede, inBe4:B, - 4Ka; — dish, — 

Swiss, n. niiyfMaufpeifB ; 9. — pan8. 
Strifzertand, fflaeiiua'pia. 
Syria, CH'pia; — rian, n. — a'hhhi, 

- fl'HKa ; a. — pi'flcKufi. 
TtrtBiy, TapTa'pifl. 
Thames, Te'Hsa. 
Thessaly, Tecca'jiiH. 
Thracia, Tpa'Kia. 
Tiber, Tn'sep^b. 

Troy, Tpo'fl, Tpoa'4a. 

Tunja, T/ffiKa. 

Turk, lypTOHi (pi. — puH), - 

pKu'HH ; — kish, — pcK&ifi; — 

key, — pitia. 
Tuscany, TocKana. 
United, StaHas. JA^jmnfwm 4ifn^ 


Venice, BeHe'aia. 

Vesuvius, Besy'Bia. 

Vienna, Bie'Ha. 

Volga, Bo'wira. 

Wallachia, Bjaxi'a, Bja'mKo. 

Warsaw, Bapma'aa. 

West Indies, 3a'na4Ha H'HAia. 



Note. The regular passive forms of verbs with cfl are not generally 

(My} signifies that the verb to which it is attached requires the 
Dative case. 



verb active 



■ passive. 
» neuter. 
» reflexive. 




• reciprocal. 

• impersonal. 

— — 


A, but ; and. 

A6^\ T. thick woolen cloth; a. kind 

of cloak made from this cloth. 
A6aH0'b5, T. ebony. 
A'BrycTi, August. 
A'rne, lamb; — h& ca, v. n. lo 

A'Ah^ hell. 
A 3631(8, alphabet. 
/A3:b, I. '^ .■ 
Afifie'pb, T. see H'Kpa. 
AKa4e'Mifl9 academy. 
Ako, if; — H 4a, although, though; 

— He, if not; except. 

Akt^b, act. 

Axewh^ a. light red. 

AiHiue, native coverlet. 

AMBom, G. priest^a desk, pulpit. 

Ajhh'hi^, amen. 

Anrapi'H, T. see rapi'a. 

A'lireiTi, angel ; — xpaim'Tejii, 
guardian angel. 

Ano'cTOj^B, apostle; all the New Tes- 
tament except the gospel . 

AnpH'jifi, April. 

Apam'fl, T. cauldron. 

ApaoHHi^^ negro; — mca, negress. 

ApecyBaM:b-caM!B» G. v. a. to like, 
he |}le<)sed with. 




Apma'Hii, T. threshin)^ floor. 

ApTH'cyBajirb-H'niifi^ T. v. n. to re- 
main, be left ; — TapAH'cyBaM:^ 
-caM^E, V. a. to caiTse to reinaiDv 
save from, increase. 

ApXHMaH4p»rT:b^ abbot. 

ApxHTe'KTOps-KTOHT&, architect. 

Apmn'H^E^ T. cloth measure of 28 
inr'hes; naechanie's measure of 
29 1/2 inches. 

A'TOMTB. atom. 

A^io'Hx, T. opium. 

A«ope3Ho', anathema; — pe'cyBaMi 
-caMiB, V. a. to analliemalize. 

Ax%^ ah, oh. 

— — 


EaaHa'^ laml)*s skin (used for fur). 

Ba'6a, grandmother; midwife; mo- 
ther-in-law; — 6HqKa, old wo- 
man; — 6y'BaM:B, te be midwife, 
to officiate as midwife. 

Ba'BUii 3a-, V. a. to amuse, divcit; 
to hinder, deliiy; — cff, v. r. to 
delay, Hnger, loiter. 

EarpflHH'ii^a, porphyry. 

Ba^e'Mi, T. almond. 

BaKa'JHiTB, T. grocer; — Jtmua, gro- 

BaRiaaa'^ T. a. kind of flaky cake 
sweetened with honey or syrup. 

BaiHy'BaiTB, v. n. to talk in sleep, 
be delirious. 

Ba'^o, see a6a'. 

Ea'HHua, see mjhhi. 

Ba'H^b, copper money. 

Ea'Hfl, bath ; — um*B:^ see KiSk'nifi. 

Bapa66'fi, potatoes. 

Ba'paM!b, V. a. to totiebi feel of or 

after; grope. 
Bapy'TiB, powder. 
Ea'cHA, fable; — HOCJO'BeHi^^ fal)u- 

lous; — ^'Me; mythology. 
Ba'ie, -TH), -aiH), see 6a'io; — 

TiOBi, — MioB^b, elder brother's. 
Ban^a', father, — iimm'a, patrimoiiv; 

— mHH:B| father's. 

Ea'K), the wdress of a younger bro- 
ther to an elder. 

Ba'iR (my) v. n. to heal by ei- 

Be4po', thigh. 

Be36o'»ceHi-»CHa^ godless, ungodly; 

— »ecTBO-aKie, godlessnes^.^ im- 
piety; atheism ; — TKHUKb ; un- 
godfy maii; atheist. 

Be36pa4^, beardless. 

Be36pa'qeHi-iHa, unmarried. 

Be36po'eH'B, numberless. 

Be3B0'4eH'B-4Ha, walerUss, dry. 

Be3Bpe'MeHeH'B-HHa, unscasonablt*, 

Be3B'fc'pie, see neBipie. 

Be3B:b3Bpa'TeH%-THa, see HeaiaBpa- 

Be3r.ia'ceHi-CHa, voiceless, silent, 

Be3rpu'»feHT&-»Ha, without care, un- 

BesFpi'meiTB-mHa, sinless, imma- 

Be'34Ha, abyss, deep, 

BesAO'iteHi-MHa. homeless. 

Ee34y'meH'E - mna, inanimate, uor 

Ee34i'HeHi-i&'HHa, bottomless, un- 

Ees^t'TesB-THa^ childless, barren; 

— tkbi'hs, — ku'hh, a childless 

Be3»(e'HCTB0, celibacy. 
BeaaaKO'Heffb-o'HHa, bi%ie$s: irfe(i-i. 




{^ious ; — Hie, iniquity ; irreli- 
gion ; — HHHKi, lawless, irreli- 
gious person. 

Be33&'6'B, toothless. 

Be3HMeH'B-HHa, anonymous. 

Beaifpi. T. linseed oil. 

BesKBa'ceH'B-CHa; unleavened. 

Be3KHH'»reH'B-3KHa, illiter^ite. 

Be3K0He'(feH'B-qHa, endless, intinife. 

Be3K0pu'CTeH:b-THa, disioieresled ; 

— Tie, disinterestedness. 
Be3Kpa'Hm&-flHa, endless, immense. 
Be3K&'meHX-iiuia^ houseless. 
BeaiH'qeH'B-TOa, impersonal. 
BesMO'jiBie, silence, retiremmt. 
Be3Ht'peH:E-pHa^ immen^se. iu)mod- 

eraie; — hoctb, immensify. 

Be3Mt'cTem-THa, (ml of |)laoe. 

Be3Ha4e'»r4eH'b-4Ha, hopeless. 

Be3HaMa'jeH:b-jiHa, without begin- 
ning;, etefnal. 

BesHaqaUie-JCTBO, anarchy. 

Be3Hpa BCTBCH^b-eHHa, immoral ; . — 
HHocTb, immorality. 

Be3o6pa'3eH'B-3Ha, deformed; — 3ie, 

Beaona'ccHi-cHa, saf<», secure; — 
CHOCTb, safely. 

Be, opy'»eHX-KHa, unarmed. 

BeaoTBt'TeHi-raa, inexcusahle. 

Be3ne'4H0CTb., unconcernedness ; in- 

Be3nJ0'4eirB-4Ha, unfruitful, barren; 

— 4ie, UDfruitfulni5SS. 

Besoio Tenrb-THa, see 6e3Ttie'ceH'b. 

Be3no40'6eHi-'6Ha, incomparable ; 

BeanOKO'HHi-ifHa^ restless, uneasy, 
uncomiortable ; — KO'ifi, v. a. to 
disturb, disquiet ; — Ko'ficTBO, 
uneasiness, restlessness, disquie- 

Be3aai6teas-'3Ha, unprotitible, u&e- 


EeanoMO'iueHi-mHa, unaided. 

Ee3nopo'MeH'b-4Ha, see Henopo'qeirb. 

Ee3npe4t'.ieH'b - jina , unlimited , 
bouiidl'ss. infinite. 

Ee3npeKocjo'BeH'b - Bna y umont ra • 
dictory , indisputable. 

Ee3npepu'BeHi-BHa, uninterrupted, 

EeanpecTa'Hen^b - a'mia^ unceasmg, 

EeanpHjH'qeH^b-qHa, incnrnparnble : 

EednpHMfpeH^b - pna, unexampled. 

Ee3npiiCTpa'cTeH'b-CTHa, impartial ; 
— Tie, impartiality. 

EedOiik'TeH^b-THa, irregular: im|'ro- 
per, unbecoming; unjust. 

Ee3pa3C£'4eHi-4Ha, unreasonable, 
mconsiderate iuiprudent. 

Ee3po'4eH'b-4Ha, wilhoul i»f)s.|)riug. 

EescH'jeHi-jHa, (w»werle>s , impo- 
tent, weak; — iie, injpoience. 

Ee3c.iOBe'ceHi-CHa>^, (lumb, irratio- 

BeacMU'cjeHi-eHHa, senseless, un- 
meaning; inconsiderate; — HHOCTb^ 

Ee3CMb'pTeHi>-THa, immorial; —Tie, 

Eeacpa'MeHi-MHa, ^hameless, iuj- 
pudent, brazen. 

Ee3cpe'6peHHHKi, disinterested per- 
son (applied to St. KoaMa, and 
to St. 482ifl'Hi, two brothftrs^ 
physicians, who practiced ^ithput 

Ee3Cpo'<ieHi-HHa^ unlimited in i'm^f 

EeacTpa'CTeH^-THa, apfitheiic; in- 
difft-rent; — Tie, indifference, a* 

BescTcaiEOi'Bt, fe^irlesa. 





EesciBtcTeH^b-THa, wilhout con- 
science, urrscrujiulous. 

Ee3ciHeH:b-XHHa^ sleepless. 

Be3Ttjie'ceHX-cHa, incorporeal, im- 

Ee3y'MeHi - mhb^ foolish ; insane , 
fool; — Mie, — MCTBO^ foolish- 
ness, folly, 

Beaycjo'BeH'B-BHa, unconditional. 

Beaycnt'meHX-fflHa, unsucces^ful 

BeayTt'meHX-mHa, mconsolahle, dis- 

Beaiti'HeHTB-t'HHa, priceless, inval- 
uable, inestimable. 

Be3ia'4eH'B-4Ha, childless. 

BeaqejOBt'ieHX-qHa, inhuman ; — 
^ie, inhumanity. 

Be3qe'eTeHi&-THa, dishonorable, dis 
graceful; — xie, dishonor, dis- 
grace, ignominy ; — .Ti&, v. a. 
to dishonor, disgrace. 

Besqe'ieHi-Tra, innnumeiable. 

BesqH'HeH'B-H'HHa, disorderly; — h- 
Hie, disorder. 


Be3iio'BCTBeH'B-eHHa, unfeelmg ; in- 
sensible; — Bie, apathy; insensi- 

Beax, without ; — 4a, without , 
(lised with verbs.). 

Bepa'qb, gatherer; grapegalheier. 

Bepi'H, see 4a'BaHie. 

Be'pHBK^b, tax-gatherer. 

Bep£', (ao. 6paxi), Ha-, 0-, v. a. 
to gather, collect; iuiy up; pick; 
V. n. fester; — 4yuii&^ to be 

BecH'jo, gallows. 

Eect'4a, discourse, homily. 

Ee'ciA^ 0-, V. a. to hang (a roan). 

Eh 6a, see jmicapKa* 

Bh'boi^b, buffalo ; — iHitu, buffalo I 

-. a .-:»•■-:!* 

EHce'p^b, pearl : false pearls, glass 

En'TBa, brittle, combat. 
EH'To-cu'peHe,S()ft skim-milk cheese. 
Eht%, beaten ; fulled. 
Bhmb, whip, scourge. 
Erifi, V. a. to beat, strike; whip. 

scourge; y-, to kill; — rCH, 10 

E.ia'r4eiib, day on which meat is 
eateo, not a fast day. 

EiarHH'^ see Cjia4H'. 

Ejaro', all kinds of fleshy or ani- 
mal substances which are allow- 
ed on other than fast days. 

Eja'ro, well, kindly (obsolete except 
in composition). 

Ej!'Hie, good-will, favor; good 
pleasure, will. 

B.iarOBO'HeHx-o'HHa, fragrant, sweet 
smel ing ; — BO'nie, fragrance, 

EjiaroBpe'MeH%-eHHa, well-timed, sea- 
sonable; — Jttie, favorable lime. 

EjaroBfrcxie, good tidings, gospel, 
— i'menie^ the announcing of 
good tidings. 

Ejaror.ia'cie, euphony. 

EjaroroBi'HH^^ devout, reverent ; 
Reverend, (applied to a married 
priest); — Bt'ifi, v. a. to vene- 
rate, revere. 

Ejaro4a'peHi-pHa, thankful, grate- 
ful 4 satisfied, pleased with ; — 
pe'Hle, gratitude; thanks; plea- 
sure; — pi*', V. a. to thank; 
give thanks. 

Ejaro4a'Te.ib, giver of good, bene- 
factor, — 4a'Tb, f. grace; bles- 
sing ; abundance ; benefit, profit* 

EjaroAt'dcTBie^ pi os^>eri ly . 

£4aro4t'Teib, doer of jgoodt , k^M* 



4 31 

factor; — jCTBOBam^B^ v. «, to 
load with- favors or kindness. 
JBjaro4'bH'Hie, well-doing; good deed; 

EjaroH3BOJ[fl'BaH'E-o'j[UB, V. n. to h^ 
well pleased, please ; be so kind, 
have the goodness. 
£jaroHpa'BeHi - BHa, mannerly, well 
-hehavfd ; — Bie, ^ood manners^ 

Bjaronojiy'HeHi - qna, prosperous, 
fortunate; — qie, prosperity, hap- 

EjaronpHCTo'inrB-ifHa, decent, be- 
coming; — HOCTb, decency, deco- 

RiaronpiH'Teirb-THa, favorable, pro- 
pi^ijyi,s; acceptable; — TCTByEraMi, 
V. n. tu be favorable. 

Bjaropa3C£4H'Te.ieH'b-jiHa, judicious, 

Ejaropasy'iieirbHttHa, prudent; — 
Hie, prudence. 

BiaropacTBopeHi-pHa^ salubrious. 

Biaropo'4eH'B-4Ha^ noble born, no- 
ble; gmlleman; — 4ie, — 4ctbo, 

E^'HeH'B-HHa, favorably in- 
clined, benevolent, kind. 

Eiarocjia'BflH:b-jOBidfk\ v. a. to bless; 
— OBe'Hi - e'HHa, blessed ; — o- 
Bc'iiie, blessing, benediction. 

BjarociCToa'Hie, well-being, wel- 

BjiarocbpAe'HeH^E^qHa, kind hearted , 
cordial; — Hie, kmdhearledness, 

Bjiaroyro'4eHi-4Ha, well pleasing, 
agreeable, aceepiable*. 

BiaroyTpo'6eH:b-6Ha, tender-hearted, 

IBjaroyxa'Hie, perfume, fragrance; 
— xaift, V. n. to be fragrant. 

BjiaroiecTH'B'B, pious, godly, reli- 
gious : — Tie, piety, godliness, 
n ligion. 

Ejiaroqii'Hie, good order; — Hem 
-H'HHa, orderly, decorous. 

Bjiar:b, S. goed, kind; sweet. 

B.ia»:e'H'b-e'HHa^ blessed,. happy, — 
HCTBO^ blessedness^ bliss. 

Bjia'HceH'B-arHa, a. from 6jaro', contra 
no'cxeni; — }Km\ v. a. to eat 
things not allowed on fast days. 

Bja'sHifi, v. a. to deceive, lead a- 
stray, entice. 

E.iaa'b' Oiij% ^^"> blessed. 

Bjia'TO, p(»nd, marsh. 

BjiecKa'BiHia^ see cBtTKa'BHua. 

Bje'cK%, brightness, splendor. 

B.ieii^i]fk'-CH<B, V. n. to shine, glisten. 

BjH'2KeH%-»rHa, near ; S. neighbor, . 

B.ih'»c<b-3H£/ 0-, V. a. to lick. 

EjH3Ha'K:b, twin; —Hi*', v. n. to 
bear twins. 

B.iH3HH'i](a, see cTO'MbHa. 

Bjh'3o^ near, nigh; — orjie'4'B, near 

BjHKaiH'E-KHiB, V. n. to gush. 

BjMCTa'Te.ieHi-JHa, brilliant, splen- 

Bjy'4eHi-4Ha, lewd, dissolute, pro- 
digal; — 4Hnra, fornicator; — 
HHua^ harlot; — 41^ fornication. 

6j[y'4KaB:b, tasteless, insipid. 

B.i'bxa', flea. 

6.ib'cKa.iii-CH£, V. a. to push; slam; 

6jt'4eHb - 4Ha, pale ; — 4HOCTB9 

Bjii^ifi, V. n. to bleat. 

Bmo'ao, a small woodeii dish. 

Bia'cKa-cHe ca, see cat'iKa ca. 

Bo'6i, bean. 

6o'6:bpb, beaver* 

JBora'TL, rich f^ tctbo, richea. ' 




Boro6oadiH'Bi^ tiodrearing* leve- 

rem. I* ous. 
6oroB4AXHOBe'irB - e'HHa, divinely 

inspired; — Be'irie^ divine inspi.- 

EoroBtmaHi - a'una, rrowned of 

God, ^'lorious. 
Eor03Ba'Hi-a'HHa, railed of God. 
BoroH36pa'Hi*a'HHa^ chosen of God. 
Boro.iio'6eu%, lover of God. 
EoroiioUeUi<i de**'i»nt man, pilgrim. 
Bor6HeHaBii'cTHHK;B^ hater of God. 
B )raoTCT£'nHii(rE^ an apostate. 
Boronpifli'TeHi - THB, n;*reealile to 

BoronpoTHBeHi-BHa^ fightiiig a^^ainst 

God. impious. 
Boropo'4HUa^ Mother of God (The 

Vir>»iii^Mary).'B'b, theologian; - Bie, ibe- 

Borocjy»e'Hie^ divine servii*?, rhe 

Eproc:bTbope'ui--e'HHfi, created hy 

Boroyro^eHi-AHa, pleasing to God, 

just, pious. 
BoroxpakH'iM'B^ protected by God. 
B roxy'jiie-jcTBO, hUsphemy; — 

JHUKlV hiaspiemer. 
Eoro4eieBt'K'E^ God-man. 
BoroflBJe'Hie,^ ilse manifestation of 

Bon, God ; — ru'Hfl, goddess. 
Bo4e';Kb^ sitarp pain, colic. 
BoaWa^j, a kind of thorn - bush, 

Bo4Ka^ fork. 

Bo4iH'B:^. gorinjg;, hooking^ 
Bo'4pocTi>^ vigilance ; — pcTByBam^ 

y. n. to he watebfuJ, be viji ' 

lant, watch. 
Bo4V firirk ; t>md ; jftitoh, ,-....,... ^,v 

Bo4pv-4pa, watchful, vigilant. 

Bo4^W4Hil>, y-, V, a. to prick, 
f tierce; hook, gore. 

Bo'xce, God ; — »ce'cTBeHi*eRiia^ 
divine; — ecTBO', God^^^ead, divi- 
nity ; — m&An^ of God, Gods. 

Bo'^flKi^ hegisar. 

Boxcfo'pi, double blush peony. 

Boaa'g, ?e€ cy'qi&. 

Bo'H, battle, w<ir; heatiuj^; T. sta- 
ture, height. 

Bo'fiHHiia^ battery. 

Bojie4y'BaM'E, V. n. to be sickljf, 
unwell; — lewbr-Ma^ sick; — 
jecTb, sii kness ; lesKKa — ^ typhus 
fever ; B^HKaiUHa — , fit. — 
jIKB, pain; sore; — jHaBi^ sickly. : 
unwell ; — jihh'k'E, invalid ; — 
jiHH'ua^ I'ospital. 

Bo.ih'^ v. i. it pains, ^urt.^. 

Bo'H6a, bomb; — 6ap4iipy'Ba]ii^ 
v. a. In bumh;ud. 

Bop6.a\ wresfhu;;: ruute.'it; .slrug- 
ge; fig».f, 

Bo'pHHa, pJlc wood. 

Bop%, pill.*. 

EopiiR ca, v. rec. to wrestle; ih)ii- 

tend; struggle; Ojjht. 
BovHiflKi, blue- bottle, corn-flower. 
Bo'cKa^ te^t, brej»st. 
B )c:b^ barefooted. 
Boiy'iHb, boot. 

Bo'ua^ a square glass bottle. 
BoasjiH'Bi, timorous, timid. 
Boifi' cfl^ v. r. to fear, be alraid. 
Bpa'aa, lock. 
Bpaaqe'^ coll. n. small aninsals, as 

st^ep, etc 
Epa'ra^ see 6y3«'. 
Bpa4a', beard; — A^'tb^ bearded. 
Bpa4a'BHi%a, wart. 
Bpa'Ktb, marriage. 
jBpa'H« ,£ar, v., a. to/defeiviL j|»^? 


■. >i: 



feci; (My), lo forbid, hinder ; 

— RHme, iiee Kopffl. 
Epara'mU'B, brother s son. 
Bparb, -bri^ber; — tobi, brollier's; 

*- TCKutt^ fraternal; — TOBse', bro- 
ther's rhild; — T04a'4Ka. bro> 
ther s daugiiter; — H9i'Ah^ nejjhew, 

6pa'qeir&-qHa^ a. of marriage, mar- 

Epaiujfl'Hi^ ivy. 

EpaamQ'^ flour . meal ; — He'Hi, 

Epamoie'BUk^ v. n. to prattle, talk 
D<*Qsefise, iulk without any logi- 
4'al connection. 

Bpe'Me {S. 6pt'Mfl), see TOBapi. 

EpH'qaMi^ v< a. see 6pb'cHA. 

Ep04'B, ford. 

Epo'fi^ 'number; na-^ m number; 
-H-eHH'aa, rosary; — oi*', npe-^ 
V. a. 10 number, count. 

Epo'iUbv madder. 

Epouiio'pKa^ pruiplilet. 

Epy'iifi, y-, (ot-, Ha-,) v. a. to 
l>eat do\vn fruit. 

EpycBH'ua,- measles. 

Epyci, wiietst4)ne. 

Epijio'KBa^ lettuce. 

Ep^Bxce, swiftly, quickly. 

Epi'3aMi, V. n. to hasten, hurry ; 

— ^iOCTfc, - 30Ta', - 3HHa', baste, 
quickness. speeJ^ rapidity 

Bf'bB'by swift, quick, speedy, rapid; 

— sell, current. 
Epb'40) iiill; weaver s reed. 
BpbM6a^i^ beetle. 
BpbMKaUo^ Jewsharp. 

Epbimifi', V. n. to buzz; whistle (the 

£pb'cKaMi.-cHiii^ V. a. to bnish; 

sweep; ' — CHa'iKa^ brush- broom 
Epb'cw9^ rater; t-i^'cha 0-^ ^.-a.. 

Em 13^ 

to shave; — CH, v. r. to shave: • 
BpbCTb, f^reen twigs used for fee- 
ding? cattle in winter; — cthrv 
V. a. to feed with 6pbCTb. 
Bpb'4Ui^ V. a. to wrinkle^ puck^*; 

— HKavWnnkle. 
Bpb'mift 0-, V. a. to wipe. 
Bptns^ shore, bank.. 
BptaHa'^ furrow. 
Bpt'cTi, elm tree. 

By'6a, a bugbear to frighten children,* 

B/epeirb, T. kidney. 

By6yj[e'"iKa, bug. 

By4H'iHHKi, alarm-clock. 

By'4]ft cii-, V. a. to awake; — Aem 
-4Ha, awake, vigilant. 

By'eHi-^itHa, violent; great; rank. 

Bysa'^ T. a thick vvhtte drink made 
of millet fermented. 

B/aa, cheek. 

By'KBa, a letter of the alphabet; — ^ 
BaieH'E-JHa^ literal; — Ba'p^b^ a 
small bouk containing the alpha- 

E3rKaB'^ T. fetters. 

ByKi, beech- tree. 

by'JKa, bride. 

By'io, Veil. 

Eynifi^ see 6yHTy'Bam. 

by'HTi, revolt, rebellion; sedition, 
niut iny ; — to BHffici, rebel ; — 
Ty'saMi^ V. a. to cause to revolt; 

— CH, V. n. to revolt, rebeL 
By'pe, a small cask; — pi'a, a long 

By'pera, weed. 
By'pa^ storm. 

Byia'jKa, churn, -r-ao, churn-staff. 
ByTaMirTff&, V. touchBlightly, 

joggle; touch; la push, throw 
- down; churn. 
HByxa'4Ka^ pouiider (for clu(ii€Mi);^ "^ '^ 





By'xwi, cat-uwK 

By'xajicb-xfift^ v. a. to poundcluthes; i harm. 

V. ri. lo hoot. 

By na, lump; cSod; snow-l)aII ; -*• 
itw, salivary glands. 

Byikh', V. n. lo roatr (the wind, 

B:b3%, elder-tree. 

Bi'KBwi^b, water cask;' — Rie, wa- 
fer flask; — lUH'ua, wine flask. 

Bwr/pb, bwiled, dried wheat ; 
crarked wheal. 

Bipbo'iiKa, mulberry; henry of the 

BiHBa, barrel ; ' — qaa'pb^ cooper. 

BuaajHi^ (ao. 6vixT> and 6hui,o'xi>) 
V. n. lo exist, to be; 6u'fia^ it 
will do; He — , it will not do. 

EuiTB^ bull. 1 

Bbi'jie, fish poison. 

Ebi'jiKa^ medi(Mnal plant. 

BucTpi-Tpa, cjear ; — pnfla., — 
pora", eU^arness. 

EutIg-, exislenre; Gi-Hesis. 

BuTonHcame^ history. 

Bb'JBaH%-jib'BH£^ H3-., V. a. and n. 
to vomit; — jiBo'^b^ vomilini;. 

Bb'pKaM'b-pb'KHft^ v. a. to put or 
thrust in. 

Bb'pKaH^b^ v. a. (paa-): to mix, stir, 
up; shuffle; (o-) cause to make 
a mistake; (c.*-) confuse; (c-) 
tangle, snarl; hinder; v. n. make 
mistakes; — ca, interfere, meddle, 
— KOTi'a, confusion, disorJer 

Et'raH'B^ v. n. to run; (no-rn*) to 
fl?e; run away, desert; (ot-) 
avoid, shun; (3a-) flee or»f's 
country ; (h3 ^) escapt*; (y -) 
escape pursuers; (npH-) to flee 
lo for refuge; — raflie, fleeing, 
flijjht; — n, sp<!ed; flight ;^ — 
rcTBO^ Hegira 

• .*ji.'t 

Et^aVmisfortune ; danger; peril, 

Bt'4eH'b-AHa, poor, unforti»nate; 

wreti'hed ; — 4H0CTb, poverty. 
Bft'4CTBie, calamity, misery ; — ey- 

BaNX, V. n. to be in danger, to 

be insecure. 
Bi^KaHe'ifB^ deserter, runaway.'cyBaH'B-rcaiiiv ^^^ *® whiten. 
Bt'.i'B, while; — jh'jo, white paint; 

rouge ; — jiHHa', wbitenessi ; — 

Jo6pa'4%, white-bearded; — iriKh, 

white of an egg. 
Bfjirb, sign, symbol ; scar; — 

t'xcKa, mark ; — t'»ift, v. a. to 

B'hA'b"}&^ V. n. no — , to . become 

white; H3 — ^ to fade; — ■* ca, v. n. 

to appear white. 
Bt'.ii]fk, V. a. y -, H3 -, to w^hi?e», 

bleach ^ no -, to while - wash ; 

0-, to p^ re, peel. 
Bfrci, demon; nradness (of dogs); 

— ceH:B, mad ; S. possesiied with 

a devil. 
B*'6p», V. n. to mutter, v' 
Ei&'4£, future of cbMb; — ^4xniil) 

future; — mHOCTb, future, riio- 

Eft'xTifi, V. a. to beat ; ?. n. to 

beat, throb. 
BiBX'b^ denial; XBa'iuaMi — t, 

lo deny. 

V. a. 


Ba'4a^ brook; — 4iniKa, riH. 
Ba'4iA^ V. a. (h3^) to take out: 
.^ draw;, extcact ; suotraei;' g€C out, 




obtain ; get out, puhKsh ; iovent, 
introduce lo ust ; collect (debts etc.) 
Ian; (na-) to water with sinail 
streams; — my HMe, to nick- 
name; — HfrKOrO OTT& rjaBiK-T£^ 

to put up to ; lead astray, en- 

Ba'HceH'b-»CHa, weighty, important; 
— SKHOCTb^ importance. 

Ba1fl^ palm. 

Ba'Kca^ blacking. 

BaiH'^, V. i. -^ 4'BMf4b5 it rains ; — 
cHtrt, it snows; — rpa4'B, it 

Baicaiio'cyfiaHi-ca)!^^ v. a. embalm. 

BajHO', wad, bundle; volume of 

Ba'jiqecTi, round; — qecTb, round- 

Bajii, roller (for land); — AUKb, 
ball; — jaM:B, V. a. to roll; make 
into a ball; (y-) dirly, soil; 
full ; mat. 

Ba'ncyBaBii-caMi, G. v. a. to color, 

Ba'psapi, barltarian. 

Bap3H'jKa^ see Bbpai'fl. 

Ba'pAa, walch-house ; guard ; — 
4a'qb, watchman, sentinel. 

Ba'p4H& y-, V. a. lo keep; wjitcb, 
^uard; observe; preserve: re- 
serve ; defend, protect ; lake care 
of (cSk -) watch for, lie in wait 
for ; V, n. take heed, be care- 
ful ; — cfl, V. r. to keep one's 
self, to defend one's self ; prepaie 
by fasting, etc. for the comuiu- 
nion ; take care^ ba on one's 
guard; take heed, b<;ware. 

Ba'pKa, l)odt. 

BapHfi'iia, . hme-kiln. 

Bapo'cyaaM'b-caHi^ v. a. to piaster; 
wiiit^vash.. - . ^ ,., .:■ 

V. r. to be 

Bapi, lime ; — pOBH'Ti, limy. 

Bapi£ c -, V. a. to boil ; cook. 

Baiub, your; > mb-Ti, yours; — 
utHHeui^ your countryman. 

BBe4e'Hie^ iutrpduction. 

BropiaBairb-m ca, v. n. to be- 
come bittj-r. ' 

B4a'fiaM:b-4aMi ca, v. r. to give 
up, submit; let, allow; give up 
one's self to; j;ive; lend; project 
inwards ; v.- i. succeed. 

B4H-raiii'B-rHiSi, V. a. to bft or take 
up; raise; lake away, remove; 
put up ; cause to rise; — ^ ch, v. r. 
rise; remove. 

B4Jt£'6HyBaH:b-H& ca, 
depressed, sink \n* 

B40Be'u'B, widower^ — Bifua, wi- 

B4pbBfl'BaMi^Bi£' ca, v. n. to be- 
come stiff numa; be stupitied. 

B4t'BaM'b-Hifi, V. a. to thrccid. 

B4&'XHyBaM'B-»iK, V* a. lo breathe 
into; inspire; --^HOBe'Hie, inspi- 

Be4Ha'ra^ see i]3Be4Ha'»b. 

Be4Ha'9KK, oncei; at one lime. 

Be4po', milk -pail; bucket; Ba.iH' 
KaTQ H3:b Be4po', lo rain pouringly. 

Be4'BpHH'K'B , large copper ke lie. 

Be4«i', used for Bo'^ifi in the as- 
pects 'of compound verbs. 

Be34tcy'^^^i, omnipresent. 

BoKe sre Be'ne. 

BeKu'jHHi, T. agent, representative. 

Be.i6jH)'4'B, see KaMH'.ia. 

BejA'Kib, S. great; — .K4eHb, Eas- 
ter; — K04y'iiieHS'-inHa, magnani- 

. mous, geijereus; i-^ iiiie, magna- 
nimity; — KOjt'neHi^nRa, magni- 
ficent ; .— ni€, nagnificence; -^ 
H'qec'iBO, mi^iy;-r-B4HHa\ see 
Toj tuM^; ^m^ majei^ty I g tiilideur. 

L ^ 




Benpi, wild boar- 

Bepu'ra, chain. ^ 

Be'ceii cheerful, glad, j<>yrus, mer- 
ry; — J6a', -jie, }i;lacliiess, joy- 
fulness, merriment; — ai*', v. a. 
to gladden, cheer, rejoice. 

Becio\ oar. 

BecHa'. see npo'itTb. 

BexTi, pid (a|xp ied to inanimate 

BeifB, wine-seHer. 
Bh'p'B, wHirtpoo^ vortex; rtfnpond; 

— B04a. dripping wei. 
BHpkik, V, a. Ha—, to rai^e up, 

luMi up. 
Bh'ciiK 0-, V. n. to harg. ' 
BHcoKo'iUHa ro4ii'fla. leap-yea'. 
BHTfa, ordfo( ; — i'flcTBO. oialn y, 


objecfs). ; BhTjIO'. screw; nuL 

/Be'se, already; no — , more; naH BnxpyiUKa, whirlwind 

, espeeiaily, specinlly ; ne — ^. 
no mo<e. 

Be'iepi, m. — pb, f. evening; — 
TC'peHX, evenings ; — pHHKi^, 
evening breeze; — epHH, evening 
reading in church; — e'pa, sup- 
per, evening meal; — e'pnwh, 
v. n. to eat the evening meai. 

Beme'cTBCHi - enHa, material ; -- 
CTBo't matter. 

Bemb, f. S. thing. 

Baan'MHufi, mutual, ^'leciprocal; — 
HO. mutuary. 

Baa'Tie, capture. 

Bh'4HHI, visibu*. 

BH'4'b. kind; . appearance; aspect ; 
view, form. 

Bii'4*il, light, b'ighl; — iHHrf. light, 

BH'3K4aii'&-H'4i&« V. a. to see; — ca, 
V. n. to seem; appear; v. rec. 
see each otbet, have an interviett 
with; — 4aHie, interview. 

Bfl'ite, a. vice-^; — ko'hcja, vice 

Bfl'ja. pitchfoik; -^jHua, fork. 

BfiHa'f blame ; S. cause ; — HH'Te- 
Ae«h, accusative; — HOBa'n, bta- 
mable, guilty. . : 

BiiHa'pby dealet in wines. 

Bh'ho. wine; — HeHi-ena, of wine; 

BifiUHH, vishna t ee; vishna (a k'n'l 
of black c> cy) 

BriA, V. a. to wind; bend; whir'; 
plait; — ca, V. r. to soarjBJe 
MH ca CfirTl, to be diz/j: 

BKa'pyaaMi-paMi, v. ». to cfrive in; 

lt»fow into. ^ 

BKJH)'MaK'b-4Ui, V. a. to rhdndf; 

inclose ; insert. 
BKopena'BaH'b-HiA' ch, v. n.* to lake 

rout, be footed. 

BKOTjfl'cyBaMi-caiH'b, v. n. -to l»f- 
come coppered, poisoned. 

BKpa'aK4aMX-a4£ ca, v. n. to std . 

m. I 

Bnycb, taste, flavor ; — ca'san ' 

-ycift, V. a to taste. 

BKbiceja'BaMi-ikik'. v. a. to saw; 

CHy'BaMl-HiR CH. V. II. i.» I'e 

come sour. 
Bja'ra, moisture (of soiij. 
BiaYaMi-o'aKift, v. a. lo put m; 

Bia'4aH'b ca, see o6xo'3K4aM:b ca. 
Bjia4bi'Ka, bishop; — -kobI, hlsUp; 

— u'toctbo, domiu.OQ ; -j- u'qfl- 

na, bishop's tax. 
Bj[a4t'Ui, v. a. to own, possess; to 

rule, have dominion ; prevail ; «- 

4t'Teib, owner, ruler; ^t'ai^i 

possession; vu'e. 
Bia'seBV4KBa, damp; naftrist; ^ 




»cHOCTb, dampness, moislnre. 
Bja'aaMTB-ji'sx, -*'3h&, see BJifaaMi. 
B^aKi, harrow. 
Bjiaca'TX, hairy. 
B^acTb, |jOwer, authority. 
Bjia'*iH&, see B^OKiK'. 
BjeK&', V. 9. to drag. 
BjH'fiaM'b-jtifi. V. a. to pour in; 

— CH^ V. r. 10 flow in, amply. 

BjH'3aM'B--lt'3&, -t'SHi^i, V. n. 10 

go in, enter. 
B.iia'Hie, influence. 

B-HK-B, wo'f. 

Bjio6nwb~6m ch, v. n. to fall in 

BM-fecTO, in the place of, instead of. 

BHtcTHBaMi-Tifi', V. a. lo tind a 
place for; place in, insert; -rca, 
V. r. to go in. 

BHeaa'neHi - nna, sudden; — -nno, 
suddenly, unexpectedly, 

BHH'KHyBaM'b-H&, V. n. lo look into, 
search into. 

BHHMa'BaM^b, V. n. to attend, give 
heed.^ lake heed; — ^ Ma'Hie, at- 
tention; — ^^ Ma'Te.ieHi, attentive, 

1 rinj; in; import; pay in. 

BByKX, gandson; — y'Ka, grand- 

BHyma'BaMx, v. a. to sugj^est; insi- 
nuate; inspire, instil; — me'Hie,. 

BH&Tpt, see Bi&'Tpt. 

Bo4a', vvMler; — 4eH'B-4Ha, wate- 
ry, fluid. 

Bo4eHii'ua, mill; gi'/zard; — HH4a'pi>, 

Bo4H'TeJb, leader ; guide. 

Bo40BO'4i, see B04onpOBo'4i. 

Bo40ja3:E, diver; diving-heil. 

BoAfiusk'AbH water-fail, ca^ad^ caK 


Bo40npoBO 4'B, aqueduct. 

Bo4opo'4'B, hydrogen. 

Bo40CBa'T%, eonsecrallon of the 

Bo'4i*, V. a. to lead, conduct; — 
7Keu&' HjIH M£;Kb, to have for wife 
or liusland, to live with; -t-CH, 
V. r. conduct, hehave; follow; 
fall in with, be led by; v. rec. to 
go loget^'cr, accompany each o- 
ther; live together. 

BoeHaqa'JHHK^b, general, tield -mar- 

Boe'neH'B-e'HHa, military. 

Bo34y'x'B, air, atmosphere. 

Bo'3i£, v. a. to carry in a carriage; 

— CH, v, r. to ride. 

BoflBo'4a, see BxfiBo'4a. k 

BoSna',^ war; — ■ oh^i, soldier, war- 
rior; — HHCTBO, host; — BeHHl 
-HHa, warlike; — ficKa', army. 

Bo'jieH'B-Ha,. free. 

Bo.iH'Ha, wafer. 

Bo.iKa'H:b, volcano. 

Boji, ox ; — JicKufi, ox*s ; — jIO- 
Ba'pb, ox- herd, 

Bo'jia, will; permission. 

BoHjiR', v. n. fo stink; — HeiE^'E, 
slinking; — na', stench, smell. 

BoopyaKaBsiMX-iKifri', v. a. to arpi, 
equip; — »ce'H%-e'HHa, armed. 

Bo'ciKX, bees' wax ; — onm'Ha, 
that part of the honey-comb 
from which wax is made, it may 
h«f either with or without honey. 

Boio'aaM'b, v. n. to war, make war. 

Bne^aTja'BaH'b-ji'b'ijii, y. a. to im- 
press, tnake an impression; — 
jiiHie. impression, 

BRparaMi-e'rHA, v. a. to harness, 

Bpa6e'n&s6iie', sparrow. 

>•; ^ O 




Bparx^ S, enemy; the adversary 

(Sal an). 
BpaH?4a\ enmity. 
Bpa3yMfl'Baiiii-Mii&'. v. a. to make 

to understand, explain ; — ca. 

to romp eliend. 
Bpa'Ha^ <T(»\v; bungliole. 
Bpa'HX-Ha, crow - bUick; — uu'ao, 

black paint fo»^ the hair; — u\&\ 

V. a. lo eoU)r ihe hair black; — 

ca, V. r. 

Bpaxa', pi. door, gate; — la'pi, 
(Jifor keeper; — tha, street-door 
or gate. 

BpaiOBe'CKa, cravat ; n^^ck-tie. 

BpaTi, neek, back of the neck; — 
thu'ki, collar; — TfiaKX, neck 

Bpa'qKa, fortune-teller; en< hanlress; 
— HiOBasi'B, V. a. to tell fortunes. 

Bpaqb, S. physician. 

Bpe^eHi-4Ha, cc^mpetent, fhtinfi;. 

Bpe4'E, daniajie injn»y l^aMii; — 
AOHX-AHa, S. — 4H'Te.ieHi-jHa, 
injurious, hurtful; — Ai&\ no--, 
V. a, lo hurt, inju e; v. n Serv. 
be Wi>«th; He Bpe^M', no matter, 
no harm. 

Bpe'»c4aMi-e'4i£^ v. a. to help one 
to hiive t»is tun; — ca, v. r. 
to havcone'f^ luMi. 

Bpe'we, (S. Bpt'Ma), time; weatl e^ 
tense; — eneniB-eHHa, tempo- 
rary; — OHHO, temporarily. 

Bpa'4aMi^-tK&' ca. v. r. (iwy) to 
l>'onnse; == o6tiiJia'Baiii'E ca. 

Bpy'4aM'B-M^, v. a. to hand ; de- 

Bpb6HHua, P«-m sunday. 

BpbBb, f. cord, siring. 

Bpb'aaHHii^a, a bundle.. 

Bpb'cKa, brinci, bandage. 
V Bpi>'3yjBaji:b-}KiB, v. a. to lie,, bind; 

— saHi, tied. 1 
BpbCTHH'KTi-M'ua, a person of equfal 

' ge. 
BpbTna', clown, lulfoon. 
Bpbxx, summit, poak ; top; ridge; 

prep, on, upon; aj^ijist; — xo'- 

BCHiB. supreme. 
BpbUKawTiTitHiR ca, v. r. to turn 

t)a('kwards <uid lorwnrds rapidly, 

to twist ofies se f about. 
Bpb'iUHHa, a twig. 
Bpb'iitaMi&-b'pHiR, v. a. to return, 

ri'Sti»re ; cah or briojj back;turo 

away ; — ca, v. r. return. 
Bpt*3yBaMi&-HCA. V. a. lo cut in; 

smk ; til m. 
Bpt'ci^KX, the l-lealing of the 

Bpt'iitii&'-t'CHiR V. n. to cry (as a 

Bpift', V. n. n. to boil. 
Bca'4HiiKiB, ho'semiin. cavalier. 
Bee, ad. ah, entirely; — Bbi'iuoHi 

-luna, hit^hest. Most H gh ; — 

MlpeH^b-pna, universal; — ch- 

jeHi-jiHa, A!uiij»hty. 
BceBt'4ym.i&, omriscient. 
Bcer4a'meHX-uina, everlasting, per- 
Bce-ia'BaM:b-jift' ca, v. n. to dwell 

in; — je'HHa, uiiivefse; — je'fl- 

CKuti. um vet sal. 
BceMory'iu-B, Omnipotent. 
Bcn'qKufl see CH'qKuB. 
Bca'KaK'bB'B, etc. st-e ca'KaKiB'B. 
Bra'ca^i^b, see ysAftJi'h. 
BTHqawL-eKfli' ca, v. n. to flow in. 
BiopHKi, Tuesday. 
BTopo'qaMi&-qi&, v. a. (-oih') to 

fasten the eyes upon, gaze; — 

ca, v. r. to {jaze, stare,," 
Bro'puB, sec unci. 
6yMK(i% maleriial uncle. 

:' - .* - 




6x04^, enf'anre. 

Bqe'pa, y»\»iter(l«y; — paiueH'b-uiHa^ 

BqHCjifl'BBM'B-auk'., V. a. to number 

with, include. 
B'b^ in, into. 
B^'r^eHi, a coal; — jiiiuxn^ pi. coals, 

Bi'4HSi 3a-, V. a. to breed ; — cfl, 

V. r. to breed. 
B'byRAGA'b'uie, lust. 
B:B36y'HC4aM'L-y'4iiB, v. a. lo awa- 
ken, arouse; sfir up; encourag«». 
BiSBe.iHqa'BaM'L-H'qkR, v. a. loexlol. 

BxaBH'BaaiiB-i'iifi, v. a. lo turn round. 
BiaBpa'TeH'B-THa, reflexive 
B'b3Bpb'iuaai'B-b'pH(B^ see Bpb'maM:s. 
B'b3BUUia't;a]»iB-u'uii£^ v. a. to exoll. 
Bi3r.ia'BHHua, pillow, bolster. 
B'b34a'BaMiB-4aiHiB, v. a. to render; 

B'B34n'raMi - fhi'b, v. a. to raise ; 

erec' ; praise, exalt. 
Bi34pb3Ka'BaMTi - »fiiR' Off, V. r. to 

restrain one's self, abstain; — 

aeaHi-3KHa, lemperaie; — aea'Hie, 

tern p^ ranee. 
Bi34*'xaM'L-xHiri, V. n. to sigh. 
B'B34y'xi, see B034y'xi&. 
BM.iH'3aMi&-jt'3ai, V. n. to go up, 

Bi?Me'34ie, recompense. 
B:b3Aio'2KeHi^ - »cHa, a>de, possible, 

p aclicable; — jkhoctb, ability. 
BMMyTH'iejib, disturber, agitator. 
B'B3MyiJLia'BaMTi-yTk&', v. a. lo dis- 
turb, agitate, excite commotion; 

— ca, V. r. to rise, revolt; — 

iDie'nie, agitation. 
B-b'snaiTB, upoQ the back. 
Bx3Ho'cflM'b-Hec£', V. a. to exalt, 

ex'.ul; — ca, v.-r. to exalt oQe'i 

se'f; ascend; — ece'flie, Ascen- 

B'BspaHca'saM'B-iKiiR', v. n. to oiiject, 

reply to; n fute, <Iisprove. 
BiapacTX, size; age; — leniB-THa, 

«r(jwn, alu't. 
Bi3po»?4o'Hie. regi'neration. 
Bi3ct'4a»'B->4H&, V. n. to sit astride, 

ritte, mount 
BiB3i, upon: — o'rHb-Ti, by the 

fiiv ; in ciimp. up. 
BTiftBo'4a, ring'-leader : S. general. ; 
Bx'wiHa^ wool; — HeHX-HeHa, wool- 
en; — HecTX, having much wool, 

BiB.iHa', wave; — ny'BaM'B, v. a. to 

agitate; — ca, v. r. to wave. 
B:bhi, ontside, out; — HKainea:b 

-lUHa, external. 
B'bo6pa»ca'BaM'B-»(i&', a3a'BaM'B-3iA', 

V. a. and n. to imagine, fancy; 

— ace'aie, imagination. 
BMJOxe'Hi-e'HHa, incarnate; — o- 

uie'Hie, incarnation. 
B^Bnpo'CB, question ; — cn'TejeiTB 

3HaK'B, interrogation pnint. 
B'bCKa'4H)6aiii'b-4i£, ¥• a. to cause to 

ascend; promote, advance; raise, 

(tlio price) — ca, v. r. to go up, 

BxcKpt'cHyaaMi-HiR, v. n. lo rise 

fiom the dead; — ca'saMTi-ci*', 

V. a. to raise from the dead; 

— ce'Hie, resurrection. 

Bxcnajenie, inflammation. 

BxcnH'pasi'b, v. n. to go up a grad- 
ual ascent; — np&' v. a. lo stop; 
detain; keep back; suspend. 

B:bcnHTa'BaAi'b-a'ij&; - H'TyBaMi-iaM'B, 
V. a to educate, brm^ up; — 
laiTB - HHa, educated; — la'Hie, 
education ; — HYaiaiflHKi, pupd, 
graduate. -^ -^ti ^;^^ 




BxcTa'Hie, insurrtMilion. 

BicTO'pr'B, rapture, ecstacy. 

BicxHiua'BaiH'B cfl, v. n. to be en- 
raptured, ravished ; — me'me, 
rapture, ecstasy ; enthusiasm. 

Bi'TiKi, woof. 

Biuapfl'Baiii'E-pk&', v. a. to enthrone; 

— ca, V. r. to ascend the throne. 
Biie.iOB'fc'ieHie, see B%uJiom,e'me. 
Ejb'mKa, louse. 

Bu'4pa, otter. 

Bu'KaM'E-KH£ no-, V. a. and n. !o 

call; cry, cry out; shout; bawl; 

scream ; scold at; — kx, rry ; 

Bbinaru^ see ca'Kora.jv/ 
Buco'k^b, high; tall; loud; lofty, 

sublime ; — oinna', height ; — 

o'HecTBO, Highness. 
Bu'niHiit, highest, supreme. 
Bbi'iiii, V. n. to iiowl. 
Bb'3e.i:B, knot, tie. 
Bbpa.i£'KX, top (plaything). 
Bbp6a', willow. 
Bbi^Be'mh, gait, walk; — fife', v. n. 

to go, walk; march. 
Bbpaili^ logwood. 
Bbp.iH'Ha, pole/ 
BbpTifi' 3a-, V. a. lo turn, whirl; 

— (TxprOBra) carry on trade; - 

— ca, V. r. to turn, revolve ; — 

— xe'HO, pivot. 
Bbpin^' y-, V. a. to thrash. 
Bb'pniifi, V. a. to do, transact; (c-) 

Bie'jHua, snow-storm. 
Bt'H?jiHB:b, civil, polite, courteous. 
Bt'liKa, bean-pole. 
B£kb,' century; age; S. bo b^'kh, 

forever; BO Bt'KH BfROBX, forever 

and ever. 
Blne'u'b, wreath, crown. 
RAhuh', gunrs. 

BtHqaBaMX-Mt'iA, v. a. to crown; 
to marry, perform ihe marriage 
ceremony; — qa'HX-a'na, crowned, 

Bt'pa, faith; belief, religion; na-. 
on trust. 

Bt'peHTi-pHa, true; faithful, trusty; 
loyal; exact; — pnocTb, faith- 
fulness, fidelity; confidence; loy- 
ally; — poHcnoB'bVteH'b-AHa, reli- 
gious; — Bt'AaHie, religion, con- 
fession of faith.'MeHi - MHa, perfidious; — 
MCTBO, peril Jy. 

Btpofl'TeHX-^Ha, probable, likely; 
credible; — THOCXb, probabdity. 

BipyBaMt no-, v. a. to believe. 

'It'cTb, see ii3Bt'cTie, 

Bt'TBa, see Kjionqe. 

Bi'iipi, wind; rheumatism; — 
Tpe'u'E, breeze; — ^,Tpt'ii& H3-, 
V. n. to evaporate. 

BtxH/fi no-, H3-, V. n. to wither, 

Bi'qeni-HHa, eiernai; — MHOCTb, 

BA'i£, V. n. tQ-blow; v. a. to fan 

(gram). ^ 
BiR'4Hua, fish-hook, hook; — n'qiiii, 

V. u. to catch with a hook. 
B^ace', rope. 
B&Tpi, within; interior; — pe- 

uieHi-mna, internal. 


raBa'HKu, see sajy'nubi. 

ra'ra, T. beak. 

ra4a'i£ y-, v. a. to divine, guess. 




ra4H'Ha, ra4Ti, creeping thing, rep- 
tile, yermjn. 

ra'4iiR y-, V. a. to admonish, re- 

Ta'aiiYi, v. a. to wade: ford. 

Ta'fiAa, bagpipe; — a'pb, bagpipe 

FaiiTa'Hb, cord, trimming. 

Fajio'uiH, over- shoes. 

Fa'jii*, V. a. to spoil, pet; humor, 

FaHfpe' a, gangrene, 

Fa'pBaHi, raven. 

Fapi'fl, {urved lab(»r. 

FacHt'ia y-, V. n. lo be extingui- 
shed, go out ; — ciiR' y-, V. a. 
lo extinguish, put out; — (sapi , 
lo slack. 

Fa'TaHKa, riddle, enigma. 

Fa'mu, oriental trovvsers. 

rB0'34b^ s?e ro'34b. 

r4'b? where? — 4a e, wherever; 

— t'TO, where; who, which. 
Pe'ra, shepherd's crook. 

rep6:&, coat ofarms; national en- 

fepuo'rx, duke; — rcTBO, duchy. 

Tiine'pSyja, hyperbole. 

PimoTe'SH, antipodes. 

PjiaBa', head; chapter; — Bo6o'jiie^ 
head-ache ; — BeHi-BHa, chief, 
principal; capital (letter); — bh- 
Ha, hub of a wheel. 

FjaBHa', fire-brand. 

FjiaBfl'BaMTi-BiiR', v. a. to engage a 
servant, hire a person. 

Fjaro'jx, verb. 

F.ia'4eH'B-4Ha, hungry ; avaricious; 

— 4Hh'ki, an avaricious person; 

— 40CTb, hunger; — at»^ bun 
* ger: famine. 

F.ia4H'qb-H'.«o, hone. 
Fia'43bKV-4Ka, smooth; — 4ift, y-^ 

V. a. to make smooth, smoothe. 
Fjiaci, voice; sound, noise; tune; 

— coBHTi, of strong voice. 
Fje^aMi no-4Hifi, (S. r.ia'4aK)). 

V. a. and n. to look; look at, see^ 
behold; regard; look after, lake 
care of; tend, attend to; attend 
(the sick); face, look towards; 

— 4a4b, see apniejib; -4'b, look 

Fwie3Ko'cyBaMT> - cawx, v. a. to 

Fjie'aeHi, arikle-bone./v^ 
F.«eqb, f. glazing; putty. 
Fjh'ctIh, (sing; — xia'), ascarides, 

woruis (in children). 
Fjo'6a, fine, money penalty; — 6iA, 

V. a. to fine. 
Fjiorn'HKa, fruit of the hawthorn. 
Fjiori, hawthorn. 
Fjo^4iiS, V. a. to gnaw, pick. 
Fjiy6HHa', see 4iJ[6o4HHa'. 
Fjiy^naBi, stupid; a stupid person; 

— nocTb, stupidity. 

Fjyx'B, deaf; — yuii*', see sarjy- 

FjiTaMi-THfi, V. a. lo swallow ; 

— TKa, swa'low, mouthful. 
Fjii'iKa^ confused noise made by 

talking; tumult, uproar. 

FiiH'Aa, nit. 

FHH'jia, clay. 

FHH.ia'K'E, hghtwood. 

Ffli'i*, V. n. lo rot, putrify; — 
H.i'B, rollen, putrid; — .locTb, rot- 

Fho'S, pus. putrid matter. 

FHy'ceHTb - CHa, filthy, disgusting, 
abominabie; — ciA' ca, v. a. to 
abhor, loathe, detest ; — coia', 
coxi'a, loathing, horror; abomi- 

FHiBi*', V. a. to anger; — ca, v. n. 




lo be angry, be in a passion ; 

— B-B, ar»}^er\ wrath; FHtBi Mfl 
(th, ro, elc.) e, lo be angry, 

riit340', nest. 

rHt'34Hi cfl, V. n. lo nestle. 
roBe4a'pi, callle - herd ; — e'40, 
neat, callle; — e'H?4biB, catties. 
FoBO'pis, V. a. to speak, say; talk; 

— p.iH'B'B, lalkalive. 
roBtifi, V. n. to fast. 

ro4e'aeb, belhrothal; — eHUKX, be- 
trothed man; — HH'aa^ betrothed 
woman; — 4a'BaMi c-4KRS v, a. 
to betroth. 

ro4H'Ha, year; — ifuieHi-mHa, an- 

ro4HHa'K'B, yearling. 

ro'36a, food for guests. 

ro'34^ nail. 

Fcix, naked, bare; bald; — j[o- 
r.iaB'b, bare-headed; — joia', na- 

Fojit'MX, great, large; old; — t- 
Me'uiB, a person of distinction ; 

— MHHa'^ greatness; — tMi*' ca, 
V. r. to be proud, lifted up. 

Fojii'ff, '^lUrniji. 

Fo'HiiK^ V. a. lo chase; pursue, fol- 
low after; drive away; perstMufe; 

— He'Hie, persecution; — HH'Te.ib, 

Fopa', forest, woods; S. mountain. 

Fop4i*' cfl, V. n. to be pri^ud, 
haughty ; — 4ejrHBX, proud, 
haughty, arrogant ; — 40CTb, 
pride, haughtiness. 

Fo'peHb-pHH^ above, upper, higher. 

Fopn'cTiB, woody; mountiinous. 

FopKO' (my) I woe ! alas ! 

Fo'pHHua, upper room, chamber. 

FopHflK'B^ wind from above, north 
* wind. ' 

Fo'pcKuii, hili*s, mnunfain's. 

FopTBHoSt'cie, gluttony. 

FopHH', V. i. it is bitter; — qHHa', 
bitterness; grief, sadness; — mh'bi, 

Fo'pmHHa, summer pasture. 

Fo'pt, above; OTi — , above, on 
hgh; no — , above; — noMeHft- 
Tbift, — ptqeHnbiii, abf)ve-men- 

Fopi'miB, hot, fervent; — miraa', 

Fopi*', V. a. and n. to burn; be 

Focno4a'pb, master; — Aa'pKa, mis- 

Fi cno'4eHb-4Ha, fiord's ; — 4h'h'E, 
sir, Mr.; — o'4CTBO, Lordship; 
dominion; — ctbo', Kxcellency, 
(Focno4CTBO' My 4084©'^ his Ex- 
cellency has come); — o'4CTBy- 
BaM'b, to have dominion, rule; 
prevail (as sickness, etc.); — o'4fc, 

FocnOHfa', Mrs., madam; — xhbi, 

FocTb, guest ; — ramca, female 
guest; — TH'HHBiJia, khan, hold; 

— ma'BaMi&-CTi*', v. n. to gire 
food to guests, entertain, feast; 

— Cfl^ V. rec. to feast together. 
FoTBa'qb, cook ; — a'4Ka^ female 


Fo'tbI*, V. a. (npH-) to prepare, 
gel ready; (c-) cook; (na-) pr^ 
pare; cook; — Ba'pHHiia, kitchen. 

FoTO'Bt, ready. 

Foifli' y-, V. a. to fatten, stall. 

Fpa6e'3irB, plunder, robbery; — fiif- 
TCwib^ plunderer, extortioner; — r 
.ictbo, robbery, extortion. 

Fpa'6i£-6Hifi^ V. a. to seize and bear 
oir, catch; catch up; lafce^J 




force; soatc^j; (o-) plunder; (c-) 

grab, grasp; (pas-) to lako or 

purchase eagerly; spoil, plunder; 

V n. gallop. 
rpa4n'Ha^ garden ; — Ha'pb, j^ar- 

fpa^i, City; J«ail; — sajB', it luiils. 
r^aAiSt' 3a-, V a. In huiW a iied^je 

or fence; ci-, build; — H'me, 

fortress, fort. 
rpa»r4a'HHHi-a'HKa, citizen; — hckuS, 

citizen's, civil. 
rpaHa'4a, iieap, mass. 
FpaHH'Bi, tainted, rancid ; — Ha'- 

cyBaiiii-caai:b, v. n. lo become 

(ainted, rancid. 
FpanH'T-B, granite. 
FpaHH'ua, border, bound, boundary; 

— hWub, v. n. lo border upon, 

Fpa'HKa, skein. 

Fpax'B, pea. 

Fpa'iiA, V. n. lo croak, caw. 

rpe'6eHb, <oinl>. 

Ppedjio', scraper, rake. 

Vpe6&' 0-, V. a. to scrape; rake; 

row; dip up. 
r*pe4a', l>eam. 
fpu'sa, mane. 
rpH'fina^ Ifia^^s ring \yorn round the 

wrist; S. bracelet. 
r'po6x, grave; — 6Hima, grave-yard; 

— 6oKona'Teab, grave-digger. 
rpo'34ie, grapes; — 4^5 cluster of 

j;rape§; — 4o6e'p'B, vintage. 

rpo'seni-aHa, ^'oniely, nol band- 
some; — 30Ta', deformity. 

rpoMX, see rtpaie'aeb. 

Fpouib, piaster. 

fpyOi, rude» coarse. 

Fpyni, a bag of money sealed to 
seiui by post. 

rpyflT*&V v.. fi. lo grunj. 

rp'&6i, back;^ — pifia'xi, bump- 
backed ; — Snaa, bumpback ; — 
dHd'Hi, backbone, spine; ridge. 

rpxHwa'pi, pf)tie»-. 

FpicTH, |)l. see KOHOnu. 

Fp-EUjiynb, windpipe. 

FpbMOTe'BHua, tbunder. 

Fpbi'HcuK cfl, v. n. lo care for; be 
anxious, snliciious; — aca, care, 
anxiety ; — aca Ma (la, etc.) e, 
to caie, (more commonly ironi- 
cally) i (Jnn'l care, il is no con- 
cern of mine. 

Fpuaa' 0-, v. a. to gnaw, nibble, 

FptxoTa' e, il is a pity, sin. 

Fphxi, sin: — xo'seHi-BHa, of sin; 
— i'meHi-mHa, siiifui , — miak 
C-, npe-, v. I) lo sin ; c-, com- 
mit a fault; err; — iuhhk'L, sinner. 

Fpti* y-, C-, V. a. lo warm; — 

ca, V. r. 

FySe'pKa, pack-needle. 
ry6epHa'TopTi, governor. 
FyOepi, rug. 

ry'6iA aa-^ hs-, v, a. lo lose. 
FyrmiBi, stanmierer. 
Fy'seni-aHa, suspb inus, guilty. 
ry'HC4aM:b-y'4i*, see xy'paM'B. 
FyMHo'., llhesljing floor. 
FypryiKa, tu tie-dove. 
Fy'pej'B, (;um of the eyes; — ju'r^^ 

Fy'pKaMX-pHa ca, v. r. lo dive. 
Fy'cja, guitar, 
Fy'uia, crop, (of a bird) ; double 

cbin; wen. 
Fy'iuepiB, liza'd. 
F:B.A4i£', V. n. to talk, make a con- 

fu-ed noise by talkin^:. 
Fi'.iA6x,dove, pi-;eon; — fia'pHHua, 

dt)ve cole. 
r:^'g40, tbroat; — ,4^W, crpup; — 




jiOBHua^ turtle- dove. 
FxpHe', pot. 
ru'34aB'B, well-dressed; beautiful ; 

— 4i* Ha-, V. [n. to dress well; 

adorn; array. 
Fbipa'H'B, a well. 

FpbMo'HCb, thunder; roar «f cannon. 
FbpMkR'-pb'MHa, V. a. to fire, shoot; 

V. i. thunder. 
Fio'symx, mint, peppermint. 
FiR'6a, niushrooin ; sponge; — 6fl- 

cyaaM'B-caM'B, v. n. to mould. 
FiR4ajiH'4KaMi, V. i\, to tickle. 
FA'4ajni Ma, (elr.) e. to be ticklish. 
Fa^/^Ka, see unry'jKa. 
FA'JK6a, turban. 
FiSk'M»ci£, V. n. to crawl, swarm 

FifeH*, V. a. to fold, plait; — HKa, 

fold, plait. 
Fflip4H\ pi. brenst. 
Ffi'piHR C-, V. a. to wrinkle, con- 

lr;<ct by wrinkling: — ca, v. r. 

to shrivel, become contracted 

(\vit>» age or cold, etc.). 
F&ce'HHua, caterpillar. 
F&cKa, goose. 
Fifecia'Ki, thicket. 
FfiCTX, thick, dense, close. 

— — 


4a, that; yes (Rus.); 4a Jh^ whe- 
ther or no; -He, lest; that not. 

4a'BaMTi 4aMX, 4a4e'Hib (ao. 4a'40xi; 
part. 48^1), V. a. to give, g^ant; 

— r.iacTi, to vole ; — Ha Bt'piS, 
to t»usl, sell on credit; — Ha 
aa'HMi, to lend; — nj04'B, yield; 

— bfl, V. r« aUow or sutier oue's 

self; — Bame, tax. J 

4a'BkR y-, V. a. to diown; choke, 
sti angle. I 

4a'Hce, even. 

48^6'^, a. far, distant; — ko,-%,' , 
ad. far, distant. 

4aMi, see 4a'BaM'B; n. T. stahe. i 

4aH0', would, that. 

4api&-p6a, gift, present; talent;— 
pk&' no-, V. a. to make a pre- 
sent; grant, bestow; — poBHTi. 
gifted, talentinl; — py'saHx, see 

4a'TejieHi, Dative. 

4a<i>H'Ha, laurel. 

4Ba, two; — a»b, twice. 

4Ba'4ecaTb, twenty; — tmB, twc^n- 

4BaHa'4ecaTb, twelve; — ibift, t weif th. 

4Ba'Ma-MH'Ha, tvvo persons; boll). 

4Bepb, see Bpaia'. 

4BHace'Hie, motion, movement; — 
iiHCHMX - HMa, moveable; — rm, 
v. a. to move; — ca, v. r. lo 

4B0'HH'B-flHa, double. 

4B0H'ua, see 4BaMH'Ha. 

4B0pe'ab, palace. 

4Bop'b. yard, court; Court. 

4B0paHHH:B^ not leman. 

4BoeMbi'cjeHi-euHa, ambiguous. 

4BoyMiiii' ca, v. n. to be m sus- 
pense, hesitate; — Mie, hesitation. 

4Boa'Kbifi, two -fold. 

4b b (fern and neut.) two. 

4Bt'cTi, two hundred. 

4Be'pnHK'B, doo'^- keeper, porter. 

4e6e'j'B, thick; coarse,- (orpulenl; 
— jiHHa', thickness. 

4e'6iai, v. n. to go still; v. a. 10 
steal upon. 

J4e'Bep'B, hi'sband's brother; set- , 
vaut of tiie bridegroom ^usoally 




a younget* brothbr). 

4eBaT4ecaTb, nineiy; — Ttifl, nine- 

AeBflin'HU^ religions services for the 
dead the ninth day after death. 

4eBflTHa'4ecaTb, nineteen ; — thB, 

^e'BHTB^ nine; — tufi, ninth. 

^e'jBB^ earthen pot. 

4e.iHKa'TeH'B^THa, delicate. 

HeA^n'R'by porpoise. 

4eM0Kpa'Tifl, democracy. 

4e'H0H:B<, demon. 

4eHHn'ua^ niorning star, Lucifer. 

4eHt><, day; hi 4pyrH — ^ day after 
to-morrow; — hh, ad. in the 
daytime, by day. 

4ene'nia^ dispatch. 

4epMir, strip of cloth. 

4epi7ri' (ao. 4paxi; part. 4paii) 
V. a. (ci-) to tear, tear in peices; 
wear; (paS-) rend; strip; (o-) 
skin: (npo-) wear through, wear 
a hole; beat, cudgel; — yniH, to 
grate upon the ears; v. n. scr;)lch 

4ecHTH'Ha, n. tenth, about ten. 

4ecaTH'uu, tens ; — HiHHa-TOa^ de- 

4ecaTTiKTb, tithe. 

4e'CHTb, ten; — thS, tenth. 

4''Ka'BKaM'b^ V. n. to yelp. 

43KO'4?KaHi&^ mint (plant;. 

4B'Bfl4b^ wild game. 

Sj/iB'h^ wild; savage, uncivilized; — 
BaKX, wild man, savage. 

HvLvawb, see B4H'raii:B. ♦-" 

4iiwia'Bi>, tongs. 

^H'pa, track; trace; — pi*' no-, 
V. a. to track; follow; seek. 

^Hca'ru, saddle-bags. 

4h'ckoci, waiter; patin. 

4HKa'Ha, a. drag with sharp stones 

underneath for thrashing grain. 

4iar0Ha'^:B^ diagonal. 

4iaMa'HTi, diamond. 

4ia'K0Hii^ deacon. 

4.iam>, f. palm of the band. 

4-ix'rHecT'B, longish, oblong* 

4wri-i'^raj tall ; —■ lacHHa'^ length; 
Ha-4i.i%b^ in length. 

4iBJinB, debt; I'^eHi-araa, due; in- 
debted; under obligation; — 
JKHH'Ki, debror; — amocTb, duty, 
obligation; ofBce. 

4He'BHHK'b, journal* 

4ffecb-cKa, to-day; — e'meffE-iima, 
to-day's; present. 

4o, to, near, up to; till; in com- 
position with verbs it often de- 
notes in the present, that the 
action is nearly finished (a little 
remaining); in the past, com- 
pletely finished; in verbs of mo- 
tion, it implies direction towards 
the person. 

4o6'B'pi-6pa', good; — pinia', good- 
ness, virtue; — 6poBo'jem-^Ha, 
voluntary ; — po4y'mem - mna, 
kind-hearted, sincere; — p04ft'-^ 
lejb, virtue; — TejieHi-JHa^ vir- 
tuous; — ept, well. 

4o6ufBau'b-uijR, V. a. to get gain, 
acquire; beget; — ca, be born; 

4o6M'TxirB, cattle; — rfqa, booty, 
prey: — u'qe, beast, animal, w 

4oBe'4eHHHK:b^ step-son, the son of a 
widow by her first husband. 

4oBe'ux^ see B40Be'ui. 

4oBaH'qaMi-eK£', v. a. to drag to. 

4oBo'4%, proof, argument. 

4oBo'»?4aM:b-Be4&', v. a. to lead to, 
bring; reduce; produce (argu- 

4oBO .leH^B - ^Ha, contented, satis- 
fied; sufiietent; -— JOTsie^ coa* 






4oBi>'pmaM:B-mi£^ v. a. to finish, 
bring to a full end, destroy. 

4oBt'peHHocTb-pie, confide nee. 

4ora'4Ka, conjecture, guess. 

AovA'b'y till, as long as. 

4orua'Tii, dogma. 

4oroBa'pflii'Br'BO'pHi CH, V. rcc. to 
negotiate; — Bopi^ treaty, con- 

4oropfl'BaM:B-pkEi', v. a. and n. to 
neaily tinish burning. 

4o4H'paMi-4epx', V. a. to tear up; 
to nearly finish tearing or skio- 


4o4He'c'B-CKa, to this day, till now. 

4o4t'BaMii-'t'i]&, V. a. to hinder, 
impede; — t'fl mh (th^ etc.), to 
become disgusted, cloyed, tired 


4o3BO.ifl'Ba|[i-o'jii£i) V. a. to give 

permission, permit, allow; — jie- 

nie, permissi( n. 
4oKa'3yBaMi-a'»c£, v. a. to demon- 
strate, prove; argue; — aa'iej- 

CTBO^ proof, argument. 
; 4oKa'pyBaiii:E-paii^ v. a. to drive, 

to bring ; occasion ; — ca, v. r. 

conduct, behave. 
4oKa<iaMi-<iifi, v, a. touch; affect; 

hurt, vex. 
JloKOcuBBWh-cm!^ v. a. to finisli 

4o'KTop:B, doctor. 
4oKyMe'HTi^ document. 
4oKii»'THyBaMi-H£, V. a. to touch 

slightly, graze. 
4owia3flMi-t'3iii, V. n. to creep up 

4o'jeHb-jHfl, low, lower^'' ■ -'i • 
^ojUBaMi-jt'ifi, V. a. to pour full. 
4ojiH.'Ha, Vdlley, vale. 
4o4flfl'K:([i south wind. 

4o'j[0, below; otl — , under. 

4o.i:b, ravine. 

4oj»ia' home: y-, at home; — a- 
Kfci'ffbi) house owner; — aKiirHg, 
mistress, housewife ; — a'men 
-nma^ domestic. 

4oM'b^ house; household. 

4onH'paMi>-np£', v. a. and n. to toocb; 
— nep^'^ to nearly finish waslimg. 

4onnca'Tejb, newspaper correspon- 
dent; — H'cKa, letter, correspon- 
dence; — H^cy^aH^b-n'miA, v. a. 
to write to; to nearly finish wri- 


4ony'cKaM]&-CH2, v. a. allow, per- 
mit; admit. 

4on'b'iHflM:b-Hi£^ v. a. to fill up, 
complde; balance. 

4onbi'TyBaii]&-TaMi ca, v. r. to ap- 
ply to for advice; v. rec. to con- 

4opH, even; till, unlil; — 40, even 
to, unto, ab far as; till, until. 

4oca'»4aMi - a4iftS v. a. to vex, 
annoy, trouble; — »4e'Hie, an- 
noyance; — 4H'Te.ieiii-jHa, vex- 
ing, annoying; wearisome, te- 
dious. . 

4ocpaMfl'Ba Mfl (la, etc.) v. i. to 
become a.vh^med. 

4o'cTa, sufficient, enough; suffi- 
ciently, considerably. 

4ocTa'BaMi-Biai, v. a. to furnish, 

4ocTH'raMi-rHX, v. a. to reach, o- 
vertake; attain. 

4ocTOBt'peHi - pna, credible, au- 

4ocTO'HHi-fiHa, worthy; desenring; 

— HCTBO, worthiness, merit. 
4ocTona'iiiHTeHx^THa^ meaiorable. 
^ocTOnoqie'fli - e'HHa, respectaW* 





^ocTOfl'saxs - oiA', V. n« to stay 
through, eoniinue the appointed 

4oct'raM's-rH£^ v. a. and d. to reach 
with the hand. 

4oTe'rHyBaMi - H£ (My)^ v. n. to 
burden, be burdonsome to, annoy. 

4oTiKa'Baii:b-*R£'^ v. a. to nearly 
finish weaving. 

Aoxo'A'hy income, revenue. 

4oxo'»4aH:B-4o'fi4iK9 V. n. to come. 

4o(ia'KyBa]iii-Ka]iiii^ v. a. to have 
finished waiting. 

JioHB'Tawb^Heis!^ v. a. to nearly 
finish reading. 

4oiini'BairE-i'i£, v. a. to nearly fin- 
ish sewing. 

4oi&^ V. a. Ch3-), to milk; C™-)^ 
lo suckle. 

4pa'ro MH (tu^ etc.) e» to be glad. 

4parou'b'HeH:&-i'HHa, precious, valu- 

4parB, dear (in affection). 

4pa'3Hi£^ v. a. to tease, plague, 

4pa'Ka^ thorn bush. 

4pa'qKaBi, a. dusk; — aso, ad. 
at twilight. 

4paiiiJfi^ v. a. and n. to scratch. 

4p6'6effHiHa, small, (contra e'A^pi); 
Ha 4pe'6H0^ at retail. 

4pe6ocVirB, small things* trinkets. 

4pe6i, remnants of wool. 

4pe'BH0CTb, antiquity. 

4po'3raBi, hoarse. 

4pexa, garment, dress, raiment. 

4pH'niB'b^ ragged ; — nu^ rags* 

4pa'cKaM:B-cH£ and Ap^m&^ v. n. 
to be loose, have the diarrhea; 
— ciHBi^ loose; — cwcb, diar- 

4po'6eH:B, a. small piece of bread 
or meat 

4po6ii^ liver; 6*^1 — , lungs. 

4po6b^ f. fraction. 

4po6i£' aa -^ v. a. to cut into small 

pieces; to crumb. 
4po34h thrush. 
4pyra'pb - pKa^ comrade, compa* 

4pyTi, other; S. friend; — ra^i, 

in another place; -^ro-iTHe, 

otherwise; — y'»ecTBO, see ci- 

4py9KecTBO; — 3KB'Ha, travelling 

4pyca'jKa, see-saw. 
4p/caMi^ V. a. and n. to shake; 

jolt; — CH, V. rec, to see-saw. 
4pi>BeHH'ua, bedbug. 
4pi>BHH'irB, wood • pile ; chopping- 

4pbB0'^ tree; a siuKle stick of 

wood; — Be'ia^ -Bie, pi. trees; 

— Ba', pi. wood for burning; — 
BOia, timber; — BH'^e, (pi. — 
qeia), fruit tree. 

JlfbBnA'b'Aenh^ carpenter. 

4pi>'HKaMi^ V. a. to beat upon met- 
al; ring; v. n. ring, jingle, 
clank; be loquacious. 

4pb'naiii - DHiB^ V. n. to twitch, 
jerk; snatch away, take away 
suddenly; snap at. 

4pb'nHiiirb, rattle-headed. 

4pb'2KKa^ handle. 

4p'b']iiijii^ V. n. to drowse, slumber; 

— HKa, drowsiness, slumber. 
4p'bH:B^ cornel tree; — HKa, cornel 

4y6pa'Ba, forest of oak. 
4y'Ma, word; —Han, v. a. and n. 

to say; talk. 
4y'nKa, hole ; — nnm aa-, v. a. to 

prick holes, perforate. 
4y'xan-XH£, v. a. and n. to blow^ 

— -xa'io, Mlows. 




^yxi, spirit ; CBaiH'if — , Holy 
Spirit; —xo'seH-B-BHa, spiritual; 
clerical; — BenciBO^ clergy; priest- 
hood; — xo'BHHKB, confessor. 

4yiua'^ soul; breath. 

JHymastKb^ air-hole. 

4yiuKR' y-^ V. a. to choke, stran- 

4y'nu>& no-^ V. n. to smell, scent. 

4i9K4b, rain; — Bain', it rains ;^- 
40'BeHi-4effl'B:B^ a. rain, rainy. 

Jl,'bA6a'm H3-, V. a. lo carve; en- 
grave; mortise; dig out, holloa; 

4'BwiroTbpn'bin'B:B^ long-suffering. 

4'Bwi3KHHa', length; longitude. 

4i'Ho^ bottom. 

4^cKa'^ board ; — I'mqan'b-aHa, a. 

Jl'hm,epR\ daughter. 

Aumh^ smoke; — Hifi', v. n. to smoke; 
— ca^ V. i. it smokes. 

JHunn^ water-melon, melon, 

4uxaM'b-XHiR, see Au'iuaHi. 

Jlu'mawb^ V. n. to breathe. 

4i»p3Ka'Ba, state; empire; S. domi- 

4bp»HR' y-, V. a. to bold; keep; 
retain (heat, etc.); hold up; — 
cfl^ V. r. to hold on to, take hold 
of; hold to; hold on, slick to; 
hold out, stand one*8 ground, 
resist; v« rec. to hold each otifer; 
hold each other up; hold or cling 

4bp3H0Be'Hie^ boldness, courage; — 
Be'Hi-Be'HHa^ bold, courageous. 

4i>'p30CTeErb-THa, courageous, bold; 
daring, venturesome; audacious; 
— ocTi») courage; daring; auda- 

^bpHO'm, a. large sieve for grain; 
Hifi) V. a. to sift grain. 

4*, see Tja^J^ 

4'b'Ba, see AtBH'ua. 

4tBHna, virgin. 

4*4a', grand-father ; -^ *'40b%, 

grand-fathers. . 
4t'3cTBie^ action, act; effect; — bk- 

TOjieHi-JHa^ active; actuaJ: ~ 

fiysajHi^ V. n. to act; vvoirk» la- 
bor ; operate. 
4t .laMi-jHA^ v. a. to bew^ whittk 
4t.«6a5-ji&, share, portion; — je'- 

Hie, division; — a\& paa-, v. i. 

lo divide ; share ; — r ca, v. rec. 

dissolve (partnership); to divide 

4'bUHHqeirb-4eub^ work day. 
4^.10, affair; act, deed^ work. 
4t'ceHX-cHa, right; — :CHa, paiKa', 

4'bcHH'ua, right hand ; na 4i'CH0, 

OTb 4'b'cHO, on the right. 
4tTe', (pi. 4tua') child; — Trffl- 

CTBO, childhood. 
4t'aTejeHi-jHa, active, energetic; 

effective; — jiHOCTb, . ac|,ivity, 
4H).«re'pHHX, T. see 4pbB04t'ieui. 
4K)'jia, quince. 
4&61, oak. 
4&'BKa^ gum, mastic. 
4£'BHi£ C-, V. a. to chew. 
4i&ra'? rainbow; are; crack. 
4&^6o'k'b, deep, profound; — o- 

4HHa., depth. 
Jl&jtra'y T. wave. 
4fipT:b, see cTapi. 
4i&'xaMX - XH£, V. n. to breathe 

(upon or into). 


EBa'Hreiie, G. gospel. 
EsHy'xx, eunuct). 




E'BTiiH'B-HHa, cheap; — hhI'h, cheap- 

E4Ba'Mi, hardly, scarcely. 

E'/umoU^ such. 

EAH'HX'-4Ha'» one; a^ an; — hhh'- 
ua, unit; — HHOpo'4efirB-4Ha^ only, 
only begotfen; — h'hctbo, unily; 
— BeHi-eHHa, singular; only; — 
HH04y'iueirb-iiiHa, unanimous, of 
one accord; — mie, unanimity; 
-4H0 — Ap/ro, on the one band, 
-~on the other. 

E4Ha'K:bBi-KBa, of one, the same; 
equal; — kboct^ equality. 

E4Hoo6pa'3eHi - 3Ha, uniform; — 
3ie, uniformity; — Hopo'4eHi-4Ha^ 
of one kind,- — HOCJo'^eiTB-aKHa, 

Ev^i-4pa, large, big, plump, full 
(contra, Afe*6em^ cH'TeHx). 

E2Kero4H'DieHi«-mHa^ yearly, annual. 

E»(e4He'BeH]&-BHa, daily. 

E'34i£^ V. a. and n. to ride* 

E'sepo^ lake. 

Eja', (pi. — a'le), G. come. |x/ 

E^e'Hi>, see poraqb. 

Eaxa., fir tree. 

Epre'Hi^ unmarried man, bachelor. 

E'pec:E^ heresy; — em'Kh^ heretic. 

EcxecT^o', nature ; — BeHi-OHfla, 

E'pe6Hua, partridge. 

E'ceHb, f. autumn; — e'Hra:b-e'HHa, 
autumnal; — Heci, in last au- 

Eia'^b, story (of a building). 

E'to^ behold I here I there I 

ElxH'4Ha, viper. 

EwnhiKh^ see h^hhuki. 

%a'6a, frog; nepaa' — , taad; ko- 
.CTOHa — 9 tortoise, turtle. 

JKaaapoHOKi, see qio4ioja'ra. 

%a'4eHi-4Ha, thirsty; — 4H0CTb, 
thirst; *— Ay'sajii, v. n». to thirst. 

%a'2K4a, thii«|^f^>v^ 

%a.i6a, complaint, petition. 

Xa'^HO MH (th, etc) e, I. am sorry. 

Xa'jocTb, pity, compassions — Teu^B 
-THa, pitiful, sad. 

HCaatifi^ V. a. to mourn. 

UKa'AihAb^ acorn. 

Ma'jiiA^ V. a. to have compassion^ 
pity; no-, to spare. 

%apa'Ba, embers, t \ 

Xapx, burning coals; pi. —pose, 
heat of summer. 

JKa'TBa, harvest. 

^e'ra, beat; — t&\ -raiB, v* %. 
to heat (iron): burn, brand. 

JKe'3Mi, rod; sceptre. 

}Keja'i£, v. a. to desire; — a me, 

JKe^Ba'^ see Ko'cTena 2Ra'6a. 

}Keay'4iKi>^ stomach. 

Xe^t'so, iron; anchor; — t'sewB 
-3Ha, of iron, iron. 

^KenaVwife; woman; — hcku8, fe- 
minine; — uH'T6a, marrying, mar- 

Xe'HiA 0-^ V. 8. to give in mar- 
riage, marry; — ca, v. n. to 

TRe'ipaE'by crane. 

3KecT0'Kb, bard; severe; cruel; — 
K0Cbp4e'4eH'B - nna^ hardhearted ; 
— 4ie, hardheartedness. 

^HBa'K^b, quicksilver, mercury. 

^BOHH'ua^ gangrene. 




TKwBOtuo^ (pK — Hu) animal. 

^BonHca'nie^ picture, painting; — 
uh'ceixb^ painter. 

JKhbo'ti^ life. 

MjiiB'h^ alive; living; lively, active. 

UKunt'my v. n. to live; dwell, in- 

^n'AOCTb^ liquid. 

TKmnoAB^Beivh, giver of life. 

TKu'jLa^ vein; — jbb'b^ strong, tough; 
— jlcrB, veiny. 

TKinAe'TKa^ vest. 

7Kiiua(m,e^ dwelling, abode. 

^nf^Ka^ fibre. 

JKh'^o^ (S. TKifAO) «ting; — Jii&y-, 
V. a. to sting. 

JKn'Te^B, inhabitant. 

JKn'TeiTB-THa, of wheat, wheaten. 

%HTie', mode of hfe, life; biogra- 
phy. , 

JKa'THHua, barn. 

^H'TO, wheat. 

JKh'ub, a single thread (of cloth). 

JKjb'iKa^ see 3JB'qKa. 

JKpe'die, lot. 

iKpem, S. priest. 

TKbT'b'A'b^ the straight stick used 

instead of the ox bow. 
TKbATeuvi'm^ jaundice; — HH'qaBi, 

3Kb^TH'ua, gold money. 
IKbAT'h^ yellow; — rs'icB, yelk of 

an egg; — it'ift no-, v. n. to 

become yellow. 
}Kb'H£, V. a. to reap, harvest. 
}Kb'pTBa, sacrifice ; victim ; — tboh- 

HiiKX, S. altar; — TBy'BaHii no-, 

V. a« to sacrifice. 

— — 


3a, for, concerning; in composition^ 
in into; the doing of a thing of 
which pas and 0T:b express the 
undoing; in verbs of motion, 
to (a place, direction from a 
person) ; it often also renders 
the verb inceptive, as, sana'cy- 
BaMii, to begin to write, BasHf- 
panKb-BpiR', to begin to boil ; — 
TOBo', therefore ; — pa4H', for the 
sake of; — pa4H' tobb, where- 

3a6a'BH]iii&-Bi£, v. a. to amuse, di- 
vert; to hinder, delay; — cfl, 
v. r. to amuse or divert one's 
self; to tarry, delay, linger; — 
Bje'Hie-Ba, amusement. 

3a6H'BaMi-i Ia, v. a. to drive into 
by striking. 

3a6H'paM:b-6ep£', v. a. to colled 
and drive away; v. n. to clog 

3a6^y»c4a'BaMi-y'4ifi, v. a. to err; 
— Ao'nie, error. 

3a6o'7s:ASiKir^ASt\ V. a. to stick in. 

3a6ojt'Ba9i'b-tifi, v. n. to become 
sick, have a permanent sitrknes^. 

SadopaBflMX, or, 3a6pa'BflirB-a'Bifi, 
V. a. to forget 

3a6pa'HflMii-Hi£, v. a. to defend; 
V. n. (My), to forbid, hinder. 

3a6y'ifl]irb-ji£, v. a. to veil. 

3a6yqyBa]iii-m^ v. a. to stick in, 
set up. 

3a6biKa.iflM:B - ojiA'^ v. a. to go 
round, surround. 

3a6b'pKyBaMi-KaMi^ v. a. to mix; 
entangle; involve; confuse; lose 
one s way, take the wrong road. 




3a6'b'rHyBaM:&»HS, v» n« to flee one s 

3a6£^£9Ka'BaHi-»dffi^ v. a. to mark; 
remark ; observe, notice ; — a- 
Ba'Hie^ remark, observation. 

3aBa'JflMXrji&^, V. a. to throw (one*s 

3aBa'pHiiii-pijEi^ v. a. to reach in 
time; to find; — pHflKx, step-son 
(husband's son); — HHua, step- 
daughter (husband*8 daughter). 

3aBapH'BaMi-piA'^ v. a. to weld. 

3aBe4e'Hie^ institution. 

3aBH'BaM'B-il£^ v. a. to cover up. 

3aBH'»:4aBrB-H'4iA^ v. n. (My) to envy. 

3aBH'paMi-Bpi«'^ v. n. to begin to 
boil ; — BpA', V. a. to stick or 
push in. 

SaBH'cHBTb^ dependent ; — mocTb^ 

Sa'BHCTb^ envy; jealousy; — ct.ih'bi, 
envious, jealous; — cthhki^ en- 
vious person. 

3aBH'cflM!b-ci£, V. a. to depend on 
or upon. 

3aBj[a4A'BaiHi&-4'b'i£, to take posses- 
sion of,- seize, usurp; — A'b'ieAb^ 

3aBoeBa'Hie, conquest; — Ba'iejrb, 
conqueror ; — lejeffR-jiHa, of 

3aB0'»4aH'b*Be4&^ v. a. to lead to 
or away; bring, conduct. 

Sa'BOfi, bend, turn in a stream, 

3aBpb'3yBaM'B*-B'ȣ^ v. a. to tie on 
strongly ; bind strongly (by con- 
tract) ; to connect or link to- 
gether letters in writing. 

3aBpbTfl'Baiii-BpTi&', v. a. to begin 
to turn (a thing); turn; screw. 

SaBpb'iuaMi - b'pH£, V. a. to turn 
round; — ca^^ v. n, to come 

back, return (usually from a dis« 

SaB^a'ci, immediately, quickly. 
3a'Bqepa, day before yesterday. 
3aB'B';K4aHi-x'4ite^ v. a. to breed, 

propagate; — ca, v. n. to breed. 
3aB'b'Bairb-l'ijB, v. a. to blow away. 
3aB'b'ca, curtain; veil (of the tem- 
Sa'BtTi, a sheltered place, covert 

from the wind. 
3aBt'Ti, testament, will; — tnia''- 

BaM^b-a'iA, V. a. to leave by will, 

bequeath; — n^a'Rie, bequest. 
3aracfl'BaMi-ci£'^ v. a. to smother 

(a fire). 
3ara'THyBaMi*H;vi, v. n. (my) to bint, 

intimate, allude to. 
Sar^a'aie^ title, heading; index. 
3ar^a';K4aMi-a'4i£, v. a. smooth ; 

efface; strop (a razor).'4yBaHii - 4aMi ca, v. a. to 

forget one's self in looking, be 

absorbed in looking. 
3ar^yina'BaMX-flUA', v. a. to deafen, 

3ar^ifi'xHyBaM'b-H£^ v. n. to become 

partially deafened by a sharp 

sound, etc. 
3ar0B0'px, conspiracy, plot 
3aroBl'BaMi-l'i£, v. n. to eat the 

last meal before a fast. 
3a'roBt3Hu, pi. the day before a 

fast commences; 

3arpa'>K4aiiii-a4ift', v. a. to fence 
in, enclose. 

SarpH'6aH:b-e6A\ v. a. to scrape to- 
gether, scoop up. 

3arpuxceHi-»(eHa^ sad. grieved. 

3ary'6a, loss; — y'rani-6i«, v. a. 
to lose; — pa, v. h. lo be lost, 
perish, fade awiiy (from view); 
v, r. to go ai^iray, err. 




3aru'iiyfiairb-Hfi^ v. n. to perish, 

3ariii'H}rBa]iii&-Hiii, v. a. to turn down 
or oyer. 

3a 4a^ that, in order that; — -ne, 
that not, lesu 

Sa^a'saHi-AaMii, v. a. to give oc- 
casion; give a problem. 

3a4a'BflMX-Bi£, v. a. to choke; — 
CH^ V. r. to get choked. 

3a4a'T'birB, earnest^ earnest money. 

3a4a'qa^ problem, theme. 

3a'4eHi»-4Hff^ hind, rear. 

3a4.i'B»a'BaM:B-»ijik', v. a. to accom- 
modate, oblige; — €a, v. n. to 
be indet)ied to ; — 5Ke'Hi-e'HHa, 
obliged; — »H'Te.ieHi-JHa, obli- 

3a4^ii»(Hfl'BaHi&'-t'ijii, v. n. to become 

indebted, get into debt. 

3a4MHHy'BaMii-H'Hi£^ v. a. to sur- 
pass, exceed; be superior; out- 

3a'4HHHa, rear; — nua, the hind 
part ; stern ; buttock ; — Hqfaii, 
V. 0. to go backwards; — HHm- 
kom:b, backwards. 

3a4pi>;Ka'BaHi-»(iiii'9 v. a. to detain; 
retain; keep back; attach (pro- 

3a4pl'My^aM'b-Mii&^ v. a. to begin 
to drowse or slumber. 

3a'4yx'B^ elqae suffocating atr. 

3a4yina'Baiii'B-mi£'^ v. a. to suffo- 
cate, smother. 

3a4y'iuHiiua, the day on which reli- 
gious services are performed foe 
the dead. 

3a4'B, behind; Ha-, back; behind; 
01^-, from behind, behind. 

3a4'Bi6o'qaai:b-qi£, v. a. to put in 

3a4i'HyBa]C&*Hi]ai^ v. a. to put in a 

bottom ; to stop or calk a hole; 


V. n. to be costive. 

3a4'b'BaBii, v. a. to touch, plague, 

3a4i^'HyBaM'b-Hfi, v. a. to bind on 
the back by having straps come 
round under the shoulders. 

3ae4H0, together. 

3ae'M:B, loan ; 4aBairB na -^ to lend; 
BH'MaMiB Ha-, to borrow. 

3a3e^eHfl'BaHiB-^'ift ch, v. n. to 
become green, appear green. 

3a30pfl'Ba-pH' Cfl, v. i. it dawns. 

San'maMi^ (ao. Bae'xi; fut. m^e 3ae'- 
m;r), v. a. (my) to lend; ( — on 
He'ro) to borrow; — M04a'BeaTi, 

3aKa'py6aM:B-paMi, v. a. to drive, 
to carry, convey. 

SaKaiqafifB-qiiR, v. a. to hang up; 
touch ; graze; catch or hook into; 
to sound, feel of; plague, hector, 
vex; — a'4Ka, that which hooks on 
to another, accounts, business, etc. 

3aKa'uuiOBaiii:B-aflMii ca, v. r. to have 
a coughing (it. 

3aK^e'n^H)BaMi-n]ii£, v. a. to catch 
in (as between the jaws of pin- 

3aKjiH'HflMi-H£, V. a. to wedge in. 

SaKjt'Banrb, (ao - Kit'x^b, fut. n^e 
-KbJH&') V. a. to put under oath, 
adjure; — ca, v. a. to confirm 
by an oath, swear; — fra, sworn. 

3aKJH)'<iaM'E-<ii£, v. a. to lock, lock 
up; close; include; conclude; in- 
fer; — ne'Hie, conclusion ; infe- 

3aK0Ba'BaH'b-0B£', v, a. to nail, 
nail on. 

SaKo'HX, law; — o'HeHi-o'HHa^ law- 
ful; — HHHiTB, lawyer; — H04a- 
Beiti, lawgiver; •— H04a'Tejb, le- 




gisldtor ; — TejieHi-jHa, legis- 

3aKona'BaM'B-aki^ v. a. to cover with 
earth, bury. 

3aKOnqa'Ba9i'B-qt'ii&^ v. a. to button. 

SaKopeHfl'BaiH'b-Hifi' ch, v. u. to he- 
roine rcioted. 

3aKpi»i'iiaM'B-u'i£ CH^ v. r. to pass 
behind son^ething so as not to 
be seen, to go out of sight. 

3aKpuj[ffM'b-jii£^ V. a. to proiecl, 
di'fend (usfd only of Cod). 

3aKpi'nflM!b-nu&'^ v. a. to hold stead- 
y, steady, b'^lance. 

SaKyny'Baitt'B-Ky'nKR, v. a. lo buy 
U|i, buy a priviUgc; farm (reve- 

SaKy'cKa^ break fast ; — y'caMX-cifli, 
V. n. to lake a bile in the mor- 
ning; lo breakfast. 

3aKb'pmaM:b-iuksk^ v. a. to break of! 

SaKXCHH'Banx-Ht'kst^ v. n. lo be late, 
remain or come late. 

3aKU'moBaMi-qii&, v. a. to adorn 
the hair with flowers. 

3a'jia^ saloon. 

3aja'BajH:b-0Bifi'^ v. a. to take in 
band, undertake; — ca, v. r. lo 
engage in; engage one's self to; 
lake to, apply ones self lo; take 
fire ; to be becalmed. 

3aia'raMX-io'}Kiiii, v. a. lo pledge, 
pawn, mortgage; set up a mark; 
set a trap or snare; -r-cfl, v. r. 
lo bend over lo receive en the 
back ; to place ones self to shoot 
or to watcK 

Sa'jarx^ mouthful. 

3ajia'3HHi-j'b'3£^ v. n. to go down, 

3aiH'fiaMib-t1iB^ V. a. lo spill or 
pour upon, wet; water; flood. 

«verflow; solder; v. n. to knit; 

lo grow logelluT or over. 
Sa'wiHB^b^ gulf, bay. 
SaAWdaMTi^ see 3aia'3fljii'E, 
3ajiM'cyBaM:b-ca!)i:b, v. a. to turn off 

the mind, divert; distract, con- 
fuse; make diz/y: — Jkn'ceim, 

confused; dizzy. 
3a'j[Hc:b, noise; — chhkt^, a noisy 

3aj!H'TaM'B, V. n. to reel, stagger. 
3aJtMMa'BaMi>-qi&'^ v. a. to sross out; 

erase, blot out. 
3a^o'r'B, deposit, trust; pledge, 

pawn; voice of verbs. 
3ajiy'nKa, cover, IJd; — mwb'-um^ 

V. a. to cover, put on a cover; 

— nuu, covered wooden utens^ils. 
3aA'bTyBam>-^'7K&y v. a. lo divert, 

amuse; — ch, lo divert or en- 

te»l;iin one's self. 
3ajK)'6aMX-6ifi5 v. a. lo fall in love 

3jutna'BaM'B-ni*', v. a. lo stick, glue. 
3a,«H'raMX-e'rHiR, v. n. to apply one s 

self, endeavor di^igent'y, strive. 
3a3!a'H)Bai»i'b-a'iz& ca, v. n. to loiter; 

remain; lo be confused; be gid- 
dy, have the head swim. 
3aoiaHy'Baiii^*HHiik, v. a. and n. to 

pass, pass by. 
3aMopfl'BaH:b-pii&', v. a. to weary, 

3aMpe'»(aiH'b - mi&^ v. a. to darn; 

mend a net. 
3aMpb'3HyBaM:b-H£, v. n. to- freeze, 


3aHpb'KHyBaMi-H£9 v. n, Jo be over- 
taken With darkness, to come 

3aiibi'cji0Baii:b-j[i£ ca. v. n. to be 
lost in thought., be pensive; — 
cieai, thoughtful, serious. 





SamVuB^ exchange, substitute; — 
HflsaMi^ V. ^. to take tbe place 
of; replace, substitute. 

SaMfc'TaN^b'THiEi^ V. a. to hasp. 

SaMtqa'TejeHi^jiHa^ remarkable. 

SaHaa'Ti^ T. art, trade. 

SaHHua'fiaMi, v. a* to occupy, en- 
teri^iin, interest ; — ca, v. r, to 
be occupied, busy ; he enter- 
tained; — Ha'rejieHi-JHa^ enter- 

SaHO'cflHi-HeCiEi', v. a. to carry; 
to begin to wear (one*d betil 
clotlies) every day. 

SaHH'Tie, occupation, employment. 

3ao'6ja4iOBa*4H ca, v. i. to cloud 
up, became cloudy. 

Sa'aa^i^ west. 

3ana'jflM:b-ji£, v. a. to set on fire; 
kindle; light; inflame, excite. 

3ana'pflH:b-pifi, v. a. to scald out; 
— •€«, V. n. to become sweaty, 
chafed, tainted, have a disa* 
greeable smel^ 

S^'uaxb, odor, smell. 

3aneTjt'BaM!b-<b'ifi, v. a. to button, 

3anH'pam-np2ii^ v. a. to shut up, 
contine ; imprison ; stop ; cause 
to stand still ; v. n. to become 
exhausted, unable to go farther; 
— cfl, V. r. to stop; stay; stand 

3anB'cyBan«»H'ms, v. a. to begin 
to write; write in; write or note 
down; register, enrol; -— Hci, 
a promissory note, bill; — HCKa, 
billet: — h'cku, private papers. 

^aua'Ta, pay; reward; wages, hire. 

Sanja'Dian-oiifi, v. a. to frighten, 

^aiua'ma]iii^aTi£', v. a. to p.)y; re- 
pay, recompense; reward; pay 

for; atone for. 
3anjH'Taii:b-eTiA', v. a. ^o begin to 

plait or knit; entangle; involve; 

ronfuse, perplex. 
3anOB'h'4yBaiii&5 v. a. to command; 

— t'^aiiTe, used for a variety of 
expressions, such as, What do 
you wish? What do you say? 
Help yourself, etc. — Bt4b, f. 
commandment, command. 

3an03Ha'Baiii-a'i£^ v. a. to make 
acquainted, introduce. 

3ano'iiHiOBaMi-*Hi£, v. a. to remein^ 
ber easily or quickly; rememkr. 

Saoo'nflM^b-nidk^ v. a. to make a 
priest, ordain a priest. 

Sano'pi, constipation. 

Sanpa'dHAMX-Hk, v. a. to fill, oc- 
cupy, put something in. 

3anpeTa'BaMib-Ti&', v. a. to pro- 
hibit, suppress; rebuke; enjoin 
strongly, char;>e. 

3un^iA'muKB'^i&^ v. a. to e^^snare. 

3anycTa'BaM:B-Tk&\ v. a. to desolate; 

— iVm^ V. n. to come to deso- 
lation; — cTt'me, desolation. 

Sanyma'jKa, stopple, cork; — y'- 
maMib-mi£^ v. a. to stop up, closOi 

Sanu'TyBaN^b-TaH^b, v. a. to ques- 
tion, interrogate. 

SanflTa'fl^ comma. 

3an&'HyBnM:b-H£, v. a. to stretch, 
bend (a bow); cock (a gun) ; — 
cfl, V. r. to hesitate, stammer. 

Sapa'fiflM^b - po'BHB, V. a. to cover 
with earth, I ury. 

3apa3H'Tej[eHi-jiHa, contagious* 

3apa4H', for the sake of; because 
of; — TOBa', wherefore. 

Sa'paHb, f. see cy'ipHHa. 

Sapa'cHyaaH'B-Hft, v. n. to be eve^ 
thrown; grow toj^ether, heal oyer. 




Sapsaiifl, apricot. 

SapH'HaMi-tKiEi' cfl, V. r. to vow to 
do or not to do, to take a pledge. 

3apo'6flH:b-6i£, v. a. to capture, 

3apo'4Binib^ germ, embryo. 

3apt3H'BaM:b-*3ifi', v. a. to bolt. 

3apfl\ ray, beam. 

3ap&'4aMi^ V. n. (iiy) to order or 
request that a thing be done; 
command; charge; v. a. to com- 
plain against, order to imprison. 

3ace.iHoi:b-jijii, v. a. to settle; — 
ca^ v. r. to settle, dwell in. 

SacJio'Hi, screen, shelter; — hh- 
BaMi-Hifi,^ V. a. to screen, shelter. 

3ac.iy'ru, services. 

3acjy'9KiOBaHi-»(i&, v. a. to deserve, 

dacMHBaMi-t'uR Off, V. r. to begin 
to laugh; to laugh easily. 

3acnH'BaMi-cni&'^ v. n. to begin to 

Sacpana'BaM'b-Muik'^ v. a. to shame, 
|)Ut to shame; dishonor, dis- 
grace; — ca, to reverence; to be 

3acT0'nyBaN:b-HiK, v. n. to cool, 

38To'nji}iJiiib-ji£ cff, V. n. to become 

3acT0A'6aM'bM)'i£ cfl, V. n. to stand 

long; to remain on hand. ^ 

3acTy'nHHKi, protector. 
Sa'ctyinr, spade. 

3acTi&'naMi-nijSi, v. a. to put the 
foot or paw on, step on. 

3acy'KyBa]i:b-yquii, v. a. to twist 
(with the fingers or palms oC 

to raise the hand (with a curve)" 
to strike a severe blow. 
3acu'nyBaHi-niiB, v. a. to strew 

upon; to cover or fill up by 

3act'4aH:b-4H£^ v. a. to sit upon; 

V. n. to sit (in congress, courts 

etc.); — 4a'Hie, session, sitting; 

— 4a'Tejb, one who sits in con- 
gress, etc. 
3aTBa'pflMi-o'piA9 v. a. to shut, shut 

up; imprison; — o'puHirs, pris- 
oner; — BO'pi, jail. 
SaTMt'Hie^ eclipse. 
SaroBa'^ therefore. 
3aTOHa'BaM:B-4ij&'9 v. a. to exile. 
3aTpy4Hfl'BaMi-Hifi'^ v. a. to render 

diffirul', embarrass. 
3aTpu'Baii:b-u'ijB, v. a. to rub out. 

enace; destroy, kill. 
3aTy.iKa^ see aanymajKa. 
3aTy'.iflH'b-ji£, v. a. to stop up; 

ohst'urt the light, get in one's 

light; — ca, V. r. to conceal one's 

self behind somethinf{. 
3aT'b'KHyBaM:b-HiEi^ V. a. to stop up; 

to stick m or tuck in (especially 

fliiwers in the hair). 
3aT:b'ByBa]ii-HS9 v. n. to sink in 

l^e mud. 
3aTbMHa'Ba]ii-Hi&', v. a. to darken, 

eclipse; — ca, v. i. to grow dark. 
3aTa'raMi-e'rH«, v. a. to draw or 

tie tightly^ tighten, fasten. 
3ayaia'BaMi-iui£', v. a. to cuff, box 
^ iJie ear. 
Sa'xapi^ sugar* 
3axBa .lani-^iift, v. n. (hj) to praifti 

commend;, applaud. 
3axBa'flta]iii - a'H£, v. a. to take; 

tiike up, occupy (space, etc,) ; 

begin, commenev; — ca» v* r. ta 

the bauds): v. n. to bend, curved: « engage' m, undertake; let ones 

self take fire, begin to burn ; be 
3axiti4a'Ba-4a ca^ v. i to be or 




become cool. 
Saxjy'nKa; -nami; -nuH, see 3a- 

jiy nKB. 
3axo'?K4aM:E-a'H4X^ see sajia'sHMi. 
Saqa'Jio^ beginning ; section. 
Saqa'tie, conreplion. 
3a4e'BaM:b-e'HA^ -mha', see aaqn- 

3a4epBH'BaMi-Bi£'^ v. a. lo toast; 

— ca, V. n. to blush. 
3aMH'HaM[X-4Hai, v. a. to commence, 

begin ; become pregnant, con- 
Saqn'raiTB-TiS':, v. a. to begin to 

read; count in (by mistake). 

3a4M)'4HM'b - AiA, V. a. to amaze, 

SaiuH'saMi-mikii, v. a. to sew to- 
gether, mend. 

3aiuHiua'BaH:b-ifm, v. a. to shield 
defend, protect-; — H'la, prole- 
ction ; — thhk^b, defender, pro- 

3aiuo'? w*»y? — o'to, jcn:, because. 

3aa'KHyBaMX-Hai, v. n. lo becmrne 
strong; — H4a'BaiHi-qi&', v. a. to 
make firm, fasten. 

Sa'ai^i, hare ; 6)kA% — , rabbit. 

Saanie^ calling. 

Sfia'TejeHii^ vocative. 

3ByKi, sound, peal, clash; — yni*', 
V. n. to sound. 

Sa-BHeu^B, bell; — Hiiiii', v. n, to 
ring, sound, jing'e. 

3Bt84a'^ star ; onaoia'Ta — , comet, 

Sfitpb^ wild beasi ; — frniKh^ park. 

34a'Hie, editice, building. 

34pa'fiie9 health; salutation; — bh- 
^yaajii:^ -* caMi, v. a* to salute, 
welcome; -*^^8i, healthy, well; 
sound* suhstantiai, secure ; •— 
vb'ittky V. n. to be w^H. 

S^Jie'air-efaa, gr^eB;«-r>«HHHaV ver- 

dure; — eHH'Ka, everflrreen; — 
HHfo'Ki, greens; — Ht'ifi ca^v.d. 
to look green. 

3e'jie^ cabbajjes; — jKa, calibage. 

3e'MaM:b^ sw, an'MaH^E. 

3eMja,5 earih; ground; — leAi- 
jieiJCB, agriculturist; — 4'fe'Jiefi- 
CTBO, aji»iculiurp; — jetft'pie, 
geometry; — jenHca'me^ s<*ogra- 
phy; — jerpece'flie^ earthquake. 

3eMfl'^ see 3eMJia'. 

3eTb, see aaxb. 

3e'*Hpi, zephyr. 

3h4'b, wall. 

SHHa'^ c*old ; — 6<, it is cold 

3{i'Ma^ winler; — siacx^ during win- 
tei ; — MeH:b-MHa, winter's; — 
MHHiTb^ celar; — HO'BHDD(e, pre- 
paration fo*- winter; winter mi- 
gration; winier quarters; — li, 
in winter. 

^'nawh^ (i\o. 3exi^ fut. me se'u) 
V. a. to take; take up; take a- 
wav; ^o'd, contain. 

3H'naorb-nHiS^ see pu'najirB. 

3jaTa'pb, t;oldsinit". 

3ja'T0^ gold; — TeH^b-XHa, of gold, 

3jiHHa, evil, wickedness. 

340^ evil, barm; -r—o'fia^ malice; 

— 6hbi, maticious ; — 04t'em 
-i'H, evildoer; -^. c^eja'feju, evil 
wisher ; — lejCTBO^ malcvoietice; 

— Ofipa'BeH^b-Bfla^ ilt-maboeredi 
ill-behaved ; — onojy^iiQ^ mis- 
fortune, ill-lurk; — ocjo'iuft. v. »> 

* to speak evil of, revile; — o?»- 
CTie, see HecHacrie ; . — ^^ w'creia 
-THa, unfortunate. 

3j[oynoTpt6 ja'Ban - 6W^ v. a. to 
abuse; — Ae'me^ abuse. . 

3ib'4Ka, gall, bile. 

3a% badly, ill. 




Svnn', serpent, snnke. 

Sn'h% dragon. 

3 'a'HTTB-fiHa, kfown. 

3HaKo'M'B^ arquainlanoe. 

SnaRi^ si$in, signal, badge. 

SHaneini'T'b, renowned, celebrated, 

3Ha'MeHie, si|?n; wonder; loken. 
SnaiieHO'ceux^ standard bearer. 
3HaMfl^ flat;, banner, standard. 
SnaH'E^ see suaVk. 
3Ha'<iufi9 V. a. to signify, mean; — 

qe'Hie^ signifiialion. meaning. 
3Ha'i«, V. a. to know. 
3o6:e^ gram for horses; — 6\&\ 

V. a. to feed with grain. 
3o'6ii&^ V. a. {0 pick up and eat 

one by one. 
3oB£' no-, V. a. S. to call. 
SoAia'K'E^ xodiac. 
3ona'^ -Bii*ua, rainbow. 
3opa'; dawn, daybreak; — pHH'ua, 

morning star. 
Spn'Tejib, spectaror. 
Spb'Ho, a single grain ; bead. 
Spt'JHiue, spectarle. 
Spt'Hie, sense of sight. 
3ptlA y-, V. n. to ripen. 
3ypja', snout. 
d^M^ liarsb, severe, fierce; S. evil, 

St'mma, pupil of the eye. 
3t'iiR^ V. n. to gape, be open a bttle. 
3fl'naMii-nH£, v. n. to open the 

mouth ; y^asp, gape. 
SflTb, son-in-law. 

3iik6i, looih; — 6a'Ti, -6ecTii, hav- 
ing large teeth; — 6i£ CA, v. n. 

to show the teeth. 
3£'.iBa^ husbands sister. 

— o— 


U^ and; aiso. 

H6pn'K'B, T. a kind of pitcher. 

jHaa'HOB'b-AeHk, a ft^ust day observed 
lo" John the Baptist. 

H'BHua, list (of cloih). 

Mrja', needle; — lemi'Kb^ needle- 

Hro, S. yoke. 

Hfpa', play; game; dance; — a'HKa, 
plaything; toy; — ate, v. n. to 
p'ay ; dance ; wave ; — pn'ote, 
p'ay ground. 

Hry'MeirB, a»bot; — hIh, abhess. 

H'4oji, idol; — JonoK40'H|iHKi, i- 
dolaier; ~ kio'hctbo, idolatry. 

HHC4HBe'Hie, expense ; — BR'Te^en^b 
-JHa, expensive; — Bfl'£aHi-Bii&', 
v a. to spend, consume. 

H4y'm'B, commg, next. 

II'4A 40-, V. n. to come; — ii4b', 
go; lue-— , shall go. 

H'36a, cellar. 

ll36a'Bfiwb-B}&^ V. a. to deliver, save; 
— ca, V. r. to deliver one's self, 
escape; — BHrejb, de i\*erer, sa- 
viour; — Bie'Hie, dtfliveranre. 

H 36e'ciOBaiirb - eifi, v. a. to bang 

UadBBaBTB-iiA, v. a. to kill or mur- 
der jail, massacre. 

Il36H'paMi-6ep&', v. a. to elect, 
c» oose; — 6pa'Hie, election ; -^ 
6pa'H:B-a'fla, elecrted, cioseo. 

Il36ie'Hie, massacre, slaughter. 

Il'36opi^ choice. , 

H36pb'cyfiaui-b'iiii£^ v. a. to wipe 
ot! or out, to wi|>e. 

Il36y'KHyBaMi-HiEi, v. D. to sboot 
up, grow rapidly. 




Hsfi/xHyBaBTB-HiK^ V. n. to burst or 
break out (a fire). 

H36y'THyBaMi-:iai, v. n. to rot, de- 
cay (fruit). 

H36u'cTpH)BaMi-pi£, V. a. to cleanse 
fluids, filter. 

H36u'rEirB^ that which remains over 
and ahove; — TO<iecTByBaH'b, v. u. 
to abound. 

H36b'jByBair&*-jiBaH:b, v. a. to vomit 

H36t'riiyBaM:b-HX, v. n. to flee out 
of, escape; avoid, evade. 

H3Ba'»4aH:B-a'4i£^ v. a. to take out, 
draw out. extract; subtract; re- 
move; get out^ publish; invent, 
indroduce to use; collect (debts, 
etc.); tan. 

HBBa'pa, cheese made from butter- 

ttsBem'B'TKb^ at once, a single time, 
at a sir}gie stroke; at once, sud- 
denly, immediately. 

HdBexTfl'BaM's, see yBexTfl'saMcs. 

HsBH'BaMi-i'ifi^ V. a. to wring out 
(clothes , wring; wrench. 

H3BHHfl'Baxi-Hki'^ V. •. to excuse. 

HaBH'paBn-Bpift, v. n. to Loil or 
buhble up; boil away. 

H3BjH'qaarB-jeK&', v. a. to drag out; 
extract (the root of numbers). 

l/LzBo'TKA^^'b'BeA&'y V. a. to lead out. 

l/lsBOMBam-^Am'^ v. n. to please, 
be pleased or willing; — je'Hie, 
gooa pleasure, purpose. 

H'BBops^ spring, fountain. 

il3BpbTa'BaKi<^bpTi&'^ V. a. to bore 

ll3Bpb'iuaHi-b'pH£^ see o6pblD|aBii. 

H3Bi'4H)Baiiii-Aifi^ V. a. to hatch out. 

H3BiHpe'4eHi-4Ra9 extraordinary. 

H3Bu'KyBaii:b-KaMi^ v. a. to call (a 
person) out; v. n. to call out, 


Il3BbpBfl'BaBii-Bu&', V. o. to travel. 

HBBt'creHi - THa, known, certain, 
notorious; — ctr'tca, informer, 
messenger; — CTie, informiation, 
intelligence ; notice, adverti^te- 
ment; — ctho, certainly; — hoct^ 
certainly; — CTfl'BaK%-TU&', v. i 
to inform, give informalipn or 
notice; advertise. 

Il3BtTpa'BaMi-t'i£, v. n. to evapo- 

HsBt'xHyBaH^b-'Hs, V. n. to fade or 
wither entirely. 

UBBfi'Tpt, from within, out. 

M3ra'cflH:b--ci£\ v* a. to put out, 

H3rja'9K4aM:b-a'4iiB) v. a. to make 
smooth; blot out, erase, ef&ce. 

H3rje'4yBaMi-4aMi, v. a. to lo«)k 
at a thing till it passes out of 
si^ht; to look round upon all; 
to look a person or thing all 

HBFHH'BaM^b-Hi'ifR, V. a. to rot en- 
tirely ; — Hoa'BaMi-*oi&', v. a. to 

IlBro'fliOBaM^b-Hifi, v. a. to drive on!; 
banish, expel; persecute. 

Hsropfl'BaMi-piA', v. a. lo burn up 
consume; burn (with heat, thirst, 
love, etC'); to tan (the face, etc]. 

H3rpe'6flH:b-6ii&', v. a. to scrape 

HBrpt'eam-t'ift, v. n. to rise (the 

H3ry'6a, loss; «-* 6flKi«'6ifi, v. a. 
lo lose; — ca, v. n. to be tost, 
to perish. 

H3ru'6i^ bend, recess. 

U34a'Bairb-4aMi^ v. a. to give but; 
to give all, spend; issue, publish; 
divulge^ betray; project; — ca, 




V. p. to project; — 4a'Hie, edl- 

lion; — 4a'Tejb, editor; — a- 

4HHirB^ heiraye*-, traitor. 
H34a'BflH'WBUR, V. a. to choke or 

straoj^ie all. 
II'34aHKa^ spur (of a mountain). 
H34H'raM'b-rH&, v. a. to raise or 

lift up, elevate; — ca, v. r. to 

ll34H'paBii&-epiEi'^ V. a. to skin or 

tear all; to scratch. 
934H'pflMi-pi&9 V. a. to trace out; 

find; investigate, explore. 
El34pb'HKyBaHi>-KaH, v. a. to ring, 

El34/xyBaBi^xan, v. a. to blow 

B[34'M6a'Ba]ii:b-6a1fi^ v. a. to dig out, 

mortse; carve, engrave. 
il34i'HiOBaHi-Hi£^ v. a. to remove 

tlie bottom. 
]l34u'maMi, V. n. to ooze out, es* 

cape as air from a wind instru- 
l/lsAh'AyBam^Aawh, v. a. to hew or 

whittle out or off. 
Il34A'xHyBaM:b-fliK^ v. n. to expire, 

give up the ghost. 
H33o'6iOBa]rb-6ifi9 v. a. to eat ail 

one by one. 
HaH'cKyBaMi-Kain^ v. a. to demand, 

require, exact. 
Il3jia'raMi-j[0'»iiB, v. a. to expose, 

extiibit; express (one's thoughts). 
ll3ja'3aMi-t'3£, V. n. to go out; 

dep»irt; to come out, issue; arisp, 

result; turn out, prove; bo ob- 
If3;reKa^ hgbtly, gently. 
H^JH'BaH^b-t'iA, v. a. to pour out; 

shed; cast (metals). 
Usjui'SBWb^'dm^ see H3ja'3flHii. 
Hsjfi'iDeHi-iiiHa, superfluous. 

HsjOBfl'BaM^b-Biiii'^ V. a. to catch or 

seize all. 
Hsjioxce'Hie, exposure: exhibition; 

Hsjiy'sflM^b-sifi, v. a. to slip off. 
Usjiy'niOBaH'b-niiB^ v. a. to hatch 

liiiA'b'ryBawB'TKm^ v. a. to cheat, de- 
ceive by lyiiJg. impose upon. 
Hs Jtqa'BaM'b - qift'^ v. a. to cure; 

— HB'Mi, curable. 
HsMa'syBaMi-a'sKiEi^ v. a. to plaster; 

plaster up. 
Hdiia'Ma;, deception; — a'Mflin»-a'Hi£^ 

v. a. to cheat, deceive; beguile; 

HdHHHy'Baiii-H'HiEi, V. a. to have 

passed by. 
Usnn'TawB^Ts!^ v. a. to sweep out; 

HsMO'KpioBaH'B-Kpidi^ v. a. to wet. 
Il3M0'ji0BaM'B-jii]&, V. a. to pray 

out; procure or obtain by en* 

UsHOpa'aaM^b-pift', v. a. to tire out; 

U3Mpb'3HyBa]iii-H£, V. a. to freeze; 

winter kill; — 3fl'BaH!b-3ii&', v. a. 

to allow to freeze. 
Il3Mi'KHyBaM!B*H£, V. a. to draw 

out ; — ca, V. r. to withdraw, 

slip out unobserved. 
HsMUBaHi-uiA^ V. a. to wash tho- 

UsMucjiOBaM'B-jiift^ V. a. to think 

out, invent, discover; — mwb 

-ena^ invented, fictitious. 
HsM^Ha, treaehery. 
HdMtHA'BaHi-HiA', v. a. to cliaDge; 

vary ; betray ; — Hfl'en, chan- 
geable, variable; — -Heme^ varia^ 

HdHt'piDBain^piik^ v. a. to measure; 




survey ; f»thom : lake aim. 
HsMcb'THyBaiH^b-Hifi, V. a. to warp ; 

— ca, V. a. 10 warp. 
H'3M'bT:b^ that which is thrown onl; 

as sheep or other ar.imals, as 

unsuilahle firr purchase. 
H3iH£'TH)BaM'b-TkEi, V. d. lo halch 

Il3HaMH'paMi-t'pi£, V. a* to find out^ 

invent, clLseovir. 
HsHa'cHM^b^ see usno'cnwh. 
H3He6'b'pi0BaMi&*pi£, v. a. to (h'sown 

one's faith or allegiance; — ch, 

to leave ouas faith. 
ll3Heiiio»cfl'fiaoi'b-o'r£^ v. n. to grow 

weak, become feehle. 
HsHHKHyBaMX-Hfi^ V. n. to sprout. 

spring or grow up. 
HsHH'caaii^ see HSHO'cflMTi. 
If'3H0fi0^ anew. 
Il3H0'cflJHi-*Heciii'^ V. a. to" carry out; 

V. i. to lepay (lor trouble and 

loss); — cfl, 10 carry one's things 

out, move out. 
H3Hypfl'Ba]ii'B-pi£^ v. a. lo exhaust. 
ll3o6H'jiyBaMi&^ V. a. lo abound; — 

jeiTb-jHa^ abundant, cop<ous; — 

jie^ a bundanc^^ p enty. 
Il3o6pa3Ka'Bdjii:b-xcuB'^ v. a. to express 

in form, represent; portray; 

paint; — 5Ke'Hie, representation^ 

H3opa'BaM:b-p£^ V. a. to plough. 
H30CTpH)BaM'b-phii, V. a. to sharpen. 
Il3iui'3HyBaMi-H£ cfl, V. n. to slip 

H3pa6o'TioBaiii-TijEi, v. a. to work 

out, finish one's work. 
HapaBRflsfB-Hiifi^ V. a. to make level, 

•Hapa'fiaitti-o bift, v. a. to dig out, 

scratch up. 

HapaaKa'aaKii-dk^ v. a. to express; 

— )Ke'Hie^ expression. 
H3paHC4aM:b cn^ v. r. to cease 

bearing; lo degenerate. 

Hapa'cTHyaaM'B-HX, v. n. lo grow 
out; come up; sprout (as po- 
tatoes, etc. not in the ground). 

H3pe'»f4aM'6-e4J*', v. a. to do any- 
thing in turns, serve ail alike; 

— ca, to take one's turn, relieve 
each other by taking turns. 

H3pH'qaMi-tKSi-4ems, v. n. lo speak, 

utter: express. 
HspoHfl'BaM^b-HHB'^ v. a. to shell ouf. 
KipuHyBaM^b-Hfi, v. a. to shovel 

ll3pt'3yBa]ii'b-:b'»ci£i) v. a. to cut out. 
H3pa*4eHi-4Ha, excellent. 
H3CH'«jaMi-tK«i', V. a. lo cut oal; 

cut down or up« 
H3CKa'4aMX-KO'KHiR, V. a. to leap or 

jump out. 
H3CKy'6flMii-6», V, a. to pluck up 

iiy the roots. 
H3CTH'cKyBaMi-KaMi, V. a to press 

or squeeze out. 
HscTpft'ryBaMi-aci*, v. a. to scratch 

H3CTy4a'BaMi-4i*^ v. a. to cool.lo 

cause lo. take (Old. 
HscT&'njeHie, ecstasy .) / 

Hacyma'BaMi^-iui&V v. a. to dry, 

Macu'nyBaMi-nki, v.a. to pour out, 

spdl, strew. 
Mac&'xHyBaMi-HA, v. n. to dry up; 

wither, be paUied. 
Hay'BaMi-y 'tt, v, a. see ciey'Baiii. 
UsjKn'Bawh-MiSi', v. a. lo astonish, 

8ur|)rise ; — ue'Hie, aslouish- 

ment. .... 

Hay'cTi, see HaHay'cx'B. 
UsynBrnr^in^ v a. tojeacb, tearh 

the whole. of any book.or science; 




— Off, lo learn thoroughly. 

Hat, ouf, out of; in composition 
it frequently expresses the idea 
of completeness, and sometimes 
may be rendered by all, entirely, 
up, lo finish, do thoroughly; 
sometimes the idea is not easily 
expressed in English. 

MsflBfl'BaM'B-Biffi', V. a. to indicate, 
manifest, make known; — bii- 
Te^eHX-diHa, indicative. 

M3a'4aMi-aMi, v. a. to eat all, d()- 

HaacHfl'BaM'B-Hki', v. a. to explain, 
illustrate; — cff, v. r. to explain 
one s self; clear away, become 
fair; — He'flie, explanation. 

Haa'Tie, subtraction, exception. 

HKO'fia, image (in the church); — 
Ho6o'peu'B, opposer of images; — 
HonoKwiOHe'Hie, worship of ima- 
j^cs; — uocTac:B^ the place where 
images stand. 

H'Kpa, spawn. 

H.IH', whether, or; — iui\\ either 

H'MaMi, V. a. to have; - 
tl)ere is, there exists. 

HMa'Hie, possessions, goods; money, 

H'Me, (S. HMa) pi. -ena', name; 
noun; — eneM'L, by name, na- 
med; — HH'TejieHi-.iHa, nomma- 
live; — eny'BaMX na-, v. a. lo 
name, nominate. 

HiHOBtpeHi-pHa, credible. 

Hmotx, property, weallh; — o'tohi 
-THa, wealthy, opulent. 

H'HaK:b^ otherwise. 

IlHOBi'peH'B, one of another faith. 

HHoae'Meux, one of another coun- 

HH03Haqa'ii]^'B^ having another signl- 

Ma, V. 1. 


H'liOK'B, monk; — Ku'na, nun. 

HttOCKasa'Hie, allegory. 

HHOCTpa'HeH:B-aHHa, foreign : — a- 
Heui, foreigner. 

HncTHHrTi, instinct. 

HncTpyMeHTx, instrument. 

HHTepe'c:B, interest; — cy'BaM'B, v. a. 
to interest, benefit. 

HcKa'ayBaMX-aciR, v. a. to say or 
tell the whole; divulge, confess. 

HcKa'.iaMX-Ko'jifR, v. a. to slaughter; 
slay or kill all. 

H'CKaMX no-, v. a. to wish; de- 

HcKa'pyBaM'B-paM'B, v. a. to drive 
out, finish,- turn out; make; col- 
lect; invent, introduce to use; 
slM)ot f()ritj, put forth (leaves). 

HcKaWiOBaMii-qiffi, v. a. to carry up 
upon; to cause to go up upon; 

— ca^ V. n. to go up upon, as- 
cend u(»on. 

{IcKJaca'BaM:B-cii&', v. n. to ear. 
HcKJH)'qaMX-qiifi, v. a. to exclude; 

— Me'Hie, exception. 
HcKOBa'BaM'B-OBiii'^ V. a. to ham- 
mer out; make, 

HcKona'BaM'B-a'ia, v. a. to dig out 
or up; — na'ejtti, a. mineral 

HcKona'BaMt-nii&', v. a. to castrate. 

HcKopeHa'BaMX-Hi&', v. a. lo root 
out, eradicate, exterminate. 

HcKOca'BaMi-cifi', v. a. to mow all. 

H'CKpa, a spark. 

H'cKpeHb-eHHa, sincere; — HHOcib, 

HcKpHBa'BaM'b-Bi£', v. a. to crook, 
bend; tip to one side; tread over; 
make guilty; accuse; — ca, v. r. 
to become crooked, slanting, tip- 
ped to one side. 





to fail (in 
(in flesh); 

HcKy'nyBaMX-y'nkk^ v. a. to redeem, 
ransom; — nH'Te^ib, redeemer; 

— nje'Hie, redemption. 
HcKy'nx, ad. all together, all at 

once; wholesale. 

HcKy'ceHt-CHa, skillful, expert; — 
cfl'BaMX-ci*', V. a. to make skill- 
ful, expert, accomplished; — y'c- 
CTBO, art, skill; — TBent-eHHa, 

HcKyma'BaMi-ciiR', v. a. to tempt; 

— uie'Hie, tamptation; — CH'iejib, 

HcKbJBa'BaMX-BX', V. a. to pick up, 

devour up. 
HcK«'^qaMi&-»f&', V. a. to put out 

of yniA, dislocate. 
Hcna^aMi-^H*, v. n. 

business); fall away 

decline, decay. 
Hcnape'Hie, evaporation, exhalation. 
Hcna'paMi-pi*, v. a. to scald out. 
HenHpaMX-nepa', v. a. to wash out. 
HcnH'cyBaMi-H'miR, v. a. to write, 

wriie all or through; use up in 

writing; paint. 
HcnH'qaMi-neKi&', v. a. to bake tho- 
roughly ; finish baking. 
Hcnja'maM'L-aTifli', v. a. to pay (the 

whole of a debt), discharge; — 

— ca^ V. r. to discharge one's 
debt, free one's self from debt; 
(My) requite. 

HcMio'ByBaMt-FO'ifi, v. a. to spit out. 

HcnoB'b'AaM'B, v. a. to confess; pro- 
fess; — 4hhk:b, confessor; — Ah 
f. confession. 

HcnojH'HX, gii^nl. 

Hcnpa'BeHi&-BHa, correct; — bhoctb, 

Hcnpa'saMt-BiiR, v. a. to correct; 
rectify; revise; straighten, set or 
fctand upright; reform; — ca. 

V. r. to straighten one's self up, 
stand erect; rear; rise; reform; 
exculpate one's ?elf. 

Hcnpa'aHaMX-Hifi, v. a. to empty; 
vacate; evacuate. 

Hcnpaiuamx, see HcnpoB0'^4aM'B. 

HcnpOBO'HC4aM'B-o'4i«, v. a. lu.serid 
out or away; accompany a guesl 
a little way on his departure; 
bring one on bis way or journey. 

Hcnpo'CH)BaMX-ci&, v. a. to beg, 
obtain by begging or entreaty. 

Hcnpu'maMi-mHB, v. a. lo lilisler. 

HenpLBO, at first, first. 

Hcnpi'qiOBaM'B-m, v. a. to place 
before or opposite; — ca^ v. r. 
to come or appear before one. 

Hcnpa'raM'B-erHfi, v. a. to unhar- 

Hcnps'xeyBaMx-HiR, v. n. lo be- 
come dry; become mellow; fly 
out (of one's skin from rage)* 

Hcny'cKaMx-cH«, v. a. to let fall, 
drop; let go or escape (uninlen- 

Hcnx'jHaMi-Hai, v. a. fofill up; to 
fulfil; perform, discbarge; — He- 
me, fulfilmenr. 

HcnbixyBaMi - laMX, v. a. to try, 
prove; inquire out, find by in- 
quiry; examine by questioning; 
examine, search ; — ca, v. r. lo 
try, attempt; — xa'aie, exami- 

Hcnb'cTpiOBaMi-piffi, v, a. to va- 

HcniR'af^aMi - x'4ki, v. a. Jo dme 
out, otT or away; cast out; put 
or turn out; expel; — ac^aHie, 

HcniRKHyBaMi-Hfi, v. n. to stand 
or stick out. 

HcTa'Kajtti-o'^iui^ y. a, to draw out 




to pull 


(fluids, etc.). 

Hcxe'rjiaM'B-jiliR, v. a. 
draw out; suffer. 

Hcieqe'Hie, lapse. 

HcTii'HyBaM'B-H«fi, V. n. to become 
cold; to take cold. 

H'cTHHa, truth; ad. truly; Ha-^ in- 
deed, of a truth, surely, truly; 

HeH:B-HHa, true. 

HcTH'pflMx-pKB, see Hcnfi'4yBaM5. 

HcTH'qaM'b-eKiR', v. n. to flow or 
run out; rise; elapse, expire. 

HcTjia'cKyBaM'L-KaMX, v. a. to push 
or thrust out. 

H'CTOKi, east ; — oqeHi-qHa, ea- 

HcTO'pHKi, historian. 

HcTO'qHHKx, fountain, source. 

HcTOma'BaMi&, v. a. to exhaust, 
spend; — omHto, exhaustible. 

HcTpe'6aaii-6iiR, v. a. to extermi- 
nate, destroy. 

HcTpe'3BaM!&-Bifi ca, v. r. to become 

HcTpMBaMi-Ju'iiB, V. a. to rub off 
or out; wear off or away ; de- 
stroy or kill ail. 

Hcxpb'nHyBaMt-Hfi, v. n. to become 

HcTpb'caM'B-cifi, V. a. to shake out. 

HcxyKa'Hi, graven image, idol. 

iIcTiKa'BaMi&-KA', V. a. to weave. 

HcTiKMa'BaMt-Mifi, V. a. to make 
exact, complete. 

HcTXHqa'BaMi-qifi', v. a. to make 
thin; retine; — Mfri*, v. n. to 
become thin or fine; — leH'B-eHa, 
delicate, refined. 

HcT^Bii^a'Baiii'B-iEiifi'^ v, a. to perfect 
one in his trade or art; — ii^en^b 
-ena, well instructed in one's 

H'cTufi-Ta, same, self; — xx, the 

same, himself. 

HcxbBpt'3HyBaMx-Hfi, V. n. (o be- 
come sober afler inloxication. 

Hcxb'pBaMi&-Bifi', see Hcny CKaM^b. 

HcxaCaBaMi-fiiffi', v. a. to spoil (a 
thing in making); to dull. 

HcxBbpj!aM:B-ji*, v. a. to throw or 
cast out; shoot away. 

Hcxo'af4aMi-o'4iiR5 v. a. to traverse, 
{io over. 

Hcxpa'HiOBaMt-HiiR, v. a. to feed, 
rear; use up in feeding; feed 
through; keep alive by feeding. 

Hcut'ac4aM:b-'b4ift', v. a. to drain 

out, drain. 
HcutjaBaMTi-jii*', v. a. to heal; — 

At'iSi^ V. n. to become healed, 

IIcqe'3HyBaM:b-H«fi, v. n. to vanish, 

vanish away. 
Hcqe'cyBaM^b-e'iUiB, v. a. to comb, 

HcqHcxaM'B-xiiR, v. a. to clean out. 
H'xxiffi, V. n. to pant, puff. 
HqHMu'Ki, barley; sty (of the eye). 
H'miiB, see H'cKaMi. 


Ka6HHe'xx, cabinet.'pia, cavalry; — je'pi, ca- 
valier, knight. 

Ka4e<&e', T. velvet. 

Ka4H.iuHua, censer. 

Ka4H'jio, incense. 

Ka4i&', V. a. to burn incense for; 
v. n. to smoke. 

Kasa'Hii^ T. a copper boiler. 

1 Ka'3yBaM:B-Hffi, (ao. Ka3a'x:B;, v. a. 




lo say; fell, declare; — ca, v. n. 

to be called. 
KaBci'a, T. apricot. 
KaKBHHa', see KaWecTBO. 
KaKBo', what; conj. that; — o'to, 

Ka'KTO, as. 
Kawh^ how; ot!&-, see OTKa'K'B ; — 4a 

6, any how, any way, however 

you^ please. 
KaKiBi, what, what sort or kind; 

— 4a e, whatever. 
KaAa% T. tin; — HcyBaMi-caMX, 

V. a. to tin. 
Kajie'Bpa, Turkish shoe. 
Ka'jem, gaiter, legging. 
KajHHa^ husband's sister. 
Kajy'repi, monk ; — pKa, nun. 
Kaji, -Jb, f. mud; — jieHX-^Ha^ 

mnddy; — jiaMi y-, v. a. to 

Kajiiii', V. a. to harden (iron). 
KaMeHH'cTi^ stony ; — uoA'k'Jieu.'h,^ 

stone cutter. 
KaMH'ia^ G. camel- 
KaMHjia'BKa, priest's hat. 
KaMM'^iflKi. dwarf mallow. 
Ka'nme^ gravel stone. 
Ka'M<&opa, camphor. 
Knwh^ see Kbwb. 
Ka'MtKi, ( als(s — MaKX, - mmk^, 

-MbiKi&, -Meet; pi. -Mane, -lae- 

Hie, mchh); stone; rock; — Me- 

Henx-HHa, of stone, stone; 6e3- 

UfHeHi — , precious stone. 
KaH^a'^bi^ S. see 6yKaH'. 
Kane'jia^ stop-cock. 
KaHia'pb, T. steelyards. 
Ka'Hifi no-, v. a. to invite; — ca, 

V. r. to help one s self; intend. 
Ka'nHiue^ heathen temple. 
Ka'oKa, drop ; point ; — n»no kx, 

eaves; the place under the eaves 

where the water drops. 

Ka'nifi na-, v. n. to drop; fall off 
(fruit); V. a. to spot with drops. 

Ka'paMi., V. a. to drive; carry or 
or bring (wood, goods, etc.); pro- 
|)el ; shoot up, grow ; — ca c-, 
V. rec. to quarrel, strive; v. r. 
(My) to chide, scold at, repri- 
mand, rebuke. 

KapaH*H'Ji&, pink; clove. 

KapayjiiB, watch, guard, sentind. 

Kape'3i&, T. revenge. 

Ka'pia, map; card; — TH'na, pic- 
ture; — HKa, small picture. 

Kaca'ifi ca, v. r. to touch, come 
in contact with; concern, relate 

Ka'cTpiiK, V. a. to prune, trim. 

Kaiajto'rx, catalogue. 

Kaia'Heu'B, pad-lock. 

Kaxe'Apa, pulpit, rostrum. 

Ka'xepHua, black squirrel. 

Kaiepifs ca, v. n. to climb. 

Kaio, as, as soon as; when, while; 
— Me'ne, as I ; y'MeHt — loaiffla, 
as wise as John; — qe, as thougb, 
as if. 

Ka'ua, a large cask open at the 
lop ; — a'qe, a small cask. 

Ka'uaMt-UHiK, V. n. to light (as a 

Ka'qecTBO, quality. 

Ka'qK)BaMX-Hi*, v. a. lo carry up, 
caus-e to go up; — ca, v. r. to 
go up, ascend; get upon, mount; 
climb; get into a carriage, boat 
or ship; amount lo. 

Ka'ma, a kind of flour pudding. 

Ka'mJHua, cough; jo'ma — , whoo- 
ping cough ; — ARWb-'Am^ v. n. 
lo cough. 

KamMepi£'ca, v. n.(Biy)to scoff at. 

Ka'iiR ca no-, v. n. lo repent. 




KeaApaHT'B^ quadrant. 

KBa4paH, square. 

KBaKasfB-KHfi^ V. D. to quack. 

Kfiacx^ leaven; — chh'k:b, a large 
cake, loaf. 

Kfia'ciA no4-, v. a. to sour milk; 
na-, to wet. 

KBHqffi', V. n. to squeal, yelp. 

Keje'pb, siore-roonj. 

Keci'a, T. purse. 

Ke'cxeHX, chestnut. 

Kja'4a, ioii;. 

Kwia'4eHeu:B, well; — Hie, fountain, 

Kjloa^' Ha-, V. a. to make (a fire). 

KjaHflMt ca no-, v. n. (My) to bow 
lo; to bow one's self, worship. 

Kjia'na, valve; a kind of wooden 
fetter for hordes and cattle. 

KjiacB, class ; ear (of grain). 

Kja'Tbfk no-, V. a. to shake, move 
backward and forward, rock. (as 
the wind a tree, etc.). 

KwieBeia', slander; accusation; — 
THMKx, slanderer; — Tm' na-, y-, 
v. a. to slander, calumniate; ac- 

Kjie% gum. 

Kjohx, maple-tree. 

Kwiena'wio, a sounding-board for cal- 
ling people to church; — e'nkR, 
V. a. lo beat upon the sounding- 
board; beat thin; v. n. to flap 
(the ears). 

Kjiena'qb, eyelid. 

Kie'nKa, eyelash. 

Kje'TKa^ cage. 

Kje'qKa, peg, pin, any small piece 
of round wood. 

Kjie'iAH, pinchers. 

Kjhh^b, wed^e; gusset. 

Kjm'poct, place for ihe singers, 

K^H'caBi, sticky. 

Kjncy'pa, a narrow pass between 

KjIOHI, branch ; — hmb, twig. 

Kjo'nifi, V. n. to incline, tend. 

Kjo'naMt, V. n. to cluck; v. a. na-, 
tti tell of, report (one's miscon- 

Kjio'nKa, trap. 

Kjomkr, V. n. to duck. 

Kjy'ni, noose. 

Kjii'iffi, V. n. 10 glow. 

KjIiohx, see KbABj'wb. 

Kjio«jb, key. 

Kwia'KaMX - e'KHiR, v. n. to squat^ 
bend the knee. 

Kjia'TBa^ curse, oath. 

KwiaTBOHapyme'Hie, perjury. 

KHH'ra, book; paper; card; — ro- 
npo^a'Beui, bookseller; — a'aroi- 
Ua, book-store; — roneqa'iHHua, 
printing ofiice; — roxpaHH'jHiu^e, 
library; — nace'BeHi-BHa, literary, 
learned; — H'acHHHa, literature. 

Knasb, prince; — a'aceciBO, prin- 

Ko6njia, mare. 

Ko6bi'jHi](a, a stick or staff used 
for carrying burdens upon the 

KoBa'peH:b-pHa, crafty, artful, cun- 
nmg; — pciBO, craft, cunning. 

KoBa'qb, blacksmith; — qHHua, black- 
smith's shop. 

KoBqe'r:b, ,trunk; ark. 

KoBiSi', V. a. to forge; hammer; 
shoe (horses, etc.); pick (a mill- 

Kora' ? when ? 0T:b -, how long 
since? how old? 40-, to when? 
how long? — ra'TO, when; otx-, 
since; 40-, till; — a'meHX-iuHa, 
of what time. 




Ko'»fa, skin; fur; leather; — skcitb 
-TKHa, of skin, fur. 

Ko»eH)'xi, skin coal; — xa'pi, fur- 
dealer; — xa'pHHua^ furrier's shop. 

Ko3a', goat; — apt, goat-herd; — 
aewii, see nptqb; -318, goal's. 

Ko'aeHa, hair of .nnimals. 

Ko'sia ca o-, v. n. to kid. 

Kofi? who? — fl-TO, who, which; 

— 4a e, whoever. 
Ko'Kawi'B, G. hone. 

KoKO'iuKa, hen ; Pleiades ; — mn, 

KoKuWKa, the stone of fruits. 
Koja', (pi.) a four wheeled carriage 

for oxen. 
KojeCafe, v. a. to shake, move; 

— ca, V. r. to waver, vacillate. 
/ ! Ko'jie^a, Christmas; derived from a 

Bulgarian festival which was ob- 
served before the reception of 
Christianity, in honor of Ko- 
ABA'b', a deified ruler. (^ ^ ^^^'-^^ 

KciCjIo', wheel. 

Ko'jem, colic. 
>/|KojH'6a, hut, cabin, shanty. 

KojH'iecTBO, quantity ; amount ; 

KoUko? how much, how many? 

— KO-TO, as much as, as many 
as ; — , T0'j[K0Ba, as much — so 
much, the more — the more. 

Kojix, stake, post. 

Ko'jiKi-J[Ka, how great. 

Koj[iHH'qi&, V. n. to kneel.j/ 

KowitHo, knee; S. tribe, race. 

Ko'.«iifi 3a-, v. a. to slaughter, slay, 

KoMa'ft, see nomn'. 

KoMa'fl^a, command: —4H'pi, com- 

KoMa'pi, musquito. 

Kowa'Tb, a large piece of broken 


Komh'hx, chimney. 

KoMKa, communion; — KyBaini, 
V. a. to administer the commu- 

KoH^a'K'B, hymn to a saint. 

KoHe'm, thread ; S. end. 

KoHO'oM, hemp-plant. 

KoHb, horse; — hhhki, horseman; 
— HHua, cavalry,- •— nqe, colt; — 
Ml* ca y-, V. n. to foal. 

Kona', stack of hay. 

Kona'ifR, v. a. to dig (with spade); 
— a'%, a digger. 

Kone'H'B, stack of grain. 

Ko'nie, spear. 

Ko'nia, oopy. 

KonpH'aa, nettle. 

KonpH'na, silk; — H'HeHX-ena, of 
silk, silk. 

Ko'nxpx, dill, anise. 

KoHbiTO, hoof. 

Kopa', bark; rind, husk, crust; 
cover ( of a book); scab. 

Kopa'Si, ship. 

Ko'pa6i&, a large boat-like trough 
for pressing wine. 

Kopa'BX, bard; stiff; — aBt'kfi, v. n. 
to become hard. 

Kope'Mi, belly. 

Ko'peHb, root. 

Kopi'a, T. sprout land, wood or 
forests preserved for timber. 

Ko'pMqifl, steersman, pilot. 

Kopu'cTb, gain, interest; booty; — 
t0wIK)6h'bi, greedy of gain, sor- 
did; — 6ie, cupidity, self in- 

Kopu'TO, trough ; wash trough; hull 
(of a ship). 

KopiiR' y-, see yKopa'BaM's. 

Koca', sythe; hair of the head; — 
a'THHKX, a long braid of false hair. 




KocH'46a, mo wing-time. 

Kocna'Ti. hairv. 

KocTeHy'pKa, turtle; tortoise. 

KocTH'jiKa, see KOKu'qKa. 

KocTb, bone; — xeHi-eHa, of bone. 

Ko'c'bWby (pi. -cmh) a single hair. 

Kocifi' no-, V. a. to mow. 

KoTapa'K'B, torn -cot. 

Ko'TBa, anchor. 

Koxe'jii, see Mt'4HHKX. 

Ko'TKa, cat; — le, kitten; — li* 

cfl y-, V. n. to kitten. 
KoTje'^ a small copper kettle. 
KoTjacaHHHa, verdigris. 
KoTi, see KOTapa'Ki^. 
Ko'quHa, pig- pen, pen. 
Koqy'iom'B, wandering, roving. 
Koma'pa, sheepfold. 
Ko'iuepi, beehive. 
Ko'uiHHua, little basket. 
Koiuy'ia, roe (female deer). 
Kouib^ large basket. 
Kouiio'jiH^ see, pw'aa. 
Kpa'aa^ cow; — BHiuKufi, cow's; — 

file ua'Cwio, butter. 
Kpa4e'u'B, thief; — ash'b'b, thievish; 

— a';K6a^ theft, a stolen thing; 

— 4i&' 0T-4Ha, v. a. to steal. 
Kpafi, (pi. -Hiua) end; ed^e, mar- 
gin, brink; 40 — , to the end; 
completely; no-, by the side; on 
the margin; — MHOCXb, extreme; 

— HHi-fifla, Iast» utmost, ex- 
treme; — flna HyHC4a, urgency. 

KpaeMo'pie^ shore, beach. 
Kpa'uiuHHK^b, slab. 
KpaK:b, (pi. - Ka) foot, leg. 
Kpajb, king; — je'BCTBO, kingdom; 

— JH'ua, queen. 
Kpa'ceni-cHa, S. see xy'eaBx; — 

coxa' = xy'fiocxb ,• — cHopt^HBX, 
eloquent; — t'qie, eloqut^nce. 
Kpa'cHHK:b, dropsy. 

KpacHonHca'Hie, penmanship; copy 

Kpa'cxa, itch ; n?ange. 

Kpa'cxaBHua, cucumber. 

KpaxKOBpe'meH'B-eHHa^ of short du- 

Kpa'xxKt-XKa, brief. 

Kpa'qKa, pace. 

Kpa'Mioj^b, one leg of pantaloons. 

Kpa'^iiR, V. n. to pace. 

Kpe4HX0'p'B, creditor. 

KpeM^b, see KpbiH:b. 

KpeMtKt, flint. 

Kpe'xxKi-XKa, brittle, tender. 

KpHBaKX^ a large long cane or staff; 

the shepherd s crook. 
KpHBaWKa, handful. 
KpH'B4a, injustice; — BHHa', bend, 

curve ; — Borwie'4X, cross-eyed ; 

—'qi&, v, n. to go crooked; 
bend, curve; — B:b, crooked, 
curve; wrong, blamable; — ai*', 
v. n. to limp; skew; — ca, v. r. 
to make up faces. 

Kpn'na, grain measure (of different 

Kpn'xHKa, criticism. 
Kpoe'MCb, cut; shape, plan: — 01*' 

C-, V. a. to cut (a garment) ; 

shape, plan. 
KpocHo'5 weaver's beam. 
Kpo'xxKt-xKa, meek; mild, gentle; 

— xocxb, meekness. 
Kpy'iua, pear; pear tree. 
KpiBaBn'Ma, sausage (made of liver). 
Kpi'BaB'B, bloody ; — aBi*', v. a. 

to make bloody. 
Kp'BBo'H^b-eHa, full blooded, full. 
Kp:bBb, f. blood, 
Kpx'qJHa, wine shop; treat to close 

a bargain; — fflapb, wine seller. 
Kp&uo', wing ; — jiaT:B, winged. 
KpuHib, lily. 

^ ^ ^ 




KpHCTa'ji, crystal. 

Kpu'iiR C-, V. a. to liide, conceal. 

Kpbcxa'T'B, crossed. 

Kpbcxe'u'B, shock (of grain). 

KpbCTH'xejb, baptizer. 

Kpb'cTHHK'B, god-father; — HHU[a, 

KpbCTOBU'ft noxo'4'b, Crusade. 

KpbCTOHO'ceuii, crusader. 

KpbCTon^s'T'B, the xpace where two 
roads cross, corners of the street. 

KpbCTO'cyBaM'B-caM'B, v. a. to put 
one thing across another, to cross 

RpbCTi, cross; waist; small of the 

Kpb'cii* ca, V. r. to cross one's 
self, make the sign of the cross. 

Kpbma'eaM'B-b'CTHR, v. a. to baptize; 
— me'Hie^ baptism. 

Kpt'nocTb, fortress. 

KptnifR', V. a. lo steady, carry stea- 
dily, keep from falling. 

Kpt'cBKi, shriek, scream; — tmij/, 
V. n. to shriek, scream. 

Kpt'qisi, V. n. to squall. 

Kpfl'Ka])i:B, V. n. to squall; croak 

KpAri, circle; orbit. 

Ky'Ka, hook (wooden or iron); house 

KyKOBHua, cuckoo. 

KyKOMa'BKa, the owl. 

KyKypy 3:b, see ua'peBHua. 

KyjMa, the wife of the Kywh\ god- 

KyMe'ui, the relationship of the 
bridegroom to the KyMX. 

KyMH'p'B^ idol. 

KyMCb, the person who stands he- 
hind the bride and the bride- 
groom, at the weJding and takes 
hold of the ciown upon each of 
their beads. The sanr^e person 

usually becomes godfather to the 

Ky'na, see HKO'na. 
Kyny'BaM'B-y'nifi, v. a. to buy; — 

Ba'qb, buyer. 
Kynx, heap, pile; group (of per- 
sons) ; cluster (of stars). 
Kynt'jb, f. baptismal font; S. pool. 
Ky'pBa, prostitute, harlot; — a'pHHi, 

dissolute man, fornicator; — a- 

CTBO, fornication. 
Ky'pHHK'B, coop, hen-liouse. 
Kypmy'Hi, T. ball, bullet 
Kyxifl, T. a small box. 
KyTej:B, a mortar. 
KyTKyAa'KaM'B,-t'4i«, v. n. to cackle. 
Kyue^-Te, little finger. 
Ky4>a'pb, T. pad'ock. 
Ky'qe, dog; — qenue^ P"PPy»' "" 

iKa, bitch ; — nii^ ca, v. n. lo 

K'B.160', ball (of thread, etc.) 
Ki'JKaMi-KHx, V. n. to gurgle. 
K'b'Au,Sim'h-Kh'AU,u&y V. a. to ha5}b, 

mince ; hack ; snap (with tk 

K'Bjqn'ma, hemp. 
K-LMX, towards; lo; oxi-^ see ot- 

K'BpMa', milk of the breast ; meal 
mixed with salt and water for 

K^BpMH'jiHHua, wet-nurse. 

K-L'pMiai, V. a. to suckle, nurse; 
feed with Kxpnia'. 

KxpTH'uia, mole (animal) ; — th'hh- 
iia, molehill. 

Ki'piiiR, V. a. to crumble off (plas- 
tering, etc.); make a bole in so 

Ki'ceiTB-cHa, late; — cho, ad. late. 

K'bcoTje'A'h^ shortsighted. 

K:bc:b, short; nafci^'co^ in short, 





Kmbo't'B, Tf. ark (of ihe rovenani). 
Kbuo'j (jrain measure (of (Jillereul 

KM'MaM:B-MHiK, V, n. lo nod (assent, 

eU\); berktin (wilh llie head). 
ECraBfBa'j'Bi, cymhal. 
ECu'mhh'e^ see Kbimio'Hi. 
KbiHio'H'b^ cutnmin. 
KbinapH'cb^ cypress. 
Kbinkfk^ V. n. hc-, lo boil ever; 

npe -, lo ferment. 
KbipjH'B'B, T. diriy; — h'bhm'b y-, 

V. a. It) dirly. 
KupnH'qb^ brick (sun dried). 
Kbi ce-i'b-e.ia, sour, arid: — jeu'b^ 

so'rel; — JHHa', acidily ; — jh- 

ua, crab-apple; — Ji'b'i&^ v. n. 

to be sour. 
Kbicjopo'4:b^ oxygen. 
Ku'cH& Ha-^ V. n. to soak. 
Ku'TKa, bouquet. 
Kbi'Tiih Ha-, see Kbiniiii. 
KUT'B, whale. 

Kbt'xam'B-XHfi, v. n. to sneeze. 
Ku'qecTi^ of tliirk branches or fo- 

lia<»e; double (flower). 
Kbi'^ift Ha-, V. a. to adorn with 

Kbi'iua, protracted rainy weather. 
Kb.iBaHTpH'qbi) woodpecker. 
Kb.iBy'Hb, bill, beak. 
KbjiB/R', V. a. to pi(k, peck. 
KbJHA', (ao. KABX'b) V. a. to curse; 

— ca, V. n. to swear; 3a-, 

V. a. lo put under oalh: — ca, 

V. r. to lake oath; npo-, v. a. 

lo curse, analhenriali'/e. 
Kb'pna, handkerchief, napkin, f^) --^ • 
Kb'piuifKi, V. a. C-, lo brcjik, b'cak 

down ( a liiub ) ; OT:b -, break 

KA'4paB:B^ curly, crispy ; — pis, 

V. a. lo (mr\ ; — ca, v. r. to curl 

one 8 own hair. 
KiR4'b'? whither? \rhere? prep* 

towards, in the direction of. v'v 
Kifk'KJHua, tares. 
hVjiKa, tliigh, hip. 
KftHTifi', V. n. to ring, sound (as 

KftHHlua, blackberry ; blackberry 

KifiHOHbi', scales (for weighing). 
KVniA, V. a. lo bathe; — ca, v. r. 
K^'pifEab, T. cochineal. 
K*pna'Hb, R^ender ; — ne»cb, men- 
din*,'; — nifli, V. a. to mend, patch. 
K;ii'ca9i%, V. a. c-, to break (as a 

rope, etc); tear; mangle; wear; 

OT-CH«, to pluck; tear off. 
K/RCB, piecf. fragment. 
KVthhki, double looth, grinder. 
Kati, corner (chimney-). 
K<fi'u;a, house. }^ 

— — 


Ja'repx, camp. 

Ja'aiifi, V. n. to crawl, creep. 

JatiHo', dimg. 

Aa&ABMyHKa., camomile. 

Ja'KOH^b, gluttonous; avaricious; — 
Mi'a, gluttony, avarice; — mhr' 
cfl, V. n. lo be avarieious. 

Ja'KbTi, (pi. -kth) elbow; cubit. 

•laje', lu-ip. 

Ja^y'repii, (;rouiid squirrel. 

•la'jtta, dragon. 

•la'HH^ ad. last year. 

Jana'BHua^ slef*t. 

•lacKa'Te^b, flatterer; — leiCTBO^ 





flaltery; — m'm^ v. a. Co flal- 

vlaTH'na^ uasturtion. 
Ja'tifi, V. n. to bark; v. a. to bark 

J[e'6eA'h^ swan. 
JLbb^^ lion; — $H'ua, lioness, 
•lerjo', bed. 
Je4i&, ite; — 4era, icy; — AHH'ua^ 

•Ie»(i&'^ V. n. to lie, be situated ; 

JeK-B, ligbt;. — DfliTb, a prosperous 
. joiirney (to you); — Ka uoiub, 

good night. 
JeH'B, flax; — HeHX-OHj^, a. linen. 
Jo'ceH-B-CHa, easy ; — cHHna', -cho- 

Ti'fl, ease, facilily* 
•leii*' no-, see xfifa'pRaM-B. 
Je'iiia^ lentil; — lUHn'ua, varioloid. 
Jli/iy whether (inttrrugative particle). 
JLW6e^ lover, love, 
jHBa'4a^ mow-field, meadow. 
•iHBa'H'B, frankincense tree; frank- 
•iH'ra, saliva; slime; — aex, slimy; 

— a'aifi ca, v. n. to drool. 

jH'»?£-3IIifi, see 6jH'»?fB. 

•Inna', linden tree, bass. 

jHCH'aa, fox. 

Jhcto', leaf. 

Jhcti, le;>f; sheet; leaver. 

•iH'xBa, interest. 

«lHX0H'MCTfi0) usury. 

Jij/iU,e\ fnce, countenance, person, 

portrait, presence; surface; — 

ent'pi, hypocrite; — pie, hy- 

Jn'qoH'B-qH^, personal; distinguished, 

JLmn\ V. i. to be distinguishable, 

discernible, legible. 

4ma'B&whr-jms:^ v. a. tp ^^jB^ivj^, 

bereave; — me'Hi-eHa, bereaved; 

devoid ; — me'flie, bereaveraenl; 

want of, absence of. 
wln'maJt, rmg-worm. 
•iHuicH'B-mHa, superfluous?. 
•loBe'u'B, hunler; — Bi, hunt, chase; 

— Bi*' y-, V. a. to catch; take, 
seize; v. n. to catch (firt?). 

Jo3a', vine. 

•lo'aie, vineyard. 

JLoU^ tallow. 

JoKBa, p^ool, puddle. 

•lo'naMi-nHS, see xjo'nan^b. 

wlona'ia, shovei; oar; fan (for grain). 

Jo'nqe, see xjo'nqe. 

JocTX, lever, pry. 

JoTKa, boat. 

Jo'Hifi, V. a. to lap. 

JomeBHHa', wickedness, 

•loiub, bad. 

•lyra', lye. 

J[y'40CTb, insanily; foolishness; — 
4y'BaM:B, v. n. to i»e noisy, fro- 
licsouie; — 4'B, crazy, insane ; 
noisy, frolicsome ; fierce,^ wild; 

— 4'bij&^ V. n. to act like a cra- 
zy person, rave; to act foolishly. 

Jy'aiiR, see ojy'aaM'B. 

Jy'fiTiiR, V. n. to trickle. 

JiyKaBi, sly, cunning, crafly; ma- 
licious, salanlike; S wicked; — 
BCTBO, cunning, craftiness. 

JyK:B, oni(?n. 

•lyHa'Bi, freckled; — HHi^a, freckle. 

Jy'nifR H3-, V. a. to hatch. 

Jiyqa', ray. 

•ly'cna, fish scale, scale..'- 

Ay'uim o-^ v. a. to sheU; husk. 

•l-B^a, a lie; — 7Re*ix%, liar. 

MmWixa^ spoon. 

JhtTKAJA'aTi^ false. 

Jiacfi, (ao. ji^tra'xx) H3-, c-, v. n. 
to lie; diictave. 




I'B'sraM'B-SHXi, see ui'h^sTBWh. 
Ib'cKaM:b-cH£ cff, V. n. see jbn^ixR' 


IbCTe'u'B, deceiver, imposter; fl.^!- 
lerer; -^cth'b'B, deceitful; — cTb, 
deceit; — ctI*', v. a. la deceive, 

Ibiiii&-CH£ CH^ V. n. to shine, 
glisten, ^liller. 

ItBH'ua^ left hand. 

ItBHqa'p'E^ left lianded person. 

JtB'B, left; — Ba p^Ka, left hand; 
OT:b jt'BO^ on the left. 

ItKa'pb, dorlor; — pcTBO, medi- 
cine; — Ky'BaMi H3-, V. a. to 

A'bK'h^ medeeine. 

M'm^ maternal aunt; — jHH:b*-HHa, 

JtHH'Bl^ see Mbp3ejIH'B'B. 

It'nKaBx, sticky. 

JtWnieis^^ V. n. to be sticky. 

AbuhSb!^ V. a. to stick; plaster; — 
Ctt, V. n. to stick, cleave. 

JtcRa'^ hazel-bush- 

.It'cTOBHua, swallow. 

Ahcb^ woodland. 

Ji'TO, summer; S. year; — tohi 
-THa, summer's ; — ToqHCJe'Hie, 
chronology ; — iff, in summer. 

A'bnisi' H3-, see jitKy'BaMx. 

A'b'muuK'b^ hazel nut, filbert. 

AWi&^ V. a. to cast, run (metals); 
in composition, to pour, flovir, 

jIio6e'3eH'b-3Ha, beloved, dear. 

jIiodoHHua, see abibh. 

Aso6&sb^ f. see o6M'4b; — 6o'bhhki, 
"BJ/ma^ lover ; — 604'bftcTByBaM'B, 
V. n to commit adultery; — 60- 
MiR'4pie, philosopy ; — onu'TeH-B 
-THd, curious, inquisitive; — 
TCTBO, curiosity. 

ili0'6iftv V. a. to iove. 

Jf&Aie^ people?. 

•lK).iKa^ cradle; swing. 

Jrojfrift, V. a. to rock; swing; — 

cff, V. r. 
Aio'AHKB^ lilac tree. 
•Ih)th', v. i. it biles (as pepper) ; 

— una V sharpness: irritation. 
Jio'TOCTb, severity; fierceness, fury, 

rage; anger, wrath. 
•IfOTi^ biting, sharp; severe, barsh, 

cruel; fierce, ferocious; irritated. 
•IiOTifR' cfl pa3-, V. n, to be angry, 

fall into a passion; to become 

severe, furious, irritated. 
Ja'raM:B-e'rHiR, v. n. to lie down; 

go to roost. 
JL&Kh^ bow. 
JLahia oi^b-^ V. a. to separate. 

— 0- 


Maraaa', T. magazine; cellar. 
Mara'pe, ass, donkey; — pH'ii^a^ she 

Maria, magic. 
MarHH'T:B, magnet. 
Ma'HKi£ Ha*, v. a. to oil; butter; 

3a-, to plaster. 
Ma3a', see Maraaa'. 
Ma'3eHX-3Ha, greasy, oily. 
Mait, almost. 
Maft4aH0'c'B, parsley. 
Ma'iiKa, mother ; principal (at in- ^^ 


MaiiHy'Ha^ T. monkey, ape. 

Maifl, May. 

MaK^b, poppy. 

MajaKbi'ff, onanisitf. 

MajH'fla, raspberry bitsb. • — 




Ma'jKO^ a linle, few; — joBa'»?eH:b 

-a?Ha^ of little iriiporlance, uniin- 

p(»i'tant; — ahu'hb^ few; — at^kl 

-jKa^ srn^ll, little. 
Ma'na, mother. 
MaMy'jb^ roll; ear of corn. 
Ma'MiJii H3-, V. a. to cheat, deceive; 

bei^uile, seduce. 
Maaa', mildew. 

Ma'H4pa, farm-yard; dairy-house. 
MapHHA'^ a su try suflfocatiug heat. 
Maipn, March. 
MacjH'Hn, olive tree; olive herry; 

— JO, butter; Apb'aeHO Ma'cjo, 

olive oil. 
MacTH'jHHLta, inkstand ; — cthjo, 

MacTb, fat, grease. 
MarepH'K'b, c<irrinenf. 
Marepia'i^b, material. 
MaTKa, womb; queen bee. 
Ma^KasTB, V. a. to rumple, wrinkle; 

to j>»m, squeeze. 
Ma'^aM^b-XHA, V. a. to swing; bran- 

dsh; tJike away, remove; v. n. 

beckon (with the hand) ; ca, v. r. 

to vibrate : depart. 
Ma'uaMi-UH« Ha-, o-, v. a. to dirty, 

soil, stain. 
Mnqra, mast. 
Matuaja', T. flambeau. 
Ma'iuexa, step- mother. 
Ma'flTHHK^b, pendulum. 
Ma'iiii 3a-, v. a. to hinder; — ca, 

to loiter, linger ; remain, stop. 
MeAOBHHa, mead. 
Me4i, honey. 
Me»40Me'Tie, interjection. 
Me2K4oyco6eH:&-6Ha, intestine, civil. 

Me»4y', see noMea:4y'; — lOBa, 

mtan while, tneau time. 
MeKh, (S. MflK:B mvKb) soft; mild; 

— KOTi'll^ SOftQ633. 

Me'.iHb, see oxjb. 

Meco', (S. Ma'co) meat. 

MeTa'*opa, mrlaphor. 

Meijia'., hroom. 

Mot/K' no-, (part, moji) v. a. lo 

Me'qKa, bear; — nemKuit, bear's. 
MeHTa'iiB, v. n. to fancy, ima<;iDe; 

— a, -anie, fancy, illusion. 
Meqb, s^o d. 
Me'HHi, v. n. to mew. 
MH'raM-b-rHifi, v. n. to wink; — 

THOBaHie, moment. 
MH4H.Ab, T. pony. 
Mnjjiio'H'B, miilif)n. 
MH.ioce'p4ie, mercy, compass»on. 
Mhjocth'b'b, merciful; — octuhx, 

alms, charity; — CTb, meicy; 

Ba'uia — , your grace, your ex« 

MHjyBaMi no-, v. a. to caress, 

fondle; have merry upon. 
MhjI'B, .beloved. iUr^r; — MH (th, 

eir.) 6. lo long for, sorrow after. 
Mimry mw, see o6eu,u\ 
MHHy'BaM:B-H'Hifi, v. n. to pass. 
MnpeHi-pHa, peiiceful, quiet. 

MHpH3JH'B:b, fragr;int ; — HSMa', 

smell ; — H'iui£-H'ci£, v. a, antl 

n. to smell. 
Mw'po, h«»ly oil. 

Mnpy'BaMi, v. n. to be quiet, still. 
MHp:b, ()eaie. 
MHpa'cyBaM'B-caM^b, v. n. to becotne 

MncH'pbK'B, male turkey ; — pKS, 

female lurkev. 
Mipi, world, universe; — pcKuS^ 

see cat'TCKbifi. 
Mja4e'HeL(:b, infant; — 4HHa', aee 

Jua'40CTb ; — 403Ke'flemB^ 4if ide- 

groom; — 40KBa, sprout, ahoiit; 




— 40CTb, youlliful years, youth; 

— Ab^ yoniig. 

Mjt'KO, milk; — "b'qeHi-HHa, mil- 
ky; yielding mncli iinlk; — qHHK'B^ 
miik c(M»kt'd wilh rice. 

l\Ijt'cKaM:b-CH£^ V. n. to smack [he 

BIhh mh ch^ see cTpy'sa mh ch. 

Mhhm'b^, pretended. fei|»n('d. 

MHO'ro, much, very; — ro6o»ie, 
piilylheism; — oace'HCTBO, p<»ly- 
gamy ; — HoarecTBO, muliicude; 

— CTBeHiB-eHHa^ p'urjil; — oro- 
po'4eH'B-4Ha, populous; — fohh- 
CjieH:b-eHHa^ numerous ; — fOiR- 
T-bAHUKb^ polygon ; — H03H'Ha, n. 

MHt'Hie^ opinion. 

Moru'ja, hillork,, hill. 

Mo'r*(-o'»emb), v. n. to be able, 

Mo'axri, brain, marrow. 

Mo'H, my ; — Mofl-Ti, mine. 

MoKpOTB'i, wetness, moisture; — 
pi* Ha-, H3-, V. a. lo wet, mois- 

MoKipi-Kpa, wet. 

Mo'j6a, entreaty: p'^ayer. 

MoJe'u'B, ntotli. 

Mo^n'BO^ G. lead pencil. 

Moje'b'ie, supidieation. 

MoiHTBa^ prayer ; — TCTByBaM'B, 
V. a. to pray that one may have, 

Mo'jtiB^ V. a. lo pray, beseech, en- 
treat, supphoale, implore; — ca, 
V. n. lo pray. 

Mo'jHifl, lightning, thunder-boll. 

MoHa', young woman, virgin. 

MoMH4e, g^rl. 

MoBHeV boy. / 

MoN'B'Ki, yt^nng man.v , 

UoHh'CTO^ bead. 

Mopa'., nightmare. 

Mopa'Ba, grass spot. 

Mo'paB^b, purple. 

Mope', sea; — pcKBifi, of the sea, 

mar me. 
Mo'pKOB'B, carrot. 
Mop:b 6oa', T. purple color. 
Mopi, mortality, peslilenre. 
Mopi*', V. n. to prevail mortally; 

V. a. H3-, to put to death. 
MocTi, bridge. 
Mora'}*, V. a. to reel, wind; — to- 

bhUkb, r^el. 
MoTUKa^ hoe, mattock. 
Mo4opa'K'B, wet land, marsb, swamp. 
Mo'iUH, relics. 
Mpa'BKa, -By'HKa, ant ; — By'HflKi, 

Mpa'SH, V. i. it is cold. 
Mpaa-B, a freezing cold. 
Mpa'akk na-^ v. a. to bate. 
MpaK'B, mist, darkness. 
Mpa'Mop'B^ marble. 
Mpe'xca, net. 

Mp:B'BKa, morsel (of meat). 
MpbSH*'^ V. n. to be cold. 
Mpb'KHyBa-He ca, v. i. to be eve- 


Mpb'ceHi-CHa, dirty, filthy ; dis- 
gusting, abominable; — coTi'a, 
uncleanness, tilth. 

Mph'TiBi, di?ad; — -TBe'iti, corpse. 

Mpb'uia, carcass. 

MpbiuaBX, lean, meagre. 

Mpa'Ha, salmon. 

Mp& y-, V. n. to die. 

MpfiMo'piA, V. n. to mutter, gram* 

My'je, mule. 

Myxa', fly; Mcna'HCKa — , Spanish 

Myxja'cyBaMi-cami, v. n. to be* 
come mouldy. 




Mj-'xwi, G. mould. 
Mynfe', V. n. to bellow. 
My'maK^b^ pilh : — uiKasfb-rnHX^ v. a. 

to punch, thru$l; — mb& H3-, 

V. a. to punch uut. 
Mirja', fog, mist; — ah'b'b^ f^g?y* 

M-e'rha H3-, V. a. to draw out. 
HLbjma'nie^ silence; — neAi/i'srh^ silent, 

taciturn; — qniuKiTa, silently, 
^ noiselessly ; — ikr', v. n. to be 
I silent. 
M%'HM4eK%, little (often implying 

M'Bxi, moss. 
Mu^ see Hue. 
Mu'cikB, V. n. to think ; v. a. to 

think of. 
MbiTa'pb, publican.'BKa^ rat -trap. 
MuineMo'p^b^ mouse-killer, ratsbane. 
Mu'mKa^ mouse. 
Mu'uiHHua, armpit; no4'B — , under 

the arm. 
Mu'ifR y-, 0-, V. a. to wash (the 

face, etc.) ; — oh, v. r. to wash 

one 8 self. 
Mb'pBa, wet embers. 
Mb'p4aux«*4H£^ see ma'Bawh. 
Mb'p3ejix, laziness; — seAi/iB'b^ lazy; 

— 3h' Ma, (etc.) to be lazy. 
M'b'4HHK'E, copper kettle. 
Mt4b, f. copper. 
Mt'^iifi, (ao. jwbxb) c«-, to grind 

Mt'flqe, a small copper kettle. 
MlHifli'^ V. a. to exchange. 
Mt'pa, a measure for fluids; S. 

measure; — pKa, measure; course 

of action ; — pi& npe-, v. a. to 

measure ; H3-, to survey ; fath- 

.oin; take aim. 
Mt'cem, (S. Mi'cam) moon, month; 

— UOCJTO'B^, calendar ; — ewBa, f 
moonlight ; month^s wages ; 

Mt'cTO, place; — TOHMe'me, pro- 
noun ; — ono^ioa^eme, situation, 

Mt'ckfi, V. a. to knead; na-, c-, 
to mix, mix together, mingle; 

— ca, V. rec. to meddle, inter- 
fere. 1 

Mt'TaMX-THx, V. a. to cast, throf 1 
or put upon; miscarry, abort. 

Mtx'hy a whole sheep's or goal's 
skin used as a vessel for holding * 
oil, butter, etc. ; S. bellows. 

Mfl'3aNi>, see npHJHWaMX. 

Ma'co, see meco'. 

Mfl'Tfia^ see 43Ko'4^aH'b. 

HHme'mh^ sedition, rebellion, tu- 
mu't. » 

MiR40', testicle. 

MiR'4pocTb, wisdom. 

Mfi'4ip'B-4pa, wise; prudent. 

M£'»?ecTB0, manhood, heroism;-^ 
BeH^b-eHua, heroic, valiant. 

M£)Ke'u'B, palate. 

M£'»(CKbiH, masculine, male. 

MciiSKb, man ; husband. 

M^'Ka^ pain, torment, torture; tffc^ 
Ha — y eternal torment, hell. 

M&'Mpi*, V. n. to murmur; v. a. 
to tind fault with, blame. 

M^'Temma, buttermilk. 

Ma'TCHi-THa, turbid, muddy; dis- 
turbed; — rm pa3-, v. a. !• 
make turbid, muddy; — Ha--, V 
brood chickens, hatch. 

Ms^e'flie, torment. ^ 

M£'qeHHKX, martyr. 

MaWsHi-eHa, l(»rmented. 

Mfli'qeHi-qHa, difficult. 

MshHu'rejih^ tormentor ; tyrant. 

M&HHon% difficulty. 




M£'4i£<) V. a. to torment, torture; 
punish, chastise; — ca, v. r. to 
strive, try. 

— 0- 


la, upon, on; of; to; against; in. 

ilal look! see here! 

[Ia6H'BaM%-i'ifi, v. a. to drive or 
beat in. 

Qa6ii'paM:b-epft'^ v. a. to gather suf- 
ficiently; gather (a dress); v. n. 
to clog up. 

\ln6fi'TT,^ fulled; compact. 

EIa6jH»ca'BaH'B-;KiA'<, v. a. and n. to 
approach, he near. 

Ha6o'4Ka, fork. 

Ha6o'»C4aMi-04iRS v. a. to pierce; 
put upon. 

Ha6o'3KeH'B-»?Ha, devoted, rehgious. 

Ha6pt3HH'Baffl'B-Hij&, v. a. to furrow, 

Ha6t'4a, slander; — 6'b'»4aMi-'b'4KR, 
v. a. to slander, calunujiate. 

Ha6ai'6HyBaM'B-H&', v. n. to swell. 

Qatta'^iHua, crowd, press. 

HaBa'jflMX-ji£', V. a. to run together 
upon, crowd around ; collect 
upon; cr«wd or press upon; v. n. 
hurry; — ca.^ v. rec. to run to- 
gether in a crowd; collect; v. ri. 
be descending, begin to descend. 

EiaBH'Baai'B-ri£, v. a. to wind upon 
or around; wind ; coil. 

laBH'paiH'B-BpiiSi', v. n. to swell in 

' cooking; — Bpa', v. a. to pus^i 

. in or under; — ca, v. r. to ^o 
into (a hole» etc.); [)ress or push 
one*s self forward, intrude one s 

^ self. 

UBBAvi^Han'h - evim\ v. a. to draw 

HaB04He'Hie, inundation, flood. 
HaBo'7K4aH'B-e4(&^ v. a. to b«nd over 

or down; draw in a web; — ca, 

V. pass, to he hent down ; lean; 

V. r. to stoop, crouch. 
HaBpe'MeHH.. at times. 
HaBUKHOBe'Hie, practice, habit. 
HaBbiKHyBaM^b-Hifi, see npHBU'KHy- 


HaBbiKyBasfB-KaMi, v. n. to bawl 
or scold at. 

HaBb'ceHi-ena, morose. 

HaBb'caM'B-ci* ca, v. n. to scowl, 

HaBt'BaH^b-'b'iA, v. a. to blow to- 
gether, drift. 

Harjaca'BaAix-cij&, v. a. to tune; 
persurde, instij^ate. 

Harje'4yBaMi-4nMX, v. a. to look 
after; oversee; go to see, visit. 

Ha'rocTif^ on a visit, as a guest. 

HarocTa'BaMx-TiiR', v. a. to feast, 

Harpa'4a, reward; — a'»;4aMi-a4UiiS 
v. a. to reward, compensate. 

Harpt'BaM'b-t'ii&, v. a. to warm. 

Ha4a'BaM'B-4aM'B, v. a. to join (two 
P'eces together or one to ano- 
ther), splice, lengthen out. 

Ha4apa'Basi:b-pijik'^ v. a. to endow, 
endu . 

Ha4Ba'paH'B-pi£^ v. a. to surpass, 
gel ahead of; — ca, v. rec. to 
strive to surpass each other, see 
who wdl do first. 

Ha'4Be4ep'B, towards evening. 

Ha4BH'BaM'B-i'i«, v. a. to overcome. 

Ha4rpo'6ie, epitaph; — (ieHi-6iia, 
a. pertaining to a grave. 

Ha44a'BaM:b-4a'jn:b^ v. a. to give or 
otfer more. 




Ha4e6eja'BaM'B-j'b'l«, v. n. to be- 
come iliick or corpulent. 

Ha4e'»4a, lM>pe; trust. 

Ha43Hpa'BaM'B^ v. a. to oversee, su- 
perintend ; — pa'iejb, overseer, 

Ha/tH'raM'B-rHiR ch, v. r. to exalt 
ones self, be proud, hauglily. 

Ha4H'pHi, see Ha3a'4iB. 

Ha4^e»i£'^ see npHHa4^e»ruR'. 

Ha4J'B»fb, in leni»th. 

Ha4MH'HyBaM'B-H'Hifi, V. a. to sur- 
pass, excel 

Ha4HH'4aH'B-n'KH;fi, v. a. to stoop 
to look, I'jok down. 

Ha4nH'cyBaM'B-iniFi, v. a. to super- 
scribe; to aildress; — nHc:b^ ad- 
dress of a letter ; inscriplion. 

Ha4y'BaMi-y'iiR, v. a. lo blow up, 
inflcite; — cfl, v. r. to swell. 

Ha4y'MyBaM'B-MaMi, v. a. to per- 
suade to, put up to, instigate; 

— CH, V. rec. to agree together; 
to conspire. 

Ha4y'n4aM:B-4i*, v. a. to pick holes, 

Ha4y'T'B, inflated. 
Ha44H'TaM'B-4eT&', v. a. to excel in 

Ha4i^ over, above. 
Ha4t'BaH:b ca, v. n. to hope; trust. 
Ha4'b'HHua9 dry sausage. 
Hae'jHHHK'B, hireling. 
Ha3a'4'B^ back. 
Haaa'eM'B^ on loan; 4a'BaM:b — , to 

HaaBa'Hie^ appellation, name, title. 
Haan'paiNX-apiR, v, a. and n. to see 

with d.fficuliy. 
HasHaqa'eaH'B-Miifi^ v. a. to mark; 

dei>i^nale, ;ji)[i(>inl, spe ify, (ix; 

— qe'uie^ designation, appoint- 

Haft, most (used only in formJrt^ 
the superlative deg'ce of adjec- 
tives and advtrbs). 

HaHMawB-eMS^ v. a. to hire, reni; 
— CH.) V. n. to venture. 

HaHMeny'BaM'B, v. a. to name, nom- 

HaKasa'nie^ punishment; — a'ay- 
B^M'b-TRi^^ v. a. to punish, clias-, 



HaKa'nyBaMx-nsi, v. a. to spot^ ' 

V. n. to drop, fall off (fruit). 
HaKa'pyBaMi-paMX, v. a. to drive; 

HaKBa'caMx-ckfi, v. a. to wef. 
HaKjieBeia'BaM'B-Tifi , v: a. to slan* 

der; accuse. '"' ' 

HaKjOHeHie^ mood. .j 

HaKJOHaBawB-HHi', v. a. to incline; 

bend over or down; — CH, v.r. 

to incline lean; htoop. 
HaKy'cybaM'B-caM'B, v. a. to taste ot 
HaK'B.iHa'Baiiii&-Hii!i'^ v. n. to sprooti 
HaKx'co, in >horl, in few words,, 
HaKu'mo6aiH'B-qi£^ v. a. to adorn 

with fl owers. 
Haja'raMib-o'aciifi^ v. a. to lay oik 

j'pply; impose. '^f 

Haje'TflMX-TifR, v. a. to fall npbl? 

run against or afoul of. 
HaJH'BaM:B-tkB, v a. to pour in. 
HajH'xaw'B-jeTiA', v. n. to fly upon^ 

tl.»ck upon; rush upon. J, 

Hajo'»CHHua^ concuhine. ' 

Hajy'3fliH:B-3i£^ v. a. to slip on, 
Haja'raMi-e'rH&, v. a. to lie d 

lean u|)on ; press down. 


HajttH'paMi-Mt'pliR. V. a. lo.find;-^ . 
ca, v.r. i<i tiiid one's self; v. i 2 
to be found, be in any placet^ 

HaMHpH'cyBaMX-caMi, v. a. to ^ u 
fume, scent. j ? 

HaMOKpam'E-pifi^ v. a. to wet, moUM' ^ 




fiaiq[>b'ii|flH'b-iui£ CH. V. n. to scowl, 

HaHu'cjiOBaMii-jiifi^ v. a. lo think 
of, purpose ; form the image 
of an object in the mind, con- 

Hamtpe'Ede, design, intention, pur- 
pose; irMam — , to design, in- 

3aMt'CTHiiR:b , substi tute. 

EIaii:b'CTo, in place of, in stead of; 
— TflH^b-rift, V. a. to find a place 
for; lake the place of; — ca, 
V. r. to find or make a place (or 
one^s self; be in the place of; 
draw up to. 

HaMt'cyBaH^b-cifi, v. a. to mix, 

Da'HH3:B, jeweVy; 

HaH0'caM:&HR[ec&'. v. a* to bring 
in; bring upon; drift. 

Hao'KOJO. round about. 

Hao'naKu, the wrong side or way, 
wrong side up, contrary. 

Hana^e'ine^ assault, attack. 

Hnna'AHjBQMb-ti&^ v. a. to fall on 
or upon; attHick, assault. 

Hane'Tx, prettyj handsome. 

Hana'3aMX-i'i£y v. a. to drink a lit- 
tle (first); — cfl, V. r. to drink 
sufficiently, b*- drunk; becoftiie 

Ha'nHHB^ dysentery. '■ 

HanBrcyBan!b-iu£^ v. a. to write; 

Ha'niaT^, see oiiaa'4a. 

Han^iH'TaHi-eTiii'^ v. a. to knit or 
plait on. ' 

Ba'nOKOiTb, afterwards after, that. 

8mdMjray'BaMx-H«V^- *-^ ^t^ *^ 
»i mention. '■•■■ ='•''■■• ''"'• =. 

EianoeoKa^ at random, by gOefsSv 

HmbftnaM,ir<im% y. a. to 

give to drink; imbue. 
HanpaBje'Hie, direction. 
Hanpa'BflM'E-Bifi ca^ v. n. to become 

fleshy . 
Hanpa'34H0^ in vain. 
|Hanpe'4y^aHX, v. n. to advance, 

make progress, prosper. 
Hanpe'41^ before, first; sa-, for 

the future; no-^ first, OTno*-, 

from the first. 
Hanpe'Kbi^ across, crosswise. 
HanpHHt'pi^ for example. 
HanpoTH'BX^ on the contrary. 
Hanpb'cTHHKii, thimble. 
HanpH'raH:b-*erHA^ v. a. to stretch, 

bend (a bow); — ca, v. r. to 

exert one's self, lay out all one's 
• strength. 
Hany'KyBaMx-KaM^b eg, v. n. to b^ 

rome cracked. 
Hany^ckaMi^-cHifi, v. a. to leave, a* 

bandon ; divorce. 
Hant'B:^^ tune, ihusic. 
Han^'HyBaiTB - h£ ca, see Hanpa - 

rami ca. 
Hani&'nHHi-nifi^ v. n. -to bud. 
Hapa'Hairb-Mifi, v, a. to sh1§uldei*. 
Hapd'46ti?' arrangement, regutalibn. 
Hape'»?4aH:b-e4i£S v. a. to arrange^ 

HapH'qa]if'b-eK£^, v. a* tb liamie, 
Hapo'4eHii-4Ha^ peoble'is ; republicstir 

pa t no 1 1 c ; — 41*0^ p<i bFrciy ; -^ 

4H0CTB, patriotism ; natiohiality ; 

-^ o'4iB^ people, niition; multi- 
Hapoca'BaiHi-fei*'^ V. a. to bedeii^;' 

moisteii =^ith finii rain.-' 
Hapo'qeHi-HHay Express, int^tiohal;, 
i — HHofij purposely,: '''diB^l^yWfr 

expressly. ^^^^ ' 



infringe, violate; — me'me, vio- 
lation, infraction. 

Hapi>i'HyBa]ii:b-H£, v. a. to take upon 
a shovel. 

Hapt'syBam^b-i'^^ v. a. to cut up, 
cut, carve; back. 

Hapt'^ie, adverb; dialect. 

Ha'p£KU, at hand, handy. 

Ua'^SMb^ armful. 

Haca'»e4aM:b-a4i£', v. a^ to set; 
plant, implant; set (a ben); — 
apma'H^b-Ti^ to open the iHindles 
of grain and place them upon 
the threshing floor. 

Haca'M^b.^ hither; this way, this side, 
(contra HaTa'T:bK:b) ; 0T:b-, this 
side of: since; ovh ABt fo^h'hu 
Haca'Mi&<, from two years ago till 
now, within the last two years* 

Haceje'Hie, population ; — je'Hi 
-e'na, populous; — jw'BaMi-ii&', 
v. a. to people. 

HacH'jeHi^-jHa, violent; —jiie, vio- 
lence : — JHHKi, ravisher; — 
jfliTb-jUi^ v. a. to force, com- 
pel; ravish. 

HacnHfl')BaM:b-Htl£, v. n.. to become 
black and blue; — hak^b - hIjr, 
V. a. to blue. 

HacKO'po^ soon, soon after; recently. 

HacK:bp6fl'fiaH:Er-6i£'^ v. a. to make 
sorrowful, grieve. 

HacjaHC4a'Ba]tix-a4i£'^ v. a. to die- 
light; — ca^ v. r. to enjoy, de- 
light; — Ae'Hie, enjoyment, de- 

Hacj^'^ie^ inberirance; — 4Hhki, 
heir; successor; — AJBawb^ v. a. 
to inherit; succeed. 

Haco'^aJHi^^ifi^ v. a. to show, point 

Hacno'pe^^.^ side by side, parallel 

Hacpe'4i^ in the middle of, in the 



midst of. 
Hacpt'ii^a^ opposite, facing. 
HacTBBjie'Hie, instruction; precept; 

— BHHK!B, instructor ; — a'BAHi 
-Bifi^ v. a. to instrucL E 

HacTa'HyBaMi-HiR, v. n. to exerl 

one*s self for; assist; ari«(e. I 

HacTH'HKa^ a cold; — HHyBaxMU, 1 

v. n. to take cold. 
HacTo'iiHHK:b^ superintendent. 
HacToa'aaM^b-oidk', v. a. to insilat; to 

assist ; — oa'TCJib, direelor, trtts- 

tee, overseer, manager. 
HacTOfliiUfi, present. 
HacTpaH£', to one side,^ aside. 
HacTpb'xHyBaM%-H£, v. d. to stand 

on end, bristle up. 
HacT£'naM:b-niiii, v. a. to step upon. 
Hacu^nyBaMi-niiK, v. a. to fiH up. 
Hacbi'ii;aH:b-Ti£, v. a. to till, satisfy, 

Hacb'p44aH:b-4ifi, v. a. to encourage. 
Hac'b'4aM'b-4H£^ v. a. to sit. ott. 
HactKO'MO, insect. 
Hacft4'b'<, everywhere. 
I{aTa'T:bK2^ thither; tlie other way; 

the other side; onb-^ tbe other 

side of; no-^ farther. 
HaTH'cKaM^b - CH£^ V. a. to- ptm 

upon, crowd, throng. 
HaT.ia'cKyBaH:b-KaM:b^ v. a. to put«h 

or thrust in. 
HaT0Ba'pHHi&-p]£^ V. a. to load^ lade; 
HaTonfl'BaM:b-ni£9 v. a. tOr dip in; 

HaTopfl'BaMi-pi£\ v. a. to manure 
HaTpa'nHM:b-ni£^ v. a^ to. impose (fl 

thing) by force; — ca, v. r. to 

HaTy^piOBaHX-piA, v. a. to^ piiti M' 

place upon, to put or impose'(a 

person upon another) by for06>; 

— ca, Vt r. to intmda ; — Jfr^ 




HHKis-HHaa^ one imposed by force; 

an Intruder. 
SaTiKHft'eaK-nuik, v. a. to make 

exact, complete. 
larB'KHyBBM'b - ha, v. a. to stick 

upon or in. 
laxb'pTffMi-Tia, V. a. to bruise. 
3aTfl'raH:b-e'rHiB, v. n. to be heavier, 

weigh down. 
3aTfl'KyBaii:b - KaH^B, v. n. (My) to 

upbraid, reproach, twit. 
Hay'Ka, science; study; habit. 
QayMfl'BaMi^Hift'^ v. n. to remind ; 

make up one s mind to do; re, 

Hay'cTi, by heart. 
Hay'iaMi-qi*, v. a. fo teach, in- 
struct; — ca, V. r. to become 

instructed ; become accustomed ; 

— qeiTb-eHa, accustomed. 
Haxa'nyBaHX-^'nijfi, v. a. ro bite (a 

little). . 
Haxo'»^4aM:b-a'flAs ch, see HaiiH'pan:b 


Haqa'jHHKi^ chief, head, leader, 
principal; — Jiea^B-JiHa^ primary; 
principal; — lo^ beginning; prin- 
ciple; — JCTBO, command, gov- 
ernment ; authorities. 

Uana'T'bK^b, commencement ; first 

Ha'WHiB, way, manner. 

UsmntBaMit-Hum'^He'RR^ v. n. to be- 
gin, commence. 

HaiH'cTO^ ad. clean, cleanly, anew. 

Ha^hf^a'Ean'h^a'm^ v. a. lo draw, 
sketch; plan, design, project. 

Haiyna'pioBairb - pi£ ca^ see Ha- 

Hpb'JDQiaMl Off. 

Ha'mHHei^^ our countryman. 
Bame'cTBie, invasion, incursion. 
Hamb, our. 
Haa'KHyBairb-Hft, v. n. to become 

He, not; aKO-, except; 4^-, lest, 

that not. »' 

He6e', heaven, sky; — 6e'ceHi-cfi[a, 

of heaven, heavenly 
He6jar04a'peH:b - paa, unthankful ; 

He'6o, S. see He6e' ;'h!B, 


He6pe'»:eirB-»Ha, negligent; — me, 

He6ue', roof of the mouth. 

He6biBa'ji:b, that which has never 

HeBH'4eirB-eHa, unseen. 

HeBH'4HMi, invisible. 

HeBH'Henx-H'HHa, innocent; -hhootb, 

HeBo'jieHi-jiHa, unwilling, involun- 
tary; — jiHHK^b, si a ve ; -— jiho, 
unwillingly, reluctantly ; — jh, 
constraint, compulsion. 

HeBOo6pa3n'M%, unimagin;^ble. 

HeBoopy>Ke'H:B-e'HHa, unarmed. 

HeBpasyMH'TejeH'b-.iHa, unintelligi- 

HeBiSBpa'TOHX-THa, irreparable, ir- 

HeBi34b'p2KeHi-»cHa, intemperate. 

HeB^bSHO'^ceirB-SKHa, impossible; un- 
able ; — »(HOCTb, impossibility ; 

HeafaeecTBO, ignorance. 

HcBt'^UHBOCTb, incivility. 

HeB'b'pie, unbelief. 

HeBtpoH'Teai-THa, improbablot in- 

HeBt'cxa, bride, see 6/^X8; -CTy'j- 
Ka, weasel. 

He'r.iii, perhaps. 

He'roBi, his. 

Hero4y'Baii%, v. n. to be indignant, 

480 HEB 

HeroTo'si, unprepared. 

He^a'BHa, not long ajfo, recently. 

HedBB'acHMi, immoveable (as. — pru- 

He40Bo'jeHX-JHa, dipeontpoterf, dis- 

Hejocra'TiKi, deficiency, want, de- 

HcAOCTo'Hni-iiHHa, unworthy. 

HeAOyMt'BaMi-t'ia, v. ii, to be per- 
plexed, not know what to do. 

HejtjH'Mi, indivisible. 

He^fja, Suiidriy; week; — jen-h 
4eHb, Sunday; cTpacina — , Pas- 
sion week. 

HeGCTe'cTBeHi-eHna, unnatural. 

He'KejR., than. 

Heweaefft-ireiia, unmarried. 

HeaafiBe'iTi-e'BHa, never-lo-be-fop- 

UesaBii'cHHi, independent; — HOCTb, 

HesaM-fe'Teira-THB, imperceptible. 

Hesa'neHi - nua, sudden ; — dho, 

Heajpa'Bi, unhealthy; unwiioiesomf: 

He3H'MaMi-e'MiR, v. n. not In t»kej; 
not understand; uoi regard, dis- 

He3.io6ie, inlegrily; gentleness; — 
Ch's'k, good-naiuied, furbearing, 

HesHa'HHie, ignorance. 

HeHsOtatn'Mi, - 6i'»ceHi-»CHa, una- 
voidable, inevitable; necessary, 

HeHaBt'cTeEi-THa, unne'tain. ■ 

HeiisntHB'M'E, unchangeable, unal- 

HeiiSHtpn'n-D^ unmeasureable, un- 

Heft^piWHi-e'HHa, see HeHCRa'sam. 


HemOBt'peBl-pHa, incredible. 
HeniTb-ttHa, hers. 
HeHcKa'sain-aEiHa, unspeakable, un- ;' 

ullcrahle. I 

HeacKycetn-CBtt; unakillful. mt- 

HeH'cTHHeHi-nHHa, untrue. 
He'Ka, let (ronj. used with ibe rffl- 

perative mood). 
HeKpexiiTE-xKa, ough. 
HeKeTi, see iiOKiTb. 
HcMape'flie^ see nepa^e'irie. . 

HeHapjiiiBt., neplii>enl, remiss. 
HeMU'jocTiiB'b, itnn'ercirul, cruel. 
HeMHHy'eMi, unavoidable. 
HeNii'|)eH:b-piia^ unpeaceful, itiN 

HeiiaBii'»i-4ain'b-tr4ift, v. a. to liate, 

Henacbi'Ten'B-THa, insatiable. 
HeHa4eK4eHi-4fia, unexpected. 
Heo6i'efii-eHa, unbeaten. 
HeofiospHMx, immense. ■ 

Heo6opH'Hi, invincil'le. 
Heo6pa6o'TeHi-eHa, uncullivsied. 
Heofipaao'BaHL-afiHa, uncultivated, 

]]eo6xi>Aii'»'h, indispensable. 
HeoObiKEinBeHi - e'BHa, um»mi6or, 

unusual. ' 

HeorpaHH'jeH'B-eHa, unlimited,'. in- 
Heo4o6px'BaH'B-piA', v. a. lu diia|i- 

prove. "' 

Heo4o.i[i'Bii, invincible, impref^aUe.'tii-e'HHa, inaoimate. 
Heonpedtje'Ht-e'HHa, indefinite. 
lleo'ntiTeHi-THa, inexperienced. 
lleopa'Hi-a'na, unplougbed. 
HeoTfit'weHi-wHa, see ReH3(ii'xeBi. 
BeoTpima'eHt., undeniable. 
HeoTinKaHi-ana, untrodden. 
HeouiHe'Hi-e'inia, ineslimabie. 




Henjio'4eH'E-4Ha^ unfruitful, barren. 

I i enoiui'neH^t -HHHa, guiltless, in- 

HenoBpe^e'Hi-e'HHa, uninjured. 

Henorptiiiii'Te.ieHi&-^Ha, infallible. 

Heno4BH'»?eH'B - xcna, immoveable, 

Heno3BOJiB'TejieH'E-jHa^ u na I lo wa l)le , 

HenoKa'ffH:b-aHa^ impenitent. 

HenoKOjie6ii'MX, unmoveabic, sted- 


HenoKO'peH:B-pHa-pjH'fi:b^ disobedient. 

Henoje'seHi-SHa^ unprofitable. 

MenoHa'TeHi-THa, unintelligible. 

Henopo'qeHi-iHa, blameless. 

HenocTH^^HM^B^ unattainnble; incom- 

llenocToa'H'B-a'HHa, inconstant, un- 

HenoTpt'6eH:B-6Ha^ unaecessary. 

Henpa'B4a9 untruth; injustice; un- 

Henpa'BHjieHX-jHa, irregular. 

Henpa'34eHii-4Ha^ pre^^nant. 

Heflpe4BH'4eirb-eHa^ unforeseen. 

HenpeKjiOHeH^t-o'HHa, inflexible. 

HenpeMt'HHO, without fail, certainly, 

Henpepbi'BeH:b-BHa, see Sesnpepbi- 

' BeiTK. 

HenpecTa'HOHi - a'Hna, unceasing, 

HenpHBu'KH£j'b^ unaccustomed. 

UenpHjiH'qeHX-qHa, unbecoming, im- 

HeiipHCT£'neH:b-nHa^ unapproacha- 

HenpHTBO'peH'b-pHa^ unfeigned. 

Benpia'Teib^ enemy; — CKUii^ hos- 
tile; — JCTBO, hostility. 

Henpif^TeHi^-'THa^ disagreeble, un- 

HenpoHHua'eM^b^ impenetrable. 

HenpocBtme'H'B - e'HHa^ unenlight- 
ened, uncivilized. 

HenpocTHMx, - in'TejeirB-JiHa, un- 

Henpoxo4H'M'E^ impassable. 

Hepa'BeHi-BHa,?uneven, rough, ucr- 

Hepa4e'Hie, neglect ; — 4HB:b^ neg- 
ligent, careless. 

nepa34'bjie'H:b-e'HHa, undivided. 

Hepaay'MeHi-MHa, unreasonable; im- 

Hepa'quB^ V. a. and n. to be un- 
willing, not to wish. 

He'peci, boar. 

HecBflTi, unholy. 

HecfioeBpe'HeH^b - eHHa, unseasona- 

Hecrapa'eH^b^ incombustible. 

HecKJO'HeHi - o'HHa, disinclined; — 
HHOCTb^ disinclination. 

HecH0'ceH:B-CHa, unsupporlable, un- 

HecnpaBe4^H'B0CTb, injusti(*e. 

HecpaBHe'Hi-e'HHa, incomparable. 

HecTbpnH'MCB, intolerable, insuffera- 

Hecia'cieHi-THa, unfortunate; — 
Tie, misfortune. 

Hec:bBpbme'H:b-e'HHa, imperfect, im- 

Hecirja'cie, discord, disagrtemeni; 
— ca'fiaMX-ci£' ch, v. n. to disa- 

Hec'bHHe'H^b-e'HHa, undoubted; — 
e'HHo, undoubtedly. 

Hec'Bo6pa'3effi&-3Ha, unconformable*, 
unsuitable; inconsistent. 

Hec:bpa3M'b'peH:b - pna, dispropor- 

Hec£', used in the unitive aspect 
of compound verbs for HO'ciiii. 



UeThipuntvb^ intQlerant; -r^uocrb^ 

HeibpntjH'Bx, imp^itient ; — i'Hie, 

Hey40B0'jcTBie, discontent, displea- 

HeyAbpsKH'ii^b^ uncontrolabJe, unre- 

HeysptUb, unripe. 

HeyMt'peiTB-eHHa^ immoderate, in- 

HeynoTpedH'TejoH'b ^ jihb^ unused , 

Heype'4eHi-AHa, disorderly. 

HeycTpamH'j»:b^ intrepid. 

Heycu'neH:b-nHa^ indefatigable. 

HeyiOjUfMi, insatiable. 

HeyTOMH'JH^b^ indefatigable. 

UeyTbmn'siT,^ inconsolable. 

Hey'qeH^b-eHa, untaught, unlearned. 

Hexa'peHi-pna, see HbpaeiH'a'B. 

Heqa'HHHO, unjexpecledly, suddenly. 

Heqe'caH:b-aHa^ uncombed. 

Heqe'cTeni-THa, dishonest. 

HeqecTH'B^b, ungodly, wicked;— r-iie, 
ungodlmess, impiety. 

Hew'cT^b, impurts unclean. 

HeHH)BCTBH'TejeHX-^a^ insensible, 

Heiio'eHi-eHa, unheard of. 

Heiuiik'^ V. n. and a. to be unwil- 
ling, not to wish. 

Hea'cuTb, S. pelican. 

Hh, see HHTO'. 

HiTBa^ field^ cultivated land. 

Hh'TRSh Ha-r^ V. a. IQ String. 

Hn'rAt, see HH'Kfi4'b. 

HH'KaK:b, in no way, na bow. 

HH'KBK^bBX-KBa, a. no, of no sort 
or kind. 

Hh'kh£ no-, V. n. to sprout, germ- 

IIi^Kora, never, at no time. 


HnKoii, no one, nobody. 
HH'K£4t, nowhere. | 

Hhub', perhaps, may be. | 

HH'ci&K:b-cKa^ low; base, mem. \ 
Hhto', neither; «— hwto', Deilber- 

HHma4£'p'B, T. ammonia. 
HifrnKB, see skhur. 
Hame'ia, poverty, indigence. 
Hnuto, nothing; — o'aceH'b-na, 

null, vain. 
Ho, but, nevertheless, yet. 
HoBHHa', new thing; --^iiHu', news; 

— BOjy'me, new moon; — locm, 
novelty; — bi, new. 

^o^a', (pi. Horu', dual, noat') fool. 
Ho'»(HUbi, shears; — h^ikbi, scissors. 
Ho;Kb, knife; — a^qe, little knife. 
Ho'34pBi, pi. nostrils. 
Ho'K^bT^, (pi. -kth), finger nail, l«oof. 
Hocn'io, bier, litter. 
Hocopo'ra, rhinoceros. 
Hoc:b, nose; promontory. 
Ho'cifi, V. a. to bear or carry j wear 
(clothes); waft; c-, lay (eggs); 

— ca, v. r. to ride ; move; sail 
(birds, etc.). 

HofltBU', pi. bread-trough. 
Ho'flteci, last night ; -^ n^y'saiii 

npe-*, V. n. to pasa or spend the 

night; ---nu>, f. night; jeKa—, 

good night; — ma', ad. by night, 

in the night. 
HpaBoyqe'flie, morality; —^oyw- 

Te^eHi^-iHa, moral. 
Hpa'acTBOH^B - OHHa^ moral; — efl- 

HOCTb, morality; moraK 
HpaB'b;^ temperament, disposition, 

character; — Bbi, man Here. 
HpaBifi cfl no-, v. a. to like, be 

pleased with. 
Hy'3K4a, need, necce^iiy, want; — 

3R4a'ij& CH, v. n. to be in want 




4eHi-AHa, needful, necessary; — 
xasLKB^ a necessary ; — hoctb^ 

Hi, see HO. 

Hipa'Bifr, see Hpas'b. 

Hue, we. 

HuHt', see cera'. 

Eif no. 

Ht'sKeHi-ama, delicate. 

Ht'KaiTb, somehow, someway, any 

H'b'KairBB:B - Ksa^ a. some, of some 
sort or kind, of any »wt. 

Ht'Kora^ once; at any time; some- 

Ht'KOfi, certain one; some one, per- 
son or body; any one. 

Ht'KOJKO^ few (in number); short 
(in duration); — jiUii'Ha, a few. 

Ht'K£4i, somewhere, anywhere. 

HtHOirfl, the absence or ncmexis- 
tence of a thing, poverty. 

HiHi, dumb. 

Ht'mo, thing, something, f^- 

Hfl'HKa, breast, nipple. 



01 0! 

(and o6i), S; around, about ; it 
occurs principally in composition, 
where it also has often tiie force 
of y. 

06a »^4aiii'B - ar4i£, v. a. to inform 
agamst; request the auitiorities 
to collect mouey from one; tell, 
inform; — ca, to answer to a 

06a'qe, yet, however, nevertheless, 

OdsH'fiafirb-fuK, v. ft. see jWbm^\ 

— H'BKa, envelope. 
06BiiHH'BaHi-Hifi, Vw 9. 10 accuse; 

— HH'TejiB, accusei*. 
06Bpb'3yBaHi-b'»cj6, v. a. to bind 
, round; bind strongly (by con- 

06rpiii'ii^a]rb-r£pK£, v. a. to reach 
round ; encircle, envelope; graisp 
(the mind). 

06e3o6pa3Ka'BaH'B-»ijErV t. dl (o dis- 

06e3opy'afaKi-y'»S*^ v. d. to disatti). 

06e3ne4a'BaMi-eKiii', v. a. to secure, 
warrant ; — le'm^, security. 

06e3npaB4a'BaHi - 4a'i£, v. a. to 

06e3cu' Anwh-Jiv^f V. a. to dis^le, 

06e34e'CTiOBaH!b-TUR, V. a. I(y dis- 
honor, reproach. 

0663fl'Ha, see iraiiMy'Ha. 

06eua', ear-ring. 

06HBapfl'BaH:b-pij&', v. a. to scald. 

Ofin'BaH'B-iljB, V. a. to strike; hit ; 

06H'4ay affront, offetfce; injtfrjf, 
wrong;: — vtisnA^MMltAiil^y v: *. to 
affront, offend; wrong. 

Ofiif'paiTB-depj&V V. a; to gather; 
roti, spoili, plunder. 

OfiHTa'airByhabitfrble; -^fi'Teii^i^ ha- 

06ia4a'Bairb - 4a'iiK^ v. ». tb take 
possession of, possess. 

06.ia'raM:b-o'»i& ca^ v: r. to bcft, 

0'6jiaK:B, cloud; — aHeffS«*^Hai, dtoa- 

O'fijiacTb^ district, providGeri 
06wia'qaii^^K£\ see o6jiH^aKE. 
06wieK<ia'Baiii:b-Hi£'^ see o.ieKMa'!baM:B. 
OdiH'BaMft-it'kft^ V. 84 to flo«ir round^ 




overflow ; bathe (with tears). 
06wiH'3yBaM'B-H'»*^ V. a. to lick. 
06jiHqa'BaMi-4KR', v. a. to convict; 

reprove; rebuke; — qe'flie, con- 

viclion, reproof. 
06m'^awh''Ji'bK&\ v. a. to put on, 

dress, clothe; invest; — ca, v. r. 

drei»s one's self. 
Ofijio'ri, bet, wager. 
06A'bKA0\ clothing, dress, raiment. 
06wia'raMi-rH*, v. n. to rely upon; 

— OH, v. r. to lean upon. 
06Ha4e'»4flH:b-HC4iiR<, v. a. to give 

06EameiheiWB'-myL\ v. a. to un- 

06Hapo'4yBa2!:b^ v. a. to publish, 

06HH'MaM:b-He'Miii, v. a. to take up, 

occupy; include ; encircle. 
06oroTa'BaM'B-Ti&', v. a. to enrich; 

— Tt'iiK, v. n. to become rich. 
06o4pH'BaH:b-pi£', v, a. to encou- 
rage, animate. 

06o»ca'B(tHi-»i]Sk'^ v. a. to deify, 
adore; — a'eH^b, adorable. 

O^QHa'Hie^ the, sense of $mell. 

06pa6p-TiQBan-fTui^ v. a. to work, 

Ofipaa/BaHi-^iiB, v. a. to cultivate, 
refine; civilize; — Ba'me, cul- 

^ tpvaUofli-otc. — 30'BaH%7*aHa, cul- 

(y6f^3'b, formi image; face, por- 
trait ; page; example, type. 

O^pa'cTiiyjBaiii-HA, v* n« . to grow 
round or upon, be overgrown. 

06pBfqa]tt^b--eK£\ v. a. to vow, :pix>- 
mise; ca, v. r. to promise. 

06py sa'aaM-B-Hift', v. a. t o betroth , 

.;-betrplhed^> ■!•••■;> .•;:ip--::.::.;d""::;.--- :. 
Odjfi.^YBAm^h'mm^ ,?.i ak- tetim^ipe. 

0'6pb%, hoop 

06pi»ii]^aMb - b'pH£, v. a. to tarn, 
turn over; turn atout; convert; 

— ca, V. r. to turn ones self 
round or over; revolve; — D^e- 
Hie, revolution ; ronversion. 

Odpt'sanie, ci rcumcision ; — t'3y- 
Ba9i:b*»cfi, V. a. to circumcise. 

06pa'4i, ceremony, rile. 

06ca'4a, see oca'4a. 

06cT0a'TewiCTB0, circumstance. 

06ct'4HyBaM:b-HiR, see oca'aK4ait!B. 

06Ta'KaMi-o'qiiii, v. a. to trim (with 
lace, etc.). 

06Tfl'raMi-e'rHfi, v. a. to stretch; 

— cfl, V. r. to diaw or iiaog 

06y'BaM'b-y'iA, v. a. to put on sboesi 
stockings, etc.; — :ca, v, r. to 
dress one's self. ... • 

06y34a'BaM'B-aii&, v. a. to curt; 

06yqa'BaMi-Hifi', v. a. to teaeh, 
train, drilK 

06y'ma, pi. foot clothing. r;* :• 

06xo'»c4aM:b ca, v. r. to behave, 
conduct; — 4aHie. conduct, be- 

06mvi'BdiWbA"m, v. a. to sew rouod,. 
sew up. 

06fflH'peH'b-pHa, extensive; - pHOCTb) 
extensiveness, extent. o 

06iuecTBO', community; compaaj^i 
society!/ — lAHHa', commiu^iyi; 
commons; — mo, generally.; «i 
— , in general; — n^OHapo-Aeo 
*^4Ha* general, pubJie; :><> flflf 
common, general. 

06i>iKa'jflHi-Ojii£', v. a. to go touod. 
i-surround, encompass. 

OdbiKHOBe'H'B-e'HHa, customary,; or- 
jdinary;,: usual; — Be'iiie; cu^Oim; 

— HKHy^aMi-HiR, v. n. to baiac- 




0'6iii<ib^ love, affeclion; — MeiTB-ma, 

loved ; — hjh'bi^ affectiooalo ; — 

uiaM^b-uKHfi^ V. a. to love, like, 

be fond of. 
06u'Haii, custom, habil ; usage, 

06i'4i, the second meal of I be 

day, which may he eaten any 

lime from 9 lo 1 o'clock ; — 

AyB&Wb^A^vi'b^ V. a. to eat the 

Odtiqa'Bamx-a'isi, v. a. to promise, 

vow; — ca, V. r. to promise, 

vow; — lE^a'de, promise, vow. 
06flBfl'BaH:b-fiifi'^ v. a. io declare; 

— Bwie'ide^ declaration. 
06fl'3aHHocTB, obligation ; — 3a'- 

xejfcTBO, bond. 
OBeHi, ram; wether. 
Oee'cb^ oais. 
OBH'BaM'b-i'i£^ V. a. lo wind round 

or about; — ca, v. r. to wind 

round, coil; twine around, cling. 
OBa'cHyBaufB^H^, v. n. to hang down, 

OBjrb'rHyBaiii:&-Hi&, v. n. lo grow 

OBOTfiiKa, fruit; fruit tree. 
OBUa^ (pi. -ue), sheep; — B^iii, 

Ora'paKi, candle-end. 
OriaBji^'Hie, summary. 
OrwiaAH'b'BaM^b-'b'isi, v. n. to become 

b»«g'*y» be hungry. 
Orjte4a'wio, mirror. 
Of je'4yBaMi-4aMi ca, v. r. to look 

at one*s self ; to look around 

(from guilt or fear). 
Or.iyma'BaMi-fflfc1«, v. n- to be- 
come deaf. 
OraenoKio'HHHiCB, fire-worsshipper. 
OrrafBaiirB - fifli, v. d. to become 


OrHH'.io, steel (for scrtkmg tire). 

OrHH'me, fire-place, hearth.'BaM^b^-'b'ifi, v. n. to become 

Orop<ia'BaH:b-qi&', v. a. to grieve^ 
hurl: — ca, v. r. to grieve. 

Orpa'6aiii:b-6iA, see 04H'pa]ifi* 

0rpa'4a, inclosure; — pa'aMami-isi- 
41^', V. a. to fence or hedge in, 

OrpaHH^aMi - 4i£', v. a. to limit, 
bound ; confii^ ; •^ WflrE -- em, 
limited, finite. 

Or:bHb, tire. 

OnfAn'ua^ necklace. 

Ort'pjio, collar* 

04e6eji'bBaMi-jii'kK, seid Ha4e6e4a'- 

04e'Bt, a little before* 

04H'paMi-4epA', V. a. to skin. 

04o6pe'Hie, approbation; — pH'Te.ib, 
approver; — pa'BasrB-pb&', v. a: 
lo approve; improve; better, Ame- 

0'4pii^Ku, H4e MR (etc)-, to be han- 
dy, dexterous. (Better orpsKu). 

04y'MyBaHi-MaM%, v. a. to talk a- 
bout, speak evil of or agdinst.'H*'-e'HHa, animate; •^ia'- 
Bami-jiiiSk'^ v. a. to animate. 

04i.s3Ka'BaH:b-»ifi', v. a. to bring in 
debt, oblige, favor; — »e'flie^ obli^ 
gation; — ^H'TOJeHi -* i&a, obli- 

0'4'Bp'B, an elevated sitting place 

made of boards; S. bedstead, bed. 

0»a4H'b'Baiii:b-Ht1&, v. d. to be- 
come thirsty, be thirsty. 

O^e'Heffb^HeHa, married. 

OsKHBa^BaMi-Bi^", V. a. to make alive 
again; quicken; resoacitate; ^ — at- 
BaM:b-'b'ifi, v. n. to live agaifi,revive. 




O^HBOTBOpfl'Bam^b-pifi', v. a. lo make 
alive, quicken. 

034paBfl'Baiii'B-Bi£'^ V. a. to make 
well ; — Bi'KB, V. n. to become 
well, recover. 

03Haqa'BaM:b-^ij&', v. a. to signify, 
indicate, denote. 

O&AiOB'h^ see oxAb. 

OKa'., T. a measure of 400 drams 
= 2 lbs. 13 oz. 1 dr. avoirdu- 

OKa'HaH^B-^iiSk^ see yKa'qaMi. 

OKaMeHflBaM:b-Hi'ii&, v. n. to become 
stone; to be hardened. 

OKa'wBaMi-a'ifi, v. a. to pity, de- 

OKaa'HeffB-fl'HHa, miserable, wretch- 
ed ; — a'HCTBO, wretched nes. 

Oko', (pi. 0TO')» 6.y^ ' cjfrno — , 
temple (of the face). 

0K0Ba'Baiii:B-0B&', v. a. lo bind or 
overlay with metal; to fetter, 

Oko'bu, fetters, chains. 

Okojo, around, about; na-, round 
about; — .len^B-jiHa, surrounding, 
neighboring; — jIHOctb, surroun- 
ding country, vicinity. 

OKOna'BaM:B - na'i£, v. a. to ditch 
round, entrench ; — ca, v. r. to 
entrench one's self. 

OKo'ni, ditch, trench. 

OKpy»a'Baiii:b-»(i£'., V. a . to go round, 
surround, compass, environ. 

OKpy'aKeHi-JKHa, circular (letter) ; 
— 3Kie^ circuit, district. 

OKpBBfl'BaM^b-Bifi', V. a. to bloody. 

Ojie'KnyBaM:b-H£, v. a. to become 
lighter; — mh (th, etc.), lo be- 
come easier, more comfortable. 

OjeK<ia'BaHi-4i£, v. a. to make 
lighter; alleviate, relieve; — qe- 
Hie, relief. 


O'jIObo, tin, pewter. 

OjiTa'pB, altar. 

Ojiy'3flMi*-3kR, v. a. to bark, scratch, 

0Mpa'3a, bate, hatred. 
0Mbp3HyBaMX-Hi* (mh, etc.). v. n. 

to become disgusting, loathsome, 

disagreeable to. 
Oiiii'cH)BaM:b - ci£, v. a. to koead 

O'Hafi, that. 
0'h3h, o'hh, see onaB. 
Ohx, he. 
OHtMfl'BaM:B-Mi'H&, v. n. to become 

O'naKu, see nao'iiaKu. 
Ona'ceH:B-cBa, dangerous; — chocib, 


(]|na'cyBaMi-a'ffla, v. a. to put on 
the girdle, gird ; — ca, v. r. to 
gird one's selTT 

Ona'iuKa, tail. 

Oneqa'jiflMi - .ii&, v. a. to aiBict, j 

OnH'paMi-np*', v. a. lo touch;, --- 
cfl, V. r. to touch ; lean upon or 
against; rest upon; to contend, 

OnH'cyBaMi-nifi, v. a. lo desqri|)ft; 

— ca'Hie, description. 
OnHTOMa'BaMi-Mii&', v. a. to. tame. 
OMa'KyBaMi-a'ia, v. a. to w<«p 

for, lament, mourn ; — ca, ,v^.|i 
to complain of. .. ,, 

OMa'KHy^aMi-Hfi, v. a. to rinse. 

OnjH'iaMi-jieTa', v. a. to braid; 
knit; — ca, v. r. to braid one's 
own hair; entwine, coil. 

Onoa'aaMi-oi*', v. a. to stupefy.. 

OnpaB^a'Baui-a'ki, v. a. to j(is(i^) 

— 4a'Hie, justification. " ,^ 
Onpa'aaMi-Bifi, v. a. to set or j^ 

right; arrange, adjust; mafcft 




straight; correct; steer; direct 
aright; show or point out (the 
" road); take or find (the road); 
justify, exculpate, clear; recover 
(health) ; — ca, v. r. to proceed 
directly towards, take the direct 
course to; justify or exculpate 
one's self ; to become straight; 
recover, recruit; clear away, be- 
come fair. 

Onpe4t^e'Hie, definition; decree; — 
wie'ffB-e'HHB, definite; fixed; — 
jifl'Bami-jife', V. a. to define; ap- 
point; fix, determine; ordain, 

OnpoBepra'BaHx-e'prHS, v. a. to re- 
fute, disprove. 

OnycTfl'BaMi-TiiR', v. a. to lay waste, 

OnuH'4a, felly. 

OnHTyBaMi-TaM:B, v. a. to try, prove; 
— HTi, experiment, trial; ex- 
perience; — MTeiTB-THa, experi- 
enced; — THOCTb^ experience. 

Onak^nyBaiHi-HA, v. a. to stretch ; 
tighten; pull; — ca, v, r. to 
pull or bang back; become tight- 

Op^jo, plough; — pam, f. plough- 
ing; — pa'qb, ploughman. 

[>pa'Top:B, orator. 

[)*jp4eHi, badge. 

Ope'A'h^ eagle. 

OpHriiHa'ji:b, original. 

OpB'3'B, rice. 

Opy'Aie, instrument, tool; organ, 

OpyaeeHo'ceui, armor-bearer. 

Opymie^ weapon, armor, arms. 

OptrR, walnut; walnut-tree. 

Op£', V. a. to plough. 

Oca', wasp. 

Oca'Aa, seige ; — a'af4aMi - a4i»', 

V. a. to besiege. 

OcBo6o4fl'BaMi-4iA', V. a. to free, 
liberate; exempt. 

OcBOR'BaM'B-oiiB', V. a. to take, take 
possession of, appropriate. 

OcBt'Hb, besides, except, v 

OcB*Ta'BaMi-Ti&', v. a. to illumi- 
nate ; — :biue'Hie^ illumination ; 
— me'Ht-e'HHa, illuminated. 

OcBaTa'BaMi-Ti&', v. a. to conse- 
crale; sanctify; dedicate; — bh- 
m^e'Hie, sanctification ; dedication. 

0ceM4ecfl'Tfc, eighty; — 4ecfl'Tuft, 

0ceMHa4eca'Tfc, eighteen : — 4eca - 
THfi^ eighteenth. 

O'cem, eight. 

O'ceHX, Fash -tree 

Och.i:b, beard (on grain). 

OciipoMama'BaM:B-mij&', v. a. to make 
poor, impoverish; — mt'iiR, v. n. 
to become poor. 

OcKBepHa'BaMi-HiA', V. a. to defile, 

0cKy4y'BaM:B - 4i lA, v, n. to fail, 
want; — y'4ie, scarcity. 

OcKiBp6fl'BaM:B-6ii&', v. a. to make 
sorry, sad; to grieve; afflict; of- 

OcM'6siWh'6m^ V. a. to loosen, slack- 
en; weaken; — 6a'BaMi - 6i'i«, 
V. n. to become weak. 

Ociy'raaMt-mifi ca^ v. r. to listen, 

Oc.i'bnfl'BaH:b-ni£^ v. a. to blind, 
dazzle; — wb'm^ v. n. to become 

OcMoyr^b'jiHHK^b, octagon. 

O'cMuii, eighth. 

OcMt'.iH)BaH:b cfl^ V. r. to dare, make 

OcHO'Ba, warp. 

OcHOBa'BaH^B-oBfiV V. a. to lay the 
foundation of, found, establish; 




— Balde, foundation; — Ba'TCjieHi 
-jHa^ fundamenUl. 

Oco'6eHi-^eHHa, -6ht:&, apart, sep- 
arate; special; peculiar, unlike 
others; -— eflHO, especially; sep- 

Oeo4a'BaMX-4]£' ca^ v, n. to become 

Oco'p^aKS^ ha\vk. 

OcTa'aaM^B, see ocTa'nyBaMii. 

OcTa'BKa, see oTCTa'BKa. 

Qci9!Bfun^Bm^ v. a. to leave; for- 
sake, abandon; rentit; let, suf- 

QcTa'HKu^ renoams. 

OcTa'HyBaM:B-Hifi, v. d« to reniain. 

OcTap:b'BaMi-p'b1&, v. n. to become 

OcTa'TXKX^ remainder. 

OcTQpo'»eHi^ - »cm^ cautious } — 
»?H0CT|>, caution. 

OcTpHHa', edge. 

OcTpoBi^ island. 

OcTpoy'MeHi-MHa, witty ; shrewd ; 
— y'Mie, wit, sagacity. 

O'cTpuB, V. a. to sharpen, point. 

0'cTbfi»r'Tg»^ sharp, keen; acute; 

Ocy'KyBaM:B-Hk, v. a. to twist; — 
CH, V. r. to writhe. 

Ocb^ f. axi^ ; axle. 

OctAM'Bawhr^'iSL^ v> a. to saddle. 

OQ'b'iafim%'''b'Tm^ see yd^mjm'b. 

Ocaaa'Hie^ sense of feeling. 

Oc£'3KA8M:b-&'4UK^ V. a. to damn; 
condemn; blame, censure. 

OTa'iiKa, sediment, settlings. 

0T6H'BaM:b-i'i£^ v. a. to drive off; 
beat back, repulse; cut dojwn 
or off (wages, etc.) ; turn the 
course of; turn put; mislead; 
wean ; -^ca, v. r. \q Uirn out; 

0T6ii'paH:b-*epiii', v. a. to under- 
stand; pick out; cull, select; 

O'Tdopi, selection, choice. 

0T6y'wiflM:B-Jiifi^ v. a. to unveil 

OifiirHyBaMi - HiK, v. a. to flee 
from; avoid, shun; escape. 

OTBa'3K4aM:b-a'4ifi^ v. a. to take ofF 
or out (a little). 

Q'tBa'jum'LnAm!^ v. a. to roll awajf. 

OxBa'pa, — HSBa'pa. 

OTBa'pflN'B-o'pifi^ V. a. to open. 

OTBHBaMi-rifi, v. a. to uncover. 

0TR«e'4eHi-eHa, abstract. 

OTBM'Han'b-eji&'y V. a. to drag off; 
draw away. 

OTBo'»cAa]H:b-e4i&^ ▼* 9. to lead avtj 
or off. 

OiBOpeHi^-eHa^ open; bright, sbrewd; 
forward, imprudent. 

OTBpb'ayBaM'B-B'^a, v. a. to untie, 

OTBpb'mam - b'piMi, v, a. to turn 
away or a^side; avert; repulse; 
return, retaliate; — c«, v. r. io 
take back one's word ; fure^frm 
with disgust; — ^meme, aDtijM- 
thy, aversion; retaliation. : 

OiBt'Ti, answer; account; — 
TCTBeai-eHHa^ re-sponsible; -^ «• 
HocTL, responsibility. 

Otbir'a^b, beyond.*'^ 

OTTAt\ whence. 

OiroBa'paMi-Bo'pift, v. a. to ansmr, 
— Bo'px, answer. 

Oiro'pt, from above, ab«ve. 

OiAa'aaM^B-AaMi, v. a. to givei)^k, 
restore; render; attribute; appt). 

0T4a'BHa, see oxKO'it. 

0T4aj[e4a'BaMi-^uEi', v. a. to re- 
move far from; keep from; — 
cfl, v. r. to go or remove far 
away; retire from; wander orde* 
part from; shun, avoid. 




0T4ii'paH'b-ep£', V. a. to tear off 
or ouV 

Ot40'jo, from below, below. 

OT4oa'BaM:B-oi£., v. a. to nurse up 
or through; wean. 

0T4'bje'Hie, separation, division ; 
section ; — t'jHo, separately ; — 
•b'Asiwb-JLiA\ V. a. to separate, 
divide; set apart. 

0T4iR'xHyBaM'B-H», V. n. to repose, 
resf; — yae'irie, repose, recreation. 

Oie'us, father; — eqecTsa^ father* 
land, native country. 

Orsa'A^h^ from behind, behind. 

0T3u'BaM:B ca, v. r. to respond; — 
uBi, response. 

0TH'Baii!B-H'4*^ (part. - limbXb) v. n. 
to jgo; go away, de|)art. 

OTH'HaM'B-eK&', v. n. to swell, swell 

OxKa'ayBaJCX-^x ca, v. r. to refuse, 
decline; disown, deny. 

Orxairb, since; from the tinoe, af- 

Onca'pyBaM'B-paH'B, v. a. to drive 
away or off (often stealthily). 

Otkx'h^b, from towards, from ; on 
the side of, in the interest of. 

OTKaqaM^b-Hifi, V. a. to take down 
(that which had been hung up). 

OTKjrio'HaM^b-qijii, v. a. to unlock. 

OTKOBa'aam-OBiK', see pacKoaa'Bajn'B. 

OTKO'ii^ long since, long ago. 

OTKona'fiam'B-aifi^ see pacKOna'sami. 

OiKoniaBaMi-itift, v. a. lo un- 

OxKpoBe'Hie, revelation. 

OrKpoBe'Hi-e'HHa^ open, frank, un- 

OTicpuBBKb-u'ifi, v. a. to uncover; 
discover; disclose; reveal; open 
(a school, etc.); — u'lie, dis- 
covery; opening; — 14'ti, un- 

covered ; discovered ; revealed ; 

OiKyny'BaM'B-nifi', v. a. to ransom, 

redeem (property, etc.); buy off 

from service; procure a substh- 

tute; — ca, v. r. to redeem one's 

OTKb'pmaM'B-mifi, v. a. to break off 

(a branch). 
OTKiB'cHyBaM'B-H£, V. a* to pluck ; 

tear off. 
OTja'raM:b-o'2Ki£^ v. a. lo put off, 

defer, procrastinate. 
OxjHi'BaMi-xb'ifi, V. a. to pour off; 

— au'b^^ tide (ebb). 
OTjiH<ia'BaM:B-Hi£, v. a. to distin- 
guish ; — ca, V. r. to distinguish 
one's self, be distinguished, dif- 

OrMTKe'tiie^ procrastination. 
0Tji£'HaH'b-4i£, V. a. to separate ; 

OTl 4BpK0B£-Tfi, CXclude, CX- 

communicale; — le'me, excom- 

0TMa'xHyBaii:b-H£9 v. a. to thrust 

OTiibCTfl'BaTb-Ti&', V. a. to revenge, 

OTHtHa'aan^b-HiiK', v. a. to take the 
place, of, go in ones stead. 

OxMi'iaMi-e'THiB, v. a. to reject; 
unhasp; take oft (a band from a 
machine); v. n. come off (a band); 

— ca, V. r. to reject, refuse, re- 
nounce; take back one's word. 

OTHH'MaH'b-He'Miii, V. a. to take away 

or from; take off or out (ahttle); 

deprive of; retake; rescue, re-' 

OxHOCH'TeieKb-JHa^ relative; — tcj- 

HO, in reference lo. 
OTHO'cam^HecA', v. a. to refer; — 

ca, V. r. to relate to, concern; ap- 




ply; conduct, bebd?e; — ome- 
Hie, application; relation (of num- 

Ow'Kb^ swelling, tumor. 

0Tna'4aH:B-4H£^ v. n. to fall away; 
become weak, exhausted; S. de- 

Onm'Bdin'b-'i'm^ v. a. to drink off. 

OiflH'paM^B-npiR', V. a. to unprop. 

OTnH'cyBaMi-mx, v. n. to write 
back; v. a. to cross out (a name). 

OTn.ia'ii](aM:E-aTtiK', v. a. to pay off, 

OTnpa'BflHX*Bi£, V. a. (Rus.) dis- 
patch; — CH, V. r. to apply to, 

Ornpe'4'B, from before, before. 

Oxny'cKaMi-CHa, v. a. to let go 
(liltle by little); S. to send away, 
dismiss; omit; — ca, v. r. to 
slacken, relax; become lukewarm 
(in one's endeavours) ; give (snow, 
etc.); become less severe. 

O'lnycTi, vacation. 

0TniR'»4aMi-iB'4i&, v. a. to drive 
off or away. 

OTn£'HyBaH:B-HiR, v. a. to unbend 
(a bow); pull the trigger of a 
gun; spring (a trap); — ca, v. r. 
to go off (a gun); spring. 

OTpa'BflMi-o'BKR, v. 8. to dig up or 

OTpa»Ea'BaH:b-»d£', v. a. to reflect 
(light, etc.). 

O'TpacjiB, sprout, shoot. 

OipiTqaMi-eKai' ca, v- r. to deny, 
disown; renounce; refuse; re- 
ject; withdraw ; take back one's 
word, excuse one's self from an 
engagement* break one's promise. 

0Tpe'»4aM:B-e4i«'^ v. a. to appoint. 

Oipo'Ba, poison; — o'BflH:b-Bi£, v. a. 
to poison. 

O'TpOK^B, S. child, lad. 

OipH'BaMi-M'ifi, V. a, to rub off; 

OTpb'cflMCB-cifi, v. a. to shake off 
or down. 

OTpi'ayBami-aca, v. a. to cut off; 

OTca'Mi, this side, this side of, 
contra OTia'rBK^B. 

OxcH'iaMi-tKiR', v. a. to cut off, 
cut down; v. n. be worth. 

OTCKa'qajTB-cKO'm, v. n. to spring 
or leap back or aside; bound, 
bound back, rebound. 

Oicpi'ma, over against, opposite. 

OxcTa'BKa^ resignation ; dismissioo, 

OTcxpaHfl'BaMi-Hiflk' ch, v. r. to quit 
or flee one s country ; step or 
withdraw to one side; avoid. 

Oxcxoa'BaMi-OK&', v. n. to be dis- 
tant; to read a prayer at the 
grave, or over wheat or bread 
for the benefit of the dead. 

OxcxiR'naMi-ni&', v. n. to step off 
from (a thing); depart from; 
retreat, recede; apostalize; -^ 

./ . 

njieme, apostasy ; — uhhite, a- 
0xc&'4i, this side of, contra or- 

Bfi'4'B. ' 

OxCiMt', fjom every side. 

Uxc£'2K4asrE-£'4u&, v. n. to decide. 

OxCiR'xcxBie, absence; — CTByeaKt^ 
V. n. to be absent. 

Oxxa'Mi , thence ; — Haxa'Ti^Ri , 

Oxxa'x^bKi, the other side, the other 
side of, beyond. 

Oxxe'rjiaMi-ilfi, v. a. to draw back; 
weigh off, out ; — ca, v. r. to 
draw back or aside; retire, re- 
I real, withdraw; shrink from. K 




OTTjia'cKaMi*CHiEi, V. a. to push or 
thrust away; repulse, repel. 

OTTpb'cfliii'B-'Cij&, V. a. to shake off. 

OxTy'Ka, hence. 

Ottjki Haia'TiKi, henceforth. 

OTxy'iflM^jiifi, V. a. to [unstop, open. 

OTTH'KyBam^B-KaMi, v. a. to shove 
or push away. 

OxTb'pBajMCK^BiEi', V. a. to deliver; 
rescue, save; — ca, v. a. to de- 
hver or save one's self, escape. 

OTTi>pKOifl'BaM:b-ii&'^ v. a. to roll 

OTXBb'pjifliii'B-jii£, v. a. to cast a- 
way, off or aside; lay aside; re- 
ject, refuse; — ca, v. n to re- 
ject; deny, renounce. 

Oxxo'SKAaHi, see oxH'BaH^b. 

OixpanHii^b-HUK, v. a. to nourish, 
bring up. 

Oiia'CTH, partly. 

OT«ia'K)BaM:b*al£^ v. a. to discourage; 
— ca, v. r. to despair; — a'aeie, 

Othq'ti, account; 4a'BaM:b — , to 
give account. 

OTqio3K4a'BaM'B-»e4i&^ v. a. to es- 
trange, alienate. 

Oi^io'naMi-nifli, v. a. (o break off 
a piece. 

Oti, from; by; in composition, off, 
away; un-. 

OTarHa'BaM:b-^i£', v. a. to burden. 

OxAby snail. 

Oxo'xa, appetite. 

O'xxHKa, consumption. 

Oxxiflk'^ V. n. to cry oh, sigh. 

Oxil oh! 

Oue'xi, vinegar. 

OutHfl'Bajii'B-Hifi', v. a. to estimate, 
value; prize; appreciate. 

Oi]iineHfl'BaM:b-H'b'i&9 v. n. to grow 

Oiefio'i^B, sore eyes. 

0<ieBH'40H:b-Ha, evident, apparent; 
— 4eu:b, eye witness. 

OiepBa'ca^i, wormy. 

OHe'pHiOBaMi-Hifi, v. a. to blf ck (the 
hands, etc.), blacken, asperse. 

OHH.ia', pi. spectacles. 

OqH'cxflMi - xia, V. a. to purify, 
cleanse; purge; — Hqe'Hie, pu- 
rifying, puriticatiOQ. 

O'me, yet, still. 

— — 


KaBy'H^B, peacock. 

IIa'4aM:b-4H£, V. n. to fall; (hc-), 

to fail ; — 0XB:bH:b, to have a fit; 

: — ca MH, (etc.), V. i. to fall to. 
na4e'»ei», cose. 
na4e'Hie, fall ; failure. 
Ila'ayxa, bosom. 
IIa'3i£ y-, V. a. to guard, watch;? 

keep, preserve. 
DaKe'xi, packet. 
Ila'KOcxb, damage, barm, mischief; 

— xHHKi, harmer, mischievous 

Ilaft, T. portion, share. 
Ilaia, again. 
Ilajia'qb, executioner. 
na'.ieu:b^ thumb; great toe. 
Ila!Ai& 3a-, v. a. to set on fire; 

light; kindle. 
Ila'Mflx^b, memory ; remembrance ; 

— Xdia'fi^b, bavmg a good mem- 
ory ; — xHHiTb, monument. 

IIaH4y'pHirb, policeman. 
IlaHH'ua, plate; — H'4Ka^ little plate; 



Ila'na, Pope; — hctbo^ popety; — 
nHo^a'HHH'b, papist; ^i^a'HCRuii, 

nanara'ji^b, parrot. 

Ila'pa, steam; vapor; fog; — axo'A'B, 

Ilapaji'fl^ G. low round table. 

napa^iwie'j^b, parallel. 

Ila'pTifl, party. 

Ea'pyci, sail. 

Ilapfl'cyBaM'B-caM'E, G. v. a. to for- 
sake (a nest). 

Ila'pifi, V. a. and n. no-, to burn; 
scald; 3a-, to scald out. 

Jla'cTpOKi, step-father. 

Ila'cTMpB^ pastor; shepherd. 

naCiB', V. a. and n. to pasture; feed; 

IlaTepH'ua, crutch; pastoral staff. 

Ila'TKa, goose; duck. 

naxpOHt, cartridge. 

Ilaxa'pi^ a glass. 

Ilaqa'apa, T. rag; gun wad. 

Ila'nia, pasture. 

namKy'.ik, cocoon. 

Ila'flKX, spider ; — awnay spider's 

Ue'A^'i -418? span. 

IleK'B, heat (of summer). 

IIeK£', V. a. to bake, roast; broil; 
V. n. to give out heat, be hot; 

— CH, V. r. npH-, to bask, sun. 
IldeHa', swaddlmg cloth. 
IIe.iE>fHi>, wormwood. 

Ile'nej'B, ashes. 

nepa'<iKa^ washwoman. 

Ilepene'wiKa, quail. 

IlepHa'ra, feath^^red. 

Ilepo', feather, plume; quill, pen; 

— OHo'nwe, penknife; — OfflH- 
HflKi, feathers. 

Uepne'm^ rivet; — Mia', v. a. to 


Ilepft' 0-, (ao. onpaxib), v. a. td ; 

wash (clothes). 
Ile'pijR cflf, V. r. to assume airs, 

IlecTb'pBa, trout. 
Ilec^b, S. dog. 
flexa', (S. naia), bed. 
neie'jKa, button. 
Ile'Topa, a thin flake of dough or 

bread; layer of the atmosphere. 
Ue'r%Kh^ see narbRtb. 
ne<ia'.i6a, gain. 
Ileqa'jib, affliction; sorrow; grief; 

tribulation; — ieffb^ana, afflicf- 

ed; sad ; sorrowful. 
Kena'TaM^b, v. a. to print; — iwiirB, 

printer; — HHua, printing office; 

— naib, f. seal; priet. 
Uene'Am. c-, v. a. to gain; earn; 

acquire, obtain; win. 
Ilemepa', cave, cavern, 
nemtb, f. oven; furnace. 
IIh'bo, beer. 

IlHKa'iiK^ V. n. to urinate. 
IlHKo'qb, f. urine. 
IlHKTi'a, G. clot ; — TO'cyBaiffB-Gfnn, 

v. n. to become clotted. 
IlH.ia', file. 
IlH'jie, chicken. 

IlHjt'i£ pac-, V. a. to scatter, dis- 
perse; squander. 
UjRAio'Ab^ f. see xan'B. 
UuAm\ V. a. to file. 
IlH'naH^b, V. a. to feel of, touch; 

take hold of; feel for; Ha*, feel 

IlHnepy'4a, butterfly. 
niipo'H:b, G. see rB0'34b. 
IlHpb, S. see yrome'Hie. 
nnica'jiRa, pen. 
Ilucanie, scripture; — a'pb, scribe, 

secretary; — a'TOjib, writer. 
IlH'CMeHHOCTb, literature. 




IlncHO', letter. 

nn'cLKh^ cry, screaming. 

IlHTa^a kind of thin circular bread- 
cake; a layer of honey-comb. 

nHTakfi^ V. a. to cherish, harbor; 
S. nourish. 

riH'TOBeHi-BHa, see nn'TOmewh. 

IlHTOMeH^b-MHa, tame. 

Qh'tu, pi. honeycomb. 

IlHfiiifi, (no. DHca'x'B), V. a. Ha-, 
to write; hc-, to paint. 

IlHiua'wiKa, whistle; flageolet. 

nHtaeBapHTe.ieirB-iHa, digestive. 

IlHmo'B:b, pistol. 

nHiuii&'-H'cH£, V. n. to peep (as 
chickens) ; make a shrill sound, 

(liflBHua, leech. 

nifl'HHua, drunkard; — hctbo, drun- 
kenness; — a'H:B, drunk. 

ni'i^^ V. a. to dnnk. 

[Ijia'BaMx, see nji/BaM:b. 

Qjia'sefi, small floating substances. 

Qjia'BiA HC-, V. ^a. to wash (gold, 
grain, etc.). 

[LiaAHy'BaMi, v. n. to dine; (ani- 
mals) rest in the shade during 
the heat of the day. 

nja'4Ha, noon; dinner. 

[lia'Ka, slaleT table, tablet. 

Uab'kusi^ v. a. 0-, to rinse; pac-, 
to shake violently. 

(IjianeHb-eHHa, of flame, flaming; 

— BHHHKi, flambeau ; — MHy'BaM:B 
-Hfi, V. n. to burst into a flame; 

— MTi& -MHfi, V. n. to blaze ; — 
wbKb^ flame. 

(Ijiane'Ta, planet. 

QjiaHUHa'^ mountain; — HHHCRu'fl, 

mountain*s. mountain; — aHHH- 

jiH'B:b, mountainous. 
[LiacTQ^ layer (of the atmosphere) ; 

cock or pile (of hay). 

ELiajje'iiix, payer. 

IIjaTHH'K^b, bag. 

IIjaTHo'^ cotton or linen cloth; sail. 

IIjaT:B, breadth of cloth. 

nja4e'Befl:B-BHa, lamentable, sad. 

n.ia^MH'B'B, a. crying. 

Iljaib, f. weeping, mourning, la- 
mentation ; — aWifi, V. n. to 
weep; cry; mourn, lament. 

IIjramH'jio, - H'jiKa, scarecrow; — 
nuifBi, shy, timid, fearful, — 
miA y-, V. a. to scare, frighten; 
— ca, V. r. to be sby, fearful, 
be afraid. 

nja'iuaH:b-am'^ v. a. to pay; aa-, 
to repay, recompense. 

IIjaiiitaHii'ua, winding sheet.' 

Uxe'BeAb^ see fiy'peni, -bi*' o-, v. a. 
to weed. 

Ilje'ai* HC-, V. a. to run out the 
tongue; — cfl, v. r. to run out 
one's tongue. 

rije'Me, (S. nje'Mfl), race, tribe. \v 

n.iecHH'ua, slap, cufT. . 

njexeHH'ua^ plait, braid. 

Habt'l^ hedge. 

IIjeTifi' y-, (part. mojIi), v. a. to 
plait, braid; knit. 

IIwie'inKa, shoulder blade, -bon^. 

llAemsi'y pi. shoulder blades. 

ILie'iiU£-e'CH£, v. a. to clap; spank; 
palter (rain); v. n. splash.'iui£, (ao. -ecKa'Xi), na-, y-, 
v. a. to soil, stain; scribble; c-, 
to flatten. 

IIjiH'HTa, see Kupnn'qB. 

njH'cKaM:b-cH£, V. a. to spatter, 
throw water upon; v. i. to rain 
hard ; hc-, lade, throw out (wa- 
ter with a paddle, etc.); — ca, 
V. r. to spatter one s self; slop 

UAR'T'hKhy shallow. 





Haoab, fruit; — 40BH't:b, fruitful; 
— 40H0'ceHi - CHa, productive, 
fertile; — 4opo'AeirB - 4Ha, fruit- 
bearing, fruitful. 

njo'c:bir5-cKa, flat, plane; — cKOCTb^ 
flatness, plane. 

n.iOTi>, f. flesb. 

UAO'na^ flat stone. 

IIjy^aM^b^ V. n. to float; swim; sail. 

njiy'»caK:B, see oxjih. 

IIjix'3raM:E-3H£ ch^ v. r. to slide, 
slip; — TMi, slippery. 

Ili^BCTb, nriatted carpet, felt. 

Uji'hXh^ rat. 

Ili^b'tiKaM'B c*., V. a. to snarl, mat. 

IIjit'Ba^ chaff; — bha, chaff-bouse. 

IIjtHH'Te.ib, captor; — hhhk:e^ cap- 
tive ; — tni, captivity ; — ha'- 
Bau:B-Hi£', V. a. to capture. 

IIjit'ceHb, f. mould. 

njtiuH'B'B, bald. 

IIjio'flKa, spit lie. 

njH)'cKaM:B-CHS^ V. n. to crack; snap 
(with the fingers) ; — ro'nUfi-H)- 
CH«, to snap (with a whip). 

Jhio'i&y V. a. and n. to spit. 

Hja'cKaMi-e'cHZS, v. a. to clap; slap, 
cuff; flap. 

Uih'ma^ booty, plunder. 

IIo, at, at the rale of, at each; on, 

upon; by; S. after; according to; 

I prefixed to adjectives and adverbs 

' ^ it forms the (comparative degree; 

\ with verbs it sometimes signi- 

' lies a little, as qa'Kam'B^ to wait, 

no^a'KaM:B, to wait a little; also 

to begin, as noBO'»4aMi, to be— 'illo'Beie, more; — le-To, the grea- 

gin to lead. 

nofiH'BaM^B-iifi, V. a. to beat or 
whip a little; stick in; set up, 

no6H'paMi-6ep&', v. a. to hold, con- 
tain; — cfl, V. r. to contain one's 

self; stay. 
no6.i'b4Hfl'BaM:B-Ht'i£, v. n. to gro^ 

Uodojifl'BaMX-.i'blfi cH, see pa36o- 

.Ifl'BaM^b CH. 

no6pa'THM:B, husband's brother; 
consin; friend. 

no6y'3K4aMi-y'4i*^ v. a. to incite, 
induce; — acAe'me, incentive, in- 

IIo6b'pKyBaiii-KaiirB9 v. a. to mix up, 
contuse^; put out of order, im- 
pair; lose one's way, take ibe 
wrong road; tangle, confuse. 

IIo6taf4a'BaM'b-i4i»S v. a. to con- 
quer, vanquish ; overcome; — 
t'^a, -tHC4e'Hie, victory; — ifin- 
TCJb, victor; conqueror; —40- 
Ho'ceHi-CHa, victorious. 

llo6'bA'b'Bawh'-t'm^ v. n. to become 

IIoBa'jiflM^b-jifi', V. a. to lean a- 
gainst; tip down; throw down, 
prostrate. « 

IIoBa'pHHua, kitchen. 

IIo'BRpi, cook. 

noB4HraM:B-rHX, v. a. 
up; raise, raise up, 
up, excite; — ch, v. 
up, arise. 

noBe4e'Hie, conduct. 

IIoBejia'BaM^E-iifi', v. a. to order, 
command; — j-b'me, command, 
ordinance, statute; — JE'Teieii 
-jiHa, imperative, authoritative. 

IIoBe'cflH^b-ciifi^ V. a. to hansr down. 

to lift, lift 

erect ; slir 

r. to rise 

ter part. 
IIoBH'BaM^b-fifi, V. a. to swaddle. 
IIoBn'HeH^b-H'HHa, guilty; in danger 

Il0B.iH'4aiirB*4eR£'^ V. a. to begin (0 





noBO'4HHKi, halter. 
noBO'4^^ that which leads to a thing s 
being done, occasion. 

n<)Bo'»c4aHi-Be4£'^ V. a. to begin 
to lead. 

noBpe4»'BaM:b-4ti&S V. a. to hurt, 

IIoBpb'iuaH^b-Bb'pHiB, V. a. to return, 

give back; throw up (vomit); 

turn or put back (a scholar); — 

cfl, V. r. to answer back; to go 

back, return; take back one's 

IIobce4He'BeH'B-BHa, daily. 
IIoBTa'paM'B-o'pHR, V. a. to repeat; 

— TopH'TOjieirB-iHa, repeated. 
noBt'pKa^ proof, verification. 
noBtpfl'Bau:b-t'pijik, v. a. to trust, 

confide; verify, prove. 
Uo'stcTb^ history, narrative. 
QoBi'xHyBaMi-H», v. n. lo wither, 

QoBi'H)BaBii-t'i£, v. n. to begin to 

ttoTABA'b^ look ; sight. 
[Ioro4a'BaM:B-4iiS^S v. a. to make to 

agree, reconcile; — ch, v. r. to 

agree, become reconciled; agree 

upon ; get along well together. 
norpe'6aMi - 6iR', v. a. to bury; 

perform the funeral rites; — 6e- 

Hie^ burial, funeral. 
Qorpt'niKa, mistake, error, fault. 
['Hie, destruction; — 6aMi 

-61*^ V. a. to destroy, put to 

Qorb'iTaM:b-.iHfi, - atu^^ v. a. to 

Qona'6e.ib, perdition, destruction. 
Doriii'HyBaMi-H£, v. n. to perish, 

be destroyed. 
[Io4a'BaH:b-4aM:b, v. a. to reach, give; 

grant; put out, stick out; — ca^ 

V. r. to appear, stick out. 
no4a'poirB, present. 
no4apa'BaMi - piiR', v. a. to give, 


IIo46y')K4aMi-|'4ifi, v, a. to incite; 

excite, stimulate; instigate. 
IIo4BH'BaH:b-i'i£, see HCKOHfl'fiaiii:b. 
lIo'4BHr:B, contest; violent struggle; 

— Hsa'BaMi ca, V. n. to contend, 
fight; strive earnestly. 

no4BH'»ceirB-»cHa, movable. 

IIo4BH'paMi-BpiR', V. a. to put un- 
der; — ca, V. r. to go under. 

no4Bpb'3yBaiii:b-B'3K£^ V. a. to bind 
under; to bind (a book); — Bpb'3- 
Ka, garter; — Bbpaa'qb, book bin- 

no44a'HHHK:b^ tributary, subject. 

no440fl'Baii:B-oi£', v. a. to suckle. 

no44pb'»^aiiix-bp)KUEk\ V. a. to keep 
up, uphold, support, sustain. 

no'4epe, ceiling. 

no4Hrpa'BaBi:b-ai£ ca^ v. a. to sport 
with; mock, ridicule. 

no4H'pi, after; — peH:b-pHa, final, L 
last; — pHHHa^ final end, end. 

no4Ka'HaM:b - HHK^ V. a. to hasten, 
urge on. 

IIo4Ka'4aM'b-qi£, v. a. to begin. 

no4KBa'caM:b-cufi^ v. a. to sour milk; 

— KBa'ca, sour milk used for 
turning other milk. 

IIo4KJa'»^aM:b-a42i'^ v. a. to make 

a fire under. 
no4K06a'BaM:b-OB£', V. a. to fasten 

underneath with iron; shoe; — 

o'Ba^ horse-shoe. 
no4Kona'BaM:b - na'ifi, v. a. to dig 

under, undermine; — o'n^b, drain, 

sewer ; military mine. 
no4Kpina'BaM:b-ni£', v. a. to streng- 
. then, stay up; reinforce. 
lIo4Kyny'BaMi-y'niiR, v. a. to bribe. 



no4KBiceja'BaM:B-j[i£', v. a. to make 


IIo4Ja'raMi-jio'afKB, V. a. to place or 
put under. 

IIo4^'BaMi-ji£'uEk, .^a. to pour un- 

UoMO'Tii^ subject, pretext. 

UoMTi^'TjBawb-'h'nsk^ V. a. to deceive, 

no4Ma'MflM:b-Mi£'^- V. a. to entice. 

IIo4HOBfl'Baji'B-^UEk', Y. a. to renew> 

KoAHo'Hcie, footstool. 

no40'6eHi-fiHfl, like, similar; S. be- 
coming; Jj— o'6ie, likeness; simi- 
litude ;::^^ 6ho, likewise. 

noAo6pfl'TOMi-pi'i* (my), v. n. to 
be favorable to, agree with. 

no403piifTejeH:b*JHa, suspicious,- — 
pi'^e^ suspicion; — pa'BaMi-pii&' 
cn/v. n. to be suspicious of. 

IIo40mpa'BaMi - pifi, see no4yma- 

no4nH'paMi-np&', v. a. to prop up, 

IIo4na'4aMi-4Hifi, v. n. to fall un- 
der; subject one's self. 

no4nH'cyBaMi-H'fflfi, v. a. to sign, 
subscribe; — nHci, -nn'CKa, si^^- 

no4nwia'TKa, lining ; — Ta'Bami-TifR', 
V. a. to line. 

n04n.«a'maHi-iui£, v. a. to frighten; 
— ca, V. r. to take fright. 

no4no'pKa, prop, support. 

IIo4npa'Bflu:b-Bi£, v. a. to season. 

no4ny'xHyBaMi-Hai, v. n. to swell, 

IIo4pa'BHMi-o'Bi&, V. a. to dig un- 
der, undermine. 

no4pa2Ka'Baiiii-»ci£'., v. a. to imitate; 
— .»a'Hie, imitation; — aca'Tejb, 
imitator; follower. 


no4pa34t'jiHMi-jiii&', V. a. to sub- 

no4pa3yMt'Baiii-'b'i£, v. a. to un- 
derstand, mean, imply. 

no4paHa'Baiii-HiiR', v. n. to be early ' 
(in doing any thing). 

no4po'6eH'b-6Ha, detailed, minute; 

— 6ho, minutely, particularly; 

— 6H0CTb, minuteness ; — hooth, 
details, particulars. 

no4pH'HyBaMi-Hfi (My), v. n. to 
clean from under with a shovel. 

no4CKa'HaM5-o'4H5, V. n. to leap, 
hop, bound. 

no4Cja'»c4aH:b-a4H&^ v. a. to sweet- 

no4CjOH}i'BaMX-Hii&', V. a. to shelter, 
lay (one's head); — ca, v. r. 

no4CMM'BaMi-M'b'iR ca, V. n. to iaugii 
at; smile. 

no4ct'maMi-'feTkk', V. a. to put in 
remembrance, remind. 

no4TBbp4a'BaM'B-4i*', V. a. to eon- 
firm, establish; affirm; ratify. 

lIo4xa'nKa, breakfast; — nHyBam 
-Hfi, V. n. to breakfast. 

no4XBb'pj!aMi-jiifR, V. a. to toss. 

no4y'niH)BaMi-mifB, v. a. to scent 

no4yma'BaM:b-yTiiB', v. a. to insti- 
gate, stir up. 

no4tHHa'BaMi-Hi9i'5 V. ^a. to subor- 
dinate, subject. 

UoA'h^ under. 

no»ea'pi, fire, conflagration. 

IIo»cej[a'BaM'B-'b'i£, v. a. to covet. 

KosBOjia'BaM^b-o'jiifi^ v. a. to permit, 
allow; — ie'flie, permission. 

no34paBa'BaM:b-aBi£', v. a. to con- 
gratulate, salute; — Bjte'me^ salu- 

HoaHa'BaMi-a'iiR, v. a. to recognize; 
perceive; know; guess; — nafl- 




HHK'B^ arquaintance : — na'rB, 

IIoso'pBiiue, spectacle; S. theatre. 
IIoH'MaMi-e'Hfi^ V. a, to take; v. n. 

to draw breath, breathe. 
IIoKasa'jiKa, pointer. 
HoKa'syBaMi-a'jKiR, v. a. to show; 

point out; — ca, v. r. to show 

one's self; come out (the sun); 

appear; peep. 
IIoKa'HeHi-eHa, invited. 
lIoKa'pyBaM'b-paH'B, v. n. to begin 

to grow up, spring up. 
IIoKa'flHi-aHa, penitent. 

Il0Kjia'RHM'B-JI0Hii&' Cfl, V. T. tO boW 

one's self to, bow to; worship; 
— OHe'Hie, worship; — o'hhhk'b, 
worshiper; pilgrim; — ohi, bow; 

loKJ[OHa'BaM'b-Hi&', v. a. to give as 
a present. 

loKOHHi-flHa, deceased. 

loKOJt'Hie, lace, family, stock. 

loKO'pOH'B - pHa, submissive, obe- 
dient, humble; — pH'Te.ib^ sub- 
duer; — pHOCTb, submissiveness, 
obedience; — pa^BanTB-piiik', v. a. 
to subdue, subject; — ca, v. r. 
to submit one s self, submit ; 
obey, be subject. 

[loKpo'Beu'b, the covering placed 
over the bread and wine. 

[loKpoBH'Tejib, protector; — jIctbo, 

[loKpwBa'.io, veil ; — KpBi'BaMi-w'KR, 
v. a. to cover ; cover up, con- 
ceal (faults, etc.); — M'BKa, cove- 
ring; coverlid; — o'bi, roof; — 
HTB, covered. 

[loKyca'BaM'b-ciiR' ca, v, r. to at- 
tempt, assay. 

[loKiR'iiiHHHa, furniture. 

nojia'^ skirt of a garment; foot of 

a hill; — jIh', lap; floor. 

noja''»?H&, v. a. to lay down; 
support; — ca, v. r. to rely, 

no'J3a, beneCt; profit: — ayBami, 
V, a. to benefit ; profit.', level field, plain; open coun- 

Ho.iera'T'B, sloping, oblique. 

nojie'AHHua^ glazed ice. 

IIowie'3eH:b*.fHa, beneficial, profita- 

IIoje'Ka, slowly, gently. 

nojiH'BaM:b-.i'b'i£, V. a. to pour wa- 
ter upon, water (plants). 

nojin'TaMX, V. n. to reel, stagger. 

IIojiH'THKa, policy; politics; polite- 

no'.iiiaa, check, draft.'aa, shelf. 

HojiH'iua, police. 

IIojK^b^ regiment; — ko'bhhitb, co- 
lonel ; — KOBO'^eui, general. 

IIojiOBUHa^ half. 

no'jrori, hen's nest; nest egg.»?e'Hie^ condition, position. 

nojiyAa'BaM'B-4k&', v. a. to craze; to 
annoy, tease; — A'b'v^^ v. n. to 
become crazy, be mad. 

IIojyo'cTpOBi, peninsula. 

Ho.iy'iaMi - HHR, V. a. to receive, 

no.iyffla'pie, hemisphere. 

Iloju', pi. lap; floor. 

IIowiarasii-e'rHiii^ v. n. to lean; lean 
over or upon; recline. 

no.ia'Ha^ field. 

IIomara'jiKa, a prop for holding up 
one side of a horse load while 
the other is being put on. 

HoMa'rairB-o'rHiB, v. a. to help, as- 
sist; c-^ to contribute. 

noHa'3yBaM:b-a'»?£, v. a. to anoint; 




— a'3affB-a'H«, anointed ; — a'H- 
BViKhy anointed (pePson)ft^^UM.^. 
UomeTRAJy between, among. 

lloW/LBj'BaWh'-U'HNi CH, V. n. to get 

along, prosper, livedo; — iHKhKh^ 
n)eans of living, living, livelihood. 

noMBpa'sanfB - pub', v. a. to make 
peace between, reconcile. 

IIo'MHi*, v. a. to remember. 

no'Monib, f. help; — o'iuhhki, -hh- 
ua, helper. 

noMu'BKa^ dish-cloth. 

noMkinije'Hie^ thought, reasoning. 

Iloiiu'fl^ suds, dish-wate^ 

noM'b'TaBi'B-TH£ CH^ V. 8. to take 
back ones word, recant. 

noMHHH'irB, memorandum. 

noMflHy'saM^B-HX', V. a. to remem- 
ber; (My) to remind; mention, 
make mention of; perform ser- 
vices for the dead. 

no'MaH:b9 service for the dead (con- 
sisting of prayers and the distri- 
bution of bread, etc.). 

IIoHe'^ at least. | v 

UoneA'b'MnKh^ Monday. 

IIoHe'»ce, since, whereas* 

noHH'KHyBa]ii:b - H£, V. n. to come 

IIoHO'cB, see 4pH'c!LKi&, S. reproach. 

rioHO'cfl^ V i. to i)e profitable; to 
save (a dealer) from loss, repay. 

IIoHome'Hie, reproach. 

IIoHa'Tie, understanding, idea ; — 
TeHi-THa, intelligible, clear. 

IIonaAi'fl, priest's wife; — Ai'fiKa^ 
bee HeatcTy' JKa . 

IIona'paffl:B-pKB, v. a. to scald. 

DoneHe'Hie, care, attention; — hh- 
TOJb, tru5^tee, guardian. 

Uona'Bain'h^i'i&^ v. a. and n. to drink 
a little; soak up, imbibe. 

IIonpa'BHM:b-Biiii, v. a. to improve; 

better, ameliorate; repair; —cfi, 

V. r. to improve, recruit. 
IIonpiEi'sKaHi^ v. a. to call Damei, 

abuse, revile; — »Hfi', abuse. 
Iloni^, priest. 
nopa3H'Ba]H:B-3i£', v. a. to smite, 

strike; destroy. 
IIope'BKa, see noiu^'BKa; -* BHyBa-He 

(mh, etc.), cfl, V. i. to wish or 

long for, hanker after. 
nopo'4a, breed. 
IIopy'TaM^B-TiiR ca, v. r. to be (i^ 

cayed, in ruins. 
nopyHa'BaM:B-y'Hi& ch, v. r. to be- 
come surety; — MH'TeA^-y'qHHKi, 

surety, guarantee ; — jctbo, 

Ilo'poii, rain brook. 
IIopo'K^B, fault, vice, blemish; — 

o'leH-B, vicious. 
IIo'pTa, gate; Buco'Ka-Ta Oopia, 

the Sublime Porte. 
nopt^aaHHua^ the priest's slice of 

bread (crescent shaped, cut fron 

a loaf over which prayers have 

been said). 
nopH'4'BK:E, order. ^ 

IIo'pifB, (ao.' npaxi}^ pac-^ v* ^ ^^ 

IIocBHTa'BaBii-m', v. a. to coose- 

crate, dedicate, devote; — ci, 

V. r. to devote one's self. 
IIoeeje'Hie, colony, settlement; -r 

ja'BaM'B-ji£ cfl^ V. r. to settle. 
IIocHHa'BaM'B-Hi ifi^ V. n. to become 

nocH'qaii!b-c'bK£'^ v. a. to cut a lit' 

tie; behead. 
IIocjia'Hie, epistle; mission; — hhhkI; 

IIocjo'BHua, proverb. 
IIocjEyma'Hie, obedience; — y'iiiei5 

-msa, obedient ; — mim%^ obe- 




dient, datiful; — niHiiK:E, an obe- 
dient person. 
U&cxbf prep, after; ad. afterwards; 

— t'^OHb-AHff, last, final; latter; 

— AjB^Wh^ V. a. and n. to fol- 
low; result; — Ba'iejfc, follower. 

DocoKa, Ha-, at random, by gue^s. 

[Ioco'jIctbo, en)bassy. 

TlocoAsi'Ban'h-Am\ v. a. to salt. 

nocna'paMi-o'pifi, v. a. to use spa- 

IIocpaMfl'BaM:b-H]£', see sacpaMH'Basi'B. 

nocpe6pH'Ba]Hi-pi]&', v. a. to plate, 
cover with silver. 

IIocpe'4eHb-4Hff, neutral; — 4hhk'b, 
mediator; — miqecTBO^ mediation; 

— 4CTByBaM%^ V, n. to mediate; 

7ocpe'4'B, in or through the mid- 
dle of. 

[locpi'n^aMi-iiJtHiK, V. a. to meet, 
go to meet. 

locta'Bflirb-a'BUB^ see Ty'pflHi. 

locTe'jiKa-jfl, couch, bed. 

lo'CTeffiB-CTHa, fast's, contra 6ja- 

[locTene'HeHi - ne'HHa, gradual; — 
HHO, gradually, 

[locTH'raMi-rHiS, v. a. to compre- 
hend; overtake (as death, evil, 
etc.); — HaKH'M:b, comprehensi- 

flocTH'^aMi - cie'jiiK, (ao. --cjax:B, 
part. - CMA'h)^ v. a. to spread ; 
make a bed; furnish a room. 

no'CTHHKi^ hermit. 

nocTOfl'H'b-fl'HHa, constant, steady, 
firm; — a'HCTBO, -a'me, cons- 
tancy, firmness; cTByBaM:b, v. n. 
to persevere, be constant. 

DocTi, fast (from meat) 

nocT£'naH:b-ni£, v. n. to step, pro- 
ceed; conduct; — HKa, step, pro- 

ceeding; conduct. 

IIo'cTi*, v. n. to abstain from eat- 
ing meat, to fast. 

nocu'iiyBaM:B-n&, v. a. to strew or 
sprinkle upon. 

IIociiKaBaH'b-tTiiSi., v. a. to visit; 

— nie'Hie, visit. 
noca'raM!L-e'rHiK, v. n. to reach out 

the hand. 
no'TOHi-THa, sweaty. 
IIoTe'pa, a band or company of men 

sent to apprehend robbers, etc. 
IIoTo'iTB, stream* 
noTO'MOKi&, (pi. — muh), descendant; 

— o'mctbo, posterity. 
noTO'ni, flood. 
IIOTona'BaM^B-niiR', v. a. to dip in; 

immerse, submerge ; sink. 

noTpb'cflM:B-'Cij&^ V. a. to shake; seek 
a little ; — b'ca hh (th, etc.) ca, 
V. i. to be shocked, disgusted. 

noTpt'6a, need; — 6eH'B-^Ha, need- 
ful, necessary: — finocTb, neces- 

IIoTy'p'iiOBaH^b-'iifi, v. a. to cause 
one to become a Mohammedan; 

— ca, V. r. to become a Moham- 

DoTX^ sweat. 

rioT:b'KaM'b-KH£, V. a. to push together 

(brands or coals). 
noTiKHfl'BaH!b-Mi£', V. a. to make 

agree, reconcile; — ch, v. rec. 

to agree together; reckon toge- 
noT!b'HKO, see no4po'6Ho. 
lIoTi&'HyBaiiPB-HiR, V. n. to sink. 
noT:b'nKyBaM'b-nH£, v. a. to tram- 

ble upon, tread down. 
noTbMHa'Bam-Hi'ifi, v. a. to grow 

dark, be darkened. 
Uoiist HC-, v. a. to sweat; — ch, 

V. r. to swttat. 



noyqa'BaMi-y'qi&, v. a, to instruct, 
teach; — TO'irie, instruction; — 
HHxe-ib, instructor, 
v/ } IIoxa'nH£, V. n. to take a bite, eat 
a little. 

IIoxBa^a'^ praise, commendation ; 
glorying; — ^leHi-^Ha, commen- 
dable; praiseworthy. 

noxBa'ii^M'b-a'H£^ V. a. to take hold 
of slightly. 

IIoxo'4'B, expedition. 

Ho'xoTb, f. lust. 

IIou'bneHfl'BaM^b-H'bifi, see outnoHfl- 

IIoHe'pHflMi-Hijii, V. a. to paint or 
color black; blacken, tarnish; — 
Hfl'saMi-HtuB, V. n. to become 
black, tarnish. 

IIo'ieTTi, honor, reverence, esteem; 
— HieiTB-eHHa, honorable, res- 
>f I noiHBaMi-H'Hfi, V. n. to rest, re- 
pose; — BKa, rest, repose. 

DoHH'TaM'B-eTiR', V. a. to honor, re- 
verence, respect, esteem highly ; 
to read a little. 

IIoHTH^ almost, nearly. 

no'ii^a^ post, mail. 

EfoD^H' MH (th, etc.) ca, v. i. to wish 
for, long for; — a'sKa, longing 
for, hankering after. 

IIoflCHa'BaM'B-Hi*', v. a. to explain, 

Ho'ac^B, girdle, belt; zone. 

Horn,' Ha-, V. a. to water, give to 

npa'6a6a, ^reat grandmother. 
I IIpa'B4a, - 4HHa', right ; iustice ; 

npa'Be4eH:B-4Ha, just, righteous; — 
e4HiiK:b, righteous person. 

IIpa'BHJo, rule; principle; — 'BH'jo^ 
helm; — HJOH^B-jiHa, regular. 


IIpaBH'TejiCTBO, government, admin- 
istration. I 

IIpaBJEe'Hie, see npaBHTOJCTBO . 

npa'anyK-B, greatgrandson; — ayKa, ' 
great granddaughter. 

IIpaBonHca'Hie, orthography. 

npaBOCja'BOH'B-BHa^ orthodox. 

npaB0C3^4ie, justice. 

IIpaBOTa', equity; rectitude. 

npaB:b, straight; right; upriglit, 

npa'Bifi Ha-, V. a. to make; do. 

npar:B^ door-sill, threshold. 

npa'4'b4^? greatgrandfather ; an- 

IIpa3a'JHM:b-ji&' ca, v. r. to slide; 

npa'34eH:B-4Ha, empty ; id'e; vain; 

— 4Ha 4y'Ma, idle word, non- 
sense; — 4HHKX, holiday, feast 
day; — 4ho.«h)6h'b!L;, loving idle- 
ness ; — 4H0CTb^ idleness; — ho 
Bpe'Me, leisure; na npa'34H0, in 
vain; — ocjo'bkb, v. n. to talk 
idly ; — 4Hy'BaM!b, v. a, to cele- , 
brate, keep holiday. 

Hpa'oTeu'B, forefather, ancestor. 

Ilpaca, see npaci. 

Ilpace', pig; — ci* ca y-, v. n. to 

IIpa'cKfia, peach, peach-tree. 
npac:b, leek. 

IIpa'xaHb, punk, touchwood. 
Ilpaxi, dust; — a'meH^b-iiiHa, dusty; 

— 'ffli*, V. a. to raise dust, make 

IIpa'aiKa, sling. 

npa'u;aH:b-a'Ti]Si, v. a. see npoBO'x- 

Ilpe-, inseparable preposition ; over, 

again, through, S. with adjectives, 

npe6H'BaMwl£, V. a. to break ; kill* 




npe6u'BaM'B, V. n. to dwell. 

[IpeBa'JfliirB-jifi'^ v. a. to pass the 

DpeBa'pflirB-pkE;^ v. a. to go before, 
precede; say op do before; pre- 

HpeBapa'BaM'B-piifi', v. a. to reboil; 
boil too much. 

npeB04H'Tejb, translator; — o'4i, 
translation ; — Bo'aK^aui'B - e4*', 
V. a. to lead over; translate. 

npeBpa'Ti, revolution ; — thoctb, 

[IpeBpy'qaM'B-Hia, v. a. to receive 
from one person's band and de- 
liver to another. 

[IpeBpb'33n3aM:B-Bk'p»?£, v. a. to tie 
about, bind up or about. 

[IpeBpb'iaaH^b-Bbp'HiK, V. a. to turn 
to or into, change, reduce; per- 

[IpeB'Bcxo'4eH'B-4Ha, superior, pre- 
eminent; — 4H'TejeH'B-jHa, super- 
lative (degree); — 4Ctbo, supe- 
riority, excellency. 

[Iperje'4yBaMi-4aMi, v. a. to look 
over, examine. 

Qperji'maMi-r'B'jHX, v. a. to swal- 

flperopa'BaMTi-pi*', v. a. to burn in 
two ; V. n. (ao. - ptxi, part. 

- pt'.i'B) to be burnt in two. 
nperpa'4a, partition; — rpa'»4airB 

-a4iiR', V. a. to part off, parti- 

[Iperpu'3yBaMi-u'»ifli, -3iR', v. a. to 
gnaw in two. bite off. 

Dpe4a'Ba]ii%-4a'Mii, v. a. to deliver 
up or over; commit, consign; 
betray; — ca, v. r, to deliver 
up one*s self; v. p. be addicted 
to, be devoted to; be resigned; 

— a'Hie, tradition ; — aHHOCTb, 

devotedness ; — a'rejb, traitor ; 

— TejCKufl, treacherously ; — 
.icTBO, treachery. 

npe4Ba'pHM!b-pi£, V. a. to anticipate, 
prevent ; — pH'TejeHi-^Ha, pre- 
liminary, previous. 

npe4BH'af4aM'B-H'4iK, v, a. to fore- 

npe4B04H'Tejb^ leader; — jctbo, lea- 

npe4Btma'BaM:B-a')fi, v, a. see npe4- 

npe4f OBo'pi, see npe4HCJ[0'Bie. 
npe'4eHb-4Ha, fore; front; first, 

npe4H.5 before; ago; — 4a, before 

(with verbs). 
npe4H4y'm:B, preceding ; antecedent; 

— mie, preamble. 
npe4H'paMi-epfi', v. a. to tear in 


npe4HCJ0'Bie, preface. 

npe4Jia'raM'B-jo'acifi, v. a. to lay or 
place before, propose; — jo'ri, 
preposition; pretext; — oxce'iiie, 
proposition, sentence. 

npe4Me'Ti^ subject; object. 

npe4M'b'cTie, suburb. 

IIpe'4HiiHa^ the front. 

npe'4HHua, the fore part. 

IIpe4onpe4'bj!a'BaMi - jifli', v. a. to 
predestinate; — jeme, predesti- 

npe4n.ia'iiiaH'b-aTiA', v. a. to pre- 
pay ; — AHTn'wh^ prepaid. 

npe4noqH'TaM'B-4eTiR', v. a. to pre- 
fer; — Tame, preference. 

npe4npiH'MaH:B-e'M£9 v. a. to un- 
dertake; adventure; — ia'rie, un- 
dertaking, adventure; enterprise. 

npe4pa3C£»4e'Hie, prejudice. 

IIpe4pH'iaM'B-tKai', v. a. see npeA- 





IIpeACKada'Hie, prediction, omen ; 

— a'3yBaMi-a'»£^ v. a. to pre- 

npe4CTaBH'Tej[i»^ -a'BHHKi, represen- 

npe4CTa'BflM:&-BHB^ V. a. to present 
before, place before; represent; 

— ca, V. r. to present one's self 
before, stand before; imagine, 

IIpeACTa'HyBasi^b-HA^ v. n. to stand 

npe4CTa'reJB, protector; — ^ctbo, 

IIpeACTOfl'BaMi-oiK', v. a. to stand 
by; assist; impend. 

IIpe4CTpa'»ie^ vanguard, van. 

npe4C'b4a'Teji», president; — ^iCTBy- 
B'dWb^ V. D. to preside. 

IIpe4Te'ia, forerunner. 

npe4yBtpa'BaMi-piiKi', v. a. to pre- 

npe4y3Ha'BaM:b-a'i£, v. a. to fore- 
know ; — Ha'Hie, foreknowledge- 

npe4y'MyBaMTi-MaMi, v. a. to incite. 

npe4ynpe»f4a'BaMi-e4iai', v. a. see 

npe4nie'cTByBaMi, v. n. to go be- 
fore, precede; — TBeHHHKi, pre- 

npe4:B, before, in ibe presence of. 

IIpe4'b'JX^ limit, bound, boundary. 

npe4KKi^ V. a. to spin. 

npee'MHiiK!5, successor. 

Ilipe7Rajh'BBWh''Jii'uh^ v. a. to cease 

npe'»4a, yarn. 

npeafHBt'BaMi-t'Kfi, v. a. to outlive. 

IIpe'«Hifi-Hfl, former, previous, an- 

npeacbJTfl'Bami-Ti'iK, v. n. lo be- 
come pale. 

npe34pi'BaMi-*'kKi, v. n* to become 


IIpeaHHfl'Bafflii-'b'ifi, v. n. to to pass 
the winter. 

IIpeBifpaiiii-Bpifi', V. a. to despise, 
contemn, scorn, disdain ; over- 
look (a fault); — aptme, con- 
tempt, scorn. 

Ilpeaii, across, over; through; du- 

BfpeHMy'meeTBO, superiority, pre- 
ference; advantage; prerogative; 

IIpeKa'pyBaMx-paMi, v. a. to drive 
across or through; carry or convey 
over, ferry across; pass throagh: 
run through, pierce; pass, spend; 
— (6o'j'bcTb), to cause to pass, re- 
cover from. 

IIpeKaTy'panrB-pifi, v. a. to overturn, 

IIpeKona'BaMx-nalfi, v. a. to dig or 
spade over. 

DpeKpaTflBaHii-Tifi', v. a. to cause 
to cease, break off, interrupt,-— 
cfl, V. r. to cease. 

IIpeKpa'HaMi-Hi*, v. a. to step, or 
straddle over. 

IIpeKpHBa'BaHii-Bifi'^ v. a. to bend, 

DpeKpoTa'BaM'B-Tifi', v . a . see yicpo- 

npeKpoa'aaMi-oi*', v. a. to cut out 
over again. 

npeKpb'cTK)BaM%-m^ v. a. to re- 
baptize; change one's name. 

npeKEina'Basi:b-ni£'^ v. n. to ferment, 
cease fermenting. 

IIpeKiiieeja'BaMii^xiai', v. a. to make 
too sour; — cHyBaH:b-H£, v. n. 
to become too sour. 

npeKu'cByBaH%-H£, v. n. to soak 
too much, spoil by soaking. 

IIpeKACHyBaflEB-Hfi, v« a. to break 




off, interrupt; break (cord, etc.). 
Ilpeiaraflii'b-ja'sifi^ v. a* to climb 

Tlpe'iaz%y a pass over a fence or 

IIpe'jecTB, charm ; — cxeffb - raa, 

lipem'BSM'h^j'b'i&^ v. n. to pour or 

run over, overflow; v. a. to re- 
IIpeioiue'Hie, refraction ; — me'- 

BaHi-Hifi', V. a. to refract. 
npeji>cTH'Te.ii», seducer; — cthhicb^ 

deceiver; — CTa'BaM'b*Ti£'^ v. a. 

to charm; deceive, seduce; — 

cfl, V. r. to deceive one's self, 

npejiodoA^'ficTBO, adultery; — By- 

Baii!b, V. n. to commit adultery. 
IIpeMa'dyBaMi-a'^^i^ v. a. to plaster 

npoHajfl'BaH'B-'jE'b'ifi, v. n. to be 

faint, sick at the stomach. 
npeMHHy'BaM:b-H'H£^ v. n. to pass, 

pass away ; v. a. to pass, pass 

over or tnrough; cross. 
npeHH'pa]Hii-Mp£', V. n. to faint a- 

IIpeMH'pie, truce, armistice. 
IIpeia>'p3HyBaM'b-H£^ v. n. to be or 

become very cold (persons). 
Ufejn%mBi'Bawb ^ H\Sk\ v. n. to be 

silent, keep silent, bold one's 

peace; v. a. to keep silent, re- 
frain from mentioning. 
npetfu'saM'B - u'uB, v. a. to wash 

over again. 
IIpeMl'Ha, holiday clothes; — ina'- 

BaMii-Hifi'^ v. a. to dress up, put 

on holiday clothes; array; — - cfl, 

v. r. 
IIpeiit'eTffHi-Tifi, v. a. to change 

the place of, remove ; — - ca^ v. r. 

to change one's place, remove. 

npeHe6pe»ca'fiaiirB-»:ijK', v. a. to es- 
teem lightly, disregard, neglect. "^ 

npeHo'cajc:B-HeciR', v. a. to carry 
from one place to another, re- 
move; carry over, transport; 
transfer ; bei^r, endure ;j* — ca, 
V. r. to remove. 

npeodJE'vaM^b-lKA', v. a. to change 
the dress of; — ca, v. r. to change 
one s dress. 

npeo6pa»;e'Hie, transfiguration. 

npeo6pa30Ba'Hie, reformation; — 
Ba'xe.iB^ reformer; — aaa'sairb-sis', 
V. a. to transform, transfigure; 

npeo6pb'ii;aM:b-6b'pH£^ v. a. to turn 
over; convert into, change to. 

npeo6/Ba]H:b-y'ifi, v. a. to change 
tlie stockings of; — ca, v. r. to 
change one's stockings. 

IIpeoAOJ'b'Basi'B-ji'b'ijB^ v. a. see Ha«- 


npena'JHH:b-.ii£, v. a. to overheat. 

IIpenH'BaM'b-i'iiK, v. n. to drink too 
much, tipple. 

npenH'paM:B-np£' ca^ v. rec. to de* 
bate, discuss; dispute, contend, ^ 
strive; — H'pame^ -Hpna', dispute, 
contention; controversy, discus- 

IIpenH'cy^asi^b-H'miK, v. a. to copy, 
transcribe,* transfer (property, 
etc.); — nn'ci, copy; — cKa, cor- 

IIpenHTa'BaM^b-a'Hii, v. a. see npe- 


npenH^qaBrb-eKA'^ v. a. to bake too 

npeno4a'fiaM:b-'4a'irb, v. a. to give 

lessons in, teach. 
IIpeno4o'6ie^ Reverence (applied to 

unmarried priests). 




npenoJOBfl'BaH:b-BijK'^ v. s. to halve, 
reach or go over the half, be 
half through. 

nperiopy'iaMi-HKR, v. a. to com- 
mit, intrust; commend, recom- 

IIpenpa'BHHii-Bifi, v. a. to make or 
do over, alter, repair; disguise; 

— ca, V. r. to disguise ones 
self; feign. 

npenpoBO'af4aMTi-o'4i*, v. a. to send 
on, forward; — BeA&\ spend, 

npenpi>i'ra]H:b-rH£^ v. a. see npe- 

npenpt'Hi-i'Ha, hasty, passionate. 
IIpent'HflHii-HkB, V. a. to take off 

the scum. 
IIpen»'TCT6ie, hindrance, obstacle ; 

— BjBHWh^ V. a. to hinder, im- 

npen£'HyBa9i:B-Hi&, v. a. to trip up: 
hit against; — cfl, v. r. to stum- 
ble, stumble a|2:ainst. 

npepa'xc4aH'B-0/^' ca, v. r. to be 
born again; to degenerate. 

lTpept'3yBai[:B-»ciK^ v. a. to cut in 

IIpeceje'Hle, removal; emigration; 

— MBawb-'jim!^ V. a. to transfer, 
remove ; — ca, v. r. to remove, 

npecH'jiaM:B-ji£^ v, a. to force be- 
yond the strength, overwork, 
lire out. 

Upecvi\2M'h^'bKSt\ v. a. to cut in 
two, cut off; interrupt; intercept; 

— ca, V. r. to intersect. 
IIpecKa'qaMi-Ko'qifB, - CKO'KHai, v. a. 

to jump or leap over; skip over, 

npecjyma'Hie, disobedience. 
IIpecjy'myBaH:s-ma]iii5 v. a. to hear 

npecj'b'4yBaM'B,v. a. tofollow,pofsu6. 
IIpecMUKa'iom'B, creeping. 
IIpeeoje'H'B-e'HHa, very salt; — .jji'- 

BeiW'h~Ai&\ V. a. to salt too much. 
Hpeco.i'B, brine. 

npecTa'BaM:b-Bi£ ca, v. n. to de- 
cease, die. 
npecTaHyBaMX-HX, v. n. to cease, 

leave off, abate. 
npecTaptBaM^B-pilfi, v. n. to be- 

cc^me very old. 
IIpecTH.iKa, apron. 
IIpecTo'j:B, throne. 
npecT£'naH:b-m£, v. n. to step over; 

overstep, transgress ; — nje'Hie, 

transgression ; — nHHK:b^ trans- 
IIpecyma'BaMii - raiiR', v. a. to dry 

up; drink dry. 
IIpeeu'nyBaMi-ni*, v. a. to pour 

from one thing into another. 
IIpect'BaM'B-'b'is^ v. a. to sift again. 
lIpec£'xHyBaM:&-H£, v. n. to dry 

lIpeTBopa'BaH'B-pijii'^ v. a. to turn 

into, change. 
IIpeTe'rjaMi-ji&, v. a. to weigb; 

npeTH'(iaM:b - TeK£', v. n. to rise, 

syvell (a stream). 
IIpeTo'n.iaH'B-jifi, v. a. to beat or 

warm too much, make too hot. 
npeTona'BaM:E - nii&', v. a. to melt 

npeTpu'BaM'B-iii'i£^ V. a. to rob or 

chafe through ; tile or saw in 

npeTpb'cairB - cij&, v. a. to shake 

out; relay (tiles, etc.). 
npeiy'paMi-pifi, v. a. to upset, 

overturn, overthrow. 
IIpeTkpna'BaM^b-nifi'., v. a. to endure^ 




suflFer; undergo. 
UipeyBejumeLBOXh-^as!^ v. a. to exag- 

lIpexa'nyBaiiCB-nifi, v. a. to bite in 

IIpexBpB'KHyBasi'B-HiR, V. n. to fly 

IIpexBb'jffMii-ji£^ V. a. to throw 

npexo'4'B, ford; passage. 
IIpexpa'HflM:b - HUb^ v. a. to feed, 

IIpeiu>BTfl'fiaMx-Ti£'^ V. n. to pass 

the blossom or flower. 

l1pei(t'3K4aM'B-t4i£S V. a. to strain, 

IpeMHCTfl'saMX-xifi', v. a. to purify, 

Ipe'qKBM'B, V. a. to move anything 
backward and forward before 
the eyes so as to obstruct the 
light; (My), v. n. to obstruct 
ones light; — ca, v. r. to move 
backward and forward before 
one's eyes, appear before one. 

[1pe^io'iiflH!b-ni£^ V. a. to break in 

[Ipe'HJfi^ V. n. (My) to obstruct one's 

[IpH, to; near; by the side of; with; 

ripiida'BflM:B-Bi£, V. a. see npHiy- 

[IpH6H'paM:b*6ep£., v. a. to gather 
up or in; lake to one's self, re- 
reive; — ca, v. r. to come home 
(from the field, etc.); (take one's 
goods and) come lo live with 
one; gather up one's clothes a- 
round him. 

[IpH6jH»(a'BaM:E-3Ki&', v. a. and n. to 
draw near, approach; approxi- 
mate; — ca, V. r. to draw near, 


npH6:B'p3yBaM'B-'3aM'B, v. n. to hasten, 
hasten to. 

npH6t'rHyBaM'B-H£, v. n.'to flee to, 
flee for refuge; have recourse to; 
— t'mmnie^ refuge. 

npHBa'jflM:B-ji£'^ V. a. to roll to. 

npHBe'4eHHHKi, son of a widow hy 
her first husband, step-son; — 
HHua, step-daughter. 

npHBe'p)KeHHHK:b, iidherent, partisan. 

npHB3H'MaM:b - e'M£, V. a. to takg 
possession of; take, capture. 

IIpHBH'BaMwlA, V. a. to castrate; 
to bend; vaccinate; graft. 

npiiBH4t'Hie, apparition, ghost, phan- 

npiiBjeKa'TejeH:b-jiHa, attractive; — 
e<ie'Hie, attraction. 

npHBiH'<iaM:b-.ieK£', v. a. to draw 
to. attract; — ca, v. r. to drag 
one's self to, creep up to. 

npiiB0'»f4aM'B-e4»', V. a. to lead or 
bring to; reduce; carry into ef- 
fect; adduce, produce; quote. 

npHBk'p3yBaM'B-b'p3K£, V. K to tie 
or bmd to; bind on. 

npiiBM'KHyBaM'B-H£, V. u. to bo ac- 
customed, inured. 

IIpHBt'TCTBie, welcome, greeting* 

IIpHBfl'saimocTb, attachment. 

ripHBflajo', handle (of a basket, etc.). 

npHr.iacH'BaMX-ci£', v. a. to invite, 

npHrje'4yBaM'b-4aM:b, v. a. to look 
to or at, observe; inspect, exa- 
mine; assist or do good to the 

IIpHroBa'pflMi-BO'pifi, v. a. to re- 
concile, appease; review (a les- 
son); — ca, V. rec. to make up 
a difference, he reconciled. 

npHTOpa'aaMi-pi*', v. a. to scorch, 
burn; v. n. (ao. -pixi, part. 




-ptjii) to be scorched; dry up 

npHro'TBHMX-Bifli, V. 3. to prepare, 
provide; — ch, v. r. to prepare 
one's self, get ready. 

npHrpiK'n^aHi-r^'pHiK, v. a. to em- 
brace, clasp ; — Off, V. rec. to 
embrace each other. 

npHFia^'HyBam - H£^ v. a. to turn 
down; fohl, double. 

npH4a'BaH:B-4aM'B, v. a. to give in 

^ addition, add, join. 

npH4H'pH]ii:B-pi£, V. a. to search into, 
look after. 

npH4o6tii'BaH:B-iii'i£^ v. a. to gain ; 
get, acquire, obtain; win; — 
6iiI'txkx^ gain, acquisition. 

npH4py»(a'BaH:b-)Ki£', v. n. to be the 
company or comrade of; v. a. to 

npH4pk'3Kaja:B-»(iiii, v. a. to take hold 
of to keep from falling, hold ; 
— ca, v. r. to hold to or with. 

npH4y'MyBaHi-MaH:E, v. a. to per- 
suade, urge. 

IIpH3ii'paJirB-3p&' cfl., v. n. to look 
at or into attentively. 

npH3Ha'BaM%-a'ijh, v. a. to acknowl- 
edge; — ca, v. r. to acknowl- 
edge, confess. 

npn'SHaiTB^ sign, symptom. 

npHaHa'TejeH-B - jna, grateful ; — 
.iHOCTb, gratitude. 

npH30Ba'BaM'B-0B£', v. a. to call, 
call upon; invite; BBanie, invita- 

npH'3paK:B^ apparition, phantom. 

IIpHKa, G. dower, marriage portion- 

npii'Ka3Ka, story, narrative. 

npHKa'dyBaH:b-a'»uii, v. a. and n. to 
talk, chat; tell, relate; explain or 

npHKa'pyBaMi&-paM!£, v. a. to drive 

to ; bring in, inflence to come. 

IIpiiKiOHa'Baii^E-Hki, V. a. to incline, 

npHKjrb'BaM^b-i'ifi, v. a. and n. to 

Ilpj/muiio'^awh - HiA^ V. a. to seal 
close; inclose; — ia ca, v. i. to 
occur, happen, befall; — le'flie, 
occurrence, event. 

IIpHK0Ba'BaH:b-0B&'9 v. a. to nail to 
or on. 

IIpHKOCHOBe'Hie, contact. 

IIpHKyny'BaMi-y'niiK, v. a. see aa- 

IIpiuara'TejHo, adjective. 

IIpifje»(a'BaM!b, v. n. to apply one's 
self, be diligent ; — SKa'ide, dili- 
gence, application; — e'»:eH:fr-xea, 
diligent, assiduous. 

IIpH.iH'Bi, tide (flow). 

npH.iii'Ka^ becomingness ; resem- 

UfUjon'HBM'hy V. n* to resemble, be 
like; v. i. (My) to become, be 
fit, suitable; — K'neffiB-ina, like; 
becoming, fit, proper; fair, beau- 
tiful; — H'qie, likeness, resem- 

npHj!i'ryBaM'6-afiR, v. a. to deceive) 
allure, entice, decoy. 

IIpHjinjHfBii, contagious. 

npHjrb'nHyfiaM^b-HA, v, n. to stid 
to, adhere; — na'saMi-nia^', v. a. 
to stick or paste to; bind oir at- 
tach to; cause to cleave to; — 
ca, v. r. to cleave to; join or 
attach one's self to. 

npH'j'bni&, bat. 

IIpiua'raii'B-je'rHfi, v. n. to fit; v. i. 
(wy) be easy to. 

npHjna'Haii:b-Mi£^ v. a. Co allure, 

npHfi[Hpa'BaM:b-pi&'9 v. a. to recoo- 




cile; quiet; — pe'me, reconcilia- 

IIpn'MKa, snare. 

IIpHMo'pcKiiiit^ a. seaport, maritime. 

IIpHM^B'KHyBaM'B-Hfi, V. n. to draw 
up nearer, draw near; — gh, 
V. r. to creep or drag one's self 
up to. 

IIpHMt'^Au^ narrow escape (from 

npHMt'peffB-pHa^eKem plary; — mt'pi, 
example; na^, for example. 

IIpHMt'pHirB-pi£, V. a. to measure; 
try on. 

npHHa4^e3Ki£', V. n. to belong to. 

npHHO'cHH'B-ecA'^ V. a. to bring; 
produce, yield ; offer; — cff, v. r. 
to bring or carry one's effects 
or furniture, move to; — hoci, 
present; — Home'Hie, offering. 

[IpHHy7K4a'BaM'B-y'4KK, V. a. to com- 
pel, constrain, force; urge. 

n[pHna'4aMS-4H£^ v. n. to fall to or 
at, fall down, prostrate one*s 
self; entreat, supplcate; v. i. (mh, 
etc.), to be faint, to swoon. 

npnna'cyBaH:b-a'mi£^ v. a. to gird, 
gird on. 

npHna'cii, provision. 

IIpH'neKi, a place inclined to the sun. 

IIpmieqe'j!flMi&-j[ifi, v. a. to gain more, 
gain in addition. 

npHOH'cyBaMi-nifi, v. a. to ascribe, 
attribute, impute. 

npHnH'<iaHx-eK&', v. a. to warm; 
V. n. to become very warm; — 
cfl, V. r. to warm one's self; 

npn'nKaMi-nHiS, v. a. and n. to run. 

ripHno3Ha'BaM'B-Ha'i£, v. a. to ac- 
knowledge; take for, mistake for. 

npHno'MHaja:b-Hi£, v. a. to remind; 

BfpHnjr'cKaMTi - CHiR, V. a. to run, 
race, drive with speed; v. n. to 
run, go with speed. 

IIpmrBjBa'BaM^E-aifi'^ v. n. to creep 
or crawl to. 

npHpo'4a, nature; — 46ffB-4Ha, na- 

npH'ca4:B, a grafted pear. 

npHca'»c4aM:E-a4iifi^ v. a. to graft , 

IIpHCBOH'BaHii-oiiEi'^ V, a. to appro- 

npHCH'miyBaii:B-H£^ v. n. to become 

npHCMH'BaMii-'fc'ijB cfl, v. n. to laugh 
at, ridicule; mock, deride, scoff 
at; — H'BKa, -CMtxi, ridicule, 
mockery, scorn. 

IIpHcnH'BaMi-niifi', v. a. to put to 
sleep, lull. 

npHCTa'BflMi-Bi£, see rjaBfl'BaMi. 

npHCTa'HHnie, harbor. 

npHCTa'HyBairB-Hiiii, v. n. to con- 
sent to ; elope, marry without 
consent of parents. 

DpHCTH'raM'B-rHai^ v. a. to come up 
to, overtake; v. n. to arrive, 
reach ; live to. 

npHCTo'HH:E-fiHa, see npHjH'qem. 

npHCTOfl'BaM'B-Oifi', V. u. (My) to 


IIpHCTpacTeHi-THa^ partial; passio- 
nately fond of; — crie, fondness; 

IIpHCTpy'BaMTi-o'pi*, v. a. to mis- 
take for ; — ca, v. r. to feign, 

IIpH'CT£nx, exordium; S. assault. 

npHCTA'nHMii-niiEi, v. a. to step to 
or near, come, approach. 

[IpHC%BOK/nflM:E-ni]Si, v. a« to join 
to; incorporate. 

npHc:se4iiHfl'BaH:B-Hi£'^ v. a. to unite 




to, acid to, annex. 
IIpHC'b'4a-4Ha MH (th, etc.), v. i. to 

stick in the throat. 
IIpHcak'TCTBie, presence; — BjBawh^ 

V. n. to be present. 
npHTBa'pHM:b-Bo'piiii, V. a. to shut 

to, close. 
npHTBO'pcTBO, dissinf)uIation; — pa- 

BaM:B-pifi' cfl, V. r. to feign, dis- 
DpHxe'rjiHM'B-jiHi, V, a. to draw to, 

npHTH'cKaM:b-CH;K^ V. a. to press to 

or down; crush under ; put down, 

quell; stifle, extinguish. 
JIpHTH'qaMi-eKife', v. n. to run or 

flee to, fly to, have recourse to; 

ca, V. r. 

npHTypHMi-pkB, V. a. to add to; 
affix; exaggerate: — pKa, addi- 
tion, supplement. 

ripH'xqa, proverb; parable. 

IIpHTkMHfl'Ba-H'be, V. i. to grow dark, 
be dark. 

npHTtcHe'Hie, oppression, distress; 

— HH'Tejik, oppressor ; — jteuTt 
-jHa, oppressive; — ua'BaMi-Hifi', 
V. a. to oppress, distress. 

npHxo'4'B^ income, revenue; pension. 
npHHa'cTie^ communion; participle; 

— THHK^B, communicant; parta- 
ker; — CTfl'BaMl-Tl*'^ V. a. to 

administer the sacrament; — ca, 

V. r. to partake, commune; — 

Han^e'Hie, communion. 
IIpHHHHa^ cause, reason; — HflBaMX 

-uiSi'^ V. a, to cause. 
IIpBuie'CTBie, coming. 
npHmH'BaH:b-i !£, v. a. to sew on. 
IIpHiiueni, new-comer, stranger. 
IIpiH'MaMi-e'M*B, (ao. -e'xi), v. a. 

to take, accept; receive. 
npiy'4aM:b-Hi£, v. a. to accustom, 

IIpia'Tejb, friend ; — jIctbo, fr icnd- 

IIpifl'Teirb-THa, agreeable, acceptable^ 

IIpo, inseparable preposition, 

through; forth; in a few instan- 
ces, to begin, as npoTH'^aM'S, to 

begin to leak. 
npo6a'4aMi-6o4«', v* a. to strek or 

run through, pierce, stab. 
npo6H'BaM!b-fi£, V. a. to bore; make 

a hole or breach; make a hole 

IIpoBa'jaMi-JiiiKi', v. a. to break a 

hole through ; — ca, v. r, to open, 

burst open (of itself); fall in. 
IIpoBHAfHie, see npo'MUc^bjrb. 
IIpoBn'paM^b - Bp£', V. a. to stick 

through (a hole); — ca; v. r. to 

go through (a hole). 
npo'B.iaKi&, isthmus. 
IIpoBjia'qaM%-eK&', v. a. to protract; 

— OH, V. r. to rope. 
npoBo'ae4aM'B-o'Ai*, v. a. to send : 

dispatch; -Be4£'^ v. a. tospeml, 

DpoBi&arjiaca'BaMi - cm\ v. a. to 

IIpoBbpxa'BairB-TifliV v. a. to tore; 

bore through. 
npor.«e'4HyBaM'B-Hffi, v. n. to begia 

to see; receive sight. 
IIpo4a'BaM'B-4a'Mi, v. a. to sell; - 

Ba'i'B, - Bem, seller ; — * mm,^ 

store; — 4a'3K6a, sale. 
npo4^:b3Ka'BaM:b-»cifi'^ v. a. to length- 
en; prolong; continue, pursue; — 

cfl, V. r. to continue, last. 
npoiy'DHaM^-qifi, v. a. to make a 

bole through. 
IIpo4ii.i6a'BaBi'B-6a'ifi, v. a; to mo^ 

tise, dig, peck, or wear tbrottgh. 





npa4i'HHHi-Hi£,v.a. to break through. 
npo3Ba'flie, surname. 
npo3o'peu:b^ window 
npodpaneHi-HHa, transparent. 
npo3fl6a'es)['B^ vegetahie. 
npo3fl'BaH:b-3i'i& CH, v. n. to gape, 

IIpoH3Be4e'Hie, produce; product. 

UpomsBO'TKA^^lf^em^ v, a. to de- 
rive; produce; effect; promote; 
— o'40Hi-4Ha, deiivad.'Hie^ will, pleasure. 

npoH3ja'3flM:E*jit'aiii^ v. q. this yerjb 
occurs more comiDonly io tb^e 
past tenses for Qpaiic^o'9K49ii%. 

npoiB3Ho'cfl]ii]^-^c£', V. a. lo pro- 
l^ounce^ ult(5r ; r—. ome'irie, pro- 

[IpoHcxo'^4aiii-H3j'b'aiK, v. q. to 
cpme foub from, sprici^^ Oom, 
originate; proceed, arise, grow 
out of; he iderived; ■-- :jK4e'fiie, 
procession ; decent, origin. 

npOHcme'cTBie, event, occurrence. 

npOKa'aa^ leprosy ; — ^e'ni^^ leiper. 

IlpoKa'py^aM:B-paM:b, y. a. to driii^ 
through; throw through; physic; 

IIpoiufl'T!b, cursed. 

IIpoRona'Bajif^E - a'i£, v. a. to dig 
through; — o'pi, canal. 

IIpoKy'4K)BaM5-4iK^ V. a. to cjause 
to leave a place; — ca, y. r. to 
leave one*s place apd not return 
(birds and animals). 

npoKkJHfl'BaM:b-H£', V* a. to curse, 

IIpo4H'B|iii:b - ifrivK, V. a. to spill ; 
shed; pour put; — CH, v. r. to 
spill^ (all, pour down .(faip). 

npo'JH0:b, sUait, channel. 

UfOA'bTb^ f. spring; — TeHi-i^Ha, 
of spring, spring. 

npoiiy'iiia]ii%-mi£, v. a. to punch 
or pierce through, 

U^mucAa'Bm'h-H'QJiiSi^ v. a, to pro- 
vide; — i^c^'B^ Proyidenqe. 

npooi'bHH'BaM:b-H]£', V. a. to ctiange; 
exchange, syirap. 

^po^3£l'Teiefirb - ina, shrill , pier- 

npoHiTKiiyBaMi - H£, see HSHH'Ksy- 

npO:HHUa'BaM:B*H'KH£, V. a. to P9i9|e- 

trate, pervade, spr^ead; — U,9i'e^^^ 
penetrahlie, pervipus* 

IIpoo6pa;^a'Ba|[^-^u^', v. a. lo typ- 
ify, represent; — 3Ke'Hie^ type, 

IIpo'nacTb, abyss, deep gulf; des- 

npoaoB'b'4yBaM:b - 49111%, v. a. ,tp 
preach, proclaim; — 4HHK'B, prea- 
cher; — o'noBJ^4i>9 f. serii^oQ. 

Hpono'puia, propoTiiioo. 

Qpopn'qau^-p'bKk', y. f. to foretell, 


UpopoKi, prophet: — jKy'^ai^^is, y. a. 
anf;! n, to prophesy; r— p'HecTBO, 

JIpocBopa', biiead for commUiniqn. 

IJ[pocBtTe'H;&-e,p|a, eQU^bte^ed. ci- 
vilized; — Ta'Bajtt:6-Ti^', v. a. to 
enlighten, civilize; — %me]i^e^ en- 
lightenment, civilization. 

IIpo'ceHi-eHa, of millet, 

nppcHTejib, petitioner, suppliant. 

Upoci'a, begging 

IIpoc4a'BHH:b-^iiS, v. a* to glorify ; 
render famous. 

npocjb3fl'Baiii-3i£', v. a. ^to m^ake 
weep; — ch, v. r. to wee|p, shed 

IIpoco', millet. 

npocTH'paMi-cTpa', V. a. to spreaci 
out (to dry); s^eU?b putpriw^; 





extend, continue; lay out (the 
dead); — ca^ v. r. to stretch out 
one's self; extend; be prostrate. 

IIpocTalKi, plain, uneducated per- 

npocT04y'ffleHi-mHa, artless, sin- 
cere; — mie, artlessness, sincerity. 

npocTOcep4e'HeHi-TOa, plain-hear- 
ted, sincere. 

DpocTOTa', simplicity; ignorance. 

npocTpa'HeHTi-a'HHa, extensive; — 
a'HCTBO, extent, space. 

IIpocTi^ simple.uncompounded; plain, 
unadorned ; artless, sincere ; ig- 
norant, uneducated. 

IIpo'caKi, beggar; — Kbi'Hfl, f. beg- 

Ilpo'eiis, V. a. to fceg; ask; entreat. 

IIpoTa'KaMi-o'qiiK, v. a. to draw out; 

IIpoTH'BeHx-BHa, adverse, contrary; 
opposite; — bhhk^^ adversary. 

npoTHBOAfflcTByBaitti^ v. n. to act 
against, react. 

npoTHBopt'HHB'B, Contradictory; — 
t'qie, contradiction; — t'qifi, v. n. 
to be contradictory. 

IIpoTH'B'B, against; na-, on the con- 
trary; — BflMTi-Biiii Off, V. r. (My) 
to oppose, resist. 

DpoTH'HaMTi-eKiR', v. n. to begin to 

IIpoTO'K'B, stream. 

IIpoTa'raMi-e'rHX, v. a. to stretch 
out ; — cfl, v. r. to stretch one's 
self; v. p. be stretched, prostrate. 

Ilpoxjia'^a^ coolness. 

npoxj!a'4eHi-4Ha, cool; — aa'bqm% 
Ai&'y V. a. to cool. 

npoxj[a'»c4aMi-a4i&'^ v. a. to cool, 

npoxo'4'B, passage. 
npoxo'>K4aH:E-o'4iA, v. n. to begin 

to walk. 

IIpoxii'j[Mfli[:b-Mift^ V. a. to open a 
hole; — cfl, v. r. to open, fill 

npo'qee, the refore ; h — , at cetera, 

npoHn'TaMx - eiak', v. a. to read 
through^ peruse. 

npoqio'BaH!b-io'i£ CHy V. p. to be 
heard of, become famous, cele- 
brated; — hio'ti, famous, cele- 

IIpoffle'Hie, request, petition. 

npo'uiKa, leave, permission. 

npoma'BaMi-ocTiiR', v. a. to for- 
give, pardon; — a'saMre^ exeuse 
me, adieu ; — ca, v. rec. to take 
leave; forgive each other; — me- 
Hie, forgiveness, remission. 

npoa'4am-aMi, - a4»', v. a. to]eal 

np:B'xaM:B-XH&', v. n. to snort. 

Ilpumx, blister; — mna, pimple. 

[IpbBx^ first. 

IIpb^HHU, scraps. 

IIpb'JKifR, V. a.^to fry, cook io?biit- 

npE'cKaMX-CHiR, V. a. to spaller: 
pac-, to scatter, disperse; — cfl, 
V. r. to split open, bursl- 

OpbcieHTi-eHa, of earth, eartheo. 

IIpb'cTeHb^ finger-ring. 

IIpbCTx, finger. 

UpbCTb, earth, dust. 

Hpb'xoTi, scurf, dandruff. 

Hpb'Hb, he-goat/ 

npt'Kopi, surname. 

npt'Hie, debate, dispute, strife. 

llpt'nopeuii, standard, flag. 

ript'cen^E-cHa, fresh ; * — xjcbfii^ on- 
leavened bread; — CHaio^ fresli 

npi'cna, drift (snow). 





npAMoyro'jeHi-jHa, rectangular; — 

rb'jiHHK^B, rectancle. 
Rp£'raB:B^ spry; elastic. 
np£T:b^ pole. 

Hpfi'xHfi, V. n. to become dry. 
IIpfi'qKa^ stick, rod; slender branch. 
npifiiui£'^ V. n. to crack, crackle ; 

sputter (a candle). 
ncaJOM:B, psalm; — jTH'pt^ the book 

of Psalms. 
Dcy^BaHi, V. a. to call names, revile, 

abuse ; — bhh, abuse, reviling. 
flTH'ua^ , see JnTH'iKa. 
[iTH'iKa, bird; — n'qe, little bird; 

KaMH'JCKu — , ostrich. 
IxH'nte, silkworms. 
ly'KaM^B-KHiB, V. a. and n. to crack, 

rypiit open; pop; — ca, v. r. to 

crack, split open. 
[ly'KaHHua, popped corn. 
[lyKa^x, wild poppy. 
HyjecThy standing out, prominent 

(eye); of few petals. 
Hy'jiiiKi CH 0-, V. r. to strain open 

one's eyes, stare. 
[I/cKaifft-cHiB, V. a. to let, let out; 

let go, release, dismiss ; allow ; 

let in, admit; open, unstop; start, 

set a going; emit, send forth; 

— ca, V. r. to let go; go, em- 
bark; give one's self up to. 

[ly'cTO Ha-, see Hanpa'34H0 ; - OTa', 
vacuum; desolation, void; — 
CTIB^ desert, desolate; vacant, 
void; vain; — ctu'hhhki^ hermit; 

— CTBiHH, desert, wilderness. 
llfmaKL^ see Aum^b. 

n/mKa, gun. 

[Iy'mi£, v. a. sa-, to stop up, close; 
Ha-, to smoke, 

[Iy'ma]irB-)r'cTi&, - cHfli^ a more an- 
cient form of ny'cKaiH'B. 

nynKhy see MHCH'pbieb. 

IlqeMa, bee; — jhhk:s, bee-garden, 

IlaieHH'ua, see 3kh'to. 

Di'jeH'B-jHa, full; plump; — jho- 
MO'fl^eHi-nma, - OBJui'CTeffb-cTHa, 
fully empowered; — umiiK'b^ ple- 
nipotentiary; — Hoxa'^ fullness; 
— jHi* Ha-, V. a. to fill. 

niJ3ii&' (ao. - 3ax:B), v. n. to creep, 

n:b'nifmb, musk-melon. 

IIiii'TaH^b no-, V. a. to inquire, ask; 
question; — lame, question. 

IlbHb, stump; block. 

Db^pBeHCTBO, preeminence, suprem- 

Db'pBeHb, ad. first. 

nbpBOo6pa'3eH:B-3Ha, original, pri- 
mitive; — opo'4effb - 4Ha, first- 
born ; ^original (sin) ; — ocba* 
u^e'HHHK'B, high priest. 

IlbpTH'Ha, snow path. 

n!L'cTip!L - ipa, variegated, many- 
colored; — pifli, V. a. to varie- 

Ilbci, see Ky'qe. 

ntBe'u!b^ singer, chanter. 

lli'Ha, foam, froth; — m^ ca, v. n. 
to foam, froth. 

nt'coHb, -CHA, song, bymn. 

nt'c:bK:B^ sand; — c:biciH'fi:b, sandy. 

ntie'.ii, cock. 

Iltxo'Ta, infantry. 

ritTa'Ki, footman. 

ntuib, on foot. 

nt'ij&, V. a. and n. to sing; chant; 
no-^ to sing a little; to crow. 

Daxa', see neia'. 

IlaTAecfl'Tb, fifty; — ca'Tufi, fiftieth. 

IlaTH'Ha-H'iia, five persons. 

nflTHyr'B'jiHHK:B, pentagon. 

IlflTHa'^ecaTb, fifteen ; — caxufi, fif- 

IlflTHO', spot, stain. 




IlfltoTd'TiiHi, five hundred 
nflT-BKi, Friday ■ fast day. 
HiiTb, five; -^Ttritj fifth* 

niEi4ifi *c-^ pac-, t, a. to drive 

aWdjr, off, but. 
n£'KaM:b-Ri»£, V. n. to bubblie. 
IWha ch e-, V. rl. lo stumble* 
IliB'nKa, bud, pimple. 
IlA'nji£^ V. n. to cratvl. 
IlA'npBB^ t. a. and n. to s^r^tch 

(as foiivls)* 
n^nii^ navel. 

U&tiis^ fia-^ V. n. to bud* 
n&TeBOAH'TOJb, guide; — o'4Ctbo, 

guidance; — o'4CTByBaM!L^ v. a. td 

Ili&te'Ka, path. 
Hmte&ie'cTBie^ journey; — Bjmm»^ 

V. n. to jotiroey, triivel* 
n&'TH, times; 4Ba — ^^ twie(p;l'pd 

— ^ three limes ; mhoTo — ^ 

tt\My times; Ko'itco —^ how ma- 
ny times? how often? 
U&TBMKb^ traveller. 
HaiTy'BaMi, v. n. to travel. 
nifeTfi, (pi. -XJBiHa), road; way; 

route; time; npbBt-^ first time; 

Ht'Kofin, sometimes. 
nA'xata:b-a&» V. n. to pant; v. a* 

to put or push into* 
n£'mKaM:b, v. n. to groan. 

— — 


Pa'6oTa^ work, labor; basiness, oc^ 
cupation; thii^^ — orelax-imia^ 
v^ork> forking; -^tih'bi, in- 
dustrious; — o'THHK^b, workman, 
laborer j — OTifc, tr. ^a. to work, 

labor; cultivate, till. 
Pa6o'mb, tally-stick. 
Pa6i Bo'afift, servant of God. 
Pa'aeHi-BHa, level, even; equal; ~ 

eHCTBO, equality; -^BHHHa', plain; 

— flOBt'cie^ balance, equilrbriam; 

— H04e'HCTB0, equinox; — CTBeai 
OHHa, equinoctial ; — H04y'fiieirb 
-mna, indifferent; — mie, indif- 
ference; — Bmst\ v* a* to le?Bl, 

Pa'40CTeHi-CTHa^ joyful, glad; — 
cTjm'B'B^ joyous; — *-4oci*, joy; 

— 4yBaKi ca, Vk n. to rejoice, be 

Pa5K4a', see p%»(4a'. 

Pa'ar4aMi-04ifi'^ v. a. to bear; be- 
get; produce; 

Pa3-, (before k, n, t, jt, q, m, m, 
pac-,) inseparnble proposition, 
asunder, in pieces; with zeal or 
eagerness; un-; I^atin dis. 

PaafiH'BaM'B - i'KB, v. a. to break; 
shatter; beat, defeat; wreck; bat- 

. ter. 

!Pa36ii'paiH:b - 6epi&', (ao. ^ 6pa'xiB}, 
V. a. to understand. V 

^a36o'SmiKrb, robber. 

Pa36oJlH'fiasi%-t'i£ ca^ v. n. to be- 
come sick. 

I'asdpa'Ax-a'Ha, of understanding, 

iPa36y''»f4aM:B-y'4i*, [v. a. to wake 
up; awaken, arouse. 

Pa36y'TyBaMi-Tai!ii&, v* a* to posb 

Pa36b'pKyBaM:b-Kaffli>^ V* a* to mix; 
stir; stir up; shuffle. 

Pa36t'ryBaMi-rairb gh^ v. r. io flf« 
in every direction, disperse. 

PasBa'jiHHu, ruins. 

iPa3Ba'jHM!b-ajii9i'^ v. a. to spoil; 
destroy; impair; corrupt; root, 






dcFent; poll down, take to pie- 
res; break, violate; change (mon^ 
ey); -^ ch, v. r. to spoil; bo out 
of order ; become foul (weather); 
become thin ot flesh. 

Pa3BecejH'Ba]rB»'Ji&'. v« a. to cheer, 

PasBifBaMi^'ifi, y. a. to unwind; 
unfold, develope; unscrew. 

Pa3BH'paii'B-Bpi£' cfl^ v. r. to boil 
to pieces. 

Pa3BH'Tie, unfolding, development. 

Pa3B0'»r4aMX-Be4£'') v. a. to le$id 
about; walk; take or sliow about; 
distribute (persons to lodge) ; di<^ 
vorce (rare). 

Pa3Bpa'TeHi-THa^ vicious, depraved; 
— THBaMi-TKR', V. d. lo depravo, 
corrupt, pervert, mislead ; ^^ a- 
iE(e'H!B-*iiiia^ depraved, perverse, 
corrupr; — me'flie, depravity, cor- 

Pa3Bpb'37BaH'B<^b'»?fi, V. a. to untie, 
loose; solve (a problem). 

Pa3B:b'»4aMX-i'4UK, V. a. to breed, 
raise, propagate. 

PasBu'KyBaM^b-KaiHi ca, v. a. to be- 
gin to bawl, shout or scold,; 
bawl, shout, scold. 

PasBbpTa'aaMX-Tifi'^ v. a. to enlarge 
a ho e ; unscrew. 

Pa3Bt'BaMi&-t'ifli, v. a. to blow a- 
sunder ; wave ; — ca, v. r. lo 
float, wave (as a flag). 

Pa3ra'pH9rb-opift' ca, v. r. to begin 
to burn well. 

Pa3rjaca'BaMi-cjj&', v. a. to destroy 
harmony in music; report, spread; 
divui^^e; — ce'Hi-e'HHa, out of 

i'a3rje'4yBa]Hi-4aHib^ v. a. to look 
about, view, survey; examine; 

Pa3rjie'3flM'B-3iiB, v. a. to spoil by 

Pa3rjo6a'Ba]H'B-o6i£', V. a. to take 

to pieces. 

PasrH'bBa'BaHi-BaM'^ v. a. to anger, 

Pa3roBa'pHii'&-o'pi£, v. a. to con- 
sole ; -— ca, v. rec, to converse, 
talk; — o'peffb-^Ha, soci a I , so- 
ciable; — o'pi, conversation; dia- 

Pa3rpa'6flM'B-6ijii^ v. a. to take or 
purchase eagerly ; spoil ; sack. 

Pa3rpa4fl'BaMX-4i*\ v. a. to tear 
down a fence. 

Pa3rp£']fiiaBrE-r£'pH£^ v. a. to open. 

PasFi&'HyBaH'B-Hfi^ v. a. to unfold. 

Pa34a'Bajii'B-4aH'B, v. a. to distrib^ 
ule ; circulate. 

Pa34BOM'BaHX-oij&', v. a. to split in 
two, divide into two parts. 

Pa34H'paH%-4ep£', v. a. to rend, 
tear in pieces; strip. 

Pa34pa'3HflH'B-Hifi, V. a. to tease, 
tantalize ; excite. 

Pa34po6fl'Bai)i'B-6ijiiV v. a. to break 
in pieces; crumble. 

Pa34y'MyBaMX-MaM'B, v. a. to dis- 
suade ; to console. 

Pa34y'xyBaM!B-xaMx, v. a. to blow 
asunder ; to make burn by blow- 
ing.'Hie, division; — tMWb-xm!^ 
V. a. to divide; part, partition; 

Pa'3eHi-3Ha, see paaiH'qeHi. 

Pa33H'jiiain&-e'M£^ v. a. to take sev- 

PasHrpa'fiaHi - a'ifi, v. a. to make 
dance; pranee; awaken the de- 
sire of danchog; to cause to begin 
to wave. 

Pas jia'rau-o'^ifli^ v. a. to analyze 





PaSjia'T^B, shallow (dish). 

Paa^H'Baii'B-j'bkR, v. a. to pour; 
spread by pouring; spill; draw 
off, boltle; — ca, v. r. lo over- 
flow, spread. 

PasJH'Ka, difference ; — Jiiwa'BaM^B 
-qi*', V. a. to make to differ ; 
distinguish, discriminate, discern; 
— JiH'iaMX-m', V. n. to differ, 
be different; — lie, difference; 
distinction; diversity, variety. 

Pa3JH)Ta'BaM:B-TiiR', v. a. to anger, 
enrage, exasperate. 

Pa3jfli'qaMi-iii&, see OTJiKWaMi. 

PaaMa'ayBaMi-JKa, v. a. lo spread 
in greasing or rubbing. 

Pa3MH0»?a'Baitt:B-»ci£, v. a. (o mul- 
(iply, increase. 

Pa3Mpa3a'BaM5-3i&', v. a. lo thaw. 

Pa3MHc.iH'BaMi-M'cjiiB, V. a. and n. 
to think, consider; reflect, med- 
itate; — je'Hie, reflection, med- 

Pa3MtHa'BaM:B - hkr', see npoMtna- 

Pa3Mt'cflM'B-CK&, V. a. (0 mix, min- 

Pa3Mai'TH)BaM'B-TKR, V. a. lo make 
muddy, turbid; confuse. 

Pa3He6u'TH)BaMi&-Tii!i^ v. a. to take 
to pieces. 

Pa3HOo6pa'3ie^ variety. 

Pa3H0CH'Tej!b, talebearer. 

Pa3H0'cKa, expense. 

Pa'3H0CTb, difference (arithmetical). 

Pa3H0'caM'B-eCiK', v. a. lo carry a- 
bout; disperse, scatter; spread 
(a report). 

Paaopa'aaM^B-piK', v. a. to plough 
up, break up green sward. 

Paaopa'aaMi-pia', v. a. to ruin, de- 
8lit)y, overthrow; — pe'iiie, ruin. 

destruction, overthrow. 

Pa3pa6o'TH)BaMi-THi, V. a. to dig 
up thoroughly, till, cultivate. 

Pa3pe'»4aMi&-e4i»', v. a. to arrange, 

Pa3p'b'3yBai)i'B-'b'»(i£^ v. a. to cutopeo. 

Pa3ptiua'BaMi-fflifi', v. a. to solve; 
absolve; allow, permit (to eat 
meat); — me'me, absolution. 

Pa'3ca4'b, any thing transplanted. 

Pa3ca'HC4aM5-a4i*', v. a. to trans- 

PaacH'qaM'B-tKa', v. a. to cut through 
the middle; cut in pieces; dissect. 

Pascjiafije'flie^ paralysis. 

Pa3CJa6fl'BaHi&-6i£, v. a. to loosen; 
relax ; S. to weaken. 

Pa3Tonfl'BaMi-ni*', v. a. to melt; 

Pa3cx'BHyBa-He ca, -I'MHyBa-ne ca, 
V. i. to become day, dawn. 

Pa3CM'nyBaM:B-ni&, v. a. to strew, 
scatter; spill; destroy, ruin; — 
cfl^ v. r. to crumble to pieces; 
decay; wane; — md^b, wane. 

Pa3CB'p4aM:B-Ai», v. a. to anger, 
irritate; provoke- 

Pa3ct'H)BaM5-t'i&, see pacnpb'cBy- 

Pa3c»4H'TejeH:b-JHa, judicious, eon- 

Pa3CiK'af4aM'b-iK'4ifi, v. a. to rea- 
son; reflect, consider; discern, 
discriminate ; — TRAo'me^ judge- 
ment; reflection. 

Pase&'xHyBajtt'b - HiK ca, v. r. to 
shrink, become dry. 

Pas/BieHiB-HHa, rational; reasona- 
ble; intelligent; — wb'hawb'if^ 
V. a. to understand, comprehend; 
perceive, know. 

Pa'3yMi&, reason, intelligence; un- 




Pa3mHpoua'BaMi&-qi£', v. a. to wi- 
den, enlarge. 

PaH, paradise. 

Pa'Kja, chest, trunk. 

PaKi, cancer. 

Pa'jiHiiiiia, Pleiades. 

Pa'jo, see opa'jo. 

Pa'MO, (pi. -MeHa% shoulder. 

Pa'Ha, wound. 

Pa'HO, early. 

PanoutxH'xejb, surgeon. 

PaHfl'sami-Hift', v. a. to wound. 

Pano'pii, report. 

Pa'ca, outer garment worn by 

PacKa'3yBaM5-af», v. a. to explain ; 

PacKa'H)BaMX-a'ki ch, v. r. to be 
sorry that a^ thing is done, re- 
gret, repent. 

PacRia'»4aMi-a4«i^ v. a. to put out 
a fire (by taking off the wood), 

PacKjt'iDBaMi-t'i& cfl, v. r. to be- 
gin to glow. 

PacKOBa'BaM:b-B£', v. a. to draw 
(nails); take off (a horse- shoe). 

PacKO'ji, sect; — o'jhhki^ separa- 
tist, dissenter. 

PacKona'BaM^B-a'fe, v. a. to dig up, 
dig open. 

PacKonia'BaMX-Ht'ifi, v. a. to un- 

Pa'cKomb^ — o'mecTBO, luxury; — 
uiHO, sumptuously, prodigally. 

Pa'CKpaiE, step, pace; — aqiDBan^b 
-lis Off, V. r. to straddle. 

PacKpH^Ba, a farcical person, one 
who makes sport. 

PacKpHBaMX-wls, V. a. to uncover. 

PacK&'cHyBaMi-Hifi, v. a. to pull or 
tear in pieces; rend; sunder; — 
ca, V. r. 

PacK&'cyBaMi-caMi&, see pacKft'ciiy- 


Pacnaje'Hie, ardor ; burning ; — jio- 
BaM:b-jiidi, V. a. to inflame, excite; 
kindle; — ca, v. r. to burn (with 
3seal, rage, passion, or love). 

Pacna'pHM^B-o'pifi, (ao. -npaxi), v. a. 
to rip, rip open; — ch, v. r. to 

Pacna'cyBaHi-mifi^ v. a. to ungird. 

Pacneia'TyBaMi-xaMii, v. a. to un- 
seal, open* 

Pacnejt'Bai)i'B-'b'i£, see pacnpb'CHy- 


Pacnii'cyBaMX-m£, v. a. to erase a 

Pa'cDHc^B, catalogue. 
Pacnja'KyBajH'B-a'^fi, v. a. to make 

cry or weep ; — ca, v. r. to get 

into a fit of crying. 
Pacnja'maM^B-aTKR'^ v. a. to pay off; 

— cfl, V. r. to pay off. 
PacDjiHTaM^B-eTiR', v. a. to unbraid; 


Pacno3Ha'BaMX-a'ii!i, v. a. to know 
one from another, distinguish. 

Pacnoja'raM^B-o'MciiB, v. a. to dis- 
pose, arrange; pitch, encamp; 

— jOHce'nie , disposition ; ar- 
rangement; Ao6po-«-, good-will, 

Pacnpa'BHHi&-Bi£, v. a. to disentan- 
gle; explain; adjust, settle; make 
agree ; — ca, v. rec. to settle, 
come to an agreement; v. r. to 
clear or exculpate one's self. 

PacnpocTpaHfl'BaM:b - Hi£\ v, a. to 
spread, propagate, diffuse; ex- 
tend, enlarge. 

PacnpocTH'paM^B-TpiR', V. a. to spread. 

Pacnpb'cHyBaMX-HX, v. a. to scat-^ 
ter, disperse; squander; spread; 
— HiETX, distracted, absent minded, 
having the attention diverted. 




Pa'cnpa, strife. 

Pacnpa'raMi - e'rax, v. a. to take 
out, unharness, unyoke. 

Pacn/CKaMi&-CHi», v. a. to dismiss; 
disband; widen ; let out (a dress); 
loosen ; not restrain ; scatter ; — 
cfl, V. r. to loosen ; stfetdi; be- 
come slack, loose, dissolute; give 
{snow, etc.); become less severe 
(tbe weather); - — ny'cHi&rB, dis- 
sipated, dissolute; unrestrained; 
— ny<5», vacation* 

Pacna'Tie, crucifixion. 

PacQ£'»eAaM%-^'4i£^ v. a. to driv^ 
away or off; turn away or off; 
dismiss f»om service. 

Pacn<E;'HyBaM:b-H£<, v. a« to pull out, 
st«^etch; crucify. 

PacTBa'pflM:E-a'pi£, v. a. to unload, 
<li«diarge; — o'pi&^ v. a. to open. 

PacTe'Hie, p'ant; — TH'TejeH!b-.iHa, 
a. vegetable. 

PacTona'aaM^b-nki', v. a. to melt, 

PacTOie'Hie, dissipation, prodigality; 
— - UH'Tejib, spender ; — Te^eH!B 
-jHa^ prodigal- 

PacTOHHie^ distance, space. 

.PacTpe^H)B{tH:b*^'6i£^ v. a. to put 
in order, arrange. 

PacTpoma'BaMi-Hii£'^ v. a. to crum- 
ble up, break fine. 

PacxpuBaMib ^ ulflk, v. a. to rub; 
grind (colors). 

PacTbpBa-Batti-'PBi&'^ v. a. to tear a- 
part, separate (doigs, etc. when 

Pacxa'raMi-e'rHS, v. a. to stretch. 

Pacia' no-, V. B. to grow, increase. 

PacxBi>'jaii:B-jii£, v. a. to throw 

Pacxo'4Ka,-*o'4i, walk ; pleasure ex- 

Pacxo'»c4aMX - o'4i& ex, f. n. to 
walk, go out or travt;! for plea- 

Pacub'BHyBaM'b-a£ c^a, v. n to blos- 

Pacqe'cyBam^b-e'iUiK, v. a. to comb 
out; scratch opeo. 

Pac<ieTBopH'8aH:b^-pi£'9 v. a. to quar- 

PaciH)'BaMi-HH)'i* CH, v. p. to be 
reported, noised abroad, knowa 

Pac4H)'flyBa]ii-ni£, v. a. to br^Jc 
up, bteak in piec^a. 

Pa'iaii^ field servani; — Urn'Mfi^ 
woman (field) servant. 

PaTHHKi^ see bo bk. 

Pa'qi* He-, see Heia&'. 

Pame'TKa, Jtrellis, lattice; grate. 

Pauie'TO, a large sieve made of skin 
with holes punched in it. 

Pe6po', rib. 

PeBe'HT^B, rhubafb. 

Pe'BHe no-, am («tc.) cjar, y^ i. to 

wish or long for. 

PeBHH'Bi^, - BHH'Te^e^i-^iHa, »ea^; 
S. jealous; — hoct6, zeal; S. jea- 

PoBi, crying, roar; — jb*', y. n. 
to cry, roar; bray; beUoar. 

Pe4a'KTopi, editor. 

Pe^H'uO) braid (of tair)^ 

Pe40'BeHi-BHa, regular. 

Pe4i^, row, order, r^ank, line; w^ 
in order, in a row. 

P0j^&\ Ha-, v. a. to arraikge. 

PeH'ax, T. captain of a jniarcbaot 

Pe'ma, catarrh, severe cold. 

PenH'KS, leather strap, belt 

Pe'nefl, burdo k; bur. 

PH'aa, shirt; S. garment 

pH'SHHua, breastplate, cuiiass. 

PHoyaaitt, v. a. to 4raw , s\4li^. 





Ph'tms, rhyme. 

pH'qaH^b^ (obsolete in the pres. ao. 
pt'KOxi; fut. me ptK&'-He'fflb), 
V. a. to say. 

Po'6cTBO, slavery, bondage; — 6y- 
BaM^b, V. D. to be a slave, be in 
bondage; — 6x, slave; captive; 
— 6m'hh, f. slave; — 6m^ sa-, 
no-, v. a. to enslave; capture. 

Po'Bidi, v. a. to scratch, root, paw; 
stir; in comp. to dig. 

^ora'ra, horned. 

!^ora'%, slag, deer. 

?oro'cKa, matting. 

Pon, horn. 

Po4e'Hi-e'Ha, born, begotten; — 
AH'TejeHi-jHa^ genitive ; -— .ihh- 
Ua, applied to a mother for 40 
days after confinement; — tojIe, 
parent ; — JCKuH, parental ; — 
4HH'Ha^ relation, kindred; — aom:b, 
by birth, native; — 4ctbo, re- 
lationship; — Ah^ gender; gene- 
ration; offspring. 

Po'»46a, produce, fruit, offspring. 

Poaf4e'Hie, birth. 

Po3K4ecTBo' XpHCTo'BO, ^Christmas. 

Po'aa, rose. 

Po'fl, see poa'Ki. 

PoKiff, gown. 

Po'Jb^ f. part, character. 

Pom6i, rhomb. 

PoHifi', V. a. to shell; let fall, drop; 
shed (tears); — ca, v. r. to shell, 
fall off: crumble. 

PonTa'iii^ V. n. to murmur, repine. 

Poca', dew. 

PocT'b, stature, height. 

Pocijii', V. n. to rain in fine drops; 

Po'inaax, shaggy. 

Pofl'Ki, swarm of bees ; — ois! ch, 
V. r. to swarm. 

P3rra1«, v. a. to revile; — ca, v. r. 

to mock; trifle with. 

F^4a', ore; — 4hhk'b, mine. 

Py'5Ka, wild poppy. 

PyKaHHcyBaM^B-caMi, v. a. to plane; 
— Ka'Hb, plane. 

Pyno', fleece. 

P/naM'b, v. n. to craunch. 

PycKa'jo, gristJe. 

Pyci, light colored. 

Pyui*', v. n. to rumble, roar. 

Pi»4a', rust ; — mAJitwb^ rusty ; — 
»4H'cyBaHx-cairB, v. n. to rust. 

P'hiaae'ffh^ iron poker; spit. 

V'bTRh^ f. rye; — aseni-eHa, of rye, 

P:bM3Ri£'^ v. a. to growl at; v. n. 
to growl, snarl. 

Px'cifi no-, v. a. to sprinkle. 

Pi&'TKa, hound. 

Pu'da, fish; -->6a'pb, fisherman; 
the heron ; — a'pHHJxa, fisher's 
vault; — 6Hua, muscle. 

Pu'HiK no-, v. a. to shovel. 

J^M'TaM'b-TH«, V. a. and n. to kick. 

Pt'4K0, sparsely; rarely, seldom. 

P'b'4iK'b-4Ka, sparse, rare; thin 

Pt'HcifR Ha-, C-, (ao. - t'aaxi), v. a. 
to cut, cut up;. carve; notch. 

Pt'3eHi&, slice. 

PiKa', river. 

PtK£', see pa'qaM'b. 

Pi'na, radish. 

Pt'cKa, scratch, cut; notch. 

PtcHa', fringe; S. eyelash. 

P'fe'HeH:b-eHa, said, mentioned. 

Pi'HKa, rivulet. 

P'b'qHiiKb, dictionary. 

Pivb, word ; discourse; speech , ora- 

Plma'BaHi&-mi&', v. a. to decide; 
paa -, lo solve; — ca, v. r. to de- 
cide, conclude; resolve; — rne'Hie, 





decision, solution; -^ iim'TejreHi 
-jma, decisive, resolute; — ifiocrb^ 

PflA^B, see pe4:B. 

P;k6x, hem ; — dis^ y. a. to bem. 

PiK'raiirb-rHifi, v. a. to punch; stab, 
stick, spear. 

P2BKa', hand; arm; handle (of a 
machine); — aBifaa^ mitten, ^oto; 
— BB%^ ale^ve ; branch (of a riv- 
er) ; — K0BO4Ii't6JB, guide ; — • 
B0'4eTB09 manual ; ^— Koi^'jie, ma- 
nufacture; handicraft; — kohhc^ 
f. maauaeript ; — KonjecKa'sie, 
applause; — Konoja'raiH'B-JO'^Rifi^ 
V, a. to impose hands, ordain. 

PifiTi^, a barren declivity; spur of 
a mountain. 

F&Hemi'n,Uy a national dance, in which 
the hands are kept in motion. 


Ca'6fl^ '^^lA^^vrerd, sabre. 

Caea'Hi, shroud, winding-sheet. 

CaAi, park, garden (little used). 

Ca4ii&' Ha-, no-^ v. a. to plant ; set 

Ca'»4u, soot. 

Oa'aceHb, £. a measure ef 7 £li)g, 
feet; falbofB. 

Ca'jxaHa, T. alaughter-^iouse. 

Cama'pb, pack-saddle. 

CamtHhKb^ alone. ;^ 

Ga'ffo, only; *— oua'creKB - CTHa^ 
one's own master, independent ; 
absolute; -i— oBo'liear&^na, vol- 
untary ; *-^ i04bpxa^ie, monarchy; 
>^ KaBCHKHraa^ xnimarehical; -^ 

»eu!b, sovereign, monarch ; — * 
0AJo6ji'B%^ selfish; — io'tie^ Sel- 
fishness ; — oyfii'eu*, suicide ; — 
— 6i'iicTB0, suicide ; — opa'eui, 
self-grown; self-made; *— op***- 
4eH!b-4na^ spontaneous; — ori's, 
solitude, sedusioa; — oy'io., self- 
taught person. 

CaHOBa'pi, tea-urn. 

Cnm, alone; self (ipse). 

CanHKa'cyBaffE-c&MS, n a. to no- 
tice; espy. 

Canywhy soap. 

Ca^HBo', see ciqHBO'. 

C6H'pii](HHa, assemblage. 

G6jaBKBi'Bm%^7RiA\ V* a. 40 bring 
together, unite ; •— ca, v. rec. to 
draw near together, approach each* 

C6b'pRyBan-Ka]n, v. «» to caose to 
make a mistake ; put oat, con- 
fuse, perplex; to do, say or write 
a thing wrong; (angle, anari; — 
n£Tb-Ti, to lose the way, take 
the wrong road ; v. n. to m^e 
a mistake, do badly. 

CBa'46a^ wedding> wedding feast. 

CBa\iflMX-ji£') V. a. to throw down; 
take down or oflF; lower; »- 
duce (the price); depose. 

CBapa'BaMi-^iA', v^ a. to cook; di- 

CBa'pflM:&-pi£', see aasa'pHMx. 

Gsati, wedding guests; tb^ rria- 
tionship of parents-in-law. 

Csa'xa^ daugbierMin-iIaw's nootben 

CBe'K^bpx, husband*s father; — x'pBa, 
husband's mother. 

CBH'BaiTB-fifi, v. a. to wrap upief 
together ; — ca^ v. r. to smnki 

CBH4t'Tejb, witness; --^crao, terti- 
nwny; testinioaial ; «»^TfffjHi^ 




V. a. and n. to te$tify, witness; 

3a-9 to attest. 
CfiHHa'pb, swine-herd. 
CBHHe'ii^^, lead. 
Cbbhs', hog, swine. 
CBH'pRa, pipe, fife; — pHtf, whistle; 

tune; music; — pufi^ v. n. to 

whistle; play on a musical in- 

CsHpt'iTB, furious, raging; — rnocTB, 

furiousoiess, rage; ^-^ neTBysan^ 

V. n. to rage. 
^^BH'Ta, train, suite, retinue. 
ISbh'toki, roll (book). 
3BJH'«ia]MrB-eK£'^ v. a. to drag down. 
3Bo6o4a'^ freedom; — o'4eHi&'^4Ha^ 

free; exempt. 
[iB04^ arch; dome; nede'e^rb — , 

DBoeBoUeHi-iHa, willful. 
DBoeHpa'seHi-^BHa, willful. 
Gbo% his own; related; **^iicTBo^ 

property; character; t^baracteri- 

Stic; disposition, peculiarity; -— 

Ha nahtKh^ idiom. 
Cspa'Ka^ magpie, bird of the crow 

CBp'hAea^ see epe'Ae^i. 
CBpb'sy^aMii - k'p»c£, V. a. to bind 

together, connect; — SRa, con-^ 

junction; bond; copula. 
Cfiu'KyBaH:B-KaMX, v. a. to call to- 
gether, convoke, assemble. 
C^so'ks, bundle, pack. 
CBb'pmaii:E-iiii&^ V. a. to finish; end; 

use up; accomplish, perform; 

— cH^ V. r. to end, terminate; 

ma'Hie^ end. 
CBtcTfl'BaKi^Tifi'^ V. a« t0^ bring to, 

resuscitate; — ch^ v. r. to come 

CBtiH'jfflHK^b^ candlestick. 
DBtiH'io, luminary, light. 

CBtTKa'BHua, lightning, 

Cst'TKair&'^THfi^ V. a. and n. to cause 
flashes of light, flash, shine with 
sudden light; •— ^cff, v. i. to 

CaiTja'Bi, shining, light, bright, 
brilliant; -^jorna^ light. 

CBtTO'soHi-rBfia^ of the world ; sec- 
ular; — TCKBifi, worldly; tempo- 
ral; lay. 

CBiiyjKa, lightBiDg-bug. 

CBirb, worlu; S. light. 

CatTifi', T. n. to give light ; shine; 
glisten ; (my) liglU. 

Cfltn^, f. candle, light. 

CfiflTo'm^ saint; — rutjaBue, saac- 
tuaryi -^ toctb, holiness; •«- »^ 
holy; saint; — xa'a CpATU'x^b^ 
Holy of Holies; -stubs', holif^ 
ness (title). 

CBfliDte'Hi-e'HHa) sacred ; — ^ e'maoeB^ 
priest, clergyman ; -*- e'ficvBO, 

Crjie'4yBaM'b-4aMi&, v. a. to go to 
spy out the qualifications, appea- 
rance etc. of a young lady, usu- 
ally for another person. 

Crjio6fl'BaK%-6iikS v^ a. to put to^ 
gether (a machine, etc.). 

CroBa'psMi&-o'pi& ea, v. rec to a^ 
gree; take counsel; oonspire, plol;^ 
— Bo'pi, agreement; plot, con«^ 

Cro'4em&*4)B[a, convenient; — 40^H!S 
-e'HB, betrothed. 

Crpa'4a9 building. 

Crpt'BajHi-^t'iii^ see cTo'nuoiaMS. 

Crp&'flKan^r&'pns^ v. a. to fold 
(the hands^ ; shut (a book). 

Cr&'mca, fold, crease. 

Cr;KCTa'BaHi&-Ti£', v. a. to thicken, 
boil down; condense; -^ cu, v^r 
to become thidc. 




C4o6pH'BaM'B-pifi', V. a. to cause 

to be on good terms, reconcile; 

— eg, V. rec. to be on good 

terms with each other, become 


C4pbBe'ffiB-e'Ha, stiff. 

C4y'HyBajii:B-Maii!B cm^ v. rec, to a- 
gree; consult together, conspire, 

Cera', now; 40 — , till now, hith- 
erto; — ^^ a'meH^s - mHa, present; 

— rH'3i-TorH'3i&, now and then, 
occasionally; — ru'iiKa, now, this 
very moment. 

Ce4eM4eca'Tfc, seventy ; — h'tmB, 

Ce4eMHa'4ecflTb, seventeen; — Ha4e- 
cfl'Tuii, seventeenth. 

Ce'4en:b9 seven. 

Ce4MHna, week. 

Ce'AMhiii^ seventh. 

Ce^ufTpa, saltpetre. 

Cejo', village; country; — e'ja- 
HHiTB, villager, countryman ; — 
amca, countrywoman; — jcKuii, 
a. village, country. 

CeMH4a'Jii^, the finest flour. 

Cecxpa', sister; - pHHi-raa, sis- 

CexHHHaS see no4H'pHiiHa. 

Ge'THt^see nom'ip'h.iy^ i^aj^hr. 

Chbi, gray. 

CH'ropeH:b-pHa, sure, safe. 
f Ca-jia, strength ; power, might ; 
force; ability; influence; host; 

— jieffb-jHa, strong ; po werf u I , 
mighty; violent; forcible; — aia 
Ha-, V. a. to force^ compel; — 
CH^ V. r. to exert one's self, 

CHHa'nii, G. mustard. 
C^ihh'jIO, indigo. 
CH'HKaB:b-aBa, bluish. 

CifHua, we all; you all. 

Chhuu', beads. 

CHHb-Hfl, blue. 

Cn'naHHua, small pox; vaccine; -* 

uRHWb^ pock-marked. 
Cn'oKaB^b, harsh, coarse (voice). 
Ci!pa'Ki&, orphan; — a'ne, young or- 
CHpoma'xx, (pi. -a'cH), n. poor 

person, unfortunate person; a. 

poor; — XKu'Hfl, poor woman; 

— amfH, poverty; — a'niKufi, of 

the poor. 
Cn'poTa, poor woman, destitute of 

friends or money. 
CflptHb, namely.] V 
Cncxe'Ma, system. 
Cn'TeHi-THa, fine, small, contra 

Ch'to, sieve. 

Ch'(ikki8, all, the whole. 

Cifl'me^ shining, brightness; Ce- 
BtpHO — , Northern lights. 

CKBKaje'm, locust. 

CKa'ja, rock, cliff. 

Cna'pa, G. gridiron. 

CKa'iaMi&-o''iK&, - ko'kha, v. n. to 
leap; jump, jump up; spring. 

CKBa'»?HHa, pore. 

CKBe'peHi^-pHa, see Mpb'ceHiB. 

CKOAe'T'b^ skeleton. 

CK^iOHeHiB-o'HHa, inclined, disposed; 
prone; — ne'Hie, declension; — 
HHOcTb, inclination ; — Hi'san 
-Hi&', v. a. to incline; dispose, 
prevail upon, win over; decline 

CKjiOHfl'ejMCB^ declinable. 

CKJH)'<iaM%-qi£, V. a. to clasp (the 

CK0'6a, cramp-iron; staple; — 6Ka, 
parenthesis, bracket. 

Cko'Skb, see MH'4a* 




Ckok'b, waterfall. 

CKOjy'Bi, lock, curl. 

CKOHqa'Hie, see cBbpma'me. 

CKope'm^ starling. 

Cko'po, quick, quickly; soon; fast; 
lately, recently; na-, soon; soon 
after; recentlyj; hastily; — pocTB, 
speed, quickness, swiftness, ra- 
pidity; — ponieH^b-niHa, recent; 

Ckotobo'4CtbO) rearing of cattle. 

Ckotx^ all kinds of live stock, cat- 
tie; beast, brute. 

CKpesKb, f. boar-frost. 

CKpHne'm, pulley. 

CKpHniA', V. n. to squeak, creak. 

CKpuBa'jHii^^e^ a secret place for 
concealing treasures. 

CKpuT'b, concealed, hid. 

CKpu'meH:b-mHa^ secret. 

CKpt'cTioBaMX-Tifi^ V. a. to cross 
(the arms, etc.). 

CK/6ifi 0-, V. a. to pull, pluck up; 
to pull out or up; pick. 

CKy'nmHHa, crowd, mob. 

CKyix, skirt. 

CKip6b , f. sorrow ; affliction ; 
tribulation; — 6iiR, v. n. to sor- 
row; — CH, V. r. to be sorry, 

CK:bCflBaH'b-ci£', v. a. to shorten; 
— ca, V. r. to contract. 

CKUMTKR-Myiifi, V. n. to whine. 

CKUTasTb cfl^ V. r. to rove, roam, 

CKb'puami-pb'UHA, v. a. to gnash, 
grate; v. n. to grate, squeak. 

CK£ne'pHflKi&, miser; — nfa, -no- 
Ti'a, dearness, dearth; — nocTb, 
-noxi'a, avarice; — n:5, dear; 
stingy, sordid, avaricious; — ni«', 
CH^ v. n. to be stingy, avari- 

CKii^'TyBaH'B-TaM^b, V. a. to put a- 
way, preserve. 

Cja6HHU', pi. groins. 

C.ia6:b, weak, feeble ; — ; fiocrb, 

Cja'Ba, glory; praise; fame; — 
Bory, thank God ; — BOHi-BHa^ 
famous, renowned ; — BOiio6H'Bi, 
ambitious; — H)'6ie, ambition; — 
BOCJOBie^ doxology ; — a'Bbs^ v. a. 
to praise; npo-, glorify. 

Cjia'Beii, nightingale. 

Cjia'raM!b-o'»(i]i^, v. a. to lay or set 
down ; set (a table) ; set before ; 
add; compound. 

CiaABi^ v. i. it is sweet. 

Cja'4K0, preserves. 

Cjia4K04y'MeHi&-9[Ha9 pleasant spea- 

Cja4ocTpa'cTeffb-THa^ sensual, vo- 
luptuous; — CTie, voluptuousness. 

Cja'40CTb^ sweetness; delight; — 
45Ki-4Ka, sweet. 

Cia'3flMi&-t'3i&, - t'3H£, V. n. to de- 
scend; dismount. 

Cjia'jia, straw; — MOHii-eHa, of 
straw, straw; — una, a straw, 
spear of grass. 

Cjiana', white Frost. 

CjaHH'Ha, pork. 

CiacTb, delight, pleasure; — to- 
XK)6i/(B'h^ sensual, voluputous; — - 
6ie, sensuality. 

Cje'rHyBaHi-fl£ ca, v. n. to settle 

CjH'Ba, plum; plum tree; cy- 
moHa — -^ prune; — BOBHua^ plum 

CjH'BaM!B-jitidi, V. a. to melt, smelt; 
fuse, combine. 

CiH'aaHi^, see cja'sflMi. 

CjH'cyBaM:5-caMi, v. a. to confuse. 

CjmYiey confluence. 




Cjo'6o4effB-^4Ha^ see cBo6€fA^wh. 

CjOBa'pb, dictionary. 

Cjo'bo, letter ^(of tbe alphabet); 
word; discourse, sermon. 

C^or^b^ style; syllable; landmark; 
line, boundary (of a field). 

Cioare'Hie, addition; composition. 

Cjo'areffE-*XHa, compound. 

C^o'8, stratum. 

CioH:b7 elephant. 

Cjyra', servant; — ryBam^B, v. n. 
to serve, be servant to; — tu'bm^ 
maid servant; — y'x6a^ servoice; 
office, ministry; divine service; 
— y'JKi*, V. n. to serve; officiate, 
minister; v. a. to say or perform 

Cj^nHMSHoiiK, V. a. to dent, bend 

Cjyxi^ hearsay, report* 

CLi/qa-TO M, V. i. to happen, oc- 
cur; come to pass; — lafi, oc- 
casion, opportunity: chance; in- 
stance, evedt ; — ua&HO, occasion- 
nally ; by chance; — HKa, occur- 
rence, event. 

Ciy^maHi^^ v. a. to hear; hearken, 
listen; obey; — y'maT&iB^ hearer. 

CJl'ffl^e, sun ; — Hqa'cyBaMX-caiCL, 
V. n. to be sick from exposure 
to ibe sun ; — qosa jIio6o'bhiup^ 

6^443', track, trace, vestige. 

Gii'4CTBie^ consequence, result; ef* 
feet ; — 4yBaiiix, v. a. to follow ; 
pursue, continue; v. n. to fol- 
low; continue; - — yio'iniuti^ folb- 
wing, next ; — 41, a^fter. 

Cjine'JDix, blind man; — ^noTa'^ btiod- 
ness; — n'B, blind. 

Cjina'saHi-nifi', v. a. to stick to- 

CMa'syBami-a'sKUfi^ v. a. to crush. 


CMajra'BaHi-jkf^ v. a. to diminish, 
lessen ; reduce ; -— ca, v. r. to 
diminish, decrease, subside. 

CMeKHa'aaMi-^rifi', v. a« to soften. 

CMeia'Ha^ cream. 

Cjien, sweepings. 

Ctin'raiii-^rHfi^ v. n. (iiy} to wiok 

CMH.ifl'Basrb-jifi', v. a. to pity; «*- 
ca, V. r. to feel pity, pity. 

CnHpe'fli-e'HHa, bum ble, modest ; 
subdued; — e'nie, hurailiation, 
humility ; — euBonst'A'Kp'B - 4pa, 
humble-minded; — 4pie,bumble- 
mindedness, humility ; — pa^- 
BaMi&-pi£', V. a. to quiet, still; 
humble; subdue ; — ca, v. r. to 
humble one's self. 

CMH'pHa, -pno, myrrb. 

Cun'cawB^'b'cmt ca, v. rea to in- 
terfere; — came, interfepence. 

CMH'TairE-eTiB', v. a. i^ swe^ to- 

CnoKhy dragon. 

Choku'hh, fig, figtree. 

CMO.ia^ resin, tar, pitch; --ik' 
Ha-, v. a. to pitch. 

CMopo4H'Ha, currants. 

Ciipa4i^9 stench. 

CMpa3fl'BaM!B - 3i£', V. a. to make 
enemies, make to be at enti^ty 
with ; — ca, [v. r. to be or be- 
come enemies, be at enmity with. 

CHpb'3HyBaH:B-H£ cfl, V. n. to cool, 
congeal; freeze. 

Cmpb'thhitb, corpse ; — TOHoV'effB 
-CHa, deadly, mortal, fatal. 

Cnynifi, V. a. to suck; imbibe; 
V. n. to draw (as a stove). 

CnyTHa', quarrel. 

CMyma'saMi-yrift', v. a. to trouble; 
disturb, disquiet; confuse, per- 




plex; — n^e'Hie, tronble; distur- 
bance, tumult, uproar, 

Cmxah', v. i. it smarts. 

CMwqa'BaMi&-Hi&' ch, y. n, to be- 
come si lent 

CMu'ciHHi-jki, V. a. to <»di to mind, 
remember; think of, be mindfnl ; 
of; — cfl, V. n to come to mind, 

Guu'chJFh^ sense, meaning. 

CHBp4iA^ see bohi^'. 

CMb'pKaMi^ - pB'KHis^ V. A. to take 
snuff ; snuff* up; inhale. 

CMBpTb, f. deatb; — tohii - pb'THa, 
of deatb ; mortal. 

CuLbn, daring, bold. 

CuA'jaoBaxLnj^, V. a. to grind ; 

Csffa'ca, mixture (of grains). 

CHt'ceiTB-eeHa^ mixed* 

CM'b'CTflji:B-CTi£'^ V. a. to place clo- 
ser together so as to make room; 
to place in or upon; — ea^ v. r. 
to make room^ v. p. be placed 

CMi'CH)BaMi&-ci£'^ V. a. to mix to- 
gether, mingle ; confound; *— - ch^ 
V. rec. to meddle, interfere; 
— c:b, mixture, compound. 

CMiTaM:b-TH£> V. n. to reckon, ci* 

CwbxB^ laugh, laughter; jest; — 
'bmxa'B%^ laughing, easy to laugh; 
— - meHiHHHa, laughable; li^-^ 
crous, ridiculous. 

CHt'tiK ca, V. n. to laugh, laugh 

CMi'ifi, y. n. to dare, be so bold. 

CM£'npiOBaM:fr-f ift^ v. a. to repri- 

GHa64H'BaHi-4i&\ v. a. to furnish, 
supply, provide. 

Gnara', humai body; — A'mem 

-^Ha^ corpulent. 
Cnifxaii^b-e'MS^ (ao. -erb}^ t. a. 

to take down, cause to descend. 
CHHcxo:K4e'flie, condosoension ; *-* 

AH'xejeHx-jHa^ condescending* 
CHH'mairb-iiriik ca^ v. r. to crouch, 

bend down. 
<Ihob£'^ y. a. to warp (silk) ; to 

stroll, gad. 
Cnoni, sheaf, bundle. 
CHome'Hie^ intercourse. 
CHO'n^eff&r-n^a^ last evening's ; -^ 

lut, last evening . 
Omxa', daughter-in-iaw; brothers 

CHir:^, snow; BaiH' — , it snows; 

— t'^ceni^-HCHa, snow's, snow. 
Co'6cTBeHi& - cHHa^ private, one^s 

own; proper (noun); — eHHo, 

properly ; — enHOCTib^ private 

CoBa'jKa^ shuttle. 
Co'BicrB, conscience ; — CTeirE-^Ha^ 

CoKo'j'B, falcon. 
€oKX, sap, juice. 
Coje'Hi-e'Ha,of salt, salt; — jQSH'i^a, 

sak-cellar ; — ju,^ salt; — £& 

no-, Ha--, to sah. 
Co'na, a thuck stick, elub. 
Copia'Tica, whey. 
CoTHHKX, centurion. 
Co'ienii-HHa, juicy. 
Co'w no-, V. a. to pokit -out, show. 
Cna'4aiii&-4H£, v. n. to tall, subside, 

go down. 
Gnaca'Bairb-c;&', v. a. to save; eat 

(moths); — ce'Hie, salvatioB; — 

cfl'TCjieBi, saviours ; — xejeiTB 

-jHa, of salvation, salutary; — 

TOwU^ saviour. 
Gneua'pb, apothecary; — i^i% apo- 
thecary's shop. 




Cnii'paHi-npi&', v. a. to stop. 
GnHca'Hie, writing; — axeib, writer. 
CnH'uai, spoke; radius. 
Cnie'cK7BaMi-cKaM:B, -CHfi, v. a. to 

flatten, depress. 
GueTC'Hie, complication, entangle* 

CiUH'TaMi-eT2R', V. a. to complicate; 

wreathe; entangle. 
Cnj:B'cTH)BaMi&-Ti£, v. a. to tangle, 

CnoAO'6flHi-^i£^ V. a. to think or 

count worthy, favor. 
CnOKO'HHX - fiHa, tranquil; easy, 

quiet; — KO'Sna Hou^^b, good night; 

— o'flcTBie, - BO, tranquility; ease, 
rest, repose. 

Cnoje'TflJH^b, V. a. to fail upon; be- 

Cnojry'qaM^B-ui*, v. n. to succeed; 
V. a. to find, meet with; hit. 

CnoMa'raMi-MO'rHiB, v. a« to con- 

Giio'HHH)Baii:b-Hi£, V. a. to bring to 
mind, remember; (my) to remind. 

CnoMOii^ecTBOBa'Tejb, subscriber ; — 
Ba'Hle^ subscription. 

CnoMHHy'BaH:b-H£', v. a. to men- 
tion, make mention of. 

Cnopa3yM'b'fiaMi&-Hi'i£ ca, v. rec. 
to agree, be of the sanie opinion; 

— Mt'Hie, agreement. 
/^Cnope'4^, according to.^ 

Cno'peHi-pHa, hearty, that wliich 
spends well, lasts long; — pH, 
V. i. to spend, last; — mh, (etc.), 
to make progress, advance. 

Cnoco'6i&, means, way; — co'6eH:b 
-6Ha, capable, apt, adapted; — 
6hocti>, capability, aptitude. 

CnpaBe^^HB^b^ just ; — Bocxb, jus- 
tice, equity. 

CnpflraMiB-e'rHiVi, v. a. to conjugate; 

— flSRe'me, conjugation. 
Cny'cKaMX-CHX, v. a. to let down; 

— ca, V. r. to let one's self down; 
rush upon. 

Cn^^HKa, hindrance, embarrassment. 
Cn£'HyBaMi-H£^ v. a. to trip up; 

to tie the feet together 5 — ch, 

v. r. to stumble. 
CnA'THHK^B, fellow traveller. 
Chkr', (ao. - cnaxi^}, v. n. to sleep: 

COH MH ( TH, etc. ) CH, tO 1)6 

sleepy, desire to sleep. 
CpaBHe'me, comparison ; — bb'tc- 
jeiTb-jHa, comparative (degree); 

— Hfl'BaM'b-Hifi', V. a. to compare. 
CpaHce'Hle, battle, engagement. 
CpaMOTa' 6, it is a shame, disgrace; 

— o'xeHi-THa, shameful, disgrace- 
ful; — jHy'BaHX cfl, V. n. to be 
ashamed ; be bashful ; —hi, 
shame; — ma, (etc.) e, to be a- 

Cpe'6apeHi&-pHa, of silver^ silver; 

— 6po', silver; — pojH)6H'fii&^ cove- 
tous, avaricious; — lo'fiie, cove- 
tousness, avarice. 

Cpe4a', middle ; — 4eHb-4Hfl/ mid- 
dle, central ; mean ; middling, 
medium; neuter. 

Cpe'4e.ib, auger; — mg\ gimlet. 

Cpe40To''iie, centre. 

fpe'4CTB0, means; medium; rem- 

CpeA'h, mid, midst of; -^ laomjb, 
midnight; na-, in the middle of, 
in the midst of; no-, in or 
through the middle of. 

CpH'qaH^b-tKiii', v. a. and n. to spell. 

Cpo'4HiiirB, see po4Hii'Ha. 

CpoKX, set time, term. 

Cpbn^b, sickle. 

Cpt'4a, Wednesday. 

Cptu^a, meeting; 4o6pa' — , may 




our meeting be auspicious, favo- 
rable; Ha-, opposite, facing; 
0T-, <*ver opposite or a^ainsl. 

Cpt'maMi-iUHfi, V. a. to meet; — 
•b'mo^ prep, opposite, i^ 

CTa'Ba, joint. 

CTa'40, flock; fold. 

CTa'HyfiaM:E-H£, v. n. to stand up, 
rise; become. 

CTa'HuiH, station. 

CTaHi, loom; camp. 

(^Tapa'ifi CH, no-, v. r. to endea- 
vour, strive, take pains; — pa- 
Hie, endeavour, striving, efibrt, 

CTa'peui, old man; — pocTb, old 
age; — pi, old, ancient; — pi'fl- 
uiHaa, bead man, cbief man. 

CTa'xifl, article, paragraph. 

CTaxya, statue. 

Cia'a, apartment, room. 

CTfia'pflM:b-p}&'^ V. a. to unload. 

CTe6jo', stalk ; S. branch. 

Cxe'rfliBT'B, tight. 

Cie'neHb, f. degree; rank, grade. 

Cxeqe'Hie, concourse; conflux. 

CxH'ra, V. i. to be sufficient, to suf- 
fice ; This word is used with the 
abbreviated Infinitive of verbs, 
as, CTH'ra /?, (- ue^ -zoeopu% 
you have eaten, (read, spoken) 

Cxn'nua, alum. 

CxH'CKaMi-CH«, V. a. to press to- 
gether, press, squeeze. 

CxHxa'pb, priest's gown. 

CxHxi'fl, element. 

Cxflxi, verse; line of poetry; — 
xoxBo'peu'B, poet; — pcxBO, -pe- 
Hie, poetry. 

Cxa'^aMi-eKa' ch, v. rec. to flow 
inio each other; flow into; run 

Cxo, hundred. 

Cxo'Ka, stock, gjoods.l- 

CxOjiH'ua, Capital. 

CxOjII, chair; table. 

CxOjit'xie, century. 

CxoMana, steel. 

CxoMHa, G. waterpof. 

Cxona'HHHi, master of a bouse; j 

husband; — a'HKa, mistress; wife. 
Cxo'njH)BaMi-ji£, v- a. to warm. 
Cxona'BaM5-nifi', v. a. to melt. 
CxoxM'Ha, hundred (used in nu-. 

Gxoij&', V. r. to stand; abide; stay, 

remain; stop; be. 
Cxpa4a'Hie, suffering ; — 4a'xejib, 

sutTerer; — aeni^-jHa, passive; 

— 4a i* no-, V. n. to suffer. 
Gxpa'Hca, guard, watch; guard-house; 

— >Ka'pb, watchman, guard. 
Cxpana, side; region, country; 

CxpaHu'ua, page; gland. 
CxpaH0JH)6M'Bi, hospitable; — h)'- 

6ie, hospitality. 
Cxpanifi', v. n. to avoid, keep aloof 

Gxpacxb, passion ; S. suffering. 
Cxpaxy'BaMi ca, v. n. to be afraid ; 

— XX, fear; terror; — mh, (etc.) 
6, I am afraid; — a'meHX-inHa, 
fearful, terrible; — uuh'bib, tim- 

Cxpejttie'Hie, a pressing forward, 

impetuosity ; impetus, impulse. 
CxpeMHO', stirrup. 
CxpH'4a, oyster. 

CxpHSRA'^ -h'sr£, v. a. to shear. 
CxpHKa', see HHia' ; - p^'Ha, see 


Cxpo'rocTb, strictness, rigor; — rb, 

strict, rigorous. 
Cxpoma'BaM^b^mifi', v. a. to break, 

dash in pieces, shatter. 





Cipy'BaM^B-TO'piak, v. n. to cost;*' do; 

— Ba MH (elc.) CH, to think, sup- 
pose, it seems to me. 

Cipyra, lathe. 

Cxpy'afM, saw-mill. 

Cipyna', siring, cord (of a musical 

CipyHKa, hair-sieve. 
CTpb'MeHiB-MHa, steep, precipitous ; 

— MBHa', steep place, precipice. 
GTpb'cHM'B-cifi, V. a. to shake to- 

gether, shake down. 

GTpBi'BaM!b-Bi'iiii^ V. a. to grind to a 
powder, pulverize. 

Cxpija', arrow. 

Cxpi'xa, eaves; shed; S. roof. 

CTpa'cRaHi^-e'cHiii, v. a. to start, 
alarm suddenly ; — ca, v. r. to 
start, be alarmed suddienly. 

CTpiKra'jo, grater. 

GTpsra'pb, one who saws hoards. 

Cp£'»i£, v. a. to scrape; grate; 

CTy4e'Hi-e'Ha, cold ; — a*, coM. 

CT'h'A6a^ stairs, ladder. 

CnAU'Ly column; S. tower; pillar. 

Cxb'KjeHi-eHa, of glass, glass; — 
Kio', glass ; jBejtimtTBXEo — , 
magnifying glass. 

€TBpkojH'fiaii1&-aiiii', V. a. [to tum- 
ble down; — eft, v. r. to tum- 
ble down. 

CTb'pine.iB, hornet ; gadfly. 

CTtna', wall of a house or room. 

GTtcHfl'BaHX-Hi£'^ V. a. to press or 
crowd together; make nari'ow; 
oppress; — ch, v. r. to become 
narrow; be annoyed, distressed, 
low spirited. 

Cifl'rajirB-eYM, v. a. to dfaw to- 
gether tightly, tighten; repair; 

— cff, V. r. to beconie tight, 
solid; to contract. 

Cinma^nie^ possession. I ^ 

CT&'naMi^- ni&', v. a. to step; — 
na'JO, step, stair; -^nKa^trftck; 
step; proceeding; — hhhki&^ sat- 

CyeBi'pcHi-pHa, superstitious; — 
pie<) superstition. 

Cyeia', vanity; — y'ereffB-THa^ vain. 

Cy'KHO, broadcloth. 

CyMHH'xejeHi-iHa, doubtful; — iA- 
Hie, doubt; suspicion; — HA'Bam 
-hia'^ v. n. to doubt; suspect, 
be suspicious of. 

(Vp^Bi-Ba, green; raw, uncooked. 

Cypry'qb, sealing wax. 

Gy'xpHHa, morning ; — ^xpe'taeffi 
-uma, morning. 

Cyxa'pb, biscuit. 

Cyxi, dry. 

C3^4i&, v. a.fto suck; o-, to Iwst. 

Cyma', drought; land, contineBt. 

Cyiub, 40 — ^ entirely, every whii. 

Cymifi', H3-, V. a. to dry. 

C*e'pa, sphere. 

Cxo'4cxBO, similarity, agreement, 

CueHa", scene. 

CutneHH'BaM:b-m£' €«, v. n. tote- 
come numb. 

Cua'cxie^ fortune, luck; happiness; 
— cxwUfBi, fortunate, prosperous. 

C'lexx, account. 

CHHCjfl'BaMx-j^'^ V. a. to compute, 
number with, enumerate. 

CHH'xaMii-exfli', V. a. and n. to teek- 
on; impute; think, consider; — 
en, V. r. to think or consider 
one's self. 

Ci, with; in comp. together; LatiD 
coii; sometimes (ifiually tbeia, e-), 
down; as, cnycKati-CHfi, to let 

Ci6a'pHM'B-6o'pi£, V. a. to throw 




down, pull down, prostrate, de- 
molish; overthrow, smite; ruin; 
• — eg, V. r. to fall down, tumble 

Ci6H'paMi - 6epiK', (ao. -6pa'xi), 
V. a. to collect, gather together; 
hold, contain; connect; add; — 
CHy. V. r. to assemble, meet; con- 
tract, shrink; hold, receive. 

Oi6Aa'3ab^ offence; temptation; — 
3HH'Te^, tempter; — siuTBaMi^-Hidi', 
V. a. to offend ; entice, tempt. 

C'h6Ain'Hav.'b^j'bKSi\ V. a. to undress: 
strip, rob; — ca, v. r. to un- 
dress one's self. 

CB6o'p:b, assembly, council, synod. 

Ci6pa'flie, collection; meeting. 

Ob6/»AaMX-y'4i*^ v. a. to wake, 
wake up, awake, arouse; — ca, 
v. r. to wake, wake up, awake. 

Qb'fiHyBa-H£, - Hyaa-HiR ca, v. i. to 
become light, be day. 

QbBOKyn^iH'BaHi^y'nifi, v. a. to join, 

CxBpe'KeHeiTb-iieHHa, cotemporary ; 

— eHHHK^b, cotemporary. 
OBBctx^b, entirely; at ail. 
C^bBbpuie'fli^ - e'HHa, perfect , co m • 

plete; — e'HCTBO, perfection. 
d/Btciby see co'BicTb. 
ObBt'THHirb, adviser, counseller; — 

Tyaasii, v. a. to adoise, counsel; 

— ca, V. rec, to consult, advise 
with; — 4'Ti, advice, counsel. 

OBrja'ceH!b-cHa, agreed, of the same 
opinion ; — cHa 6y'kBa, consonant ; 
— cie^barmony; agreement; accord; 

— ca^BaMii-ciiR', v. a. to make 
agree, barmonize, reconcile; per^ 

(>brje'4yBaM:B-AaMi&, y. a. to see at 

a distance, observe, espy; S. spy. 

C:Brpa4fl'BaM!b-4i£', v. a. to build. \ 

Cbrptma'BaM^b - mi£'^ v. n. to sin, 

trespass; — me'Hie, sin. trespass, 


OhAfY^a'Bm'k-W^'} V. a* to accom- 
pany, be the travellmg compa- 
nion of. 

Ci4py'»ecTB0, company; partner- 
ship ; fellowship ; — aKHHKb, part- 

C:b4pB»ca'Basrb-»(i£', v. a. to sup- 
port, maintain; hold, contain; — 
»a'Hie, support, maintenance ; 
contents ; tenor. 

CiA^'ficTBie, CQoperation; — cTay- 
Bam^b, V. n. to cooperate. 

CieAHHe'jarb - e'Ha, united, connec- 
ted ; — e'Hie, union ; — HHa'aani 
-Hifi', V. a. to unite, connect, 
join ; copulate. 

OhTKaA'b'me^ pity, compassion; con- 
dolence; rej^ret; — ja'Bami-Ji'ifi, 
V. a. to pity, compassionate; con- 
dole; regret; — ca, v. r. to feel 
pity for. 

OB»(HBa'Bajii:B-Bi£', v. a. to bring to 
life again; revive; reanimate; en- 
hven; — ca, v. r. to revive. 

Cx3Bt'34ie, constellation. 

Cb34a'Bajii:b-4a'Mb, v. a. to create; 
— 4aHie, creation; creature; — 
4a'Teji>, see TBope'itb. 

Ci3H'MaMi-e'M^ ca, v. r. to come 
to (from a swoon); recover one's 
health after sickness ; regain one's 
property after misfortune; get 
over a fright. 

( V 

suade to consent; — ca^ v. rec. C:b3ii'pairB-3p£', v. a. to see, see 
to agree, consent; strike a bar- at a distance, observe. 

OhrjeAiB!Ta% spy. 

C;b3Ha'Hie, self-kqowled^e, con- 




C'BKpaTfl'BaMi-TiiR', V, ^. (o abridge, 
abbreviate; curtail ; — ame'me, 
abridgement; abbreviation. 

OBKpo'BHme, S. treasure. 

OEKpymaBaMi - mifli', S. v. a. to 
break, crush; overcome; ofllicl ; 

— me'H'B-e'HHa, broken, contrite. 
OEKpiBHua, bloody matter. 
Ci'jiiHyBa-HX cfl, see CB'BHyBa ca. 
Ci'Hem-i'HHa, not fully awake; — 

hjh'bi, given to sleep, sleepy, 
sluggard; — Hy'BaMX, v. n. to 
dream ; — Hb, sleep ; dream (pi. 

C'Bo6pa»ca'BaM'B-»cl*' off, -aaa'BaMi 
-3iffk' ca, V. r. to conform; — 
a'3eHX-3Ha^ conformable. 

C'Bo6ma'BaM'B-mifi', v. a. to com- 
municate; — me'Hie, communi- 
cation; connection, intercourse; 

— o'6mHHKB, accomplice; parta- 

CxoTBt'TCTBeHi-eHHa, responsible ; 
corresponding; — enHOCTb, res- 
ponsibility; correspondence: — 
TCTByBaMi, V. n. to correspond ; 

CiOTe'qecTBeHHHK'B, fellow-country- 

Ci&ne'pHnK'b, opponent ; — e'pHHqe- 
CTBo, rivalry; — ByBaMX, v. n. 
to rival. 

Cino'jb, snot. 

CipasMtpRO, proportionally; — 
pnocTb, proportion. 

ObpeBHy'BaMi (My), v. n. to emu- 

CicTaBja'Bawi-a'BiiR, v. a. to com- 
pound ; compose, form; consti- 
tute; — a'Bi, compound; com- 

CiCToa'Hie, condition, state; — okr', 
V. n. to consist. 

CxcB, see ex. 

C'Ecw'nyBaM'B-nx, v. a. to throw 

down; overthrow, destroy; raze- 

CicfAeHi-AHa, neijghboring; — 41, 

'-4Ka, neighbor. 
CicfmaMX-t'Tiai^ v. a. to remind; 

— ca, v« r. to come to mind, 
recollect; understand, l>e con- 
scious, know: feel passion. 

C^BTBopa'Bairb-pifi, S. see npatnjii, 
C'BTpy'4HHirB, fellow-laborer. 
Oby'qeHHK'B, fellow- student. 
C'B'xHifi, V. n. to dry, wither. 
ObxpaHH'Tejib, keeper, preserver; 

— Ha'BaM'B-Hifi', V. a. to keep, 

CiiHHe'Hie, composition ; writing; 

syntax ; — HH'iejib, composer, 

author; — Ha'Bami-HifR', v. a. to 

compose, write. 
C'BiFo'BCTBie, sympathy; — ByBam, 

V. n. to sympathize. 
C'Bio'aeH'B - 3Ha, allied ; — 3HIKi, 

ally; — ax, alliance; conjuotlion; 

Cmh'b, son. 
CK'nyBaMi-ni*, v. a. to pour (from 

one thing to another; in* com- 
position, strew, spill. 
CwniA ca, v. r. to crumble. 
Cupene, cheese. 
Cu'peHHua, carnival. 
Cw'pHme, runnet. 
Cw'pocTb, dampness, moisture. 
Ca'TOCTb^ satiety, satisfaction; — ti, 

full, satisfied. 
CbJ3a', tear. 

Ch'Asm, v. n. to weep; oo2e. 
CbMb, to be. 

Cb'p6aMi-b'p6HS, V. a. to sip. 
Cbp6H' Ma^ (etc.) v. i. to itch; — 

6a.ib, itch. 
Cbp4e'qeH:B-qHa, of the heart; hear- 




ty, cordial. 

[!bp4H'TT&, angry; displeased, indig- 
nant; — b'4KR, V. a. to anger, 
provoke; — ca, v. r. to be an- 
gry, much displeased, indignant. 

Dbp4Ue', heart ; — 4HeffB-ieHa, 

GbpHa', doc; antelope. 

Ct'Bepera - pna, northern ; — pi, 

0'k'4aHi-4Hfi, V. n to sit down. 

0*4^0', saddle. 

C*4i*\ V. n. to sit; live; tarry, 

Ctii'46a, seed-time. 

Ct'KHiiR y-, V. a. to snuff (a candle); 
blow (the nose); strike fire. 

Ci'KB&t'b^ fulled (cloth). 

Ct'Kofl, etc. see ca'KOft. 

CtKw'pa, see 6pa'4Ba. 

CtKA', V. a. to cut, chop. 

Ct'Me, seed; — MKa, seed (of fruits). 

C*H0', hay. 

Ct'pa, sulphur. 

CtHHBO', tool, instrument; chop- 

Ct'maMi&-t'Tii& cfl, V. r. to remem- 

Ctifli, V. a. no-^ to sow ; plant, set 
out; 0T-, to sift. 

Ch, accusative of the reciprocal 

CAKQKby every way , every how ; 
— KaKMi-KBa, of every sort or 
kind; various. 

CflKam, V. n. to think, suppose. 

Ca'Kora, always; — a'ffleH:B-nffla, 

Cfl'Kofi, every, each; every one, each 

Cfl'K£4'b, everywhere. 

Ca'iecKH, variously, diversely. 

Ci&'66oTa^ Saturday. 

C£'46a, lawsuit ; — 6a', destiny 
fate : decree of God. 

C£4H.iHii^e, -40'fiHii^e, judgement- 
seat, tribunal. 

Ciii4ifl^i C£'4HiiKi, judge. 

C&Ab^ judgement, condemnation. 

C<ii4i-i dish. 

C&'AiSi', V. a. to judge; admonish, 
reprimand; — ca, v. r. to go to 

C^'KaMib, V. n. to hiss; v. a. na-, 
to set on a dog. 

C&npy'n, -ra, spouse, consort. 

Cif&'cej:B, red squirrel. 

C&mecTBo', being; essence,* sub- 
stance; nature; — By'BaMib, v. n. 
(0 exist. 

C^'nUii-iiJ^a, same; real, true; self; 
— npiocTb, substance; existence. 

— — 


Ta, and; to, in order to, Iv 

Ta6aKe'pKa, snuff-box. 

Ta'6Ahu,a^ table, tablet. 

TaBa', copper platter. 

Ta'MHa, a secret; — hhctbo, mys- 
tery ; sacrament ; — HH'b-fiaa, se- 
cret, hidden. 

TaKa', so. 

TaKi'B:B - Ka'aa, - Ko'aa, pi. Ku'fia, 

Taie'pKa, plate. 

TaiH'ra, waggon, carriage. 

Ta'jna, plank. 

TaMi, there ; — ivomeHi-iiiHa, be- 
longing there; oti-, thence.'mbp hedgehog, porcupine. 

Taci, basin. 

TaxTa'6a, T. bedbug. 



Ta'qffi, V. a. see no^B'TaHi. 
Tate' y-, no-, v. a. to hide, con- 
Ta'ii& y-, v. a. to ooze through; 

— Off, V. n. 10 seflle, become 
clear (fluids). 

TBap:B, load, burden. 

Tsapb^ f. creature. 

Tsa'pi^ Ha-, v. a. to load, burden. 

Tbo'S, Ihy. 

Tfiope'irie, creature; — pe'uiB^ crea- 

Taopii'TejeifB-jHa, ablative. 

TBb'p40CTb, firmness; —41^ hard, 
solid; tirm, strong; — 4*, very. 

Tfibp4b, f. firmament. 

Te6e, thee. 

Te'6:b, to tiiee. 

Terj[H.iKa, weight. 

Terjo', sufferiog; weight; — Am, 
V. a. to draw, pull; suffer; npe-, 
to weigh; ot-, to withdraw. 

Te'rHfi, V. n. to be heavy, weigh. 

Te'»bKi-2KKa^ heavy; grievous; grave; 
indigestible; disagreeable (smell); 
oppressive (weather); pregnant; 

— MCKa 6o'j[ecTb, typhus fever; 

— »CHHHa'^ oppressive heat; — 
TKHuna' MH (etc.) e, to suflTer from 
the heat; — mckr', v. n. to be 
heavy, weigh. 

TeKfi', V. n. to flow, run; leak; 

Tcjie', calf. 
TejfH'ita, heifer. 
Te.iii& cfl y-, v. r. to calve. 
Te'naBHua, fulling machine; — na«:b, 

V. a. to full. 
TenjfOTa', warmth, fervor. 
Tepn^TB'Hi^, turpentine. 
TecTO', dough. 
TecTb, wife's father. 
TeTHBa', catgut. 


Te*Te'pi, T. register; note-book, 

account- book. 
Tene'Hie, stream; lapse; course. 
Th, to thee, thy. 
Tnra'Hi, frying-pan. 
THHa, mire, mud. 
THnorpa'*ia, printing-office. 
THCKa'.io^ vice; press. 
Th^th'ki, T. lint; wool of ibe An- i 

gora goat. 
Thxi, still, quiet, calm, gentle. 
TH'qaMi, V. n. to nun. 
Thh6iiiko'm%^ ad. running, upon the 

TuiunHa'^ stillness, oalo^. 
Ti'H, they. 
Ti'a, these. 

T.ia'Ka, bee (as, a reaping bee, etc.). 
Tj[a'cKaM:b -CHfi^ v. a. to push, 

thrust; bunch. 
T.i:bCTHHa'^ fat, fatness; — jcn^ kl 
To, it; a correlative of ako and 

sometimes of Kora'; soBietiines it 

can be rendered by then-orfiQ$e, 

but usually it cannot be rendere<l; 

TO-TO^ see xy-xy. 
ToBa'pi^-pix, see xBapi, -etc. 
Tora'Ba, then; — a'BaiueH'B *- fliiui^ 

- a'meH^-niHa, belonging Ui tliat 

time ; ox-, since then. 
Toit, he. 
To'jKOBa^ so much, so many; so 

great; so. > 

ToMi, volume. 
Tona'ax, topaz. 
TonjHHa', warmth. 
To'njid^ C-, V. a. to warm. 
Tono'.ia, poplar tree. 
Tono'pi, a narrow axe; — pH'oiKa, 

axe handle. 
To'nu:b-nj[a, warm; fervent 
ToniiR' C-, V. a. to melt; try OBt 

lard; thaw; no-, dip, jmmei^; 




Ba*, dip; soak; — Cfl, v. r. to 
melt; tha^; dissolve. 

Top'B, manure. 

ToqH.iKa^ rolling-pin. 

ToqnUo, grind -stone. 

To'qKa^ dot; point. 

To'4Huti^ exact, precise. 

To'qift Ha-, V. a. to grind; whet; 
roll; draw (wine); ho-, draw out 

To'h, t9i% TOBtt', this. 

Ti)a'ra, cane, rod. 

To'Hvaci, this moment, immedi- 

Tpare'AiH, tragedy. 

TpaKxa'T-B, treaty. 

Tpan'B, cavity; ditch; — nqh'HKa, 

Tpa'ifi, V. n. to last, continue; en- 
dure, bear. 

Tpe'6HHK'E, a small prayer book, 

Tp6'6Hi pas-^ V. a. to put in order, 

TpeBa'^ grass. 

Tpe'3BeHi-eHa, sober, not drunk* 

Tpe'nami y-, see ydn'sasi. 

Tpene'peme, trembling; — ne'piA, 
V. D. to tremble; palpitate; twin- 

Tpe'neTi&, trembling. 

Tpeniia', v. n. to twinkle. 

Tpece' (ro, etc.) t. n. to have the 
fever and ague; — CKa, fever; 
fever and ague ; — KaBi, one 
who has the fever and ague. 

Tpe'xiit-Tfl, third. 

TpexH^Hbi, pi. religious rites for the 
dead on the third day after death. 

TpH, three; — H»rb, thrice. 

TpH4eca'Tb, thirty; — xuft, thirtieth. 

TpH'Ma-HH'Ha, three (persons). 

TpHHa'ttMTb, thirteen; — Ha'4ecH- 

xuM, thirteenth. 
lpHH4a'MJi^ G. rose. 
Tpio'4%, large prayer book, rit- 
Tpo'sifi 0-, V. a. to poison. 
Tpo'HHi-fina, triple. — OH'ua, see 

xpH'Ma; CBfl'xa TpoHua, Holy 

TpoiTb^ throne; seat in church. 
Tpo'HiA, V. a. to shell. 
Tpo'nan^b, v. n. to knock, make a 

Tpo'nHKX, tropic. 
Tpo'cKoxi, couch grass. 
Tpoxa', crumb. 
Tpomifi' Ha-, v. a. to crumble; shell; 

c-^ to break in pieces, shatter. 
Tpy'4eH:B - 4Ha, difficult, arduous; 

toilsome; pregnant; — 4i»^ toil, 

labor; trouble; hardship; — 4KK? 

v. a. to trouble; — 4i& ca, v. r. 

to toil, labor; try, atfive; trou- 
ble one s self. 
Tpy'naMi Ha-, v. a. to pile up. 
Tpyni, S. carcass; body. 
Tpx rny^aMi - HS, v. n. to start/ 

Tp'BCXb, f, reed. 
Tpu'OHi, saw. 
TpuuBi, bran. 
TpwiiR y-, v. a. to rub; scour; 

saw; c-^ to pulverize, grind to a 

powder; — ca^ v. rec. to rub 

TpbHi, thorn. 
Tpb'ceti, quagmire. 
Tpb'cKaMi&-cHii, V. a. to shake, ^hake 

off or down. 
Tpb'ciifi^ V. a. to seek; search « search 

for; no-, to aliake; — ca, v. r. 

to shake. 
Tpb'fflKaM'B-mHiii, V. a. to throw down, 

thrust or pot down wi^ force , 




Tpt'6a, see Tpt'6yBa. 

Tpt'dysa no-,> v. o. to be neces- 
sary; need; must. 

TptcKa'^ chip; Tvhittling; splinter. 

Tpt'cxKi^ a crashing noise; crash ; 

Tptii](ifi'-CH£9 V. n. to crash, fall 
with a crash; clap (thunder). 

Tpifk6a', pipe, tube; trumpet; — 
6i]&', V. n. to blow the trumpet. 

Tpa'rajtti-rHiR hc-, see cKy'6«. 

Ty — Ty, sometimes — sometimes. 

TyAt'Ba, here, abaut here. 

Ty'Ka, here; ot-, hence; — ameHi 
-mna^ of this place. 

TyKi, see ly'Ka; ot — Haia'TiKi, 
henceforth; — laMi, here and 
there, sparse. 

Ty'.i0BHme, trunk (of the body). 

TyHea'4eui, idler. 

Ty'iiam, v. a. to pat, tap; drum. 

Ty'pflM:B-piiR, v. a. to lay, place,- 
put; set, station. 

TyxaKCH, immediately, instantly. 

Ty'qeHi-qHa, brazen; S. fat. 

TyHb, brass. 

Ty'niKaM'B-mHiR ca, see ry'pKani ca. 

Tme'ia, see BpeAx. 

TiKaMi, V. n. to lick. 

TiKa'%, weaver. 

Ti'KMO, exact, exactly. 

T:bKMi£' ca no-, v. rec. to adjust 
accounts, reckon. 

TiKH£, V. a. 3a-, to stick flowers, 
etc. into the hair; no-, to tuck 
brands into the fire. 

T^ka', v. a. to weave. 

TMKy'BaMX HC-, V. a. to explain, 
comment upon, expound, inter- 
pret ; — Ba'Hie, interpretation; 
— Ba'xejb, interpreter, commen- 

.T:bH4HHa', thinness, fineness ; — qi£' 

Cfl, V. r. to: affect refinement, 

Ti'H'bK'B-HKa, thin, fine; delicate; 
contra Ae6e'xb. 

Ti'nqiR Ha-, V. a. to tread down, 
trample upon; press down. 

TiproBem, trader, merchant ; — 
Bi'a, trade, merchandise; — ry'- 
BHHi, V. n. to trade. 

TipacecTBO, state ceremonies, so- 
lemnity ; triumph; — Bj'wn^ 
V. n. to celebrate with ceremo- 
nies, solemnize; triumph. 

Tm, thou. 

Tu'KaM:B-KHfi, V. .a. to push, shove. 

Tbi'KBa, squash; pumpkin. 

TbMa', haze. 

Tb'meH'B-MHa, dark; obscure; — mhh- 
Ha, darkness;— MHH'ua, dungeon, 
prison ; — MHt'i£, v. n. to be 

TpbKaJO'^ wheel; circle; — Kajaii 
-04ii&', V. a. to roll ; — ca, v. r. 
to roll; wallow; — la'Qx*^ round, 

Tb'pKaM:B, V. a. to rub, scour. 

TbpHOKO'n^b, pickaxe. 

TbpnH'MOCTb, tolerance. 

Tbpnt.m'Bi^ patient; — sti'me^ pa- 
tience; — ni&', V. n. to be pa- 
tient; V. a. to endure, bear; 

TbpqiA'^ see Tn'qaM:b. 

Tbn4a', wife's mother* 

Tt, they. 

Tt'xera-xHa, their. 

Ttxi, them.'ceHi-CHa^ of the body, bodi- 
ly; corporal ; — JO', body; — 
jLOcjLome'mey constitution ; ^ — jo- 
xpaHii'Te.ib^ body guard. 

Tt'Me, crown of the head. 

Tt'ceHi5i-cfla, narrow, strait; dose, 





TDtimate ; — CHora', narrowness; 
— cvHHa', closeness, oppressive- 

Ta, she; thee, 

T&ra', anguish, distress. 

T£'3Ki£ cfl, V. r. to grieve, sonrow. 

T£'3r04inneH!b-iiiHa^ this year*«. 

T&% see TOKa'. 

TfinaHa'pb^ drummer; — nasb^ large 

Txnoy'iieHi - Mna^ stupid ; — wl^ 
dull, blunt; obtuse. 

Ts!f6jx'b^ paunch, belly. 

Ti&'TH£, V. n. to stutter. 

T&'TpiiB^ V. n. to prate; v. a. to 

— 0-^ 


y^ in ; upon ; against ; y KOro-TO, 
with a person, at bis house; to 
him; in composition with verbs 
of motion, in; ^ilh active verbs, 
to make; with neuter verbs, to 
become; as, yHeRHa'aaH^b^ to make 
soft; yMe'KHyBaMiB, to become 

Ya! ah! 

y6ii'BaM!b-rijii^ v. a. to Icill, mur- 
der; slay; — ca, v. r. to kill 
one s self, commit suicide. 

yeiem-ifiija, a murderer ; — 6i'fl- 
CTBO, murder. 

y6ja»a'BaHi&-xi£', v. a. to call bles- 
sed, count happy; to cause to 
eat meat ; — ca, v. t. to eat 

y6u'cTpaH:b-pifi, v. a. to clarify. 

Y&k'FBymKb'Bs^ v. m. to ;eacape 


y6'baK4a'saMi-'b4]ft'^ v. a. to fer- 
suade, convince, induce. 

ysaxa'aairB, v. a. to esteem, res- 
{)ect ; — xe'me^ eenaideridaio, 
esteem, regard. 

yBa'jioBaiiiB-iairB, v« a. to dirty, 
soil; full ; — ca^ v. r. to become 
dirty, soiled; fulled. 

ysa'pAiOBairB-Aifi) see Ba^4ia^* 

yBejH«ia'BaBrb - H'qifi, v. «« to in- 
crease; magnify; exaggerate; — 
cH, V. r. to increase; — va^a- 
jOHi-jma, magnifying. 

yBexTfl'BaMiB-Tifi', V. a. to wear out 
(clothes); — rt'ks^ v. n. to be- 
come aid, decay. 

yBH'BaMi-i'iiR, v. a. to wrap u|>; — ] 
cfl, V. r. to wrap up one^a aielf* 

yBH'pa]rb-Bpi&', V. n. to boil; — 
Bp£'^ V. a. to push in; -^$a, 
= HaBH'paHi ca. 

YBjistHearhnAeKs^\ y. a. to drag in. 

yBo'HC4aH%-e4iRS V. a. to lead in, 
introduce; — ca, v. r. to ^ve, 

y'aparB, a piece of land A9 paces 

yBtpe'Hie^ - t'peHHOCTb, assurance, 
confidence; — .pa'saHi-tpift', x* a. 
to assure, persuade; — ca, v. r. 
to trust, feel assured, feel con- 

yB'bnia'BaHtb-aJK^ v. a. to adrnitfi- 
ish, warn. 

yra'»4aM'b-a'4is, t. a. to guest, 

y'rapb, ploughed land. 

yracHfl'BairBf-Ht'i£, - CHyBaic&'-'BUE, 
v. n. to go out, he extinguished. 

yracfl'BaMi-cifi', v. a. to extin- 
guish, put out, quench. 

yrja'BHHiTb, halter. 





yro'46Hi-4Ha, pleasing; acceptable; 
— 4HHirB Eo'2ffi3, saint; — 4a- 
BaMX-Ai»'r> V. a. to please; grat- 
ify; indulge. 

yroiita'BairB-ocTi&', see ronta'sam's ; 
-ome'me, feast, banquet. 

yrpo»a'BaMi-»d£', v. a. to threaten. 

yrptBaMi-i'iiR, V. n. to rise, be 
up (the sun); shine out; v. a. 
to warm. 

yAa'BflM'B-a'Bifi, V. a. to drown ; 
choke, strangle; suffocate. 

y4ape'Hie^ accent. 

y'4apx, stroke, blow. 

y4iiBH'Te.ieHi-.SHa, astonishing, sur- 
prising; — Bje'Hie, astonishment, 
amazement; — BH'BaMi-Bi£'^ v. a. 
to astonish, amaze. 

y40BjeTBopfl'Ba]irb-pi&', v. a. to sat- 
isfy, make amends; gri^tify. 

y40B0'.iCTBie^ pleasure; satisfaction. 

y40Ma'^ at heme. 

y40CTo'H)BaHi-o'i£, V. a. to deem 
or count worthy, favor. 

y^b»ca'BaMX-xci£'^ v. a. to hold; 
hold in, restrain; — nodt^a^ to 
gain the victory; — ca, v, r. to 
restrain one's self; hold one*s 
ground, withstand. 

y'4pHMi-4a'piiii, V. a. to strike; hit; 
attack, fall upon; — ca, v, r. to 
strike one's self; v. rec. to strike 
together, hit; join battle. 

y4yma'BaMi-^mi£', v. a. to choke, 
strangle, suffocate. 

y4T&t, member, limb. 

ye4HHe'Hie, solitude, seclusion; — 
He'BTB-e'HHa, solitary, lonely. 

y'acaci, terror, dread. 

yace', see Be'qe. 

Ytstl^ as if,, as it were. 

ysaKOHfl'BaMi-HiiB', V. a. to enact; 
legalize; decree. 

y34paBa'BaH'B-'Bi£'^ v. a. to secure, 
make safe, make sure. 

yspt'.!!, ripe. 

yKasa'iejb, index. 

yRa'jfiOBaMx-jfam, v. a. to mud. 

y'Kani^ V. a. to cry 00 to a dog to 
drive it off. 

yKa'nyBaMi^-nijB^ v. a. to stain with 
drops|: v. n. to drop off entirely 

yKa'HaHi&-Hi£^ V. a. to hang, bang 
up, suspend. 

yRioHfl'BaiirB-Hifi', V. a. to turn a- 
side or away ; -»- ca, v. r. to 
turn aside from, depart; shun, 
avoid; vary (the magnetic needle). 

yKope'Hie, yKo'p:B, reproach; — pa'- 
BaMi-piiR', V. a. to reproach, 
revile; set at naught, treat with 
contempt; rebuke, upbraid; tind 
fault with, censure. 

yKpaca'BaM^b^cifi'., v. a. to adorn, 
ornament, beautify; — ame'Hie, 

yKpHBa'BaMi-Bifi'^ V. a. to accuse, 
charge with; — isB'b'my v. n. to 
become crooked or lame. 

yKpoTa'BaMi-Ti&', V. a. to appease; 
make gentle, subdue. 

yKptna'BaMi-ni*', v. a. to strengthen, 
fortify ; — ca, v. r. to fortify 
one's self.'Bfl]tt:b-OBi£'^ v. a. to catch ; take; 
seize, arrest; — ca, v. r. to 
catch or take hold of; cliog on to; 
let ones self to, engage ones 
self; take hold of one's self; be- 
gin; V. ree. to take each other 
by the hand. 

yj[e'rHyBaMi-H& ca, v. r. to settle, 
sink down; fit down (a dress). 

yjHua^ street. 

yiy'Hanih'-Hm^ v. a. to hit; guess. 




yjtyTOia BaiTB-mifiV V* *• to better, 

improve^ ameliorate. 
Y'aM^ gutter, flume; spout. 
YmnAn'Teib, subtrahend. 
YjnajislBairB-jki', v. a. to lessen, 

diminish ; reduce ; — ca, v. r. 

to abase ones self; diminish; 

— 4i'i£, V. n. to become few; 
decrease; become faint; — ja'e- 
MO HJiCM^ minuend. 

yMa'H)Baii£-ai£^ v. a. to charm. 

yMe'KHyBaMi-Hfi, v. n. to soften; 
moderate ; become mellow ; — 
OTaBaMi-iifli', V. a. to soften. 

YneKb-imH. wise, intelligent, sen- 

yfflMH'TejeffB-JiHa, touchin;^, aflec- 

yM0jiocTHBfl'BaKi-Bi£', V. a. to pro- 
pitiate; conciliate; — ca, v. r. to 
feel pity for. 

yura'paMi-Mpa', V. n. to die. v 

yMiipa'BaM:B-pi&', v. a. to pacify, 

yMHOKca Ban^o'sRiiEt^ v. a. to increase; 
multiply; — afeaie^ multiplica- 

yM03pH'Te.ieH:B-.aHa, speculative. 

yMO'iq)flM:B-puK^ see HanoKpaMi. 

yMope'Hi-e'HHa, tired, weary, fa- 
tigued ; — pa'BaMi-pl&', v. a. to 
cause to die, kill ; lire, weary ; 

— CH, V. r. to become tired. 
yMpbca'BaMi-cl*', V. a. to [de6le. 


yMpbTBfl'BaM1&-Bi£'^ V. d. tO put tO 

death, slay, kill; mortify. 

y'MCTBeHi-eHHa, abstract. 

yM!h^ mind, intellect, sense: hb 
yH:b-Ti MH, (etc.) 6, I have it in 
mmd, I have not forgotten it. 

yM:B'KiiyBaHi-H£ cfl, V. n. to slip in. 

ynxjfqa'BaMib-w ca, v. r. to be- 

come silent, cease. 

yMHBa'jHHiiia, wash basin. 

yMt'peHHOCTb, moderation, tempe- 
rance; — poHi-eHHa, moderate, 

yMiifi, V. n. to know how. 

yHii»(a'BaM:B-»u£', v. a. to lower, 
abase; degrade; — ca, v. r. t» 
lower or abase one's self; — hh- 
3H'Tej[eH:B-jHa, degrading. 

yHHqH3Ka'BaMi-»d£', V. a. to set at 

yHHii]^o»a'fiaMx-»(ijEk'^ v. a. to an- 
nihilate; abolish, repeal. 

yny'Ki, see BHy'Ki. 

yna'3HMi-3ifli, see na'3i£. 

yne'piOBaH:B-pi£^ v. a. to prick up 
(the ears). 

ynH'BaHi-i'ii&, v. a. to makedrunii, 
intoxicate; — ca, v. r. to get 

ynH'paMi& Off, see onH'paui ca. 

ynja'mH)BaM:b-mi£^ v. a. to frighten , 
scare; — ca, v. r. to be afraid, 

yn^e'cKyBaMi-e'mifli, v. a. to soil, 

ynjHiaMi - OTA', v. a. to plait, 
braid ; knit. 

ynoBa'BaH^b - a'i]&, v. n. to trust, 

yno4o'6aM:b-6i£, see ynpoiHHa'BaiTB. 

ynosHa'BaMi - a'i£, v. a. to make 
acquainted with, introduce. 

ynOKO'H)BaMi-o'ifi, v. a. to repose, 
4^ive rest, refresh. 

yno'MHH)fiaH'b-Hi£ Off, v. r. to come 
to (after being stunned); — Jia- 
Hy'BaM:b-H£', v. a. to mention. 

yno'nflHi-niiEt, see 3ano'naM:E. 

yno'peH:B-pHa, stubborn, obstinate; 
— pcTBO, obstinacy ; — Byaan^ 
v. n. to be obstinate; persist. 




ynoTpt6H'TejeHi-JHa, used ; — fi^ie - 

me, use; -^ 6stBavb^6m\ v. a. 

to Qse. 
Yn^'Ba, directioi^j 
Ynpa'BHTejfB, ruler ; steward; — 

Bfl'fiaiiKB«-B6&^ Tr a. to rule, go- 

Yern; see onpa'BAiiii. 
ynpa»are'Hie, exercise, practice; — 

XHft'Baii:B-flk&V ^' ^ ^^ exercise; 
— cfl, V. r. to exercise one's 
self; be employed *y practice. 

ynpHLiH4a'BaM:B-m', v. a. to liken, 
resemble,* — c% v. r. to become 

ynp3r'rocTb, elasticity'; — y'rx, elas- 

ynuHOMOiEifl'BaMi - iiMJ&V V. a. to 
invest with full power. 

ynt'BaM-t'kB^ V. a. to read prayers 
for one at his funeral for tbe be- 
nefit of his soul. 

yn£'THirE-^i&, ?• a. to direct to, 
pinai om the way to; — ch^ v. r. 
to proceed towards; to lake the 

ypoBHe'Hie^ equation ; — BHA'aam 
-Hiib', V. a. to level ; make equal. 

y'psa, declivity, acclivity. 

ype'46a, regulation; — pe'4eHi-4Ha, 
orderly; — pe'4HHKB^ editor; — 
pe'»4aH:b-e'4i£, v. a. to regulate. 

ypica, native spiDoing wheel. 

YipG^Kh^ lesson. 

FpoKu, evil eye, charm. 

ypo^a'cyaaicb-cHMiB, v. n. to be sick 
from exposure to ihe evil eye. 

ycBOfl'fiaMS, see ocBoa^aau^E. 

Yes(jaei^ effort, exertion; — mwb 
-ja cfl, v. n« to become stron- 
ger «r more powerful; to in- 
crease; become more violent. 

ycxi^flrBaii%^pi£'^ v. a. to accele- 
rate, quicken. 

ycja4fl'BaQii'E-4i£V v. a» to delight; 

— HH (etc.) ca, v. i. to deUght, 

please; — a»C4e'Hie, delight. 
ycjaHfl'BaMi^HU&', v. a. to frosti»te, 

kill by the frost. 
ycwio'fieHii-BHa^ conditional; *— Bie, 

condition; agreement, contract, 
ycjy'ra, service; — yxjH'ai^ obli- 
ging, kind, one who takes paios 

to honor and oblige guests. 
ycMa'pb^ tanner. I • 
ycMHpa'BaanB-Fpifi', v. ar to appease, 

quiet; subdue. 
ycMH'xiiyfiaH:b-H& ca, v. lu to sinile. 
yco'fiHa^ a place inclined from the 

sun^ contra npH'neKi^. 
ycnn'BaMi-nifi' ca^ v* r. to over- 
ycnoKO'H)Ba]irb-o'i£^ v. a. to pacify, 

appease ; quiet, calm. 
ycn'b'Baii:B-i'i£, v. n. to advance, 

make progress, prosper; — nt'xs,: 

success, progress, 
ycia', moufh. 
ycTaH0Ba'BaM:&-0Bi&'9 Vr a. to estab* 

lisb, institute; iix, appoint. 
ycieHi, goad slick. 
y'CTHa, lip. 
y'cTHO^ by word of mouth, face tof 

ycTOfl'BajH:]^ - oi£', V. ar to stand 

one^s ground, withstand. 
ycTpeMfl'BaM!b-Mi& CH^ V. a. to rush 

ycxpo'iOBaMi-o'ifli, V. a. to set in 

order, organize; make, construct. 
ycTptjaBaM^b-jifi'^ V. a. to shoot 

with an arrow, pierce. 
ycy'KysaMi-y'qifi, v. a, to twist. 
yci&Bi>pme'HcxfiyBaH:b^ v. a. to make 

perfect, perfect. 
ycuHOBjfe'Hie^ adoption ; — Bfl'fiatt 

-'Bm^ v. a. to adopt. 




&^cb'p4efl!&-4Ha^ earaesti eager, zea- 
lous ; — 416^ earnestness, eager- 
ness, readiness, zeal. 

^ct'qeHXr-BHa, cut off, short form 
(of words). 

yci'majfli-t'TKR, V. a. to feel,- per- 
ceive, know; remind; — ch, v. r* 
to be conscious; understand; 
think, consider; call to mind, 

yTaiaYaH'B-jo'»(i£, v. a. to calm, 
subdue; — ca, v. r. to become 
calm, subside, 

yTBBp4a'Ba]i:b-4iA^ v. a. to strength- 
en ; establish ; affirm ; confirm. 

yxH'qaMi-eKA', (My) v. n. to es- 
cape (pursuers). 

yTimia'£aM:b-mH&', v. a. to still, calm, 
quiet; — ca, v. r. to become 
still, calm, quiet. 

yTjicia'aaH^b-Ttlfi^ v. n. to become 

yTOja'aajni-^', v. a. to quench, 

yTpe'6flirb-6i£, v. a. to clean out. 

yxpeHHfl^ morning reading in church; 
— emeH!b-mHa^ to-morrow's ; — 
4eHb, to-morrow, next day: — 
pHHa^ see cy'Tpima; -ipo, mor- 
ning (seldom, except in the phrase 
4o6po' y'Tpo, good morning) ; — 
Tpt, to-morrow. 

Vn^e'syBBWh^nis^^ see yCH'saii^b. 

yTpo'fia, belly. 1 > » " 

yTpB'caMi-cifi^ V. a. to shake, shake 

yxtcHe'Hie^ distress, anguish, ago- 
ny ; — cHH'Tejub, see npHT'bcHH'- 
Te.ib; - CHfl'BaMi - Hi&', v. a. to 
make narrow; oppress. 

yTtiua'BaMS-mi£', v. a. to comort, 
console; — me'me, comfort, con- 
solation ; — lUHieib, comforter. 

yT£nfl'BaH:B-ni£', v. a. to blunt,^ 
dull; — n'bifi, v. n. to become 
blunt, dull. 

yxa'Hie^ see MHpHBMa'. 

yxo', (pi. ynm), ear. 

yia'cTByBaMi, v. n. to partidpate, 
share; — cxie, share, participa* 
tion; — ciHHicb^ sharer, partaker. 

y«{e'6eirb-6Ha, of learning, educa* 
tional, literary. 

yHeTBOpa'fiaHi-p]£', y. a. to quad- 

y«{pe^a'Baiix-eAi£'^ v. a. to insti- 
tute, establish; regulate. 

y^iTH'BOCTB, politeness; — tju'sib, po* 
lite, civil, courteous. 

y^ieHH'Ki, disciple, pupil; — ne'me^ 
doctrine; — H^emr-ena^ learned; 
— Hiii^jusm,e^ school ; — TO'rejib, 
teacher; — h}& na-, v. a. to teach; 
learn, study; — ca, v. r. to learn. 

ymi, see y»5. 

ymbp6a'BaMi-6iiR', v. a. to break 
out a piece, notch. 


$a'6pHKa, factory, manufactory; — 

KauTiiH:b, manufacturer. 
^aKiy'pa, invoice. 
^aKyjxe'Ti, Faculty, department in 

a university. 
$aMH.iia, family, 
^a'p^opi^ porcelain. 
^CBpya'pifi, February. 
$ej4uapraa'ji&^ field marshal. 
^OHopb^ T. lantern; lighthouse, 
^iiry'pa, figure. 
4>H'3HKa^ Physics. 
^mioAoYia^ physiology. 




^HLiojo'riu, philology. 

^UAOco'^'h^ philosopher; — co'4»ifl, 
philosophy ; — co'<i>cKu8, philo- 

^h'hhkx^ date; date-palm tree. 

^HTiTjb T^ wiek; quick match; plug 
for wounds. 

$'TOBi-OBa, violet; — ra, violel. 

$jari, flag, ensign. 

^Mue'ASi^ flannel. 

^AOTb^ fleer. 

$o'pHa, form ; uniform. 

^o'pwyja, formula. 

<^o'c«op'bi, phosphorus. 

$paKi, dress-coat. 

^yuia^ tunnel. 

OjTHrB, Russian pound = 1 30 4paHH. 

^ycxam, T. gown. 

$yTi, fool. 

— — 


Xa6i£' Hc-^ V. a. to spoil in ma- 
king; dull. 

XaftAy'THHi, see pa36o'flHHKi. 

Xa'jia, squall, storm* 

Xaje', see Hy'»c4HHKi.'caH'B-aHa, half-witted, crazy. 

Xa'.iTaB:B-aBa, loose, not tight. 

XaHi, T. khan. 

Xa'ocB^ chaos. 

Xan:B, pill. 

Xa'nKa, bile, morsel; — ni* y-, 
V. a. to bite. 

Xapa'KTepi, character. 

Xa'poH^b-pHa, good, beautiful. 

XapH'ayBaMi-JKi*, G. v. a. to pre- 
sent, give. 

Xapiia, paper. 

XapMb, T. expense; trimmings ;^ 

^i£, V. a. to spend. 
XBaJa''Hie, praise; — j6a, XBrf- 

.leHie, boasting; — m& no-, v. a. 

to praise; — ca, v. n. to glory; 

boast^ brag. 
XBdTi, a fist (measure). 
XBa'ii]iaHi&-a'H£, v. a. to take; caleb; 

take hold of; engage; touch; — 

— 6sx%^ to deny ; — afps, to 
believe ; — hh ohh -th, to please; 

— pi5K4»S to rust ; V. n. to be- 
gin ; take fire; — ca, v. r. to 
take hold of; let one*s self to, 
engage one*s self. 

XByii*', v. n. to whizz. 
XBb'praHi, see XBb'p^mrB. 
XBb'pKaHi-pb'KH£, v. o. to flj; — 

KOBa'T^b, flying. 
XBbpKO.iH'ua^ see Ha6o'4Ra. 
XBb'p.iflN:b-jifi, V. a. to throw, @s]; 

— TOKMe', to kick with both feel; 

— ca, V. r. to plunge; gallop; 

— pbi'6a, to jump, hop. 
XB£nti£', V. u* to hiss. 
Xia'4eH:b-4Ha^ cool; lukewarm. 
Xia4x^ m. and f. coolness. 
Xjia'cKaiTb-CHA, see TJia'cKaws. 
Xio'naMX-nH£, v. a. and n. to rattle; 

knock; — ca, v. r. to rattle; - 
n»ie, a rattle; — Hi», v. n. to 
Xji:b'3ra]n&-3H£ ca^ see aiB'sran 


Xi'bda'pb, breadman, baker; — (h, 

Xo'6oTT&5 trunk (of an elefphant). 
Xo4a'Tafl, intercessor; — raficTBy- 

BaMi, v. u. to intercede. 
Xo4h'.io^ foot of a stocking. 
Xo4i, going, gait; speed; —4i»i 

v. n. to go; walk.'pa, cholera. 




JXoMO'Tb, yoke. 

JXo'pa, (pi.) people. 

Xopo', G. dance. 

XoTfl'^ ihougb. 

Xpa'6pocTb, bravery, valor; — 6ipi 
-6pa, brave, valiant. 

XpaM:b, temple. 

Xpana'^ food, nourishment; grain; 

' fodder — HeHHKi^^ adopted son ; 
— HHua, adopted daughter; — 
pa'Hifi Ha-, v. a. (o feed; nourish; 

Xpacxaia'Ki, copse; — ciH'ua, shrub, 

Xpa'HKa, phlegm; — ni*, v. n. to 
spit phlegm. 

XpH'naMi-nH£, sea cKa'qaii^b. 

XpHCTia'HHHX, Christian ; — ia'H- 
CTBO, Christianity; — to'ci, Christ. 

XpoMi, lame; — aria, v. n. to limp, 
go lame. 

XpoHOJO'rufl^ chronology. 

Xptn^b, horse radish. 

Xyfiase'u'B, a beautiful man; — 
BH'ua, a beautiful woman ; — 
6aB:b-Ba, beautiful, handsome; — 
6ocTb, beauty. 

Xy4o'5KecTBO, art, trade; — masiKb^ 
mechanic, artisan. 

Xyja', blame, censure ; reproach ; 
blasphemy; — jim ,no-, v. a- to 
blame, censure; speak dispara- 
gingly of, defame; speak evil of, 

X}^Ma G. a kind of soapy earth. 

X^bAWhy hill. 

X^b^ua'BHua^ hiccough; — iiaM^b-UHfi, 
V. n. to hiccough; sob. 

X:B'pKaMi, V. n. to snore* 

Xujifl'4a, (pi. xsa'mau), thousand. 

Jiu'AiA cfl^ V. n. to grin. 

Xu'hhki^, chemist; — mi'h, chemis- 

Xuporpu'B^b, hieroglyphic. 

Xupypru'a, surgery. 

Xw'TpocTb, skill; S. subtlety; — 

Tipi-ipa, prudent, bright, shrewd; 

S. subtle. 
Xu'iiiteH^b-iiMia, of prey. 



Ilanami-nHiK^ v. a. to splash; na-^ 
to spatter with mud or water. 

IJapBy^jb, sandal made of skin, worn 
by shepherds and peasants. 

Ila'peBHuta, corn. 

IIape4B0'peLi'B, courtier. 

IJapeB'b, emperor's; — pH'ua, em- 
press; — pcKuM, royal; — pcTBO^ 
kingdom ; empire ; — py'BaMi, 
v. n. to reign; — pyBame, reign; 
— pb, emperor. 

IIbok^so'^ beet. 

IlBn'jiiiEt, v. n. to whinny. 

IlBb'Kam-KHiii, V. a. to snap; v. n. 
to squirt. 

Il6b'pKaMi-KH£, V. a. to strip (milk); 
spirt, squirt; — pm', v. n. to 

IlBt'ie, flower, flowers. 

IlB'faT'b, blossom; S. color. 

Ile'Hcopi^ censor. 

IlepoMo'nie, ceremony. 

Uaryaa'pHHi, violin player; - 
Ka^ violin. 

1]Ih.iii'h4P'b, cylinder. 

IjHpKa, -ptti^ boil. 

I(H'iia, see Ha'HKa. 

IIoKaja'41, chocolate. 

Uu'na, film. 

IlbBTifi, v. n. to blossom; flourish. 





Itb'KarB-KHx^ v« n. to tick ; y« a. 

to snap. 
Hbjry'BaMT&-jiy'HiR, v. a. to kiss ; — 

y'BKa^ kiss. 
Itb'pKOBa, church; — KO'eeffB-BHa^ 

eclesiastical, church. 
ItbpTifi'^ V. n. to chirp. 
HbABiJLKa^ strainer, filterer; — 4i&'^ 

V. a. npe-, to strain; hc-, to 

HbmuR^ unplougbed land. 
Ilt.i0MiK'4i&pi-4pa, of sound mind, 

sober; chaste. 
{{iji'B, the ^hole, entire, total ; he 

nb'xo^ wholesale. 
Uijsb^ f. aim, intention. 
Utna'^ price, value; — bm', v. a. 

to hire, engage; — ca, v. r. to 

hire ones setf out. 
Hb'uewiUB^ a piece of split ^ood. 
I^i'nKa, a split, crack; — hkr, pa3-^ 

na*^ V. a. to split, cleave. 
IlipoBH'TX, medicinal; — pi, me- 
dicine, remedy; — pi^'nc-, y. a. 

to heal, cure. 



^aBpb'cTb, see qespb'cTb. 
%'40, child, one'« own child. 
%'8, tea ; — Ahhkb, tea-pot. 
Ha'KBWb^ V. a. to wait; wait for, 

expect ; wait on. 
%JHa', turban. 
Qaco'BHUKib, watch, clock. 
%'cTeHX-CTHa, special, particular; 

private; — Tifita, particle; — 

H'qKa, atom; — cxb, part; — ctho 

HHCJO', quotient. 

%'CTO, see TO'CTO. 

^aci, hour; To'a-, this inomeot, 

%xo'TKa, consumption ; see o^xnnca. 
^'ma^ cup, glass. 
%'mKa, see ^la'ma. 
^e, that; keto-^ as tbougii, b$ if. 
^espbCTHHa', quickness, swiftoess, 

speed; — b'cT^b-ra, quick, swift, 

^eBb'pKajiii&--H£, V. a. to flak open, 

dig out. 
^efit'^e, pupH of the eye* 
^e.!0', forehead. 
^e40BiKOJio'6eui^ philanthropist; 

— jk)6h'bx, philanthropic; -*-iH)'- 
6ie^ philanthropy ; — nt'Kby mao; 

— Bt'qecKufi, of man, human; 

— secTBO, mankind, humanity. 
^e'.aH)CTb, jaw. 

HejiiiAh^ f- children of a family^ 

^eMiuH'pi, T. boxwood. 

^na'xi, knotty. 

^e'HKa, stem (of fruit). 

^e'nKasrb, see qo'n^bK. 

^eni, knot; stop-cock. 

%'pBefl^ worm ; — bh'bs, wormy. 

^epBe'ffiB-e'na, red; Tudldy, rosy; 
scarlet; — entisk cn^ v. n. lo 
appear or look red; — tBB'jo, 
red paint ; — BH'cyvaH'B - caii, 
V. a. to use red paint; — Bi£ 
no-, V. a. to color red; paint 
red ; — ch, v. r. to appear or 
look red; sa-^ to become red; 
to blush. 

Mep^a', herd of cattle. 

%'peH:b, knife handie. 

^epenn'ita, tile. 

^e'pen'b, skull; broken pifK^es of 
earthen ware. 

^epe'ma, cherry, cherry-tree. 

%pflH'r:b, canoe. 




^tepsMTb'jnie^ melancholy. 

^epHOO'iTB.^ blackeyed. 

MepiTE^ -pHa, blac k; Hst'is no^^ v* n. 

to become black, tanned; -^en^ 

V. r. to appear black; 

no-, ?. a, to black. 
Me'pniE (ao. noqe'pnarB), v. a. to 

treat (with drink); draw, bOf* 

row (from books); ho^, )o laile, 

dip out. 
^epxa', line. 
^epy'nKa, shell; holl. 
^epi, see ^epfl:s. 
Meca'jo, curry-comb. 
^ecHo'Bi jyiCB, garlic. 
^e'cTOHi^-cTHa, honest; honorable; 

^ecTH'T'B, happy, fortunate, pros-' 

perous; — tIk, v. a. to wish 

happy, congratulate. 
%'CTHOCTE, honesty; chastity* 
^e'cTO, often. 
^ecTOjio6H'B%, ambitious; — io'6ie, 

MecTX, (S. HHcn), frequent; close, 

thick, dense. 
%CTi>, fortune, good luck ; honor. 
^e'Ta, pair. 
^eTBopoHO'rufi^ four- fooled. 


qexBepocTpaHem^-aHHa, quadrifat. 

HeTBepo2KrB'jeKE-jiHa, quadrangu- 
lar f - «mrE, quidrJngle. 

^TBO'peKE-pHa, quadruple. 

^eTBo'pHua,'^four (persons). 

QeiBbpTH'Ha , quarter ; -^ ifrt » 

^eTBb'pTi, see ^OTB&pTti'Ha.. 

^eTBb'prBKX, Thursday. 

QeTBb'pniS, fourth. 

^exifHa, bristle. 

^e'TKa, brush. 

%n, see vicjo'. 

^e'ltipe, -pH, four. 

%Tu pe4ecflTufi , fortieth : 

QeTupeRa'Aec/rmil, fourtMtitb; -^fh^ 
fiki I fourteen. 

HeT&\ V. a. to read; Hpb-^ to 

^e'Xbn^ slipper. 
Qe'ms, V. a. to comb, curry; serMcb; 

pick (wool). 
^mm^ aunt, fiathel*'8 brothei^*i wife. 
QtiHo'BRHirb, officii*, functionary* 
%H:b, rank, order , grelde; ebss; 

bench » seit. 
WHi£, see cT^yBtan.\^ 
^ene'fflKB^ the distance jipfthtadd by 

the thumb and fore fiiigbr. 
^ipt'cio^ colter; chisel; i^oil bar; 

HHcjafTeABnn^^ arithmetic; -^ejth, 

%cio', number; date. 
%icT0cep4e'9era-qHa, eatidid, fMnk; 

^-e'Hie, candor. 
%CTOTa', cleanness, purity/^ " 
%CTi, clean; pure; n0at;hH*if; — 

CTifi 0-^ V. a. to eleaif ; idealise, 

purify; pick (teeth); -f^ick otel* 
I (rice, etc.); dress (fish). 

%Ta'Tejb, reader. 

%Ha', uncle, fathered brother; *— 
HOB'hy uncle's. 

^fi, - ifl, -ie, whose. 

^jie&s^ article; ar(ide of foitb; 

%'KaffB, cob; cabbage^'iMUmt^. 

Qo'HKa, bill, beak. 

%'£, V. a. to pick open. 

%ni, tow. 

QpeaBOTa'fiHufi) extraordinary; ex- 

Qpes^b, by, by means of; through. 

^esirb'pttA^ excessive, eochrMdiie. 





Mpecja', pi loins. 

^pbBo\ entrail, gut. 

%e'Hie, see ^leie'irie. 

^l:e'u,'b^ reader (in the church). 

%o, see mo. , 

%pBe'H'b, see nei^Be'wb. 

%^KOBa^ see ub'pKOBa. 

%pHH^a, mulberry-tree; S. syca- 
more- tree. 

^pHi^ see HopHi. 

QiOBaMi, v. a. to guard; keep; — 
cfl, V. r. to keep one's self from; 
take heed, beware. 

9H)'BaMi-H)'i&, (ao. Hsoxb^^ V. a. 
and n. to hear. 

%0BB'TejemPjHa, feeling; sensible, 
that which is felt; — io'bctbo, 
sense; feeling; ^^syB^wb, v. a. 
to feel, be sensible of. 

^fo'Aem^jjm^ wonderful, marve- 
lous; strange, odd; — 40'ceHi 
-CHa, miraculous; — 40, (pi. -40- 

Ulara^joke, jest; sport; — lyBfUR 

cfl, y. r. to jest, make sport. 
UlariB'pTHirb, T. apprentice. 
lUaMHa'^ sled, sleigh; stocks (for 

UlajBa'pu, loose lonS trowsers. 
Ulai%^ shawl. 
Ula'nKa, hat. 
lUa'peHi-eHa, spotted, manycolored; 

Ula'pKa^ see CH'nanHua. 
Ulapi^^ globe, ball; color. 
Ula'pifi, V. a. to make spotted, 

variegate ; — ca, v. d. to have 

the small pox. 
lUa'TaMi, V. n. to serve. 
lUaTb'pi, tent. 
Ulax^b^ king of Persia. 
UleBa'^iB, sewer, tailor. 
IIIeB:B^ seam ; sewing. 
Ulera', see mara', 
IIIei[K0B0'4em^ one who raises silk 

ca'), wonder, miracle ; — 4ifi worms; — 4ctbo, rearing of silk- 

3a-, no-, cfl, V. n. to wonder, 
be astonished, amazed; be per- 
plexed, be in doubt. 

HjOTRAene'n^p stranger. 

Hjq^A'h^ another's; strange, foreign. 

Ule'nHfi, v. a. and n. to wtusper; 

— H£Te, whisper. 
IIIecT4eca'Tu8, sixtieth; — ti>, sixty. 
IIIecTHa'4ecflTu8, sixteenth ; — T^ 

%o'KaM:b-KHiB, v. a. to hammer; sixteen. 

knock; pound (salt, etc.). UlecTB, six. 

%0Ki, hammer. Ubida'^Ka, a switch ; — fiaM^Hfi, 

Qio'Ha, plague, pestilence. 
^H)'ni£ C-, V. a. to break. 
QiopyjiHrKaM^b, v. n. to sing (birds). 
%0HH)4n'ra9 lark. 
WniKa, pod. 

— c« 


lUa'BaHiB, V. n. to stir, move. 

v. a. to switch. 

UlH'KaaKa, gall-nut. 

IUhjo, awl. 

IIIu'H4pa, shingle. 

UlH'HKa, wild rose. 

Ulnni, brier. 

lUnpHHa', see mnpoHma'. 

IIlHpo'K:B-o'Ka, wide, broad, spa- 
cious; — ^OHHHa', width, breadth, 
latitude; Ha-, in breadth. 

UIi% neck. 

nii'ifi y-, V. a. to sew. 




UlKO'ia, school. 

nina'ra, short straight sword. 

IIInio'HHH:B, spy. 

lUy'ra, see Kpa'cTa. 

niyUe^ pitcher, 

niy'Ma, dry leaves. 

IIIyH'B, noise, racket (little used). 

niyMifi', V. n. to rustle. 

niynjH'Bi, worm-eaten; hollow. 

IIIyni£'-nH£, v. n. to ferment, ef- 

niyxi^ without horns. 

niyim'^ V. n. to run a stream, 

niy'niKa, speck, mole. 

Utb'pRei'B^ stork. 
lUfi, will; He-, 

V. a. I do not i 


— — 


'&'34i£9 V. a. to ride ; — Aeup^ 

— ^ — 


nia'Bifi, V. a. to pull off the hair 
in tanning. 

lUa'nanis, v. n. to make a noise by 

me'4pocTb,-o'Ta, bounty, generosity; 

. — 4'Bps-4pa? bountiful, generous. 

me'pna, reservoir. •^^^•'^*' • ■- 

IUhuuh'^ snuffers; tongs. 

lUH'nifi y-, V. a. to pinch; pluck 

IUhtis, shield. 

lUo, what; —4a 6, whatever. 

mo'roAty a little ; something, any- 

Ulowhy as soon as. ,\ 

moTO, that. 

II(pa'Ka]i:B-KHS, v. a. to soap (a 
pistol, etc.). 

mpb6HHa', notch, flaw; — 6!B-6a, 

lUy'Ka, pike. 

Ulype'ui^ cricket. 


H)roBicTO'irEi, south east ; — o'tohi 

-wa^ south eastern. 
H)ro3a'na4eHi-4Ha, south western; 

— 34^, south west. 
JOn^ south. 
H)'9Reffb-am[a, southern. 
1^348', bridle; reins. 
lO^iifi^ July. 

lOHa'K^B) hero ; — a'qecTBO, heroism. 
lOHe'u'b, steer. 
lO'Hilt, June. 
I0p4e'<iKa) duck. 

— 0— 


H'6uKa^ apple; apple tree. 

H'BeHi-BHa, evident, manifest, clear; 
known; open; — -Bjie'irie^ appear- 
ance, appearing; manifestation; 
phenomenon; scene; He6e'cH0 — , 
meteor; — BHOCTb^ evidence; — 
BAsawb-Bmi^ V. a. to show, mani- 
fest ; make manifest, known; 




reveal; declare; — ony v. r. to 

fl'Bopi, plane-tree. 

fl'roAB, strawberry. 

fl'4eHie, see acrie^ 

fl^OBH'Ti, venomous. 

fl40'cyBaMi-caM!B) v. a. to make 
angry, enrage; — ca, v. r. to 
be angry, enraged 

flyipaV ball, bullet. 

HA'by anger, rage, passion; S. poi- 
son ; — Hfl (etc.) 6, to be angry, 

H4&S see hmx. 

JI'3Ba, see pa'Ha. 

H'dOBeai, badger. 

H31, dam. 

H,3u'k:^ lODgqe^ laoguage; nation. 

Hsu'^HHies, heathen, 

flfiueV egg. 

fl'KaTa^ ad. loud; —kg, very (sel- 
dom used); — KorjiaBS, head^* 
strong; — K0CTB,8treogth.;^-^K:^ 
strong; firm. 

SiAOB'hy barren. 

H'Ma, ditch, pit. 

FlM'by (fl4e'iiu>; ao. a'4as:x}, v. a^/ 

to eat. 
HHHya'pifi, January. 
HHTa'pb, amber, 
fl'pe, kid. 

flpe'jcb^ see xoslO'Tb^ 
fl'peua^ see a'pKa. 

HpHHa^ seconcf shearing, short wool 
fl'pj^a, pullets 
H'pHapKa^ see naHaH^pi^. 
fl'pocTb, rage, fury. 
H'pqifli, v. a. to make praoce. 
fl'ceffb-CHa, clear, bright; fair; plain. 
A'cjia^ manger, crib. 
flcTie', food, victuals./ 
H'TKa, kernel, stone (of fruit). 

— 0— 


&n!ay corner, angJe, 




nmm, E&poiu, I DPoi 

ABcrpft'jiui^ Aitstraliar 

A'BCTpifl, Austria; — pieiii^'nu Au- 

A4piaTH'TCCK0 Mo'pe^ Aifeiatie Sea. 

A'aiH, Asia ; — »'hiib!B, m. — aT&Rai^ 
f. — flTTCKiiii, Aftialtf. 

Aj6a'HiH, Albania ; — nlnmi.'hy m* 

Aj2RH'px, Algiers. 

Aini'iicKiii ropif*, Alp. 

AHe'piiKa, America; — Ktf&HBS^ m. 

— Ka'HKa^ f . — Ka'HCKuil^ a. A- 

A'Hrji% England; •— jma'iiBH^ im 

— na'HKa, f. — qa'flCKuM, a. En- 

AHTio'xifl, Antioeh. 
AneHHB'TOKu ropu-, Apennines. 
Apa'Bifl, Arabia; •*— > BaHHRB^ nu — 

flHKa^ f. Arab. 
Apa'nHHi^ Negro. 
ApancKbifi (flsu'K^b}, Arabic. 
ApMe'Hia, Armenia; -— e'HilH!^ m. 

— e'HKa, f. — e'HGKuit, a. Ar- 

Apxune'jara, Archipelago. 
AccH'pig^ Assyria ; — h'hhh^ m. 

— a'HCKut, a. Assyrian. 
ATHHa^ Athens; — ntncmi^ a. A- 


ArjavTH'veeKBH Oiceaflni, AtJaotic 

A'^pHxa^ Africa; — Kaf'iiiiBi^ m. -^ 

Ka'HKa, f. — Ka'HCKBiS, a. Affieao, 
Be^jm^ Belgium. 
EeHra'jia^ Bengal. 
Befivf«hy Berlin. 
Eoe'jdH, Bohemia.. 
Epa3H'jiH^ Brazil. 
EpeTa'Hia, Britain ; — afsoHutt, a« 

Epio'cceib, Brussels. 
BaBoiOHia, Babylon; — Mtenii^ 

Bapnia'aa, Warsaw. 
Be'Hrpiff) Hungary. 
BeHe'aifl) Venice. 
BHaa'HTia, Byzantium. 
BHTjeeH:^ Bethlehem. 
Bie'Ha, Vienna. 
Bjaxi'a, Wallacbia; — arB, Wa*- 

Bojra, Volga. 
FaMBy'prb^ Hamburg. 
FaHOBe'pB, Hanover. 
FepMa'Hiff, Germany^ 
roxia'H4ifl9 see Oua'H4ia. 
Fpeiua'HAifl^ Greenland. 
FpbKx, m. -^ku'hh, f. Greek. 
FpbuiH, Greece ; — lucBiif, Greek. 
4a'HiA, Denmark. 



4a'TCRufi, a. Banish ;— Tqa'HHHi^, 

ID. Dane. 
4Ht'iip'B, Dnieper. 
4Ht'cTpX) Dniester. 
47'HaBi, Danube. 
EBpe'HffE^ Jew; — e'fiKa, Jewess; 

— e'ficKEiiif) Jewish. 

Eepo'na, Europe; —ne'eu-B, ro. — 

e'MKB, f. — ne'flcKufi, a. European. 

Eru'noTX, Egypt; — nTH'HHB:&, m.; 

— noTCKufi^ a. Egyptian. 
Xene'Ba^ Geneva. 

Il'H4iff^ India; — 4i'ei(i^ Indiaman. 

Hpja'H4ifl^ Ireland; ^-a'H46iK!E, 1- 
risbman; -— 4CKufl, a. Irish. 

Hcja'H^itf^ Iceland. 

Hcna'Hifl^ Spain; — a'neux^ Span- 
iard; — a'Hcioifi, Spanish. 

HTa'jiiH) Italy; — jIh^hokx^ m. — 
H'mca, f. — a'HCKufl) a. Italian. 

Iop4a'Hi, Jordan. 

Iy4e'A^ Judea. 

KasKa'sx^ Caucasus. 

Kaifpi^ Cairo. 

KapA'MX, Crimea. 

KaenrScKO Mope, Caspian Sea. 

KoneHa'reHi, Copenhagen. 

KopH'Hn, Corinth. 

Ko'pcHKa, Corsica. 

Kh(np'b^ Cyprus. 

KuTa'ii^ Cihina ; — la'em, m. — 
Ta'ficKufi, a. Chinese. 

jlaua'HAiH, Lapland. 

•lHcca6o'Hi^ Lisbon. 

JoM6a'p4iH, Lombardy. 

Jo'H40Hi, London. 

Ma43Ka'piH, Hungary , — xca'pHffb, 
ni. Hungarian. 

MaKe40'Hifl, Macedonia. 

MH'4ia, Media. 

TSuja'm^ Milan. 

Mope'H, Morea. 

Hea'noib, Naples. 


HopBe'rifl, Norway. 

Ht'Hem, m. <— - wou'Ha, f. — xckuS, 

a. German. 
0iJa'H4ifl, Holland. 
HajecTH'Ha, Palestine. 
HapH'sTb, or — hct, Paris; — h**- 

cKufi, a. Parisian. 
HejionoHH'c'B, Peloponnesus. 
HepciH, Persia ; — SHinrB^ m^ — 

pd'McKufi, a. Persian. 
Hepy*, Peru. 

neTep6)r'prB, St. Petersburg. 
Ho'jma, Poland ; — jcRufi, a. Po- 
lish; — jiaicB, m. — jKa, f. Po- 

HopTyra'jiff, Portugal ; — a'lem^ 

ni. -— a'iRa, f. Portuguese, 
npy'cia, Prussia; — y'CKBifi, a. — 

h'hhhi^ m. — fl'HKa, f. Prussian. 
Pe'fiffb, Rhine. 
Phmx, Rome ; — hahbh^b, m. — 

MCKufi, a. Roman. 
Pocci'fl, Russia; FyccHKB, ro. — 

cKu'HA, f. ccKufi, a. Russian. 
Caaofl) Savoy.. 
CaKco'Hifl, Saxony. 
Cap4H'Hui^ Sardinia; — it'neuh^ m. 

— ii'HCKufi, Sardinian. 
Ch6h'pi, Siberia. 
CHiuTjifl^ Sicily. 

CjaBH'HHHi^ Slave; — a'HCKufl, Slavic. 

Cpe403e'iiH0 Mope, Mediterranean. 

Tapxa'pHHi^ Tartar. 

Te'M3a, Thames. 

Tecca'.iifl^ Tlitssaly. 

Ta'fipi, Tiber. 

Tpanesy'HTi, Trebizond. 

Ty'puiH, Turkey; — pKu'M, f. — 
pqHHi, ra. Turk ; — y'pcKui^ 

Opa'Huifl^ France; — a/sHHi, French- 
man; — ysoflKa, Frenchwoman; 

— y'cKufi, French. 




IlapHTpa'/TB, Constantinople. 
Jiu'raamrb^ m. — - aHKa, f. Gipsy. 
%pBe'HO Mo'pe^ Red Sea. 
^epKe'3HffB, m. — SKa, f. — scKBifi, 

a. Circassian. 
^e'pHa Fopa'^ Montenegro. 
Ha'pHO Mo'pe^ Black Sea. 
niBe'uifl, Sweden; —8041^ Swede. 
IIlBeiiTKa'pifl, Switzerland; — a'peiti&, 

m. — * pKa, f. — pcKufi^ a. Swiss. 

IIIoTj[a'H4iH^ Scotland ; — a'H46m^ 
Scotchman; — a'HKa, Scotchwo- 
man ; — H4CKEiiif, Scotch. 

IHTa'Tu ( CxoAHHe'HHu ), United 

flnoHiH, Japan; -*-o'Hem&^ m. -— 
o'HKa, f. — HORuM, a. Japanese, 


















Carry in, 





Chase away. 




Commune, v. n. 














Instead of 





— a'»£. 




— b'»B. 



pa'x4aHi, po4iA' 




Bpb'syBaMi-b'sKifi etc. 















— 6a'. 













ns^'A^ H3- 

n£'4i& HC-w 




— 6epA'. 


— MKR. 


npHHania'saHi ca 


— 0J[l&'. 





ouH'paKi-npi£' eg 

— npA' ca. 





HaBo'»4aH[:b-Be4iA' ca 

— BRUMS' ca. 



3ac/KyBaMi&-KaMi ca 

— ynsi ca. 




— qte'. 


— luift'. 



, 3 













Guard, v. a. 




Lead away. 

Lean upon, 















Press upoUi) 



Scale (a fish}« 

Set (sun), 


Story (of a house). 




Understand , 

Work out, 

Instead of 










Jhujfi^ cum OH, 

























— Be4£'* 
^ — 4bp»d&'« 

Bie — . 



— H'piA. 


— y'4i«* 



' AlTO • 


— BeAs!. 

— np&' oil. 




— e4i£'. 

— a4i£'« 

— io^ids. 

1 noJfifTHKa. 












Instead of 

B4a'BaMis cfl^ give; lend; 
Bcejfl'BaMX-j£' en, 
^a'»c4a thiirt, 

Sarje^yBaMi-AaMi-ca, v. a, 


daKji'BaMi cfl, V. a. 
3agiHqa'Ba]Hi-Mi£', to sross oul^ 

3axBa'ii;a]Hi ca, to let one s self 

take fire 
MdrHH'BaiHX-i'tifk) v. a. 


Hwipu'RyBaHTb-HA, . 



Kb'pniiiii OTi-, 
•ly'fiTHi, ' 






HayMflTBajux re, 





— give, bend, 

• p 


TABAB^Hb^ -lfiO% 

— utmst. 

— tbirsU 

— V. r. 

— H'Hifo 

""~~ Hon* 

— V, r. 

— to cross out, 

•^^to let one's self; lake firr* 

— V. n. 

— 6*. 

— HKR. 

Kb'piiii& 0T-. 


XB'qtiE 0T-. 




• # 

" Mini • 

HayHii'BaH:^ resolve. 




Instead of 


IIoje'deHi, heneiScial, 



IIpeo40xb'Ban^ see HaBH'Ban&, 











Yaohq.^ at heme, 











— ytKL. 



— beneficial. 




— see HaABifBairb. 

— HiR. 



— ^ a Am* 

CojB, f. 



— at home. 

— tor'. 

— oAia'. 




. 11 . ^. 


- 1 -«■> I